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Oops! Did I Say That? … 10 Things that ‘Force You’ to Cuss (If You’re Not Careful!)


*Warning: Not for the faint-hearted: This article was inspired by all the reasons people are forced, yes forced,  to cuss.

No really, if you think about it, you will realize you didn’t intend to use that derogatory word, but certain “things” got in the way of your good intentions and before you could even edit yourself, out of your mouth came words that would make even your mama blush.

It’s OK, I doubt you’ll be struck down by lightning or sent straight to hell for the mess up. But damn, whether you’re honest enough to admit it or not, I’ll bet you feel a lot better afterwards.

Hee. Hee. Hee. Here’s to the “little devil” in us all!

A humorous look at using bad words. After all, it’s what makes us imperfectly human. 


Woman Removed from U.S. Airways Flight After Refusing to Comply with Crew and Fight with Police (Video)

Lindsay Ben-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.
Lindsay Capri Bien-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.

If you know you’re not that good with people when you ride on the city bus or subway, then you might want to stay off of planes.  The space is smaller and you’re going to have to follow directions of the crew and sit in close quarters with other passengers.

Lindsay Capri Bien-aime had to be physically removed from a U.S. Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to  Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunday, after crew members complained to authorities that she would not listen to them and was on her “phone the whole time,” according to the raw video another passenger took of the incident and posted by local NBC affiliate WCNC.

The 45-minute delay on Sunday’s flight out of Ft. Lauderdale took a toll on everyone surrounding the incident because the woman was not complying with police and began to curse and fight with them. Continue reading

Woman Spends Christmas in Jail for Cursing (Video)

LaRue Ford was held in Berrien County jail for 11 days for cursing in the Court Clerk offices in Niles, Michigan.

If cursing is a crime a lot of our friends out there that are prone to road rage and in need of anger management would be serving life sentences for repeat offenses.

LaRue Ford of Niles, Michigan, found out that cursing really is a crime when she was in court to settle an old traffic ticket.  According to Ford, they were giving her the run around and as she paid the $50, she began to curse…to herself! Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Newscaster ‘Turns Ghetto’ After On-Air Shock (Video)

A local reporter is fed up with the town he's reporting from and goes into a cursing fit as something flies in his face.

The newscasters around the country probably have a million tapes to choose from when it comes to their on-air bloopers.  But, there’s always one! The big one!

A reporter on channel 4, somewhere deep in the country, where obviously, he didn’t want to be, was startled by something that seemed to fly at him during his report.  We’re not certain, but it seems he may have been in Augusta, Georgia, as he reported on some type of incident at Augusta High School.

But just as he began his report, a bug flew in his mouth, the pollen was getting to him, and he was just having an all-around bad day. Continue reading

Rick Santorum Shoots at President Obama with Ad ‘Obamaville’ (Video)

The Republican presidential candidates are all bonkers!  They lie, they cheat…and as my grandmother always said, “If you lie, you’ll cheat, if you’ll cheat you’ll steal!”  And once again the lies are falling effortlessly out of one of the candidates mouth via his latest commercial ad. Continue reading

High School Basketball Star Suspended for Cursing

Corey Edwards

Some schools have to have metal detectors and pat downs, but not at Christ the King Regional High School in New York.  At this school, you so much as curse and you are getting dealt wit!  They have such a strong commitment to that policy that they had to put their star basketball player on suspension…for a month! Continue reading