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White Teens Go Necrophilia Crazy with 3-Way Sex Party on Corpses of Black Men (VIDEO)

 Alisa Massaro
Alisa Massaro

*How, you may wonder, does strange sh*t like this end up on my desk? I am scratching my head as I ask this, and giving Lee Bailey the side eye. But here it is. It’s s story from 2013 that most people missed. It ain’t pretty and it’s got the nerve to be true.

Some weird ass 18-year-old white girl named Alisa Massaro always had a thing about f*cking dead dudes. Two of ’em ended up at her house, coerced by the promise of sex — but instead, were strangled by the wench and her friends — two dudes, one of ’em the 19-year-old son of a police sergeant, and some other girl.


According to police reports, Joshua Miner, her 24-year-old boyfriend, then piled the bodies of the deceased men — Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins, who were both 22 and black — together and placed a beige sheet across them so he and Massaro, could lie together on top of them and have sex.

eric glover - terrence rankins

Oh god. Must I continue? Bailey’s looking at me so I guess that means yes. Continue reading

Man Busted for Necrophilia: He Broke Into Funeral Home and Had Sex With a Dead Woman

Domonique Smith had sex with a dead woman
Domonique Smith

*I’m sorry, but its hard to process the state of mind a man would have to be in to find pleasure in having sex with a dead woman. I mean, how in the hell do you come to terms with something like that? 

Poor family. Damn you, Domonique Smith.

At first police arrested Smith for stealing a bicycle from Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. But while they were investing that, Georgia police uncovered something much more sinister. The 26-year old had sex with a deceased woman at the funeral home. Continue reading