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Innovative Approach to Breast Cancer Awareness: ‘Bra Cam’ Catches Both Sexes ‘Sneaking a Peek!’ (Watch)

Bra cam

*You know you want to. Take a look that is. At that woman’s breasts as she sits coyly in the corner sipping on that latte. But if you think for one moment that you’re being subtle when you do give in…

Think again, baby!

Nestlé Fitness has got your number and used it to unveil the “Bra Cam” in a new video designed to encourage women to get screened for breast cancer. Continue reading

Say What…George Bush Was Down With Steamy Plot Based on His Real Life ‘Olivia Pope’?

"The two Oliva's" Kerry Washington (L) and Judy Smith speak at a Theater Critics Association meet.
“The two Oliva’s” Kerry Washington (L) and Judy Smith speak at a Theater Critics Association meet.

*Hey Gladiators, by now you may have heard that Shonda Rhimes‘ hit, “Scandal,” was inspired by the real life story of a Washington “Fixer” named Judy Smith and her “Leader of the free world client.” You might even know that the client was former president, George H. W. Bush.

But did you know that when it was clear that the show was going to be green-lit, and Smith placed a call to give Bush a heads up, about a new show that was going to premiere based on their business relationship; but the creator of the show had decided to throw in a new twist, Mr. Bush wasn’t completely turned off by the idea. In fact, he quite liked it.

Continue reading

Breaking News: Ebola Hits Home! First Ever Case Diagnosed in the U. S. (Video)


*Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters just recently, that the U. S. now has its first  Ebola victim. In a press conference, he said that the person, who has yet to be identified, left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20.

But here’s the thing: Unlike the other persons we heard about, such as the health care professionals who experienced Ebola symptoms while in-flight from Africa, and received medical care once they arrived here in the states, this person  did not have symptoms while traveling from  Africa. The person was diagnosed here, showing symptomsfour or five days later” according to Dr. Frieden. The person was hospitalized and isolated Sunday at a hospital in Texas, he said. Continue reading

Mental Breakdown: Man ‘Suffers’ From 100 Orgasms a Day (Afraid to Go Around Kids)

Dale Decker broke down on TV after revealing that his 100 orgasms a day condition is ruining his life
Dale Decker broke down on TV after revealing that his 100 orgasms a day condition is ruining his life


*I can already hear some of our male readers out there thinking, …and your problem with this is?

But it’s serious guys. It is a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome and today, on a show called This Morning, one father revealed that he suffers from it. The condition causes him to have up to 100 involuntary orgasms a day, and he broke down in tears saying that it is ruining his life. Continue reading

We Remember: Profilic Writer, J. California Cooper, Dead at 82

J. California Cooper
J. California Cooper

*Sad news.

Prolific writer J. California Cooper, has died at age 82.

Cooper focused mainly on writing plays, until she met Alice Walker who advised her to consider short stories and novels instead, because they were an easier path to a paycheck.

She had been living in Seattle, Washington.

According to her daughter Paris Williams, Cooper died early Saturday; she had experienced a number of heart attacks over the past few years.

Cooper was born in Berkeley, and frequented a local theater there called Black Repertory Group, where a close-knit family of black actors  (EURThisNthat editor, DeBorah B. Pryor included) worked under the guidance of founder, Nora B. Vaughn, who produced many of Cooper’s plays. The playwright was referred to as Joan ‘California’ Cooper at the time, wrote more than a dozen plays and went on to have about a dozen books published after switching to prose fiction.

Walker met Cooper after she came to see one of her plays.

“Her advice to my mother was you should write short stories or novels because it was easier to get paid. She went home and wrote 12 stories,” Williams said.

Joan 'California' Cooper back in the day!
Joan ‘California’ Cooper back in the day!

When Cooper asked Walker to write an introduction to her first story collection, the writer who had just been honored for “The Color Purple” asked to publish the book at her own publishing house. Walker also helped Cooper get one of her stories published in Essence magazine and the book took off from there, Williams said.

Williams called her mother a hard worker. She worked a variety of jobs from a teamster on the Alaska pipeline to an escrow officer and a manicurist to pay the bills.

She went to the pipeline to work as a secretary and switched to bus and truck driving after she realized she could make a lot more money, her daughter recalls. She drove welders up to their work site and then panned for gold while waiting for the return trip, Williams said.

“My mother tried a lot of things when I was growing up,” she said. “Writing was something she always did. She just stuck them in a drawer.”

Reviewing her novel “Family” in The New York Times in 1990, Roy Hoffman called it “the sort of book that ought to be read out loud.”

“Never mind that the narrator, Clora, is a ghost,” Hoffman wrote. “In its strong rhythms and colloquial expressions, this book is a living woman’s monologue. At times, Clora even seems to lean toward us, grabbing at our lapels.”

Williams said her mother never took her fame seriously.

“She used to say people have forgotten all about me,” Williams said. “But all her books are still in print. It’s pretty amazing.”

Her mother did not want a funeral and requested instead that she be remembered with personal acts of kindness or charity.

Rest in sweet peace, Ms. Cooper. And give Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn (and Mr. Lamar) a tight squeeze for me.

Read more at Yahoo News.

‘Masturbating Passenger’ Forces Unscheduled Landing of Virgin America Flight (Video?)

Virgin America

*OK, the first thing I want to point out is that I do acknowledge the irony of the words masturbating and virgin in the headline of this story. Secondly, that a passenger was doing this “very private act” publicly is a real head-shaker; but to obviously be so loud about it that the pilot was forced to land at an unscheduled destination, well, that just trumps all. Continue reading

Mother Drops Infant She Was Holding in Toilet After Being Shot and Killed By Boyfriend

Jessica Arrendale, Facebook
Jessica Arrendale, Facebook

*Good lord. This sounds like a movie you wish was never released. It’s another senseless murder at the hands of domestic abuse. This time its 33-year-old Jessica Arrendale, who went to dinner with her boyfriend Antoine Davis, 30. Davis got drunk during the evening and became abusive. Apparently, this was his usual mode of operandi according to his girlfriend’s mother, Teresa Ionniello, who became a constant “buffer” in the couples’ rocky relationship. Upon their return to Arrendale’s three-story townhouse in the Oakdale Bluffs section of Atlanta, Davis, a former Marine who served in Iraq, chased Jessica up the stairs, got his rifle and shot her dead.

WSB Radio did an exclusive interview with Teresa Ionniello, who told them that her daughter, Jessica, had attempted to defend herself with a baseball bat. But Davis took the bat away from her and used it against her; striking the woman with it repeatedly. Continue reading

Guess What They Finally Did: Burned Down the Michael Brown Memorial! (Watch)

Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down

*Haters never stop. They wait until heads are turned in another direction and then they strike. In this case, when it looks like things have chilled out a bit, and protestors over the Michael Brown shooting death have given way to a quieter roar, some scum of the earth sneaked over to the memorial site that mourners in the community dedicated in honor of the slain teen, and burned it down.

YouTube showed cell phone footage of the fire, which happened on Tuesday, and photos of the incident have been circulating on social media.

The Ferguson Fire Department was called at 6:45 a.m. CT to Canfield Drive, a location close to where Brown was killed on Aug. 9, according to what department Captain Jeremy Corcoran told NBC News.

While the cause of the fire is not known at this time, some reports are saying candles surrounding the memorial may have contributed.

michael brown

18-year-old Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. His death sparked weeks of protests and rallies around the nation, calling for justice.

Fortunately, it appears residents and other community members have rebuilt the memorial.

Warning: Explicit language is used in the video below:


(Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down)