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Neighbors Watch in Horror as Two Girls Jump from Burning Building

girls jump

*One of a persons’ scariest thoughts has got to be, “what would I do if my house caught on fire with me in it?” “How would I save my children…myself?”

Well this nightmare became real for eleven families last week when an apartment building caught fire and cameras caught two young girls as they jumped from an apartment window into the arms of two men waiting below. Continue reading

Shocking Radiation Experiments on Black Children Left Holes in Head (Watch)

Radiation treatments
In the video the man wearing the black cap on the right, takes the cap off. You won’t believe what you see underneath! GRAPHIC.


*Your heart will break as you watch the man in this video who not only speaks on the subject of being experimented on as a child, but shows the horrible proof that he lives with to this day.

We know that African Americans in America have endured unspeakable injustices; and those of us who know of slavery only through what we have read and heard are angered and enraged and scream about reparations.

But I find it interesting that someone like the gentleman in this video, who has actually gone through those  horrible indignities; which I find unfathomable, says he is not even angry or bitter. Continue reading

Once Homeless and Alone in New York, Man Receives Yale Scholarship

Wellington Mackey proves down isn't always out, receives  Scholarship to Ivy League School
Wellington Mackey proves down isn’t always out, receives Scholarship to Ivy League School

It is stories such as this that I hope will inspire all who are suffering at this junction in their life’s’ journey. I hope it will make us  realize that down doesn’t necessarily mean out; That even in the worst of times, tomorrow can change the course of your life, without warning. I hope it really let’s you know that Hope is not just a word that is reserved for everyone but you.

Wellington Mackey is a good example of this. After being evicted from his apartment in the Bronx, New York, in January 2003, his life was the closest thing to a living hell.

But now, 13 years later, all of this has changed. Continue reading

Deathtrap: New Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases Prompt Ire from Just About Everyone


*Apparently, there is a designer out there that has been living under a rock. And that rock has been buried deep, deep underground for at least the past couple of years.

How else can you explain designing a cellphone case that looks just like a gun…once the phone is embedded, and the case is put in your pocket, all that shows is the handle.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Anti-gun groups are furious; and even the cops are calling it a “deathtrap.”

Blame it on a team in Japan with the website Suffice it to say, they definitely didn’t think this one through.

Or did they? Continue reading

Facebook Employs Only 1% Blacks, None of Whom Are Execs

facebook (1)

*As of March 31, 2015, Facebook had 10,082 people under their employment. These stats come from their own official newsroom webpage. What they didn’t put on there is…

Only 1% of these employees are black. And none are in executive positions.

This info comes via an article on the Financial Juneteenth site, which states that this news was revealed only weeks after Google released demographic data on employment at their company; which showed that only 2 percent of their workforce was black.

Now the Mark Zuckerberg tech mega-monster has come under scrutiny for its own lack of minority hiring. Again.

Word is, these extremely low numbers had always been suspected, but only recently confirmed. Continue reading

Wal-Mart’s New 24-Hour Neighborhood Markets Pose a Scare for Trader Joe’s and Others


*Imagine this: A neighborhood market that sells not only food, but pharmaceuticals and even fuel. It’s open 24-hours a day, and the prices are Wal-mart low.

Now snap back to reality because its true. Wal-mart has now designed smaller-format stores called Neighborhood Markets, and they are an alleged threat to some of our favorites, more traditional markets like Whole Foods, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s, because they are popping up all over the place, according to Moody’s analysts.

“The advantages of the Neighborhood Market concept will be difficult to beat back,” Moody’s Vice President Charles O’Shea said in a recent note to clients.

Analysts reveal that these traditional supermarkets have “upped their games over the past few years to somewhat blunt the onslaught of the Super-centers,” but the Neighborhood Market is considered a “different animal.” Continue reading

Not a Good Look: Two Black Teens Attack White Girl Holding Child (Photos)


*While I don’t know what happened, if anything, to offset this vicious attack of a girl sitting down on a park bench holding a child, while two black apparently teen girls and a teen boy, taunts her and her companion, I do know this.

It ain’t cute.

It’s ignorant. Dumb. And these young girls need to be caught and held accountable for their actions

We all know things have been real crappy for black folk as of late. You’ve seen the news, there is no need to regurgitate it. But that is no excuse to just walk up on a person and take it out on them.

The last time that happened, nine people lost their lives. Continue reading

Not in ‘My House’ — President Obama Shuts White House Heckler Down

president obama gif

*Cool is as cool does. And Mr. President, you do cool well.

I’ll bet the next heckler that decides to let loose on your watch will think twice. We’re wondering sir, if after your second term is up, you might consider a career in stand-up comedy.

Could happen. But probably won’t.

But this was certainly a good audition. Allow us to reiterate. As you acknowledged LGBT Pride Month at the White House, right there in the middle of your speech, some clown decided to exercise the volume of her vocal chords using your name.

Yes, your security could certainly have handled the incident; and quietly escorted the heckler that interrupted your speech out–most likely without further incident. But no, sir, you wouldn’t allow it to go down like that. You, sir, wanted that heckler to know one thing.

“No, no, no, no. Listen, you’re in my house.” Continue reading