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Cemeteries Six Feet Up? Israel Builds First Skyscraper Cemetery!

Israel has built cemeteries six-feet-up
Israel has built cemeteries six-feet-up

*Whoa. Apparently, real estate is at an all-time-high all around the globe. And governing bodies are becoming more creative as a result. Take “final resting places” for example. As a result of a recent “that’s kosher” ruling from the Orthodox rabbis in Israel, preceded by the country’s extreme land crunch, the green light has been given for the design and building of vertical cemeteries in densely populated countries. In other words, instead of your final resting place being underground, it can now be six feet over. Still don’t get it? When you go visit the gravesite of your loved one, you might have to take an elevator to get there! OK, Now you can close your mouth…  Continue reading

Ebola: Not Every Infected Liberian Died. Meet Seven of the 25 Survivors!

Sontay Massaley
Sontay Massaley


*The extremely frightening Ebola virus seems to have just appeared out of nowhere, and just as quickly and mysteriously, it has become epidemic. Thus far, four thousand persons have lost their lives, mainly in Liberia – where we first learned about it. And health officials don’t appear to be any closer to learning more about how it is contracted. Is it airborne? Is it similar to AIDS, where one must be in contact with an affected persons’ fluids?  Do you have to be in “direct” contact…and how close is ‘direct’?

According to the World Health Organization, the epidemic has a 70 percent mortality rate, and it is said to leave survivors immune to the strain that sickened them.


Yes. We know about the American survivors; those who returned from Liberia after helping tend to the affected there. All white. All survived. We know that a nurse that tended to Thomas Eric Duncan, the black man who traveled from Liberia to Dallas – and died days later. We also know about two nurses who contracted Ebola, one who had tended to Mr. Duncan has now been diagnosed. But what we are just now learning is that not everyone who carried the virus in Liberia, died from it.

We can actually put a face to a portion of the remaining 30-percent. People like Sontay Massaley, pictured above, who still live in Liberia; have managed to survive the Ebola virus, and lived to tell about it.

Perhaps some of the answers we seek in learning about the epidemic lies in the living, not the dead.  Continue reading

Stephen Collins: Shamed Pedophile Actually Played One in Not-Yet-Released Movie

Stephen Collins

*As if the real world life of actor Stephen Collins could get any worse.

Collins soon-to-be-ex wife, Faye Grant, is said to have been holding the threat of releasing audio tape that she secretly recorded at a 2012 therapy session with the actor – who admitted to “molesting and exposing himself” to three girls some decades ago – over his head for quite some time.

And according to Collins attorney, she had her reasons for doing so.

Since the “reveal,” Collins has been in hiding and his career has gone into decline at a rapid pace. He has lost major film and TV roles (namely Mark Wahlberg’s move “Ted 2″ and a recurring gig on “Scandal”) and the UP TV network even pulled “7th Heaven” reruns (I’ll bet the other actors are pissed!), where he famously played a minister. Collins also had the decency to resign from Screen Actor’s Guild board of directors; and he has also been dropped by his talent agency.

Nobody would want to be in this guy’s shoes right now. And with new victims starting to come out of the woodwork, his troubles show no indication of slowing down anytime soon.

But here’s the thing that beats all. Stephen Collins actually filmed a movie in 2013, where he played a pedophile priest! The film has been making festival rounds lately, and the poor director, Jeff Wolfe, tried hard to distance himself from the actor. Continue reading

Retailers Promote ‘Ebola Costumes’ For Halloween (And Some of You Think It’s Cool)

Ebola costume1

Pictured above: A photo of an Ebola costume.

*With Halloween only a few short weeks away, costume outlets are ablaze with what kind of dollars they can bring in from the latest costume craze. What will it be this year? A superhero? A scary monster? A hazmat suit? An Ebola victim?

Social media buzz is leaning towards the last two.

Oh yeah, remember “Breaking Bad,” the super-popular TV series with Bryan Cranston as chemistry professor-turned-drug-kingpin “Walter White” and Aaron Paul as the lovable, strung-out-junkie-turned-sidekick, “Jessie?”

Well, costume sellers say they still have left over yellow jumpsuits, rubber gloves and masks from last Halloween, when that costume was the sh*t. This year they predict some of you Breaking Bad cult members may want to re-purpose those digs to display your take on Ebola.

For anyone who thinks that might be cool, I’ll bet you wouldn’t if it hit closer to home. Continue reading

Boy, 10, Charged As Adult for Killing 90-Year-Old Woman in Philly


Facebook photo: No bail: Tristen Kurilla's lawyer withdrew a request for bail, saying his family isn't ready to have him released into their custody and that they believe he is being treated well in county prison
Facebook photo: No bail: Tristen Kurilla’s lawyer withdrew a request for bail, saying his family isn’t ready to have him released into their custody and that they believe he is being treated well in county prison

*Somebody’s “baby” is headed to jail for a l-o-n-g time.

A 10-year-old boy is being held without bail after he was charged as an adult for killing a 90-year-old woman that his grandfather was a caretaker for. They say the boy held her down with a walking stick and beat her at his grandfather’s Pennsylvania home.

 Helen Novak died on Oct. 11.

Tristen Kurilla, the boy, admitted to pinning Novak down on her bed with a walking stick on her throat and punching her numerous times after she yelled at him, according to court papers.

“I killed that lady,” the boy said, the court paper states.

“Were you trying to kill her?” a trooper asked.

“No, I was only trying to hurt her,” the boy replied, according to the criminal complaint. Continue reading

Girl, 17, Gets Enormous…I Mean Really Big, Tumor Removed From Face (Really Graphic)

Stock photo
Stock photo

*Trust me. I couldn’t hit you with the real thing yet. The photo above is NOT the one. There has got to be one incredibly happy young woman out there. We all know how important appearance generally is, for a girl of 17; so we can only imagine how Grace, a girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has suffered over the past 10 years as a large tumor continued to grow on a place she couldn’t hide if she tried.

Her face.

“It started from a little swelling inside and the gums started growing little by little,” she said in a clip. “We went to hospital and they didn’t know what it was — they did nothing.”

So the tumor, which is at the bottom portion of her face (affecting her mouth), eventually increased…to the size of a football.

BE WARNED: Scroll down for the graphic photo of Grace before surgery! Continue reading

OMG! Family Told Son Had Died in Crash, Then Stunned When He Opens the Door

Justin Priest holds his 9-week-old yellow lab Lily in Anchorage on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014.
Justin Priest holds his 9-week-old yellow lab Lily in Anchorage on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014.


*When Karen and Jay Priest knocked on the door of their son’s long-time girlfriend Thursday, they didn’t have good news. It was their intent to inform her that Justin had been killed in a car accident.

So you can imagine their utter amazement when the 29-year-old Justin Priest, answered the door.

As it turns out, the Juneau police made a mistake. Their son had not been in a car crash at all. Continue reading

South Africa’s Isango Ensemble ‘Hits and Misses’ With Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ (Ends Today!)

2.Mhlekazi "Wha Wha" Mosiea (right) and Zolina Ngejane in the Isango Ensemble's "The Magic Flute" at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica
Mhlekazi “Wha Wha” Mosiea as “Tamino” (right) and Zolina Ngejane as “Pamina” in the Isango Ensemble’s “The Magic Flute” at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica

Final performance 4p.m. on Sunday, October 12

*South African Theatre comes to America! The Broad Stage hosts the internationally acclaimed Isango Ensemble to perform Mozart’s classic, “The Magic Flute” for six performances.

The story is basically about Tamino and Pamina – two young people who fall in love with each other based on being shown each others’ photographs, then go through a series of adventurous mishaps before they meet and can be together. Pamina is the daughter of the Queen of the Night and she was kidnapped by an evil man. Tamino is a traveler who vows to find her. Along the way he is met by three ladies who continuously compete with each other as they vie for his attention; a hilarious “bird-catcher,” spirits, and an assortment of other characters – all of whom lend themselves to the play’s chaos and order. Continue reading