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Fla. Teens Who Died After Being Hypnotized By Former Principal, Remembered at ‘Homecoming’ (Watch)

George Kenney
George Kenney

*While students at universities, colleges and high schools celebrate homecoming around this time; and as those who went on to become professionals return to those schools that set them on the course in the first place, a Florida town carries a greater burden this past weekend. They remember three students they recently lost to tragedy.

The students all died within weeks of one other after being hypnotized by George Kenney, a self-proclaimed mind healer and now, former principal of the school.

Two of the students committed suicide, while one of the victims, a promising athlete, died in a car crash.

Kenney is said to have altered the mind of the three students and their death was the result. Continue reading

Man’s 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Kicked His Baby to Death (Video)

Drue Lehto sits on the shoulders of his dad, Derek Lehto.

*A father is devastated: His 17-month-old baby is dead.

And his 20-year-old girlfriend is in jail for the crime.

Make room for more heartbreak.

Alicia Goemaat from West Seattle, Washington has been accused of the second-degree murder of Drue Lehto, who she was watching while his daddy, her boyfriend, ran errands on September 27.

According to the child’s grandmother, her son is “in shock.”

Gormaat, who first denied knowing what happened to the child, admitted kicking him after she was arrested days later, on October 1. She is now being held in custody on $1 million dollars bail.

“He just keeps crying, ‘She killed my little boy! She killed my little boy!'” Maria Blanco told Inside Edition about her son, the baby’s father. “We knew the baby as being a healthy, happy little guy. We’re in a state of disbelief.” Continue reading

Toddler Chokes to Death After Mother Dies While Feeding Him (Video)

mother dies while feeding child

*No one could have seen this coming. It is beyond sad and devastating to a family. A woman friends have now identified as Erika Tomassian passed away suddenly while feeding her one-year-old boy.

But wait…

The child she was feeding also died. He choked on the food.

Police found them both in the woman’s Hollywood apartment; along with her dehydrated two-year-old son who had did his best to survive on his own, officials said. Continue reading

Parents of Bullied Boy Who Committed Suicide, Sues Florida School District

Suicide of Florida Boy

*In an absolutely heartbreaking story about the effects of bullying, a young Florida boy took his life as a result of being bullied at school. Now the parents are suing the school and the school board because they say it did not do enough to protect him. And since his suicide, other parents have come forward to report their children’s experiences.

Lamar Hawkins III, 14, committed suicide in the bathroom at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Lake Mary. Later it was learned that the gun he used, belonged to his father, Lamar Hawkins, Sr.

The boys family reported him missing when he wasn’t at the usual place his mother would pick him up at. And hours had passed since a student had reported finding shells from a bullet in the bathroom; yet no one at the school followed up.

The young boys body was found at 11 p.m. by police who say he had shot himself in the head. Continue reading

Woman Found Shot Dead After Posting Picture of Boyfriend Aiming Gun at Her

boyfriend aimed gun at her

*I so hate to say this but, damn, maybe someone should have taken this picture more seriously. Though its hard to decipher, the photo above appears to be of a woman being fired at.

A photo (shown more vividly below), was allegedly posted by the woman, and is said to show her “boyfriend” pointing a gun at her. But unless some kind of lighting is affecting the picture…again, it looks like the gun is actually going off.

Hours later she was found dead from a gunshot wound.

Her name is Stephanie Hernandez and she is a 21-year-old mother. She lived in Arkansas and at the time these frightening photos were taken, she and her boyfriend, Rafael Gonzalez were in the midst of moving in to a new house together.

That was on Sunday.

The family of Stephanie Hernandez told media they are still struggling to come to terms with her death.

Continue reading

Oakland Artist Shot Dead While Creating Public Peace Mural (Video)

Mural, Oakland artist shot dead

*On Tuesday, while creating a mural sponsored by a peace group in Oakland, California, an artist was shot to death.

The mural was suppose to help curb gun violence in the neighborhood.

It happened beneath a highway underpass when the artist and the shooter got into an argument around 10:30 a.m. Authorities say the painting that the artist was working on was called “Self as Superhero.”  And the project was a collaboration between West Oakland middle school students and area muralists.

Students were scheduled to work with artists at the site on Wednesday. Continue reading

Integrating Charlie Brown’s Universe: A Visit With Franklin’s ‘Mom’


*We all know the kids in the Peanuts universe — Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus et al. We even know the animals (if you can call Snoopy and Woodstock animals!). However, we never got to know the adults in the strip, as teachers and the kids’ parents were always “off camera” so to speak. In the animated specials, even their voices were reduced to audio flares from a trumpet (“Waah Waah Waah!!!).

I just got to know the mom of Franklin Armstrong, Charlie Brown’s African American buddy. Franklin’ s mother is a white retired school teacher who talked Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz into integrating the classic comic strip. Continue reading

Get Your Peanuts Fix At The Charles M. Schulz Museum


*Did you know that Franklin, Charlie Brown’s African American buddy, almost didn’t make it into the popular Peanuts comic strip?

Did you know that all of the Peanuts characters debuted as infants, and rapidly aged once they were introduced?

Did you know that Lucy pushed a couple of early protagonists aside to ultimately become Charlie Brown’s chief foil?

Those of just some of the facts you’ll learn at the Charles M. Schultz Museum, nestled in Schultz’ hometown of Santa Rosa, California.

I really wasn’t expecting to have as much fun as I did on my recent, first visit. From the moment I walked in the door of the museum, which opened in 2002, and was greeted by a volunteer who bore an eerie resemblance to Schultz himself, I knew I was in for a treat. Continue reading