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Idiots Didn’t Think This One Through: Giraffe Being Transported By Trailer Hits Head on Overpass, Dies.

Horror: A vet reportedly confirmed the animal died as the result of "severe trauma"
Horror: A vet reportedly confirmed the animal died as the result of “severe trauma”


*Sometimes you just gotta wonder what the “brainiac” that orchestrated this sh*t was thinking. It was pure carelessness that has caused the unnecessary death of another animal.


One of two giraffes being transported in a trailer has died after hitting its head on a motorway bridge. One spectator said the impact of the hit was so loud, it sounded like a gunshot.

The bizarre scene of the animals riding on the freeway, with their heads stuck out of the top of a trailer being pulled by a truck, was captured on camera by several witnesses in Centurion, South Africa, today.

The scene turned horrific as motorists watched one of the animals hit its head on a motorway bridge as the vehicle passed under. The animal was later confirmed dead by a vet who said the cause was due to “severe head trauma,” according to Rick Allan from the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Continue reading

News You Can Use: Did You Know Certain Foods Help You Get Rid of a Hangover

Scrumptous grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup.
Scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup.

*For those of us who love to eat, (because we obviously love to drink!) this is especially great news. With the weekend fast-approaching, and Friday “Happy Hour” already on the mind, Yahoo has put together a list of foods that will make your “morning after” a bit more bearable.

Eating the right foods can be better than any medicine when it comes to curing those hangover blues. Now, if there was any real cure for a hangover, we’d probably know it by now, but there are certain foods that help make you feel better than others.

If you’re a breakfast anytime of the day kind of person, you’ll like this first hangover eliminating dish.

Continue reading

Dad Devastated: Sleeping Eight-Year-Old Son Shot Dead By Gunman

Devastated Dad

*A father is shown devastated after a gunman fired shots into the bedroom of his eight-year-old  who was asleep in his Detroit home. The boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jakari Pearson was sleeping in his upstairs bedroom when a gunman fired several times at the house, striking the youngster in the chest at around 1.15am on Wednesday.

Jakari’s mother was also shot and was taken to a hospital, but her condition is unknown, WWJ reported.

The police believe they know who did it. Continue reading

Horrific New Game: How Could a ‘Fire Challenge’ Not Go Wrong? (Watch)


*You may also be thinking, “what in the hell is wrong with these fools? Who would douse himself with an accelerant and light himself on fire? Meet the new, ridiculous “challenge” circulating on FaceBook that is meant to make us laugh at the person running around aflame.

What, I ask, would be funny about this; and how could something not go terribly wrong?

One 15-year-old boy is dead from the injuries he sustained while performing the challenge. James Shores burned to death after his entire body was engulfed in flames. Continue reading

Woman Tries to Molest Sister’s 12-Year-Old Friend at Sleepover

Woman child molester

*Most people are under the assumption that men are the only ones who molest young girls and rape women. And while molestation by a male figure is no doubt more prevalent, women are not exempt from the sick crime either. Continue reading

Watch: Ebola Victim Who Sparked Fear of a Global Outbreak Was Headed Home to Minnesota

Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.
Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.

*Patrick Sawyer, 40, died of the horrific Ebola disease, in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday, before he could step foot on the plane that would have brought him home to his wife in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The Sawyer’s are originally from Liberia, but have relatives in the States as well as in West Africa.

Patrick was planning to come to America in August to celebrate the birthdays of his two girls.

Decontee Sawyer, 34, said her husband had contracted the incurable virus from his sister in Liberia. The virus has killed more than 700 people across West Africa and one man, Kent Brantley, was actually treating Ebola patients when he discovered that he, too, had the symptoms. Continue reading

Delta Passengers Raise Stink After Parents Encourage Toddler to Poop on Planes’ Seat

Delta Airlines

*We’ve seen how proud parents act when their little tyke or tykette makes a poo-poo like a big boy or girl. But when a Chinese couple decided to encourage their toddler to go poo-poo and then commenced to spreading newspaper down on the airplane seat for him to do so, Delta Airlines customers really kicked up a stink.

The flight, which originated in Beijing and is thought to have left late last week, was headed to Detroit; and travelers watched in disbelief as the family is said to have ignored pleas from the airplane crew and passengers – who asked them to take the child to the restroom. Continue reading

Apple Company Cheated Out of $300,000 By Brotha’s ‘Simple But Brilliant’ Scam

apple store

*I guess its clear that some people simply adore their Apple products. The iconic retailer has taken over the tech marketplace with iPhones, Mac computers, and anything else a tech-savvy person could possibly want. Plus, once you buy their products, all you have to do, if you run into trouble with it, is walk right in to any Apply store and a one of their techies will be happy to assist you.

But one customer the company is sorry they ever laid eyes on is 24-year-old Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. The man loves Apple products so much that he allegedly scammed the company – not once, but 42 times, according to Tampa Bay Times’ Patty Ryan. Continue reading