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‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer’ — The Must-See Doc for Anyone Truly Willing to Affect Change (Watch)


*Don’t get it twisted. “L.O.V.E.” aside, this documentary will be hard to take… at least within the first five minutes. It doesn’t necessarily get any easier throughout, but it does shift consciousness along the way, and asks that you do the same.

You may think twice about going to see, ‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer.’ At least those of you who may find it hard to wrap your brain around anything that immediately brings to mind (and dare I say unites) the words cops and love in the same sentence.

But let me put your mind at ease.

In this sense, LOVE is an acronym for LEARN (about your community and the people in it), Open (your heart to the humanity within), Volunteer (your service and skillset where you live), and Empower (others to do the same).

Created by producer/director AJ Ali and Academy-award-winning cinematographer Errol Webber as director of photography, ‘Walking While Black, L.O.V.E. is the Answer’ features interviews with police officers, faith leaders, educators, activists and more. There is nothing ordinary about this film. It’s a documentary that doesn’t ask that you go to your nearest movie theater and check it out, then file it under the “Oh yeah, I saw that film” category as you move on with your life. It’s a film with a goal in mind. A film with expectations. A film that begs you to stay present (as in aware), as you move forward.

It may cause you to think of something Barack Obama said in his Final Speech as president.

“If something needs fixing, lace up your shoes and do some organizing.  If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.  Show up.  Dive in.  Persevere.”

You want to see things change as it relates to walking while Black?

This film will test just how bad you want that to happen. Continue reading

Cop in St. Louis Brags on Spending His ‘Annual Michael Brown Bonus’

Officer Todd J. Bakula joked on Facebook about the fun he is having at the expense of the late Michael Brown
Officer Todd J. Bakula joked on Facebook about the fun he is having at the expense of the late Michael Brown

*OK, so the jury is in, and the conclusion reached is that yes, some cops are just plain stupid.

No really. How else could you explain some of their actions? Just blatant. Unleashed. Ignorance. Like this St. Louis County police officer who actually wrote a post on Facebook joking about the 2014 death of unarmed teen Michael Brown. This wasn’t done undercover in the locker room at the police station. It wasn’t some “inside joke” after work on Friday at the local tavern with like-minded comrades. This was said out loud, on social media.

I mean, who does that?

Officer Todd J. Bakula did.

According to the Daily News, he actually wrote a post on Facebook about spending his “annual Michael Brown bonus.”

Under the name “TJ Thekoola” Bakula wrote:

“I decided to spend my annual Michael Brown bonus on a nice relaxing bicycle ride trip to Defiance, [Missouri]. Eating dinner now and staying at a bed and breakfast tonight.” Continue reading

This White Teen Aimed Rifle Directly at Police. Yet He’s Alive Today (What U. S. Cops Can Learn From This)

Teen aims gun at police
Exhibit A (Begging to be killed): Samuel Barlow is standing in a direct line of fire, aiming a rifle at police in a van

*Now every African American especially, looking at this story knows it would’ve ended differently had the suspect been a black man. The police have demonstrated this in recent events, so its a given. Admittedly, for a person of any race to straight up aim a firearm at the police is someone either mentally unstable or someone begging to be killed.

But here’s the thing. Look at the story, especially the bolded parts, and see what police in America can learn from these officers in Scotland, where one teenager actually put his life on the line when he aimed a rifle directly at them during a stand-off.

Samuel Barlow, 16, had been spotted roaming around threatening residents of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands with his rifle in September.

Officers from every department on the tiny Scottish island was called upon, and specialist were flown in to deal with the situation.

So, in light of the numerous cop killings of late in the U. S.; where police officers have been seen on camera fatally wounding black men who are said to have had their hands in the air; why wasn’t this kid, who blatantly pointed his gun at police, taken down?

Here’s what officers did instead.
Continue reading

Officer Who Shot Akai Gurley Texted His Union Rep While The Man Lay Dying


*No wonder it was hard to reach officer Peter Liang only minutes after his single bullet struck 28-year-old Akai Gurley. According to The Daily News, instead of calling for help for the man who lay dying in the stairwell, the rookie cop got on the phone to text his union rep.

Is that protocol?

Then, to add insult to injury, sources say Liang and his partner weren’t even supposed to be patrolling the stairways of the Pink Houses that night.

So let us get this straight. Not only did the officer manage to kill an innocent man; but he was away from his assigned area when he did it. And then took time out to text his union rep as the victim lay there dying. To talk about …what?

I smell rotting fish …you? Continue reading

Michael Brown’s Parents Create ‘Michael Brown, Jr. Law’ Petition for Body Cams on Cops

michael browns parents

*Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr., the parents of Michael Brown, Jr., the unarmed teen who was fatally shot by officer Darren Wilson, may be making fewer public appearances today, but they are busy fighting behind the scenes to change the laws that continue to allow rogue officers like Wilson to go scott-free after committing the crime of murder.

McSpadden and Brown, Sr. are behind a new petition called “The Michael Brown, Jr. Law” that demands police officers wear a body cam while on duty. This will make it harder for authorities to get away with their “shoot first, ask questions later strategy.”

Read the petition directly below.  Continue reading

Lawyers Headed to Ferguson for Town Hall and Amendment to Protesters $40 Million Lawsuit

ferguson protestors

*Attorneys working on behalf of protesters in Ferguson are headed there this week for a town hall meeting and amendment to the lawsuit that seeks $40 Million in damages in order to add more plaintiffs to the suit.

With claims that the rash of police misconduct cases have reached epidemic proportions, the Atlanta office of the Greene Legal Group calls Ferguson Missouri a “microcosm of the macrocosm” and say the death of teen Michael Brown at the hands of officer Darren Wilson was a terrible tragedy.  They also call the “militaristic police response” to the peaceful protesters a terrible tragedy and say their clients will no longer “sit back and allow the actions of rogue police officers and improperly trained and managed police departments to take the lives and violate the rights of law abiding citizens.”

In an email to EURweb, attorneys Reginald A. Greene and James L. Walker, Jr., counsel to the plaintiffs, call the authorities “rogue police officers” because they say they believe that law enforcement is not evil by nature. Instead, they say the…departments that harbor them, maintain them or fail to remove them are like a deadly cancer that is not only destroying the integrity of, and public respect for, law enforcement as a whole, but also eroding the rights of law abiding citizens under the Constitution and laws of the United States in particular. Continue reading

Guess What They Finally Did: Burned Down the Michael Brown Memorial! (Watch)

Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down

*Haters never stop. They wait until heads are turned in another direction and then they strike. In this case, when it looks like things have chilled out a bit, and protestors over the Michael Brown shooting death have given way to a quieter roar, some scum of the earth sneaked over to the memorial site that mourners in the community dedicated in honor of the slain teen, and burned it down.

YouTube showed cell phone footage of the fire, which happened on Tuesday, and photos of the incident have been circulating on social media.

The Ferguson Fire Department was called at 6:45 a.m. CT to Canfield Drive, a location close to where Brown was killed on Aug. 9, according to what department Captain Jeremy Corcoran told NBC News.

While the cause of the fire is not known at this time, some reports are saying candles surrounding the memorial may have contributed.

michael brown

18-year-old Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. His death sparked weeks of protests and rallies around the nation, calling for justice.

Fortunately, it appears residents and other community members have rebuilt the memorial.

Warning: Explicit language is used in the video below:


(Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down)

Desperate Attempts to Manipulate Public, Bring Out Bogus ‘Injury Photo’ of Ferguson Cop

Bogus photo of Darren Wilson
The tweet, by Mike Liberation, beneath this photo reads, Here’s what the sweet, innocent, gentle giant #MichaelBrown did to #DarrenWilson…


*In what can only be seen a really, really, desperate attempt to justify the killing of an unarmed black man, a photo of a man with serious injuries to his face is circulating on the Internet with the caption that it is officer Darren Wilson following a beating by the teen he claims he fought with prior to pumping six bullets into him. If you’ve been visiting another planet since August 9, let me catch you up. Wilson is the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and put the town most of us had never heard of front and center in world news; as protests about the killing and the subsequent unprofessional and inappropriate actions of the police captured the headlines.

Though the circumstances leading up to Brown’s death remains unclear, Ferguson police have said that Wilson’s face was injured in an altercation with Brown moments before the shooting, but we have seen no evidence of these claims to date as Wilson has yet to come forward and speak publicly. Continue reading