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‘And Another Thing’…Man Tries to Dig Up Dad’s Grave to Argue (Watch)

Michael May admits to digging up his father's grave to argue with him.
Michael May admits to digging up his father’s grave to argue with him.

*I kid you not! Apparently the argument was not over and this son had more to say. So he attempted to dig his father’s grave up and finish the conversation, according to a report.

Is it any surprise that this Kentucky man is now behind bars? reports an officer saw Michael May, 44, digging up a grave at a cemetery in Sanford, Kentucky, on Monday evening, and he was arrested.

May actually admitted to the arresting officer that he was trying to dig up the grave of his father so he could argue with him, according to

As you can surmise, the man couldn’t have been wrapped too tight; a point that didn’t escape the arresting officer, who said May appeared to be intoxicated and quoted Bible verses when confronted, according to Central Kentucky News. Continue reading

Beloved Baltimore ‘Batman’ Killed in Batmobile Crash (Video)

"Batman" aka Lenny Robinson in his Lamborghini
Lenny “Batman” Robinson was killed after his Batmobile Lamborghini was struck by another car

*Why is it that so many of the people doing good are taken away, and so many of those not are still hanging around? Three years ago a man named Lenny B. Robinson who spent his time in a Baltimore neighborhood as “Batman” – using his own Lamborghini as a Batmobile – to entertain children, became a viral sensation after a roadside encounter with Montgomery County police. Now, the same car he used to make the neighborhood happy, is the one he was killed in after a horrible crash.

Robinson, 51, was a Maryland resident who found joy in dressing up as the most well-known superhero worldwide and visiting sick children in hospitals. But on Sunday, as he was returning home from a car show in West Virginia, his ‘Batmobile’ broke down and it was struck by another car on Interstate 70. Continue reading

Julian Bond: Family, Friends and Colleagues Weigh In on His Passing

US President Barack Obama shakes hands with NAACP chairman Julian Bond (L) during the NAACP 100th Anniversary convention in New York, July 16, 2009. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

*The passing of iconic civil rights advocate and former NAACP chairman, Julian Bond, has struck a chord on so many levels, with so many people across the political, humanitarian and civil rights landscape.

The champion of equal rights for all of society’s oppressed died on Saturday in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. and while condolences have been pouring in, we are now learning even more intimate details surrounding his death. Continue reading

Congressman Cohen Mourns the Loss of Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond

Congressman Steve Cohen
Congressman Steve Cohen

MEMPHIS, TN – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) issued the following statement paying tribute to former NAACP Chairman and civil rights icon Julian Bond, who passed away this weekend. Continue reading

Rev. Al Sharpton Statement on Civil Rights Leader Julian Bond

Al Sharpton

NEW YORK – Rev. Al Sharpton, president and founder of the National Action Network (NAN), released the following statement on the death of lifelong civil rights leader and former NAACP board chairman Julian Bond. Continue reading

Man Suffocates His 3-Year-Old Step-sister, Gets 20 to Life

Brian Scales suffocated his 3-year-old stepsister
Brian Scales suffocated his 3-year-old stepsister

*”You don’t mistakenly murder somebody,” this is what Inas Scales told her son, Brian K. Scales, in a Montgomery County court in Dayton, Ohio  court, after he was charged with suffocating his 3-year-old stepsister and said it was an accident.

According to the Daily News, she had just finished telling him that she still loves him.

Scales, 21, had been babysitting his stepsister and her  8-year-old sibling, and on Wednesday he was sentenced after he was found competent to stand trial and changed his insanity plea to guilty for killing Tristan Carlton. Continue reading

‘LivesMatter’ Hashtag Seems to Be Expanding, This Photo in Particular Went Viral

His Life Matters
Officer Donald Givens (L) and Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones (R)

*It all started with #Blacklivesmatter. The hashtag that came about in honor of the nearly incalculable number of Black Lives already taken; and those yet to be.

Then African Americans on Twitter went ballistic after celebrated black author, Terry McMillan, expounded upon the moniker with  “#Alllivesmatter” – and she was accused of diminishing the importance of the singular race, by including all of the human race.

Add to that, this latest Hashtag. A photo showing two police officers standing side by side: one black, the other white, with palms facing us; showing the message : “His Life Matters”…completed by an ‘arrow’ that points towards each man. Continue reading

Woman in China Pushes Child to Safety Before Falling to Her Death on Escalator (Video)

This screen grab from surveillance video shows a shopping assistant looking at the collapsed footplate of an escalator after a woman fell into it and was killed at a shopping mall in Jingzhou city, central China on July 26.


*A husband is devastated and a child is traumatized following an escalator accident in China; where a wife and mother was killed as she stepped off the escalator with her small son. The horrific incident happened at a department store in Jingzhou City in central China and was caught on tape by CCTV.

We see in the video where a floor panel gives way under the woman, just as she is about to clear the escalator with her child. There are two women standing at the top of the escalator who appear to be warning her of something; but just as she steps to the floor, a panel of it opens and she pushes her child away and falls into the floor. Continue reading