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Change Agents: These Two Kids Are Already Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists (Video)

Joshua and Jeremiah West
Jeremiah West, 10, (L) and Joshua West, 7, (R)

*We can file this under: “Are you sure you’re just a kid?” Or maybe, “Society has got this wisdom thing all wrong,” but most likely, as our black elders used to say, “You’ve been here before so why you front’n?” because two young boys still in elementary school have already accomplished, in the early stages of their lives, what many of us are still trying to do.

Meet brothers Jeremiah and Joshua West, now 10 & 7 years old respectively, who, thanks to parents who demonstrated what can happen if you listen to and believe in your children, nurtured their young hearts’ desire to display compassion, are now published authors and philanthropists. The West brothers put their desires in motion by being “Change Agents,” those who inspire children all around the world (as far away as Malaysia) to give back to the less fortunate in their community.

The brothers hail from Greece, NY (a small town in Monroe County) and attend West Academy school. Continue reading

Florida Hospital Gets Sued By Amputee Whose Leg Was Thrown in Trash

leg thrown in garbage

*A hospital in Coral Gables, Florida has got a lot of explaining to do as to why they didn’t properly dispose of an amputees limb, but instead, threw it in the trash where it was later discovered in a waste management facility and reported to police.

Now the south Florida man who the leg belonged to is suing the hospital for emotional distress because his leg was amputated and improperly disposed of with his name tag still on it. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Woman Sets Gas Pump on Fire After Denied Cigarette (Watch)

Gas pump Fire

*My god. In Jerusalem of all places, you don’t expect to see something like this. But its on video, compliments of the Israeli police who, on Wednesday, released the shocking security footage of a woman setting a gasoline pump on fire. Supposedly because she asked the man pumping gas for a cigarette, and he said ‘no’.

Its amazing no one was hurt, police said.

But the woman was caught following the incident; and even though the video shows her setting the fire, she denies having set the blaze intentionally, according to a statement read by Micky Rosenfeld, foreign spokesman for Israel’s police forces.

OK. Why not tell us exactly what your intention was when you walked back to the car and lit your lighter. Continue reading

Drug Suspect on the Lam: Escaped House Arrest By Putting GPS Unit on Cat

Diego Martinez-Espinoza is described as 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing 185 pounds, with short dark hair.
Diego Martinez-Espinoza is described as 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing 185 pounds, with short dark hair.

*This is not funny, so why am I laughing so hard.

Diego Martinez-Espinoza is a Mexican national who was in the U. S. illegally. He was under house arrest for suspicion of drug dealing and somehow came up with the idea to slip out of the court-ordered GPS he had been wearing for weeks, and put it on his cat.

Now U.S. marshals are having a fit trying to catch up him. Continue reading

Like Ice Cream… Love Weed…This New Ice Creamery Combines Both (Watch)

weed ice cream cone

*Marijuana has come a l-o-n-g way since the baby-boomer age. It used to be cool just putting it in brownies or cookies. Then years later it morphed into candy and gum. Now it has gone and made itself into ice cream.

Hot damn. We didn’t see that coming!

But its here. And where else would such a craze happen but in the awesome Bay Area.

The Richmond via Sausalito-based Cannabis Creamery might be the first ice cream factory of its kind. And it seems the perfect pothead has been tapped to give us a tour and a taste test. His name is Abdullah Saeed and he’s with the Vice Munchies show, Bong Appetit. Continue reading

The Laws Protecting Civil Rights ‘Don’t Apply to Black People’ Admits Baltimore Official

Suspect Dies Baltimore

*I had to read the statements from a Baltimore city official below several times to make sure I understood it right.

I believe I did. And my jaw is still dropped.

No wonder “city official” is the ID, instead of an actual name. And though there was no mention of what race the official was; I doubt it would have made it in print if the person was black.

The Baltimore riots may have simmered down, but you have to wonder if they’ll stay that way. According to an article in the Huffington Post, Wednesday saw members of the National Guard joining city officials who came out and openly admitted that laws protecting civil rights don’t apply to black people.

And he sounds proud of it.

Continue reading

This Inventor Wants to ‘Help’ Widows, He Created a Dildo Specifically for Bae’s Ashes

Dildo ash holder


*Holla if you are a widow that would explore the new creation of a dildo that hold’s the ashes of your late lover.


You’re awfully quiet out there. Perhaps you need to hear more.

It’s being marketed as a Memory Box called “21 Grams” (the soul weight of your late lovers ashes) and its purpose is twofold. One, to store the ashes of your late lover, and two, well…

I’ll leave that up to you.

It was created by an inventor named Mark Sturkenboom, and he actually has a story as to what motivated him to do this. Continue reading