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These Breeders Let Toddler Play Doggie With ‘Hulk’ — A Giant 175lb Pitbull

3-year-old Jordan Grennan plays with his family dog, Hulk

*Looks more like 375 pounds to me, but whose counting? This sucker is huge! They call him “Hulk” and as lovable as he probably is, he is one scary looking dog – and next to that kid, even more so. But nobody knows their “baby” (this time I’m talking about the dog) better than its owners, so when Marlon and Lisa Grennan decided to let their little boy ride Hulk, a super-sized 12-stone pit bull that could snap a man’s arm with a single bite – like a horse, I suppose they knew what they were doing.

Grennan, 28, does confirm our fears though.

“A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” Marlon Grennan said. Continue reading

Pastor Collapses and Dies in Front of Congregation As He Gave Another Member’s Eulogy

Rev. Darryl Edwards
Rev. Darryl Edwards

*Sheila Edwards had changed her mind on the way to an appointment. She felt compelled to go to the service of Sally Bland, who had passed away and was being eulogized on this day by her brother instead. Edwards felt a little embarrassed arriving at the funeral service late. No one would’ve noticed, but the door creaked as she opened it and tipped inside; then her brother, the reverend Darrly Edwards, pleasantly surprised– stopped mid-sentence to tell those in attendance, “That’s my sister,” before returning to his focus.

Moments later, he was gone.

“He was talking about how you need to be ready for death because you never know the day or hour,” Sheila shared. “And about then, it happened.” Continue reading

These Biracial Sisters Look Nothing Alike, One is White, One is Black … And They’re Twins

Lucy (L) and her twin sister, Maria Aylmer (R)
Lucy (L) and her twin sister, Maria Aylmer (R)

*Nope, they look nothing alike. One looks straight up white, and the other, black no doubt, or mixed even. So its probably no surprise that these two siblings from the  United Kingdom born to a white father and black mother, stun people that don’t know them because they look nothing alike and are often mistaken as just friends, the New York Post reports.

The girls have had to go so far as produce their birth certificates in order to prove that they are related. Continue reading

Watch: After Posting Birthday Photo of Special Needs Toddler, Cyber-Bullies Attack With Vicious Comments

Mariah Anderson, age 2
Mariah Anderson, age 2

*Little Mariah Anderson turned two last Saturday and like any proud parent, her mother dolled her up and posted her picture on the internet.  What she got back in response should embarrass us all.  

Mariah has been fighting for her life since she was born with a rare condition called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome. The condition impairs her learning and motor skills.

Mariah’s photo garnered a lot of attention on the internet, but not the sweet comments you’d expect would be handed out to a child of two — the mean and nasty kind usually reserved for much older men and women. Facebook users made mean comments on the original post and poked fun at Mariah’s appearance. Kyra Pringle, Mariah’s mother, was horrified at some of things people said. “The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun,” said Kyra Pringle, “the things you guys are saying about my child, she’s not a monster, she’s real.”

Shame on you!

Continue reading

Wife Dies After Delivering Quadruplets, But Leaves Husband a ‘Road map’ to Raise Them By

Carlos and Erica Morales
Carlos and Erica Morales

*Carlos Morales had every reason to be elated at the birth of his four babies. After all, he and his wife Erica had been trying, but had already had a miscarriage before they went through invitro fertilization . and conceived their four little ones — three girls, one boy, according to People. “We couldn’t have been more excited to finally have a baby,” Carlos, 29, told the magazine this week.

But the couple’s joy was short-lived and took a tragic turn after  Erica Morales, 36, delivered the four babies and died early the next morning.

Erica had a C-section following a seven month pregnancy. After delivering four healthy babies, she went into hypovolemic shock, and had severe blood loss, and died a few hours after her children were born. “I went from having the best day of my life to the next morning experiencing the worst day of my life,” Carlos said in his first interview since Erica’s death. “My four babies came into the world and then my wife died.” Continue reading

Woman Who Never Had Her Cycle, Diagnosed as a Genetic Male, Gives Birth to Twins

twins born to woman told she was male

*It’s been termed ‘a miracle.’ And no one is more surprised than the new mother. At age 19 she was told by a doctor that she had the XY chromosomes of a man and she would never conceive because she didn’t have a womb, ovaries or fallopian tubes. Her situation, she was told, was because of a condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome.

Hayley Haynes was horrified by the diagnosis, but then again, there were signs: one, throughout puberty, she had never had her period.

Haynes response to the revelation was, “No man will want me.” But she had an added fear, how was she going to tell her childhood friend, Sam, who later became her husband, the news of her condition. “When they told me I had no womb, I was so confused I felt sick. My biggest fear was never having children,” she said.

“Suddenly a huge piece of my life was missing. I felt like half a woman and was embarrassed. How was I going to tell a guy I was genetically male when I started dating,” she pondered.

But now, nine years later, twin “miracle” babies, Avery and Darcey, are being celebrated by the couple, according to the Daily Mirror. Continue reading

What’s in a Name: Should Black in America Stops Calling Themselves Black or Should We Stick With ‘African American’?

black man shaking hands

*As if being a person of African descent living in American doesn’t give us enough to contend with, now we are seriously entertaining the whole black vs. African American “comparison” and what this means when it comes to describing ourselves with how white people feel about it in mind. Seriously? We get the whole reality about black-sounding names like LaKisha Jones or Shanequa Brown and how those names vs. Patty Smith may lose you an interview, and now, because of this, people are (supposedly) giving their kids less black-sounding names. As if that’s going to put an end to the latent racism that rears its ugly head at any available opportunity — no matter what you do.

Yet the “studies” continue. This latest one done by Emory University shows that whites reacted very differently to questions posed about how people of color describe themselves. And what they came up with is that being identified as “black,” as opposed to “African American,” brought about vastly different responses. Negatives one. Responses that highlighted the harsh reality that it’s not just visual cues that can activate latent racism.

Since when does ignorance start with what you see? Continue reading

Philip Buchanon, Former NFL Player Who Went Broke, Writes Book to Warn Others on How to Avoid ‘Pitfalls’


*Wow, we need more people like former NFL player Philip Buchanon, who after being a professional football player, and squandering all of his money, has written a book detailing that stage of his life – errors and all – to help others avoid his mistakes and maintain the life. The former cornerback says that if he got a second chance, he would do things differently. And he has found new enthusiasm since stepping away from the game, returning to school, and gathering his thoughts.

Buchanon has penned the book, “New Money: Staying Rich” to show others what to look for when new money comes their way, and how to avoid the pitfalls it can bring. Continue reading