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Reporter May Have Had Stroke During Post Grammy Commentary

Serene Branson suffers a communication breakdown during report.

We all have had moments when we trip over our words during a discussion, but were able to recover and say exactly what we meant.  But, one reporter, after the Grammys, was reporting on the night when suddenly her language started with just a slip of the tongue, but then graduated to the sound of a record playing backwards.  She spoke so seamlessly, as though nothing was wrong, but was totally incoherent. Continue reading

Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Osteoporosis

The newest study is suggesting that the breakdown of bone from old to new bone could be directly connected to Type 2 diabetes.  The breakdown releases a hormone called osteocalcin and operates properly in the body to regulate glucose levels when it occurs during normal breakdown.  The findings out of Columbia University will help to change the medical treatment of osteoporosis, but also update the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Continue reading