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The Assassination of Malcolm X: Can You Believe It’s Been 50 Years? (Video)


*In an interview with CBSN reporter Vladimir Duthiers, Ilyasah Shabazz, the third of Malcolm X’s six daughters, talks about her father, his legacy, and how his voice (and message) still resonates today. Saturday marked the 50 year anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, and for those of us who were actually around to witness the day it happened, its hard to believe it has been that long. It still feels so recent. The civil rights leader was gunned down while giving a speech in New York City, and many (still unsubstantiated) theories point to members of his own religious circle, the Nation of Islam, from whom he had a very public split – as the finger on the trigger.

Shabazz speaks with a loving respect and adoration of her father and says many times, when he was shown in the media he was “reacting” or responding to issues around the human condition. She called her father “a man of great compassion, of integrity, a man who was being responsible for not only his people but his country.” Continue reading

Malcolm X Called “Violent” Then Banned From NYC School For Black History Month

Malcolm X Drawing*Students at one New York public school were all set to turn in their Black History Month reports until their teacher realized who the report was on.

“I’m outraged. As a teacher, you’re imposing your opinion on a bunch of kids,”said parent Cleatress Brown, according to the New York Daily News.

Brown is only one of several parents outraged because learning about Malcolm X during Black History Month has been banned from their child’s elementary school class.

Teachers at Public School 201 reportedly refused to allow fourth graders to write about the assassination of Malcolm X because he was, according to them, “violent” and “bad”. Continue reading

Lost Malcolm X Speech Uncovered by Brown Student

Malcolm X was a prolific writer and speaker that conveyed a message of Black Pride.  The speeches he has given are some of the most profound and eloquent words on behalf of African Americans and their right to defend themselves.  But he didn’t want blacks to only defend themselves against brutality, but defend their history and culture that had been dismissed since slavery.

Malcolm Brunley, 22, runs across archived documents that leads to a priceless find of an unheard speech by Malcolm X in 1961 at Brown University and much more.

And now there is an opportunity to hear more of his teachings because a Brown University student stumbled upon Continue reading

Spike Lee’s Malcolm X Reaches 20th Anniversary with New Release (Video)

The time has flown since Malcolm X hit the big screen and audiences of every ethnicity sat in complete amazement at Denzel Washington’s portrayal of the Civil Rights era icon.  He set the bar high for covering the life of another.  His stirring performance along with the film ending with a cameo of hero and liberator of Africans throughout the diaspora, Nelson Mandela.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the classic film and just in time for Black History month, Continue reading

Prolific Author Writes Malcolm X Assassination Left Autobiography in Peril

Marable Manning

The world lost Marable Manning April 1.  He is one of the most prolific celebrated authors of the black experience.  He was in the process of writing yet another book, “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention”, when he passed away.  The book was nearly completed and the most interesting aspects were already included. 

According to Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, the author wrote about how Malcolm X’s assassination affected Alex Haley’s autobiography of Malcolm X.  Immediately following Malcolm’s assassination, the autobiography was in trouble.  The deal had already been struck with Doubleday and Haley contacted the publishing company owned by Nelson Doubleday, to let them know Continue reading

Vanderbilt Hosts Malcolm X’s Daughter and First African American in NBA

Black history month is off to a great start at Vanderbilt.  The prestigious university will have a full roster of events for Black History Month including speeches by Malcolm X’s daughter Attalah Shabazz and the first black man to enter the NBA, Earl Lloyd.  Both are instrumental and celebrated in not only the African American culture, but the history of this country.

Ambassador Attalah Shabazz is the eldest daughter of civil rights/pan-africanist/humanitarian Malcolm X. The legendary activist was assassinated in New York’s Audubon Ballroom in front of his children and wife, Betty Shabazz.  Ambassador Shabazz has gone on to follow in her father’s footsteps Continue reading

Now Is The Time For Black Filmmakers To Step Outside The Box


Tim Alexander’s Diary Of A Tired Black Man is described  as a film that explores the “complex” nature of black female and male relationships. This is at least what it says on the Amazon.com description page:

A fascinating story about the complex relationships between Black Men and Black Women.

I examined the film myself and I kept asking a single question —  Why is it that in 2009 the films that keep coming out of the black community still delve into the belly lint of our culture? Forgive me, I realize there are people who still find the black men/black women relationships issue to be important, but this culture as well as others have more pressing issues at hand to discuss. Continue reading