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6 Things Your Faith Should Be Doing For You (If You Are Hoping To Grow)

silhoutte of a praying man

*There is an elementary school in my neighborhood that has a tradition of placing quotes on a huge board outside on their lawn. Each Monday a new quote is there. No author. Just the quote. I, not unlike many of my neighbors, have come to look forward to the quote of the week. Once I saw the man putting the quote up on the board; which was amazing because after all of these years, I’d never seen the quotes being placed. They were just there every Monday once I got to that intersection where the school is. I felt like jumping out of my car and telling him how much I appreciate them.

But I didn’t.

This week the quote is clearly religious; though it often goes beyond religion, offering seeking minds the opportunity to think more broadly, more humanistic and more spiritual — irregardless of what your faith might be.

The quote reads…

“The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use. Not cake for special occasions.”

Deep indeed, I thought to myself. Continue reading