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Georgia Man Gets Life in Prison for Intentionally Leaving Son in Hot Car (Watch)


*On Monday a judge couldn’t hit the gavel hard enough as he laid down the law and sentenced a Georgia man to life in prison for what jurors believe was an intentional act that ended up killing his young son.

36-year-old Justin Ross Harris, a web developer for Home Depot, was convicted by a jury in June of 2014 for charges that included malice murder of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. Harris claims he meant to take the boy to childcare, but says he rushed into his office and forgot the child was in the back seat of the SUV for his entire seven-hour-work day!

Investigators discovered Harris, who has a wife, had spent the day flirting with prostitutes online, and also in person with a teenage girl. Continue reading

Cirque du Soleil Accident Leaves Set Technician Dead


*After recently seeing Toruk: The first Flight, a new Cirque du Soleil show that opens in January; but previewed at Los Angeles’ Staples Center in November, I was reminded of the admiration and respect I have for the work that these athletes do as performers; and the team behind the scenes that supports them. Yet at the same time we in the audience wonder at what cost are these jaw-dropping feats accomplished or perfected. Today offered a sad reality as the news of one of the brands employees, a technician who was preparing the set for a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s show, ‘Luzia,’ was struck by a piece of lifting equipment and later succumbed to his injuries.

According to an ABC News report…

San Francisco police responded to the accident at 6:43 p.m. in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood. “The employee was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries,” police said in a statement, adding that investigators would be on scene to determine the cause of the accident.

“It is with immense sadness that we report a fatal accident that occurred on Nov. 29, during the preset of the show “Luzia” in San Francisco,” Cirque du Soleil said in a statement. “One of our employees, a technician on the show, was struck by a lift and passed away from his injuries.”

The company declined to release the person’s name. Tuesday’s 8 p.m. show was canceled.



Los Angeles Loses Front Line Warrior: Connie Watson of ‘People Who Care’

Connie Watson
Connie Watson helmed ‘People who Care’ in Los Angeles for 25 years.

*(Los Angeles, CA) – When Connie Watson passed on September 29, 2016, the County of Los Angeles lost one of its most dedicated frontline warriors.  Having dedicated more than 25 years of her professional career to serving as the executive director of the South Los Angeles-based nonprofit, People Who Care Youth Center (PWC), Connie positively impacted the lives of thousands of youth over the years by providing them services they needed to lead them toward lives of self –sufficiency and empowerment.  It was her life’s work.

A Nashville, TN native Connie relocated to Los Angeles more than 30 years ago.  After a short stint as an entertainment public relations practitioner she “…couldn’t resist returning to a full-time commitment to the mental, social, economic, educational and physical well-being of children and families.”

Armed with both a bachelor and master’s degree in Social Work from California State University, Los Angeles, in the early 1990s she assumed the helm of People Who Care, which was founded in 1974 by South Central Los Angeles community residents who were concerned about the lack of positive outlets for youth in the community.

Despite the trials and tribulations of running an underfunded community-based organization, including working from a dilapidated, inner-city building with little furniture and even fewer resources, in 1991, then 40-year old Connie Watson was quoted in a Detroit News article, “Women Lead the Battle on Grass Roots Front,” that she had “…no desire to be anywhere else.  This is where the battle is.  This is where statistics are born and buried every day.” Continue reading

Before “Movember,” Men Grew Beards To Prove They Were Old Enough To Vote


*If one of the previously clean shaven men in your life is suddenly sporting a beard, chances are he’s joined the “Movember” movement.  Those of us who’ve got it like that grow out our beards each November to show our support for a variety of men’s health causes.

Get it?  “Men” + “November” = Movember.

But over a hundred years ago, men stopped shaving in November for a different reason: to prove they were old enough to vote!  

According to a new book, The Virgin Vote: How Young Americans Made Democracy Social, Politics Personal, and Voting Popular in the Nineteenth Century, men grew their “facial foliage” to prove they were adults and not “beardless boys.” Continue reading

The Cosby Show Coming Back To TV…”By Popular Demand?”


*Bounce TV is bringing The Cosby Show back to television starting December 19.

The network says its decision to return the classic 80s sitcom to your home and mine was one made “by popular demand.”

The network announced the decision via a tweet:

“You asked, and we heard you loud and clear, Bouncers. We’re bringing #TheCosbyShow back by popular demand!  Tune in December 19th.  #TVOurWay” – @bouncetv

Predictably, the Twitterverse responded in kind.  Here are a few of my favorites:

“sorry would rather not imagine him drugging & raping those women between scenes. Would u air this if he’d raped your daughter?” @idkidd wrote.

“Good cause if Trump can be president we should be able to watch Cosby show. Thanks #BounceTV,” @oju1 wrote.

“Bounce TV you got be kidding me?? seriously Bill Cosby is being accused how many women on sexual abuse,” @Kellyannk308 “wrote.”  (Girl could use an editor, right?)

“Great! This show had an entire cast that made it wonderful tv,” @caramelcoat8dme wrote.

Here’s Bounce TV’s full statement:  Continue reading

Election 2016: Waiting To Wake Up


*As much as I’d like to forget it, last week’s election and the interminable campaigns that preceded it contributed to a national travesty. Commentators like Van Jones have been quite articulate about the results of the election and its ramifications.

Contrastingly, I’ve been stumbling around all week, off and on, tripping over my own words and waiting to wake up from the type of nightmare I never wanted to witness.  I haven’t felt like this since I was 15 years old.

In a world before CNN, the internet, or around the clock access to news updates via a smartphone, I was watching the CBS Evening News’ election returns one November evening in 1980, gathering information for a civics essay I was assigned to write. President Jimmy Carter was running for reelection, and in my parents’ eyes, the election returns weren’t worth staying up for.

“There’s no way the country’s going to elect a former actor,” my mom said of the president’s opponent, Ronald Reagan. “You should just go to bed and watch the morning news for results info before you go to school tomorrow.”

It was getting late and I was fading fast, so I listened to Mom and went to bed, looking forward to waking up and getting caught up on everything.

The next morning, I thought someone had died when I walked into the kitchen and looked into my mother’s eyes, as she paused while packing her lunch for work.

“This is going to be the longest four years of your lifetime,” she posited of what was to be President Reagan’s first term. Neither of us could have known that Reagan’s reign would last 12 long years, between his back-to-back administrations and George Bush’s election in 1988.

“You’ll be voting for president next time,” Mom told me. “Never take that privilege for granted.”

It was one of the best pieces of advice I have received to-date from my mother, and I went on to vote in every presidential election since 1984. I am proud to have helped Bill Clinton, and later Barack Obama, get elected.

As I watched last week’s returns come in, the results of an election during which only a reported 57 percent of the electorate voted, I found myself struggling to envision a world that includes a President Donald Trump. Continue reading

Teen Suspect in Machete Murder Case Irate in Interrogation Room (Watch)


*Recently, a video surfaced of a teen girl who was arrested last August for her alleged involvement with the machete murder of a schoolmate. The video shows her hysterical beyond composure as a detective attempts to interrogate her.

Screaming “Gimme my dad!” and “I didn’t do anything!” 19-year-old Desiray Strickland was the fifth suspect charged in the 2015 slaughter of Jose Amaya Guardado on June 28, according to Miami-Dade police. Continue reading

‘Leaked’ Photo Shows St. Louis Cop Posed Next to Dead Man, Giving ‘Thumbs Up’ Sign


*Ah hell. I hate to start such an important day as “Election Tuesday” with such a story. But no matter what time you read it, it’s still going to be ugly. A St. Louis mother has been served yet another dose of heartbreak following months of being unclear about the death of her son, — whose body had been found in a private home. Now she has to look at a photo, revealed to her by News 4, that appears to be of her dead son.

But that’s not all.

In the photo of the apparent scene of the incident, her son’s face has been blurred, but a police officer is looks to be posing next to the body; holding the man’s limp arm while looking at the camera and giving a ‘thumbs up.’

And a smile.

The body of Omar Rahman, 28, was located in a Pine Lawn home on August 8, and although the North County Police Cooperative were first responders, Rahman’s mother, Kim Staton, said she has heard very little from the police since the incident happened.

Rahman’s death was later ruled an accidental overdose by the Medical Examiner.

But the photo was leaked to KMOV and has kept investigative reporter Lauren Trager busy seeking answers to the questions raised by it. Questions that refer to appropriate officer conduct and evidence handling. Continue reading