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Mother Who Killed Her Kids Tells Court, ‘I’d Do it Again!’ (Disturbing Video)


When two children of Mitchelle Blair of Detroit was found stuffed in a freezer in her living room last March, investigators weren’t sure what to think.

The gruesome discovery of the bodies had been quite accidental and happened as a bailiff was responding to an eviction call.

Blair was later found and apprehended, at another location.

It would later be revealed that Stephen Gage Berry, 9, and his older sister, Stoni Ann Blair, 13, had been tortured by their own mother before they were killed. Continue reading

Deathtrap: New Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases Prompt Ire from Just About Everyone


*Apparently, there is a designer out there that has been living under a rock. And that rock has been buried deep, deep underground for at least the past couple of years.

How else can you explain designing a cellphone case that looks just like a gun…once the phone is embedded, and the case is put in your pocket, all that shows is the handle.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Anti-gun groups are furious; and even the cops are calling it a “deathtrap.”

Blame it on a team in Japan with the website Suffice it to say, they definitely didn’t think this one through.

Or did they? Continue reading

Bobby Seale, Black Panther Professor, Gives History Lesson to D’Angelo (Watch)

Bobby Seale, Then and now.
Bobby Seale, Then and now.

*Former Black Panther, professor Bobby Seale, is riding along the streets of Oakland, California, at the wheel of a green convertible.

His passenger and road dawg for the trip is R&B singer, D’Angelo.

Seale, who co-founded the Panthers along with Huey P. Newton in October of 1966,  is reminiscing about his time with The Black Panthers in Oakland; and starts talking about a speech once given there by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke of boycotting the Wonder Bread company. Continue reading

Walmart Denies Customer Request for Confederate Flag Cake, But OK’s ISIS Cake in Error (Video)

ISIS Cake by Walmart

*Well, it looks like the Confederate flag is about to be removed from the South Carolina state capitol; and companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Etsy and eBay announced that they are no longer selling Confederate flag merchandise in a move motivated by the killing of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, after a racist gunman was seen in photos with the flag.

So why did Chuck Netzhammer from Louisiana still need an explanation as to why Walmart refused his request  for a Confederate flag cake at one of its bakeries?

Maybe its because they turned right around and approved one for a design with the ISIS flag on it. Continue reading

Easily Distracted? 5 Ways to Focus Better at the Office

woman distracted at work

*Hey, we’d all like to think we are superhuman. That we have the best multitasking skills, and when we put our mind to something, there is nothing that will get in our way!

At least that’s what we told the person who interviewed us for the job, right?

But the truth of the matter is many of us, most of us, can get distracted from the task at hand. No matter how focused we are. And you’d be surprised at how much time those seemingly “little, itty, bitty, interruptions” actually take once you add them all up.

Well, help has come in the form of showing us exactly what we can do to change that. You’ve heard the saying, “There’s an app for that.”

Well, you won’t need one.

Facebook Employs Only 1% Blacks, None of Whom Are Execs

facebook (1)

*As of March 31, 2015, Facebook had 10,082 people under their employment. These stats come from their own official newsroom webpage. What they didn’t put on there is…

Only 1% of these employees are black. And none are in executive positions.

This info comes via an article on the Financial Juneteenth site, which states that this news was revealed only weeks after Google released demographic data on employment at their company; which showed that only 2 percent of their workforce was black.

Now the Mark Zuckerberg tech mega-monster has come under scrutiny for its own lack of minority hiring. Again.

Word is, these extremely low numbers had always been suspected, but only recently confirmed. Continue reading

Wal-Mart’s New 24-Hour Neighborhood Markets Pose a Scare for Trader Joe’s and Others


*Imagine this: A neighborhood market that sells not only food, but pharmaceuticals and even fuel. It’s open 24-hours a day, and the prices are Wal-mart low.

Now snap back to reality because its true. Wal-mart has now designed smaller-format stores called Neighborhood Markets, and they are an alleged threat to some of our favorites, more traditional markets like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s, because they are popping up all over the place, according to Moody’s analysts.

“The advantages of the Neighborhood Market concept will be difficult to beat back,” Moody’s Vice President Charles O’Shea said in a recent note to clients.

Analysts reveal that these traditional supermarkets have “upped their games over the past few years to somewhat blunt the onslaught of the Super-centers,” but the Neighborhood Market is considered a “different animal.” Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Are We Bananas or Is This One Handsome Gorilla? (Photos & Video)

They call me "Shabani." What's your name sugar?
They call me “Shabani.” What’s your name sugar?

*Hey, we gotta give credit where its due. And who says human males are the only species and sex that can be called fine.

Well they lied.

Take Shabani the gorilla. Japanese women are said to be getting to the zoo to see him by any means necessary.

And its not like he doesn’t realize he’s got their attention. Just look at the photos. After a while he just starts posing for them.

Talk about being ready for your close-up.

The recently discovered “sex symbol?” (their words, not mine) has actually been living at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan since 2007. But I guess it was only recently that he began to grow into his looks.

Apparently, he’s feelin’ himself too, at least from the looks of the photos and video below. Continue reading