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Woman in China Pushes Child to Safety Before Falling to Her Death on Escalator (Video)

This screen grab from surveillance video shows a shopping assistant looking at the collapsed footplate of an escalator after a woman fell into it and was killed at a shopping mall in Jingzhou city, central China on July 26.


*A husband is devastated and a child is traumatized following an escalator accident in China; where a wife and mother was killed as she stepped off the escalator with her small son. The horrific incident happened at a department store in Jingzhou City in central China and was caught on tape by CCTV.

We see in the video where a floor panel gives way under the woman, just as she is about to clear the escalator with her child. There are two women standing at the top of the escalator who appear to be warning her of something; but just as she steps to the floor, a panel of it opens and she pushes her child away and falls into the floor. Continue reading

NYC Principal Commits Suicide After Found Cheating on Common Core Test, DOE Releases Statement (Video)

Jeanene Worrell-Breeden
Jeanene Worrell-Breeden

*The Department of Education (DOE) has released a statement that says the investigation into Jeanene Worrell-Breeden, 49, principal at Teachers College Community School in New York City has been concluded due to her passing.

Worrell-Breeden took her life on April 17 by jumping in front of the B train at the 135th Street station in New York City. It was one day after her 47 students had completed the Common Cores test, a high-pressured English and math test given by the state. They had been working on the test over a three day period.

The test is said to have been especially stressful for Worrell-Breeden, who had numerous personal setbacks; had previously been investigated at another school and wanted to prove herself at the fledgling Harlem-based school.  The principals annual salary was $135,000. Continue reading

Cops So Busy Being Inappropriate With People, K-9s Left to Die in Hot Cars

Baston, a K9 officer with Savannah State University police
Baston, a K9 officer with Savannah State University police

*Four police dogs have died over the past five weeks in the hot car of their human colleague after being forgotten as the cop was most likely off being inappropriate with some civilian.

One such dog was known as Baston (pictured above).  He was a 7-year-old German Shepherd that was left in his owners car after the owner fell asleep inside the house after bringing in the groceries.

When the handler realized the dog was still in the car, three to four hours later — with the windows rolled up and the engine off, he rushed the dog inside and placed it in a cool tub of water. But it was too late. Temperatures were greater than 95-degrees that day. Continue reading

Teenage Girl Found Hanged in Her Jail Cell, One Day After Sandra Bland (Watch)

Kindra Chapman
Kindra Chapman

*Oh god. Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of a trend.

With the mysterious death of Sandra Bland still leaving us with more questions than answers, very few of us even realize that another young African American woman was discovered in the same way, just one day later.

Kindra Chapman, 18, was found dead in her jail cell in Homewood, Alabama. Her death is being called an apparent suicide after she was discovered with a bed sheet around her neck.

Chapman’s death comes only one day after Bland’s, but less than an hour-and-a-half after she was booked into the jail. Continue reading

Atlanta Teacher Kidnapped, Murdered by Husband’s Girlfriend

Sandra Barnett (L) who taught kids with special needs, and Lisa Brown (R) are both dead.
Sandra Barnett (L) and Lisa Brown (R) are both dead.


*At the end of a high-speed chase that began in the state of Georgia and ended in Alabama, police found two women dead.  One of them, a 49-year old McNair Middle School teacher named Sandra Barnett, had been kidnapped by the other, a woman named Lisa Brown, who was the mistress of the teacher’s husband.

According to authorities, Brown killed the teacher before turning the gun on herself.

Police report the incident started Wednesday afternoon, when neighbors grew suspicious after Barnett had mentioned concern about someone trying to break into her home and they noticed a black Dodge Durango they hadn’t seen before.

As it turns out, they had every reason to be.  Continue reading

Venomous Snake Found: Texas Residents Relieved, But Snake May Have Killed Teen (Video)

Grant Thompson with one of his reptiles (not the Monocled cobra).
Grant Thompson pictured left, with one of his reptiles…not the Monocled cobra.

*While his car is clearly marked with signs that say “Venomous reptiles onboard” and “I brake for snakes,” a teen may have been fatally wounded by one of his own animals.

But the snake, who animal control had been searching for since last Tuesday, no longer poses a threat to the community, as it is believed to be the snake that was found dead on the street after possibly being hit by a car. Continue reading

Child Dies on Father’s Day After Dad Leaves Her in Hot Car to Go Drinking

Leasia Carter, 2-years-old
Leasia Carter, 2-years-old

*This is one Father’s Day, a Baltimore, Maryland man will never forget. What happened on this day will set the tone for the rest of Wilbert Carter’s days. It also brings to the fore the responsibility and accountability of a parent, even when that parent feels they need a break to celebrate a day especially designed for them.

Being a parent doesn’t allow for any off-duty time.

Carter, 31, made a dreadful decision on Father’s Day; when he decided to leave his 2-year-old daughter, Leasia Carter,  in the car so that he could go drinking with his buddies.

The temperatures on this day was nearly 90-degrees. And that was outside, so inside the car it reached sweltering heights.

Leasia was left strapped to her car seat and when her father left the bar, drunk, he got in the car and drove straight home; never looking back and fell into bed.

The child, who police say was inside the hot car for at least 16 hours, wasn’t even thought about until the next day when she was discovered.

Continue reading

Dead Child’s Father Said, ‘I Tried to Warn the Court!’ (Video & Photos)

ji-aire father
James Lee, Ji’aire’s dad

*You may have been struck by the story about a woman who was found pushing her dead child in a swing last week. Residents in LaPlata, Maryland called police after they spotted the woman, now identified as 24-year-old Romechia Simms, around 7 a.m. at La Plata playground.

Police later said that the condition of the child’s body, (no blunt trauma, but rigor mortis had set in) shows the woman may have been at the park for an unusually long amount of time. Possibly overnight.

Simms was taken to a medical facility, and was placed under observation.

But now the child’s father has come forward, with claims that if the court would have listened to his warnings, his 3-year-old son might still be alive. Continue reading