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Workshops for Educators, Indie Films, and More at Upcoming ‘Long Beach Indie’ Festival

Long Beach, CA — Named one of FilmFreeway’s Top 100 best reviewed film festivals, Long Beach Indie International Film, Media & Music Festival returns to Long Beach Wed., Aug. 30 – Sun., Sept. 3, delivering five days of screenings, plus workshops for educators, students, entertainment industry professionals, and more.

 Founded by Dr. Daniel Walker in 2014, the festival celebrates diverse content and creators.

“I created Long Beach Indie because I wanted to bring true diversity to every facet of the media and entertainment ecosystem. “It’s about more than just names on the closing credits and recognition during awards season. It’s about economic empowerment, self definition, and using the power of media and entertainment to shape the perceptions that individuals and systems have of women and people of color. “Dr. Daniel Walker, Founder, Long Beach Indie

 The event produced and hosted by Perfect Works and BLU Educational Foundation fosters international dialogue between scholars and the entertainment industry, and bridges the gap between urban communities and careers in arts, entertainment, fashion and digital media via distinct conference and expo clusters. Continue reading

Philadelphia Cop Stayed ‘Cool and Calm’ While Being Berated By TV Reporter Outside of Comedy Club (Watch)

*Whoa! This officer deserves some kind of cop of the year award according to the comedian who filmed him being called all kinds of cuss words by a PHL 17 TV reporter. As it turns out, on June 4 Colleen Campbell was booted from the Helium Comedy Club for being obnoxious, she called the cops hoping she would be let back in.

No such luck. The officer arrived. Was told by staff what had transpired and agreed that Campbell should not return inside. It was at this point that the reporter let loose a deluge  of cuss-words TV stations may had had to hire extra hands to bleep out. It was all caught on tape by comedian Wil Sylvince.

And we found the RAW cut so, be warned! Continue reading

Controversial Cop Killings Cartoon in Tenn. Newspaper Draws Ire From D.A. and Community


*It’s not easy being controversial in a small town. But its surprising and courageous when you are. Though one newspaper is learning this the hard way. The Chester County Independent, a print newspaper that has been covering the Chester and Henderson counties in Tennessee for the past 149 years, according to its website, is getting a lot of attention.

But unfortunately, its not the kind they like.

A controversial political cartoon, posted in the Opinion section, depicts tombstones in a graveyard with reasons why the deceased were killed by cops. Some of these reasons include “No front license,” and “Left tailgate out,” among others.  The town is livid about the piece and District Attorney General Jerry Woodall claims the cartoon “depicts law enforcement as executioners of innocent people.” Continue reading

Missing Toddler Isn’t Getting Media Attention in South Carolina or Nation

Amir Jennings has been missing since December 2011, and there has not been much media attention to the case. He has still not been found.

The world was sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear the whereabouts of Caylee Anthony and the media attention led to the grisly discovery of her body.  There have been other discoveries of high profile cases, but those discoveries begin with media attention.

But, the latest case out of South Carolina has gotten little media attention in nearly a year that little Amir Jennings has been missing.  He went missing December 2011.  His mother, Zinah Jennings, 23, was in a traffic accident on Christmas Eve and arrested. She was convicted Friday Continue reading

Jeremy Lin Pleads with Press to Leave His Family Alone

The New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin has become an overnight NBA phenom and his family back in Taiwan has been bombarded by menacing media attention.

Since the New York Knicks had the good sense to pull a “secret weapon” off the bench a couple weeks ago, the media has been in a frenzy to find out more about the new basketball wonder.  Where has he been hiding all this time anyway?  Or is the choice of who plays a political choice?

Whatever the case might be, Jeremy Lin has been the center of attention (some of it racist) since he led the Knicks to a Continue reading

Media Fight During Balloon Boy Story (Video)

man fights media henne

No one is sure what happened here, but they do know that … people are crazy!  First of all, the Henne family’s attempt to fool America with the whole boy floating in a balloon trick is nuts in itself.

But then now, you take the people who believed them or at least wanted to believe them … the media.  These wackos got to scrappin’ while trying to cover the story on the boy.  But, that wasn’t televised and made public.  Continue reading