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Watch: Family of Little Boy Who Died in Hot Daycare Van at ‘Little Miracles’ Demands Answers

Myles Hill’s mother and a man leaves roses for the 3-year-old child at the Little Miracles Academy on Gore Street and Plymouth Avenue on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017.

*We’re still reeling from the death of little Myles Hill, who we reported yesterday had been found dead after being left in a van; where temperatures rose to the mid-90’s — for a reported 11-hours. 

We can’t even wrap our brains around how his mother must be feeling; not to mention his entire family and community. 

A vigil was held last night on the family’s behalf, and to say it was “emotional” would not begin to adequately describe what transpired.

Hundreds gathered at a nearby park to pay tribute to the toddler and at the beginning of the video below a woman, reportedly an aunt to the boy, screams out, “Why? What happened?”

The child’s mother speaks through tears to the media at the vigil saying, “He’s three, he’s going to be four at the end of this month and he’s not even going to have a birthday.”

The crowd chanted “Justice for Myles!”

Meanwhile, Audrey Thornton, the owner of Little Miracles Academy, spoke to the press as well. Continue reading

Childcare Employee Reading to Kids, Didn’t Know Toddler Was Under Beanbag Chair


*Man. This is an extremely tough one. You know how kids love to play hide and seek. Well this time the game proved fatal. As a childcare worker in Utah sat reading stories to a group of children at the West Jordan Child Center on Thursday morning, the worker had no idea one of the kids was actually underneath the bean bag chair he or she was sitting on.

And the child suffocated.

According to PEOPLE, the little boy had been under the chair for fifteen minutes, and once discovered unresponsive, was taken to a hospital where he later died. Continue reading

Watch: Viral Video Shows Little White Girl Cussin’ Up a Storm

Generic photo

*“Let me kill this baby … You are a bad motherf*cker. That’s why you always have to get in jail,” can you believe that these are the words coming from the mouth of a six-year-old who’s elder is videotaping her? It all began when the woman behind the camera asked the little girl to “show us how you play with your doll.”

That’s when the tirade began.

I’m sure Black folk all over the world are jumping for joy that its not one of ours. Continue reading

Missing Pregnant Woman Found Dead in Her Own Daycare Center

Andrea Caruth
Andrea Caruth

*Oh god. When will horrors such as this end?

A woman five months pregnant had gone missing, but over the weekend, was found dead in the home she shared with her boyfriend and father, who lived downstairs in the Bronx residence.

Andrea Caruth appeared to have been beaten to death, as cadaver dogs located her partially buried, decomposing body in a crawlspace in her basement. It lay beneath plywood, gravel and cement and was discovered sometime around 3 a.m.

The home also served as a daycare.

Cops had done an initial search, but found no evidence of Caruth’s body being in the home. Yet something made them suspect foul play, and they doubled back with the dogs, who then discovered the woman’s body. Continue reading

Shanesha Taylor: Outpouring of Support for Single Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids in Car While on Job Interview

Interview, woman leaves kids in car*A single mother, homeless, and seeking a better way of life is behind bars after leaving her two children unattended in a locked car. A witness passing by claims to have heard a baby crying and alerted Arizona police.

The police say it was 45-minutes later that the mother appeared. Distraught after seeing the situation.

Where was she? Why did she leave a 2-year-old and 6-month-old in the car?

To attend a job interview.

If her excuse wasn’t so plausible, one would easily be tempted to judge.

But the truth of the matter is, it could’ve been any one of us in the same situation.

Continue reading