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Watch: Black Barber Defends Decision to Grant White Customer’s Request for Confederate Flag Cut

*One day a story such as this may not even be necessary. One day people may actually respect another’s race, religion, sexual orientation and politics. But real talk: that day ain’t here yet. So today, we are sharing the story of how a white man walked into a Black man’s barber shop and made a daring request…and left in one piece.

Will you give me a Confederate flag cut?

OK, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But I had to set the stage for you, right?

“He seemed kind of scared when he first came in,” barber Demontre Heard, who gave the cut,  told NewsOne 6 about the yet to be identified customer. When the guy first came in he had originally asked for a different cut; one that paid homage to his favorite group, Slumerica. The design would have been  a flag with stars and lightning bolts. But it was going to be too complicated so he asked for a Confederate flag instead.

Of course the request turned the barbers head…at first. Continue reading

Watch: Black H. S. Students Confront White Boy With Confederate Flag on Backpack

Confederate Flag Incident at School

*A Caucasian student came to school toting a Confederate flag on his backpack. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with some of the black students especially. Two of whom approached the guy and asked him what was up. Things became heated to the level that there was  shoving and strong words. Fortunately, the argument never rose beyond that as school officials jumped in quickly. The backpack was searched and no weapons were found, but the three students were all suspended for their disruptive behavior.

“When you become a disruption where students can’t learn because of a distraction, then that needs to be removed,” principal Wesley Cupp said.

The incident happened at Rockmart High School, and though no weapon was found students didn’t escape the lock-down drill that happened later Wednesday after rumors surfaced of other students planning to bring in Confederate flags. Continue reading

Whites Burst into Black Girls’ Birthday Party Holding Confed Flags (Watch)


*For the slight few who may think this whole confederate flag being taken down issue is a done deal, physically it may be, but mentally…not so much.

Most of us knew that the removal of the flag from statehouses across the south was just a formality. African Americans know all too well that the  same attitudes that hoisted that flag in the first place still exist.

So the mere fact that a group of hateful, arrogant, white residents would barge into the birthday party of a young black girl waving those flags and yelling racial slurs; then turn around and say the flag has nothing to do with racial hatred is enough to make any sane person gag.

But that is what members of a group called “Protect The Flag” did in a Georgia community.

Multiple news reports say witnesses saw the men pull up to the party in an entire fleet of pick up trucks, carrying confederate flags and threatening to shoot the party guests and at the same time calling them “n*****rs.” Continue reading

Fan of Country Singer Leaves Concert to Taunt African Americans with Confederate Flag and Racial Slurs

Darren Walp, 33, left a Toby Keith concert and jumped a fence of a predominantly African American residential complex over the weekend.
Darren Walp, 33, left a Toby Keith concert and jumped a fence of a predominantly African American residential complex over the weekend to taunt residents with a confederate flag and racial slurs.

Celebrities’ fame and influence often run amuck when fans believe they know them and what they represent when they are merely building an image or persona they use to entertain.

Toby Keith is a country singer who is vocal about his patriotism and his support of the U.S. military.  But, it is obvious that his fans are of the redneck persuasion and one Darren Walp, 33, thought he’d leave the concert and have some redneck type of fun.  He left the Toby Keith concert at Susquehanna Bank Center in New Jersey, climbed the fence of the, predominantly African American, Royal Court residential complex and began yelling racial slurs and waving the confederate flag, according to the Daily Mail. Continue reading