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Family Terrorized By Venomous Spider That Came By Delivery With Their Fruit


*Imagine, a hairy spider approximately the size of your hand, coming out of the bag along with your bananas. A family in South London can tell you first hand, its no laughing matter.

The first thought after – RUN! – is to try and trap it, so that you can get it outside, right? Well, when they did manage to trap the lethal creature – they were horrified to watch as it ripped off its own leg trying to get free.
We’re not talking some little skinny eyelash-looking leg, we’re talking more tarantula type. Yuk!!! The insect, called a Brazilian wandering spider, was inadvertently delivered in a bag of groceries by a local supermarket.
Of course, when the dad saw the spider, he dropped the bananas into the fruit bowl, inadvertently trapping the terrifying creature’s leg.

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Think Again! Woman Hides Stolen Rolex in Vagina (Cops Say ‘Gimme!’ Anyway)

shacarye tims & watches

*When a woman – that an Australian tourist met in a bar and took to his room – ended up stealing his watch and hiding it in her vagina, she probably assumed it was a safe bet no one would want to touch it if she was caught.

Unfortunately for her, the cops said think again.

The man, Brenton Price, says he met 25-year-old Shacarye Tims, who has had several arrests in the past for prostitution and robbery, in a bar. Apparently, after drinks and conversation, he invited her to his room at a New York City Holiday Inn on Oct. 19, according to DNAinfo, and says she gave him a massage.

But the woman complained to Price that his $25,000 Yacht-Master II Rolex watch was scratching her and asked him to take it off. This was about 5:30 a.m. 10 minutes later, Price noticed the watch was gone. He says when he confronted Tims, she slapped him, then tried to flee the hotel, according to the New York Daily News. Continue reading

Boyfriend Texts Murder Instructions From Car to 15-Year-Old Girlfriend

michael rivera 608

*A 15-year-old Michigan girl is in jail for listening to her 23-year-old boyfriend; who told her to kill her family so that they could run off and be together.

But he didn’t hold her hand to the knife that slashed her 12-year-old brother’s throat. And he wasn’t in the house with her when she did it.

His directions were being given via text, as he sat in the car outside. Continue reading

Woman Attends Her Own Wake…While She’s Alive! (Hmm…Interesting. Not As Creepy As If She Was Dead!)


*I sure hope you won’t judge me too harshly here. But wouldn’t you be even slightly interested in knowing exactly who would show up at  your final farewell? What better way to know than to have it before you’re gone. Don’t you wonder if nosey ass “Brenda” who never did like you anyway would all of a sudden get a rush of sorrow and come? Or what about Miranda? She’d probably be the first one screaming and hollerin’ with her phony ass. Then there’s your ex, Billy – who would probably have the nerve to show up with his new woman because she’s probably as insecure as he is; and she wants to see that you’re dead with her own eyes.

That’s why you probably shouldn’t throw your nose up at the idea of planning your party now. While you can be here to appreciate it, and it can be done on your own terms.

Like Karil Harrington did.

Harrington, a nurse, may be on to something. She staged one helluva party for herself called, “Rave Before the Grave.” And I hear they partied hard. No tears were allowed. And, although the attendees knew their loved one would soon be gone, they were glad she was there with them to hear them say goodbye.

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People Who ‘Faked Having Cancer’ and Got Money From Well-Wishers in the Process


Brittany Ozarowski
Brittany Ozarowski


Did you know that by the year 2030, its predicted that cancer will be the leading cause of death in the United States?   That’s nothing to play with. And many of our friends and loved ones are living with the disease or have died from it – which makes it hard to believe that there are people out there who are actually using the devastating disease to scam; pretending to have cancer so that others’ will feel sorry for them, and blindly give them money. Even strangers who have never laid eyes on these people go to online fundraising sites where they read heartbreaking stories and reach into their pockets without a second thought. And these scams have brought in tens of thousands of dollars on these sites…telling lies about having cancer.

Let’s put a face to some of these jokers. See them and read their stories.
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This Man Faked Being In A Coma…For Two Years!

Alan Knight was full of scam material, apparently
Alan Knight was full of scam material, apparently


*A man went to great lengths so he wouldn’t get caught for scams that included swindling an elderly man he cared for out of his life’s savings. Alan Knight made folks believe he was quadriplegic – then they discovered him walking around in a grocery store.

According to The Guardian, Knight, 47, spent two years faking seizures that sometimes left him comatose .

But on Tuesday all of his scheming came to a halt as he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of fraud, theft and forgery charges in Swansea Crown Court. Continue reading

After Winning Roach-Eating Contest, Man Drops Dead! (Prize Would’ve Been A Python!)

Edward Archbold revised, roacheating
Edward Archbold choked to death after consuming live cockroaches


*We’ve all seen the dare-devil shows like “Fear Factor,” right? I always wondered what happened to some of the contestants forced to eat bugs, hairballs and other live, disgusting things once the cameras was turned off. Yeah, we saw many of them regurgitate on-camera; but for the fiercely brave – those who didn’t dare let us see them sweat – what happened to them after they left and went home? Surely there must have been repercussions for eating these things?

Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived for one Florida man who participated in such a contest and won. Edward Archbold was required to eat live cockroaches on-air; which he did, one-by-one, but ended up paying the highest price for his uh…bravery?

He paid with his  life. Continue reading

Attention Rite-Aide Shoppers! Don’t Be Alarmed By The Bear Cub in Aisle Three (Video)

Bear in Rite Aid

*Let’s see. Did she say milk or cheese? Maybe it was sausages? Oh what cute stationary. Oh crap, here comes the humans!

Recently, shoppers in an Oregon Rite-Aide found something they didn’t quite expect in aisle 3 of the store. A bear cub – just walking around as calm as you please.

You could hear comments by store staff and shoppers saying things like, “I’ll back up if he gets to close,” and “How cute.” Continue reading