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Mario Toliver, Jr., 14, Surrenders for Alledged Murder of Sister in Oakland

mario-toliver-jr-justice-toliver*Mario Toliver, Jr. showed up at the Oakland Police station after being on the run for a week.

Toliver, 14, was accompanied by members of his family as he came to turn himself in for allegedly killing his older sister, Justice. Continue reading

New Survey About Black Dads/Relationship to Kids Defy Stereotypes


*Giving dutiful African American dads their recognition, a recently released federal survey of American parents defies the enduring stereotypes about black fatherhood. It shows that African American fathers who live with their children are just as involved as other fathers in the same position, maybe even more so. Continue reading

Latest Leandro Erlich’s Reflective Optical Illusion Art Is Enjoyed by People of All Ages (Video)

Well known optical illusion artist Leandro Erlich's new piece Dalton House immediately incited family participation in the East London neighborhood of Brickney  on its opening day Wednesday, June 26, 2013.
Well known optical illusion artist Leandro Erlich’s new piece “Dalston House” immediately incited family participation in the East London neighborhood of Brickney on its opening day Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

Artists do an important job in opening the eyes and minds of all that are willing to embark on a visual experience.  But, some artists take it a step further and involve their viewers into their work.

Leandra Erlich is a known optical illusionist who was commissioned by the Barbican in London to provide an installation of one of his popular art pieces.  The piece chosen is a Victorian home with protruding ledges at the windows for everyone of all ages to live out their Spiderman experience.  The photos taken at the location after Erlich’s completed the installation that opened in East London Wednesday, show families scaling the house…with the help of a ginormous mirror, according to ThisisCollossal.com Continue reading

Georgia Supermarket Closes and Sun Trust Bank Throws Away Food in Front of Needy Families

Residents near Lanway Grocery Store in Augusta, Georgia, patiently await food distribution when the store's owner was evicted.
Residents near Laney Walker Supermarket in Augusta, Georgia, anxiously await food distribution when the store’s owner was evicted on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

America is supposed to be a super power, yet we still watch people starve in this country every day.  According to the World Hunger Organization, “in 2010, 17.2 million households, 14.5 percent of households (approximately one in seven), were food insecure, the highest number ever recorded in the United States.”

Saturday, March 23, in front of dozens of families, Sun Trust Bank foreclosed on a Laney Walker Supermarket in Augusta, Georgia, and ordered all of the contents of the supermarket to be sent to a landfill instead of given to the families waiting with bags to pick up the perfectly good food. Continue reading

Victims’ Families are ‘Disgusted’ by Colorado Theater Re-Opening

Aurora, Colorado Century 16 movie theater is re-opening, but the community is not happy.

The massacre that occurred in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, resulted in 12 families losing their loved ones and forever changing their lives.  As the families struggle to rebuild their lives, the theater has also been rebuilding and now invites them to a re-opening event?

According to NBC, the families of the victims aren’t happy with the re-opening of Century 16.  In fact, the families find the re-opening event downright “disgusting.”  Who wouldn’t?  The Cinemark USA company never once contacted any of the families before now which has caused some to believe this event is just a marketing ploy. Continue reading

Sesame Street Recreates Special Hurricane Episode to Air Today

Special Sesame Street episode for Hurricane Sandy survivors airs Friday, November 9, 2012.

Sesame Street is showing off today!  They are throwing a 1-2 punch at Mitt Romney with their classic, responsible programming.

Today Sesame Street will air a special hurricane episode with the goal of reaching children and families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, according to Entertainment Weekly.  The episode aired in 2001, but has been customized into a new special to help children understand about weather-related fear, destruction and loss. Continue reading

Video: Feds Take Mafia Down with Huge Bust

No one really talks about the mafia much anymore.  The last time any really big story went down in the news regarding mafia was when John Gotti was finally brought down (and died in prison) and then the news of his daughter getting her own reality show.  This bust and the names involved brings back memories.  They came after the families as though Elliot Ness was leading the charge all over again. Continue reading

Homeless Shelters Cost More than Apartments?


Now that the President has passed a health care bill, he may be coming up with a new plan for the homeless soon that will get them off the streets.  As he looks over the reports coming across his desk for the costs of homeless shelters throughout America, disturbingly enough, in states examined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)the cost to keep a family in a shelter is more expensive than if they get the family in an apartment.  A study of 9,000 families  found that costs varied depending on what type of housing needed.  Continue reading