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Jackson Hewitt Tax Rep and Customer ‘Come to Blows’ Inside Walmart Store (Watch!)

Jackson Hewitt and Walmart fight between women

*A Jackson Hewitt tax rep got into an argument with a customer at a store in Deer Park, and it came to blows.

And you know it was caught on camera, don’tcha?

Now the video is making its rounds on social media. The video shows a tax rep from Jackson Hewitt fighting with a customer inside a Walmart.

“Take your poor (expletive) out this store,” the Jackson Hewitt tax worker could be heard saying to a customer on video. “Your momma is a (expletive).”

The customer, Jessica Albitz, is then seen head butting the tax worker, Alice Keener. Keener fights back, and at one point, even takes Albitz by the head and starts banging it on a nearby table before slamming the woman to the floor. Continue reading

Brazilian Prison Guards Duped By Trio of ‘Dominatrix’ Who Set Prisoners Free Instead

Brazil Jailbreak2
The evidence…

*Well here’s some news that may fulfill the “inner rogue” lying dormant in us all.

Instead of just chanting “Free the prisoners! Free the prisoners!” three women dressed up as dominatrix walked into a Brazilian prison with a different intention than they let on. The guards were led to think an orgy was about to take place, instead the women duped them and twenty-eight prisoners were set free.

All we can say is…Oops.

It was around 3a.m. when the tempting trio walked up to the Nova Mutum public prison near Cuiaba in central Brazil and used their sexual prowess to persuade three guards to let them in for some “drinking and role play,” according to Reporter MT.

The guards were more than happy to oblige and showed they were willing to be sex slaves as they guided the women to their sleeping quarters. But the women drugged them with spiked whiskey, according to the Telegraph and investigators say they stripped and handcuffed the men before they stole their master keys and unlocked every cell, police said.

Prisoners walked out through the main door, and took a total of three rifles, two revolvers and ammunition from the storage room on their way out, police said.

“The plan was to seduce them,” Police Chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira said at a news conference. “Whoever wanted to escape left by the front door.”

The disoriented guards were found naked and handcuffed the next morning, Ferreira said. Police later found a bag of lingerie and naughty police outfits nearby.

Brazil Jailbreak1

“From the moment they drank the whisky, the agents don’t remember a thing,” she said at a news conference. “One was found dizzy, trying to wake up. Another slept for the whole afternoon and couldn’t even be questioned.”

Photographs of the swindled guards surfaced on social media and went viral Friday night, according to Reporter MT.

What I am sure the guards feel adds insult to injury, they were placed under arrest and will face charges of facilitating a jailbreak and culpable embezzlement because of the firearms theft, police said.

Police said they are searching for Bruno Amorim, an 18-year-old inmate who they believe is the mastermind behind the heist. His girlfriend is most likely one of the women who seduced the guards, authorities said.

Amorim busted out during a sentence for attempted murder, robbery and possessing a firearm.

Authorities said they apprehended eight escapees Friday and continue to hunt down the others.

One of the inmates was found drunk — toting a stolen rifle nearby, police said. Another was captured after he crashed a pick-up truck he stole from a farm, they said.

‘Stop Whining!’ is What 911 Dispatcher Told Girl Whose Dad Was Killed in Accident (Listen)

911 operator, stop whining

*Let me put your mind at ease. Though the “damage” has already been done, don’t worry. The public has now been spared of the 911 dispatcher who told a teen to “stop whining” after the teen’s father had been killed. That operator no longer has interaction with citizens, as confirmed by an official named Anne Arundel.

NBC Washington reports 38 year old Rick Warrick and his fiance were taking Warrick’s two teenagers to Dave & Buster’s on Sunday, but their tire went flat on the Baltimore Washington Parkway in Maryland.

Warrick, a car salesman, pulled his 2007 Hyundai Sonata over to change the tire.

He was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the process.

The incident occurred around 9:15pm. Warrick’s fiance also suffered serious injuries by the hit and run driver. Continue reading

Co-Worker’s ‘Sexcapade’ Put on Blast After ‘Office Romp’ is Witnessed and Live-Tweeted (Pictures!!!)

Office sexcapade
See the pair, pictured above, at the far-right end of the building.

*Oh gawd.

I swear, I hate to laugh at the expense of others, but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Two colleagues at Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd.  is feeling the heat today – only hours after they created their own during a hot and steamy ‘sexcapade’ after hours, in the office, while in full view thanks to the huge picture windows they thought the tint would shield them from.

A source says the wife of one of the workers (perhaps the man, but not for certain) hasn’t stopped crying since the affair went public.

Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd.  is where the act took place. And it was photographed, filmed and uploaded to social media by loads of folks partying at the Carlton Bar across the street.

Needless to say, the “evidence” quickly went viral. Commentary and all! Continue reading

Wow! Man Reels in Huge, Rare, (U-g-l-y) Shark in Australia

Stock photo
Though I can’t show you the actual fish, THIS is what it looks like and I can point you towards the REAL THING…Keep reading.

*Wow! That’s one oogly fish. They call the fish depicted in the photo above a ‘living fossil’ its so rare. And its the same type of shark that was caught by an Australian fisherman. The goblin shark is a deep-water shark and last week it ended up in a fishing trawl net in deep waters off Australia.

An excited Lochlainn Kelly, 22, who was out fishing with his father Mike, said he was “more excited than frightened” when he spotted the creature in their net along with a load of crayfish, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and Merimbula News. Continue reading

Watch: Teen, 14, Kills Brother Over a Bag ‘O Chips and Soft Drink

chips and a drink gets boy killed

*WJBK in Detroit is reporting that a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for stabbing his brother to death over a soft drink and a snack.

This horrific and senseless incident took place on Monday night in Grandville on Detroit’s west side.

Police say the boy fatally stabbed his 18-year-old brother in a dispute over who would get the carbonated fruit punch and chips.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office may place criminal charges against the boy, who is being held in the Juvenile Detention Facility in Detroit. He is due back in court Feb. 7. Continue reading

Men Watch Who You Mess With: Enraged Teen Throws Acid on Man’s Penis

Generic photo
Generic photo

*Men, watch who you mess with. Every woman don’t play that sh*t. Dude must of thought he was real slick. While he was bumping and grinding, he had a video recorder going.

But like the Eminem song sings, “Snap back to reality!” ’cause not every woman gets down like that. Dude should have listened to the old saying, “Pick your sexual partners carefully…very carefully.” Because we have seen enough examples of what can happen when you don’t.

But here’s another one anyway.

25-year-old Humphrey Khoza  and a 17-year-old South African girl whose name wasn’t released because of her age, had consensual–though illegal, sex together. The girl had no idea the act was being recorded. Add to that, the video got out…somehow. Continue reading

Robin Williams’ Wife & Kids Now Fighting Over His Sizable Estate

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

*It seems money is a race of its own. There’s African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and “Other” — which is where money resides; and it can cause people to act a fool, too. Especially when there’s lots of it. As in the kind our beloved Robin Williams had. The late comedian, actor, activist and philanthropist left behind a sizable estate that his wife and children are now fighting over. But money in its real form doesn’t seem to be the issue here, its other valuables like clothing and jewelry and what-have-you that is causing friction in the family.

The parties have started the process and filed papers in San Francisco Superior Court, to fight over the late comedian’s estate.

Williams’ wife, Susan, says some of the late actor’s personal items were taken without her permission and asks the court to exclude the contents of the Tiburon home that she shared with Williams from the jewelry, memorabilia and other items Williams said the children should have.

Continue reading