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Toddler Finds Gun in Car, Accidentally Shoots & Kills Mother While Driving


*A mother driving her two young children on a Milaukee freeway is dead after her 2-year-old son found his father’s weapon on the floor in the back seat of the car.

On Tuesday, Patrice Price was driving with her one-year-old in the front passenger seat, while her two-year-old sat in the back. According to a report in the New York Daily News, neither child was wearing the required seat belt, and the child seated in the back apparently picked the gun up from the floor and fired it into the drivers seat.

The gun traveled through the seat and hit Price in the back; sending her car into the rear of another vehicle before it came to a stop on Highway 175.

Price was pronounced dead at the scene. No word on the condition of the other driver. Continue reading

Seriously Utah, Porn is a ‘Public Health Crisis’? (Watch)

Utah, porn

*Let’s hope some of the personal statements I make in this article won’t send me straight to hell. But to hold such thoughts in would cause me to spontaineously combust. And I don’t want to do that. Utah…for cliche’s sake, let’s pretend you’re “Houston” because we’ve (obviously) got a problem. If porn has become so rampant in your state that you have to declare it as a ‘public health crisis’ — perhaps you need to examine exactly why your people are apparently er…utilizing it in abundance.

I mean, you ARE the first state to make such a claim. And porn has been around for a long, long time.

Personally, I feel if it is such an issue in your state, it may be because of the rules and regulations you place on people in the name of religion. I’m no expert in this, but as a state where being a Mormon is the most recognized religion; is there some rule that says you can’t have sex unless you’re married? And even if you’re married, you can’t even say, fantasize?

That’s a question. I really don’t know the answer. And yes, I can look it up, but you know how the media can lie. Continue reading

‘No Jail Time’ for Ex-NYPD Officer Charged in Fatal Shooting

Akai Gurley on right.
Akai Gurley on right.

*“Shooting somebody never entered his mind. I find incarceration to be unnecessary.” These were the words that came from the mouth of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun, the judge who handed down a sentence of  five years probation and 800 hours of community service to  former NYC rookie cop, Peter Liang, for the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley.

Gurley had been standing on the landing below, when Peter Liang and his partner entered a darkened stairwell at Pink Houses, most likely a “project-type” community in East New York, known for its bad reputation.

The officers are said to have entered the building around 11:15 p.m. on Nov. 20, 2014, and heard a metal door slam; which startled them and caused Liang’s service gun to go off — accidentally and fatally shooting Akai Gurley, who was standing on a landing below.

Brooklyn D.A. Ken Thompson had requested a no jail sentence for the former cop, and apparently got his wish. Continue reading

Man Jailed on Petty Theft, Couldn’t Make Bail, Killed Within 48 Hours

holding cell

*I often wondered what happened if you got arrested, and then could not come up with the bail money. I mean, there was a part of me that “assumed” the bailbondsman fronted the thirty-percent just on G. P. but even in my ignorance, I should’ve realized there had to be some proven method to pay it back.

Well the death of one man who had no such luck answered my question. You get thrown into a holding cell and you may not come out.


According to what authorities told the Houston Press, 46-year-old Patrick Joseph Brown had stolen a guitar and was booked on misdemeanor theft. But when he couldn’t come up with the $3,000 bail money (he had been denied a personal bond) he was placed in a holding cell with several other men, including Curtis Maxwell and Ebenezer Nah — two men who carried aggravated assaulted charges causing serious bodily injury according to what Harris County Sheriff’s spokesman Ryan Sullivan told the press last Wednesday.

No one knows why the three men got into it, but Brown, who is said to have been beaten within an inch of his life, ended up dead…less than 48 hours after he failed to post bail. Continue reading

Book Review: Why Bernie Sanders Matters, By Dennis Moore

Bernie Sanders

*Radical, hippy, revolutionary, self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Hot from the campaign trail, a vivid new biography goes inside Bernie Sanders’ contradictions, his unusual life, and his electrifying quest to make the American dream a reality for all. This unauthorized biography by Harry Jaffe gives us insight into this man running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidacy for President of the United States.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may be the least political person in politics – a brusque, unpolished, Jewish  socialist from Brooklyn with deep-seated convictions and distaste for small talk. Donald Trump mockingly and repeatedly refers to this “Socialist” as a “Communist” in his Republican campaign speeches for president.

Harry Jaffe, Author
Harry Jaffe, Author

Harry Jaffe, the author of this book, is a leading journalist covering Washington, DC – its crime, its heroes and villains. Beyond Washington, Jaffe’s work has been published in Yahoo News, Men’s Health, Harper’s, Esquire, and newspapers from the San Francisco Examiner to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s appeared in documentary films and on television and radio across the country and throughout Europe. It is this type of journalistic background that enables us to fully appreciate his latest book about this enigma of a man, Bernie Sanders, in Why Bernie Sanders Matters. Continue reading

Millions…(And I Do Mean Millions) Given to Oakland by Anonymous Donor!


*Talk about giving quietly. Whew! This donor, who plopped down a check for $34 million dollars to assist entrepreneurs, a school district, nonprofit organizations and more in Oakland, California has taken being humble to a whole new level.

To give so generously, without the need to be recognized or even thanked, leaves me tongue-tied.

But it happened. Quietly.

The donor is said to have wanted to assist low income entrepreneurs and children. And according to KGO-TV News, the anonymous donor gave the money to the San Francisco Foundation, and the donation was split between 17 organizations. The donor was very specific. According to Fred Blackwell, the spokesperson for the San Francisco Foundation, the donor was very clear about wanting to invest in Oakland. “They said they want it to go to Oakland. They want it to be transformative.”

And it definitely will! Continue reading

Father Charged With 1st Degree Murder of Gay Son, Mother Also Shot Dead


*Sadly, when I suggested this story to my editor, she thought it sounded familiar. Even more sadly, it does. Hate crimes against gays and lesbians occur all too frequently in this country. This one has an interesting, sick twist:

Someone killed the gay man’s mother, as well.

69-year-old Shehada Khalil Issa faces a premeditated murder charge in the death of his 29-year-old son Amir Issa, which is being considered a hate crime.  The younger Issa’s body was found outside the family home in the North Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles last Tuesday, and the young man’s mother’s body was also found inside the home.  Prosecutors allege that Shehada Issa had previously threatened to kill his son because he was gay.

The suspect claims he acted in self defense, claiming he found his wife dead in the bathroom of his home and heard noises outside.  The suspect claims he armed himself with a shotgun and confronted his son outside the house, and has told police that his son had threatened him with a knife. Continue reading

Armed White Racist Group Goes to Upset Mosque, Met at the Door By Gun-toting Black Panthers (Video)


*People obviously sick and tired of being sick and tired took action recently when a racist and armed anti-Muslim group of whites ascended upon an African American Mosque in Texas, fixin’ to start some stuff.

Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned. The “greeters” had obviously gotten the memo, and were waiting for them.

With guns in tow.

It seems BAIR, otherwise known as the Bureau of American Islamic Relations has made it their mission to show up with firearms at Muslims place of worship to intimidate worshippers; even going so far as to stalk them over the past months at mosques and places of business.

But they met with a surprise on Saturday. When they arrived at a Nation of Islam Mosque in South Dallas, according to the Dallas Morning News and found they were outnumbered by groups famous for protecting their own.

“This is an armed defense maneuver, making sure that our communities are safe and secure from any insurgents coming in,” Krystal Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party told Fox4 last week. Muhammad was armed with a large shotgun. “We won’t allow anybody to come in and try to intimidate our brothers and sisters.”

The Nation of Islam was joined by the New Black Panthers and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club in its defense of the mosque. Continue reading