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SolarCity Roofing Might Come With a Price Tag Similar to Traditional Asphalt Shingles

roofElon Musk has promised and delivered a great many seemingly impossible things in the past, so it’s possible that he could very well come through on his latest statement about SolarCity roofing.

SolarCity roofing will be producing solar roofing tiles. Unlike their solar panel relatives, Musk claims that these will be much more efficient and could very well complete a personal solar power system for a home.

“I don’t want to commit 100 percent to this yet, but it’s looking quite promising that a solar roof will actually cost less than a normal roof,” the Tesla genius said in a recent statement. However, it has yet to be seen whether or not Musk will be able to fulfill this grand claim.

Approximately 72% of homeowners said they would choose roofing materials that required little to no extra maintenance. While Musk says the tiles will cost less than a traditional asphalt roof, it’s unclear what the maintenance will be like.

Despite the low price, the company has reported that tiles will be available in a number of different shades, and would not only cost less to manufacture, but to install as well. While some are under the assumption that a high price tag would be offset by the electricity produced, Musk has taken his claim one step further by stating that the savings will be there even before energy production begins.

However, many are still skeptical of the cost. Roofs come in many shapes, sizes, and pitches. Depending on the shape and slope of the roof, installation and initial cost could still be high for many homeowners.

Experts are recommending that homeowners still do their research before blindly buying into Musk’s newest project.

Trump To Join Walt Disney World’s Iconic Hall Of Presidents


*Our national nightmare continues…

Disney CEO Robert Iger recently told investors that its flagship park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, is preparing to add an animatronic Donald Trump to its iconic Hall Of Presidents.

I’d say that the Donald Trump we’ve just elected is just as much of a reasonably lifelike but ultimately hallow replica of a world leader as Disney’s popular robots are, but that’s low hanging fruit so I won’t say that.  

Donald Trump: Can you visualize him as your next president?
No, President-elect Trump, I will NOT apologize for that!

“Smooth transitions are good,” Iger said after President Obama met with Trump immediately after this month’s travesty election.

“I will say on the smooth transitions front, we are going through a smooth transition as well.  We have already prepared a bust of President-elect Trump to go into our Hall of the Presidents at Disney World.” Continue reading

4 Videos You’ve Just GOT to See!


*Here is four inspiring videos of amazing, cute and adorable incidents that will warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and help you to not feel so bad about being at work (Of course work must not be SO bad. You’re taking a break to watch this…Heh. Heh. Heh).

Tina Levy is a mother of 5 children. She put her 11-month-old child on the changing table and turned her back for a second. In that brief time, the baby falls — more than 4-feet — off the table. But watch what happens just before he hits the ground.

Continue reading

Man Changes Name To iPhone 7 to Win New Device


*A man has legally changed his name to iPhone 7 in order to win a new iPhone.

The former Olexander Turin, 20, of Ukraine met a challenge extended by an electronics store: the first five people to change their names to “iPhone 7” would receive a free device.  The former Mr. Turin was first to do so.  His new name is iPhone Sim.  (“Sim” means “seven” in Ukrainian.)

Meet iPhone 7

It was certainly a financial coup for the Sim:  a brand new iPhone 7 starts at the equivalent of $850 US in Ukraine, while the name change set him back the equivalent of just $2!

Sim says he may change his name back to his birth name when he has children. Continue reading

RIP Vine, A Haven for Black Humor and Creativity

Twitter announced last week that it’s pulling the plug on Vine, the six-second video app that has generated billions of loops and laughs since its introduction back in 2013. While Twitter says that videos already uploaded to Vine will remain available for viewing, creators and fans are mourning the loss of a particularly potent platform, especially in the black community.

“Black creators, who remain underrepresented in the entertainment industry, used the platform to show each other, and the world, just how many forms black creativity and black excellence could assume,” writes Lilly Workneh for the Huffington Post. “Through humor and joy, Vine allowed users to redefine blackness on their own terms and through their own reflections; it allowed them to show off sides of the black experience that don’t usually make it to air on national TV.”

Some of pop culture’s most pervasive memes, from phrases like “on fleek” to dances like the Running Man Challenge, got their start with a simple six-second Vine that then spread through the Internet. Estimates suggest that 27 million pieces of online content are shared by users every day, but with the death of Vine, creators in this unique medium will have to turn to other platforms to showcase their talents.

But some of Vine’s best moments and biggest stars, as Jazmine Hughes argues in the New York Times, “are a particular product of black culture — on the surface, they’re funny to anyone lucky enough to bear witness, but there’s a secondary layer that’s meant for black people, predicated on our shared culture, experiences, and understandings.”

Twitter gave no public reason for ditching the platform it acquired back in 2014, but many believe the company was finding it difficult to monetize from Vine. For now, Vine stars like King Bach, Lele Pons, and Alphacat will have to spread their tendrils elsewhere.

Woman Convinces 20 ‘Boyfriends’ to Buy Her An iPhone 7, Then Sells Them to Buy A House



*A woman in China convinced 20 men to buy her an iPhone 7, then she resold the phones and used the money to put a down payment on a house. Hey, you can call her crazy, but I call her resourceful. OK, forget the fact that she actually knows 20 men she can call ‘boyfriend’. Or even the fact that she convinced each one of them to shelve out hundreds of dollars for her iPhone. Would it EVER have crossed your mind to do something like this to secure a new home?

I didn’t think so.

People on social media don’t know what to think. Some have offered praise to the woman, while others are less complimentary.

According to, a hashtag that once translated means ’20 mobiles for a house’ started circulating like crazy on Weibo, and soon became the country’s top trend. It has now been used in excess of 13 million times.

Many social media users, like ‘small sand is growing’, have expressed admiration for Xiaoli, the name by which the woman was dubbed by Chinese media,

“I can’t even find one boyfriend. She can actually find 20 boyfriends at the same time and even get them to buy her an iPhone 7. Just want to ask her to teach me such skills.”

That’s what I’m thinking. Continue reading

Watch: Don’t Want to be Found? There Are Ways to ‘Delete Yourself’ from the Internet


*Let’s face it, some of us, er, y’all, just don’t want to be found, dammit! I personally run into more people than I would’ve guessed who are not interested in social media. Some of them are older, others just old-minded, and because they may not have businesses to market or a need to take a picture of themselves WHEREVER THEY GO to show others online that they have a life, they could care less about remaining relevant or visible to the online, unknown, masses.

And then there are those who want to be undercover for other reasons (Wink. wink).


Continue reading

The ‘Real Life People’ Behind The Famous Faces on TV Commercials


*I’ve always wondered about the real people behind the face on some of the most famous TV commercials. Honestly, I really wondered if they were millionaires now? I mean, we know people like Jared Fogel — who made millions as the face of Subway for decades after losing a massive amount of weight — has now been revealed as a pedophile, and his legacy is now revised as he serves a sizeable amount of time in prison.  But what about ‘Lily’ from AT&, ‘Flo’ from Progressive Insurance, and the ‘can you hear me now guy’ from Verizon?

And then there’s that lady who does all of those ‘Thrive’ voiceovers for Kaiser Permanente.

You may be shocked to find out who she is.

These folks are now like our relatives, we’ve become so accustomed to seeing them on TV or hearing them on the radio, We know their faces or voice so well.

The some of these commercial campaigns have updated or upgraded, you may want to meet some of the real people behind the faces and voices that became imprinted in our psyche.

I do.

So I did a little digging.  Continue reading