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Houston Child Dies After Being Discovered in Back Seat of Hot Car (Video)


hot car

*Police in Houston report that a 3-year-old boy went out of the front door of his home, opened the front door of the blue VW Passat that sat in the front yard, and climbed into the back seat.

No one knew he was there until it was too late.

Children getting accidentally left behind in hot cars are a growing danger. We’ve read the horrible stories about busy parents rushing around and forgetting the child in the car. A hospital CEO was rushing around to meetings and forgot her 7-month old child in the car. A Ridgefield, CT mother is living with guilt after her 15-month-old daughter was found dead in a hot car.

But this story is a bit different, though just as fatal.

Little Evan Trapolino was trapped in the car because the childproof lock was on and he couldn’t get out. After the child was discovered, family members called 911 and tried CPR.

Neighbor Marlene Gonzales told the media, “I just seen when they were bringing the baby outside in the bed of the ambulance.”

Evan was taken to LBJ Hospital, but pronounced dead soon after. Houston police say his family believes he may have gone into the car to get a toy. The family noticed he was missing after about 30 to 45 minutes.


Its hard to believe this sad story could get any sadder. But it doesn’t stop there.

Robenia Brooks, who has known the child’s mother since she was a toddler, told Eyewitness News his mom recently found out she had stage four breast cancer.

“You’re fighting death, and then your child dies too? Man that’s hard,” she says.

Brooks says she hopes the people who see what happened to little Evan take a step back before they judge: “This is a whole lot for the family, and no one should judge them until they know them. They’re some good people.”

Justin Harris and his son Cooper, who was found dead in the backseat of the VW Passat
Justin Harris and his son Cooper, who was also found dead in the backseat of a hot car

Swimmers Beware: Bacteria in the Water Just Killed this Woman (Video)


*And to think it all started with a headache.

I always worry whenever I have a headache, especially if it lasts more than a day and seems to come out of nowhere. This wasn’t always the case. People get headaches all the time for a variety of reasons. Stress. Hangover. Sinus. Allergies. But I no longer make the assumptions I used to make about headaches. Especially since over the years I have learned about fatalities associated with them. So when I heard this story about a woman who had gone swimming in Oklahoma, and a day or so later was hit with a severe headache; and that headache was no ordinary headache because it got worse, and eventually took her life, I said, “Oh sh*t. My nightmare. A headache killed this woman.

The grieving family of 24-year-old Elizabeth Knight has now set out to warn others because they say it is what their daughter would want them to do.

Knight’s death came as a result of a bacteria ID’d as a “Brain-eating Amoeba” (learn about this in the video below).  Continue reading

Superman Joins the CW’s Supergirl…but Will Tom Welling Play Him?


*If you’re not a sci fi super-nerd, skip this story!   For the rest of us…read on!

Fans of CBS’ former Supergirl series just got their second summer gift. The first was the series being picked up by the CW. The show enjoyed a strong debut last fall, but suffered declining weekly audiences throughout its initial run.  Many fans were left wondering whether the Girl of Steel would fly again next season.

Producers just announced the search for an actor to play Kara Zor-El’s famous cousin, better known as Clark Kent / Superman, in the first two episodes of the upcoming season. Kal only showed up in flashbacks, backlit images with his face obscured, a pair of boots (in a brilliantly-directed episode), or a CGI blur here or there in the first season.


(I could have wept when I first saw that image, prominent in Supergirl’s intro each week.  Don’t judge.)

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of Supergirl,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.  “We cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!” Continue reading

Dallas Woman Pleads ‘Help Me’ as Pack of Wild Dogs Devour Her (Graphic Audio)

Antoinette Brown

*The 911 calls came into dispatch in rapid succession. Each caller seemingly more frantic than the last. They were reporting a horrible scene playing out right before their eyes. Their neighbor, Antoinette Brown, was being mauled by a pack of loose dogs, and there was nothing they could do to save her.

According to the 52-year-old woman’s family, the dogs devoured her like they were “eating a steak.”

The horrific incident happened in early May of this year, but what puts it in the news now is Tuesday’s release of the chilling audio (I can’t bear to listen to it, but I am sure a woman screaming for her life as she is savagely attacked by wild dogs is nothing less than chilling).

You can hear the audio yourself below.

The calls also reveal how the mauling affected Brown’s neighbors, who felt helpless to intervene. Both callers sound panicked, but tell dispatchers they are too afraid to try to save her.

“She’s out there begging for somebody to help her,” Jackie Humphrey, who was the first person to call, told the 911 dispatcher. “I know some dogs was out there and somebody came and ran them off. But she’s still out there moaning and groaning and I’m scared to go outside.” Continue reading

Mother of Kid Who Fell into Harambe’s Territory ID’d…And She’s Black (Watch)!

Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson, parents of boy who fell in gorilla enclosure.
Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg, parents of boy who fell in gorilla enclosure.

*Not that the race of this kid is important. But I’ll bet you dollars to donuts we didn’t even think this kid was Black. I’m just glad the child is alive. I am talking about the 4-year-old boy who gained international attention (while his mother was scorned by millions on social media) after he fell 15-feet into the enclosure of Harambe, a 17-year-old, 450-pound silverback endangered species gorilla, who was fatally wounded in order to save the child’s life.

Though there were reports about the mother was wrestling with several other siblings at the time of her son’s fall — distracting her from his alleged pleas of wanting to go and play with the gorilla, no one knew her name or even what race she was.

Until now.

She is 32-year-old Michelle Gregg, an African American woman. We heard her on the video trying to comfort her little boy as the massive animal dragged him by the seat of his pants across the moat. The child’s father, Deonne Dickerson, was not with the family. Continue reading

Police Say This Interracial ‘Online Date’ Ended in Woman’s Death

missing arizona woman found dead

*Uh oh. So many people are having a hard time meeting someone for a variety of reasons, so they have acquiesced to the whole online dating scene. Sites such as, Black People, and old schooler, eHarmony, have all probably seen a spike in their memberships. But then again, you can’t ignore the presence of television shows such as MTV’s “Catfish” out there that reminds us that not every person is who they say they are. Unfortunately, for one young woman, the risk of online dating may have led to her untimely death. Continue reading

Detectives in Ohio Caught on Tape Calling Trayvon Martin N-Word

Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin

*Two on-duty Ohio sheriff’s detectives who were secretly recorded in 2013 as they joked around and used racist epithets about the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, by self-appointed neighborhood lord and savior George Zimmerman, have been ordered to take sensitivity training.

I can pretty much read your mind right now: Sensitivity training my ass!

Of course the deputy who recorded the Hocking County sheriff’s department detectives laughing it up at the late teen’s  expense, former deputy Jeremy Dye — is no longer employed at the department, but his recording reveals the detectives using terms such as “n——-“ and “thug” in reference to Martin, multiple times and one of the detectives even mocked African Americans who called into a radio show to express their anger and sorrow by using an accented voice. Continue reading

Mother, 13-Year-Old Daughter Accused in Killing of Chicago Teen (Watch)

Mother, Tamika Gayden

*A mother and her 13-year-old daughter are in jail after they were charged with the first-degree murder of a popular 15-year-old track student named DeKayla Danberry, who was stabbed to death on Saturday evening. No one seems to know what caused the brawl that ended the teen’s life; only that it involved a huge group of young folk, and happened on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in Parkway Gardens, a neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, according to police.

A video taken during the chaos is part of evidence that is being described as ‘overwhelming’ by Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Christine Hake, who confirmed the daughter was charged in juvenile court on Tuesday.

At least one witness identified the 13-year-old girl, who is said to have stabbed the high school student, in the video.

While other witnesses claim to have seen the girl wiping blood off the knife and screaming in panic, “I killed her. I killed her!”

Tamika Gayden, 35, the girls mother, is said to have given her daughter the knife. Authorities charged Gayden with murder and contributing to the delinquency of a minor just hours later, police said. Continue reading