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Ph.D’s are Turning to Welfare for Help?

Education is the key to freedom for many.  An advanced education promises higher salaries and benefits for most, but there are still some that are finding that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been spent on several degrees far outweigh their ability to repay those loans.

A recent report from ABC, gives clear evidence that between the economy and some students’ field of study, more students have landed  in line for food stamps and other social services. Continue reading

Minn. State Rep. Compares Food Stamp Recipients to ‘Wild Animals’ (Video)

Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson claims to recite a note from a "friend" that refers to food stamp recipients "wild animals."

The country is making a come-up economically, but there are still those that are in dire need.  But, you also have those who abuse the system like those folks we told you about out of Michigan. They are both collecting food stamps after hitting over $1 million lottery jackpots.  But, maybe that’s what one state representative meant when she recently berated her state’s food stamp recipients that she claimed to help get more assistance. Continue reading

ANOTHER Michiganier Hits Lottery and Continues to Collect Food Stamps

Amanda Clayton of Lincoln Park, Mi., collects food stamps and a $1 million lottery.

The financial state of affairs in Michigan are dismal to say the least.  But they still have a lottery system for those who want to try their luck.  And so far, it has worked out big for the state’s residents.  Another Michigan resident has hit the lottery, but the big winner is also a welfare recipient…and continues to collect her food stamps. Continue reading

Michigan Lottery Winner Keeps His Food Stamps…Legally (Video)


There are probably many welfare recipients out there that play the lottery and hope that they hit so they can drop the aid they’re receiving.  But, one man doesn’t hope for that at all.  He is happy for the opportunity to receive his jackpot as well as retain his Bridge card where he receives his food stamps.  He hit for $2 million and asked for it in a one-time lump sum payment! Continue reading

Flight Attendant Fired for Qualifying for Food Stamps

Kirsten Arianejad

Some of you may be familiar with Compass airlines, but we are not.  This is probably why they can’t afford to pay their flight attendants enough.  Earlier this month, a flight attendant by the name of Kirsten Arianejad was fired for publicly revealing that she is eligible for food stamps.  If you’re not able to feed your family and you’re excited you can get stamps to help out, what are you going to do? Keep it hush? Heck no! You’re going to yell it from the rafters! Well maybe not yell it, but you might share the news. Continue reading