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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your…Um…Brown Hair: Woman Hasn’t Cut Hair in 35 Years

hair 1

*Yep. You are looking at a real life Rapunzel. And her hair may not be ‘golden’ but it’s still w-a-y long.  Gu Meiying, 59, of the Miao ethnic tribe in Yunna Province, China, has been growing her brown locks since she was 24.

Why? She believes its her good luck charm.

And you know how it is, once someone learns how important something is to you, they will go to great lengths to see just how serious you are about keeping it.

Can you spell two-thousand-dollars? That’s how much Meiying was offered to cut her hair.

hair around waist
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Parents Release ‘Horrific Video’ of Son & His Friend Speeding to Their Death (Watch)

Teen speeds towards death
Wonder what he was thinking at this very moment?

*Many of us may wonder what it is exactly that makes us do some of the things we do. I mean, we know there are mind altering drugs, so we know that when people delve into that world, their mind is going to be … well, altered. And they are probably going to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Then there are the actions of the parents of adults in this story. The parents who decided to release a video (scroll down) showing their adult son and his friend, both high on a cocktail of drugs, accelerated the car they were driving up to speeds of 90 miles per hour, before crashing it into a concrete wall that killed them both instantly.

Nevertheless, the parents did.

Their son was Michael Owen, the young father of a five-year-old girl named Lily Rose Iris Owen. You hear him in the video (scroll down) saying, “you’re doing 90 boy, slow down.”

Those were his last words. They were spoken to the unlicensed driver and pal who lost control of the car.  Continue reading

Butt-Injection Death of Bronx Non-profit Executive Ruled ‘A Homicide’

Blanche Barnwell
Blanche Barnwell

*While it may still be somewhat shocking, the extent some women will go to just to have a larger derriere … women are continuing to lose their lives because of botched butt-injections by unprofessional, back-alley, self-proclaimed medics who promise the work for a lower cost.

One victim of such an injection is Blanche Barnwell, a 40-year-old executive of a non-profit organization, who was found dead at her Morrisania apartment on Aug. 4, according to a police report.

Now her death has been ruled a homicide, which police are still investigating.

“Her sister was hysterical in the hallway when she found out,” said a neighbor describing the scene when family and emergency workers were in the building together as the woman was discovered. Continue reading

This is America, Folks. And Immediate Wealth Can Happen to You!

Jackpot winner
Julie Leach just won $310.5M in Michigan’s Powerball jackpot!

*Just ask Michigan factory worker, Julie Leach. After she recovers from shock that is. Leach just found out she won Michigan’s Powerball jackpot, worth $310.5 million dollars!

Leach will probably be the first to tell you how much she hates her “nasty, dirty” job. But the 50-year-old supervisor at a Michigan fiberglass factory can now tell her boss to ‘talk to the hand’, the one that holds her winning ticket.

The grandmother of eleven is understandably in “disbelief” over the prize. She admits had been having a “bad night” at her third-shift job and took her lunch break during which she checked the numbers on her Powerball ticket while waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

She didn’t even front. She couldn’t get back to work fast enough…to quit, that is.  Continue reading

Parents of Bullied Boy Who Committed Suicide, Sues Florida School District

Suicide of Florida Boy

*In an absolutely heartbreaking story about the effects of bullying, a young Florida boy took his life as a result of being bullied at school. Now the parents are suing the school and the school board because they say it did not do enough to protect him. And since his suicide, other parents have come forward to report their children’s experiences.

Lamar Hawkins III, 14, committed suicide in the bathroom at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Lake Mary. Later it was learned that the gun he used, belonged to his father, Lamar Hawkins, Sr.

The boys family reported him missing when he wasn’t at the usual place his mother would pick him up at. And hours had passed since a student had reported finding shells from a bullet in the bathroom; yet no one at the school followed up.

The young boys body was found at 11 p.m. by police who say he had shot himself in the head. Continue reading

Study Reveals White People Think Black People Are ‘Superhuman’


*You ever read something and it just hits you like home?
No matter how crazy it may sound, it makes sense to you. That may be the feeling that many black folk come across as they keep reading.

I, for one, knew there was some reason the hatred and animal brutality shown in all of those slave movies seemed surreal. Its as if “Massa” expected the Big Black Buck he just decapitated to simply get up and walk away, as opposed to being really dead.

And maybe that is why white cops so easily shoot and kill black men (and manhandle black women) today. According to a recent study in Social Psychological and Personality Science , white people believe blacks are “superhuman.”

I kid you not. And if you are white and reading this, you might want to get over yourself long enough to finish the article. Continue reading

Denmark Promotes ‘More Sex’… More Kids…’Do it For Mom’ Ad (Watch)


*Spies Travel in Denmark wants Danish citizens to have more sex. And because they believe that travel inspires intimacy (they swear research backs this up!) the real deal is they are attempting to boost the country’s low birth rate. To help this along they created an amusing new ad with a step-by-step guide.

And they don’t just want you to “Do it for Denmark,” the new inspiration is, “Do it for Mom.”

And who doesn’t want to see mom happy? Continue reading

AARP: American Association of…’Real Possibilities’ ???


*In the middle of this hectic work week, crammed with deadlines and “emergency” phone calls from my kids (one of them needed money and the other one needed…money), I was jolted when I went through the day’s mail and found a solicitation from the former American Association of Retired People (AARP). It’s actually the third solicitation I’ve received in as many months. Clearly, I’ve shown up on somebody’s list of people who are actually in a position to think about retirement.

Well, I won’t lie:  I think about it.  The way I think about hitting the Powerball, headlining a worldwide concert tour, or marrying Diana Ross (I pray she’s a cougar — but no, I’m not the father).

I did get a needed chuckle out of the AARP package I received.  “Dear Michael, Enjoy your birthday” the letter began. I have nine months before my next birthday, but I’ll try to remember AARP’s good wishes. Or maybe in their efforts to reach black folks, they are operating under the “CP time” system and they’re just getting around to extending good wishes to me for last July’s event. Continue reading