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Not A Good Look, Sea World! Polar Bear Dies Of ‘Broken Heart’

Polar Bear

*Looks like SeaWorld’s decision to stop breeding orca whales was only the beginning of their troubles. Now they’ve got some explaining to do after an otherwise healthy, yet aged polar bear died unexpectedly — only days after its “best friend” was sent away to breed more polars.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says a polar bear named Szenja, 21, “gave up” and “died from a broken heart” within days after “Snowflake” the female polar bear that she shared a space with for 20 years, was shipped away.

Szenja was born in captivity and had lived in SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic exhibit since the 1990s. Continue reading

8th Grader In Illinois Accused of Murder Tells 911 Dispatch “The Man Inside Me” Did It!

8th grader calls 911 about killing dads girlfriend

*The child cried “It’s not fair” and said “I have no control over him” as he made an attempt to explain why “the man inside” him murdered his dad’s girlfriend, the woman he affectionately called “mom.”

According to Inside Edition, officials with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Mad River Township home Thursday night after Donovan Nicholas allegedly called 911 to say 40-year-old Heidi Fay Taylor was dead.

Nicholas lived with Taylor, who had been stabbed and shot by “the person inside” the eighth grader, according to what the boy said in a 911 call obtained by the Springfield News-Sun.

“It wasn’t me who, who, it wasn’t me who killed her. It was Jeff,” Nicholas can be heard saying. “He sometimes takes control and I have no control. I have no control over him. It’s not fair.”

If this kid isn’t terribly ill, he is one darn good actor!

When asked why he — or Jeff — hurt Taylor, Nicholas said Jeff was “tired of her.” Continue reading

Deborah Cox Stars in ‘The Bodyguard’ at Hollywood Pantages, and Has New Album to Boot!

Deborah Cox in The Bodyguard
Deborah Cox in The Bodyguard

*After having been compared vocally to the film’s original star for her entire professional career, R & B star and Broadway legend Deborah Cox has decided to take the comparison head-on.

She has been touring the country — and earning rave reviews — in the lead role in The Bodyguard musical, which was first introduced to audiences via film in 1991.

Cox has also just released I Will Always Love You, an exceptionally well-sung collection of  covers including anthems, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and “The Greatest Love Of All.”


Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Cox has done the legend justice, and in a couple of cases, her versions actually improve upon the originals.   Continue reading

Accused Child Rapist Jumps To His Death In Courthouse, One Day Before Trial Start (Disturbing Video of Death Leap)

robert seman jr 1
Robert Semen, Jr. (L) Corine Gump (R)

*Pure cowardice is what many might call the act accused rapist Robert Semen, Jr. chose to carry out.

Just a day before a jury was to be selected in his triple murder case; where he is accused of raping 10-year-old Corinne Gump, then setting the home of her grandparents on fire, killing all three persons, he decides to jump off a courtroom balcony to his death.

It’s hard to feel anything. Even Corinne’s family, on top of mourning their loved ones, don’t know what they should be feeling.

According to the Associated Press, Lisa Cappitti, Gump’s stepmother, told the Youngstown Vindicator that the family doesn’t “know how to feel” as a result of Seman Jr.’s death.

“It’s sad,” she said. “There’s no justice at all.”

Everyone in court that day seemed shocked at Semen’s act saying he was actually, seemingly, rather upbeat about his pending trial.

Gimme a minute, as I will you. I mean, are you also wondering what ‘upbeat’ looks like when a trial that will certainly send you to jail is about to take place?

A-n-y-w-a-y… Continue reading

New Beauty and the Beast Flips the Script on Gender, Race Roles


*The new live action Beauty and the Beast succeeds on almost every level, and actually surpasses the original in a couple of key aspects.

I know.  I was shocked, too!  

I had trouble believing that Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise would be believable as one of Disney’s most engaging princesses, but within minutes, Emma Watson made me a believer. I should have known she’d be able to handle the CGI-intensive role, as she spent over a decade perfecting her gaze into a green screen in eight Harry Potter smashes.

Watson finds her vocal footing quickly and by the time she scales that clover-lined hillside singing “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,” she gives Julie Andrews a run for her money. I fell in love with Watson’s Belle at the exact moment that the Beast did, as will every other father of a daughter. I won’t give the moment away, but have some Kleenex ready. And Watson absolutely nails that critical scene at the end that precedes Belle’s “happily ever after.”

Watson and director Bill Condon conjure up a new image in this Beauty that’s been ignored or missed by other critics. When Belle rides up on her white horse to save the day, as she does two or three times during the film, the image effortlessly reverses over a century of Hollywood’s almost exclusive positioning of men in that critical “hero” role. It’s an image that I won’t soon forget — nor will any girl who sees this film. Belle beat Hollywood’s Wonder Woman to the punch in the hero department by a month or two. Continue reading

College Student Mourned, Dies After Role In ‘Pancake Eating Contest’

Students mourn fellow classmate, Caitlin Nelson
Students mourn fellow classmate, Caitlin Nelson

*An event that was supposed to be fun has ended in the death of one of its participants. Now an entire college is mourning the loss of Caitlin Nelson, a popular 20-year old that attended Sacred Heart University in Hartford Connecticut.

This is not the first atrocity this family has suffered. Caitlin’s dad, James Nelson, was a victim of the September 11 attacks on America. Continue reading

WTF?!? Elementary School Bans Children From Playing Tag On The Playground


*Some might file this one under “Sign of the times.”  I’m going with “Sign of the apocalypse” or “Signs that we have lost control of our kids or our damn minds.”

An elementary school in Northern California has banned the game of tag on their playground.  The principal sent out messages last week telling parents about the new policy.

Tag, just in case you’re unaware or too old to remember, is a game that’s been played for generations.  It requires no equipment, so kids of any socio economic status can play.  It’s fun.  And it requires, perhaps, a bit of adult supervision — which is what we’ve failed to do if we’ve cancelled tag because some of the children tag too hard, which is what’s being reported.

I’m not the only parent who said “WTF.”   Continue reading

See Kong and Brie Larson’s Tank Top On As Big A Screen As You Can Find


*Back in the old days, you had to wait for summer for a cinematic summer blockbuster. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, thanks to Kong: Skull Island, summer has arrived — at the movies, at least — a few months early.

It only took 84 years for Hollywood to make a worthy successor to the original King Kong. which terrified audiences when it debuted in 1933 as one of Tinsel Town’s first “talkies.” No, I was NOT there…but I’m told theaters had to hire medical professionals to be on hand during screenings, as audiences members routinely fainted when Kong showed up on screen.

King Kong 1

Successors to the king’s throne have always fallen a little short. 1933’s Son Of Kong was cute but not thrilling, the 1976 version was downright cheesy (with a guy in an ape suit in the title role), and Peter Jackson’s 2005 version improved upon the special effects of the original but never found Kong’s heart. And let’s not even mention 1962’s awful King Kong vs. Godzilla.

This time around, they finally got it right. Kong: Skull Island debuts just a week before Hollywood will trot out another “beauty and the beast” tale that’s as old as time, but THIS beast isn’t singing Alan Menken tunes. Continue reading