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Watch: McDonald’s Cashier Attempts to Flush Newborn Down Toilet

Sarah Lockner

*A cashier working the night shift at a McDonald’s in Redwood City, CA. has been charged with attempted murder, felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury, according to prosecutors who said she attempted to flush her newborn baby down the toilet after giving birth in the restaurants restroom.

Sarah Lockner, 25, had been complaining of stomach pains throughout her night shift at the fast food chain. She went to the restroom on several occasions.

At one point, a concerned co-worker went in to check on her and saw blood on the floor, but Lockner explained it away as a heavy period.

When a second co-worker entered, she went into another stall and peered over into where the bleeding woman was. It was then that she saw the horrific sight: “…a newborn baby face down in the toilet bowl,” prosecutors said. Continue reading

Maryland Woman, Seven Months Pregnant, Forced to Deliver After Being Set on Fire By Boyfriend

GoFundMe photo of pregnant woman set on fire by boyfriend.

*Why do some people have such a low regard for the value of life? A Maryland woman, seven months pregnant, was forced to deliver her baby seven weeks prematurely after her piece of sh*t boyfriend decided to throw flammable liquid on her and set her aflame.

“She was very brave,” Prince George’s County Police spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said at a press conference about the woman, who along with her baby, is in critical condition but recovering at a local hospital.

“We want her family to know how brave she was, suffering as badly as she was, critically burned, worried about her unborn child, dealing with those injuries and was able to share that information with us so that we could get moving with our investigation and locate this person,” the spokeswoman concluded. Continue reading

Loads of Celebs Help ‘Hand in Hand’ Broadcast Benefit Raise $14.5M for Hurricane Victims in 60 Minutes

(L-R) Oprah Winfrey and Cher

*”When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions. It just loves,” said Stevie Wonder, who joined a roster of celebrities volunteering their time to help raise money for those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Wonder sang ‘Lean On Me’ at the hour long benefit named ‘Hand in Hand’ which was broadcast on four networks including iHeart Radio and ABC.

Everyone was there to lend a hand: Oprah was on the phones, along with Justin Bieber, George ClooneyJulianne MooreBruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, and Julia Roberts and many others.

Justin Timberlake shared stories while photos and videos showing experiences of folks impacted were displayed in the background, and loads of artists performed. Continue reading

Many Eyes on Mysterious Death of Kenneka Jenkins: #SomebodyKnowsSomething

*The mysterious death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins continues to attract attention. As ThisNthat reported this morning, the body of the beautiful young woman was found in a freezer at Chicago’s Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont. Today news of her death has gone viral. News outlets who never even appeared interested in Black life (or death) have reports up as of this morning.

A very cryptic Facebook Live video posted by Monifah Shelton, a friend of the dead woman, where netizens claim they hear the dead girl saying, “Help me,” has garnered more than 4M views and a Twitter page in Kenneka Jenkins name (later found to be fake as she had no Twitter account) is suspected to be someone “confessing” to the murder.

All of this interest in the death of a young Black woman points to one thing: Somebody out there knows something.

Jenkins mother, Teresa Martin, apparently believes that too.

In a press conference held by the family on Monday, she alleged her daughter’s death was an “inside job.” Continue reading

Girl, 19, Found Dead in Freezer at Chicago Hotel

*Kenneka Jenkins, a beautiful 19-year-old African American girl, is said to have left home for a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport around 11 p.m. on September 9.

Hours later her body was discovered in a freezer on the hotel grounds.

According to reports, after a group of her girlfriends that were also at the party claim they couldn’t find her, they called her mom, Teresa Martin.

It was 4 a.m. Continue reading

Cops Refuse to Release Info on White Teens that Hung 8-Year-Old Bi-Racial Boy (But He’s Alive!)

*“These people need to be protected,” Chase said. “Mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life.” While this oh-so-familiar stance is one that suits young folks who may involve themselves in things like petty theft, smoking weed and even fighting, is it really suitable for hanging a kid from a tree?

Apparently it is according to Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase; who refuses to release information on the group of white teenagers who thought it was cool to hang an 8-year-old biracial boy from a tree.

Excuse me, but I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this cops opening words…”These people need to be protected.”

So we’re protecting the guilty now? Continue reading

Some Florida Retailers ‘Outed’ for Raising Prices As Irma Hits


*Shame on you! That’s what I say to retailers like gas stations, airlines and others who see the hurricane as an opportunity to get greedy and take advantage of people attempting to prepare by raising prices. While Hurricane Harvey brought about “angels” such as Mattress Mack” in Houston; Irma seems to be doing just the opposite.

Complaints of price gouging in the Florida have gotten so bad that Attorney General Pam Bondi activated a hotline for people to report businesses suspected of taking advantage of people preparing for the storm. As of Tuesday afternoon, the hotline had received 143 calls. Continue reading

Airline Denies Man and Dog Flight to Escape Irma Due to Pet Carrier Regulations

Matt and his dog Meeka speak to CNN’s Randi Kaye

*If you knew that certain death awaited your pet if you left it behind in an emergency, would you do it anyway? Matt Varga had run all around his Kendall, Florida neighborhood to find a store with a pet carrier to accommodate his dog’s flight. They were among the hundreds of people forced to evacuate and escape the harsh realities of devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. But even though he went to 10 different stores, all of the carriers were sold out.

When he went to the airlines to board his flight, both he and his dog, Meeka, were denied. The strict federal regulations on how pets can be transported on planes says pets must have an approved carrier for the animal. 

Of course, once word reached social media, all hell broke loose. After Varga granted CNN an interview the incident drew ire from pet lovers all over. Even anchor Anderson Cooper spoke out saying the airline should have made an exception in this case.

“It’s not a huge dog,” Cooper said of Meeka. “You would think they’d make an exception,” he said after the interview. 

Such “exceptions” have come to pass…in the past. But it takes two things to make it happen: guts and  compassion. Social media users referenced the Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada last year, when a pilot for energy company Suncor stepped out against policy to save 36 pets from the blaze — including cats, dogs, hedgehogs, a chinchilla and some frogs. Continue reading