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Baby in Arizona Born Without Eyes, Mother Talks About Hospital’s Reaction (Graphic Video)

Richie Lopez
Richie Lopez

*It was almost two weeks after Kelly Lopez gave birth to her son Richie, that she discovered he had no eyes.

Richie was born three months ago following a normal pregnancy and ultrasound, at first Kelly thought the infant’s face was swollen, but two weeks later, an MRI test indicated that Richie Lopez had been born without any eyes.

“I think we were just in shock. Obviously very upsetting,” Richie’s mother told 3TV. “The first thought through your mind is, how did this even happen and how was it not even caught?” Continue reading

‘Have it Your Way’ Huh? Burger King Drive Thru Hands Woman a Bag ‘O Money

A Burger King drive thru sign

*Uh let’s see, you stammer as you peruse the menu while sitting in your car, in line at the Burger King Drive thru. I’ll have a burger, some fries, and instead of ketchup can you give me BBQ sauce, please? Sure, says the voice behind the speaker. And when you get up to the window, there’s a young worker with headphones around her neck, just waiting for you to get your order and drive off so she can finish listening to Ariana Grande. But in the process of her distraction, your burger and fries is still sitting on the counter. But what she has given you instead works just fine. A bag full of cash.

Oh, somebody’s gonna get their butt fired!

No one was more surprised than Janelle Jones, who went through the Burger King drive-thru and was handed a bag full of cash instead of her food.

Jones says she discovered the bag didn’t contain the sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich that she had ordered on the way home on Friday at the Rochester New Hampshire fast-food restaurant.

According to Foster’s Daily Democrat  Jones called her husband and they decided to return the $2,631, which turned out to be a Burger King bank deposit.

Matthew Jones, the husband, says the couple briefly considered keeping the money, which they certainly could have used. But he says he and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that “Jehovah sees everything.”

The newspaper reports that the restaurant confirmed the couple’s account but had no comment on it.

That’s probably best.

Would you have returned the money, knowing you could have easily gotten away with it?

Yikes! Woman Opens Can of Tuna and Finds Two Eyes Staring Back at Her (Look!)


tuna with eyes2

*Hey, how many of us love a good tuna sandwich? Just thinking about one we can practically taste it — with the chopped celery, maybe a little boiled egg mixed in, some mayo. All on a nice french bun. But when we open the can to start the preparation of the tasty sandwich, we probably wouldn’t count on a pair of fish eyes staring up at us. I dunno, all of a sudden you find you’re not hungry after all.

Zoe Butler said she won’t even share the news of the find with her daughter, who she was preparing dinner for when she found it inside the can of Princes tuna she was making.

The young 28-year-old British woman was shocked and sent a picture that showed a tiny creature with eyes to Princes Tuna who now promises to investigate.

Scroll down to see the ghastly sight. Continue reading

Michelle Obama, Indian Weavers Hope Gift of 100 Handmade Saris Will Help Highlight Problem

Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India
Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India

*“If she likes our saris and decides to wear them, it will be a great gesture of beauty with purpose,” says Pervez Matin, whose family has been in the weaving business in India for three generations. And that is why Indian weavers in  the city of Varanasi, want U. S. First Lady Michelle Obama to accept (and be a show piece for) their gift of 100 saris during her visit to New Delhi with her husband, president Barack Obama.

The craftspeople of India’s holiest city hope that with the First Lady’s acceptance of their gift, attention will be brought to the threat of competition that the centuries-old industry is now facing, according to what the local businessman told The Associated Foreign Press on Sunday. Continue reading

McDonald’s Being Sued By Former Employees For Racial & Sexual Harassment



*Looks like a group of former McDonald’s employees didn’t have it their way while they worked at the franchise. So their suing the restaurant for racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

But they’re also taking it a step further and actually naming the fast-food giant as a defendant in the suit.

The 10 plaintiffs — nine of whom are African-American, and one, Hispanic, claim that white employees were hired in their place after they were wrongfully fired last year. The plaintiffs say their managers at the various stores believed there had been “too many black people [working] in the store.” The lawsuit (viewable here) alleges that women were harassed and groped and that minorities were subjected to racist taunts. It also claims that managers referred to one restaurant as “the ghetto store.” Continue reading

Police in Kenya Tear-gas Primary School Children Who Protest to Save Their Playground

KENYAN children teargassed

*Its a rare thing to hear about children protesting about anything. We don’t really give them credit for being wise enough to know about such things.

But on Monday children in Nairobi, Kenya took a stand to protect their school’s playground, which was said to be confiscated by a powerful politician. But as they protested the take, Kenyan police tear-gassed them. This according to what a a Kenyan human rights activist told the Associated Press.

The Langata Road Primary School students, said to be between six and 13 years of age, were front and center among those pulling down a wall that had been put in place around the playground that was acquired by a private developer said to be a powerful politician, said Boniface Mwangi. Continue reading

Ex-Cop, a Black Man, Shot 28 Times By White Officers, Out of Prison (But Free?)

Howard Morgan
Howard Morgan


*Wow, talk about driving while black. Doesn’t your brow raise from the headline alone? An ex-COP, shot, and he was in prison. Must of been a black man right? Right. And his name is Howard Morgan. The former Chicago cop had a run-in with police a decade ago and ended up being shot 28 times by them. It was mishandled/destroyed evidence that put him behind bars for 40 years – but last week his sentence was commuted.

Last Wednesday Howard Morgan walked out of a courtroom free. His clemency petition had been among 43 others heard and granted by the former Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who was serving the final day of his term.

The details surrounding Morgan’s case remain muddy still. And with major evidence up and disappeared, well…

The story goes, however, that he was off duty from his job as a detective on Feb. 21, 2005. He worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line, but had previously worked as an officer with the Chicago Police Department for eight years . Continue reading