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Memorial Marker of Emmett Till Constantly Vandalized, While that of His Murderer Remains Pristine

*It’s been 61 years since Emmett Till was brutally murdered (Aug. 28, 1955) for allegedly whistling at a white girl. But the white trash that celebrates his murder refuses to let him rest in peace…even today.

Memorial markers of where the teen’s body was found floating along Mississippi’s Tallahatchie River continues to be vandalized by haters; while the marker standing at the former home of his murderer is continually maintained and adorned with flowers.

The 14-year-old, whose murder prompted the civil rights movement, was beaten beyond recognition, and then shot execution style before being thrown into the river.

A grainy photo of a bloated Emmett Till remains in the psyche of every African American old enough to remember. Continue reading

White Students Offended By Teachers ‘To Be White is to Be Racist’ Comment (Watch)

This student decided to start selling hoodies based on a white teacher's comments!
ENTREPRENEURSHIP? This student decided to start selling hoodies based on a white teacher’s comments!

*In a lecture that was intended to close the racial divide gap, a Norman, Oklahoma teacher showed a YouTube video on imperialism and followed it up with a discussion on why ALL white people are racist.

Uh oh.

And though the teacher was not identified, anyone listening to the voice on the video (scroll down) can pretty much presume he’s not Black.

Screen shot of a section of the imperialist video shown in class.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t add that, if he was Black, we would know exactly who he is.

A video was sent to NBC affiliate, KFOR, from a student who was offended by the class discussion. A white student, who felt the comment was unsubstantiated and unfair. The student felt that white people were being blamed for something just because they are white.

I can see Black folk now. Arms outspread in a ‘What?’ kind of posture. Puzzled looks on their faces as if to say, “But the comment is coming from one of you.” Continue reading

White Students Storm Out of Class After TSU Professor Shares ‘Out of Africa’ Theory

Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University
Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University

*Want to know what some white students really think about Black people? Tell ’em EVERYBODY came from Africa! Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Mixed.


Then just sit back and watch them scatter! That’s what happened at Texas State University when Dr. R. Jon McGee, a seasoned anthropology professor offered what is known as the “Out of Africa” theory. (Scroll down to see a photo courtesy of Twitter user).

According to The Tab, when the professor asserted that all living beings originated in Africa, the white students got up and walked out…in droves.

But that’s not all.

The white students who stayed behind reportedly started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” according to the news site reports. And others went into some serious dialogue with one another. Continue reading

POTUS Plans ‘One Last Change’ Before He Leaves Office: Reform Prisoners Child Support Payments

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the White House Frontiers conference in Pittsburgh, U.S. October 13, 2016. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

*We’ve got approximately 21 days before we head to the polls to choose a new POTUS, but President Barack Obama is working up until the very last minute to reform the criminal justice system he began working on months back. But the issue has been with him for much longer. And according to an article in The Washington Post he shared…

“Since my first campaign, I’ve talked about how, in too many cases, our criminal justice system ends up being a pipeline from underfunded, inadequate schools to overcrowded jails.”

And he made good on his word in August 2016, when he commuted the prison sentences of federal 214 inmates (in a single day) who were locked up on drug charges — some of whom were to be locked up for life.

And as of this writing, according to The Daily News, the total number of commuted sentences has gone up to 775; with 102 of them occuring just last week.

But POTUS says he ain’t finished yet! Before he leaves office he aims to reform the amount of child support payments prisoners are carrying in debt.

In an August statement, Justice Department deputy Sally Q. Yates said, “In just the first eight months of 2016, the President has more than doubled the number of commutations granted in all of 2015.  But we are not done yet, and we expect that many more men and women will be given a second chance through the Clemency Initiative.” Continue reading

They Can Deliver Babies, and Even Build a Bomb Stack … A Flight Attendant’s Job is Never Done


*You know the saying: Don’t get it twisted? Well that may as well be a flight attendant’s motto because their job requirements or what they actually do is so much more than asking if we’d like “coffee or tea?”

Business Insider decided to delve into exactly what it is that a Flight Attendant does, and put the word out to flight attendant’s everywhere for input. Approximately 60 flight attendant’s responded and the things they shared will blow your mind.

Talk about a position being UNDERESTIMATED!

First let me say, I looked everywhere to see what a “bomb stack” is…you know, the term I mentioned in the headline? It came from a direct quote one of the flight attendants sent in (See slide #8).

“Think of anything that could possibly happen anywhere — if it happens at 37,000 feet in the air, guess who is taking care of it? We do much more than hand out cokes, but unfortunately that is what the public sees, especially if they only fly domestically.”

“I know how to build a bomb stack, and if it came down to it, I could deliver your baby.”

“We are trained to protect the flight deck at all costs.”

From what I can tell (and I welcome comments on this from folks who know) it may be a shelter to protect if a nuclear bomb or something of a devastating nature occurs. What this would actually look like 37,000 feet up is both of our guesses? Continue reading

Desiree Rogers, Former White House Secretary, Says ‘This is the Real Michelle Obama’

Former white house staffer, Desiree Rogers (L) and first Lady Michelle Obama

*As if we needed confirmation that the speech First Lady Michelle Obama handed down in New Hampshire; the one where she passionately, yet gracefully, unleashed her fury on the inappropriate comments made by Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump, who she would not even call by name, came from her heart.

But we’ll take it, Desiree Rogers, because after all, having served as White House social secretary for two years, you would know. Continue reading

Arthur Lee Duncantell II Foundation Presents ‘Stop the Violence’ Black Tie Gala


*You may ask, who was Arthur Lee Duncantell II? Then again, his name may sound familiar but you just can’t place it. He is a young man who lived in San Bernardino, California. A father of two sons who had dreams of starting a group home for wayward boys as a way of helping his community and honoring his mother, Sheilah Y. Kimble, because through these types of boys, he realized the problems he had caused her growing up.

He is a young man who was fatally wounded by an alleged gang member in 2011 and he is among the many Cold Cases still pending.

He was NOT a gang member.

He is a young man whose murder captured media attention because witnesses who saw what happened were too afraid to come forward, and the San Bernardino Police Dept clearly didn’t give a f*ck about the death of another Black man.

I recall talking to Ms. Kimble more than a year ago. She told me that after Tony Valdez’s Fox11 ‘Cold Case’ story on her son in June of 2015, she contacted Detective William Flesher of the San Bernardino Police Department for an update. According to her, the detective allegedly said, “We are not going to waste taxpayer money to investigate because he’s just another nigger in a gang.”

She said a whole lot more… Continue reading

Watch! Man Mistakenly Interrupts Bears Mating, Pays the Price (But He’s OK)


*DaYUM! I accidentally walked in one mom and dad a few times when they were gettin’ busy and almost got my ass whipped, but one hiker is lucky to be alive after officials say they believe he interrupted two mating bears.

Dan Richman was probably accustomed to hiking alone in the Sierra Madre Hills of California’s Bailey Canyon area. But on this day a surprise was waiting for him. According to what he told  KTLA,  he was walking along a trail when he spotted a bear on its hind legs 50 to 100 feet away. He was pretty amazed because it was his first time seeing a bear in person. “I was pretty freaked out.”

But not so fast! When he turned around to leave he spotted a second bear. And this one was even closer.

Damn, What do you do when a bear is practically in touching distance? Apparently he thought yelling at it would scare it away.

Wrong. Continue reading