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Six Year Old Forfeits Her Birthday Party To Feed Homeless Folks

Armani Crews


*”…and a little child will lead them.”  Isaiah 11 : 6

I’m not one to quote scripture at the drop of a hat, but that one just dropped into my head.  Will somebody say “Amen!”

Most of us are hard-wired to think about what we can GET for our birthdays.  This doll I’m about to tell you about is showing us how it should be done.

Armani Crews was preparing for her sixth birthday.  While most of her kindergartener peers would have been looking forward to a celebration with their friends, she told her mom she wanted to feed the homeless instead.  She’d one day watched her older brother give leftovers to a homeless man, and a seed had been planted.

While her mom thought the request was different, she went along with it, and told Armani that they could hand out sandwiches.  Armani thought they could do better than that, and told her mom she wanted to serve exactly what she’d have had at her own party.

It’s at about that point of the story when I began associating the word “angel” with little Armani.

When Armani’s dad started adding up the financial cost of implementing his daughter’s plan, he told her that if she did that, she wouldn’t get any presents for her birthday.

Armani’s reply will melt your heart. Continue reading

Nice! Homeless Teens Taught to ‘Code’ at Boston Shelter


*There is little more honorable than stepping outside of the proverbial box and taking a chance on something — especially when it comes from  a sincere desire to empower another. I am thinking of Brookview House, a homeless shelter and affordable housing complex in the Dorchester Center neighborhood of Boston; where a group of volunteers come together to teach teens aged 13 to 18 how to code.

Now, I’m no “techie,” but I do know that anyone living on planet earth without computer skills in this day and age is either unemployed, underemployed or somewhere in between. Technology is both the “wave of the present AND the future” and knowledge of how to work your way around a computer (not to mention a mac) is more likely to not only get you a job, but keep you on one longer than someone with limited computer skills.

So imagine knowing how to actually CREATE code. Hell, now we’re talking building your own tech business and just sitting back and waiting for the customers to roll in.

I pray this incredibly thoughtful experiment (for lack of another word because it is unprecedented) catches on with similar establishments. Continue reading

Watch: Homeless Man ‘Will Sang 4 Food’ (And You’ll Be Glad He Did!)

Will Sang for food

*People are getting creative and using their innate talents as resources to get what they need. Just ask Byon Artrell McCullough, a homeless South Carolina man with a voice – a gift – that would make you scratch your head and question why he isn’t living the life of a John Legend.

The 28-year-old has been on the streets since he was released from prison, but he proudly wears a sign that reads, “Will Sang 4 food.”

And your ears will be happy that he did.

“Am I homeless? Yes. Am I a bum? No,” McCullough told the New York Daily News. Continue reading

Filmmaker Profiles ‘Joe the Barber’ for Providing Free Haircuts for Homeless for 25 Years (Video)

Anthony Cymerys, known as "Joe the Barber", has been providing free haircuts to the homeless of Hartford, Connectict, for 25 years.
Anthony Cymerys, known as “Joe the Barber”, has been providing free haircuts to the homeless of Hartford, Connectict, for 25 years.

Don’t you wish that the good people from the neighborhood would get the attention of Fox, CBS, CNN, or any major media outlet? The good stories always seem to fall by the wayside…until now.

Filmmaker J.V. Harvey has taken it upon himself to profile the good samaritans of the Hartford, Connecticut neighborhood where the homeless come to congregate and get good home-cooked meals and professional haircuts from not social service programs, but normal everyday people who want to help in their community.

Anthony Cymerys also known as Joe the Barber, has been providing haircuts to the homeless since 1988 for the price of a hug.   Continue reading

Homeless Teen Awarded Full Scholarship To College in Tennessee (Video)

Drew Gooch, 17, is homeless student that is graduating at the top of his class and a full ride to Middle Tennessee State University.
Drew Gooch, 17, is homeless student that is graduating at the top of his class and a full ride to Middle Tennessee State University.

There are plenty of students that have problems to contend with at home that no one knows about. These brave soldiers still get up every morning and go to school to get some relief from their situation and try hard to focus.

Drew Gooch is a high school senior that was living in his 1997 Toyota Camry because his mother’s live-in boyfriend is a registered sex offender which prevented him from legally living with her. He has had an uphill struggle to survive, but managed to earn a full scholarship to Middle Tennessee State University, along with the Bootstrap Scholarship, a scholarship for “hardworking students who overcame odds to excel in their classes,” as well as a Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship.

He doesn’t mention much about his mom in his story, but talks about how he has taken care of himself buying his own groceries and washing his clothes and simply fending for himself, according to the Daily News Journal.  He told Nashville’s News 2 how he had been taking care of himself for as long as he can remember. Continue reading

Homeless Man Returns Woman’s Ring and Donations Pour In (Video)

Billy Ray Harris is a homeless man in Kansas City, Missouri, who discovered an engagement ring in his donation cup and held on to it until its owner came back to reclaim it.

When reading the news these days, we feel like the world has sunk into some sort of morality and/or integrity vacuum that is also sucking the hope out of us. That’s why when even the smallest moments of courageous love is extended from one to another, we applaud and we applaud loud!

Billy Ray Harris is a homeless man that often takes up residence underneath a bridge.  He was on the street asking for donations when Sarah Darling came by and emptied her change purse into his donation cup.  Well, she didn’t just give him her change, she mistakenly threw in her engagement ring, according to CNN.

She went back to find him, but he was gone. When she came back the next day though, he was there:

“I asked him … ‘I don’t know if you remember me, but I think I gave you something that’s very precious to me,’ and he says, ‘Was it a ring? Yeah, I have it, I kept it for you,'” Darling said.

Obviously, the ring is worth much more to her than money and both her and her husband showed their gratitude by setting up a donation site for Harris that has raised $95,000. Continue reading

Wedding Video Gag for Justin Timberlake ‘Mocking Homeless’ Disturbs Advocates (Video)

Video gag played at Justin Timberlake's wedding that includes well wishes from L.A.'s homeless called "disturbing" by fans and advocates.

As the whole planet knows by now, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were married in a private ceremony over the weekend and only their closest friends were invited.  But, one of their friends (or maybe not) couldn’t make it, so he sent a video in his stead.

But, the video, created by Justin’s friend, Los Angeles real estate agent Justin Huchel, which has homeless people sharing their well wishes for the couple, also mocks the homeless and was called disturbing by Justin and Jessica’s fans as well as advocates for the homeless. Continue reading

‘Fox & Friends’ Oversteps with Anti-Obama Ad (Video)

Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, and Steve Doocy are the hosts of Fox & Friends where they introduced an anti-Obama ad that begins with "Fox & Friends Presents".

It’s never been a secret that Fox has been and remains at the top of irresponsible and  inaccurate journalism.  They play the game of simply reporting the news, but anyone with eyes and ears can see that it is news with a slant…a conservative slant.  But, now they’ve taken it a bit too far by blatantly campaigning for the GOP.

Fox’s top idiots on the network’s Fox & Friends thought they’d take a little walk down memory lane into President Obama’s campaign by putting together a medley of his campaign speeches and his campaign slogan of Hope and Change.  But what was supposed to be a retrospective was a blatantly conservative anti-Obama campaign ad that features foreboding music, homeless people on the street and a family counting change at the dining room table.   Continue reading