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One Hot Mess: A ‘Love Triangle’ Between an Attorney, His Client and His Judge Wife…?

Love triangle

*Go ahead, shake your head, because I’m shaking mine.

Let me put the disclaimer out there now by way of the word ALLEGEDLY. It appears an attorney in New Orleans, along with his wife, a federal Judge, has got some explaining to do. The husband has been accused of cheating on his wife, with one of his clients.

Now, wait: I know what you’re thinking. People cheat all the time, so why is this news.

Bear with me as I make an attempt to simplify it for you before going into greater detail.

The problem here is, the client is being represented by the attorney she is having an affair with; and the judge (the attorney’s wife) is now believed to have had motive in fulfilling a prosecutors request.

Oh hell, this is just messy! Continue reading

Hold Up. Wait A Minute. These 6 Urban Myths Actually Are Legit!


*OMG, if you’re anything like me, you’re still pissed that all those carrots you eat do absolutely nothing to help your failing eyesight. And the next time you see some kid cracking his or her knuckles, just let ’em be, if they do get arthritis (or girls end up having hands that look like a boys’) it probably won’t be because of anything they did – besides, hopefully, live to grow old. But all is not lost, (and I’m sure our parents didn’t intentionally lie to us) because at least six of the old urban legends actually turn out to be legit.

Aren’t you excited? Continue reading

Frank DiLeo, Former Michael Jackson Manager, Leaves Behind Journal That Claims ‘Mafia Hit’ Would’ve Taken Stars’ Life


Frank Dileo , the man who managed the King of Pop at the height of his fame in the 1980s, may have passed away in August of 2011, but he left plenty of claims behind in journals and videos. One of these claims include how he says he used his influence to call off a mafia hit on Michael Jackson.

Dileo was a force of a man who was most recognized as a short, stout, cigar chomping dude, who even played the role of a gangster in Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas, about the Mob in New York.

Now, according to yet another book about the late idol, the Mafia planned to carry out a contract killing on Jackson.

DiLeo was 63-years old when he died following complications from heart surgery. Continue reading

Steve Kroft, White CBS News Journalist and African American Lover, Lisan Goines, Heated Relationship Texts Revealed

Lisan Goines and Steve Kroft

*Most men would give up a day’s pay to be the recipient of such a photo as the one shown above, but although the recipient no doubt appreciated the hot selfie, he had one request of the sender.

“Don’t dress like Beyoncé,”

Manhattan lawyer Lisan Goines took the photo for her lover, CBS journalist Steve Kroft (inset).

Kroft, who is married and  admitted to the affair publicly four weeks ago, was the recipient of the sexy lingerie photos during their affair, but he also had stipulations as to how the black beauty dressed whenever she accompanied him in public. He insisted Goines dress low-key — like “Laura Bush” so she wouldn’t attract attention from right-wing zealots. This according to newly revealed texts. Continue reading

Bruce Jenner, Aka Kim K’s StepDad, Fixin’ to Open Up to Media on Male to Female Transition

Kris Khardashian and Bruce Jenner in a different time and place
Kris and Bruce Jenner in a different time and place during their 20 year marriage

*Hey, transitions are expensive, no doubt. And Bruce Jenner was probably holding out for an acceptable number of zero’s to talk about his journey from being Kris Jenner‘s husband, the Khardashian siblings stepfather and biological dad to some, to becoming a full-blown woman….publicly.

Whoo, the interview where Jenner is reportedly preparing to discuss his “wish to transition from male to female,” with Us Weekly should be a real doozy. Reports claim he has already “taped a major sit-down interview.”

Sidebar: Does anyone else feel that the one they should be talking to is Kris? I mean, how on earth does she seriously deal with her ex-husband becoming a woman? Continue reading

Did This White Pastor Really Drop the N-Word Bomb During His Sermon? (Watch)

Pastor drops Nword

*I dunno, from the picture above, he’s kind of got that “gangser lean” going. So it may not be so far-fetched that during Christmas Eve service members of the congregation at NewSpring Church in South Carolina took pause to wiggle a finger in their ear in the event their pastor did get so passionate in his sermon that he let the N-word slip.

And so effortlessly.

Pastor  Perry Noble was indeed on a roll as he got into telling a story about how he tried to convince his wife – whom he had previously made clear is a white woman in spite of her “black sounding name,” that he wanted to get a dog.

Of course after the video hit social media, the church released a statement that basically said, everybody is hearing things.

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NYPD Considers Boycott of Chipotle After Employee Does ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Gesture


*Well just look at who has gone and gotten offended…the NYPD. Add to that, New Yorkers appear to actually give a damn.

Here’s the story.

Apparently, the men in blue went in to a Brooklyn Chipotle, the popular Mexican grill, to get a bite to eat a while back. At that point, one of the employees allegedly did a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture – in remembrance of slain teen Mike Brown.

Immediately offended by the gesture (and probably not trusting their food to be prepared safely after that), the officers, supposedly 8 of them, did an about-face and left the establishment. Since then, they are said to be considering a boycott of the chain. And comments by New Yorkers are on their side!

But Chipotle says the whole thing has been exxaggerated. And the story continues to change as it circulates on the Internet. Gaining speed of a now viral nature. Continue reading

What Your Career Can Look Like if Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Like You (Watch)


*Just ask Katherine Heigl.

She quit being the character Izzy on “Grey’s Anatomy” years ago (her final episode aired Jan 21, 2010), and she is just now resurfacing on TV with her new NBC series, ” State of Affairs.”

But the wrath of Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the long-running show, who has made her negative feelings about Heigl public in interviews, is still following the actress.

A lot of times, when stars leave a hit show like a Grey’s Anatomy, without being fired, its because they either got a new series or want to try their hand at film. But Heigl’s absence from TV and film immediately following her resignation from the show (which her colleague,  Ellen Pompeo said was due to “hurt feelings” and money) appeared to be the first sign that Rhimes had been left with a bad taste in her mouth. And it didn’t help when rumors began to surface claiming the actress was a “Diva” and less than pleasant to work with.

ketherine heigl
Katherine Heigl

But Katherine Heigl’s long absence has apparently given her time to think about some things (and most likely, she is getting guidance from a good publicist on the “how to’s” moving forward) and now she is taking the high road when she is asked about Rhimes.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes candidly noted that she’s grateful there are “no Heigls” among the cast members on Scandal.

When asked about the comments of her former boss on Extra this week, Heigl was diplomatic and said she wishes Rhimes well.

“It sucks,” she told Mario Lopez. “I’m sorry that she feels that way, and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda. I’m a big fan of her work. I watch Scandal every week. I’m sorry she’s left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”

When Heigl made her much-publicized return to network television Monday with  State of Affairs., she knew she didn’t come alone. She was aware that she brings a bad reputation about her professional behavior with her, and admits to Extra,

“There’s nothing I can do about this except to sort of prove it wrong.” And the only way for me to prove it wrong is for people to have a work experience with me that doesn’t speak to that at all,” she adds.

Watch her interview with Mario Lopez directly below: