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Amazon CEO Bites Back After Scathing New York Times Article

Amazon Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos
Amazon Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos

*Do you have a hard time reaching a real person at a huge retailer like Amazon when you want to get a question answered, but find you are automatically redirected to their FAQ page? Well, we certainly know how to get a direct response from them now: Write an article!

The New York Times  wrote a scathing article about the retail giant and now its Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, is answering to it directly. After reading the article, which accuses Amazon of not being compassionate to its employees suffering from health and family issues, Bezos said his company would not tolerate the “shockingly callous management practices” that were described in the article over the weekend; adding that he did not recognize the workplace portrayed in the article and urged any employees who knew of “stories like those reported” to contact him directly.

He even supplied his personal Email address. This guy means business!

“Even if it’s rare or isolated, our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero,” Bezos said in an email circulated to all the retailer’s employees. Continue reading

OMG! Look at The Latest ‘It Can Wait’ Anti Text While Driving Campaign By AT&T

AT&T campaign

*This is definitely not for the weak. But then again, they may want to watch because it could possibly save their lives.

AT&T is going all out in this campaign that advocates why you should not even attempt to text or look at your device while you are at the wheel.

The video gets you all wrapped up in the families going about their daily business. A little boy is riding his bike and in a carefree manner, admiring what is around him in the neighborhood. A little girl playing in her room asks her mother if her little doll “Elizabeth” can come along with them in the car. And a husband who decided to leave work early is en route to his son’s game while on the phone discussing dinner plans with his wife.

There is so much going on, you soon forget its a commercial, and then BAM! Continue reading

New Gallup Poll Suggests You Can’t Go 5 Minutes Without Your Smartphone

checking your phone

*According to a new Gallup poll, you have become way too attached to your cellphone: 81 percent of smartphone users keep their phone nearby during nearly every waking hour, and 51 percent check their phone at least a few times an hour, according to the new study by Gallup Panel. But the panel also states that 61 percent don’t believe they check their phone as often as their peers.

Only 4 percent out of the 16,000 smartphone users surveyed use their phone once or less than once a day, whereas 11 percent say they use their phone every few minutes, this number doubling to 22 percent when skewed younger, 18 to 29.

Whats more, sixty-three percent of these smartphone users keep their phones close even while sleeping. Continue reading

New Google App Let’s You Get Your ‘Oops!’ Email Back!

google, new oops app

*Don’t all of these apps start getting on your nerves after awhile? It seems “there’s an app for that” now applies to everything you do, think, feel, or care to be.

Damn. Even the things designed to make life smoother for us can become overwhelming.

But sometimes, not often, but at times, an app comes along that seems to be right on point. And that app appears to be Google’s latest revelation: “The Oops, I didn’t mean to send that to him app.”

Well, that’s not the formal name for it, but that is what is was created for. Continue reading

Android Users: 500 Million Devices at Risk (Glitch in Factory Reset)


( One of the most important things to do before selling or giving away a used smartphone is to wipe the device clean. After all, the last thing anyone wants is for a complete stranger to have access to all of their personal data. Unfortunately for Android users, researchers from Cambridge University recently discovered that performing a data wipe on Android devices doesn’t clear the device as one would expect.

Even with full-disk encryption in play, researchers found that performing a factory reset on Android smartphones isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Continue reading

Uh Oh…New Regulations in NYC Take Aim at Uber & Lyft (Jealous Yellow Cabbers!)


*We knew it would only be a matter of time. After all, we were getting a little too comfortable with being able to access rides by just using an app on our cellphones. Instead of standing on a corner trying to hail a taxi.

Some see it as a little too convenient to be able to let a driver know exactly where to pick you up; and be able to hop into the front passenger seat as if the driver is a friend or relative.

Then, to top all of that off, being able to have the driver take us anywhere we need to go, for a fraction of the price we would’ve paid using a yellow cab.

That’s not only competition for the yellow cab companies, its outright slaughter.

So is it any surprise forces are working overtime behind the scenes to shut this service down…or at the very least, get more control of it? Continue reading

Internet Slang…What the Heck? Former Newsman Dan Rather Explains (Watch)

Dan Rather, former news anchor at CBS.
Dan Rather, former news anchor at CBS.

*Laugh if you want to. But one day, the joke will be on you!

Yes, Dan Rather may be rather ‘up there’ in age, but at least he’s around to laugh at himself as Buzzfeed sits him down to talk about the terms young folk are using on the Internet today.

We’ve heard you whisper ‘what the heck does BAE mean?’ and ‘What do they mean by DadBod?’

Like we said, laugh if you want to. You may be young now, but ask Dan Rather, and many others who will tell you…

That won’t last!

 Rather breaks down terms like “On Fleek, LIT, BAE, MRW, DadBod, and THIRSTY” in a most humorous way. Continue reading

Beware: Your New Social Media ‘Friend’ May Be a Federal Agent

They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!
They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!

*Do you really want to accept that friend request on social media? I mean, who is this “friend” really?

You might be surprised to learn its no friend at all. At least none you’d want to know.

According to recent reports, your new friend just might be a federal agent. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve done nothing wrong!” Or “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Well, you may be right; but here’s what they’re probably looking for…

Cheaters! Liars! And everything in between. Continue reading