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BHERC Presents 24th Annual Sistas Are Doin’ It For Themselves


*(Hollywood, CA) – Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center proudly announces its 2017 Filmmakers at the 24th Annual Sistas Are Doin’ It For Themselves and will screen 8 short films on Saturday, April 29, 2017, at Raleigh/Chaplain Studios, 5300 Melrose Ave in Hollywood, CA at 7:00 p.m. The films are by emerging African American Female Filmmakers and the event will be moderated by award-winning editor, Lillian E. Benson, ACEBHERC encourages Men and Women to #BringYourDaughterToTheMoviesDay, to be inspired, uplifted, motivated, entertained and educated. Continue reading

Deborah Cox Stars in ‘The Bodyguard’ at Hollywood Pantages, and Has New Album to Boot!

Deborah Cox in The Bodyguard
Deborah Cox in The Bodyguard

*After having been compared vocally to the film’s original star for her entire professional career, R & B star and Broadway legend Deborah Cox has decided to take the comparison head-on.

She has been touring the country — and earning rave reviews — in the lead role in The Bodyguard musical, which was first introduced to audiences via film in 1991.

Cox has also just released I Will Always Love You, an exceptionally well-sung collection of  covers including anthems, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and “The Greatest Love Of All.”


Fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Cox has done the legend justice, and in a couple of cases, her versions actually improve upon the originals.   Continue reading

Teen Takes BFF (With Cerebral Palsey) To Prom, Says ‘She Wore Me Out’ On Dance Floor

Teen takes BFF to prom

*There is nothing like a BFF! They are there for you through thick and thin! One such pair comes along just in time for prom. Tahj Oliver and Evelyn Araujo met during their sophomore year at East Oswego High School in Illinois. 

Just one “Hi” from Oliver sent Araujo into a smile that he says lasted all day long. The two hit it off immediately and became inseparable.

Araujo has cerebral palsy and gets around in a wheel chair; but that didn’t stop her BFF from wanting to take her to the school’s special needs prom. Continue reading

New Beauty and the Beast Flips the Script on Gender, Race Roles


*The new live action Beauty and the Beast succeeds on almost every level, and actually surpasses the original in a couple of key aspects.

I know.  I was shocked, too!  

I had trouble believing that Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise would be believable as one of Disney’s most engaging princesses, but within minutes, Emma Watson made me a believer. I should have known she’d be able to handle the CGI-intensive role, as she spent over a decade perfecting her gaze into a green screen in eight Harry Potter smashes.

Watson finds her vocal footing quickly and by the time she scales that clover-lined hillside singing “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,” she gives Julie Andrews a run for her money. I fell in love with Watson’s Belle at the exact moment that the Beast did, as will every other father of a daughter. I won’t give the moment away, but have some Kleenex ready. And Watson absolutely nails that critical scene at the end that precedes Belle’s “happily ever after.”

Watson and director Bill Condon conjure up a new image in this Beauty that’s been ignored or missed by other critics. When Belle rides up on her white horse to save the day, as she does two or three times during the film, the image effortlessly reverses over a century of Hollywood’s almost exclusive positioning of men in that critical “hero” role. It’s an image that I won’t soon forget — nor will any girl who sees this film. Belle beat Hollywood’s Wonder Woman to the punch in the hero department by a month or two. Continue reading

Mother and Daughter Killed In Separate, Unrelated Car Accidents 30 Minutes Apart

Julia Yates Patterson and her daughter, 8 year old "Libby"
Julia Yates Patterson and her daughter, 8 year old “Libby”

*Sometimes, I wonder why things happen when they do, and in the way that they do. I like to believe that all things happen for a reason, but with this one, I sometimes just don’t know. Perhaps this young girl just couldn’t go on without her mom.

A 39 year old mother and her 8 year old daughter died in separate car accidents just seven miles apart, and within minutes of each other.

Julie Yates Paterson was killed in a head-on collision in a small Alabama town, near the family’s home. About a half-hour later, her daughter, Elizabeth “Libby” Paterson, was crossing a road when she was hit and killed by a car. Continue reading

Two ‘Splendid Performances’ Close Out 24th Anniversary of LAWTF!

Juliette Jeffers stars in self-penned solo play, 'Judgment Day'
Juliette Jeffers stars in the self-penned solo play, ‘Judgment Day’

*The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival offered ‘Taking Flight’ as the theme for the 24th Anniversary Festival. The opening night Champagne Gala, aptly named Standing On The Shoulders Of, honored six extraordinary women, and was co-hosted by stage and film actors Ted Lange and Hattie Winston. The event took place at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood.

Awarded on this evening were women who are somehow involved in the business of entertainment. Presented with the “Eternity Award” was beloved local vocalist Barbara Morrison; Megan Cavallari with the “Integrity Award,” and Paulina Sahagun with the “Maverick Award.” Two women were honored with the “Rainbow Award” — namely, Estelle Campbell and  Leslie K. Johnson; and finally, the “Infinity Award” was given posthumously to Doris Roberts.

Returning again to offer her incredible talent for the evening was Eloise Laws.

The four night event, which runs Thursday night through Sunday, offered diverse performances by eighteen women from all over the globe doing excerpts from their solo plays. Continue reading

Oleta Adams Delivered, Made Fans Quiver in Concert Last Weekend

Oleta Adams live at Yoshi's in Oakland, California March 26, 2017. Photo courtesy of Coleman Communications.
Oleta Adams live at Yoshi’s in Oakland, California March 26, 2017. Photo courtesy of Coleman Communications.

*Music legend Oleta Adams took the stage just after 7pm for the first of her two Yoshi’s shows, with “It’s Alright With Me,” the lead track to her exceptional new album, Third Set. Her voice is still an absolute wonder, albeit a bit rawer than that of decades ago, but timeworn, battle-scared, wise.

Adams tore into her performance with a ferocity of a woman who perhaps thought she had something to prove. It almost felt as if she questioned whether she could still thrill a crowd as she had decades ago with her breakout hit “Get Here.”

She could. And she did.

Other highlights of the show included searing versions of Frank Sinatra’s “Only The Lonely,” Joni Mitchell’s “Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow” and “River,” and Nina Simone’s “Do I Move You,” all from her new Third Set collection.


“To be quite frank, I struggled with [recording] that one because I’m on the brink of being an old lady, and I just keep hoping that even though I’m not quite as subtle as I used to be, people can still feel the soul of my music,” Adams had confided with me by phone, before the show.

We could. And we did. Continue reading

Jackson Fans Go Nuts Over FB Live Videos of Author Shana Mangatal and EURweb’s DeBorah B. Pryor

L-R Shana Mangatal and DeBorah B. Pryor

*Oh boy! We couldn’t let this one go by.

Apparently, EURweb senior editor DeBorah B. Pryor has been steppin’ out on us. As it turns out, she and ‘Michael and Me’ author, Shana Mangatal, have been hosting Facebook Live videos, and from the number of views and active participation, MJ fans have been overjoyed at the teaming — with some even saying they should get a talk show!

In this, the 2nd of their FB Live videos, Shana reveals exclusive never-before-released naughty lyrics dictated to her by Michael Jackson over the phone, when she was a receptionist at the office of his management team, Sandy Gallin and Associates. Continue reading