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Photographer Documents Beautiful Diversity of Redheads of African Descent


*When I was a kid, hanging out in metro Detroit with my maternal grandmother was always a hoot. Her very arrival at our house always caused a stir — mainly because of her chalky skin and Lucille Ball-red hair. I was born red-headed, and always loved the story of my dad, upon seeing me in the hospital nursery, asking my mother who she’d been sleeping with. I grew up hearing “Who’s the white lady with your mom?” at every school function that “Ma” attended. I later learned that all of my grandmother’s sisters married white men and “passed” for white, living their entire lives just minutes from where I grew up.

It took a few years for me to realize that red hair and freckles weren’t a part of the norm for most black folks, and that there was a perception that they were traits held only by the whitest of the white. Under normal conditions, when activated by a particular hormone, the recessive MC1R gene generates the production of black or brown pigment in hair. In cases when both parents are carriers of the MC1R and the gene is mutated or antagonized, it fails to turn the hair darker and instead leaves a typically gorgeous buildup of red pigment.

According to the BBC News, less than two percent of the world’s population are redheads. In Ireland and Scotland, the redhead count is around 10 percent. As such, the word “ginger” typically connotes visions of people with Celtic-Germanic physical features — i.e. milky white skin. However, white folks aren’t the only redheads in the world, and according to the Huffington Post, French-born, London-based photographer Michelle Marshall’s new project is documenting the many manifestations of the MC1R gene, particularly in people of African descent. Continue reading

FDA Clears the Way for ‘The Little Pink Pill’ Viagra for Women!

pink viagra

*You’ve probably heard. Now the “little blue pill” has a playmate: A “little pink pill.”

How does the song go? “We gonna need a soundproof room?”

Yep! Given the green light recently by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, women now have their own remedy designed to increase their sexual desire.

Many are probably thinking it’s about time! Seeing as men have had a couple of options, including Viagra, cleared by the industry’s top regulator quite some time ago.

According to the L. A. Times, the FDA’s approval of flibanserin, often known by the nickname “pink Viagra,” reverses two earlier rejections of the pill as a treatment for hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or HSDD. The decision follows a public campaign challenging the agency to close a widening gap between the number of drugs available for men’s sexual health and those available to women. Continue reading

Caitlyn Jenner Adult Unisex Costume Timely for Halloween, But LGBT Community Not Amused

Caitlyn and Halloween

*Now you know it was only a matter of time for this to pop up, right? America will find a way to monetize ANYTHING or, in this case, ANY ONE who has generated any kind of news…or it will die trying.

And Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner, is no exception.

Inspired by her now infamous Vanity Fair cover, where the 65-year-old former Olympian poses smoldering, in a corset that her sons deemed “too sexy” in one article and Jenner opened up about his longtime fetish for feminine things inside, a new Halloween costume that serves as a replica of the look has emerged. Continue reading

Major Oops! Boy Trips and Punches Hole in Million Dollar Painting (Watch)

Boy trips and punches hole in painting

*Talk about a really big oops! While on a field trip with his class at an art exhibit in Tapei, a 12-year-old boy stumbled onto a Paolo Porpora painting and punched a hole in it.

But this was no ordinary painting that could easily be replaced. No, this painting is valued at $1.5 million.

Feeling the fall coming on, as he held onto a can of soda he tried desperately to contain,  the boy apparently tried to keep his balance and unwittingly used the artwork to steady himself, according to the Independent Continue reading

Corey P. Smith: Call Him a Godsend…Helped Two Homeless Men Get 700 Credit Score…in 30 Days (Watch)

BOOK, Conspiracy of Credit

*I kid you not with that headline. He also got them permanent housing. And today, one of them has a successful gardening business; and the other is married and working.

Talk about realizing your purpose and moving forward with it.

Corey P. Smith is a proud southern man on a mission. While some folks will do everything they can to keep you away from knowledge that will empower you, Smith does the exact opposite. He wants you to know what he has learned: that bad credit is by design. And if you know about “The Conspiracy of Credit,” which also happens to be the name of his latest book, and follow up by doing the work, you will no longer be a victim of it.

Smith, a husband and father, knew he was on the right track when the FBI showed up at his front door. Continue reading

Racist Flyer of Klansman Pointing Gun at Black Kid Hopes to Get ‘Us’ Really Riled Up

klansman point gun at black boy

*This picture has been around for a good minute, but that’s no reason to dismiss it. After all, some hateful lack of real manhood went through an awful lot of trouble to create it; so my guess is he/they would like a response. Of course they would prefer to get a rise out of black folk. They want to get our blood boiling.

You see, this carefully orchestrated work was done by someone with not a damn thing else to do. Someone with a pitiful, hateful, white-trash kind of ignorance who wants black folk to feel the same self-depreciation that he does. So, in this painting of a cop (somehow the word police officer just sounds too good) seen hiding behind a Klansman’s hood, pointing his gun at a black child who is wearing a hoodie. The child is holding out a bag of skittles, as if offering it to the cop. In the background is a Confederate flag.

OK “artist,” now tell us something we don’t know. You have a disdain for black people. Yeah, we get it.

But here’s the thing: at the end of the day. You are no more of a man. In other words, people are still going to see you as a punk-ass b*tch.

Continue reading

It’s A New Day For Female Superheroes

Gal Gadot as "Wonder Woman", to be seen in next year's "Batman v Superman"
Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman”, to be seen in next year’s “Batman v Superman”

*There’s almost as much buzz about Wonder Woman’s first appearance in a theatrical film — in next spring’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice — as there is about the film itself (including Ben Affleck’s turn as the Caped Crusader). Along with Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel flick and CBS’ new Supergirl series debuting this fall, things are looking up for those looking for assertive, empowered women who are spandex’ed up to save the world. Some writers are referring to it as a “new day” for these female images.

While I’d completely concur that it’s LONG overdue, it’s not really a new day. Female images have been around, especially on television, for quite some time. When I was a kid, The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels, and Wonder Woman herself were kicking butt and taking names on weekly episodic TV. In many cases, they out-thought and out-fought their male counterparts. (Who can forget Jaime Summers beating Bigfoot after Steve Austin almost got killed by him??). Continue reading

Airline Begins Weighing Passengers Prior To Boarding


*Most of us have tried to trim down a bit before going on vacation. Soon, there may be a reason for that beyond trying to look good in that beachside selfie.

You may need to weigh in before getting on the plane. At least if you’re flying the friendly skies with Uzbekistan Airways.

According to CNN, the airline announced it will weigh passengers and their carry-on bags before boarding.  They believe it’s important to know just how much weight they’ll be adding to the plane.

So in addition to being my skinniest before going on vacation, I may have to ditch that Popeye’s I often tuck into my carry-on bag before longer flights. Continue reading