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PETA Goes After First Lady Michelle Obama and Her Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Watch)

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

*Never let it be said that this writer doesn’t love animals or their “ethical treatment,” but seriously PETA…You’re using three adorable kids to go after FLOTUS because of her Easter Egg Hunt? You have them telling the First Lady how disappointed they are in her…and how she’s “better than that?”

Low blow.

But that’s what they’re doing folks. The latest target of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more fondly known as PETA, is First Lady Michelle Obama.

In other words, Mrs. Obama, PETA’s got a chicken wing to pick with you!

EU, sorry, I couldn’t resist! Continue reading

FLOTUS Talks Continued Work With Youth: ‘I’m going to tell them the simple truth’ (Video)


Michelle Obama, AARP card*You didn’t expect First Lady Michelle Obama to slow down now that she’s reached the half-century mark, did you? Just the opposite, she’s bringing even more than “all that” to the table. Days before her birthday she told a group of kids she was looking forward to being “50 and Fabulous,” and only days after that statement, she is proving to be true to her word. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Jay Leno At it Again! FLOTUS Shows Al Roker Her Bad Side

Last week, we showed you how Jay Leno saw the President’s performance at the Apollo.  No one else saw the panties thrown on the stage at the President but him and he caught it on video…Jay Leno style.  Now, he has his sights set on the First Lady. He had her on his show last night and revealed that he has seen her bad side. Continue reading