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Accused of Three Murders, Markeith Loyd Cusses Out Judge at Bond Hearing (Watch)

Lt. Debra Clayton
Lt. Debra Clayton

*If anyone ever wondered what the face of hate looks like, Markeith Loyd might give you a clue. Enraged by the way he is being portrayed after allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend, her unborn child, and now, the female officer who approached him in a Walmart parking lot nearly a month later, he took aim at the bond judge. His mouth being the weapon.

Let’s catch you up, shall we?

On December 13, 2016, Loyd was heard arguing with 24-year-old Sade Dixon outside of her parents home in the 6000 block Long Peak Drive near Clarcona Ocoee and Pine Hills Road in Orange County, Florida. Witnesses rushed outside to see Loyd running towards his car, firing a gun towards the house.

Sade Dixon
Sade Dixon

Dixon’s younger brother was injured too, but not fatally. He remains hospitalized in critical condition as of this writing. Continue reading

The Legacy of President Barack Obama…and an Apology to President George W. Bush

US President Obama Visits Berlin

*Prior to 2008, Barack Hussein Obama did what I’d thought was impossible, or at the very least improbable during my lifetime: he, an unapologetically brown-skinned man, got elected President of the United States. In doing so, he began an eight year journey that led our country to a better place, while affirming a declaration my mother made to me when I was a little boy about everyone being able to be president. Continue reading

PA Parents Found Dead from Apparent Heroin Overdose, Infant Daughter Starves to Death Days Later

Jason Chambers (Via Facebook) and Chelsea Cardaro in earlier times
Jason Chambers (Via Facebook) and Chelsea Cardaro in earlier times

*Hand on heart here. A five-month-old child is said to have died of starvation after her parents died from an apparent overdose days earlier. Authorities confirm that the bodies of Jason Chambers, 27, and Chelsea Cardaro, 19, who were new to the Pennsylvania area, was found dead in their home in the Kernsville section of Johnstown.

The couple, who is said to have died within moments of each other, was found by a friend approximately one week after they died.

An autopsy reports the baby, named Summer, who was found on the second floor of the home, had died from starvation and dehydration approximately four days after her parents.

“It was hard going in there and being the one to see them like that,” the friend, James Grant, told local station WAJC-TV. “They cared for their daughter. For two flawed people, they did their best to hold it together.”

This wasn’t the first time an overdose had occurred at the home. Jason is said to have OD’d once before, but was revived by medical personnel. Continue reading

Yes, Janet and Kristina, There IS a Santa Claus


*I’ll probably never forget the year I was told that there was no Santa Claus. Well, actually it was the year that my mother told me that she didn’t believe in him.  If it’s not too late for you and yours, I have a great way to avoid “the conversation” with your kids — it worked for me and mine.  

I’d suspected that something wasn’t as it appeared for a few years, from the day I discovered a brand new 2XL robot tucked away in my parent’s closet. (Anybody else have one? It was a great interactive, educational toy that was kinda our generation’s iPad — except it was more of a glorified, tricked out 8-track player.).

When I found the same robot among the toys that Santa had left me a few weeks later, I pretended to be thrilled while masking just a trace of sadness. One of the things that I’d come to believe in didn’t appear to be real.

A couple of years later, I guess my mother had grown weary with the Christmas ruse, so she sat me and my younger sisters down and gave the three of us the skinny on the fat dude — or, at least, her take on him. I just nodded politely and uttered a diminished “ok.” My baby sister, who was The Material Girl LONG before pop icon Madonna claimed the title, had a single, simple question for Mother: “Will I still get toys for Christmas?” she implored.

Having assured Susan that she would be receiving gifts and that, yes, and all would be right in The Material Girl’s world, Mother turned to my other sister, Karen, whose beautiful brown eyes had begun to well up. Mother asked “What are you thinking, honey?”

“Are you going to tell me there’s no Easter Bunny either?” Karen sobbed, as tears began to stream down her little face.

Continue reading

A&E Plans To Premiere ‘Generation KKK’

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) meeting, South Carolina, 1951. © Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

*My #ThanksTrump hashtag is getting more and more use these days. I’m having fun on Twitter blaming Donald for everything from crowded parking lots at the mall this holiday season to global warming.

One thing we can legitimately thank the president-elect for — damn, it’s still hard to refer to him that way — is the rise in hate crimes and, generally, the emboldened nature of those who would rather divide than unify. One has to wonder whether this TV series would have received a green light by a major network during a calmer, gentler time.

Premiering January 10, the network will present “Generation KKK” as an eight-part documentary series. I’m referring to it colloquially as “The Anti-Roots.” Continue reading

Celebrities’ Last Words…What James Brown, Malcolm X , Whitney & Others Said Before Passing


*I am probably one of millions who think of Michael Jackson daily. Even 7-years later, the moment I heard of his passing is still clear in my mind. According to reports, the King of Pop made one request before he died: “More milk.” The medicine, known as Propofol, which was given to him by his personal physician, Conrad Murray on June 25, 2009.

I also remember the text I got from my daughter when Prince died. Not knowing those dreadful words were going to follow, I recall her text saying, “OMG Prince” and then it was cut off, only to resume with, “…he died.”

I remember being home alone. Covering my mouth so the scream wouldn’t escape. Continue reading

Woman Who Does Nothing as Maggots Eat Away at Body of Disabled Husband, Only Gets 4 Years in Jail (Watch)

Dormanica Lawson today
Dormanica Lawson today

*It’s as if a Black life means nothing. I wasn’t in the courtroom, so I don’t know what transpired between the judge, jury, defendant and even the court transcriber. But what I know is for some reason everybody walked out of that courtroom knowing that a wife who let her husband’s paralyzed body get consumed by maggots will go to jail…for four years.

People abusing animals have received harsher sentences.

Now yeah, I know, jail is not always the answer. And yes, there could have been extenuating circumstances.

Like maybe the wife was…is…mentally disturbed.

She’d have to be. But then again, she could just be heartless.

Reports say 37-year-old Dormanica Lawson was arrested after police were called to the house only to find her husband of 12 years, Mark Fulgham, close to death on a dirty mattress on the floor.

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5-Year-Old Terminally Ill Tenn. Boy Dies in Santa’s Arms (Heartbreaking Videos)

Eric Schmitt in his authentic Santa-self
Eric Schmitt in his authentic Santa-self

*When Eric Schmitt-Matzen, whose 310-pound frame is very much like “Santa,” was asked to visit a terminally ill boy in the role. A character he happily portrays for 80 events each year, this particular gig was one that would have him consider resigning.

The little boy died in his arms.

He had arrived at the hospital where the child’s very emotional family was waiting. They knew the boy was close to the end because he was very frail and weak. But he was still hanging on.

Sensing their fragile emotional state, Schmitt-Matzen told the Knoxville News Sentinel…

“I sized up the situation and told everyone, ‘If you think you’re going to lose it, please leave the room. If I see you crying, I’ll break down and can’t do my job.’ ”

Is it any surprised he entered the room alone. Continue reading