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Toddler Finds Gun in Car, Accidentally Shoots & Kills Mother While Driving


*A mother driving her two young children on a Milaukee freeway is dead after her 2-year-old son found his father’s weapon on the floor in the back seat of the car.

On Tuesday, Patrice Price was driving with her one-year-old in the front passenger seat, while her two-year-old sat in the back. According to a report in the New York Daily News, neither child was wearing the required seat belt, and the child seated in the back apparently picked the gun up from the floor and fired it into the drivers seat.

The gun traveled through the seat and hit Price in the back; sending her car into the rear of another vehicle before it came to a stop on Highway 175.

Price was pronounced dead at the scene. No word on the condition of the other driver. Continue reading

Tamir Rice: Cleveland Police Union Releases Arrogant Statement After $6M Settlement Announced

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice

*On Monday, the City of Cleveland announced a $6 million dollar settlement in the police killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was fired on twice by officer Timothy Loehmann, as he played with a toy gun in the park, on November 22, 2014. But it was what followed the announcement that has set social media on fire. In nothing less than a stroke of pure arrogance, Cleveland’s police union issued a statement that appears to blame the victim and his family for his death.

The Rice family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit that alleged the police officers were reckless in their confrontation with the youngster. This allegation was further compounded by surveillance footage showing officer Loehmann firing twice at Tamir only seconds after opening the door of his police cruiser.

The statement by the police union expresses “hopes” that the family will “use some of the money” to educate kids about the dangers of carrying real or fake guns. Continue reading

Marques Gaines: His Death Proves How ‘Inhumane’ Us Humans Can Be (Graphic Video)

Marques Gaines

*There are several names alotted to the behavior of people…groups of people…who see something bad happening to someone else; someone who is helpless, and they just turn their heads away and decide to do nothing. This was the fate of a Chicago man named Marques Gaines, 32, who was three times a victim: the first time when some thug happened upon him as he left a 7-Eleven store shortly after 4 a.m., and knocked him out cold and left him lying in the street. Secondly, when people came to and fro to look, then kept walking without the slightest decency to do anything; and finally, when a taxi swirled around the corner and ran over him.

Those in the field of psychology and social science attempt to classify this inhumane tendancy that people can choose to exhibit using terms like “Civil Inattention,” “The Bystander Effect” or “Bystander Apathy.”

But I just call it eff’d up.

Folks, we’ve got to do better. Much better.

Reports are laying blame on the people of Chicago, because this particular incident occurred there. And yes, anyone in that vicinity at the time this crime occurred; anyone who witnessed this helpless man in the street and decided this was the time to mind their own business should feel like sh*t now and for the rest of their days.

You saw this unfortunate circumstance and did absolutely NOTHING about it. And you could have.

But the fault doesn’t lie solely with the people of Chicago. We all have blood on our hands. We have become a society insensitive to the horrific. We now see it as entertainment; something to gawk at, gossip about and move on to the next ghastly thing. Continue reading

Unfathomable! Baby Dies on First Day at New Daycare!

McKenna Rose
McKenna Rose

Omg. ANY parents’ greatest nightmare turned real for Adrienne Kromer and Bryan Felmly recently. After three-and-a-half months of maternity leave Kromer finally returned to work, but as any new mother would be, she was really, really nervous about leaving her precious bundle of joy at daycare, and called often to make sure everything was OK.

Unfortunately, and to her horror, the last call showed everything was NOT.

According to what the infant’s dad, Bryan Felmly, wrote on GoFundMe, little McKenna Felmly hadn’t shown any signs of illness or distress when she was dropped off at the Lehigh Township, Pa., center in the morning.

But according to an article on USA Today, the child’s mother got really nervous when the daycare center told her McKenna was having trouble taking a bottle, and later said she’d fallen asleep quickly (which was rare for the infant). Continue reading

Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE Resurrects MJ…If Only For One Night


*“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” – Michael Jackson

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas. While I am forced to abide by the mantra “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” (and trust me, that’s for the best), I had one experience in Sin City that I HAVE to tell you about: I experienced Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque de Soleil at Mandalay Bay.

Yes, Michael Jackson ONE‘s been around since 2013.  To be frank, I’d avoided seeing the show. Michael Jackson was the preeminent entertainer of my generation, of my lifetime. I’d worried that what I had thought of as a “tribute” to the King of Pop would pale in comparison to his genius. Ultimately, the Cirque du Soleil billboards up and down “the strip”, along with my brother’s first-hand testimony, beckoned me.

Boy, am I glad I listened. Continue reading

Marion Meredith Beal, Veteran & Congressional Medal Recipient, Passes (Services Held This Friday!)

Marion Meredith Beal was the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Marine Corp from 1943-1945
Marion Meredith Beal was the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for his service in the Marine Corp.

*In 2012, Representative Karen Bass stood proudly before the House Speaker to show her support of and respect for Marion Meredith Beal, who was being honored with a Congressional Gold Medal. Admirably called, “Honor Man,” by those in his platoon, he served as an original Monford Point  Marine during WWII.

Mr. Beal passed away on Saturday, March 26, at the age of 94.

But oh what a life he lived!



As one of the first African Americans to serve in the Marine Corps, Mr. Beal, whose parents were educators, was trained with his fellow Marines at the segregated Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, NC, from 1942-1949.

Following his service, Beal went on to work (and was the FIRST African American to do so) at the Marines Headquarters office as a result of being able to type 100 words per minute (don’t forget: only manual typewriters existed then!).

It was this skill that enabled him to avoid combat.

Continue reading

Ravens’ Tray Walker Goes to Glory in Louis Vuitton-Lined Casket


Ravens Cornerback, Tray Walker
Ravens Cornerback, Tray Walker


*Tray Walker, the Ravens cornerback who lost his life after he collided with an SUV on March 17 while riding on his dirt bike, was laid to rest on Saturday, March 26.

The 23-year-old athlete was sent on to glory in grand style too.

Hundreds joined family and friends at the 93rd Street Community Baptist Church  in northwest Miami church for his Homegoing Celebration, where  members of the Baltimore Ravens and coaches were among those who spoke admirably of the man who head coach John Harbaugh said, had a smile that “could light up a room.” The coach told stories about Walker, a Miami native, who was a dedicated learner of the playbook and the NFL game; even though adjusting to the frigid Maryland winter wasn’t easy. Continue reading

Special Needs Student Found Dead on School Bus, Driver Arrested

Special needs student found dead on bus
Hun Joon Lee shown here with his mother, who supplied the photo.

*When parents send their children to school, there is the expectation that they will return home at the end of the school day, safe and sound. But one family’s expectations were far from met when the body of their son was found on an empty school bus. According to Los Angeles County Coroner’s Lt. David Smith, last September, 19-year-old Hun Joon Lee – a special needs student – was found slumped over in the aisle of an empty school bus that had been driven by 37-year-old Armando Abel Ramirez. After efforts to save the teen’s life failed, he was pronounced dead.

Ramirez was booked on dependent abuse and remains in jail on $50,000 bail.

Lee had a pretty regular schedule. Around 2:30 each day he would ride the bus from school to his home in Whittier. It’s unclear if Ramirez was a regular driver for the teen; however he was the driver on the day Lee died. Continue reading