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Women-Only ‘Wonder Woman’ Screenings Aren’t Sexist. But They’ll Illegal.

*I’ve been waiting for this week’s premiere of the new Wonder Woman feature for years.  Hell, decades.  Ever since Lynda Carter twirled her way into my little 12 year old heart back in the 70s, I’ve waited for Hollywood to give the Amazonian princess the big budget treatment.

After Gal Godot almost stole the show from the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, I knew the writing was on the wall.

I was intrigued when I read about a Texas movie theatre that was selling out tickets to women-only screenings of the new film.  I smiled when I read about the man who gloated about successfully purchasing a ticket to one of the screenings, and the vitriol that he faced online about his purchase.  And I’d planned to get you all up to speed about that.

Then, I read an article on HuffPost that posited that it wasn’t sexist to have a women’s only screening.  And I had to make sure I wasn’t reading it on The Onion or some other satirical site. Continue reading

Teen Girl Charged in Stabbing Death of Uber Driver in Lincolnwood

Grant Nelson

*A 16-year old Lincolnwood girl has been charged with stabbing Uber driver, Grant Nelson as he dropped her off last Tuesday. No amount of research has shown any indication as to why as of this writing.

Eliza Wasni is being held without bail according to the state attorney’s office of Cook County. Lincolnwood police said they responded after calls about “…a male screaming for help.”

The incident occurred at approximately 3:22 a.m. Tuesday morning and the teen is being charged as an adult for first-degree murder.

Though Nelson, 34, had been stabbed multiple times by the time police arrived at the scene, he was conscious enough to describe Wasni; who police found hiding behind a building in possession of two weapons, one of which appeared to be the weapon used in the incident. Continue reading

Bresha Meadows, Teen Who Killed Abusive Dad, Accepts Plea Deal

*“Today is a good day!” Those were the words spoken by a smiling Bresha Meadows, the teen who, at 14-years-of age was sentenced to a detention center for killing her abusive dad. Meadows has been incarcerated for the past ten months. She smiled yesterday as she left her court hearing and hugged her family, friends and attorneys saying she is happy with the plea deal she accepted.

The Root asked Brad S. Wolfe, one of several attorneys representing the teen, what made her accept the plea deal? “It was an obvious and easy decision as it allows her to reintegrate into life,” Wolfe responded. Faced with the possibility of serving life without parole at first, Wolfe said, “Bresha’s family and the entire defense team is elated and relieved with this resolution. This young lady just got her life back.” Continue reading

SC Teen Died After Three Caffeinated Drinks, Doctors Call Combo A ‘Perfect Storm of Stimulation’ (Watch)


*A parent’s worst nightmare  has happened: The death of their child. As the traumatized father admits, we get nervous as soon as they learn to drive, but this had nothing to do with being behind the wheel. David Allen Cripe, 16, collapsed and died after drinking three different caffeinated beverages within a two-hour period, on April 26.

Statistics show the amount of caffeine in the teen’s body was equal to six cups of coffee. Doctors say it wasn’t actually the amount of caffeine in his body, heck, there are plenty of people who drink six cups of coffee a day, right? It was actually the short period of time that the different beverages was consumed: within two hours.

Continue reading

Miss Jackson Surprises Us…Again


*The element of surprise has been a hallmark of superstar Janet Jackson’s 30+ year career.

If you’re too young to remember, Jackson’s landmark 1986 Control album, with its defiant distancing from her famous family, surprised even her most ardent fans.

I was one of them; I’ve loved that girl since she was little Penny on Good Times.  I still can’t look at a clothes iron without experiencing a little anxiety, and I still have an emotional reaction whenever I see actress Chip Fields


Send me an email if you’re with me on that!

As I think about it, the launch of Jackson’s recording career was a complete surprise, with her having spent the first years of her career focused on acting instead of trying to compete with her incomparable older brother, Michael.  Beginning with her eponymous album,  the youngest Jackson delivered passable pop with an urban edge that suggested there was something more to come.

At the age of 19, Jackson fired her father (he’d been her manager) and shocked the entertainment world as she emerged from Michael’s enormous shadow via a series of huge hit records, courtesy of wünderkinds Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Continue reading

Photo Taken By Army Photog, Hilda Clayton, Before She Was Killed In Explosion Released

Hilda Clayton

*The U. S. Army recently released a photo that had been taken by photographer, Spc. Hilda Clayton, seconds before she and four others were killed by an explosion. 

According to reports, Clayton had been taking pictures of three Afghan soldiers that were conducting mortar validation exercises when the weapon went off causing the explosion. The three soldiers, Afghanistan National Army First Cavalry Division members, and an Afghan combat photographer perished alongside Clayton just after the final picture was taken.


Clayton’s picture, the 1st shown directly below, shows us the fatal moment of the explosion as we see one of the three soldiers previously mentioned. Continue reading

OMG! Musician Bruce Hampton DIED Onstage, During Concert

Col. Bruce Hampton
Bruce Hampton sings in forefront in 2015 concert.

*Whoa, I didn’t even know this man, but my god, what a way to go. I suppose playing a gig in your honor isn’t the worst scenario to leave this earth, but its certainly one your band mates and fans will never, ever be able to forget.

Not to mention your family.

Col. Bruce Hampton is an eccentric guitarist and singer known as the forefather of the jam band scene. He was actually performing at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre a day after his birthday for “Hampton 70: A Celebration of Col. Bruce Hampton.”

All of a sudden as he was playing, and he went down on one knee first, says a band member. Continue reading

Not A Good Look, Sea World! Polar Bear Dies Of ‘Broken Heart’

Polar Bear

*Looks like SeaWorld’s decision to stop breeding orca whales was only the beginning of their troubles. Now they’ve got some explaining to do after an otherwise healthy, yet aged polar bear died unexpectedly — only days after its “best friend” was sent away to breed more polars.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) says a polar bear named Szenja, 21, “gave up” and “died from a broken heart” within days after “Snowflake” the female polar bear that she shared a space with for 20 years, was shipped away.

Szenja was born in captivity and had lived in SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic exhibit since the 1990s. Continue reading