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Reward: Alabama Governor Needs Your Help to Find Killer of 8-Year-Old Girl (Video)

Hiawayi Robinson was murdered one week before her 9th birthday.
Hiawayi Robinson was murdered one week before her 9th birthday.


*A little girl said to be on her way to her cousin’s house never got there. One of the last sightings of her was at a store, where she was captured on camera paying for something at a cash register, and the next time she was seen, she was dead on the side of the road. Now, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has offered a $5,000 reward for information that will lead to an arrest in the murder of 8-year-old Hiawayi Robinson of Prichard. But the governor also has some explaining to do. He has been accused of racial profiling the family based on insensitive statements he made at a press conference. Continue reading

Study Shows ‘Spanking Favored’ in African American Households…Do You Agree?


*It’s times like this, in light of the whole Adrian Peterson issue, you might want to raise your hand and say, ‘Uh-Uh. Don’t group me with that bunch”…or not. But according to a study out of the University of Chicago, African Americans (and Republicans) agree on at least one thing: spanking as a way to discipline your child is perfectly OK. Continue reading

Walmart Has New ‘Dress Code’ They Want Employees to Pay For…Worker’s Pissed!

walmart workers dress code

 *Of all the crappy things to happen to the already underpaid Walmart workers, now the store wants some of the WMT staff to adhere to a new mandatory “dress code” and to add insult to injury, the company expects the employees to pay for the clothes!

The “new look” calls for employees to wear a navy blue or white polo shirt and khaki or black pants or skirts. It also requires the return of the Walmart vest, but the company will pay for that.

The new dress code and the employee backlash were first reported by Gawker.

But this may not be a problem for long because if it turns out the new look is a “uniform” and not a “dress code” Walmart will have to pay for the clothes.The U.S. Department of Labor says companies must pay for a “uniform,” but not clothes required to comply with a “dress code. Continue reading

Landcaster Newspapers ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Slaveship-Airline Seating Comparison


*Oh joy. Another apology. Here we go again.

If you’ve read articles here over the past few weeks, you’ll understand the statement. If not, I spoke of how the apology – at least coming in the form of a statement from a business, seems to be losing its value or authenticity. Every time a business is accused of racism, based on some foolish, blatant act, they already seem to have a statement set-to-go about how they don’t tolerate racism in the workplace “so we’re sorry if we offended yaddy, yaddy, yah.” Now, a Pennsylvania newspaper is apologizing for not thinking first, before they chose to publish a cartoon that compares the lack of comfort on modern-day air travel to the so-called “Middle Passage” — the trans-Atlantic leg of the slave trade that involved transporting captive Africans to the Americas to be sold into bondage.

They realized the insensitive error and have since deleted the image, but not before it was seen by some folks in the African American community. The cartoon ran in the Lancaster New Era last Saturday and depicts an elderly white couple studying a picture of a slave ship and thinking, “Must be where they got their idea for passenger seating.” From this we are to recall the hellish conditions under which African men, women and children were forcibly transported to the Americas and compare them to the present-day problem of uncomfortable seating on airplanes. Continue reading

Iyanla Set to ‘Fix the Life’ of 5 Women Who Share the ‘Baby-Daddy’ of 34 Kids

Women of baby daddy of 34

*Though I didn’t see the episode, I do recall the trailer. Iyanla sat on a porch with Jay Williams, a successful video producer in Atlanta, who had an armful of black baby dolls; which represented the 34 biological children Williams has fathered with 17 different women. The segment was powerful because after a very few moments of intense questioning and attempts at reasoning by Iyanla, you could see that Jay was getting frustrated and he eventually put the armful of dolls that Iyanla had him holding down. Iyanla asked him why he did this, and he responded something like, “because I’m tired of playing with the dolls.”

Now that could have very well been the end of the experiment for a less bodacious host. But not for Iyanla, who didn’t skip a beat when she picked the dolls up again and put them in Williams’ lap saying something to the effect of, “Too bad. Their mother doesn’t get that option.” Continue reading

Sarah Palin: Makeup Free and No Wedding Band…Girl, Did We Catch You On A Bad Day?

sarah palin - enews screenshot

*Mrs. Sarah Palin, what do we have here? You’ve decided to run  errands in your beloved Anchorage, Alaska without the grace of your usual face, and now you are rushing to your car in an attempt to shield your face from the camera because you want to be on the down-low.

Surely, you will forgive the paps for not recognizing your obvious plea for privacy. Those silly boys are not used to this “low-profile Sarah” and they still have questions about the alleged drunken brawl they hear your family was involved in at your husband Todd Palin’s birthday celebration. How is he, by the way. I ask because the paps are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that you are not wearing your wedding ring. Wouldn’t you know it…They have questions about that too.

But I’ve got you covered on that one, Mrs. Palin. ‘Cause us girls gotta stick together right? So I want to share with those nosy paps all the possible  reasons why you may not be wearing your precious ‘Til death do us part’ symbol. Because the media is always jumping to conclusions when, in all fairness, it may be something quite simple. Continue reading

Rare Blood Disease in This Infant, Revealed ‘Incest Secret’ in Family

Stock photo
Stock photo


*A baby at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri was recently diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, a rare type of blood “cancer,” which made doctors question if there was more to why the baby has this in the first place. Their suspicions were aroused because  the blood disease is a rare genetic disorder that can be acquired or inherited, and is in some rare cases, the result of incest.

Though Dr. Michael Jordon, a pediatrician that works with  hematology and oncology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, tells The Stir that, “Recessive genetic disorders [like HLH but not excluded to HLH] may be more common when parents are related, but the vast majority of parents in the U.S. who have children with HLH aren’t related,” [but] there is still that small possibility that made doctors suspicious enough to contact the police in this case. Continue reading