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Watch: Police Say Panhandler Had $800 in His Pocket!


*I guess you can say it was a really good day for business for one homeless man; who Slidell police in Louisiana say panhandles regularly in a certain area.

Now, the SPD is using him as an example for the “new face of panhandling” by putting him on their Facebook page in a very unapologetic way. Continue reading

Chicago Cop Now ‘Embarrassed’ About Photo With Black Detainee as Animal

cop antlers
“Former” officers of the Chicago Police Department: Jerome Finnigan, left, and Timothy McDermott with an unidentified man | Photo from court file

*Oops! This photo wasn’t supposed to see the light of day.

The approximate debut of the Polaroid was sometime between 1999 and 2003. And it may have been taken at a West Side Chicago police station.

The photo depicts two officers, Timothy McDermott and Jerome Finnigan posing with rifles, as a black man lies in between them, all gussied up to resemble an animal.

As you can see, the hand of the cop on the right (McDermott), is on the man’s neck, and his tongue is out.

The detainee remains unidentified, but records say he was arrested for marijuana, but then released due to lack of evidence.

Naw, this photo wasn’t suppose to be seen by the public.

But then along came this judge from Cook County, who obviously disagreed. Continue reading

L.A. Women’s Theatre Festival Comes to Ivy Substation (Danny Glover News Too!)


*Fresh off of their successful 2015 festival, themed: “Solo But Not Alone,” the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) brings encore performances to Culver City for one very special night on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. The venue will be the Ivy Substation, 9070 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. The show will be hosted by Hattie Winston (Becker) and Joyce Guy (Parenthood).

The theme for the evening will be “Celebration: Steel Drums, Ballet Slippers and Resilience!” Six of LAWTF’s encore performers will be featured. Continue reading

Video: White Legislator Claims Paternity to Black Teen’s Young Son, Will Still Run for Senate

Antebellum, former delegate and young AA woman with his child
AIN’T THAT A KICK IN THE HEAD: Teen Myrna Pride told the media her parents used to have photos ‘like this’ Antebellum picture with her and Virginia legislator, Joe Morrissey, with their baby.

*Well, excuse my French.

But if this ain’t a mutha-fuh-ya, I don’t know what is.

The short end of the story is, Caucasian attorney and former Virginia House delegate Joe Morrissey, 57, who was once disbarred and even lost his freedom for the crime of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” called the media together for a press conference where he admitted to being the baby-daddy of 19-year-old Myrna Pride‘s 2-1/2-month-old son, Chase.

Pride sat by Morrissey’s side at the event, and chimed in on at least two occasions of the (edited) clip (scroll down to see it). Once, when she stated their sexual relationship did not happen before she was of legal age; and then again as she supported his claim that “age is not a factor in their ‘relationship.'”

Which makes believing their claims that he waited until she was of age, a real stretch of the imagination.

By the latest calculations, Morrissey now has four children by four different women.

He appeared nervous during the press conference; especially when a reporter asked him if he planned on marrying Pride. Continue reading

Beware: Your New Social Media ‘Friend’ May Be a Federal Agent

They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!
They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!

*Do you really want to accept that friend request on social media? I mean, who is this “friend” really?

You might be surprised to learn its no friend at all. At least none you’d want to know.

According to recent reports, your new friend just might be a federal agent. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve done nothing wrong!” Or “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Well, you may be right; but here’s what they’re probably looking for…

Cheaters! Liars! And everything in between. Continue reading

She Needs Your Help Now: Anorexia Victim’s Weight Plummets to 40 Pounds! (Graphic Video & Pics)

Rachael Farrokh went from this...
Rachael Farrokh went from this…

*It may be easy to look at someone suffering from Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia, and think it is a choice they made.

Our minds may immediately shift to the belief that these people just want to be skinny. They are vain and feel this is what will make them beautiful.

And finally…

They can change this if they really want to.

Oh, if it were that easy.

While these eating disorders may have started with the desire to “look better” — especially for those in the public eye who feel the need to conform to a certain standard of beauty — it certainly doesn’t end there.

And the most surprising thing to learn about this eating disorder is that it has absolutely nothing to do with food.

Do you really think that a grown woman who has allowed her weight to wither down to 40 pounds, is satisfied with the way she looks? Continue reading

Black Mom Grateful to White Cop Who Never Asked Son if Mercedes Was Stolen (Watch)

joseph owusu & his mother nadu owusu

*You can’t blame the mom for hoping this won’t be news one day. But until that day comes, this rarity will make headlines.

When a white cop gets down on his knees at one o’clock in the morning, to tend to the blown out tires of a young black man’s Mercedes–without questioning if the car is his–that’s news!

And this young man’s mother was so grateful to that officer, she posted it on social media.

And it went viral. Continue reading

Wait! Our Black Kids in Elementary School Commit Suicide…Study Says ‘Yes!’

Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide
Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide

*What could be so bad for a child aged 5-11 years, that he or she would commit suicide?

Your guess is as good as the researchers who study this.

But its something we would never imagine. Before we get to what the “experts” have to say, indulge me for a minute please. Just let me throw this out there.

This is what made me go, “Oh, I can see how that would happen.”

You know all of the stress a single parent can be under. Children feel energy. Sometimes they hear mommy and daddy fussing. A lot of times mommy is not happy. Daddy is mad. Sometimes we are short with our children. We snap at them when they ask the simplest question, because we’re having a bad day. The kid starts to think, ‘Maybe mommy and daddy would be happy if I were not here.’

Does that make it any clearer for you?

Yes, I ‘went there’ as I began to read up on this topic, and it is very disconcerting, to say the least.

Now, here’s what the experts have to say.

The same ones who have concluded that suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled since the 1990’s. Continue reading