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Cellulite…Acne…Girl Is That You? Toy Designer Gives Iconic Barbie Doll A ‘Real’ Touch (Watch)

Barbie with acne and stretch marks
New doll has “acne’ (L) and ‘Stretch Marks’ (R)


*I don’t know about you, but I did secretly wonder how long the Barbie doll was going to stay skinny and white. What with everything else changing, why not Barbie after all these years.

Yeah, I know. Somewhere in your memory you recall somebody saying something about a changed Barbie, but you can’t be sure. Well here’s something you can wrap your brain around. Here’s a change your Barbie-lover might appreciate.


Gone are the skinny legs and perfect thighs. Gone is the clear, white skin…Well, its still white but…Now the girl has gone and got acne…cellulite…and stretch marks! Continue reading

Man Brings His ‘New Woman’ With Him to Serve Divorce Papers…Bad, Bad Move! (Watch)

Girlfriend Beatdown

*Well I just don’t know WHAT to think about this one. And I would sure appreciate your thoughts at the end.

We can understand when things don’t work out in a marriage, after a l-o-n-g while, you might start thinking about divorce. This was apparently the case with one couple – well, it was the case with the husband.

But here’s the thing. When he decided to let his wife in on the decision he had come to, which was to divorce her, he brought his new woman along to serve the divorce papers.

The wife went off…and kicked the new woman’s butt in the process. Continue reading

‘Prank It Forward’ Gives Single Mother of Three Surprise of a Lifetime (Watch)

Cara Simmons (middle) with her sister (L) and daughter (R)
Cara Simmons (middle) with her sister (L) and daughter (R)


*Oh boy, we love stories like this!

We all have friends and family we wish we could give the world to…do more for. Those who have been there for us through thick and thin; who always try to take care of everything for any and everybody.

Well apparently Cara Simmons is that person in her Cleveland, Ohio community. Her family, friends, and even her employer didn’t stutter when they proclaimed her most deserving of a break because she had not had one…ever!

They all got together with Prank It Forward, a campaign by dedicated to charity-based “pranks for good.” And boy oh boy, did they make her day!

Be warned: You’re gonna need a tissue!

Continue reading

One Lucky Dog! Owner Uses Tree Leaf to Save Dog From Python’s Death Grip (Watch)

dog in pythons grip

*A dog immobilized by the death grip of a python is a scene that you pretty much know the ending to, right? Any way you slice it, it doesn’t look good for the dog.

Unless he is incredibly lucky. And whew! This dog certainly was!

Thanks to his owner, the canine escaped this harrowing ordeal. And by the sound of his robust bark at the end of the video,  you would never have guessed he was so close to danger moments earlier.

Still, it was one helluva scary moment for the dog and his owner in the forests of southwest India. Continue reading

Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Think Donald Sterling Should’ve Lost Clippers…Seriously, Dude?

Comedian Dave Chappelle speaks his mind on the Donald Sterling controversy.
Comedian Dave Chappelle speaks his mind on the Donald Sterling controversy.


*OK. I guess a recent interview with GQ magazine caught our boy Dave Chappelle having a “moment.” He said – apparently with a straight face – that he doesn’t think it was fair to force Donald Sterling to sell the team he has owned for 33 seasons, the Los Angeles Clippers. This, he says, in spite of the “awful” racial remarks made by the tenured businessman in a private phone conversation.

Well, with a straight face, I am thinking, “We’re talking about racist-ass Donald Sterling. Why should “fair” be part of the equation?”

Chappelle, 41, said that, ultimately, he doesn’t think the 80-year-old “Sterling should have lost his team.”

“I don’t like the idea that someone could record a secret conversation and that a person could lose their assets from that, even though I think what he said was awful,” he explained.

Continue reading

Mom of ‘Hot Car’ Babies Accused of Spending Donor Money on Boyfriend’s Rap Album

hot car mom, Shanesha Taylor

*Remember the woman who got sympathy from many after she was in court crying due to her arrest in Arizona? She had been charged with leaving her young children in a hot car.

Many felt her pain, after it was revealed that she wasn’t just being irresponsible; she had no other options, and left her two children in the car as she attended a job interview.

What Your Career Can Look Like if Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Like You (Watch)


*Just ask Katherine Heigl.

She quit being the character Izzy on “Grey’s Anatomy” years ago (her final episode aired Jan 21, 2010), and she is just now resurfacing on TV with her new NBC series, ” State of Affairs.”

But the wrath of Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the long-running show, who has made her negative feelings about Heigl public in interviews, is still following the actress.

A lot of times, when stars leave a hit show like a Grey’s Anatomy, without being fired, its because they either got a new series or want to try their hand at film. But Heigl’s absence from TV and film immediately following her resignation from the show (which her colleague,  Ellen Pompeo said was due to “hurt feelings” and money) appeared to be the first sign that Rhimes had been left with a bad taste in her mouth. And it didn’t help when rumors began to surface claiming the actress was a “Diva” and less than pleasant to work with.

ketherine heigl
Katherine Heigl

But Katherine Heigl’s long absence has apparently given her time to think about some things (and most likely, she is getting guidance from a good publicist on the “how to’s” moving forward) and now she is taking the high road when she is asked about Rhimes.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rhimes candidly noted that she’s grateful there are “no Heigls” among the cast members on Scandal.

When asked about the comments of her former boss on Extra this week, Heigl was diplomatic and said she wishes Rhimes well.

“It sucks,” she told Mario Lopez. “I’m sorry that she feels that way, and I wish her nothing but greatness, and I have nothing negative to say about Shonda. I’m a big fan of her work. I watch Scandal every week. I’m sorry she’s left with such a crappy impression of me. I wish I could do something to change that. Maybe I will be able to someday.”

When Heigl made her much-publicized return to network television Monday with  State of Affairs., she knew she didn’t come alone. She was aware that she brings a bad reputation about her professional behavior with her, and admits to Extra,

“There’s nothing I can do about this except to sort of prove it wrong.” And the only way for me to prove it wrong is for people to have a work experience with me that doesn’t speak to that at all,” she adds.

Watch her interview with Mario Lopez directly below:

Semi Truck Spills Frozen Turkeys on Bay Area Highway – Now Homeless Will Get ‘Em


*They say one person’s loss is another persons’ gain? Well that was definitely the case when a semi-truck carrying up to 30,000 pounds of frozen Butterball turkeys flipped over after trying to make a sharp turn and spilled diesel and thousands of Thanksgiving meals headed for Costco.

But stores can’t sell food that has spilled on the road (the turkeys remained safe in cardboard boxes)  so the poultry is headed to the Alameda County Food Bank in Oakland, where the homeless will be fed, according to spokesman Michael Altfest. Some of the turkeys will be shared with shelters in Contra Costa County, too. Continue reading