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Idiot Alert: Florida Teen in Hospital After Venomous Snake Kiss (Watch)


Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the "get to know you better" approach before kissing another snake.
Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the “get to know you better” approach before kissing another snake.


*You hate to be judgmental, but some people make it a real challenge for you to feel sorry for them when they do downright stupid sh*t.

Take this jackass, an 18-year-old showoff named Austin Hatfield who may not have taken the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but did something just as stupid, when he tried to play ‘Gimme some sugar’ with a venomous snake.

Now he’s laying in a Florida hospital bed, where even his own relatives wouldn’t recognize him from the humongous lips given to him courtesy of a cottonmouth snake he caught.Teen_bitten_in_face_by_venomous_water_mo_2855070000_17167230_ver1.0_640_480

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Video Goes Viral: Daughter Terrified, Pleads, But Mom Forces Her to Get Ears Pierced Or Else…


*This story and accompanying video is an embarrassment to motherhood. I’m sure many of us can recall the time when we got our ears pierced; but we were probably old enough to make the decision ourselves…and no cameras were around to record the single tear that came from our eyes.

But this little girl had no such luck. Not only does she appear to be in a room with an audience, and a camera recording her every terrified breath; but her mother (one suspects its her mother) is heard in the background saying things like, “If you put your hand up there I’m gonna punch you,” and “If I go to jail its your fault.”

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These White Girls ‘Hunted Black People’ Now They’re in Prison for Murder

White girls killed Black man
Sara Adelia Graves (right), 22, and Shelbie Brooke Richards (left), 21


*Well, this is surely a case that shows how people who commit horrible crimes are dealt with differently according to race.

While the incident happened nearly four years ago, the sentencing just occurred on Thursday and two young white  women received the maximum sentence for their role in a Mississippi hate crime that left James Craig Anderson, a black man, dead.

The women belonged to a gang recognized for hunting, harassing and killing African Americans for sport.

During a reading of their sentence by U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate, Sara Adelia Graves and Shelbie Brooke Richards were given five years and eight years respectively.

Those were the maximum sentences available under the women’s plea agreements. But Wingate said he wished he could send the women away for longer prison terms, and did not even want to entertain the reading of letters he received from supporters of the two women portraying their presence as an accident or one-time incident. Continue reading

Former Uber Driver in Jail for Rape, Cleared After ‘Secret Recording’ Surfaces (Video)

Uber driver charged with rape
Maxime Fohounhedo

*A woman who lies about rape is not only deplorable; but she puts the future word of any true victims at risk. And unfortunately, it is taken for granted that anytime a woman says that she was raped, she is telling the truth. Its a slippery slope indeed, but one that is, at times, standing on the rocky foundation of a lie.

A lie that Maxime Fohounhedo, a driver for the mobile app-based transportation network called Uber lost his job over, and could have spent the next ten years of his life in prison paying for – had he not been a smart, fast thinker. Suspecting a setup, as it turns out the driver secretly recorded his interaction with an intoxicated female passenger who would later claim that she was raped by him. Continue reading

‘Your Honor, My Husband Has No Real Address’…Judge Says Serve Divorce Papers on Facebook

Facebook you've been served

*Dang. Imagine opening up your Facebook account and the first thing you see is a message saying, You’ve been served! Now that’s one for the record books. But it happened. When a Brooklyn woman seeking a divorce from her elusive husband told the judge he didn’t have an address where he could be properly served, the judge gave her approval to do so on Facebook.

It was a landmark ruling when Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper allowed Ghanaian  nurse Ellanora Baidoo to serve husband Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku with divorce papers using the social media site. Baidoo, 26, “is granted permission serve defendant with the divorce summons using a private message through Facebook,” with her lawyer messaging the man through Baidoo’s account, Cooper wrote. Continue reading

Peep the Conversation Black Men Are Finally Having…And Feel Free to Add Your ‘Two Cents’!

Black man1

*Can we talk? No, but how about you listen. A conversation about the “open secret” among African American men and boys has opened up on social media and radio. Think about it, no one ever asks black men to talk about how the struggles they go through every single day affects them.

And if you are one of those who are already judging them because you’re tired of hearing the word ‘racism’ or you think they’re just whining — slow your roll. Or better yet, don’t read this.

This is not about men complaining.

So if you’re someone who truly wants to put your ear to a conversation on how strong, proud black men face the challenges many people don’t have to even think about, listen up.

Two men, one a law professor the other a blogger, share their experiences with being racially profiled. One talks about a time he had to explain this to his kid, who asked “What was that about dad?” Also, these men actually (and probably innately) do things to appear non-threatening.

And one talks about how his being a ‘proud’ black man in a world that forces him to say, “you’re doing this because I’m black” gets lost in the defense.

Personally, I hate that assessment; the one that makes us state (or even think) that something is being done to us because we’re black. That automatically assumes being black as a bad thing. I’d rather assume its because you’re ignorant.

But that’s just me.

So its great to hear from the men in this article because, although black women face their own share of challenges living in this race-conscious society, there is no doubt it doesn’t even compare to the challenges black men of every socio-economic status face daily.

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Woman Knew Cops Wouldn’t Believe Her, So She Recorded Her Rape (By Parole Officer!)

Zachary Thomas Bailey
Parole Officer Zachary Thomas Bailey was recorded as he raped his parolee.


*People are getting wise and taking steps that is making it more and more difficult for crimes against them to be ignored. And as long as cellphone cameras remain in existence there will be no turning back. Still, the crimes being committed by the very people employed to protect us makes my skin crawl. Being in a position of authority in the corrections system appears to be a safe haven for some of the most corrupt and hateful people on the planet. More and more the public is being provided with evidence of what the end game is when you place power in the wrong hands.

One woman, who has caught on to how crimes are handled by police; who are trained to take care of their own first, took matters into her own hands when she actually recorded her parole officer raping her.

No need to blink twice in an effort to see better, you read it right the first time. Continue reading

Steve Harvey ‘Joke’ Pisses Off Mom With Special Needs Son

Steve Harvey and Woman, Special Needs

*Wow, I didn’t know other black women had a problem with Steve Harvey, too? And even my problem with him has diminished now; because he seems happier since he remarried. But alas, this is not about me. This is about a woman who says, unlike many of her sister-friends that have a ‘huge’ problem with the comedian, she does not.

Uh…did not. At least not before he had the nerve to make fun of a special needs woman. And she didn’t find his ‘joke’ funny.

The woman said she’s used to women in her circle or “circles like” hers who find the comedian hard to take. Now, of course she admits to finding his relationship advice “a bit trite” and describes some of his  observations as “dismissive and offensive – but she gave him a pass because, well, most of the time she finds him funny. She is also touched by the mentoring he offers  young men at Disney every year. And feels the good outweighs the bad.

While she says Harvey is just a reminder of a lot of black men his age, she doesn’t subscribe to the plan that expects her to keep her mouth shut when somebody is outright wrong. Continue reading