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Yikes! Woman Opens Can of Tuna and Finds Two Eyes Staring Back at Her (Look!)


tuna with eyes2

*Hey, how many of us love a good tuna sandwich? Just thinking about one we can practically taste it — with the chopped celery, maybe a little boiled egg mixed in, some mayo. All on a nice french bun. But when we open the can to start the preparation of the tasty sandwich, we probably wouldn’t count on a pair of fish eyes staring up at us. I dunno, all of a sudden you find you’re not hungry after all.

Zoe Butler said she won’t even share the news of the find with her daughter, who she was preparing dinner for when she found it inside the can of Princes tuna she was making.

The young 28-year-old British woman was shocked and sent a picture that showed a tiny creature with eyes to Princes Tuna who now promises to investigate.

Scroll down to see the ghastly sight. Continue reading

Walmart: Settlement Reached With Family of Comedian Killed in Tracy Morgan Car Crash


According to The Associated Press, Walmart has reached a wrongful death settlement with  the family of a comedian killed in the New Jersey Turnpike crash that seriously injured Tracy Morgan last summer.

Walmart and the estate of James McNair settled out-of-court. The settlement is the first since the June 7 crash where a Wal-Mart truck ran into the limo that carried Morgan and others home from a show in Delaware. Continue reading

Health & Fitness Expert, Gloria Kamil, Releases New Cookbook “Gloria’s One Dish Recipes”

Gloria Kamil Photo in Kitchen
(OAKLAND, CA – January 22, 2015) – Health and fitness expert Gloria Kamil, has released her new cookbook ” Gloria’s One Dish Recipes,” and is taking eating healthy to a new level.  The book is a must have for those who want to eat healthy, gain control over their time, waistline and the health of themselves and their families.  With over 40 simple to follow healthy and soulful recipes, Gloria’s One Dish Recipes reveals a glimpse into the super healthy guru’s eating philosophies.

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Police in Kenya Tear-gas Primary School Children Who Protest to Save Their Playground

KENYAN children teargassed

*Its a rare thing to hear about children protesting about anything. We don’t really give them credit for being wise enough to know about such things.

But on Monday children in Nairobi, Kenya took a stand to protect their school’s playground, which was said to be confiscated by a powerful politician. But as they protested the take, Kenyan police tear-gassed them. This according to what a a Kenyan human rights activist told the Associated Press.

The Langata Road Primary School students, said to be between six and 13 years of age, were front and center among those pulling down a wall that had been put in place around the playground that was acquired by a private developer said to be a powerful politician, said Boniface Mwangi. Continue reading

Ex-Cop, a Black Man, Shot 28 Times By White Officers, Out of Prison (But Free?)

Howard Morgan
Howard Morgan


*Wow, talk about driving while black. Doesn’t your brow raise from the headline alone? An ex-COP, shot, and he was in prison. Must of been a black man right? Right. And his name is Howard Morgan. The former Chicago cop had a run-in with police a decade ago and ended up being shot 28 times by them. It was mishandled/destroyed evidence that put him behind bars for 40 years – but last week his sentence was commuted.

Last Wednesday Howard Morgan walked out of a courtroom free. His clemency petition had been among 43 others heard and granted by the former Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who was serving the final day of his term.

The details surrounding Morgan’s case remain muddy still. And with major evidence up and disappeared, well…

The story goes, however, that he was off duty from his job as a detective on Feb. 21, 2005. He worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line, but had previously worked as an officer with the Chicago Police Department for eight years . Continue reading

Young Mother Set Her Newborn Baby on Fire, She is Now In Jail for Murder (Video)

Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier
Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier

*You know how you think you’ve heard it all, and then something mind-boggling happens and you realize you haven’t? You know how we’ve learned not to judge, but we find it hard not to when we hear certain things. Like this story of a young woman in New Jersey who authorities say put her newborn baby girl in the middle of a road and set the infant on fire.

Police were called by a resident on Friday who said he saw a woman “burning something” in the middle of a residential road in the township, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of Philadelphia.

It was there that they found the baby in flames and put out the fire. Continue reading

Men May Find ‘Options’ to Get Their Groove On With Life-Like Robots (Look at This!)


*Japan has always been a country to watch when it comes to technology. It seems that by the time the U. S. even thinks of making a move with technology, Japan is already three steps ahead.

Now, according to some dude named Michael Snyder, the Japanese made a real life robot that walks, talks, thinks and apparently, given time, may do other things…kinky things.

According to him, its only a matter of time before men start exploring  having sex with the  blowup doll…OK, OK, to be fair he calls it a “virtually indistinguishable” robot.

He says technology is moving so fast that you can pretty much expect a place like Japan (who seems to be leading the charge right now in these lifelike robots) to create a doll that will give real women a run for their … (You fill in the blank).

Could happen…Scroll down for the video! Continue reading

Teen Admits He Killed His Teacher, But Denies He Raped Her First

Teen kills teacher

*Philip Chism sat straight faced in court and showed no emotion as the charge of murder was put before him. He has been accused of killing his high school math teacher and even described the chilling details to police, claiming he knocked her out with a “karate chop” before he sliced her neck -twice – with a box cutter, according to a police detective who spoke on Friday at a pre-trial hearing. Continue reading