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Jalen Rose and Grant Hill Unite for Detroit Charter School

Jalen Rose and Grant Hill

Ever since Jalen Rose’s interview surfaced in the ESPN documentary on the “Fab Five” the media ran with his remarks and tried to start something with former Duke players and their camp.  One of those players was Grant Hill and he weighed in on Rose’s remarks of being an “Uncle Tom.” 

But that controversy has been squashed for months and the two players have Continue reading

Jalen Rose: ‘I Hated Duke…They Only Recruited…Uncle Toms’

Jalen Rose would be feeling the heat right now behind his latest comments in a documentary on the Fab Five if his remarks weren’t cleared up on ESPN’s First Take.  They played a clip that showed Jalen Rose’s as well as other players’ disdain for Duke’s Blue Devils.  They felt that they weren’t interested in anything but the players that were from “accomplished families.” Continue reading