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Beware: Your New Social Media ‘Friend’ May Be a Federal Agent

They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!
They are busier than ever, stealing YOUR data!

*Do you really want to accept that friend request on social media? I mean, who is this “friend” really?

You might be surprised to learn its no friend at all. At least none you’d want to know.

According to recent reports, your new friend just might be a federal agent. And if you’re thinking, “Hey, I’ve done nothing wrong!” Or “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Well, you may be right; but here’s what they’re probably looking for…

Cheaters! Liars! And everything in between. Continue reading

‘Weave Loan Store’ Now Open for Business in Detroit (Watch)

weave-loan crop

*We’ve heard of people getting car loans, home loans and student loans. Now you can add weave loans to the list, and apparently, with the “Weave Loan Store” laying down roots in Detroit, women there are flocking to get the dough they need to get that head lookin’ tight!

A weave can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. And unless you’ve got a hefty, regular, disposable income, you are going to eventually start feeling the strain on your budget and look for ways to support your habit.

Is it any surprise that a group of creative entrepreneurs found a way to help you out? Continue reading

School Nurse Tells Sixth Grader, ‘I Will F**k You Up!’

Jason Ezzard, sixth grade


*I’d like to think this is just an “accusation” or “speculation” or “alleged” incident. But how can one make that claim when surveillance footage says its not?

A school nurse did actually say, “I will f*ck you up!” to a sixth-grade kid.

What is happening to us as a human race, that we would lose our temper so easily and let such cruel and nasty words leave our mouth, and the target be our youth?

Beverly Barnes, employed as a school nurse at Mundy’s Mill Middle School in Jonesboro, Georgia, actually embarrassed 11-year-old Jason Ezzard in front of classmates in the cafeteria when she said,  “I will knock your lights out and I will f—k you up.”

What triggered such a harsh response?

Ezzard and another boy was allegedly tossing a bag of chips among themselves.

Nope, nothing more. That was it. Continue reading

Wait! Our Black Kids in Elementary School Commit Suicide…Study Says ‘Yes!’

Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide
Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide

*What could be so bad for a child aged 5-11 years, that he or she would commit suicide?

Your guess is as good as the researchers who study this.

But its something we would never imagine. Before we get to what the “experts” have to say, indulge me for a minute please. Just let me throw this out there.

This is what made me go, “Oh, I can see how that would happen.”

You know all of the stress a single parent can be under. Children feel energy. Sometimes they hear mommy and daddy fussing. A lot of times mommy is not happy. Daddy is mad. Sometimes we are short with our children. We snap at them when they ask the simplest question, because we’re having a bad day. The kid starts to think, ‘Maybe mommy and daddy would be happy if I were not here.’

Does that make it any clearer for you?

Yes, I ‘went there’ as I began to read up on this topic, and it is very disconcerting, to say the least.

Now, here’s what the experts have to say.

The same ones who have concluded that suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled since the 1990’s. Continue reading

Nut Case Who Cut Deceased Woman’s Face in Coffin, Did Much More (Watch)

Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her "husband" Montie.
Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her “husband” Montie White.

*Man, looks may not be everything, but this brother is too fine to be with someone loony enough to do what this woman did.

And trust me when I say, she ‘cleans up’ well (you’ll see).

Surely you recall the incredibly horrific story we published recently about Miss Shaynna Simms (“Jealous Much?”) who was apparently so jealous of her boyfriend’s deceased ex that she went to the funeral home, and while no one was watching, proceeded to cut the dead woman’s face as she lay in her coffin.

Well, we’ve learned two things since then: One, this man is not her “boyfriend,” he’s her husband. And two, we reported she had only cut the woman’s face.

But no, she didn’t stop there. Continue reading

Now These Are White Boys a Sista’ Could Easily Fall For (Pics & Videos)

Colin Farrell, good lord!
Colin Farrell, good lord!

*Haters, this would be your invitation to turn away ’cause we ’bout to have some fun!

As hook-ups go, just because you can’t realistically be with someone–for reasons out of your control (such as they are married, in a relationship, or sadly, even worse); it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.

You notice I didn’t mention something as ridiculous as not being with someone because of their race. That’s a choice that only a woman who is content with the possibility of being alone for life would make.

But let’s take a look at the white men that sista’s might say, “to hell with a color line” over! Not only because these men are fine as hell, but there is something about their personality…their swag…that reaches beyond the color line and just pulls your human spirit in.

*Let’s start with Mr. “Hey girl,” himselfRyan Gosling. Continue reading

Restaurant in Nigeria Raided & Shut down for Serving Human Meat (Update)

bon appetit

*Don’t shoot the messenger, ‘K?

This story is horrifying, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less true. Here in America, stories of cannibalism are still far-fetched. We hear about them, we shake our head and say something like, “Eww, that’s horrible,” and keep it moving.

On to the next thing.

But it might hit a little closer to home when it comes to what a restaurant may be serving. Especially since we have heard some incredibly despicable things being done in eateries as of late.

And although this most-gross-story-ever happened in Africa, like I said, it might hit a bit closer to home.

Disclaimer: You will find this absolutely gross. Continue reading

Incoming African American Professor at Boston U, in Trouble for ‘White People’ Tweets

A contemplative Saida Grundy
A contemplative Saida Grundy

*This certainly looks like a bad start for incoming Boston U professor, Saida Grundy. The African American professor was set to begin a teaching position in African American Studies in July, but that may now be in jeopardy due to a series of tweets she posted which shared her dislike of white people.

As you can imagine, this has caused considerable controversy at the school.

And let me tell you right now, African Americans may not have the historic structure in place to be considered “racist,” but that doesn’t mean they can’t be prejudiced as hell.

Get an attitude if you want to, but its not a good look on anyone!

If Grundy is not fired before her intended July start date, she may find herself with very few students, if any. Continue reading