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Middle School Teacher Fired for Nude ‘Selfies’ on Cellphone Speaks Out: ‘I’m the Victim Here!’

Lekeshia Jones

*Don’t expect Lekeshia Jones to go down without a fight!

The former Natchez, Miss., debutante and fired middle school teacher said she feels like the victim. After all, it was her students who broke in to her cellphone and discovered the nude selfies.

Jones knew something was up when her Myers Middle School students never returned from an errand she’d sent them on. When she finally located them, the surprised students were huddled over their cellphones in her classroom checking out the nude selfies Jones had of herself on the phone they’d broken into.

But they didn’t stop at just gawking, giggling and gossiping about what they had seen, they took it a step further and snapped copies of the images with their phones, before texting them to their friends and classmates and posted them on social media sites.

It was the guilt of one of the culprits a month later that made her come forward in tears to show the teacher the effects of the prank; which had gotten way out of control and had become a sordid school-wide social media sensation. Continue reading

Accused Rapist Mocks 16-Year-Old Victim on Social Media…Girl Says Rape Went Viral

"Jada" (her real name) says she was raped at a party and pictures were posted on social media
“Jada” (her real name) says she was raped at a party and pictures were posted on social media

*A 16-year-old girl who accepted what she thought was a harmless  invitation to a party is now talking to the media.

Jada says the friend that invited her to the house party knew the host and that is why she decided to attend.

But it is what the teen alleges took place at the party and the subsequent tweets on social media by a teen boy that she says raped her, that has taken her life and turned it upside down. Continue reading

Michael Jackson’s Security Team Reveals Stories Never Told Before In New Book

Bill Whitfield (near right) and Javon Beard  Photo: Trent Black
Bill Whitfield (near right) and Javon Beard, Photo: Trent Black

*No doubt, working as security for the most famous person in the world – especially if that person happens to be Michael Jackson – will eventually give way to a book. Can you imagine the experiences Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, two men who spent 2 -1/2 years working together as the security team for Jackson, were privy to?

Now, as we approach the fifth year of Jackson’s passing (June 25, 2014), the two men have come out with a book that sheds light on the ways of their reclusive boss called “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days.” Continue reading

Michael Jackson Impersonator Joined The Jacksons … Well, For A Minute

Credit: TMZ
Credit: TMZ

*According to TMZ, it looked like a Jackson 5 reunion … when a Michael Jackson impersonator got together with 4 Jackson brothers Saturday at their concert in Vegas — but it cost him a pretty penny.

Carlo Riley — an MJ tribute artist — tells TMZ he finally got to meet Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie at their Planet Hollywood show … but he had to pay for the privilege. Continue reading

Nekked Pictures Left on Traded-in Phone: Woman Sues Sprint for Posting Them

woman-embarrassed_400x295_40*Uh boy. You have to wonder sometimes: What is it going to take for some of us to get it through our heads that if we don’t want to live with the threat of our intimate photos and videos being put on blast, there’s only one solution: stop posing for them.

Or at least make sure we have personally erased them from the phone before we trade it in!

Too bad one Los Angeles woman neglected to do this. Now she has put her humiliation aside long enough to file a lawsuit; in which she claims a Sprint employee found two pictures of her engaged in sex and used the Facebook app on her phone to upload them; making them visible to her family, friends and co-workers.

Oh man! Continue reading

Barack Obama and Beyonce Accused of Having An Affair–Absurdity At Its Highest!

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term*One thing is for sure, president Barack Obama will probably go down in history as one of the most talked about, hated on, blamed for everything bad in the country presidents ever!

But he had never been accused of having an affair…until now.

Get this. In a report published by French newspaper Le Figaro on Monday, French photographer Pascal Rostain claimed the president is having an affair with Beyoncé.

I kid you not! And from all perspectives it seems this guy said it with a straight face. Continue reading

Aretha Franklin Had Two Kids Before She Was 14: Here’s 9 More Things You Didn’t Know

Otis Redding wrote and released this song originally in 1965. But it took Aretha Franklin to make it her signature song and mega hit in 1967
Otis Redding wrote and released this song originally in 1965. But it took Aretha Franklin to make it ‘signature’ as a mega hit in 1967

*Hey, no judgement here, we love us some ‘Ree-Ree.’ Not only is she the greatest, most emotive singer ever, but we are blessed to still have her in our presence.

We’re intrigued by her life story, so here’s some things we found out about the “Queen of Soul” we thought you might be interested in.

We’ve already hit you with the first bombshell, and there’s more so read on… Continue reading

Slow Your Roll and Hold on toYour Biscuit: Red Lobster Restaurants Not Going Anywhere!

Red Lobster Biscuit

*Good news Cheddar Bay biscuit lovers, you can continue to stuff your face at good ole’ Red Lobster. Contrary to earlier news reports, the restaurant chain will not be closing.

Darden Restaurants, the owner of the chain, has been working overtime in efforts to squash false reports since Christmas that said Red Lobster was shutting the doors of its restaurants all across the country; and on Friday afternoon the “Red Lobster closing” story was the No. 1 item trending on Yahoo. The rumor was also the subject of multiple Tweets and Facebook posts. Continue reading