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Old Email from New Police Chief Includes the Word “Nigger” and Prompts Outrage…and Support from the Town’s Black Mayor

Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago...and a few months after his "N word" email.
Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago…and a few months after his “N word” email.

*Farrell Police Chief Thomas Burke hasn’t even started his job yet — he’s due to do that in January — but his email from a few months ago has sparked an uproar.

Back in April, when Burke was serving as director of safety and security at a local steel mill, he sent an email to about 20 of his friends and colleagues, soliciting funds for a local book drive. He wrote: “Good morning. Please click and review. Even a $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon niggers gotta learn to read.”

Sharon and Farrell are sister cities, both of which are just outside Pittsburg. According to the 2000 Census, Farrell’s black population sits at about 47 percent.

Burke had actually served as the chief of police in neighboring Sharon until his retirement in 2007, so he knows, presumably, a Sharon nigger when he sees one.

Now, it seems, Burke is humble and apologetic. Racists whose behavior comes to light before they’ve even started their high paying jobs usually are. Continue reading

According to CDC, STD Cases Have Risen ‘At an Alarming Rate’


*The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just hit us with a whopping bit of bad news. New data says that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have increased at alarming rates and STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have increased for the first time since 2006.

This alarming news comes at the heels of people, young people especially, being careless when it comes to who they have sex with, sexual partners not being upfront about their health and not using protection.

According to the CDC, 1.4 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2014, which showed a 2.8% increase in cases from 2013, representing “the highest number of annual cases of any condition ever reported to CDC.” Gonorrhea and syphilis cases also went up. Continue reading

19 Month Old Burned Alive in Oven, Having Been Placed Inside By Her 3 Year Old Siblings, While Their Mother Grabbed a Take-out Pizza


*19 month old J’Zyra Thompson was found dead inside of an oven in Houston, after her 3-year old siblings placed her inside of the oven and turned the oven on. Their five year old sibling was asleep in an adjacent room.

You’re asking the same question I was. Where in the hell were the baby’s parents?

Their mother, Racquel Thompson, and her boyfriend had reportedly left the children alone in the home to get a takeout pizza and get a prescription filled.

Can you handle more details of this heartbreaking story? Continue reading

Oh the Things that Coke Can Do! (Trust Me: You’ll Wanna Know)

Coca Cola

*Sorry. It was hard to resist that opportunity. This is one ‘inside joke’ only the grown folks will get. We all grew up drinking Coca Cola. Remember how that first swig burned your nostrils. I can still feel it if I think real hard. But I also remember the syrupy-sweet, smooth taste of the soda itself. And it tasted especially good with a ham sandwich.

But let’s get back to the burn. I have a feeling it was that burn that puts the “U” in coke’s other useful purposes. Nothing tasting that good is suppose to hurt. Deep down I always thought I was doing something I wasn’t suppose to do. That’s probably why I stopped drinking soda altogether more than a decade ago. Aside from the occasional gotta have a Sprite!

So tasting good with a ham sandwich was one.

Savor that thought because the others will not be as…uh…tasty.

How ’bout the perfect remedy for getting that icky gum off your shoe?

You were warned.

gum on shoe

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Bobbi Brown: Makeup Maven Says, ‘Stop It! With Contouring: You Are Beautiful ‘As Is’


*We don’t need to be contouring like the Kardashians!” is makeup maven, Bobbi Brown’s message to the celebrities and others out there who feel they have to slim down that broad nose, draw in those eyebrows and  line those cheekbones to look more Anglo.

She says some of these folks actually look like clowns.

Some artists wear so much contouring makeup that it looks like they underwent extensive plastic surgery, she warns.

“When I see contouring on people’s faces, it looks like dirt,” Brown tells The NY Post. “As a beauty expert, I believe in individual beauty, and it’s just not my aesthetic.”

Brown, a Caucasian, seems to take issue with African American women in particular, who try to alter their natural features and use too much makeup in the process.  Continue reading

Yes, There Is A Cancer-producing Agent Found in Certain Toothpastes (Watch)


*Dang! Seriously? I just bought a tube of Colgate with whitening agents. And I am sure millions of other people are going to cringe while reading this article that reminds us we may be using toothpaste every single day that has cancer-causing agents in the ingredients.

I wanted to learn more about this after a friend, who is being treated for cancer, told me that her doctor made her aware of this.

No, its not a fluke. Studies have actually confirmed that this is something we should be very concerned about; especially since it has identified one toothpaste in particular (Though not exclusively): Colgate Total – which contains the chemical “Triclosan.”

Colgate Total Toothpaste, canerous agents

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Yes, Virginia, There IS A Feces-Shipping Santa Claus!


*Holiday legend claims that if you make the “naughty” list at Christmastime, you get a lump of coal in your stocking. Well, Shitexpress has taken that time-worn threat to a whole new level!

That’s right, boys and girls. Now YOU can ship a healthy pile of feces, from a variety of animals, to anyone on your list. (I’d have said “shit list”, but that fruit was hanging too low even for me.)

No, I’ve not been drinking (yet…today).

“Yes, it’s legit,” Shitexpress CEO Peter (no last name…I wonder why?) said.

The service is based in Hong Kong and launched a year ago, as a marketing experiment. Peter says the company earned $10,000 in its first month. At $16.95 per shipment, that’s almost 600 boxes of poop in one month.  The company says they’ve made more than 2,500 shipments to-date. Continue reading

PA. Man Brought His Boa…Yes Snake, On Bus…And Of Course It Got Loose

SEPTA bus, snake gets loose

*I mean, c’mon. It would make too much sense for a person bringing a darn snake on a city bus to just ride along without incident, get to his destination, and get off with the snake.

Without drama?

And without any relationship to reality, either. Because that’s not how it happened.

According to officials, a 4-foot-long boa constrictor got loose on a Philadelphia bus, and the bus had to be evacuated!

The snake’s owner, 26-year-old Koron Riley, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he had sneaked the snake on the bus by draping it around his shoulders and hiding it under his jacket.

Fool must’ve gone into a deep nod or something. He didn’t feel that thing leaving from around his shoulders? I once let an 8-foot boa constrictor sit on my shoulders, and I felt it when it moved.   Continue reading