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Woman Admits She Was ‘Angry at Life’ When She Stabbed Stranger in Store to Death, Today She Was Sentenced to ‘Life’…WTF?

Woman gets life for murder of stranger in store

*Whew. My nerves are already on overdrive with this one. Where does mental illness end and downright evil begin? What is the dividing line when someone who admits to being “angry at life” think its OK to take someone else’s?

That is what some bitch named Conner MacCalister did. Call me what you will, but I think that’s pretty eff’d up.

When I get mad I don’t answer the phone for a few hours. I get mad and I stay in my room. I get mad and I might ‘take it out’ on someone by saying something inappropriate. But I will be damned if I go out in public with the intention of killing someone…just because I’m mad.

Are you kidding me? Who in the hell does that?

Some bitch named Connie MacCalister.

And the sentence of life in prison seems too good for her. But then again, so would a death sentence. Continue reading

19 Month Old Burned Alive in Oven, Having Been Placed Inside By Her 3 Year Old Siblings, While Their Mother Grabbed a Take-out Pizza


*19 month old J’Zyra Thompson was found dead inside of an oven in Houston, after her 3-year old siblings placed her inside of the oven and turned the oven on. Their five year old sibling was asleep in an adjacent room.

You’re asking the same question I was. Where in the hell were the baby’s parents?

Their mother, Racquel Thompson, and her boyfriend had reportedly left the children alone in the home to get a takeout pizza and get a prescription filled.

Can you handle more details of this heartbreaking story? Continue reading

Nude Swimmer Survives Shark Attack


*I love swimming in the nude. Everything free and flopping around. Wearing swim trucks while swimming is, I’d imagine, like women wearing a bra while…doing everything. So I’m sure you don’t begrudge me the pleasure. And in return, I’ll invite you over to swim in my pool sometime.

And that’s the difference between how I spend my days off in the summer and what this dude did: he went swimming nude in shark invested waters off the coast of Hawaii and almost lost a foot doing it.  

Now, I have a size 12 foot, and I’m absolutely certain that a shark watching me from below would see and  go for another part of my anatomy if he saw me swimming in the buff out in the ocean. He wouldn’t be able to help himself.  I’m popular.

But Paul O’Leary decided to go for it. So did the shark. Continue reading

Tamir Rice, 12, Killed By OH. Cop: Petition Wants New Prosecutor

Tamir Rice, 12
Tamir Rice, 12

*The unjust killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice on November 22, 2014 by a cop in Cleveland may be off the front pages of the news, but make no mistake, the story is not a forgotten one. Rice was shot to death as he played in a recreation center park; by a cop who mistook his toy gun for a real one. Now his family wants to make sure justice is served, and that young Tamir’s death will not end up being just another black boy in the ground — while the cop that put him there walks free.

They have every right to be concerned. Its been an entire year and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty is only now presenting the case before a Grand Jury to determine if charges will even be filed against the cop. Add to that two “reviews” done by “specialists” who say the cop was justified…and they didn’t even perform an interview. Continue reading

Oh Mama! What Have They Done? Funeral Home Puts Wrong Woman in Casket (Video)

Wrong body buried

*Oh man! This is a travesty no family should ever have to experience. The pain and distress of losing a relative to death now magnetized by an unfathomable error made by the funeral home you’ve entrusted their remains to. In case you missed hearing about the Chicago family whose worst nightmare came to reality recently, when during the viewing they discovered  the woman in the casket was a total stranger.

And adding insult to injury, their loved one had already been buried the day before.

The horrific event happened about a week ago. And according to the Chicago Tribune, the family of 74-year-old Ella Mae Rutledge is preparing a lawsuit. Continue reading

He Died A Hero! 11-Year-Old Boy Loses Life Saving Sister At Bus Stop

Boy, 11, dies saving sister

*A brave little boy lost his short life, so that his sister could live, when an out-of-control car ran him down at the bus stop where he was waiting with her for their school bus.

La’Darious Wylie, 11, obviously saw the car coming, when he pushed his 7-year-old sister, Sha’Vonta, out of the car’s path to safety.

In speaking with The Herald his mother, Elizabeth McCrorey said, “He knew to look out for her.”

La’Darious, a fifth grader who is said to have loved playing football, was struck on the corner of his family’s home last Tuesday morning and died from his injuries the next day.

He was remembered as a hero as he was laid to rest Thursday.

“He saved his sister, and he ended up being the one that’s where he is now,” aunt Felicia Mobley told WBTV. Continue reading

Heartwarming or Creepy: Months After His Death, Transparent Image of 8-Year-Old Placed in Wedding Pic

child died, but in pic
The wedding family includes the late Lake Bozman, on left.

*Please don’t judge me too harshly but…maybe its the way the child is inserted in the photo that raises the “creepy” factor. I know eerie is probably a safer word, but creepy makes more sense to me.

Eight-year-old Lake Bozman passed away before he could see his mother remarried, but the couple made sure he was there somehow; and inserted a “spirit-like” photo of him in the wedding photo.

The photo went viral  after photographer Brandy Angel and Lake’s mom, Anna Bozman, posted it on Facebook. Continue reading

Elder Abuse is Real! If It Can Happen To A Legendary Actor, It Can Happen To Your Loved One (Watch)

Mickey Rooney and familyR
PICTURED ABOVE: Mark Aber (front left), stepson of Mickey Rooney (center) by his eighth wife Jan (top right), alleges that his mother physically and mentally abused the actor, while older brother Chris (top left) siphoned off his money.

*I am proudly showing my age here. Because I can recall growing up to a talented actor who always made me feel good. His mere presence brought a smile to my face. When I saw his movies, I didn’t think about race, financial issues or how crappy a day I may have been having. His work just made me smile.

Which is why it is so very sad to hear that one of my Hollywood idols, Mickey Rooney, suffered elder abuse in his final years…at the hands of his eighth wife, Jan.

Rooney died on April 6, 2014 at the age of 93 and the recent expose by Hollywood Reporter, who later posed their own investigation and gained access to legal docs, witness testimony, and financial records never published before puts him back in the news now.

It also shows Rooney suffered abuse greater than he revealed (scroll down).

No doubt someone, hell-bent on being negative, will dig and find something they will be considered ‘racist’ in Rooney’s past; whether it be something in his work on the “Hardy Boys” films of old or anything else. But let me spare them the effort right now: keep it to yourself.

I’m just not interested.

Elder abuse is real. And it doesn’t consider your race. It is initiated and sustained by thoughtless, careless, greedy individuals. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. And so many people who worked their entire lives, have now lost the ability due to age to be independent and as a result, are vulnerable. Continue reading