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Seriously Parents, Must You Attend That Parent-Teacher Meeting In Hair Curlers? Saggin’ Pants? A Bathrobe? (Video)

Dr. Rosalind Osgood

Dr. Rosalind Osgood


*Imagine you’re a teenager and your parent is called to the school to meet with your teacher.

It happens.

Now imagine that parent shows up to the meeting in a bathrobe and hair curlers. But wait, mom couldn’t make it, so dad comes instead….wearing his doo-rag and saggin’ jeans.

“Uh no, Miss Teacher, that lady is not my mother. That man is not my dad. In fact, I’ve never seen these people before in my life,” that’s what you’d probably be thinking whether you say it or not.

Well one school board member has had enough. She has seen way too many parents coming to meetings at school dressed inappropriately.

Dr. Rosalind Osgood, a member of the Broward County Public School system says parents have visited the district’s schools in pajamas, hair curlers and drooping drawers. They have worn saggy pants and  short shorts.

Now her complaints have prompted a call for a stricter dress code — not for kids…for their parents. Continue reading

Teen That Hid In Plane’s Wheel Well Was Shocked To Learn He Was In Maui

Teen-Survives-California-Hawaii-Flight-In-Plane*Remember the 16-year-old stowaway we told you about last week? The one who argued with his parents, then dashed out of the house, ran to the airport, jumped the fence and hid inside the first aircraft wheel well he could find before the plane took off?

Yeah him.

Well, we hear that once he “came to” (authorities believe he may have passed out during the flight due to freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen at 38,000 feet – plus, there has to be some reason he doesn’t even remember flying) he didn’t realize he had flown all the way to Maui.

Security video of the boy’s arrival shows him dangling his feet for about 15 seconds from the wheel well before jumping 8 to 10 feet to the ground, landing on his feet and immediately collapsing Sunday morning, Maui District Airport Manager Marvin Moniz said. Continue reading

Black Students At Confederate Named University Demand A More ‘Welcoming Environment’

This committee of black students have banned together to request a better environment for minorities attending the university

This committee of black students have banned together to request a better environment for minorities attending the university


*Blink twice if you’re not surprised that a university named after the commander of the confederate army in the state of Virginia is not necessarily bending over backwards to welcome black students.

Nevertheless, a group of these students attending Washington and Lee University is urging administrators to change up their Confederate heritage and the “dishonorable conduct” of namesake Robert E. Lee to reflect a better environment for minority students.

Washington and Lee University is located in Lexington, Va., and black students make up about 3.5 percent of the total student population.

According to The Washington Postthird-year law student Dominik Taylor, a descendent of slaves on his father’s side, said he felt betrayed by admissions representatives who touted the school’s diversity.

“They assured me it was a welcoming environment where everyone sticks together as a community,” Taylor said. “Then I came here and felt ostracized and alienated.” Continue reading

Prisoner Escaped Jail To Get Away From Rap Music

Robert Stevens, fed up with rap music in jail

Photo: Avon and Somerset Constabulary


*Well, I suppose any excuse will do.  If you absolutely must break out of jail, why not do so in an attempt to escape the constant sound of rap music.

That’s what Robert Stevens did.

Stevens, 58, told a court at his hearing he wanted to flee from the loud rap music being played “day and night” on his wing. He is a convicted robber who  claims he was also fed up with inmates pestering him to buy drugs  from younger cellmates inside HMP Leyhill minimum security prison in Gloucestershire. Continue reading

ALERT: A ‘What The Hell Is This Parent Thinking’ Moment For Sure (Watch)

child endangerment, toddler on infants back*The person behind the camera apparently thinks this is cute, but it is hard to watch.

A toddler stands on the back of screaming infant lying on the floor, so that he can reach the sink. Continue reading

For A Black Child, National Reports Show Wisconsin Is The Worst State To Be Raised In

black-child-school*If your mind automatically goes south, when you think of where the worst state in America to raise a black child is, it would be understandable; after all, the long history of racial disparity there would make it a good guess, but it may surprise you that it wouldn’t be conclusive.

According to a national report, Wisconsin has been ranked the worst state in the country when it comes to racial disparities for children.

Wisconsin scored a 238 on its ability to prepare black children for educational and financial success, the lowest of all states (the average score was 345). Interestingly, Wisconsin was ranked 10th overall in its preparation for white children. Continue reading

Cincinnati Teacher Fired: Told Black Student ‘We Don’t Need Another Barack Obama’

gil voigt

Gil Voight says student ‘misquoted him.’

*Raise your hand if you ever get the feeling some people need to keep their damn mouth shut! Keep ‘em up if you agree they should be fired when they don’t!

This may be your advice to a teacher who was fired after allegations that he told a black student who voiced his desire to become president that the nation didn’t need another Barack Obama, whether he’s black or white. In essence, we don’t need another black president.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the Fairfield Board of Education voted 4-0 Thursday to fire Gil Voigt.

The teacher, and please note that I use that term loosely, did not immediately return a call for comment on Friday but now says the student misquoted him.

A likely story, yes? Continue reading

Wow! 16-Year-Old Stowaway Survives Flight From Cali To Maui…Hiding In Wheel Well of Aircraft!

Wheelwell, inside

This is what the inside of an aircraft’s “wheel well” looks like.

*We generally hear of actual bodies being found in this compartment. But one lucky 16-year-old  boy is safe and sound following a 5-1/2-hour flight from California to Maui in the wheel well of an aircraft.

According to the Associated Press, security footage showed the boy scrambled over an airport fence, crossed a tarmac and climbed into the  wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii — a misadventure that forced authorities to take a hard look at the security system that protects the nation’s airline fleet. Continue reading