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Eric Garner Laid to Rest Today at the Funeral That ‘Never Should Have Been’

Esaw Garner, wife of Eric Garner dries her teary eyes at her husbands funeral
Esaw Garner, wife of Eric Garner dries her teary eyes at her husbands funeral


*Today, Eric Garner was laid to rest, but its doubtful he is resting in peace.

As members of his family and friends carried out the sad task of  tending to the burial of this son, husband, father of six, and grandfather of two, the Rev. Al Sharpton stood solemn at the pulpit

“We should not act as though we should be here today,” he told the few hundred mourners packed inside Brooklyn’s Bethel Baptist Church, many waving paper fans across their faces to fend off the heat. This funeral, he said, “never should have been in the first place.” Continue reading

Gag Me: See What Some Cops Are Saying About Eric Garner’s ‘Chokehold’ Death…It’s Ugly!

Man, chokehold death
Rest in peace, Eric Garner


*The death of Eric Garner last week still has emotions running high; and campaigns such as #JusticeForEricGarner have been mobilized to ensure those who caused his unnecessary death will be held accountable. The 43-year-old father of six died on the watch of NYPD officers who jumped on top of him and placed him in a choke-hold as he screamed, “I can’t breathe,” beneath their collective weight.

The whole incident was caught on camera by his friend, Ramsey Orta, who talked with the media recently about what went on behind the video seen by the world. Continue reading

Al Sharpton ‘Bothered’ By Lack of Action By Witnesses of Chokehold Victim

Man, chokehold death

*In the equivalent of a verbal lashing, the Rev. Al Sharpton had choice words for the  witnesses that stood around and watched or recorded the recent police attack on - and subsequent death of – Eric Garner. He was angry that people just stood around as a man screamed that he couldn’t breathe, and then did nothing as the officer continued to choke hold him.

On Sunday, Sharpton demanded justice for Garner, who he said was choked to death by New York City police, and said citizens who attack police officers should also be held accountable. Continue reading

BART Officer That Killed Oscar Grant Wins Lawsuit – Cries ‘I Thought It Was My Taser Gun!’

Oscar Juliuss Grant III, (February 27, 1986 – January 1, 2009)
Oscar Juliuss Grant III, (February 27, 1986 – January 1, 2009)

*On Tuesday, a San Francisco Jury let the white ex-Transit officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, in an infamous killing captured on cellphone cameras, that he was off the hook.

In the killing that inspired the acclaimed indie movie “Fruitvale Station,” a real train station in Oakland, California, and the platform where the shooting occurred, it was the father of Oscar Grant III, Oscar Grant Jr., who had filed the lawsuit that was awarded no damages.

Deliberations had began Monday after weeks of testimony in the racially charged case, the Oakland Tribune reports.

Former BART officer Johannes Mehserle cried openly in court as he described shooting the 22-year-old as he lay face down on the train platform. Continue reading

New Jackson Book Details ‘Angry Michael’…Michael ‘Making Out’ With Girls In Car…and A Fierce Michael Channeling ‘My Perogative’

COVER, Remember The Time.

*It has been five years since the passing of Michael Jackson and many, many stories of diverse natures have surfaced in the news since that fateful June 25, 2009. Now comes the new book, “Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days,” written by Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, who served as Jackson’s exclusive personal security team in the last 2-1/2 years of his life.

The two men were the only professionals with 24-7 access to the elusive star, and they bring a fresh perspective on life with Jackson – the father, the man behind the glove. Many of the experiences they share are supported by details so intricate and intriguing that they would be a challenge to the creative mind of even the best liars.

This book may well be the best gift ever to serious Jackson fans; many of whom are still struggling with the loss of the icon. It is they, who will most likely appreciate the many great stories that are told with no fanfare, just real – sometimes raw, often heartfelt sincerity; by two men who may have often had reasons to leave, but chose to stay out of loyalty to a family of three that they had grown to love.

But the stories in “Remember The Time: are not solely about Michael Jackson. What makes each one so compelling is how those who worked with, around, and for – all jockeying for his ear – are factored in. You will be sorely disappointed if you are expecting a book that talks about how great “The King of Pop” is…or not.

You will find no “King of Pop” here. In fact, any mention of that term is referred to as a “mode.” As in, “When he is in King of Pop mode.” And this happens closer to the end, after Jackson starts prepping for “This Is It.”

This book, is about a man named Michael Jackson…a completely different person. This man calls down to security to go to the store for more laundry detergent because “he ran out.” This man is pained because he has to ask someone to go to Walmart and buy his kids some cereal. He wants to do it his “damn self!” This man makes sure that he is at home each morning to have breakfast with his kids, no matter how late he stayed at the hotel with girlfriends, “Friend” and “Flower.”

The man in this book, listens almost exclusively to classical music in the car; he has no computer of his own, and only goes online to purchase from eBay. He doesn’t watch TV because he doesn’t care for the bullshit, instead, he’ll choose DVDs for him and his family. But boy does he love to unwind by shootin’ hoops…and he is even said to have a pretty decent jump shot.

As I said in the beginning, much has been written about the man we call, “The King of Pop.” But within the pages of this book, and the degree to which these two men choose to go in order to tell their story – as they say in some circles:

The shit just got real. Continue reading

Was Maya Angelou’s Past As A Sex Worker ‘Guarded’?

maya angelou and langston hughes
A young, beautiful Maya Angelou with Langston Hughes, not long after her career as a sex worker

*Dr. Maya Angelou was as fine as they come in her youth. In the photo above, writer Langston Hughes was just one of a whole lot of dudes anxious to be in her company.  Always introduced with the greatest respect, whether in the presence of dignitaries such as Bill Clinton or Barack Obama; or the Hollywood elite such as Oprah Winfrey or Tyler Perry, when Maya Angelou spoke in that slow, studied, and deliberate manner – her voice alone demanded to be listened to;  and her wisdom was never questioned.

Dr. Angelou was lauded as the epitome of what every woman should aspire to emulate in life: a best selling author, accomplished speaker sought after by presidents and other dignitaries, a spiritual mother to all, and a mentor and best friend to the one and only Oprah Winfrey. Continue reading

Stranger Acts On Heartfelt Notes Tied To Balloons That Traveled 35 Miles To Her Front Lawn (Video)

Karries Finney
Karries Finney


*On Monday morning, the day after Mother’s Day, Yvette Melton, walked out the front door on her way to work and literally stumbled onto a clump of balloons on her lawn.

“I went to leave about 8:30 in the morning or so, and they were just right off the grass in my bushes right by the door,” Melton, 55, recalled. “And where I live, I thought it was just trash because we have so much wind, until I picked them up and saw the notes attached.”

As it turns out, the balloons were the efforts of three siblings whose mother had passed away suddenly, just a few days before Mother’s Day. Unable to bury her and give her the home going  they knew she deserved, they took to holding bake sales and car washes – which they did on Mother’s Day – to raise the funds to pay for her $10,000 funeral.

But by the end of the day they had only earned $2,000.

Feeling overwhelmed and a bit defeated, the siblings returned home to find Lena Stargell, one of their mother Renee’s oldest and dearest friends, standing in the living room with a bundle of inflated balloons. Continue reading

Monica Lewinsky Tells Vanity Fair: Its Time To ‘Bury The Blue Dress!’–Talks About Clinton Affair (and Beyonce?)

Monica Lewinsky, VF Exclusive
Photograph by Mark Seliger


*Has it been 10 whole years since the news of that stain on the blue dress of then White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, was discovered and revealed as a deposit from then president Bill Clinton?

Seems more like 20. But time heals – or at least distorts – right?

Ms. Lewinsky has surfaced wearing her big girl panties in an exclusive article in Vanity Fair.  In the publication, which will be released in digital form tomorrow (May 8), she aims to set the record straight about her affair with the president; and speaks about her regrets, how much money she turned down following the revelation, clarifications on what really happened versus what was reported in the media, why she’s going public now, and much more.

“It’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress,” she writes and  also says: “I, myself, deeply regret what happened between me and President Clinton. Let me say it again: I. Myself. Deeply. Regret. What. Happened.” Continue reading