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Boy’s Born With It: Maybelline’s First Male Face

You better werk, Manny!
You better werk, Manny Gutierrez!

*I’m not quite sure what “it” is, as I never quite “got” Maybelline’s iconic “Maybe she’s born with it” tagline, but whatever “it” is, male beauty vlogger Manny Gutierrez has clearly got it.  He’s just been hired as Maybelline’s first male face.  

Maybe “it” is the nerve to be exactly who you are in the face of people who will say all kinds of things about you while you’re doing it.  Or maybe “it” is simply the ability to rock mascara et al with the best of the ladies.  I’ve not seen a guy flaunt full-on makeup — without changing gender expression, which is different than gender identity — so well since Boy George of Culture Club fame.   

Just looking around this coffee shop where I’m parked this morning, Gutierrez is putting everyone up in here — male and female — to absolute shame.   Continue reading

MacBook Pro Saves Life During Florida Airport Shooting


*Who needs a flak jacket when you have a laptop?

I just bought a new MacBook Pro with the TouchBar.


Oh yes, I did.  LOVE IT.  But I was experiencing a little buyer’s remorse — you pay a premium for Apple’s toys, after all — as I flipped on the news for the first time one day late last week, and heard that a MacBook Pro’s had saved a man’s life.  

I’m keeping mine.  And as soon as I’m done working today, I’m going to buy a new backpack for it.  Keep reading, and you’ll understand all of that!  Continue reading

Family Blames FaceTime for Fatal Crash, Death of Five-Year Old


*I’m filing this one in my new GMFB file:  Give Me (a) Break.  (I’ll let you fill in the “F” for yourself, just in case there are children in the room.) 

Five-year old Moriah Modisette was killed and her father was seriously injured when another driver, Garrett Willhelm slammed into their car at 65 mph on a Texas highway in 2014, according to her family.  Willhelm was chatting away on a FaceTime video chat at the time of the crash.  FaceTime was still running as rescue workers removed Moriah’s lifeless body and her dad from the demolished car.

Instead of holding Willhelm liable, the family has gone after Apple, according to, as it’s their FaceTime program that runs on their mobile platforms.  The family claims the company has failed to install a “lock out” feature on FaceTime, thereby preventing drivers from using the app while on the road.  The family’s lawsuit alleges that Apple was granted a patent to install the feature earlier in 2014, and the feature could have prevented the catastrophic crash. Continue reading

Fraternal Order of Police Prompt Walmart to C&D ‘Bulletproof’ BLM Merchandise, But…


*It seems cops of the fraternal order may be suffering from a bit of anxiety. Claiming to be concerned about the “racial divide” our country is currently experiencing they have encouraged Walmart to cease and desist the sale of ‘Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter’ T-shirts.

But Walmart is like…not so fast.

Though the retail giant has agreed to stop selling the Bulletproof merchandise, it will continue to sell other Black Lives Matter items; along with Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter merchandise.

They ain’t stupid. The merchandise is making too much money to just stop selling. Continue reading

‘A New Way of Life’ Celebrates 18 Years of Helping Formerly Incarcerated Women (Photos)

L-R Founder of A New Way of Life Project Susan Burton and LA City Councilmember, Curren D. Price, Jr.
L-R Founder of A New Way of Life Project Susan Burton and
LA City Councilmember, Curren D. Price, Jr.

*Fresh off of a very successful 2016 Gala, A New Way of Life reentry program founded by Susan Burton in 1998 recently recognized six exceptional local women who have proven to inspire and lead their lives by example.

The event, aptly named Passing the Torch…Igniting the Spirit of Leadership, took place at the beautiful Omni Los Angeles at California Plaza on December 4, 2016 and honored New York Times Bestselling Author, Michelle Alexander with the “Movement Builder Award,” Filmmakers Tessa Blake and Emma Hewitt with the “Industry Impact Award,” Psychology Professor Dr. Cheryl Grills, Ph.D. with the “Community Champion Award,” Certified Nursing Assistant and former ANWOL resident, Vasanté Bailey along with current ANWOL resident/Southwest College Graduate, Carolyn Robinson both received the “Flozelle Woodmore Memorial Award.”

See photos below showing celebrity attendees such as FOX11 News Anchor Christine Devine, who has been a regular supporter of the organization. Actresses Kym Whitley and LisaRaye; Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr., and more. Continue reading

Wanna Just Walk Into A Store, Take What You Want and Leave…Introducing ‘Amazon Go’ (Watch)


*What if you could just walk into a grocery store, go to the aisle where the coffee is, grab a cannister and walk out. Or head to the chips aisle and repeat. Then leave with them all without dealing with a cashier. Not even a self-checkout. Just walk out the door.

And the best part is, when you look back no security is following you!

Thanks to online retail giant Amazon, this is no longer a hypothetical.

Introducing ‘Amazon Go’ a new way of shopping in a new kind of store. Based on app usage, you can just go into a store, scan your app and start shopping. You never have to stand in line to pay for your items because the moment you pick it up, its automatically added to your virtual cart. 

Change your mind about that box of cookies? No worries, just put it back and the charge goes away.

I’ve had dreams about this strategy. Continue reading

Remember L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival on #GivingTuesday (November 29)!


*(Los Angeles) #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that celebrates and supports the work of nonprofit organizations and encourages people to contribute. On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, you can join the national day of generosity and make a difference.

All proceeds will go towards funding the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival’s 24th Annual Festival that will be held on March 23-26, 2017. Your giving will support their venue rental, performer and tech team stipends, Champagne Gala and Awards Ceremony, and Marketing Campaign for our upcoming and exciting next Festival.

There are three ways in which you can give, help and act. Continue reading

Man Changes Name To iPhone 7 to Win New Device


*A man has legally changed his name to iPhone 7 in order to win a new iPhone.

The former Olexander Turin, 20, of Ukraine met a challenge extended by an electronics store: the first five people to change their names to “iPhone 7” would receive a free device.  The former Mr. Turin was first to do so.  His new name is iPhone Sim.  (“Sim” means “seven” in Ukrainian.)

Meet iPhone 7

It was certainly a financial coup for the Sim:  a brand new iPhone 7 starts at the equivalent of $850 US in Ukraine, while the name change set him back the equivalent of just $2!

Sim says he may change his name back to his birth name when he has children. Continue reading