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First Human Head Transplant Volunteer Steps Up! (Watch)


*Excuse me one sec, while I attempt to wrap my own securely attached head to this lastest rather scientific occurrence. A neuroscientist in Italy had promised one day he would perform the first head transplant surgery. Everyone within earshot most likely replied “Ha!” and went about their business. The neuroscientist most likely just shrugged off the haters and kept it moving. No doubt secretly looking for volunteers.

Well the joke is on the haters now, because a volunteer has sho’ nuff stepped up.

I can just imagine Dr. Sergio Canavero sticking his tongue out singing, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!”

He had promised that his procedure would take place in December 2017, and it looks like everything is on schedule. His volunteer is 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov, a Russian man who hopes that the historic operation will help him to live a normal life. Continue reading

Teen Who Escaped Corrective Services Contacts Police for ‘Better Mugshot’

Mugshot of Amy Sharp used by the Shepherdsville Police in Australia. She didn't like it one bit!
Mugshot of Amy Sharp used by the Shepherdsville Police in Australia. She didn’t like it one bit!

*Let’s just file this one under Idiot of the Week shall we? But let me set this up for you. You are arrested for property offenses, but you somehow escape. Of course the first thing your dumb ass is going to do is go on Facebook.

Oh! What’s this? It’s ME!!! Ugh. Why’d they use THAT picture?

Why not use THIS ONE instead!?

This is the exact scenario 18-year-old Amy Sharp brought to life in Australia after police posted a photo of her online in an attempt to locate her.

Shame on them…using that ugly photo! Continue reading

Reporter Claims a ‘Secret Meeting’ With Colonel Sanders Family Reveals KFC Recipe


*For the life of me, even with a vow to eat healthier as often as possible (I never eat fast food!), and prepare all of my own foods at home (not quite there yet), I can’t do away with my taste for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Even talking about it now makes me want to run to KFC. I can literally smell the chicken right now. Well, if the story I am about to share is true — and look, who is to say it is or it ain’t at this point — I, and you, may never have to set foot in KFC again because we will be able to create the same taste at home.

***Someone has leaked the 11 herbs and spices recipe!!!***

Hopefully, Colonel Sanders (real name Harland David Sanders) is not rolling over in his grave. Not only has he been reduced to a a series of wacky-looking caricatures on TV commercials (some of us are actually old enough recall ‘the real Colonel’ — with his white suit and black string tie!). Not only have we seen multitudinous attempts to unearth the secret recipe, which has been under strict lock and key by the Louisville, Ky-based headquarters forEVER.  Yet, a mad marketing display years ago showed a Brink’s armored truck and briefcase marked “Top Secret” demonstrated how they had beefed up security at the vault that contains the Colonel’s handwritten recipe.

But even after all of that, it’s hard to resist the hype. So KFC went and upgraded its website,, to feature yet another ‘Colonel Sanders’ character who swears he is FINALLY finally ready to reveal the secret recipe.


Continue reading

First Year Teacher Records ‘Welcome the the 4th Grade’ Rap Video…Goes Viral (Watch)


*Now this may make you want to turn around and enroll your 4th grader into Mr. Reed’s class. The first year Chicago schoolteacher didn’t hesitate to jump right into the new school year on a passionate note that can only be found in new teachers.

After all, they have not been soiled by the politics of poor school funding; appalling student-teacher ratios, and a lackluster support system. They come in with all heart. And they only have eyes for the children.

As my mentor would say: How noble!

So Dwayne Reed decided to get his students attention in a more creative way. Instead of the usual, whatever that may be, he created a rap song and video to welcome his students to the 4th grade. In the video, he tells them what they will learn, how they will be rewarded for working hard, and what they should and should not do.

And he does it without talking down to them! Continue reading

A Winans Who Doesn’t Want To Sing??? Deborah Joy Shines On OWN’s Greenleaf

Photo courtesy of Derek Blanks
Photo courtesy of Derek Blanks

*Can you imagine a member of the Jackson family who didn’t want to sing? (Even LaToya tried.) How about a Bush or Clinton who didn’t want to be president? (Too soon?)

Deborah Joy Winans, one of gospel music’s Winans dynasty and one of the breakout stars of OWN’s Greenleaf, never wanted to sing. She spent decades eschewing it, in fact, in favor of acting.

I know — it’s hard to believe.  Heck, that family even had singing in-laws!  

As the superb series’ first season prepares to wrap up next week, and OWN releases an accompanying soundtrack album, I had to catch up with Winans and ask her about this “no singing” thing.

“My dad [Carvin Winans, one of the original Winans group] and mom never wanted to force us into the singing thing,” Winans, 32, told me. “They wanted us to find our own path. Singing was just never a passion. Since I was a little girl, I felt that acting was what I was called to do.”

Winans acted on that calling, ultimately earning Bachelors and Masters degrees in theater. As she performed in workshops playing CeCe Winans for the stage play Born For This, Winans caught the eye of a woman in the audience who would guide her towards God’s purpose for her life — and her own heart’s desire.

“I was at a point of asking God whether acting was what He really wanted me to do,” Winans recalled. “Oprah Winfrey came to one of my workshops, and a couple of months later she reached out to Uncle BeBe, who co-wrote Born For This. Oprah told him she was interested in me for the role of “Charity” on Greenleaf, and asked him to help her contact me.” Continue reading

Texas Teachers’ No Homework Policy Gaining Momentum (Even Parents Love It!)


*Wow. Wow! Wow!!! Where in the world was this teacher when I was in school…at ANY grade level!? When second grade teacher Brandy Young wrote a note to parents informing them of a new policy where her students would have no homework for the entire year, no one clapped back. There was no, “What the heck?” No…”Let’s contact the school board”…No phone calls requesting a meeting to vent.

What there was, was a lot of… Hey, we think that’s a great idea.

Who’da thunk it?

The thousands of people sharing a post of the letter Young sent to parents. One of those parents uploaded it to Facebook telling how “Brooke is loving her new teacher already!”

Needless to say, the post has gone viral.

“After much research this summer, I am trying something new,” read the note from Young to parents of her second-graders. “I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your children to bed early.”

download (1)

I hope my teenaged grandson’s school adopts this policy. He works SO hard on homework….hours…even after a full day at school. Continue reading

TV Station Suspends Female Anchors, Orders Them To Lose Weight


*They say the camera adds 10 pounds, and that everyone looks a little…healthier on TV.  Egypt’s state broadcaster thinks it’s more than the camera for eight of its female anchors, and has suspended them and ordered them to lose weight!  

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has given the women just one month to take off the pounds before allowing them to appear again on air with what they say will be “appropriate appearance.”

Interestingly, the ERTU has a female director, Safaa Hegazy, who used a be TV anchor!  


Lest you ask, yes, Hegazy is what many in the US would call a “skinny beeeatch.”   I think she looks like Sally Field, but anyway… Continue reading

Black Guest on C-SPAN Tells White Caller How ‘Not to Be Prejudiced’ (Watch)

Black guest

*When a white man called into C-SPAN to speak with Heather McGhee, an African American woman who was a guest on the show, and is president at Demos Action, a progressive public policy organization advocating for equality, he asked a question that I don’t believe he realized was profound. He asked, how can I get over being prejudiced? First of all, note that he said “prejudiced” not “racist.” We all know that the two words are different, as a racist is backed by a systematic power structure; whereas anyone can be prejudiced.

Even Black folks.

“I am a white man and I am prejudiced. The reason is it wasn’t something that I was taught, it was something I learned. I have these different fears and I don’t want my fears to come true.”

This is how the caller from North Carolina opened up the conversation.

He concluded with, “What can I do to be a better American?”

I was glad that McGhee, who was visibly moved by the callers words, opened her response to this man, thoughtfully, by acknowledging his honesty (and thanking him for it) in posing the question. And further, reminding him that it is precisely this question, or topic, that we in this country need to address. Continue reading