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Bobby Seale, Black Panther Professor, Gives History Lesson to D’Angelo (Watch)

Bobby Seale, Then and now.
Bobby Seale, Then and now.

*Former Black Panther, professor Bobby Seale, is riding along the streets of Oakland, California, at the wheel of a green convertible.

His passenger and road dawg for the trip is R&B singer, D’Angelo.

Seale, who co-founded the Panthers along with Huey P. Newton in October of 1966,  is reminiscing about his time with The Black Panthers in Oakland; and starts talking about a speech once given there by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke of boycotting the Wonder Bread company. Continue reading

Easily Distracted? 5 Ways to Focus Better at the Office

woman distracted at work

*Hey, we’d all like to think we are superhuman. That we have the best multitasking skills, and when we put our mind to something, there is nothing that will get in our way!

At least that’s what we told the person who interviewed us for the job, right?

But the truth of the matter is many of us, most of us, can get distracted from the task at hand. No matter how focused we are. And you’d be surprised at how much time those seemingly “little, itty, bitty, interruptions” actually take once you add them all up.

Well, help has come in the form of showing us exactly what we can do to change that. You’ve heard the saying, “There’s an app for that.”

Well, you won’t need one.

Child Dies on Father’s Day After Dad Leaves Her in Hot Car to Go Drinking

Leasia Carter, 2-years-old
Leasia Carter, 2-years-old

*This is one Father’s Day, a Baltimore, Maryland man will never forget. What happened on this day will set the tone for the rest of Wilbert Carter’s days. It also brings to the fore the responsibility and accountability of a parent, even when that parent feels they need a break to celebrate a day especially designed for them.

Being a parent doesn’t allow for any off-duty time.

Carter, 31, made a dreadful decision on Father’s Day; when he decided to leave his 2-year-old daughter, Leasia Carter,  in the car so that he could go drinking with his buddies.

The temperatures on this day was nearly 90-degrees. And that was outside, so inside the car it reached sweltering heights.

Leasia was left strapped to her car seat and when her father left the bar, drunk, he got in the car and drove straight home; never looking back and fell into bed.

The child, who police say was inside the hot car for at least 16 hours, wasn’t even thought about until the next day when she was discovered.

Continue reading

Not a Good Look: Two Black Teens Attack White Girl Holding Child (Photos)


*While I don’t know what happened, if anything, to offset this vicious attack of a girl sitting down on a park bench holding a child, while two black apparently teen girls and a teen boy, taunts her and her companion, I do know this.

It ain’t cute.

It’s ignorant. Dumb. And these young girls need to be caught and held accountable for their actions

We all know things have been real crappy for black folk as of late. You’ve seen the news, there is no need to regurgitate it. But that is no excuse to just walk up on a person and take it out on them.

The last time that happened, nine people lost their lives. Continue reading

New Google App Let’s You Get Your ‘Oops!’ Email Back!

google, new oops app

*Don’t all of these apps start getting on your nerves after awhile? It seems “there’s an app for that” now applies to everything you do, think, feel, or care to be.

Damn. Even the things designed to make life smoother for us can become overwhelming.

But sometimes, not often, but at times, an app comes along that seems to be right on point. And that app appears to be Google’s latest revelation: “The Oops, I didn’t mean to send that to him app.”

Well, that’s not the formal name for it, but that is what is was created for. Continue reading

Woman Thought She Was Black for 70 Years, But Recently Learned She’s White…For Real

verda byrd
A young Verda Byrd with her adopted family

*You know, for every living lie, there’s a dead truth.

But Verda Byrd, a woman who has spent all of 70-years on this earth, did so as a white woman. Her parents apparently took the truth of her ancestry to their grave.

Byrd, whose birth name was Jeanette Beagle, was one of 10 children born to Earl and Daisy Beagle in 1942. But she became a ward of the state after her father walked out on her mother; and her mother died after falling from a trolley.

A name change occurred for Byrd after a wealthy black couple from Newton, Kansas adopted her. Now, as an only child named Verda,   she was also led to believe that she was black and not white. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Dying Syrian Boys’ Last Words, ‘I’m Gonna Tell God Everything!’ Hits Internet

Syrian Boy

*No matter your race or country, if this doesn’t break your heart, your species is yet to be determined.

This photo is circulating online with the caption that reads, “The last words this boy said before dying was, “I’m gonna tell God everything!” Continue reading

Child Entrepreneur Creates BeeSweet Lemonade to Boost Planet’s EcoSystem (Video)

Mikaila Ulmer, 9. is a bee advocate and the founder of BeeSweet Lemonade
Mikaila Ulmer, 9, is a bee advocate and the founder of BeeSweet Lemonade


*Isn’t this the sweetest thing?

With all the horrific news stories circulating in the world in general and our black community in particular, it is refreshing to hear a happy and positive story that speaks to the greatness of being an African American child. Here, we learn about a young entrepreneur who used “sweet inspiration” with aspirations to change the world.

Mikaila Ulmer, a 9-year-old entrepreneur who lives in  Austin, Texas,  founded BeeSweet Lemonade, a beverage created using her grandmother’s special flaxseed lemonade recipe sweetened with honey. Continue reading