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‘Congratulations, Dad!’ Now Stop Using Craigslist to Hit on Your Wife’s ‘Hot’ Delivery Nurse

Stock image
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*Scandalous! A new dad was so turned on by the nurse that helped his wife deliver their baby, that he took to Craigslist to hit on her, according to reports by Yahoo News.

The man, who clearly allowed another part of his anatomy to do the thinking, placed an ad on the social media site’s Missed Connections section asking the “hot nurse” to meet up with him. Continue reading

Study Shows ‘Black’ Label More Negative Than ‘African American’ to Whites


*According to new research, different images and perceptions are conjured up in the minds of white folk when a person is identified as ‘Black’ versus ‘African American.’

White Americans are fine with African Americans, but Blacks are a completely different story.

The new study appeared in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, where Emory University’s Erika Hall led a team of researchers who argue that “the racial label ‘black’ evokes a mental representation of a person with lower socioeconomic status than the racial label ‘African-American.’” Continue reading

Be Careful What You Buy at Auction–Man Finds Dead Body in New Florida Home (Listen!)


*Be careful what you buy at an auction. That advice may be a tad late for one man, who bought a house at auction in Florida and found a dead body on the master bedroom floor.

William Wilson was the proud new owner of the home on SE 19th Lane. He bought the property for $96,000 and of course, was anxious to check it out and do things like mow the lawn and trim the hedges.

But it was when he decided to do a walk-through of his newest asset, that he discovered the gruesome sight – a dead body right next to the master bedroom bed.

Cape Coral, Florida police continue to investigate, but here’s a clue, neighbors say they haven’t seen or heard from the last resident in years.

Scroll down for the 911 call.

Continue reading

Mom of ‘Hot Car’ Babies Accused of Spending Donor Money on Boyfriend’s Rap Album

hot car mom, Shanesha Taylor

*Remember the woman who got sympathy from many after she was in court crying due to her arrest in Arizona? She had been charged with leaving her young children in a hot car.

Many felt her pain, after it was revealed that she wasn’t just being irresponsible; she had no other options, and left her two children in the car as she attended a job interview.

Idaho Biology Teacher Kills & Skins Rabbit In Class to Prove A Point


*A biology teacher did the unthinkable in class recently. He decided to teach his students exactly how meat is processed; and how food gets to the table by slaughtering and skinning a rabbit in front of his 10th grade class.

The part time teacher (who also doubles as a farmer), is now facing disciplinary action. Continue reading

NYC Sued for 10M By Mom of Student Who Killed Herself After Found Cheating on Test

Omotayo Adeoye, 17
Omotayp Adeoye


*The mother of a 17-year-old Nigerian student who felt disgraced after she was discovered cheating on a high school exam and killed herself, is suing the city of New York because of it.

Mounsurat Adeoye is reportedly holding accountable, the high school that her daughter attended before she committed suicide. Adeoye filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of New York, according to LiveLeak.

Omotayo Adeoye (pictured) was a gifted student who attended the prestigious HS for Math, Science and Engineering.

When Omotayo died last May, she had been carrying a heavy load: taking advanced classes at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and waiting to hear if she had qualified for a ­National Achievement Scholarship for college. As one of four siblings, she is said to have had aspirations of becoming a doctor. Continue reading

Woman Tracks Down and Falls in Love With Sperm Donor…Now They’re Engaged!

Aminah Hart and partner Scott Andersen with their daughter Leila


*A woman who decided to have her baby via in vitro fertilization  actually hunted down the sperm donor, they fell in love, and now they are engaged.

British-born Aminah Hart, 45, is an Australian woman who was born in London. She met her fiance after she had given birth to their daughter Leila, it has been reported.

She chose Scott Andersen, an Australian cattle farmer, from a list of five potential sperm donors because she liked his presentation. He had listed himself as “happy and healthy.” Continue reading

Michelle Obama Gets Gift Valued At More Than $70G (But She Can’t Keep It)

Nice earrings. Can't say if they are the ones though.
Nice earrings. Can’t say if they are the ones though.


*Can you imagine how many gifts the wife of the leader of the free world must get? And for all kinds of reasons; from all kinds of people. State leaders, dignitaries from around the globe, entertainment people – not to mention family and friends.

But did you know that they can’t even keep the gifts given exclusively to them? For example, in 2013 the Queen of Brunei gave Mrs. Obama a pair of flower-shaped white gold earrings, with a ring and necklace of diamonds and yellow sapphires.

The gift was valued at $71,468; and as grateful as Mrs. Obama was to receive it, she knew that she couldn’t keep it. Continue reading