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Teen That Hid In Plane’s Wheel Well Was Shocked To Learn He Was In Maui

Teen-Survives-California-Hawaii-Flight-In-Plane*Remember the 16-year-old stowaway we told you about last week? The one who argued with his parents, then dashed out of the house, ran to the airport, jumped the fence and hid inside the first aircraft wheel well he could find before the plane took off?

Yeah him.

Well, we hear that once he “came to” (authorities believe he may have passed out during the flight due to freezing temperatures and lack of oxygen at 38,000 feet – plus, there has to be some reason he doesn’t even remember flying) he didn’t realize he had flown all the way to Maui.

Security video of the boy’s arrival shows him dangling his feet for about 15 seconds from the wheel well before jumping 8 to 10 feet to the ground, landing on his feet and immediately collapsing Sunday morning, Maui District Airport Manager Marvin Moniz said. Continue reading

Cincinnati Teacher Fired: Told Black Student ‘We Don’t Need Another Barack Obama’

gil voigt

Gil Voight says student ‘misquoted him.’

*Raise your hand if you ever get the feeling some people need to keep their damn mouth shut! Keep ‘em up if you agree they should be fired when they don’t!

This may be your advice to a teacher who was fired after allegations that he told a black student who voiced his desire to become president that the nation didn’t need another Barack Obama, whether he’s black or white. In essence, we don’t need another black president.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the Fairfield Board of Education voted 4-0 Thursday to fire Gil Voigt.

The teacher, and please note that I use that term loosely, did not immediately return a call for comment on Friday but now says the student misquoted him.

A likely story, yes? Continue reading

WTH! Our Kids Are Smoking ‘Bed Bugs’ To Get High?

600Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectularius*Shane Watson said it made him feel like he was “walking through concrete.” He’s describing the gross, yet dangerous new trend young people have discovered to get high.

Bed bugs.

Termed by the same name on the streets, “Bed bugs” have a chemical inside of them that can’t be extracted, so users dry the bug, crush it, and then smoke or even inject it for the full effect. Continue reading

Ed Gordon Hosts ‘Do You Know Your Daddy?’ Town Hall Discussion to Address Single-Parenting Issues in African American and Latino Communities

Journalist Ed Gordon

Journalist Ed Gordon


*Billed as an “African American and Latino Family Crisis,” award- winning journalist Ed Gordon (President of Ed Gordon Media) will host a thought-provoking town hall discussion about the dynamics of fatherless households in America; particularly within African-American and Latino urban communities. Continue reading

Wendy Says ‘Take Several Seats’ (As in Sit Down Now!) to Mom Who Wants To Be Son’s Prom Date

Wendy and prom mother*When a female audience member told daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams that she needed to get a “do over” from her 1989 prom because her dress was wrong, and that’s why she wants her son to take her to his upcoming prom, the audience, howling at this point, couldn’t believe it.

Nor could Wendy.

Apparently Benita Gray‘s son had promised to take his mom to the prom. Thing is, he was  5-years-old then and didn’t have a girlfriend. Continue reading

U.S. Airways Embarrassed After Major Blunder: Tweets NSFW Photo of Woman With Toy Plane

US_Airways_767-200*Oh god. Wonder who was covering communications on the social media desk when the NSFW photo was tweeted to a dissatisfied customer of the airline. You can probably rightfully assume that was their last day on the job.

According to Huffington Post, US Airways has since apologized for an extremely graphic photo that it shared earlier today, depicting a naked woman in a sexual position with a toy plane. Continue reading

Harvard U Leading the Way in Student Diversity…Class of 2018 Will be 12 percent black

Harvard students accepted

Kwasi Enin (Photo: William Floyd School District)


*How refreshing it is to be able to acknowledge universities rising to meet the demand of accepting deserving students of color in their institutions. It is with much anticipation that one day, such recognition will no longer be necessary, because diversity in these colleges will be a given, and African American students especially, will be but one group amongst many who are accepted in the colleges of their choice based on the fact that they have done the work just like any other student and deserves to be there.

Recently,  our article on students Avery Coffey a senior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C., who applied to and was accepted at five Ivy League universities including Harvard, and Chad Thomas who was accepted at 150 universities, offered encouraging reports of African-American students getting accepted to most or all of the Ivy League schools they applied to. Now comes new data suggesting that Harvard University may be leading the way on diversity.

According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, the highly ranked institution’s class of 2018 will be 12 percent black, the largest representation of that group in the university’s history. Continue reading

Think This Beats All? KFC Promotes A ‘KFC Chicken Corsage’ in Time for Prom…Put A Wing On It!

KFC chicken coursage

*“If you like it then you should’ve put a wing on it.”

No, we’re not singing Beyonce, we’re singing KFC! The chicken titan that wants you to forget about those old, traditional flower corsages used for prom since time began and open your mind to something new and edible.

Now when the young man knocks on your door to pick your darling daughter up, you will wonder why all of a sudden you’re thinking about chicken instead of smelling violets. But your questions are answered once he opens that box where her corsage rests. Ta-dah! A chicken corsage.

Think this beats all? KFC’s newest trick bag offers the ‘KFC Chicken Corsage’ – just in time for Prom you can put a wing on it! Continue reading