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Uh-Oh! Weed Shortage in Nevada Calls for ‘State of Emergency’ (Watch)

*Well double dang! The new law making recreational weed legal in Nevada hasn’t even settled in good and already its experiencing issues. On July 1st a law passed that allowed people over the age of 21 to just roll on up to their neighborhood dispensary and buy a joint, $10 bag or even as much as an ounce. But now the long lines have threatened the entire weed supply, leaving the industry in dire straits.

“We didn’t know the demand would be this intense,” Al Fasano, co-founder of Las Vegas ReLeaf, said on Tuesday. “All of a sudden you have like a thousand people at the door.…We have to tell people we’re limited in our products.”

I doubt he’s exaggerating.


Limited? Not the response “veteran smokers” — OK, potheads from way back, want to hear.

Of course, this probably wouldn’t be getting the attention its getting if the state wasn’t addicted to the tax revenue they expect the pot to bring in. Its anticipated that a 10% tax on sales of recreational pot and a 15% tax on growers will generate tens of millions of dollars a year for schools and the state’s “general fund” reserves.

What’s the general fund money used for again?

This little ditty makes the pending empty shelves a real issue to interested parties even beyond the average weed consumers.

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Nevada Legislature Ousts Lawmaker for First Time in State’s History, Fights with Cops (Video)

nevada legislator ousted

We don’t seem to blink when folks in Hollywood have meltdowns and end up in the news and in trouble with the law, but now more and more local celebs and/or politicians are taking over the limelight.

Steven Brooks, 41, will unfortunately go down in infamy as the first lawmaker to be ousted from the Nevada State Legislature.  Apparently, Brooks personal life was unraveling before his colleagues’ eyes and they were starting to get worried for not just their safety, but his as well.  The vote to relieve him of his position as Assemblyman, was granted by a 6-1 vote. Only one of his colleagues believed that they should’ve suspended him. Continue reading

Nevada Gunman Called ‘Gentle and Kind’ after Shooting 9 People? (Video)

Eduardo Sencion, Nevada gunman kills 5, shoots 9, in shooting rampage in and around a Carson City IHOP.

It is certain that there is a severe aftershock in the state of Nevada after a gunman opened fire on those eating at an IHOP in the state’s capitol yesterday.  He not only fired off rounds from an automatic weapon in IHOP, but police reported that witnesses told them he emptied a magazine before even entering the restaurant. Continue reading

Man Gambles Away Over $100 Million in Vegas

Terrance Watanabe, 52
Terrance Watanabe, 52

A California businessman has lost his shirt in Harrah’s and Caesar’s casinos now he needs some of that back.  He checked his bank receipt and thought it was an error, but nope!  The balance said…chump change.  He says they “milked” him because he’s known to go in there and get blackout drunk and play too much.  But, they contend that he was not treated any specific way and they want him to give up the rest of the  money that he owes. Continue reading