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Recently Deceased Founder of Little Caesar’s Paid Rosa Parks’ Rent for Years

Mike Ilitch
Mike Ilitch

*Well if this turns out to actually be true, it gives new meaning to wonders never cease to amaze! According to a 2014 news article from Sports Business Daily, Mike Ilitch, the founder of the Little Caesar’s pizza chain, came to Miss Parks’ rescue following a 1994 burglary in her apartment which caused concerns about her safety. Continue reading

Dead at 98: Woman Who Stabbed and Nearly Killed MLK Died on Saturday

Izola Ware Curry
Izola Ware Curry

*Do you recall we almost lost Dr. Martin Luther King because he was stabbed by a woman at a book signing in 1958? Well that woman, Izola Ware Curry, died on Saturday at the age of 98.

Dr. King’s injuries were so close to his aorta that doctors told him, if he sneezed, he could have died. King would refer to the incident years later saying, “I’m so happy that I didn’t sneeze.”

Had Curry lived, she who would have turned 99 in June.

Diagnosed criminally insane after she stabbed the civil rights activist, The Smoking Gun reports that Curry has lived in a series of homes since her release from the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Continue reading

What…Rosa Parks Wasn’t the First Black Woman Refuse to Give Up Her Seat? Do Tell! (Watch!)

Claudette Colvin younger

*And that’s exactly what we’re doing…tellin‘. We’ve all heard about the courageous act of Rosa Parks on that hot summer day in 1955, after getting off work, dog-tired, and when the white man told her to get up out of her sear so a white woman could sit down, she pretty much told him to go screw himself.

Well, not to take anything at all from Miss Parks, because her legacy is safe with us, and I am proud to say that I actually met the woman, but according to” records” she may not have actually been the first.

Claudette Colvin was. And you can hear the story directly from her mouth.

Scroll down for video.


That’s right. Its on record that Colvin beat Rosa Parks to that one. She refused to relinguish her seat.


She says she is always asked that questions, and always gives the same answer.

“History had me glued to my seat.”

Colvin credits her sheroes, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth for keeping her in that seat on the day she was told to get up.

“They picked the wrong woman that day,” she tells an audience in the video (Scroll down). Continue reading