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NASA Seeks Someone to ‘Protect our Planet From Aliens’…You Down? (Watch)

*This is no joke. If you’ve ever thought about saving the planet, this may be the job for you! According to reports, NASA is taking applications for its ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ position. There’s just one small catch: Whoever gets the job is expected to save life on planet earth (and planets everywhere else) from extraterrestrials.

What exactly does a Planetary Protection Officer do? Honestly, if you have to ask its probably safe to assume you shouldn’t apply. But for those of you who may just be a little rusty and need a reminder, its always good to hear from someone who’s done the job before.
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International Academy of Web Television Awards Accepting Submissions Through Aug. 15

*Hollywood, California – The International Academy of Web Television will host its 5th IAWTV Awards at a gala celebration honoring the best in streaming series starting at 7 p.m. on October 4, 2017, in the Ahmanson Ballroom at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Red Carpet will start at 5 p.m.

The IAWTV (, now a division of The Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors (, will recognize the finest creators, cast and crew of web series from around the world. The IAWTV Awards 2017 returns the ceremony to its original Los Angeles base after being produced for several years in Las Vegas in conjunction with conferences such as CES and NAB.

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New Procedure Uses Artificial Blood Vessels to Improve Root Canal Outcome

Root canals have long been the best strategy to save teeth that are infected or decaying, but that does not mean it is without its problems: both brittleness and an increased susceptibility to fracture have been thought of as possible side-effects of the tooth saving procedure. By using prefabricated blood vessels, researchers from OHSU hope to reduce the number of root canal related problems. 
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Workplace Age Discrimination Alive and Well As Age Discrimination in Employment Act Turns 50

*Ever heard the term digital native? How about digital immigrant? They are code words that some believe are used by employers to discriminate against hiring older workers. This year the federal Age Discrimination Employment Act turns 50; and so do many American workers. Those workers are also getting a dose of the biases this “act” was supposed to prevent. 

Victoria Lipnic, acting chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,  says at this “milestone of middle age,” the law is grappling with new forms of age discrimination in the Internet era.

The business section of the LA Times claims research by the EEOC, which received 20,857 claims of age discrimination last year, found that 65% of older workers say age is a barrier to getting a job. And because many older people can’t afford to retire, they are staying in the workforce longer, or at least trying to.

I used to be naive, I’ll admit. I was one of those who believed employers welcomed the wisdom and hands-on work experience that an older person brought to the job. Older workers have climbed ladders step by step. Many have graduated with Masters Degrees from the School of Hard Knocks.

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Travis Kalanick: Uber CEO’s Leave Obviously Not Enough, Now He Has Been Forced to Resign (Video)

*Ouch. Just when the business world had begun to realize scandalous claims of sexual harassment and other seemingly permissible inequities towards women in the Uber workplace had forced its co-Founder and CEO, Travis Kalanick, to take a leave of absence from the company; now comes the breaking news that Kalanick will not be returning at all.

The CEO of Uber has resigned.

Following Kalanick’s decision to go on leave with no return date in mind; a leave that had him telling Uber employees he needed to “work on Travis 2.0 to be the leader they deserved,” investors continued to have meetings around the subject. Apparently, the result of these get-together’s left them questioning whether Kalanick — who no one had even heard of prior to Uber (had they?) — even had the ability to be such a leader. Unfortunately for him, they have no time to wait, so he was asked to leave. Continue reading

Philadelphia Cop Stayed ‘Cool and Calm’ While Being Berated By TV Reporter Outside of Comedy Club (Watch)

*Whoa! This officer deserves some kind of cop of the year award according to the comedian who filmed him being called all kinds of cuss words by a PHL 17 TV reporter. As it turns out, on June 4 Colleen Campbell was booted from the Helium Comedy Club for being obnoxious, she called the cops hoping she would be let back in.

No such luck. The officer arrived. Was told by staff what had transpired and agreed that Campbell should not return inside. It was at this point that the reporter let loose a deluge  of cuss-words TV stations may had had to hire extra hands to bleep out. It was all caught on tape by comedian Wil Sylvince.

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