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Angry Tweets Force Twitter CEO to Say, Calm Down, Not Much Will Change…Afterall

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO (Twitter)

*As if they have some money invested, Twitter users came out with fightin’ words when a rumor surfaced recently saying changes were going to be made on Twitter next week.

Twitter was supposedly going to stary using an algorithm that would alter people’s timelines and show the most popular tweets first instead of the normal chronological order that had been the site’s standard since inception.

In one of those Hell-to-the-nah type moves, tweets came out left, right, and side-eyed practically forcing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to put a statement together “right quick” reassuring the community that all is well in Twitter-land (Scroll down to see it).

You would think these people had stock in the company or something, with some of the suggestions and demands they posted. Continue reading

DNAChicago Reveals Cops Bust Dashcam Mics Intentionally


*Ever wonder why there was no audio to go along with the video dashcam that showed Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014?

That’s because a recent report revealed that more often than not, microphones were stashed in the glove compartments of squad cars; batteries were pulled out and antennas were busted. According to DNAinfo Chicago, sometimes dash-cam systems didn’t have any microphones at all.

Last month police officials blamed the absence of audio in 80 percent of dashcam videos on officer error and “intentional destruction.”

That’s a LOT of covering up.

DNAinfo Chicago reviewed more than 1,800 police maintenance logs, and uncovered info on the whole “no-sound syndrome” that plagues the Police Department videos — including the notorious case surrounding what became known as the first-degree murder of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke. Continue reading

Plane Too Crowded–Wanna Fly ‘On Top’…Now There’s a Patent for That!


*Face it, people are out there getting patents for things us regular folk never even dreamed of. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think about sitting ON TOP of an airliner, in a glass bubble, as it sped from say, New York to California?

If your answer is “Hell no!” you are right in line with most people reading this article. Guess that makes us slow–because now, thanks to new technology called “The SkyDeck”–you won’t have to settle for a window seat.

Described as a 360-degree, teardrop-shaped bubble, “The SkyDeck” technology might immediately take the mind of baby-boomers back to the old cartoon known as “The Jetsons.” It definitely favors what we saw them flying around in back then; with the only difference being, THIS seat is on TOP of the plane.

And be prepared to shell out anywhere from $8 – $25 MILLION for the ride. But the price will  depend on what type of airliner it’s installed on.

Wondering whether you will feel any of the breeze from the speed of that fast-moving plane on your face? And whether that same face will look like the frightening, contorted faces you’ve seen of those skydivers?

skydiver face

Worry not. Continue reading

Doctors Implant 3D-Printed Nose On Teen Burn Victim, Changing His Life


*Sometimes, advances in science just completely blow my mind — and when what had been “science fiction” becomes reality, I marvel at a God that has allowed me to live to see it.

Doctors have implanted a 3D-printed nose onto a person for the first time in the US. In doing so, they’ve completely changed the life of a teenager, Dallan Jennet, who’d been critically burned when he was only 9 years old.

Dallan fell on a live power line near his home in the Marshall Islands. His entire face was burned, leaving the boy with severe facial scarring and a hole where his nose had been.

Dallan spent the next five years in self-imposed isolation. Because he didn’t want anyone staring at his face, he even dropped out of school. Continue reading

New Laser Christmas Light Displays Threaten Passenger Planes, Blind Pilots


*With Christmas decorating in full swing, I chuckled recently when I stumbled across a “laser light” decoration kit on the Home Shopping Network. (I got semi-hooked on the “network” a few years ago, when a train wreck of a Mariah Carey appeared live during the holidays.  I don’t even remember what she was selling, but it was a blast to watch.)

ANYWAY, I thought the new laser light displays were hilarious. You position a small projector from your front lawn, and small red and green lights are cast upon the front of your home. It was no surprise to learn that the displays are being dubbed “lazy lights” on social media, as they’re so easy to install. Continue reading

Kid in Memphis Gets XBox Stolen, Cops Buy Him a New One


*Cops always say we (the media) never share their good deed stories. So please allow me to be among the first to change that and hopefully, it will encourage more good deeds by police. So many in fact, that their good deeds will flow abundant and the media can’t help but share them.

I am sure young Tontrevion Campbell won’t mind us sharing the story either. He was at church with his mom when their home was burglarized. Among the possessions stolen was his precious, but old, XBox. When a group of Tennessee police officers heard about the theft, they jumped into action.

“When we asked the child if he’s going to get a new Xbox for Christmas, he said ‘No, my mom doesn’t have that kind of money, and all the money she makes goes to pay the bills,’” officer Jerry Graves told NBC-affiliate WMC.

The boy, who it appears is being raised by a single mom added, that she “works long hours and several jobs.”

I am not gonna even ask,” the boy told the officers, according to a post on the precinct’s Facebook page. Continue reading

Put the ‘Black’ Back in ‘Black Friday’


*Many African Americans will rush out this weekend to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Making up almost 14 percent of the US population, black shoppers will cast quite a shadow on crowds, both in stores and on-line, this weekend.

If projections hold true, retailers are going to have a great Black Friday and weekend, and rest assured they’ll all be bragging about it early next week.

Here’s today’s question: will black-owned businesses be in that chorus of pre-Christmas cheer? reports that last year, total Black Friday spending — just the Friday alone — topped$3.7 billion. If the math holds, the African American community in the United States spent over
half a billion dollars last Black Friday.

How much of that did you spend, and how much of what you spent was at a black-owned business?

Continue reading

Ford First to Test Driverless Cars at Fake Michigan City


*When I was a kid, I’d sit and watch my grandmother while she sat and watched the microwave, marveling at its ability to heat a cold cup of coffee in one minute — WHILE THE INSIDE OF THE OVEN REMAINED COOL TO THE TOUCH, she’d say.  “Ma” would tell stories of being a kid in rural Illinois and heating things up over a fire while I thought “What kinda prehistoric world was THAT?” and I’d watch movies like Back To The Future II depict what “the future” would look like.

While we fell short of seeing Marty McFly’s flying car, we’re looking at a world where driverless cars aren’t a “how” or an “if”, they’re a “when”.  Ford is leading the way, testing driverless car technology in the faux Mcity, near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

While the Detroit manufacturer has been testing related technologies for about 10 years, their new testing program reflects their interest in moving self-driving cars from research to advanced engineering. Continue reading