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Awww How Sweet: Birthday Surprise Given By Wife to Husband Goes Viral

Wife gives hubby great birthday pre
Jenn and Gary Hamilton

*Wow! Imagine its your birthday, and people you don’t even know start sending you Twitter and Instagram messages wishing you a “Happy Birthday!” That’s what happened to Jennifer Hamilton’s husband, and all the love blew him away!

Jennifer –aka Jenn– wanted the world to know just how special her hubby is to her; and she decided to give him a birthday present he wouldn’t soon forget. Continue reading

Comcast Is So Embarrassed: The Customer Service Call They Hoped You Wouldn’t Hear (Listen)


*Hey, raise your hand if this ever happened to you. Oh boy, that’s a lot of hands. And you say it has happened more than once? Yep, to many of us. You call the customer service department of your cable network to have your services disconnected, and instead of a “Yes, right away sir (or) ma’am” you get a long road of twists and turns.

This is what happened to one customer of cable and Internet giant, Comcast. But the thing is, the customer service rep was not counting on the tech-savvy nature of the person he was speaking to.

Hee. Hee. Hee. Continue reading

A Once ‘Cute’ Iconic Photo for Coppertone Now ‘Indecent’ According to Facebook


*Some of us from “a certain age group” remember the Coppertone tanning lotion print commercial of 1953, where the swim suit bottoms of a little white girl  is playfully being tugged at by a little doggie.

Well, Facebook apparently didn’t think it was cute in 2014 – and pulled the photo when a mom tried to “recreate” the iconic pic with her own child as the star (see photo below). Seems what we called “cute” back then has now ended up on the wrong side of Facebook’s decency terms. Continue reading

Think Privacy on Facebook Is A Thing of the Past…Here’s 3 Things You Can Do to Get It Back!


*Do you feel like social media has taken away your privacy power? If you take the time to revisit three simple things, you can take your power back!

Ever wonder how that creep from drama class at NYU found you?

When is the last time you looked at your privacy settings?

Did you know that you can actually control who can look you up? Continue reading

GM Will Pay “At Least” $1 Million To Families That Lost Members Due to Ignition Defect


*While this story is still developing, it is being reported that if you are one of the unfortunate families that had a death occur due to the result of the ignition switch defect that led to widespread recalls, an announcement made today by GM fund administrator, Kenneth Feinberg, says the corporation has offered to pay at least $1 million compensation to your family for your loss.

According to NBC News, GM has linked 13 deaths to the flawed ignition switches, though federal regulators have said there is a strong chance that the part is to blame for more fatalities. Claims can be submitted beginning Aug. 1. Here’s how the fund’s protocol breaks down. Continue reading

Woo Hoo! ‘Transformers 4′ Annihilates Box Office With $100M Debut Weekend


Apologies seem to be in order to my fellow critics, many of whom apparently saw something different on the screen than I (a first-time Transformers viewer) when they came out with their wicked reviews of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Based on the opening weekend box office, with $100 million speaking loud and clear, audiences seem to agree with me: Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is one kick-ass movie!

And according to Entertainment Weekly weekend box office reports, that’s only speaking domestically. Continue reading

Hey, You Want To Smoke A Joint? An E-Joint, That Is…

image from Facebook by E-Njoint
image from Facebook by E-Njoint


*Straight out of Holland comes a company that prides itself on being  innovative, and they have gone all out in their attempts to prove this by introducing the world’s first electronic joint.

Yep, welcome to the E-joint, y’all.

But before you get too excited and invite all of your friends and relatives around the world to join you for a toke, you should know that the point they seem to be interested in making has nothing to do with getting high.

I know. Bummer.

But get this: its shaped like a typical joint. It has a green cannabis leaf lighting up through a chrome-plated tip every time you take a toke. And it certainly has the look of pot paraphernalia.

But there is still that missing element, THC, the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Continue reading

Reading Glasses: New Technology Claims You Might Be Able To Trash Yours!

Reading glasses

*Can it be true? We will no longer have to wear those usually unattractive reading glasses in addition to our contacts? The grooves those terrible nose pieces have placed on our face now have a chance of healing themselves? We might actually be able to see both close up and far away without an additional pair of eyes?


According to new technology that promises to help those suffering from “longsightedness,” (read farsighted), the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

A revolutionary new eye implant is set to make reading glasses a thing of the past for millions of people.

It comes in the form of a surgically inserted lens and is said to give patients near-perfect vision just days after they have an operation lasting only minutes.

But will it be cheap….? Continue reading