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Watch: (Overcoming Your Past) He’s Been Shot. He Has Killed. Look What He Became… Anyway!


*We have all heard about the power of forgiveness. Some of us have even experienced it. But what if the person did something really bad, like killed someone.

Is it possible to forgive that person? What if that person is you? Huffington Post shows usa former drug dealer and convicted murderer who was in solitary confinement when he had the breakthrough that changed the direction of his life forever. Continue reading

The Actions of ‘Sexually Frustrated’ Women Resurface on Social Media


*Used to be a time when the only people even expected to talk about sex were men. A man thinks nothings of boasting about “tappin’ that!” or “Hittin’ this!” Well, apparently, they can talk all they want; women always were more “action-oriented.” And there are two stories that seem to be circulating on social media that show they, too, have expectations that apparently were not fulfilled, so instead of talking – they took some pretty extreme measures to show exactly how they feel.

A Detroit judge recently granted bond to a woman convicted of assault earlier this year after she shot and nearly killed her boyfriend of 15 years “over bad sex,” according to the headline. Sadie Bell, 58, suspected her married boyfriend—who she has been with for more-than-a-decade—was cheating on her (her “proof” is a little too graphic to explain). Seems kind of ironic, right? She expects a married man who has been having an affair with her, to be faithful to her when he is obviously cheating on his wife (yeah, with her). Continue reading

Preacher in the Pulpit Encourages Use of the F-Word (Watch)


*We all know preachers who get very excited in the pulpit and say things that maybe they shouldn’t. Then, there are others who get creative with how they use the word of God to share a message that might seem surprising, but is powerful and redemptive at the end. One pastor in particular has turned heads with his latest sermon. He has become quite taken with a phrase that we have heard everywhere except church – on the street; at the end of a bad argument, or at least as a statement to someone who has gotten on our last nerve.

He has also acknowledged that his congregation is “looking at him crazy.” Why? Probably because they can’t believe that he is encouraging them to use the ‘F-word’…often.

But there’s a catch! Continue reading

State Trooper (Aaron Huntsman) Stole Money & Jewelry From Crash Victim, Pleads Guilty

State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman plead guilty to stealing crash victims possessions
State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman plead guilty to stealing crash victims possessions


*Well if this don’t beat all! Please join me as I shake my head on this one. It appears that if cops are not beating the crap out of somebody, they are stealing peoples’ possessions.

A Connecticut state police trooper accused of stealing jewelry and cash from the body of John Scalesse, a motorcyclist who died at the scene of a motorcycle crash, pleaded guilty today to felony charges and will spend more than a year in prison, according to the court.

Aaron Huntsman, had been a state trooper with the department for nearly two decades at the time of the crime, and is now guilty of third-degree larceny and tampering with evidence. Continue reading

Bring It On Please: Beyonce’s Music In Highly Anticipated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Film?

Continue reading

Al Sharpton ‘Bothered’ By Lack of Action By Witnesses of Chokehold Victim

Man, chokehold death

*In the equivalent of a verbal lashing, the Rev. Al Sharpton had choice words for the  witnesses that stood around and watched or recorded the recent police attack on - and subsequent death of – Eric Garner. He was angry that people just stood around as a man screamed that he couldn’t breathe, and then did nothing as the officer continued to choke hold him.

On Sunday, Sharpton demanded justice for Garner, who he said was choked to death by New York City police, and said citizens who attack police officers should also be held accountable. Continue reading

Mother Who Left Sons in Hot Car While She Interviewed Strikes Deal…No Prosecution!


*The Phoenix woman who left her two young sons alone in a hot car while she was at a job interview struck a deal on Friday that would allow her to avoid prosecution.

Shanesha Taylor was to face being tried on two felony child abuse charges. After striking the deal, she said gratitude was what she felt.

“I’m grateful for the offer that was extended to me and the opportunity to resolve this situation as well as to show my intentions,” said Taylor, who shed a few tears while standing outside the courthouse.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said his office has reached an agreement with Taylor, 35, who is a mother of three. The stipulations say he’ll dismiss the charges against her if she meets several conditions; such as completing parenting and substance abuse treatment programs and establishing education and child care trust funds for her children. Continue reading

Videotaped: #WeSawWhatYouDid – NYPD Suffocates Man Who Helped Breakup Fight


*If it were not for a video that recorded the NYPD officers who piled on top of a New York City man that they insisted on placing in a choke-hold and ended up killing him when he couldn’t breathe beneath the weight, this would be a case of their word against all the people who witnessed it.

But as they say, pictures do speak louder than words, and the police department may have a hard time getting out of this one. Continue reading