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Wish You Were ‘This Doggie’ Right Now? You’re Gonna Love This! (Watch)


*Let’s start your week off with a feel-good video. Aww, c’mon, I know you’ve probably just finished lunch and have to go back to the office, but don’t hate, congratulate! This is one very happy doggie.

Actually, on your next break, take a look at the video and play a little game with me called, “I wonder what this doggie would say if he could talk?”

I’ll start. Continue reading

‘I Love You More’ Croc Best Buddies with Fisherman Who Helped Him (Pictures)

Poncho kisses the man who helped heal him
Poncho kisses the man who helped heal him

*Just in case you think you might be seeing things as you look at the photo above. You kind of are. You are seeing a crocodile named ‘Poncho’ kissing a man named Chito Shedden, a fisherman who saw him injured and alone, and rounded up a group of brave friends to lift the croc and take him to safety.

The reptile reportedly lay dying on a river bank in Siquirres, Costa Rica when the fisherman spotted him. Snedden, a tour guide by trade, kind of fancies himself as an amateur naturalist and as such has learned a few things.

Obviously, how to wrangle in a crocodile without being eaten alive is one! Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Dog Gets Put on Blast for Snoring, One Cluckin’ Awesome Chicken Band (Watch)


*Yes you were. No I wasn’t. I’ve got the video! This is what one adorable pooch had to endure when his owner pulled a dirty trick on him as he was sleeping. Poor doggie was getting a deep sleep in when his tricky human decides to tape his snoring. Funny stuff. See video below.

Kinda makes me want to playback that recording I have of a certain friend who swears by god he doesn’t snore.

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‘Don’t Want No Trouble!’: Florida Gator Takes Leisurely Walk Through Yard (Watch)

alligator in yard

*We always hear the tragic stuff when an alligator is in the picture. But sometimes these crocodilians (I learned that word from Wikipedia) just want to hang. You know, take a leisurely walk around your yard to see what’s up on the other side.

Secretly, they may wish we would just stop fearing them, and allow them to just lay beside us on the ground as we enjoy our outdoor picnics. Hey, they may even want us to play a friendly game of ball. You know, you use your feet to roll it over to the croc, and then watch him skidaddle over and catch it in that huge mouth.

OK, I know it’s a stretch, but you’ve got to admit, I was on some kind of a roll!

Anyhoo, fun times appear to be what’s happening for the world-weary gator in the video below, shared by the Miami Herald

I’ve decided to name him Socrates, after the Greek philosopher. Why?

I dunno. Just felt like it. Continue reading

Dog Beats Kid in Learning to Say ‘Mama’ (Watch)


*Sometimes animals say the darndest things. And its not only in bark-talk. Believe me, they are a lot smarter than their humans give them credit for. I recall my bird, Saku, saying “Good Morning” to me in response. It only happened one time, but it did happen. Now I find this video of a mother trying so hard to teach her baby how to say “Mama.”

And failed.

She is holding a spoonful of food as encouragement. Still, nothing, as the child just looks on with wide-eyed innocence. Continue reading

Dallas Woman Pleads ‘Help Me’ as Pack of Wild Dogs Devour Her (Graphic Audio)

Antoinette Brown

*The 911 calls came into dispatch in rapid succession. Each caller seemingly more frantic than the last. They were reporting a horrible scene playing out right before their eyes. Their neighbor, Antoinette Brown, was being mauled by a pack of loose dogs, and there was nothing they could do to save her.

According to the 52-year-old woman’s family, the dogs devoured her like they were “eating a steak.”

The horrific incident happened in early May of this year, but what puts it in the news now is Tuesday’s release of the chilling audio (I can’t bear to listen to it, but I am sure a woman screaming for her life as she is savagely attacked by wild dogs is nothing less than chilling).

You can hear the audio yourself below.

The calls also reveal how the mauling affected Brown’s neighbors, who felt helpless to intervene. Both callers sound panicked, but tell dispatchers they are too afraid to try to save her.

“She’s out there begging for somebody to help her,” Jackie Humphrey, who was the first person to call, told the 911 dispatcher. “I know some dogs was out there and somebody came and ran them off. But she’s still out there moaning and groaning and I’m scared to go outside.” Continue reading

Kangaroo Bounds On Bikers, Breaking Breasts

Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia, Great Ocean Road, Australasia
Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia, Great Ocean Road, Australasia

*I’m on doctor’s orders to engage in more cardio, in my effort to avoid the hypertension-induced premature deaths of many of my family members.  (How’s THAT for a cheery start to your weekend?)

Swimming and biking are my exercises of choice, but I may need to rethink the latter — at least, if I plan to do it in Australia.

Sharon Heinrich and Helen Salter were riding along a scenic trail in Southern Australian when they stopped to look at a beautiful kangaroo.   Before they could grab their iPhones and snap a pic, the marsupial jumped onto Heinrich’s torso and bounced off of it onto Salter’s back, knocking them both off of their bikes.  The beast then bounced away.

“I saw him and thought ‘Oh, isn’t he cute’ — then he was on top of me,” Heinrich said.

Sounds like a typical Saturday night for me. Continue reading

Kid Forces Pup to Train By Watching YouTube Videos (Too Cute)


*We’ve pretty much become accustomed to children doing the darndest things. Meet 4-year-old Lincoln Ball. When the doctor told his daddy that he was allergic to practically EVERYTHING outside of his house, but added the “good news is that you are not allergic to pets,” and suggested they get a dog well, this was apparently the only part this kid heard.

Suffice it to say, he now has a dog.

Lincoln’s parents have not owned a dog throughout their entire 15-year marriage, so they made sure to let Lincoln know that the dog, an adorable little St. Bernard pup, would be his responsibility to house train the dog and suggested he look at YouTube videos.

But apparently selective hearing set in on little Lincoln…again.

“He got the video all lined up,” his dad, Daniel Ball told ABC News. “And then he called the dog over and started playing it directly to the dog.” Continue reading