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Does Twitter’s New Design of User’s Profile Page Look Kind of FaceBook-Ish To You?

Twitter, FB like Design*A new look to your Twitter profile page has arrived. The thing is, its drawing a lot of comparisons to that of profile pages on Facebook.

Twitter began rolling out the design last Tuesday. It  displays a larger profile picture and a larger header image, and showcases users’ most popular tweets.

In a move to boost the visibility of users’ most popular tweets,  Twitter says the new profile pages will highlight the tweets that have received high numbers of retweets and favorites. In addition, users can now pin their favorite tweets to the top of their profile pages. Continue reading

A Must-See! Gyrating Animatronic Doll…Is Kinda Weird (Watch)

This gyrating humanoid looks like she may have had her share of scuffles

This gyrating humanoid looks like she may have had her share of scuffles


*”And you can dance. For inspiration. Come on I’m waiting,” you might remember those lyrics from the Madonna song, “Get Into The Groove.”

Welcome to this is the craziest sh*t I have ever seen…an animatronic “doll” fitted with a long, blonde wig and sexy attire standing in front of a mirror, gyrating to any song you might want to play.

And the brother in the background seems to be having a good time, too!

If this moving mannequin – which is warned to be “the future” doesn’t give you nightmares, well, perhaps nothing will. Continue reading

The Jacksons Talk to EURweb About Being Legendary, Social Media, Who They’d Collab With, and Advice to the Youngin’s (Watch)

RockTellz & CockTails Presents The Jacksons2 - Credit Erik Kabik-Retna

Credit: Credit Erik Kabik-Retna

*It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what sent the Planet Hollywood audience at The Jacksons show in Las Vegas into frenzy so quickly. At the time of this writing, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon were in the second week of a 40-date show of their RockTellz & CockTails residency.

It could’ve been the pose each brother struck while standing in silhouetted silence behind the sheer,  picturesque screen as seen in the picture below. Or the dramatic thump that landed on our ears as each step lit up when the brothers’ descended in unison.

Pictures of The Jacksons at Mar 8 Las Vegas show 001

Credit: DeBorah B. Pryor

Then again, maybe it was that “Superhero” stance that Jermaine does. You know – the one with the clinched fist, arm outstretched and slightly raised, which happens instantaneously when that awesome hook to “Can You Feel It?” comes on! Yeah, that one in the picture directly below. Continue reading

Nekked Pictures Left on Traded-in Phone: Woman Sues Sprint for Posting Them

woman-embarrassed_400x295_40*Uh boy. You have to wonder sometimes: What is it going to take for some of us to get it through our heads that if we don’t want to live with the threat of our intimate photos and videos being put on blast, there’s only one solution: stop posing for them.

Or at least make sure we have personally erased them from the phone before we trade it in!

Too bad one Los Angeles woman neglected to do this. Now she has put her humiliation aside long enough to file a lawsuit; in which she claims a Sprint employee found two pictures of her engaged in sex and used the Facebook app on her phone to upload them; making them visible to her family, friends and co-workers.

Oh man! Continue reading

Recent Security Breach at Apple More Scary Than Target’s?


Secure Sockets Layers, and more recently, Transport Layer Security protocols have protected web users for years by creating a digital secure handshake to identify and encrypt data from the browser to the secure end site. The Apple flaw puts hackers in the middle of that handshake, by allowing the SSL/TSL routines to be bypassed. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

*According to an article in The Blaze , due to a recent security breach mobile device users should be very afraid.

The article states that the news that has tech giant, Apple , Inc., rushing its users to upgrade to the iOS7 software to prevent a potential security risk is even more scary than the enormous breach to consumer privacy revealed by Target last year. Continue reading

Security Tech Firm Strongly Encourage’s User’s to Update Apple’s iOS 7 Software Asap!

ios-devices*On the one hand, the growing technology movement has enabled us to have lives that are much more convenient. We can reach someone across the world at lightening speed via instant message, Skype, Face Time and the like; but let’s face it (no pun intended) on the other hand, the price we pay for these conveniences is extremely high.

Just like someone who feels the painstaking paranoia of constantly looking over your shoulder to see if you’re being followed, technology makes us extremely vulnerable to predators if we neglect to take steps that lead to our successful security.

This means constantly updating our equipment to prevent an intrusion. Hey anything-Apple mobile device users, you might want to pay attention starting now. Continue reading

Volvo Service Makes Car Trunk Your Remote Delivery Option

Volvo delivery*We’ve all had it happen to us at one time or another.

We bought that item on the Internet but when it was being delivered, we were nowhere near our home to accept it. Even worse, not all of us live in areas where leaving the package outside is a smart option.

Good news: There’s an app for that!

Of course you’ll need a car…with a trunk. Continue reading

Inbox Overwhelmed? Here’s 7 Gmail Secrets You Never Knew About

Inbox*Yep, some of us actually have in-boxes that hold ninety-seven-thousand unread messages…some even more. If you’re a Gmail account holder, there is something you can actually do if you want to say, delete your entire in-box in one click (I choose that one!), or even track which websites is giving out your information.

Check out what you may not have known about your Gmail features before (I guess that’s why they call them secrets).  Continue reading