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Meet the Killer Women of ‘Life Without Parole’ (West Coast Premiere!), Plus Video Teaser

"Life Without Parole," playing at Vanguard University, centers around domestic violence survivors who've killed their abusers.
“Life Without Parole,” a scene from the Vanguard University production, centers around domestic violence survivors who’ve killed their abusers.

*The women of  Life Without Parole are real women. This is their story.

At a parole hearing at the California Institution for Women in Chino in 1999, Helen Broker must fight to regain her freedom. She’s been jailed for killing the abusive husband who beat her, threatened to rape her daughter, and who pointed a pistol at her.

She’s a member of a prison support group, CWAV (Convicted Women Against Violence). Her fellow group members are all women who have killed the husbands or boyfriends who beat them. According to the criminal justice system, they’re all guilty of second degree murder. But were they just defending themselves against perpetrators of domestic violence?

Life Without Parole is the story of Helen Broker and her fellow inmates who have all trod down this heartbreaking path. Where is justice for them?

Playwright Warren John Doody based his narrative on the research of the late Dr. Elizabeth Dermody Leonard, who interviewed over forty incarcerated women in the course of her research. Much of the play’s text consists of verbatim transcriptions of the women’s stories. Some scenes are re-enactments of actual events. Continue reading

Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word (Listen to Interview with Creator, Kyle D. Bowser)


*Santa Monica, CA, September 23, 2016 – The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica presents Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word a one-of-a-kind interactive event on October 17 at 7:30pm.  Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word, is an original fusion of dramatized litigation, deliberation and audience participation, which explores both sides of a very polarizing topic: the use of the “N-Word.”

PBS’ Tavis Smiley said, “I firmly believe dialogue is a device that greatly increases opportunity to reach understanding, appreciation, and respect.  In short, words have power.  Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word focuses on such an issue, as it probes the multiplicity of perspectives surrounding our nation’s most provocative word.  This impactful production presents opposing perspectives and a constructive forum for articulation, consideration, and rebuttal.”

In Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word, Tiffany Johnson, a 9-year-old girl learns the “N-Word” during a Black History Month lesson. The school’s choice to include the word in its elementary curriculum disturbs her parents, who had taken precautions to shield her from this epithet.

Continue reading

New Psychology Spot Research Says Mama Gave You Those Smarts (Video)


*Ooowee! I just KNEW researchers would catch up to this truth one day! But of course, as a mother, I may be biased. According to a Psychology Spot feature, it is now suggested that the genes that determine our intellect comes from our mothers.

That’s all you need to know! But for the sake of argument, I’ll continue.

Up until now it was ASSUMED that intelligence came from both parents. Yep! ‘Cause I admit to inheriting my dad’s stubborn determination and my mom’s fearlessness!

But now, researchers break it down to a mother’s double set of XX chromosomes versus the one that dad hosts. Continue reading

Toddler Trapped Underneath Capsized Boat Saved by ‘Air Pocket’ (Watch)


*Wow. Any parent’s worst nightmare was played out late last month when a family outing on a boat near Orlando turned terrifying. Tammy and Brian Bossard’s boat hit something underwater which caused the vessel to capsize.

While they were able to grab their youngest child (7 months) and scramble to the top of the boat, their nearly two year old toddler, Kennedy, was nowhere to be seen.

The child was still under the water.

Tammy, hysterical, called for help. Thankfully, her cellphone was still working.

“I’m in the river. Our boat crashed…Please God, send someone now!” she said frantically.

And you can hear Brian Bossard in the background saying, “There’s no air under there.”

(Scroll down to hear the terrified comments to the 911 operator in the video below). Continue reading

Funeral Director Caught ‘Taking Selfies’ With the Dearly Departed (Watch)

David L. Jones
David L. Jones

*C’mon bruh. Tell us it ain’t so. Lets file this under, what the hell was he thinking!? A funeral director licensed in the state of Texas has been caught taking selfies in front of the hearses and caskets of the newly departed.

David L. Jones must be one egotistical so-and-so. Add to that, insensitive. Is there any doubt, looking at the photos above, that he is posing in front of property holding or designed to hold deceased people?

Yet when Rose Molina, who had just buried her 32-year-old cousin, caught him in the act, he told her he was “fixing his tie.” She had a feeling he was lying and went to his Facebook page where she discovered selfies of Jones standing in front of hearses and caskets.

And no one ever thought to report this dude?

The day Molina caught Jones in action had been an especially difficult one.

“That day was especially hard for us because Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the loss of my grandmother, and they were buried next to each other,” she said. Continue reading

Oakland Prostitute Sues Police Dept. for $66M, Says She Was ‘Sex Slave’ for 30 Officers

Instagram – @guap.celeste
Instagram – @guap.celeste

*Uh-oh! It appears at least 30 of ‘Oakland’s Finest’ has, in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “some ‘splainin’ to do,” because according to 19-year-old Jasmine Abuslin, they wore her out as their sex slave.

Now the woman who has built herself a career in prostitution says the sum of $66 million dollars is the only thing that will help her to fuggetaboutit! 

Abuslin said she has had sex with officers in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties.

Yep! As a former Bay Area resident, I’d say that about covers the entire region.

Abuslin’s old name was Celeste Guap. And she says not only was she a sex slave, but also a victim of sex trafficking. On Friday, September 16, criminal charges were filed by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in the ongoing sexual misconduct case.

According to an article in Rolling Out, seven current and former San Francisco Bay Area police officers to date is being charged for sexual misconduct. One officer, Brendan O’Brien, ended his part in the scandal by committing suicide after Abuslin started talking about the romps on social media.

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White Men at Washington’s American University Throw Rotten Bananas at Black Women


*It seems ignorant white men are still seeking new ways to curb their sexual desire for Black women. To them I ask: How’s that working out for ya, fellas?

Whereas ‘back in the day’ they saw fit to humiliate Black men in front of their women; and rape those women as part of the ordeal, the tactic being used now is throw rotten bananas at ’em.

This is what Black female students are going through at American University in Washington, D. C.

Several women have come forward to report the incidents.

“I called my grandma up, and she said she went through the same thing, 40, 50-plus years ago,” says Jada Bell, the Black Student Alliance’s outreach coordinator while speaking with Buzzfeed about the current harassment she and other Black women are facing from white men on the school’s campus.

“Black women are under threat on campus — they are being used as target practice.”

“We’re literally being attacked and assaulted on campus, and there’s nothing being done about it by the administration,” she said. Continue reading

Yes, KSU Student WAS Disciplined for ‘That Snapchat Photo’…School Says ‘Buh-Bye’ (Watch)


*Paige Shoemaker may have gotten a little too comfortable with her white privilege. Perhaps in her case, here at Kansas State University at least, it just expired. The blonde, blue-eyed student who says her diverse group of friends at school knows she is the “least racist” person claims “no one in our group was offended” by the photo of her and a friend on Snapchat.

KSU apparently decided they don’t need that kind of attention and has since kicked the girl to the proverbial curb.

In the event you don’t speak that language: Shoemaker has been kicked out of school. She is no longer enrolled. The school has said, Buh-bye! Continue reading