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Watch: GA Cops Enter Wrong House, Kill Dog, Shoots Owner & Fellow Officer

wrong house shooting

*Yes, this might be a good time to revisit your when-to-shoot training protocol officers. You have messed up AGAIN! This time, you went to the wrong house on a 911 robbery call; shot and killed the family dog, wounded the homeowner AND your fellow…seriously, I might add.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

And what have you got to say for yourself?

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. But when we find that we made a mistake, we own it. We own the fact that we were at the wrong house,” he said. “We didn’t hide it. We didn’t mismanage it. We were at the wrong location based on information that was given to us.”

Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May said it was appropriate for the GBI to review the incident. 

But how could things have gone so horribly wrong in the first place?

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Shhh…Here’s 10 Things a Burglar Hopes You Don’t Know

Shrubbery house

*Ahhh…You’ve finally gotten that home on the outskirts of that cosmopolitan city; where you now have more space but you’re paying less money. You have put a lot of time in that garden, too. Making sure you and your family have extra privacy; and keeping all of those bad elements out.

But check this: Did you ever consider plush shrubbery is the perfect disguise for a burglar jimmying his way in?

Nearby trees, too, can be used by a second-story man if the branches are above your windows. Keep vegetation trimmed low, and consider installing thorny plants close to the house to thwart thieves.

Catching a Detroit Tiger by the Tail…with a Weed Whacker??

Photo:  Andy Didorosi   Special to The Detroit Free Press
Photo: Andy Didorosi Special to The Detroit Free Press

*Having been born and raised in Detroit, I’ve seen Tigers many times at the original Tiger Stadium, and more recently at the newer, beautiful Comerica Park.

But it’s not often you see an actual tiger loose in the Motor City…let alone with two wolves and a bobcat. And would ya believe the critters were corralled with a weed whacker??

Blame it on those crazy Brits, or one Brit in particular, photographer David Yarrow. According to The Detroit Free Press, Yarrow recently booked a photo shoot at the city’s historic Packard Plant. He reportedly didn’t get approval to have the wild animals on-site, however, and the animals, trainers, and photographers were promptly escorted out about an hour after pictures of the animals amid the rubble of the historic plant showed up online.

So where did the weed whacker come into play? Well, sometime before the animals were marched out, the tiger got loose and took up residence on a fourth-story staircase. Continue reading

New Jersey Pizzeria Allegedly Gives Woman ‘Racist-Vulgar Receipt’ (Video)


*Is there no end in sight for the disrespect shown to black people in this country? From every angle it appears to be in full bloom. And if this example isn’t the craziest mess you’ve heard in a while, I don’t know what is. A woman very innocently goes into a in Bridgeton, New Jersey pizzeria on July 25 and asks for an order of chicken wings. She tells them how she would like them cooked: hard-fried. She pays for them, and takes a seat to wait for her order.

Sounds simple enough, right?

There’s more.

When she gets her chicken wings she is given a receipt. And that’s where the trouble starts.

Shocked at what she was seeing underneath the special instructions, which read: “fried hard like a black d–k,” Loretta Smith Layne complained to Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz. But then they tried to question whether the receipt came from them at all. Continue reading

Watch this Fla. Woman Make Little Girl Steal Booze from Liquor Store (Pictures, Too!)

In this photo the woman bends down to identify the liquor she wants, while the little girl watches
In this photo the woman bends down to identify the liquor she wants, while the little girl watches

*SMH. What is wrong with people!?

A video in a Florida neighborhood liquor store caught a woman who came into the store with a little girl who couldn’t be older than seven, walking through the store to the Tequila section; bending down to look closely at the brand she wanted and then walking away…leaving the child there to steal it.

Here the woman strolls away and leaves the girl to do the dirty deed.
Here the woman strolls away and leaves the girl to do the dirty deed.

You can see the little girl struggling with the large bottle. She has no place to put it. It won’t fit in her small shoulder purse.

So she places it behind her back and walks towards the woman, who by now is in a more general area of the store. But something spooks the little girl and she runs back to replace the liquor on the shelf. Continue reading

Roland Martin Comes After Donald Trump Crony That Called Him ‘Quota Hire!’

roland martin, news one

*Just when you got comfortable with the thought that there couldn’t be a bigger idiot than Donald Trump out there, his adviser Roger Stone shows up.

Trump, the gazillionaire who proved that having hordes of Benjamin’s doesn’t automatically bestow you with good sense by making an amazingly stupid and insensitive remark about Mexican immigrants, apparently takes advice from a man cut from the same cloth.

A few weeks ago, Stone wrote a tweet that called CNN’s Ana Navarro, a republican strategist and commentator from Nicaragua, the “dumbest person on TV since CNN fired moron @Rolandmartin.”

He then added that both commentators were “quota hires.” Continue reading

Gravestones: Look at These ‘Creepy’ But Creative ‘Forever Homes’ (Pictures)

Inscription: "Dogs are man's best friend"

“Dogs are man’s best friend”

*Well chances are it’s not a topic families sit around talking about: What ours or a family members’ gravestone will look like. At least not African American families. And if we absolutely must speak on it, its usually while sitting in the office of the funeral home, and describing the granite gravestone as something rather simple; you know, with a message stating “Gone but not forgotten” or something lovingly eloquent.

But honey chile, some people obviously get real creative when it comes to the creation of their loved ones forever home. I mean, have you ever seen a gravestone built like a cellphone?  How about one shaped like a sports car? Certainly you’ve seen one with the man sucking the rhino’s…well.

Like I said, creepy but creative.

Check ’em out. Worst case scenario, you get a few ideas.

Alligator Found Strolling Down the Streets of ‘The Big Apple’ (Watch)


*Well dang, New Yorker’s are probably known for their “I’ve seen it all” posture.” They are known to be tough, resilient and no-nonsense. But in black-folk-speak: I’ll bet they asses ran like hell when they saw a three-foot alligator strolling across Ninth Avenue and 205th Street in Inwood on Thursday afternoon.

I’ll bet all bets were off like a mo-fo with that tough, I’ve seen it all before exterior.

The reptile was captured and taken to the Animal Care & Control of New York City, but died unexpectedly since then, according to the Associated Press and the New York Daily News. Continue reading