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Watch: This Video Hopes You’ll Think 8-Foot-Hips Are the ‘Sexy’ Wave of The Future (Hell No!)

Big Hips1

“God gave it to me. Why not love it and use it.” This is a direct quote from one of the women featured in the video you will see in this article. The woman is not talking about a squeaky voice or the lack of a body limb, she’s talking about the 8-Feet of fat that is the circumference of her hips. Fat which, at least to me, doesn’t look like anything God gave her.

It looks more like something she helped herself to.

Four women are featured in this video that is trying very hard to make you buy into the thought that excessively large hips is sexy.

I don’t know, maybe they just picked the wrong four. I’m still not convinced. Continue reading

Watch: Just When You Thought it Was Safe Not to Be Paranoid, You Learn Your FaceBook ‘Friends’ Might Be Feds


*Ever think about the fact that some of the people who want to be your friend on Facebook, might actually be Feds in reality? If you want to let out an ‘Ahh Sh*t!’ (think Martin Lawrence) nobody will judge you at this point. After all, you’re only saying what everybody else is thinking.

If you’re among the friendly social network users and you say, “Oh sure, he’s also friends with so-and-so, so how bad can he be?” you’re not alone.

That’s what many of us do.

But the owner of several large pages on Facebook who says he is also  affiliated with some ‘right-wing anti Obama pages’ warns it is not a good idea and says don’t accept friend requests from folks you don’t know. Continue reading

Teen Girl’s New Smartphone from Sprint Loaded With (Wait for It!) Nude Photos

Nude photos on girls new cellphone

*You’ve heard the saying, “you can’t trust anything these days.” And you probably responded by telling the person who said it to, stop being so negative!  Well, this story might convince you that, well…ya can’t! A 14-year-old girl was so happy to finally get a smart phone from her apprehensive parents, who felt pressured because all the other kids her age had one, got more than an eyeful once the phone was in her possession. Molly Hall‘s belated Christmas gift was loaded with nude photos of another couple.

Her dad, Donovan Hall, who bought the phone for his daughter  in December, but sent it back because it wasn’t working, only to receive this latest fully-loaded refurbish said,  “My daughter, I feel like her innocence was taken away because of this.” Continue reading

Watch: ‘We’re Listening, Message Received’ GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl ‘Puppy Ad’ Amidst Animal Lovers’ Disgust


*Hey, humans might still need a little work when it comes to taking care of each other, but mess with our animal kingdom, and you’re in trouble. The Big Daddy of website hosting,, found this out the hard way when they put up their big Super Bowl ad today to test the waters. After much ado about something from animal rights groups and dog lovers they’ve vowed not to air the ad during the big game on Sunday.

The ad, “Journey Home,” mocked Budweiser’s highly anticipated “Lost Dog” Super Bowl ad that the beer label has been teasing — which, in turn, is a sequel to its wildly popular 2014 Super Bowl ad “Puppy Love.” Continue reading

Men May Find ‘Options’ to Get Their Groove On With Life-Like Robots (Look at This!)


*Japan has always been a country to watch when it comes to technology. It seems that by the time the U. S. even thinks of making a move with technology, Japan is already three steps ahead.

Now, according to some dude named Michael Snyder, the Japanese made a real life robot that walks, talks, thinks and apparently, given time, may do other things…kinky things.

According to him, its only a matter of time before men start exploring  having sex with the  blowup doll…OK, OK, to be fair he calls it a “virtually indistinguishable” robot.

He says technology is moving so fast that you can pretty much expect a place like Japan (who seems to be leading the charge right now in these lifelike robots) to create a doll that will give real women a run for their … (You fill in the blank).

Could happen…Scroll down for the video! Continue reading

Wish You Hadn’t Sent That Text – Now There’s an App to Get it Back

Text app,  CEO Maci Peterson
Maci Peterson, co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought


*Its happened to any one of us, probably more times than we care to remember.

You write one of those emotional texts. Telling him to go straight to you-know-where, or her to leave you the eff alone.

Or maybe you’ve had a bad day. You haven’t even had a chance to answer the texts already sitting on your phone before another comes in. You’re tired, hungry and downright cranky so you pick up that phone and start cussing out whoever it is.

After a little while you start feeling guilty. You ask yourself why did you send those means texts and wish you could take them back, but you know you can’t, right?

Not so fast. There is an app for that now. Continue reading

Want to Know How Easy It Is to Steal Your Identity from a ‘Selfie’? This Hacker Tells You!

Identity Theft, hackers

*After you read this article, you may think twice before snapping that selfie.

According to  the biggest hacker group in Germany, the Chaos Computer Club, its really easy for someone to break through the four most common types of computer protection and steal your identity.

“Starbug” – the mysterious keynote speaker at a cybersecurity conference in Hamburg last month, showed up in a black hoodie with the word “terrorist” emblazoned across the front to demonstrate how unsecured our computers and cellphones really are, despite all the efforts that go into creating passwords, lock codes, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems or even iris scanners.

As Starbug demonstrated, a hacker doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the victim to swipe their information. Continue reading

Watch This! Dramatic Transformation of a 100-Year-Old Woman Photoshopped Back to Age 20

photoahopped woman 100 to 20

*7 million people can’t be wrong. That’s how many have watched the amazing transformation of 80 years being taken off a woman in a viral nanosecond.

Thanks to the amazing work of the talented folks at Photoshop Surgeon, a centenarian – that’s a 100-year-old person – has been transformed back to the image of her 20-year-old self.

Hot dang!

The YouTube account specializes in extreme makeovers, but this is the most popular so far – being watched more than 7 million times.

The responses from those who have watched vary. With many people getting weepy as they are reminded of times (or people) long past and long gone. Continue reading