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Infant Left on Cruise Ship to Die, Woman Admits This Was Her Intent


*Alicia Keir, 24, knew she was pregnant when she boarded the cruise ship with her friends, but for some reason, she didn’t share what others’ might see as joyous news with them.

That may be because she had an agenda: the baby would never live to see the light of day.

At some point during an October day in 2011, Keir quietly dismissed herself from her friends, went into her stateroom, and delivered the baby girl, as the ship continued to its Caribbean destination.

But when she came out of the room, she was alone. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State Atty, Speaks! (Watch)

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State Attorney-elect
Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State Attorney-elect

*”You have to at some point change the culture of what’s happening in the police department, and the way that you do that is by holding them accountable.” –Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore State Attorney

In the video below, Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, who was voted into office in January of 2015, speaks to Chris Hayes on “All In With Chris Hayes” on her new found “celebrity” in the wake of the Baltimore Riots and her decision to hold accountable the six officers who were responsible for the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray - who suffered from a fatal spinal chord injury after being forcibly arrested and transported in the back of a police van, unsecured.

As the youngest prosecutor of a major city, Mosby comes from five generations of law enforcement professionals. What I believe people will admire most about her is her no-nonsense approach to justice for those in and out of uniform; her ability to remain poised and thoughtful even while in the eyes of an unrelenting media; and the fact that even at her young age (she’s 35) she is not swayed by what appears to be the infatuation of the public. Continue reading

This Inventor Wants to ‘Help’ Widows, He Created a Dildo Specifically for Bae’s Ashes

Dildo ash holder


*Holla if you are a widow that would explore the new creation of a dildo that hold’s the ashes of your late lover.


You’re awfully quiet out there. Perhaps you need to hear more.

It’s being marketed as a Memory Box called “21 Grams” (the soul weight of your late lovers ashes) and its purpose is twofold. One, to store the ashes of your late lover, and two, well…

I’ll leave that up to you.

It was created by an inventor named Mark Sturkenboom, and he actually has a story as to what motivated him to do this. Continue reading

Mother Caught in Act: Reportedly Kills Child in Fast Food Bathroom (Video)

Child dead in bathroom

*Reports say that employees at the 5-Boro  Burger fast food restaurant in New York City thought it strange that a woman had been in the restroom for such a long time. But they were shocked at what they found upon entering. Thirty-five-year-old Latisha Fisher, mother to one-year-old Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher, was holding her hand over the child’s mouth, smothering him to death.

It was around 2:25 p.m. on Monday, according to police. And employees at the restaurant had become suspicious as lines to the bathroom grew longer and the woman kept refusing to come out.

Continue reading

Freak Accident: Pennsylvania Man Killed By Mother-in-Law’s Falling Tombstone


*No, I’m not making a sick joke by writing this headline; it really happened. In what can only be called a terrible, freak accident – a man was killed in a Pennsylvania cemetery. Stephen Woytack and his wife had decided to go to the cemetery and decorate the tombstone of his mother-in-law ahead of the Easter holiday. But somehow, during the process, the tombstone suddenly fell over, and the 400-pound stone fatally wounded the man, crushing him, according to Edward Kubilas, a caretaker at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in the eastern Pennsylvania town of Throop, just outside of Scranton.

It happened on Monday morning. Woytack had been kneeling next to the grave marker as his wife tied a cross on the other side, Kubilas said.  Then, out of nowhere, the stone just fell over into the soft earth, pinning Woytack, 74, underneath. Continue reading

Dad Who’s Wife Died After Giving Birth to Quadruplets Doing Well

Quad dad

*Nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing the mother of your children after childbirth. But this is what happened to the father of quadruplets, who lost his wife soon after their babies were born. The internet wrapped its arms around this little family when a fundraising page got thousands of dollars in donations almost immediately.

Now that this father has been home with all four babies, we are all anxious to see how he is adjusting to his new life as a single dad.

Carlos Morales’s wife, Erica, gave birth to quadruplets named Carlos Jr., Tracey, Paisley and Erica — via C-section on January 16, and went into hypovolemic — a condition that involves severe blood loss, soon after.

Sadly, Erica, 36, died a few hours after her children were born. Continue reading

Dead at 98: Woman Who Stabbed and Nearly Killed MLK Died on Saturday

Izola Ware Curry
Izola Ware Curry

*Do you recall we almost lost Dr. Martin Luther King because he was stabbed by a woman at a book signing in 1958? Well that woman, Izola Ware Curry, died on Saturday at the age of 98.

Dr. King’s injuries were so close to his aorta that doctors told him, if he sneezed, he could have died. King would refer to the incident years later saying, “I’m so happy that I didn’t sneeze.”

Had Curry lived, she who would have turned 99 in June.

Diagnosed criminally insane after she stabbed the civil rights activist, The Smoking Gun reports that Curry has lived in a series of homes since her release from the Matteawan State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Continue reading

Criminal Who Ran Down Retired Librarian Asks for Harsher Sentence

Sentence too lenient says convicted man

*Now you know that anytime a convicted criminal asks the court to keep him in jail because his sentence was “too lenient,” the court needs to listen. The man making the request had killed a retired librarian as he sped away from police in hot pursuit. Now, per his request and explanation that the plea deal offered by prosecutors was too lenient he will spend more time behind bars.

Joshua Brazeal, his family members and the loved ones of the 79-year-old woman he killed all agreed that he deserved a harsher sentence. 

Brazeal was speeding away from police on August 19 when he accidentally crashed his stolen car into the vehicle belonging to Geraldine Strader, a longtime Kansas City librarian. Strader, a pillar of the community, succumbed to her injuries. Continue reading