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Landcaster Newspapers ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Slaveship-Airline Seating Comparison


*Oh joy. Another apology. Here we go again.

If you’ve read articles here over the past few weeks, you’ll understand the statement. If not, I spoke of how the apology – at least coming in the form of a statement from a business, seems to be losing its value or authenticity. Every time a business is accused of racism, based on some foolish, blatant act, they already seem to have a statement set-to-go about how they don’t tolerate racism in the workplace “so we’re sorry if we offended yaddy, yaddy, yah.” Now, a Pennsylvania newspaper is apologizing for not thinking first, before they chose to publish a cartoon that compares the lack of comfort on modern-day air travel to the so-called “Middle Passage” — the trans-Atlantic leg of the slave trade that involved transporting captive Africans to the Americas to be sold into bondage.

They realized the insensitive error and have since deleted the image, but not before it was seen by some folks in the African American community. The cartoon ran in the Lancaster New Era last Saturday and depicts an elderly white couple studying a picture of a slave ship and thinking, “Must be where they got their idea for passenger seating.” From this we are to recall the hellish conditions under which African men, women and children were forcibly transported to the Americas and compare them to the present-day problem of uncomfortable seating on airplanes. Continue reading

Rare Blood Disease in This Infant, Revealed ‘Incest Secret’ in Family

Stock photo
Stock photo


*A baby at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri was recently diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, a rare type of blood “cancer,” which made doctors question if there was more to why the baby has this in the first place. Their suspicions were aroused because  the blood disease is a rare genetic disorder that can be acquired or inherited, and is in some rare cases, the result of incest.

Though Dr. Michael Jordon, a pediatrician that works with  hematology and oncology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, tells The Stir that, “Recessive genetic disorders [like HLH but not excluded to HLH] may be more common when parents are related, but the vast majority of parents in the U.S. who have children with HLH aren’t related,” [but] there is still that small possibility that made doctors suspicious enough to contact the police in this case. Continue reading

‘Dhango Unchained’ Actress Mistaken for Prostitute After Kissing White Boyfriend in Public

Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie
Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie


*Well, I guess the day has come when you can’t even kiss your man in public without being mistaken for a ho? Especially if you are a black woman and the man you are kissing is not . Unfortunately, “Django Unchained” actress Danièle Watts had this happen to her, and last week she took to social media to put the Los Angeles Police Department on blast after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white boyfriend in public, Identites.mic reports.

On Facebook, Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas say two police officers mistook them for a prostitute and client Thursday when they were seen being affectionate in public, according to the report. Continue reading

WTF…You Stole My Dog…Cooked It…Then Fed It to Me?

Pomeranian dog. Stock photo
Pomeranian dog. Stock photo


*Yep. I know. After reading the title, you couldn’t help but read the story. Which grossed you out; then mad you sad, before you got really freakin’ mad! Relationships end, yes. We get that. And some not as well as others. Er get that, too. But few of us will get this:  a man in northern California reacted very badly to the ending of a relationship with his girlfriend. And as of Friday he is in police custody after he allegedly stole her pet dog, cooked it and fed it to her, police said.

Please, don’t shoot the messenger, OK?

Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro was taken to jail last Thursday and charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and cruelty to animals, according to records from the Shasta County Jail. Continue reading

(What Do You Think This Reporter Was Really Thinking?) When She Was Interrupted


woman interrupts reporter

*Poor Sherika Phillips. Under her very professional reporter posterior while speaking for television station WMC-TV (Action News5) on Live camera about the massive flooding that has occurred in Memphis on Thursday, and a very thin woman who looks like she had been out all night getting drunk or high at best, steps into the camera frame and says,  “I been over here since 2003 and this is the 5 times [sic] this motherf*cker done…” and walks off camera. The reporter resumes as best as possible before there is a cut to the studio!

For the record…

You handled it like a true professional, Ms. Phillips. Now I hope you won’t mind that the EUR readers and I are going to have a little fun and try to guess what you were really thinking before you “readjusted.”

Wait! Wait! I’ll go first. Continue reading

Watch: Shocking Claim, Harlem Pastor Claims Michael Sam (or other gays) Will Marry & Cause Pedophilia Increase

James David Manning
James David Manning


*Oh boy.

While we may shake our heads in disbelief, I think many of us can understand how accepting a lifestyle unlike your own may be difficult; how respecting the beliefs of others is not always as simple as our higher self shows it ought to be. But its kind of difficult to wrap your brain around a pastor of all people, does this, and so, well, publicly. How someone who is suppose to represent a being that “loves everyone”  can make judgments, generalizations and accusations and actually name people he probably knows little to nothing about.

…all with a straight face.

But this never seems to stop pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, N.Y., from sticking it to the gay community. Now the pastor names gay NFL star Michael Sam (who he has standing in for any gay person for that matter) as someone who will travel to an Arab country, where he can freely marry a child, and return home where the marriage would be recognized.

I saw the video, and you can too. Continue reading

Decades After Wrongful Conviction, ‘The Central Park 5′ Is Awarded Millions

2012 NYC Doc Festival Closing Night Screening Of "The Central Park Five"

*Decades after proclaiming their innocence of a crime they supposedly committed – the gang rape and savage beating of a successful, 28-year-old investment banker who jogged regularly in Central Park, the “Central Park 5″ will finally be awarded their settlement by New York City.  The $41 million settlement was approved by a federal judge on Friday. The five men were wrongfully convicted in the 1990 Central Park rape case that was marred with forced confessions and police corruption.

“It’s a long time coming and we’re grateful that this chapter in our lives can finally be put to rest, and we can concentrate on other things,” Raymond Santana said in an interview.

“But it still doesn’t take away what we went through and all the obstacles we had to overcome,” he added. Continue reading