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This Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Femme’ Yogi Says Love Your Body…Anyway

Yogi, teaching women to love their body

*While there are certainly enough model-types out there telling you what you can do to look like them, Jessamyn Stanley is not trying to hear it.

And she doesn’t encourage you to listen either.

Stanley posts inspiring messages (and more than 500 photos of herself in awesome yoga positions) on her Instagram page, where she shares her enthusiasm for yoga in poses like the downward dog, a forearm stand, and even the usage of a strap to deepen her dancer pose.

As a self-proclaimed “yoga enthusiast and fat femme,” this 27-year-old is the kind of yoga teacher many of her 53.1K followers are seeking.  She captions her colorful photos with loving, inspirational messages for her students. And even lets them know that hey, sometimes it’s okay to slow down. It’s also okay not to know everything, but to learn and “celebrate the small victories.” Continue reading

‘I’m a Believer!’ Pastor Rides Bull Inside Church to Attract Members


*It’s hard out there for a…church.

With 23 percent of the U.S. population unaffiliated with any organized religion, and people who identify as Christian within the religious spectrum going from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent between 2007 to 2014, creativity is the name of the game in attempts to attract new members.

But pastor Lawrence Bishop II is determined on growing his congregation by any means necessary. Even if that means becoming a stuntman.

In an attempt to attract new believers, the 48-year-old preacher built a bullpen in his huge Ohio church, and then climbed on the back of a snorting bull, right in front of his congregation, and rode that sucker. Continue reading

Woman Searched for Man She Kissed at Boston Marathon, But Was Contacted By His Wife

Barbara Tatge (L) and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon
Barbara Tatge (L) gives a “thumbs up” as she and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon

*Dang, here you go. All happy because you think you’ve met your boo at the least likely place: while running in the Boston Marathon. After all, it was that kiss that sealed the deal, right?

Y’all was so excited to be there, you went all out and kissed the first good-looking man you saw while running through the town of Wellesley – hey, anyone who pays attention to the marathon knows that’s where the women of Wellesley College traditionally offer kisses to runners.

But you couldn’t let it go at that.

You had to go on social media and put all your business out there; looking for the man.

Girl, the kiss must’ve been good. But the kisser just forgot to mention one thing: He’s a MARRIED MAN!!! Continue reading

Violent Soccer Player Sued for $51M By Wife of Referee He Fatally Wounded (Listen)

Bassel Abdul Amir Saad cries in court as the judge reprimands him for second-degree murder
Bassel Abdul Amir Saad cries in court as the judge reprimands him for second-degree murder

*Its a shame when people who are supposed to be professionals can’t keep a modicum of composure when things are not going their way. Such is the case of a hot-headed soccer player who is now in prison for landing a fatal punch on the referee during a soccer game last summer. Now, the dead man’s wife has filed a $51 million lawsuit against the player.

The figure represents $1 million for each of the 51 additional years that John Bieniewicz, a 44-year-old father of two, could have lived, according to the lawsuit in Wayne County (Michigan) court.

The player, Bassel Saad, is being sued by Kristen Bieniewicz of Westland, MI. She represents her husband’s estate.

Saad also controls the team and the soccer league.

Bieniewicz died after Saad punched him in the head just moments before Saad would have been ejected from a weekend game. Continue reading

Quincy Jones Still Got Game…And This Time While Wearing Buscemi

Quincy with Buscemi boxes2
“Q” Need We Say More?


*Music legend Quincy Jones may not be in the public eye like he used to, but don’t get it twisted, he’s still got that swag. In a new cool shoe campaign by designer Jon BuscemiJones is shown on billboards as he sports the luxury high-top sneaker for the designer’s Spring 2015 line.

And here you thought the producer of Michael Jackson‘s top-selling album had gone somewhere and sat down!

Well, he may be sitting, but its only to pose in these cool shoes. Continue reading

Sore Losers! Cops Arrest College Student After They Lose B-Ball Game

Samir on the court with one of the police officers who ended up losing.
Samir on the court with one of the police officers who ended up losing.

*When two police officers approached 21-year-old Samir Hill after they saw him playing B-ball with some neighborhood kids, he says he believes it was because they thought he sucked.

After he invited them on the court to play a little one-on-one, I guess they discovered he didn’t. That’s when they decided to take him down to the police station. And when he asked why he was there, they had no real reason. That’s because there was no reason. They just ended up being…

Sore losers! Continue reading

Former NBA BallBoy Plans to Auction Old Sneeks Michael Jordan Gave Him


*Imagine the wide-eyed adulation that would come from any teen who works as a ballboy for the L. A. Lakers. Now imagine that kid working there during Michael Jordan‘s time. After all, Jordan, who was recently, officially, claimed a “billionaire,” is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Not to mention a great businessman. Many items that hold Jordan’s name have been auctioned off over the years for ridiculously high prices. A few years back, the shoes that Jordan wore during a game when he had the flu were auctioned, selling at $104,000. The other sneakers of Jordan’s that were sold were his 1984 Olympic gold medal game shoes.

Now, a man named Khalid Ali, who actually worked as a ballboy for the team during the 1984-85 season, when he was 15-years-old, has pulled a pair of tennies Jordan gave him out of his mama’s closet and cosigned them for auction in April.

Dude is about to get some serious dough, too. Continue reading

Philip Buchanon, Former NFL Player Who Went Broke, Writes Book to Warn Others on How to Avoid ‘Pitfalls’


*Wow, we need more people like former NFL player Philip Buchanon, who after being a professional football player, and squandering all of his money, has written a book detailing that stage of his life – errors and all – to help others avoid his mistakes and maintain the life. The former cornerback says that if he got a second chance, he would do things differently. And he has found new enthusiasm since stepping away from the game, returning to school, and gathering his thoughts.

Buchanon has penned the book, “New Money: Staying Rich” to show others what to look for when new money comes their way, and how to avoid the pitfalls it can bring. Continue reading