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Ebony Repertory Theatre Presents Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Tony Nominated, ‘The Gospel at Colonus’

Roger Robinson will star as 'Oedipus' in the upcoming Ebony Repertory Theatre production, THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS.
Roger Robinson will star as ‘Oedipus’ in the upcoming Ebony Repertory Theatre production, THE GOSPEL AT COLONUS.


*Los Angeles, CA (April 24, 2015) Ebony Repertory Theatre (ERT – Founder/Producer Wren T. Brown) announced today that they will present the Pulitzer Prize Finalist and Tony Award-nominated production of “The Gospel at Colonus” starring Tony Award-winner Roger Robinson (Joe Turner’s Come and Gone) as Oedpius.

 The acclaimed production, conceived and adapted by Lee Breuer (Mabou Mines’ Trilogy) and music by Bob Telson (Lincoln Center Theater’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold), is a soul stirring dramatic-musical which takes place within the framework of a Pentecostal church service set against the tragic Greek background of the story of Oedipus at Colonus, in which the exiled king Oedipus seeks a place where he may be properly buried.  ERT’s production, directed by Andi Chapman (Actors Co-op’s Steel Magnolias – Drama-Logue Award for Outstanding Director), will commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Premiere. Continue reading

Dozens of NYC Tenants Call Police to Complain About ‘Too Loud’ Sex in Building


*New York City apartment living is no joke. The rents might be “too damn high” but that doesn’t block out the noise. And that noise can be a child screaming at the top of her lungs; an Italian mother yelling at someone over the phone or a couple having sex so loud you swear their bed is going to fall right through the ceiling.

Its the latter that were concerned with here – along with one-hundred-thirty-three tenants at 7201 Ridge Blvd. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; who have each dialed the cops to report the noise.

Now you can look at this one of two ways: Either those calling are haters because they’re apparently not gettin’ any; or you can be more compassionate and understanding of their plight. Continue reading

Popeye’s Chicken Employee Fired for Not Replacing Money Stolen from Her at Gunpoint (Watch)


Popeyes worker fired

*At first glance, in what can only be seen as a heartless action, an employee who was the unfortunate victim of a robbery at the place where she worked, has been fired from her job because she refused to reimburse the employer for the stolen money.

Two additional things make this employer, Popeyes Chicken, look really bad: One, the woman was robbed at gunpoint and two, they fired a pregnant woman whose life was in danger.

It happened in the Channelview Texas eatery; where approximately $400 was stolen on March 31 during an armed robbery that was recorded by the restaurants’ security cameras.

The woman, Marissa Holcomb, was informed by the store manager that she would be fired if she didn’t replace the stolen money.

“I told them I’m not paying nothing,” Holcomb told KHOU-TV. “I just had a gun to me. I’m not paying the money.” Continue reading

Watch: ‘Mom, Is That You’? Daughter Finds Biological Mother at Same Company She Works For

Mother Daughter Reunion

*When La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark, 38, set out to search for her biological mom, the last place she expected to find her was in a cubicle  at the company she works for.

But that’s exactly where she was. Literally, steps away from her.

According to WKBN-TV in Youngstown Mitchell-Clark received records she had previously requested from the Ohio Department of Health and was told her mother’s name is Francine Simmons. When she looked her up on Facebook, she was shocked to learn that “Francine” worked at InfoCision, the teleservices company where she is employed.

She even knew of an employee by that first name. So she reached out, and the very next day, she got a phone call.

“I said, ‘I think I’m your daughter,” Mitchell-Clark said. Continue reading

Watch: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Announces His Run for the Presidency (Contest for the ‘Best Campaign Slogan’)

Waka Flocka Flame in the White House? Your call, people.
Waka Flocka Flame in the White House? Your call, people.

*What on earth would we call him? President Waka Flocka Flame? President Waka Flame? Mr. Waka Flocka…Oh god.

But here you have it: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame announced on Monday, probably in between puffs, that he is running for president.

And I blame president Obama.

He announced his intention for the presidency on video and Rolling Stone released it on Monday, April 20, a date associated with the notorious marijuana smokers undercover code: 420 .

His first strategic move. Not bad!

“I’m very pleased to announce today, on 4/20, the best day of the year, I will be running for president,” Flame said.

And his first command as president will be …wait for it…to legalize marijuana.

No surprise there, seeing as the man once put out a want ad for a personal blunt roller whose salary would be $50,000. Continue reading

Watch: Young Boy Poses With Guns, Weed and Cash…And Gains Thousands of Twitter Followers

Boy posing with gun to head1

*Its hard to imagine a young African American boy still seeing gang life as something cool. What with all the unarmed black men being killed by police – and it being all in your face because it was recorded raw; on cellphone, by people on the street. But one Memphis child is getting a lot of attention after he put photos online showing him celebrating gang life by posing with guns, money and drugs. 

And the general public is eating it up. The youngster has amassed thousands of followers on twitter as a result.

The kid is from Memphis, Tennessee. And as if what he is doing is not bad enough by itself; in the background of one video (scroll down) he appears to be getting egged on by a roomful of adults.

You see a photo of him in one post blowing smoke with the accompanying caption: ‘High Life.’

On another post he blatantly captions: ‘I need a bad b****’, ‘f*** da police’, and ‘gang sh** n****’.

While others feature sexual references, such as: ‘quit suckin my d***’. 

The child is identified by a cousin who spoke with a Memphis television news station as 13-year-old Jonathan. Continue reading

ThisNthat Spotlight: John A. Baker, Jr. Aka ‘Spoken Reasons’ – Hear How Poet Used YouTube to Build $800K Net Worth

John A. Baker, poet, comedian, producer and wealthy Young Black Man who uses technology to be a winner
John A. Baker, poet, comedian, producer and wealthy Young Black Man who uses technology to be a winner


*At a time when all we seem to hear about is black men running from the law, getting killed or being incarcerated as if the white man’s life depended on it, its refreshing to discover a young man who has his energies directed towards a solid financial future.

Someone who, though not a huge TV or film star, has made some waves in the medium – but is not dependent upon it.

John A. Baker, Jr. better known as Spoken Reasons, may or may not be familiar to you, but you can ask his 1.7 million YouTube channel subscribers about him. I’m sure they will confirm his status as  one of the biggest internet celebrities out there today.

At 26-years of age, Baker, a comedian, actor, producer, and poet from Bradenton, Florida, has amassed  a net worth of around $800,000.

And we get the impression he’s just getting started.

Continue reading

Michelle Obama, Not School Chef, Blamed for Nasty-Looking School Lunch (So What’s New?)

A set up?
A set up?

*Republicans and their followers must be getting exhausted by now hating on the president and First Lady, Michelle Obama. They do it so often; every chance they get.

Now they are blaming the nasty looking lunch pictured above on Mrs. Obama; who had the nerve to insist children eat healthy.

The lunch pictured above, served to an elementary school child, was snapped by a mother in Virginia of all places; then promptly loaded onto Facebook, where it went viral. The meal meets the healthy lunch criteria set forth by Michelle Obama’s nutritional guidelines, but it looks unappealing and downright nasty so it has been ripped apart on social media.

The school’s administrator was said to be “concerned,” but blamed its undesirable look on “poor lighting.”

But its still hard to wrap one’s brain around how Mrs. Obama gets blamed for recommending a healthy meal. Shouldn’t the chef who prepared this less than appetizing dish be held accountable? Continue reading