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To Avoid Child Abuse Claims – Florida Man Invites Cops to Watch Him Beat Daughter


*Did you know that it is legal to physically abuse your child in the state of Florida? So the Florida police thought nothing of it when the father of a pre-teen  did what he thought was lawful – he called the cops over to watch him beat the child .

The unnamed dad wanted to beat his 12-year-old daughter for fighting with her sister. But he didn’t want the assault to land him in jail for child abuse, so he put a call in to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office to oversee the whipping.

If you think that’s a tad strange, check this: They came. They saw. They gave him the thumbs up and left. Continue reading

Man Shoots and Kills Toddler to Torture Her Father


Raymone Jackson shot and killed a 2-year old, in order to torture her father. He also shot the girl’s father, and a 12-year old girl.

*You know how Oprah sometimes asks her guests, “What do you know for sure?” Well we can pretty much assume with a level of certainty that the man who shot and killed a little girl because he wanted to torture her father, will go straight to hell.


According to the Associated Press, 24-year-old Raymone Jackson of Inkster, Mich. has been charged with first-degree murder for fatally shooting 2-year-old Kamiya Gross on Tuesday evening. Reports say, Lt. Michael Shaw of the Inkster Police Department, said Jackson “was going to kill the child in front of this guy and then kill him afterward so that it would be the last thing he sees.” Continue reading

Bond Denied For Dad Who Left Son In Hot Car. Police Say He Was ‘Sexting’ & Yearning ‘Child-free’ Life

Generic photo
Generic photo

*A suburban Atlanta father who was recently charged with murder for leaving his 22-month-old son in a locked car for hours, causing his death, has been denied bond. According to Cobb County Detective, Phil Stoddard, Justin Ross Harris, 33, of Marietta, was in an unhappy marriage and wanted a “child-free life.”

This revelation comes in light of news that Harris had been sending nude photographs to women the day his son died and had looked at websites that promoted a life without children, a detective testified Thursday. Continue reading

Lies About Black Fatherhood That People Should Stop Believing


*When it comes to the topic of black fathers, and you actually have something ‘good’ to say, people may respond, “Excuse me?”  or even, “Come again?”

Why, you may ask, do we do this?

Because for so long, conversations heard around the topic have only been, “they are nowhere to be found.”  In fact, a number of studies and reports claim that black fathers are overwhelmingly absent from the home.

While the conversations about absent fathers should be taken very seriously, it should not overshadow, nor ignore, the fact that there are many, many fathers out there who are taking care of their daddy duties just fine, thank you.

Continue reading

New Survey About Black Dads/Relationship to Kids Defy Stereotypes


*Giving dutiful African American dads their recognition, a recently released federal survey of American parents defies the enduring stereotypes about black fatherhood. It shows that African American fathers who live with their children are just as involved as other fathers in the same position, maybe even more so. Continue reading

British Reality Star Kate Hopkins Doesn’t Like Kids With ‘Low Class’ Names (Video)

British reality TV show star Katie Hopkins reveals on a British show that she does not like children with "low class" names.
British reality TV show star Katie Hopkins reveals on a British show that she does not like children with “low class” names.

Most mothers think they have given their child a name that they can be proud of.  Some names have nostalgic or honorable meaning because they are taking on the name of a relative or parent. But, then you have names that, well…..

Anyway, no matter what a child’s name is it has no bearing whatsoever on who the child is…or their parents.  Kate Hopkins is a British reality TV star that does not approve of her children interacting with or having a relationship of any kind with a child with what she calls a “low class” name like Tyler, Charmaine, Chantelle and Chardonnay.  She believes that their names say something about their parents status and their intellect, yet her own children are named: Poppy, Maximillian, and India! Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Gorilla Gets Revenge on Little Children at Dallas Zoo (Video)

Children get a surprising response from a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.
Children get a surprising response from a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo, Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

A trip to the zoo is always fascinating to children.  They see all types of animals and even sometimes get to interact with them by feeding them or simply getting close.

But some children find fun in taunting the animals.  They might eat a sandwich in front of them and rub their tummy or give them the googly eyes and try to mimick the animal, none of which are appreciated by the animal. Every now and then, the animals get to strike back and some children at the Dallas Zoo were on the receiving end…of a gorilla! Continue reading

Woman Removed from U.S. Airways Flight After Refusing to Comply with Crew and Fight with Police (Video)

Lindsay Ben-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.
Lindsay Capri Bien-amie gets belligerent with police officers that are called in on a U.S. Airways flight Sunday, June 24, 2013.

If you know you’re not that good with people when you ride on the city bus or subway, then you might want to stay off of planes.  The space is smaller and you’re going to have to follow directions of the crew and sit in close quarters with other passengers.

Lindsay Capri Bien-aime had to be physically removed from a U.S. Airways flight from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to  Charlotte, North Carolina, Sunday, after crew members complained to authorities that she would not listen to them and was on her “phone the whole time,” according to the raw video another passenger took of the incident and posted by local NBC affiliate WCNC.

The 45-minute delay on Sunday’s flight out of Ft. Lauderdale took a toll on everyone surrounding the incident because the woman was not complying with police and began to curse and fight with them. Continue reading