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Alligator Found Strolling Down the Streets of ‘The Big Apple’ (Watch)


*Well dang, New Yorker’s are probably known for their “I’ve seen it all” posture.” They are known to be tough, resilient and no-nonsense. But in black-folk-speak: I’ll bet they asses ran like hell when they saw a three-foot alligator strolling across Ninth Avenue and 205th Street in Inwood on Thursday afternoon.

I’ll bet all bets were off like a mo-fo with that tough, I’ve seen it all before exterior.

The reptile was captured and taken to the Animal Care & Control of New York City, but died unexpectedly since then, according to the Associated Press and the New York Daily News. Continue reading

Oh! It’s a Natural Hair Explosion! (And We Love It!)

@MelissaChanel  "I keep my low-maintaince tapered 'fro intact with weekly washes and then it's just moisturize, fluff, and go! Let your 'fro be the boss."
“I keep my low-maintaince tapered ‘fro intact with weekly washes and then it’s just moisturize, fluff, and go! Let your ‘fro be the boss.”


*Surely you’ve noticed the hordes of black women who have decided to let that perm grow out of their hair and go au naturale. All the sista’s who said they would just try wearing their hair natural to ‘see how it goes’ and never went back because…

Apparently, it went well.

Black women choose to sport their natural hair for all kinds of reasons. Whoopi Goldberg once said the reason she wears her hair natural is because she’s too lazy to do anything else with it.

Some women sport the ‘do’ to enunciate their sense of Black Pride. And others just wear their natural hair, just because they can. Continue reading

Restaurant in Nigeria Raided & Shut down for Serving Human Meat (Update)

bon appetit

*Don’t shoot the messenger, ‘K?

This story is horrifying, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less true. Here in America, stories of cannibalism are still far-fetched. We hear about them, we shake our head and say something like, “Eww, that’s horrible,” and keep it moving.

On to the next thing.

But it might hit a little closer to home when it comes to what a restaurant may be serving. Especially since we have heard some incredibly despicable things being done in eateries as of late.

And although this most-gross-story-ever happened in Africa, like I said, it might hit a bit closer to home.

Disclaimer: You will find this absolutely gross. Continue reading

Celebrated for Leaving the Ghetto, Graduated Harvard, Now Busted With Drugs…Huh?

Corey Waller’s viewpoint is about to change.

*OK, you’ve read the headline. Now imagine the sound of a screeching car and feel free to ponder this question:

Brother, are you kidding us right now?

This is the sentiment from hordes of people who are shell-shocked about the recent arrest of Corey Lamont Waller; who went against all odds when he was lifted up from an impoverished life in Louisville, became an accomplished athlete and entered the prestigious Harvard University–where he excelled and graduated in 2006.

All of this, only to lose everything because he made the ridiculously stupid choice to possess marijuana…200-400 pounds of it.

Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: ‘Just Nasty': Girls on Japanese Game Show Blow Cockroach into Each Others’ Mouth (Watch)

girls blow cockroach

*Is it any surprise that even after the farcical stunts pulled on a show like “Fear Factor” – hosted by Joe Rogan – we still get grossed out when people do nasty stuff?

I won’t even go into details on all the crap that show has put people through just for the sake of money.

But now a game show in Japan is in on the act. And two contestants have taken on the challenge of blowing the nastiest of insects–a cockroach– a BIG one, into each others’ mouth.

That’s just nasty!

Ugh! Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Just in Time for Mother’s Day–The Worst Mama Selfie’s Ever!


Oh god. Whatever have we done?

In a plethora of narcissistic indulgence, here are dozens of examples showing how some women won’t let anything get in the way of them taking that all-important selfie.

With that said, some of the photos show what can be assumed are the mother’s of the young children seen with them in the photos. The women are in a variety of poses while their children either act as photographers or are simply being ignored as the adult snaps her selfie.

Let the fun begin! Continue reading

Idiot Alert: Florida Teen in Hospital After Venomous Snake Kiss (Watch)


Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the "get to know you better" approach before kissing another snake.
Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the “get to know you better” approach before kissing another snake.


*You hate to be judgmental, but some people make it a real challenge for you to feel sorry for them when they do downright stupid sh*t.

Take this jackass, an 18-year-old showoff named Austin Hatfield who may not have taken the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but did something just as stupid, when he tried to play ‘Gimme some sugar’ with a venomous snake.

Now he’s laying in a Florida hospital bed, where even his own relatives wouldn’t recognize him from the humongous lips given to him courtesy of a cottonmouth snake he caught.Teen_bitten_in_face_by_venomous_water_mo_2855070000_17167230_ver1.0_640_480

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