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House Used as Harry Potter’s Home in Film Series up for Sale


*Attention Harry Potter fans!  You’ll want to move quickly if you want to own a piece of film history.  The house used as the exterior in the original Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone film is for sale!

The current asking price is a cool $616,000 — but that may change soon.

“The original plan was to take this property to market without using any reference to Harry Potter,” real estate agent Paul Bosanko said.  But since news of the property’s connection to the movie got out, interest has increased sharply, “and that may or may not influence the final price that we achieve at this property,” he said.

Translation:  the price is going up quick and in a hurry.  

The three-bedroom house is in Bracknell, a town about 30 miles west of London.  While the home was used in the original movie, a studio set based on the house was built for later installments of the eight-film series.

Real estate agency Chancellors says the house “has recently undergone complete renovation to an extremely high standard.”  But yes — as I know you’re wondering just as much as I am — THE HOUSE STILL HAS A CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS! Continue reading

Childcare Employee Reading to Kids, Didn’t Know Toddler Was Under Beanbag Chair


*Man. This is an extremely tough one. You know how kids love to play hide and seek. Well this time the game proved fatal. As a childcare worker in Utah sat reading stories to a group of children at the West Jordan Child Center on Thursday morning, the worker had no idea one of the kids was actually underneath the bean bag chair he or she was sitting on.

And the child suffocated.

According to PEOPLE, the little boy had been under the chair for fifteen minutes, and once discovered unresponsive, was taken to a hospital where he later died. Continue reading

Kentucky Juvenile Employee ‘Just Watched’ as Teen Took Last Breath

Gynnya McMillen
Gynnya McMillen

*It’s hard to believe the stupidity of some people. Especially those given such important positions; where their responsibilities can literally make a difference between life or death. Because a youth worker in a juvenile center in Kentucky just stood and watched a new inmate as she gagged and gasped to breathe while in her cell, a death has occurred.

Now a lawsuit has been filed by the estate of 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen. The teen had only been admitted to the center hours earlier, and according to the lawsuit, employee Reginald Windham’s comments to investigators are very different from what was observed on the surveillance cameras.

According to Windham’s statement: he walked over to McMillen’s door at 11:39 p.m. on Jan. 11, after he heard coughing. Investigators wrote that he wanted “to check on her to make sure she had not thrown up or was choking or something like that.”

Surveillance video, according to the lawsuit, shows the guard staring through a window for 18 seconds, witnessing “her last gasps and dying breaths and final uncontrollable movements and seizure.” Attorneys for the family say he then turned around and walked away. Continue reading

Man Kills Fiance and Tells 10-Year-Old Daughter, ‘You Have to Die Too!’

Terrance Meredith
Terrance Meredith

*First, let me rest you assured that the daughter is alive and physically unharmed. She did a really smart thing to stay that way. Her father, Terrance Meredith, 43, had just shot her mother, Otha Mooney, 35, right in front of her. He had been arguing with his fiance about car keys, according to the prosecutor. As the woman searched in her purse for the keys, she paused and told her daughter how much she loved her and her siblings.

A witnessed told police that Meredith had been armed with a knife during the argument, but later on pointed a gun at Mooney.

When the argument progressed as Mooney was searching for the keys, Meredith was said to have began waving the gun around, and the two struggled before the gun went off and Mooney was shot. Continue reading

Actor Gene Wilder Remembered By Willy Wonka’s ‘Charlie’ (Video)


*Aww…I had to share this one. Especially for all of us who adored the classic film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” and have, of course, learned of the death of its central character, owned by Gene Wilder (June 11, 1933-August 29, 2016).

All kinds of folks, celebrities and otherwise, continue to express their condolences and share experiences about the actor. But one in particular stands out.

Remember Charlie Buckett…the kid that found the ‘golden ticket’ and got to fly away in Willy Wonka’s golden glass elevator…while that beautiful music played… and Willy told Charlie that he was going to give him the Chocolate Factory…and he could bring his family to live there and he would be trusted to care for the Oompa Loompas?

TMI? OK sorry. I got carried away back there.

But him. The actor who portrayed the glorified role was Peter Ostrum. And you can bet the moment that word of Wilder’s passing got out, media outlets looked him up to hear his feelings about the legendary actor’s sudden death.

Ostrum, who reportedly loved playing the role of Charlie, left the movie business after the film wrapped and has made a career as a veterinarian. He spoke to Variety following the actor’s passing and likened it to “losing a parent.” Continue reading

Online Date Ends Up Being ‘The Last’ for This Single Dad (Video)

Online date, man murdered

*A single father who was looking for love on the online dating site, Plenty of Fish, was found dead on his kitchen floor after he went out on a date with an 18-year-old girl who it was later learned, had set him up for a robbery.

His murder may have been a last minute decision.

27-year-old Adam Hilarie met 18-year-old Hailey Bustos via Plenty of Fish, an online dating site. The two went bowling on their first date. After the date the pair went back to Hilarie’s house, and upon parting, Bustos texted: “I had a good time and would like to see you again.”

The agreement turned out to be a grave mistake.

They set up a meet at Hilarie’s place for the next night. But instead of arriving alone, the girl brought three friends with her.

According to a report on the Miami Herald:

Cops said 18-year-old Hailey Bustos had been paid $50 to arrange the theft of Hilarie’s TVs, Xbox and iPhone, and returned hours later for the robbery with the three men.

The incident escalated.

Continue reading

Dog in Michigan Dies at Groomer’s After Being Soaked in Chemicals

Max, dog dies after chemicals spill

*At best we can hope that the death of this poor little poodle cocker spaniel mix will shut down Shaggy Dog Puppies & Supplies pet store in Michigan. Max, a healthy 7-year-old rescue, had been taken in for a routine visit as he had many times before. Last Thursday, he was taken in to get his hair trimmed and nails cut. He never made it back home. When the groomers didn’t call his owners, Dennis and Maureen St. Clair back in a timely manner to pick him up, a red flag rose up and Dennis decided to go to the pet shop located at Van Dyke near 21 Mile.

“I saw the groomer, her name was Cindy, and she was coming out the back door with a dog wrapped in blankets and just soaking wet,” Dennis told Fox 2. “And I looked and said, ‘Oh God, I hope it isn’t my dog,’ and it was Max, foaming at the mouth.”

But it was.

According to the groomers, little Max had been barking too much and they set him in a utility closet where somehow, chemicals spilled.  Continue reading

Good Samaritan Allegedly Killed By Two Men He Helped (Video)

Deon Antonio and Michael Dupree-Tyler
Deon Antonio and Michael Dupree-Tyler

*Who’da ever thunk it? Here you are being a good samaritan, and though you don’t expect any awards or rewards, you also don’t expect to be killed as a result of your good deed. Yet, Chadwick Garrett is dead today. And North Charleston police spokesperson Spencer Pryor alleges his killers are Deon Antonio, 17, and Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler, 19. He had helped the two fellas haul their Dodge Durango out of a ditch.

They had the audacity to rob him first.

Garrett, who died around 11:35 p.m. at the scene near Durant Avenue and North Jimtown Drive, was identified by a Charleston County Coroner’s Officer.

The two men have since been arrested in Charleston, NC.

Rest assured, “Karma” is real and it will be served in due time.

And we wonder why people hesitate to help. The past year has served up too many examples of innocent people who, with outstretched arms, met their untimely death. Continue reading