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Gardena, CA-Based ‘Eternal Wash’ Raises Funds to Help Children & Single Fathers

Car Wash helps raise money1

Eternal Wash has more in mind than just cleaning cars. The Gardena based establishment also gives back to the community. Now through July 2015 the business is raising money for Children’s Healthcare issues in Los Angeles, and to assist Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency in opening the first one and only 5 story Teddy Bear Hospital, slated to help provide teddy bears of cheer to disadvantaged children in need of healthcare; financial assistance for medical operations and home based medical care; family transportation back and forth to hospitals for follow up treatments and an array of other services for the ill child afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

The hospital is also slated to provide an entire floor dedicated to sharing our lives and resources with the elderly. They will be present from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m. to enjoy entertainment, giant screen televisions on all walls, nutritious meals and game time, and a resting place during the day where they can find peace and solace. Nurses and MD’S will be on hand daily, around the clock to provide medication and love!

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Y&R Fans: Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?…Let’s Talk!

A sightless Neil Winters lingers in the background as his son, Devon, speaks. What do you think is happening in this scene?
A sightless Neil Winters lingers in the background as his son, Devon, speaks. What do you think is happening in this scene?

*In the picture above, Devon is most likely having one of his “code conversations” with Hillary, as his sightless, unsuspecting father looks on. Die hard fans of The Young & The Restless don’t even front, I know you’re out there. I just know we have some readers who are true hard core Y&R fans that have been watching the show for the past  er, uh, wait, I’m not falling for that oneumpteen years :) But am I the only one who is noticing the story lines have gotten a lot stronger? There are obviously new writers who are starting to pack a punch!

With that said, I’m through talking about scenes to a computer that can’t talk back. It can’t respond when I tell it I have a problem with what Jack said; what Phyllis had the nerve to do now, and what Devon was obviously thinking with when he decided to cheat with his father’s wife?

It can’t speculate with me as I wonder if old wounds will EVER heal and the on-again-off again campaign for a certain actress to return to the show…even as a GHOST periodically, will ever happen.

In other words, I want to talk about it..with YOU! Continue reading

Watch Croc Fight Three Lions at Once and More Amazing Videos

Amazing videos

*Do you remember the world before the Internet? Thinking back, it was a little less exciting. We can definitely chime in on the pros and cons of technology, right? But you’ve got to admit, the Internet has opened the gates for us to see some pretty amazing stuff. Take a look at some of it in the videos below and scroll down to show us your own amazing videos for an upcoming feature.

Who’da thunk it? At first the fight started off fair. One crocodile. One lion. But then two of the lions buddies joined in.

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Black Transgender ‘Homecoming King’ Crowned Last Year, Dies from Apparent Suicide

East Mecklenburg senior Blake Brockington with other homecoming court members. Brockington raised $2,335.55 of a total $3,203.22. The student who raised the most money was crowned homecoming king.


*Blake Brockington made history last year. At the age of 18, the transgender activist made headlines after being crowned Homecoming King at his Charlotte, North Carolina, high school. But now the The Charlotte Observer has reported he is dead from an apparent suicide.

The news was confirmed to The Huffington Post by Time Out Youth Center, a local LGBT support center where Brockington was a client.

“He was seen as a leader in the LGBT movement and social justice movement,” said Rodney Tucker, executive director at the center. “We are all in shock and grieving here.” Continue reading

Craigslist Ad Seeks an ‘Overweight Mammy’ Type for Antebellum Party


*Ah Craigslist. The site where you are likely to find anything. Jobs, apartments, houses, a lover, therapy groups, prayer groups, slaves. Oh wait! SLAVES? Well, this remains to be seen. But at least you can advertise for some. 

And as is the case with anything on the free market; especially online, where anything goes because you’re invisible and can’t be held accountable, there are also scams, cons, and those who mock or simply offend people…intentionally.

Which brings us to this ad on Craigslist. It looks genuine — and I suppose if you view it cockeyed you might even be able to see it as an acting job. But more than likely, you’ll find yourself thinking, “WTF?” Continue reading

Rappers Beware: Mac Phipps’ Rap Lyrics Was Used to Convict Him (Watch)

Mac Phipps

*I’m telling you, if you’re about that life, you might want to look at the case of rapper Mac Phillips, who was convicted of the 2001 murder of a concertgoer and is serving 30 years in prison as a result. Not that the prosecutor had any evidence of a forensic nature against him. No past criminal activity he could put on the rapper. Nuh uh, he went straight for the jugular.

In this case, his music.

Now McKinley “Mac” Phipps has a lot of time on his hands. As a resident at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Tammy Parish, Louisiana, he has plenty of opportunities to recall the words of his best-known song.

Murda, murda (murder, murder)

Kill, kill (kill, kill)

S**t’s real (s**t’s real)

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Drugs More Likely Used By Whites, But Blacks More Likely Jailed for It


*It’s becoming more and more apparent that white people are more likely to use drugs, but black people are more likely to go to jail for it. This country’s criminal justice system is top-heavy with black men in particular being arrested for nonviolent drug use; while their white counterparts continue to get high in the privacy of their wherever. It is important to not forget just how much of a role the War on Drugs and its disproportionate impact on Black families and communities plays in the perpetuation of racism and inequality. 

Did you know that black people now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million people who fill America’s jails and prisons? Blacks find themselves incarcerated at a rate nearly six times that of whites. Continue reading

Unmitigated Gall! Chinese Restaurant in Africa Won’t Allow Blacks After 5PM (Watch)

chinese-restaurant, no africans policy

*From the title alone, the height of your rising blood pressure is not lost on me, readers. You are enraged for several reasons. Allow me to vent for a sec on your behalf. One, you might be thinking, “How dare these mother*******! Black people are not even allowed to live in China for any significant amount of time -let alone start a business there. So why are Chinese people allowed to open a restaurant in Africa? And now, they have the unmitigated gall to refuse admission to black Africans after the 5 o’clock hour?

Yeah. I feel you. And if I were with you physically right now, I would at least consider your request to, “hold you back!”

Hey, do we really need any more signs proving that racism is real? And it is at times like this, when these little tidbits of information comes out, that we might recall all those “warnings” from our friends on their individual soapboxes, that chide us for loving shows like ‘Empire.’ The images they say “are about buffoonery and other negative things” that ignorant asses all over the world RELY ON to learn about us. Or help form their perception of us.

Well, this is what they do with that “knowledge.” Disrespect black people in their own country.

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