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OMG! San Francisco Skyscraper is ‘Sinking’ Steadily (Photos Captured from Space!)

By the way, I worked in the building directly to the left in 1989.

*Renamed the Leaning Tower of San Francisco (after Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa) a highrise building in the Bay Area has sunk at least 16 inches and now appears to have tilted two inches to the northwest. The structure is the Millennium Tower on Mission Street. Now the City of San Francisco, who claims the problem was never disclosed to potential buyers, according to a news report by ABC World News Tonight, is suing the building’s developers.

Italy’s famed Leaning Tower of Pisa

Outside of the building, deep cracks appear in the sidewalk and building residents admit they don’t feel safe.

Frank Jernigan, one of the residents, demonstrates to ABC News reporter Kaya Whitworth, how the building tilts by placing a marble on the floor in his home. The marble not only rolls towards the tilt, but also changed direction showing the building’s imbalance. Continue reading

Ugh! Crazed Woman, Pissed at Cops, Pisses and Poops in Patrol Car


*A woman who was chased, caught and arrested after store employees called the cops claiming she stole three beers, was so mad she decided to lose her nature while in the back of a patrol car.

Ugh. Say it with me, UGH!!!  

This time I am standing with the cops! A 7-Eleven employee in Hollywood, Florida made the call because Arlene Mena  had stolen three Yuengling beers, according to police. But when Mena saw the officer coming, she ran. The cop did notice she had a small dog in her arms. But then she fell and upon getting up, through the poor animal into oncoming traffic.

Fortunately for the dog, an officer dodged cars and was nearly hit several times, before catching the animal, unharmed. Continue reading

This 7-Time Lottery Winner (He’s Real, Y’all) Shows Us How to Win Too!


*Be warned. For the most part, I’m going to shut up and allow YOU to watch the videos. They’re self explanatory. I have not won a lottery even once. At least nothing worth mentioning. Well wait, there was that one time when I bought a scratch off and every number I picked was a winning one.

But it only amounted to $50 total.

This man named Richard Lustig has won the lottery, including scratch offs, SEVEN FREAKIN’ TIMES. He has been all over TV. He’s on Wikipedia. And of course, his strategy is considered controversial.

But who cares, that’s what the “experts” call anything they can’t figure out, yes?

Over a 17 year period and 7 Jackpots later, Richard Lustig has won over $1,052,205.58.

The only tip I will share from Mr. Lustig is NEVER BUY QUICK PICKS.

OK wait. I’ll share one more from him. But then you will need to watch BOTH videos to learn more.

Mr. Lustig says, don’t buy different multiple tickets. For example, don’t go to the counter and say: Gimme two of those and one of those. INSTEAD, if you are going to buy say, 10 tickets, choose 10 of the same kind.

Hey, I was taught early to only seek advice from those who have proven their method. After all, you wouldn’t ask for financial advice from a poor person would you? Continue reading

A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project Proudly Presents 18th Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony

Susan Burton, ANWOL Founder
Susan Burton,  ANWOL Founder

(LOS ANGELES, CA) The 18th Annual A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project Gala and Awards will take place on Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel. A New Way of Life welcome’s Empire’s Casting Director – Leah Daniels Butler as a new board member. This event will celebrate the accomplishments of those who forge the path of leadership, provide examples of dedication and passion, and inspire others to embrace the challenges that lay ahead.

This is a red-carpet event and there will be live performances. This year’s honorees include New York Times Best – Selling Author – The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness – Michelle Alexander, Filmmakers – WIGS Unscripted – Susan: A Documentary – Tessa Blake and Emma Hewitt, Professor of Psychology at Loyola Marymount University – Dr. Cheryl Grills Ph.D, Former ANWOL Resident and Certified Nursing Assistant – Vasanté Bailey, and Current ANWOL Resident and Graduate – Carolyn Robinson. The Mistress of Ceremonies will be FOX News Anchor, Christine DeVine, and celebrity presenter will be ABC ‘Castle’s’ Tamala Jones, and more. Continue reading

Awesome ‘Thank You’ Note from Mom to Ex-Husband’s New Woman Goes Viral


*Well THIS is a different look between exes and the new significant others in their lives. Even moreso, niceties shared between two women of different cultures…with a child in the middle, is usually a powerplay tool and generally, a sure-fire recipe for drama. But the mother of a beautiful little girl has brought a whole new meaning to share the love and from the look of things, it could be a game changer moving forward.

Audrey Nicole and her husband are divorced. Now, her ex has a new girlfriend and because of shared custody, Nicole sends their little girl, named Riley, to spend time with her father.

Of course this means the new woman will be there too.

But this doesn’t bother Nicole. In fact, on a  Love What Matters Facebook page, she actually shared a funny photo of Riley making silly faces with the girlfriend of her dad. She also wrote a powerful piece to accompany to picture; which serves as a ‘Thank you’ note to the woman, and encourages ex-wives to grown up and look at the benefits of having a woman caring for someone else’s child like their own.

The love went viral. Continue reading

Cop Gets Demoted for Showing Mercy to Kid Who Saw Dad Kill Mom (Watch)

Former Capt. Marshawn Love
Former Capt. Marshawn Love

*Marshawn Love, a former New Jersey police capt was demoted to sergeant after showing compassion for a 7-year-old girl who had witnessed her dad kill her mother in cold blood. As it turns out, Love left the scene of the crime to drive the little girl to police headquarters.

Sgt. Philip Seidle was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty for killing his ex-wife on June 16, 2015
Sgt. Philip Seidle was sentenced to 30 years in prison after being found guilty for killing his ex-wife on June 16, 2015

Continue reading

Adopted Siblings Say Parents Kicked Them Out After ‘Extreme Makeover’ Win (Watch)

The Friday family in happier times

*Oh man. If this is true, it is what you would call a low-down, dirty, shame. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Do you remember the hit show, ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition?’ I never missed it. It was one of my favorite shows. It aired for nine seasons and ended in December 2012. But during its heydey, host Ty Pennington led a group of designers who sought out one deserving family to get their home renovated over a one week period. The team worked like crazy to get the task completed in time, and never failed to deliver. And they looked so genuinely happy for the winning family.

Well one featured family, the Friday’s, had seven children in all, including 5 newly adopted siblings. And when you watch the video (scroll down) you will see how the loving parents were on screen telling the renovation team how they had adopted these children, who were biological siblings, but needed help so badly. Forward five years, at least two of the siblings are grown, and they say that after the cameras stopped rolling, their adoptive parents kicked them, and eventually the others, to the curb.

Now an investigation has ensued.

What made the show so awesome was the entire community would come out at the end; with all kinds of congratulatory signs, as the family — who was generally sent to a place like Disneyland (all expenses paid) while the renovations were being done, would pull up behind a HUGE bus that blocked the newly renovated home and the crowd would chant, “Move that bus!” And once the bus was removed, jaws would drop at the incredible, amazing structure that stood before them.

The family (along with the designers) and the cameras would then rush into the new dwelling, and room by room, we would get to witness their glee.

The Friday’s were featured on the show in 2011. And Devonda and James Friday are seen on camera, in a most pitiful voice saying, “We desperately need you,” to come help our family.” Continue reading

Donald Trump, Your First Order of Business, Talk to Your People’ …Now!


*Take a look at the picture directly above…It was inspired by the man who, in his acceptance speech as president-elect, promises to unite us. To bring the global community together. This would certainly be a remarkable feat seeing as he can’t even bring his own country together. Hey Mr. Trump, let’s start with your own neighborhood.

What a contrast the days following his election have shown juxtaposed to the 2008 election of president Barack Obama. Even though many voted otherwise, nothing overshadowed the feeling of celebration and positive energy. This happened with Obama’s re-election as well.


I, not unlike millions of others, can’t say the same about the days following Trump’s election. If it weren’t for the minute number of electoral votes needed (270) for the presidency, instead of the millions of popular votes given to Clinton, Trump would not have won. Now, half of the country appears to be in one big funk. People are protesting on the streets all over the country. Leaders from around the world who oppose his win are weighing in.

But worst of all, Trump’s victory has brought people who think like him out into the open with red hats replacing white sheets. He has inspired such hateful, nasty individuals my jaw continues to drop.


Donald, of all the celebratory tactics your people could have chosen to showcase the Republican victory — parades, confetti, some positive joyful acts; they chose to run amuck with disrespectful, hateful representations of your vision (Scroll down).

Your people have gone full frontal. When on earth did they grow such “balls”…? They’ve put a whole new spin on the term, “white trash.” Continue reading