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Media Site Gets ‘F**k It, I Quit’ Reporter, Charlo Greene, to Light Up On-Air (Watch!)

Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene
Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene


*Charlo Greene is riding high on the wave of her new-found celebrity as the first reporter to break the rules of professionalism (forget journalism) on-air by delivering her resignation via a “F**k it, I quit!” message to her employer and the TV viewing audience at once, on LIVE TV!

The now classic incident went viral immediately and Greene is now making TV appearances as a result, to publicize, she says, the need for Alaska to legalize marijuana, and to  steer voters away from the state’s “Vote No On 2″ campaign. You’ve got to give this girl credit for one thing, she knows how to milk a moment and entertain us at the same time!

Just not sure if her strategy will help pot get legalized in her state in the process.

I mean the whole, “Look, I can smoke a joint and still be just as lucid” example might not hold up over say, a 30 or 45-minute time frame, if you get my drift. Continue reading

Dear God, Forgive the Fools Who Believed the iPhone 6 Microwave Recharge Hoax (Video)

(Sing along) "This is a burning phone. A what? A burning phone. A what? A burning phone. Oh, a burning phone."
(Sing along) “This is a burning phone. A what? A burning phone. A what? A burning phone. Oh, a burning phone.”


*Please tell me you were not one of those who actually believed the online “ads” that claimed a “quick charge” to the new iPhone 6, could be done by popping it in the microwave. Please.

Yeah the ad looked pretty convincing, but c’mon!

However, if you were one of the unfortunate ones who tried this with your new investment, you probably realize now that the device is beyond ruined. And no, your insurance won’t cover this, deductible aside, they probably weren’t thinking you would put it in the microwave. Continue reading

Buy an iPhone 6, Pay a Higher Phone Bill. Any Questions?


*Though there hasn’t been much information from Apple about the so-called iPhone 6 yet, here’s something that you can pretty much rely on: If you buy the next iPhone, you’re probably going to require a whole lot more data. And since unlimited data plans have become increasingly scarce, that may mean bigger bills.

According to independent telecommunications analyst, Chetan Sharma, “The average data consumption roughly doubles with every generation of iPhone.” Sharma consults for wireless companies and sent an email to the Huffington Post explaining this, adding, “So I expect it to be true for 6 as well.” Continue reading

Uh-Uh! Deputy Drifts into Bike Lane While Texting, Kills Biker, Won’t Face Charges Because He Was ‘Working’

Olin was riding his bike in the bike lane when the officers car drifted into the lane and struck him

*Here’s one we can attempt to wrap our collective brains around. But I’m here to tell ya, it won’t work.

According to the Daily Mail:

  • Milton Olin Jr, 65, was fatally struck by a Los Angeles county sheriff’s patrol car December 8, 2013, as he rode in the bike lane in Calabasas
  • Deputy Andrew Wood was returning from a fire call when he took his eyes off the road to type a work-related message on an electronic device

Now it has been determined that the officer will not be charged because he was answering a “work-related” text.

Read on.

Continue reading

Uber May Not Want You to Know This (But We’re Gonna Tell You Anyway!)


*What’s a good way to steal customers from your strongest competitors? Do what Uber is doing…give your independent contractors burner phones and credit cards! The Verge has managed to acquire “sensitive information” that shows Uber’s ever-evolving strategy to undermine competitors like Lyft. In addition, the company continually relies on interviews with current and former contractors (“brand ambassadors”) to solicit customers from Lyft and others and recruit their drivers – all the while doing double-duty to avoid detection.

And their efforts appear to be working!

The ride-share company has apparently rolled out a national campaign that has already resulted in the lifting  of thousands of Lyft rider cancellations and apparently, Lyft never saw it coming! Uber calls the secret under-handed strategy “SLOG,” (I guess Verge wan’t able to uncover what the letters stand for!) Continue reading

Is Your Smartphone on Useless App Overload? Here’s 5 Useful Replacements!


*Let’s face it, most of us may own a smartphone, but when it comes to which apps to download, our homepage is filled with useless apps that are doing little more than taking up a lot of storage space.

The Los Angeles Times, quotes a report by Internet analytics firm ComScore, that says 65.5% of U.S. smartphone owners refrain from downloading any new apps each month. That number is surprisingly low, but there are a few reasons that explain why it is.

“People only have so much storage space on their phones, so they really have to be selective about which apps they download,” said Adam Lella, a marketing insights analyst for ComScore, explaining that users only add apps that will truly benefit them.

According to the article most of us smartphone users spend almost half of our time on our favorite app, before even opening up our second favorite; so why bother – we seem to get just about everything we need from app #1.

And while Apple and Google stores try to assist with lists of the most “popular” apps, that doesn’t necessarily let you know the quality of those apps. With this in mind L. A. Times writer has recommended 5 apps you might not know about… Continue reading

‘Pornographic Performances’ Report Condemns Portrayal of Black Women in Videos (Watch)

Blurred Lines

*Researchers release a new report that revisits an age-old concern about how black women are being portrayed in music videos. Clearly, these so-called works of art are engulfed in overtones of racism and sexism, researchers say, according to the International Business Times.

The depiction of women in music videos “creates a ‘conducive context’ for violence against women and girls,” the IBT writes about the recurring theme, which is especially prominent in hip-hop lyrics.

The report, Pornographic Performances, was released in Britain by End Violence Against Women Coalition, Imkaan and Object, and condemns the portrayal of women in pop videos as hypersexualized and “endlessly sexually available” objects. Continue reading