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Watch: GA Cops Enter Wrong House, Kill Dog, Shoots Owner & Fellow Officer

wrong house shooting

*Yes, this might be a good time to revisit your when-to-shoot training protocol officers. You have messed up AGAIN! This time, you went to the wrong house on a 911 robbery call; shot and killed the family dog, wounded the homeowner AND your fellow…seriously, I might add.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

And what have you got to say for yourself?

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. But when we find that we made a mistake, we own it. We own the fact that we were at the wrong house,” he said. “We didn’t hide it. We didn’t mismanage it. We were at the wrong location based on information that was given to us.”

Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May said it was appropriate for the GBI to review the incident. 

But how could things have gone so horribly wrong in the first place?

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Tips: Folks You May Not Be Tipping (But Should)

tip for good service

*Hmm…I’m guilty, I admit it. Don’t get me wrong, my mentors have taught me to tip like a rich person (whenever, I can)…There’s a back story on that, but you’ll just have to trust me on it right now. Yet  there are still some folks I forget to give a tip too. And these people are most deserving.

This brngs to mind one time when I was in the Bay Area and decided to add a tip to the receipt of a take-out order at a Chinese restaurant and the friend who was with me said, “Why are you adding a tip? They didn’t do anything!”

I wasn’t mad at her. She, along with many others, was thinking more about sit-down service; where the waiter/waitress has several opportunities to service you by stopping by every once in a while and asking, “How is everything?” “Can I get you a refill?”

She wasn’t thinking about the chef that cooked the food we were carrying out. That’s who I was tipping. That’s who I am tipping when I leave money in the jar at the Chipotle check-out counter too.

It’s just a matter of choice. But you may not have even considered tipping some of these hardworking people.

Perhaps you should. The good folks over at MSN talked to people in each respective industry below to ask about the tipping “etiquette.” Here’s what they had to say.

Take for example the FedEx, UPS or any other delivery man or woman.

African-American woman receiving a package

I don’t know about you, but just about every day, FedEx or UPS delivers something to our house. No matter how hot it is outside or how cold. Yes, I’ve heard they make a good salary, and even get benefits; but I really appreciate it when they lug those big boxes up to my front door.

And what about when they have to climb all those stairs?

So, how much should you tip? $5-$10. Hey, they can buy a beverage and some Icy Hot at the end of the day. Continue reading

Bay Area Man Finds Twenty Dollars and Uses it to Win $1 Million!

lottery tix

*The stuff that day dreams are made of really happens…sometimes. Just ask Hubert Tang, a Bay Area resident who had not bought a lottery ticket in more than a decade before he decided to throw caution to the wind after finding a $20 bill on a street outside the San Francisco International Airport and bought two scratch-off tickets at some little market in Millbrae.

Lo and behold, he nearly crapped bricks when he realized he had won the $1 million top prize.

“I scratched the ticket outside of the store. I told my friend who I was with that I didn’t know if it was real but, ‘I think I just won a million dollars,'” Tang, who wasn’t immediately available for comment on Monday, said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. Continue reading

White Teacher in Florida Alledges She Was Fired for Having Black Boyfriend (Watch)

Audrey Dudek

*A Caucasian woman in Florida is feeling the sting of racism faced by black folk on the regular. She says that ever since the higher ups at her former school learned that her significant other is a black man, she has been “treated differently” and was ultimately fired from her job.


Audrey Dudek, a former math teacher at Edgewater High School, is suing the Orange County School District as a result.

“This isn’t about sending a message. This is about getting justice for a teacher that was terminated unlawfully,” said Suzanne Tzuanos, an Orlando attorney.

According to claims in the lawsuit, the school’s principal at the time; along with the assistant principal, allegedly treated Dudek differently “because she closely associated with non-whites.”

The lawsuit also claims that school officials were “shocked and offended” once it was revealed that Stacey, who is now Dudek’s husband, is black and that her classroom was called “Club Audrey” because she played “black music” and associated with non-white faculty members. Continue reading

Phoenix Mother Allegedly Drowns Twin Boys Because ‘No One Loved Them’

Mireya Alejandra Lopez
Mireya Alejandra Lopez

*Here we go again. What an eff’d up way to start the week. News that is becoming way too much of a trend reveals a Phoenix woman who allegedly drowned her 2-year-old twin boys because, as she told police, “no one loved them or her.” This according to court documents obtained by The Associated Press on Monday.

The mother, 22-year-old Mireya Alejandra Lopez, was arrested on Sunday at her Avondale home and after a judge ordered her to be jailed, he charged her with two counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Attempted Murder (she also tried to drown a third child, read on).

Her bail has been set at $2 million dollars. Continue reading

Watch: Today You Wouldn’t Recognize the Little Boy from ‘Katrina’ (Hint: He’s a Girl!)

Charles Evans, 9, Katrina aftermath
Charles Evans, 9, Katrina aftermath

*You may not immediately remember the face of this cute little boy, who looked directly into the NBC-TV camera and spoke so eloquently about his surroundings at the New Orleans Superdome during one of the most devastating events his hometown, New Orleans, had seen.

Well, you certainly wouldn’t recognize Charles Evans today.

A lot can happen in 10 years. He’s taller, of course. And he has outgrown that cute little face and the big eyes. He wears his hair long, and has exchanged the trousers he once wore… for a skirt.

Yes. The former ‘Mister’ has begun the process to becoming a ‘Ms.’ thank you very much.

As the ten year anniversary of Katrina unfolds, we not only get to take a look back at a devastating time; but we also get to hear how the thousands of New Orleans residents affected by Katrina have moved forward from the event. Continue reading

Allergic to Clothes, Indian Farmer Has Been Naked for 40 Years

Naked Farmer 1

*Apparently, that’s his story and he has stuck to it….for 40 years, I might add! A farmer in northern India claims he has been allergic to clothing since he was a young child. But what’s a man to do? He’s got to work, right? So Subal Barman got over himself a long time ago, and decided that he was not going to let his “condition” dictate his future.

The Indian farmer is now just a part of the community fabric in Rajpur village, in West Bengal, northern India. No double takes from the residents, no SMH’s or tsks…people have become accustomed to the naked farmer.

“From my childhood I could not wear clothes on my skin. It gives me a burning sensation and it’s unbearable,” Barman explains. And not only does putting clothes on his body cause  excruciating pain; he can’t even sleep under bed sheets or covers! Continue reading

Our Community Vs. Their Rogue Cops: Ohio Cop Pulls Man Over for ‘Making Direct Eye Contact’ (Watch)

rear view mirror, making eye contact

*Well if this doesn’t beat all, I am at a loss for what will. Police officers generally get suspicious if you avoid eye-contact with them; but according to one man, the excuse a Dayton police officer used for tailing him before he eventually pulled him over, was because he did make direct eye contact with him.

Sheesh, talk about being damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

I’ll give you a minute to shake your head.

John Felton, who previously lived in Ohio, but has since moved to Michigan, was pulled over in front of his mom’s house. Though he was initially told by the officer that he allegedly activated his turn signal less than 100 feet before making a right turn, he suspected there was more to this because it was hard to believe he would be stopped for such a shallow technicality.

Felton probed a bit deeper, asking the officer for the real reason he was followed for several blocks and eventually pulled over. Continue reading