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Traumatized, Woman Who Weighs 800-lbs Stands for the First Time in Years (Watch)

600 lb lady on TLC

*It might be hard to imagine someone putting on hundreds of pounds from eating all kinds of comfort foods, but this is reality for Marla McCants, who weighs in at 800 lbs from doing just that. Stress eating became her way of dealing with the trauma following being kidnapped by her former boyfriend. Now, after years of doing nothing but eating and sitting still, she stood up for the first time  and it was captured on Wednesday’s TLC program, “My 600-lb Life.”

McCants, who says she never had a weight problem in the past, used eating as a means to cope with being kidnapped at gunpoint by her boyfriend after she tried to call it quits. The traumatic experience left her afraid to leave the house for fear that her boyfriend would locate and kill her.

By the time he was captured, she weighed 700 pounds. Continue reading

Would Black Students Benefit More Being Taught By Black Teachers – Recent Study Says ‘Yes’


*While we would like to think that race doesn’t matter when it comes to being a person put in the position to teach, thinking this would not only be inaccurate, it would be naive.

Numerous factors have pointed to the difference in academic performance of minority students versus non-minority students; and these factors are largely due to the baggage that a teacher of a different race may bring with them. It’s not new news that minority students deal with racism and stereotyping by teachers. And with more than 80% of public school teachers being white – a new study says that hiring more minority teachers will have an amazing impact on the academia of minority students. Continue reading

‘Happiness’ Article Encourages CEO to Cut His Salary & Raise Lowest Employee Wages to $70K!


Dan Price cuts his own salary so that his employees can 'be happy'
Dan Price cuts his own salary so that his employees can ‘be happy’

*In an unprecedented corporate move, one CEO who apparently wants his workforce to be ‘happy’ has announced he will slash his own salary and raise the salary of each of his 120 employees over the next three years – with the minimum salary being set to $70,000; this increase will affect workers that include clerks, customer service representatives and people working in the sales category.

Hey corporate world are you listening?

It’s a known (and embarrassing) fact that a country this powerful and wealthy has some of the lowest paid employees and the fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage has reached a crescendo over the past few years.

“The United States has one of the world’s largest pay gaps, with chief executives earning nearly 300 times what the average worker makes,” reports the New York Times.

Dan Price is the founder and CEO of Gravity Payments – a credit card payment processing firm that he started at age 19 in his college dorm at Seattle Pacific University. His company processed over $6.5 billion in transactions; spanning over 12,000 different companies last year alone.

His annual salary is one million dollars. But that’s about to change. Continue reading

The Pasadena Playhouse Selected for Wallace Foundation Audience-Building Initiative – Awarded $460,000


PASADENA, CA, April 15, 2015 – The Pasadena Playhouse has been selected for the New York-based Wallace Foundation’s Building Audiences for Sustainability effort – a new, six-year, $52-million initiative aimed at developing practical insights into how exemplary performing arts organizations can successfully expand their audiences, the foundation announced today.

The Playhouse will receive $460,000 for the first cycle of work plus additional support from the Wallace Foundation for preliminary audience research.  As part of the Wallace initiative, The Pasadena Playhouse seeks to develop stronger ties to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of the Southern California region through the production of main stage performances that resonate with these communities, and through the cultivation of meaningful relationships within each community.

Continue reading

California’s ‘Drought’…An Expert Answers Your Questions on ‘What To Do’

Folsom water conservation specialist Jan Famestad, left, evaluates water usage by homeowner Ina Tompkins at her home in Folsom on March 7,
Folsom water conservation specialist Jan Famestad, left, evaluates water usage by homeowner Ina Tompkins at her home in Folsom on March 7,

You may have heard, the State of California is in a serious drought. And rumor has it, soon greater water restrictions will be placed on residential users.

Gov. Jerry Brown recently imposed mandatory water restrictions on residents businesses and farms for the first time, and ordered cities and towns in the drought-ravaged state to reduce usage by 25%.

“We’re in a new era,” Brown said. “The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past.”

The Sacramento Bee got busy soliciting questions from readers who wanted some practical advice on things they could do to conserve when the drought “got real” last summer. Following are answers to some of the questions submitted to Bee reporters. Continue reading

Quincy Jones Still Got Game…And This Time While Wearing Buscemi

Quincy with Buscemi boxes2
“Q” Need We Say More?


*Music legend Quincy Jones may not be in the public eye like he used to, but don’t get it twisted, he’s still got that swag. In a new cool shoe campaign by designer Jon BuscemiJones is shown on billboards as he sports the luxury high-top sneaker for the designer’s Spring 2015 line.

And here you thought the producer of Michael Jackson‘s top-selling album had gone somewhere and sat down!

Well, he may be sitting, but its only to pose in these cool shoes. Continue reading

Close Your Mouth: Yes, She’s Pregnant With Quadruplets at Age 65!

65 year old woman pregnant with quads
…and she already has 13 children and seven grandchildren!!!

*You think maybe there’s something in the water? What else could explain a 65-year-old woman living in Berlin – who already has 13 children, mind you – being pregnant with quadruplets? This is what is being reported by the German media.

But as it turns out, it not the water.  School teacher Annegret Raunigk has actually messed around with artificial insemination over the last year and a half and I guess it finally kicked in.

Her main motivation for having another child was to give her youngest daughter – who is nine – a sibling, according to the RTL media website.

On Monday evening, the TV channel plans to broadcast an interview with Raunigk, who is also the grandmother of seven. Continue reading

New Study Differentiates ‘Black’ in America…And Find Many U.S. Blacks Are Foreign Born


*Are you black or African American? If this is a question you never really considered much, and flippantly answer one way or another on any given day (like me), you might want to change that. Not that its wrong, but a new study shows that a growing number of black people in America are foreign-born immigrants; and this may now make it necessary for African Americans to check a different box on that application, if you get my drift.

The new study sheds greater light on the people ‘black’ may more accurately represent.

The U.S. Census Bureau-based data shows that many black people  now residing in the U. S. come from other countries such as the Caribbean and countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. Currently, according to the study, 9 percent of blacks in the United States were born outside the country and the number of foreign-born blacks in the U.S. has tripled since 1980.

The Census Bureau projects that by 2060, more than 16 percent of U.S. blacks will be immigrants. And in this study they tend to be older, better educated, and wealthier than U.S. born blacks. Continue reading