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Elvis Presley’s Daughter, Lisa Marie, Claims She is Broke as Hell! (Watch)


*DaYUM! How does one go through $300 million dollars in one lifetime? I guess we will have to ask one Lisa Marie Presley, who as the sole heir of her father, Elvis Presley’s estate, estimated at the hefty amount, doesn’t appear to have a pot of her own to piss in today.

Can I repeat, daYUM!!!

Hey, it’s not like I went looking for this info. I actually stumbled across it and nearly caught a bug in my mouth because it stayed open for so long.

Presley actually laid the situation out in court papers because she is seeking a divorce from her FOURTH husband. Seems she went through several more after the short-lived marriage to Michael Jackson and then to Nicolas Cage.

But her dire financial straights is just one of the shocking items in the court documents. Equally shocking is the REASON Presley is seeking divorce from her musician husband, Michael Lockwood. According to the still aspiring singer, she found “inappropriate photos of children” on his computer.

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Jealous MJ Fans, This Interview with ‘Michael and Me’ Author, Shana Mangatal, Won’t Cure You

Photo courtesy: Shana Mangatal / Credit: Basim Abdel

*Sorry. They say truth can be hard on the ears. But face it, some things you’ve just got to live with. So I’ve got one bit of advice for the Michael Jackson fans who continue to throw shade at Shana Mangatal, the beautiful woman who had a decades long friendship and romance with the King of Pop, and seven years after his passing turned her diaries into a book titled, Michael and Me.

Get over yourself. 

Hear me out, will ya? When I was first approached by veteran publicist Lynn Jeter, to review ‘Michael and Me,’ I had the same apprehension as many of you. Afterall, how easy would it be for some twit to fabricate a story about a romance with the world’s biggest star…after he died and couldn’t refute it!

I was prepared to not like it, or HER, at all (and would later tell her this)! The invitation to review the book came with a package that included several reviews that had already been written. But I trashed them without even looking (still haven’t!) as any writer worth his or her salt relies on her own thoughts and this writer didn’t need help from anyone.

So I read and reviewed the book. And if you haven’t already, you can  read that review hereBut afterwards I felt I had to interview Shana Mangatal. I felt a connection with her. Not only because many of the things in her book checked out against my own personal knowledge, the history of the times, etc., but because we both shared a rare, yet similar relationship with larger-than-life men.

I, with another celebrity…icon.

I purposely chose to write about my interview with Shana on ThisNthat, a blog site that would allow me, as a writer, the freedom I don’t have while writing a review; or writing on a site such as EURweb.

One thing Shana and I understood from the onset of that interview is, with all due respect, these kinds of stories will not be believed by many. Innately, people just don’t believe things like this can happen. There probably isn’t a tween girl alive that hasn’t dreamt about meeting their celebrity crush, and even marrying him. Shoot, these things don’t really happen, right?

Wrong. Especially if you live in a place like Los Angeles. Continue reading

MJ Would Be Proud! Boy With Autism Does ‘Thriller’ Dance! (Watch)


*Happy day after Halloween! Did you go out with the kids to celebrate with the other ghosts and goblins? Are their little tummies OK after all that candy? Well here is one more treat before we close the books on another year of the scary holiday.

Do you remember the first time you heard Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller?’ Then we saw the video and oh my, we had never seen anything like it.

The 1982 video was the first of its kind, and the biggest selling record of all time. I always wondered how new generations would receive it.

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Well, there is an 8-year-old boy in the UK who loves what has become known as the ‘Thriller Dance’ and he was caught on film performing it.


We know this would have you grinning from ear to ear. One thing is for sure: MJ is the only pop star who adults and children alike will mimic in dance. No matter how shy they may be.

This kid is adorable. Of course the Internet has fallen in love with him.

Watch him on the video below.

Note: August 29 will be Michael Jackson’s 59th birthday.

Watch the video below.

It Sure Didn’t Take ‘Sir Paul’ Long to Go After His Portion of Beatles Catalogue (Video)

Sir Paul McCartney...What?
Sir Paul McCartney…What?

*The ink is hardly dry on the paperwork that had the Michael Jackson estate selling off the late singer’s prized possession of the Sony/ATV Music Catalogue that included The Beatles repertoire.

And as Michael most likely continues to turn in his grave (he loved having that catalogue in his family!) 73-year-old Sir Paul McCartney, who “fell out” with Jackson over his business decision to make the purchase, threw his hat in the ring what seems like SECONDS after the sale went public; launching a bid to regain control of his share of the legendary music – much of which he co-wrote with the late, great John Lennon.

U.S. Copyright laws are certainly on McCartney’s side. The U. S. Copyright Act of 1976 gives artists the OK to apply to regain control of publishing rights 56 years after their material is first published. Thus, in 2018, The Beatles’ catalogue will become available.

I guess his bid will be tied up in court for another two years…so he’s starting early. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Remember These Great Diana Ross Interviews? (Watch)

The Divine Miss D! Nope, they just don't make 'em like her anymore.
The Divine Miss D! Nope, they just don’t make ’em like her anymore.


*In honor of “Throwback Thursday” and the recent arrival of Motown The Musical in the City of Angels (I know, whoever came up with that term obviously didn’t spend much time in L.A….but I digress!) It is my extreme honor to go back to the archives and pull up interviews of one of my favorite goddesses of all time, the incomparable Diana Ross.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of artists from film, television, theatre and music over the years, but surprisingly, never got the opportunity to spend time with this woman. She is still, in my eyes, a quintessential star and the rightful owner of the term, “Diva!”

Exclamation point intended. Continue reading

Quincy Jones Still Got Game…And This Time While Wearing Buscemi

Quincy with Buscemi boxes2
“Q” Need We Say More?


*Music legend Quincy Jones may not be in the public eye like he used to, but don’t get it twisted, he’s still got that swag. In a new cool shoe campaign by designer Jon BuscemiJones is shown on billboards as he sports the luxury high-top sneaker for the designer’s Spring 2015 line.

And here you thought the producer of Michael Jackson‘s top-selling album had gone somewhere and sat down!

Well, he may be sitting, but its only to pose in these cool shoes. Continue reading

New Jackson Book Details ‘Angry Michael’…Michael ‘Making Out’ With Girls In Car…and A Fierce Michael Channeling ‘My Perogative’

COVER, Remember The Time.

*It has been five years since the passing of Michael Jackson and many, many stories of diverse natures have surfaced in the news since that fateful June 25, 2009. Now comes the new book, “Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days,” written by Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, who served as Jackson’s exclusive personal security team in the last 2-1/2 years of his life.

The two men were the only professionals with 24-7 access to the elusive star, and they bring a fresh perspective on life with Jackson – the father, the man behind the glove. Many of the experiences they share are supported by details so intricate and intriguing that they would be a challenge to the creative mind of even the best liars.

This book may well be the best gift ever to serious Jackson fans; many of whom are still struggling with the loss of the icon. It is they, who will most likely appreciate the many great stories that are told with no fanfare, just real – sometimes raw, often heartfelt sincerity; by two men who may have often had reasons to leave, but chose to stay out of loyalty to a family of three that they had grown to love.

But the stories in “Remember The Time: are not solely about Michael Jackson. What makes each one so compelling is how those who worked with, around, and for – all jockeying for his ear – are factored in. You will be sorely disappointed if you are expecting a book that talks about how great “The King of Pop” is…or not.

You will find no “King of Pop” here. In fact, any mention of that term is referred to as a “mode.” As in, “When he is in King of Pop mode.” And this happens closer to the end, after Jackson starts prepping for “This Is It.”

This book, is about a man named Michael Jackson…a completely different person. This man calls down to security to go to the store for more laundry detergent because “he ran out.” This man is pained because he has to ask someone to go to Walmart and buy his kids some cereal. He wants to do it his “damn self!” This man makes sure that he is at home each morning to have breakfast with his kids, no matter how late he stayed at the hotel with girlfriends, “Friend” and “Flower.”

The man in this book, listens almost exclusively to classical music in the car; he has no computer of his own, and only goes online to purchase from eBay. He doesn’t watch TV because he doesn’t care for the bullshit, instead, he’ll choose DVDs for him and his family. But boy does he love to unwind by shootin’ hoops…and he is even said to have a pretty decent jump shot.

As I said in the beginning, much has been written about the man we call, “The King of Pop.” But within the pages of this book, and the degree to which these two men choose to go in order to tell their story – as they say in some circles:

The shit just got real. Continue reading

Michael Jackson: A Journalist Remembers ‘The King of Pop’ and The Day She Decided to Defend Him

Michael J, Angel Face

In 2003, I wrote an editorial entitled, “Will Humanity Ever Visit The Media: A journalist speaks out on the attempts to castrate Michael Jackson.” As most editorials go, it was borne out of frustration, anger, and the decision to take a stand on something I believed in. 

Additionally, the Martin Bashir interview had just aired.

I knew that as a journalist it was a risky move to make; reprimanding the media itself – which I am a member of; and coming off as defending someone – hell, not just anyone, Michael Jackson of all people, when it was not popular to do so.

I didn’t give a shit, and did it anyway. Continue reading