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**Graphic Content** Amazing Pics Show Man As He Gets Eye Tattoo

Dr. Emil Chynn prepares the ink colors (left) and William Watson after surgery (right)
Dr. Emil Chynn prepares the ink colors (left) and William Watson after surgery (right)

*Suffice it to say, this rare and unusual procedure probably wasn’t all about vanity.

While some people have a hard time watching themselves insert their own contact lenses, imagine having to be awake as a doctor comes near your eye with a needle. Yikes! But the rare procedure of getting an eyeball tattoo is one that the patient must be fully awake for. And lets be real, the only time someone would have the nerve, courage or gumption to request anything like this, would have to be for something really, really serious.

And it was.

The patient behind this surgery was tired of attracting unwanted attention due to a permanently milky-white pupil, which was the result of a serious childhood eye injury.

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Yo’ Bruh, Did You Really Trade a $160,000 Diamond Ring for a $20 Bag o’ Weed?

Walter Earl Morrison

*If this gets around, dude can rest assured he will be the laughing stock of lock-down for quite some time.

ABC-15 claims a former UPS employee in Arizona has been accused of stealing a package that held a $160,000 diamond and traded it for $20 worth of weed.

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Watch: Shocking Claim, Harlem Pastor Claims Michael Sam (or other gays) Will Marry & Cause Pedophilia Increase

James David Manning
James David Manning


*Oh boy.

While we may shake our heads in disbelief, I think many of us can understand how accepting a lifestyle unlike your own may be difficult; how respecting the beliefs of others is not always as simple as our higher self shows it ought to be. But its kind of difficult to wrap your brain around a pastor of all people, does this, and so, well, publicly. How someone who is suppose to represent a being that “loves everyone”¬† can make judgments, generalizations and accusations and actually name people he probably knows little to nothing about.

…all with a straight face.

But this never seems to stop pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Missionary Church in Harlem, N.Y., from sticking it to the gay community. Now the pastor names gay NFL star Michael Sam (who he has standing in for any gay person for that matter) as someone who will travel to an Arab country, where he can freely marry a child, and return home where the marriage would be recognized.

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Watch This Kid’s Response To His Mom Being Pregnant…Again! (Hilarious!)

Kid cant believe moms pregnant

*You may have often wondered what kids would say about the making of large families if they could actually articulate. Would they say, “Mom, I don’t want another brother or sister,” or “Oh no, not another one!” Those responses sound quite tame next to the ones this little fella came up with.

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News You Can Use: Did You Know Certain Foods Help You Get Rid of a Hangover

Scrumptous grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup.
Scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup.

*For those of us who love to eat, (because we obviously love to drink!) this is especially great news. With the weekend fast-approaching, and Friday “Happy Hour” already on the mind, Yahoo has put together a list of foods that will make your “morning after” a bit more bearable.

Eating the right foods can be better than any medicine when it comes to curing those hangover blues. Now, if there was any real cure for a hangover, we’d probably know it by now, but there are certain foods that help make you feel better than others.

If you’re a breakfast anytime of the day kind of person, you’ll like this first hangover eliminating dish.

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Horrific New Game: How Could a ‘Fire Challenge’ Not Go Wrong? (Watch)


*You may also be thinking, “what in the hell is wrong with these fools? Who would douse himself with an accelerant and light himself on fire? Meet the new, ridiculous “challenge” circulating on FaceBook that is meant to make us laugh at the person running around aflame.

What, I ask, would be funny about this; and how could something not go terribly wrong?

One 15-year-old boy is dead from the injuries he sustained while performing the challenge. James Shores burned to death after his entire body was engulfed in flames. Continue reading

Family Wants CHP Officer That Puched Lady In Head To Be Held Accountable

CHP Beats woman*New information has revealed that the family of the woman being punched in the head repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer is pushing for said officer to be held accountable for his actions.

The beat down of the woman, whose name has still not been released, was videotaped by David Dias, a passing motorist who has since been doing interviews for the media to provide first-hand details on what the footage does not show. While the CHP has vowed to carry out “a thorough investigation,” the woman’s family and local civil rights agencies, are not sitting around waiting for that to happen. Continue reading