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Miami Jury Now Holds Fate of ‘Facebook Killer’ In Their Hands! (Disturbing Photo)

Derek Medina
Derek Medina

*Aren’t you curious about a statement that ends with ‘A young lady lost her life but…”? Aren’t you intrigued about what could possibly come after the “but?”

I am. I mean, it calls for justification of the why. And in order to justify the loss of a life…you have to put some kind of ceiling on its value.

And how do you do that?

Nevertheless, that was the direction of the argument presented by the attorney of Derek Medina – the Miami man who emptied eight bullets from his .380-caliber gun into his wife – and then proudly took a picture of her dead body and posted it on Facebook.

He is now infamous. And will forever be identified as, “The Facebook Killer.”

Prosecutor Leah Klein described a gruesome scene of how she suspected it all went down in the kitchen of the couple’s home after learning “he wanted her dead.”

Like a movie being played in slow motion, Klein describes an especially disturbing “scene” after the murder, where she says [Medina] “is calmly gathering his sweatshirt and stopping to take pictures” of his wife’s dead body (See horrific photo below with warning). Continue reading

Editorial: And Another Thing…Instead of ‘Is it Because I’m Black,’ Why Not, ‘Is it Because You’re White’


*Words have power. But you already know this, right? But words come from thoughts, and thoughts are shaped by perception and perception comes from two things: personal experiences and what information we are fed. The information we are fed often comes from what we seek out; and ultimately, what we choose to believe.

This is more than just a lesson down the memory lane of dichotomy. There is an actual point to it. Why do we, as black people say (or think), “Is it because I’m black?” or affirm, “It’s because I’m black, right?”

Any and every “bad thing” that happens to us, when we are dealing with a person of Caucasian or any other descent, brings that “because I’m black” thing out.

The mere assertion suggests there is something “wrong” with being black.

Personally, I have always detested that stance. I guess that’s why I never took it. Not that I ignore feelings that I receive as racist being anything but that, it may be a natural arrogance on my part. I don’t know, I just always thought of it more as the way I presented to you:

Not “because I am” but “because you are.”

If it is arrogance I fully embrace it in this instance and consider it a gift. Because I don’t want to harbor ANY feelings (hidden or out loud) of being less than…especially since being black is something I can’t change. Nor want to.

But I do cringe whenever I hear my people saying this. In ALL of its forms. It’s subliminal…any negative comments, including those posted oftentimes on the EURThisNthat and EURweb reader boards, speak to this “because I’m black” mindset – whenever someone says something dramatic, negative, or even what others may consider “wrong” – not far behind will be comments in some of those “other forms.” The “we never support,” or “because we’re black,” or whatever. I notice “Is it because I’m black” or “It’s because I’m black right?” never follows anything of a positive nature.

Why is that? Continue reading

PETA Offers $5K for Info On Puppies Found in Sealed Aquarium in the Woods


*I’ve lived with dogs — all of them from animal shelters — for most of my life, but I’m not one of those dog lovers that goes overboard with my animals. That said, stories of cruelty like this get to me.

A man in Hinds County, Mississippi set out on a rural trek to try to find his missing dog, and ran across two brown and white puppies sealed in a glass aquarium with the lid cemented shut, near an abandoned bridge in the middle of the woods.

“As I got closer,” Matt Williamson said, “I saw these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they needed help. That’s when I called authorities.”

“They were put here to drown,” he added. “They wanted these puppies to drown in here.”

There’s no word on whether Williamson ever found his own missing dog. Continue reading

Old Email from New Police Chief Includes the Word “Nigger” and Prompts Outrage…and Support from the Town’s Black Mayor

Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago...and a few months after his "N word" email.
Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago…and a few months after his “N word” email.

*Farrell Police Chief Thomas Burke hasn’t even started his job yet — he’s due to do that in January — but his email from a few months ago has sparked an uproar.

Back in April, when Burke was serving as director of safety and security at a local steel mill, he sent an email to about 20 of his friends and colleagues, soliciting funds for a local book drive. He wrote: “Good morning. Please click and review. Even a $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon niggers gotta learn to read.”

Sharon and Farrell are sister cities, both of which are just outside Pittsburg. According to the 2000 Census, Farrell’s black population sits at about 47 percent.

Burke had actually served as the chief of police in neighboring Sharon until his retirement in 2007, so he knows, presumably, a Sharon nigger when he sees one.

Now, it seems, Burke is humble and apologetic. Racists whose behavior comes to light before they’ve even started their high paying jobs usually are. Continue reading

Girls Want to Join the Boys Scouts of America


*A group of girls in Santa Rosa, California have found the Girl Scouts of America to be lacking in providing the types of experiences they’d like to have. Instead of working to change the group’s curriculum, they’ve opted to petition the Boy Scouts to let them in.

“I want to be a Boy Scout,” said Allie Westover, 13. She made the statement to a panel of male representatives as she dropped off her scout application, as did her sister, Skyler, and three friends, Ella Jacobs, Daphne Mortenson and Taylor Alcozer.

They’ve named themselves the Unicorns and want to formally join the Boy Scouts of America, a organization that has positioned themselves as a male-only club since 1910.  None of the girls want to be boys — they just want to learn and play like them.

“Because we’re girls we can’t participate with boys?” said Ella, 10. “When we get into the real world, we’re going to have to work with other people who are, like, not just girls.”

Ella makes a compelling case. But she and her friends face an uphill battle. For one thing Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination by sex, exempts the Boy Scouts and allows them to exclude girl members.

Many have preceded the Unicorns in petitioning the Boy Scouts to admit girls, going back to the 1970s. All prior efforts have failed. “The conflict about admitting girls goes back even further than the conflict over admitting gays,” said Richard Ellis, a professor of politics at Willamette University and the author of the book “Judging the Boy Scouts of America.”

I’m on the fence on this one. Continue reading

Yikes! Woman Nearly Burned House Down Trying Something She Saw on Facebook

toaster burning, life hack

*It’s so easy to get caught up in the whole social media thing. You forget that everything people might suggest you try, even if it happened to work for them, can be a FAIL for you. And I can think of no better proof of this than to use the experience of a 66-year-old British woman named Suzanne Dale who simply wanted to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich and nearly burned her house down in the process.

Ms. Dale, please know that I am not judging you, girl. I see that this could have easily been me…or any of us for that matter.

Dale saw a post on Facebook that suggested a new way of making a grilled cheese sandwich. Gone were the days of simply putting some butter in that hot frying pan and placing your ready-made, boring-looking, two pieces of cheese inside two slices of bread in it. Buh-bye to smashing that sandwich down and flipping it over with a spatula until its flat and toasty.

No. When you know “better,” you do better, right?

Or so she thought… Continue reading

Woman Admits She Was ‘Angry at Life’ When She Stabbed Stranger in Store to Death, Today She Was Sentenced to ‘Life’…WTF?

Woman gets life for murder of stranger in store

*Whew. My nerves are already on overdrive with this one. Where does mental illness end and downright evil begin? What is the dividing line when someone who admits to being “angry at life” think its OK to take someone else’s?

That is what some bitch named Conner MacCalister did. Call me what you will, but I think that’s pretty eff’d up.

When I get mad I don’t answer the phone for a few hours. I get mad and I stay in my room. I get mad and I might ‘take it out’ on someone by saying something inappropriate. But I will be damned if I go out in public with the intention of killing someone…just because I’m mad.

Are you kidding me? Who in the hell does that?

Some bitch named Connie MacCalister.

And the sentence of life in prison seems too good for her. But then again, so would a death sentence. Continue reading