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Target Wins Lawsuit Filed by Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute


*Who doesn’t know the name Rosa Parks? Her name is arguably the most famous in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. And with what Ms. Parks has often stated was an uninvited wealth of fame, saying she simply did what she did because she was tired (I met her and these words came from her lips) comes a lot of opportunity for her image to be used and misused in commercial fashion.

I recently learned that retail giant Target had attempted to commission a series of Rosa Parks inspired items including books, movies and plaques, to commemorate her life.

But what may appear as an act of honorable homage being paid to this historical figure by some, may look like something else to others.

“Others” is the operative word here. And it specifically refers to the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development. The nonprofit lists their purpose is “To carry on the lifework of Rosa Parks in youth development and civil rights education/advocacy.” Continue reading

Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Teen, Then Sues His Family


*As if the public needs one more example of somebody who knows they are dead wrong, trying to divert attention from that fact.

Talk about trying to insult our intelligence.

Robert Rialmo, the white police officer from Chicago who fatally and intentionally shot and killed a black 19-year-old college student — and “accidentally” killed a neighbor, is working overtime to turn the tables on his crime.

He has filed a lawsuit against the dead teen’s estate.

His defense?

He has been traumatized by the murders he committed.

I’ll stop here and allow that to sink in for a sec.

Now, either this dude is the dumbest human on the planet, or this is how it looks when you OD on the white privilege kool-aid. Continue reading

Watch: Woman Gets Mugged Visiting Husband at Cemetery, Then This Happened…

photo (2)
Screen shot of man who robbed elderly lady in cemetery.

*Think you know how low someone can go? Well you haven’t met this guy.

This is not a NEW story, but some stories are worth bringing back; if only to serve as a reminder that YOU ARE NOT SAFE ANYWHERE!

My apologies if this is not something you wanted to hear as you sip on your morning coffee or herb tea.

Tona Herndon, 78, had lost her beloved of 60-years only two weeks ago in 2013 and as she was visiting him at the cemetery she got mugged.

CBS “On The Road” told her story. Hearndon, who lives in Bethany, Oklahoma, told the media she didn’t even know what was happening until she was halfway in the car.

But that’s not even the story, THIS is…

The mugger was caught soon after. Police put his mugshot online and he was instantly identified by none other than…

HIS 15-YEAR-OLD SON!!! Continue reading

Indiana Principal Dies Saving Students From Charging School Bus

school bus accident2

*Everyone at Indianapolis’s Amy Beverland Elementary School –without exception–loved principal Susan Jordan. And they made this clear in a tribute video long before she died saving her students on Tuesday. She built her loving legacy as principal at the elementary school over a 22-year-period; with one teacher being quoted as saying, “I have never had such a supportive boss.”

These were flowers given to Jordan while she was still here.

But on Tuesday everything changed.

principal susan jordan

The principal who helped Amy Beverland Elementary School receive a Four Star, “A” rating from the Indiana Department of Education; the woman described by the entire faculty and student body as the “definition of wonderful” was killed in a freak school bus accident as she attempted (successfully) to save students in the path of the vehicle. Continue reading

“Enjoy the moment! Enjoy the journey! Enjoy the ride!” A Conversation with Oleta Adams


*Although superstar Oleta Adams emerged as a vocal phenom with the British rock group Tears For Fears, it was “Get Here,” a cover of a Brenda Russell composition and a benediction of sorts to US troops who were stationed overseas during the first Gulf War, that really catapulted her to the international stage.

Other standout recordings of Adams’ include the definitive cover of Billy Joel’s “New York State Of Mind,” “Captain Of My Ship” (a reverent tribute to Rosa Parks), and superb gospel (Come Walk With Me) and holiday (Christmas Time With Oleta) albums.

The 62-year-old vocal powerhouse has toured the world along with artists including Luther Vandross, Phil Collins, and Michael Bolton. She has delighted Bay Area audiences a number of times over the years at the annual Colors of Christmas show with Peabo Bryson and the San Francisco Symphony.

Adams’ voice is truly one of the most powerful and identifiable I’ve ever heard. It simultaneously enfolds, comforts, seduces, and ignites. Listen to “I Just Had To Hear Your Voice” from her brilliant 1993 Evolution album and you’ll understand — you’ll feel — what I mean.   And it’s truly wonderful — and increasingly rare — to hear an artist who can deliver the same vocals live that you’ve come to love on record.  Adams is one of those artists.

The four time Grammy-nominee — I can’t tell you how in the world she’s never won one! — is finalizing work on a stunning new album, she’s just released two new singles, and she’s preparing for two solo shows in Oakland on February 21. Trust me: if you can get to Oakland in February, get there if you can!

Adams and I chatted by phone recently, and I had to share highlights of my incredible conversation with one of the music industry’s most gifted artists. Continue reading

Woman Admits to Killing Drunk Boyfriend…On Facebook!

Headshot, Nakasia James
Nakasia James

*She asked the Lord to forgive her, so I guess that stands for something.

What, I do not know.

But Nakasia  Macc James decided to go big and announce killing her ex-boyfriend on Facebook of all places. In a post littered with teary-eyed emoticons (scroll down), she said her ex-boyfriend was “drunk off ej && was fightn me.” The 18-year-old actually started the post off saying she wanted to “tell ya nw be4 I get caught.” She later lets us know that she is “on the run.”

Facebook has set a new record for people choosing its platform to confess their heinous crimes. Continue reading

Days After Her Drugged-Out Mom Rolled Over Her, This Infant Dies

Lisa Scalia's, 31, was arrested for allegedly rolling on top of her child while high on drugs. (YouTube)
Lisa Scalia, 31, was arrested for allegedly rolling on top of her child while high on drugs. (YouTube)

*When people choose to use drugs, that’s their business. But when children become the victims of the carelessness that can accompany this behavior, it becomes ours. And as a parent writing this story, I am beyond offended; not to mention mad as hell at the mother who was so high on drugs that she got careless and rolled over on her 7-month-old little girl, who died a week later as a result. Continue reading

Woman Kicked Out of Florida Hospital Emergency Room, Dies Shortly Thereafter

Barbara Dawson

*A Florida woman is dead today, after being kicked out of Liberty Calhoun Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida. Why an obviously distressed person was being forced out of an emergency room is at this point, anyone’s guess. Yet Barbara Dawson was, and she has paid the ultimate price because of it.

A press conference attended by Ms. Dawson’s family and the media revealed audio along with a 2 ½-hour video showing a Blountstown police officer arriving at the hospital. The footage had been captured by police audio and dash-cam video.

On the recording an officer is heard trying to persuade Dawson to leave the hospital’s emergency room.

Dawson sounds distressed, but lucid enough to be offended that someone has called the cops. She is heard (as if talking to someone else in the room) saying, “Oh no they didn’t” repeatedly. Then, as the officer continues, in a threatening tone, asking her to leave, Dawson repeats, “Oh my God. Oh my God.”
Continue reading