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A Cure for Cancer: Physicist Hadiyah-Nicole Green May Be on to Something

Hadijah Nicole Green, Physicist
Hadijah Nicole Green, Physicist

*As far as this writer is concerned, this news should be sung from the highest mountain tops. I can confidently say that we all have lost too many friends, known and unknown, to cancer. Now, “WE MAY BE ON THE VERGE OF A POSSIBLE CURE FOR CANCER!” And further, it gives me great pleasure to know that the breakthrough comes via a beautiful black female physicist named Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green.

Green is currently working to advance a cancer treatment involving lasers and nano-particles that will target cancer cells. Thanks to being awarded a grant valued at $1.1 million dollars through the Veterans Affairs Historically Black Colleges and Universities Research Scientist Training Program, she is now free to continue her work on this groundbreaking procedure.

Green, 35, is only one of less than 100 black women physicists in the United States. She is the first in her family to attend college and in 2012, she became the second African American woman to receive a PhD in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Continue reading

Gun Shop Owner Fatally Shot In His Own Shop…By One Of His Own Gun Safety Students


*With the recent massacre in Orlando, discussions about gun control are at an all-time high.  People are fairly passionate, I have friends who are polarized on the issue, and I lean towards the “there’s no place for guns in a modern, civilized society” camp. Others say that responsible gun owners have a place in modern society.

I’m sure members of James Baker’s family are having second thoughts about that.

Baker used to own a gun shop in Amelia, Ohio. His former shop used to hold regular firearm safely classes.

The classes will probably continue, but Baker won’t be a part of them. He doesn’t own the shop anymore because he was fatally shot by a student during one of the gun safety classes. Continue reading

Sista Married to Jewish Man Who Sired 23 Kids, Said to be ‘Livid’ (Photos)


Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison
Ari Nagel with one of his many sired children. This one is named Zoe Harrison

*Lordy. Lordy. Lordy. And his precious jewel ain’t raw yet? I’m sorry, but this is the first thought that comes to mind as I read about a man who loves “making women so happy” that he spends most of his life going into the bathrooms of stores that you and I frequent (Target, Starbucks) to masturbate and put the results in little cups welcomed by the anxious hands of grateful women who long to have children, but can’t afford the expense of sperm banks.


Meet 40-year-old Ari Nagel, a not-bad-looking-at-all Jewish man, who has proudly sired 23 children (over the past 18 years) with women of every race, sexual orientation and hell, you name it!

But Roxanne Nagel, the sista he has been married to for 12 years and sired three children ages 2-12 with — the one whose communal income has surely been tapped to help with the child support payments (Nagel says although the women agree not to sue him when they begin the strange relationship, five of them have… successfully) has never been on board with his contributions.

When an article initially came out in The Post publicizing the CUNY Kingsboro math professor’s um…donations, the publication caught up with Mrs. Nagel (scroll down to see her) outside of the couple’s home, the only thing she would say is, “I have nothing to say. What’s done is done.” Continue reading

Welfare System Pulls Former Law that Penalized Poor Women for Having More Babies

women and babies

*Thanks in huge part to the efforts put forth by California State Senator, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), who led the fight to do away with the policy that penalizes poor women (and their children) for having babies while on welfare, the law has been lifted. The “Maximum Family Grant” is a policy that came out of the state of California’s reformed welfare system in the mid-90s and attempted to discourage poor women, usually of color, from having more babies while on welfare by exempting them from receiving additional monies once new babies were born.

Legislative advocate Jessica Bartholow said it best, “No child should be treated differently under the law simply because they were conceived and born while their parents were poor.” Bartholow advocates for women and the poor at Western Center for Law & Poverty, and she is all for the reversal of the law known as the “MFG Rule.” Continue reading

Viral Backlash as White Hair Stylist in Minn. Tells Black Client Her Hair is ‘An Animal He Couldn’t Tackle’

Bianca Dawkins

*Whose with me on this: Why in the world would a sista who wears her hair natural even go to a hair salon and try to get her hair done by a white hairstylist? Bianca Dawkins apparently had her reasons for stepping into the white-owned, Minnesota-based, Denny Kemp Salon and Spa, but from what she tells City Pages, and posts on social media, the result of the experience, though not surprising to this writer, was not to her liking.

As is now the norm, Dawkins decided to post her experience on Facebook, noting when she attempted to get her naturally curly hair straightened, a white hair stylist “flipped out. He said he didn’t have the time to do my hair and that my hair was like an animal he couldn’t tackle.”

Uh oh. Continue reading

Our Hearts Bleed, But Can’t Deny Media, Public Much More Lenient of Family in Alligator Death, Than Gorilla Incident

Melissa Graves and her son, Matt.
Melissa Graves and her son, Matt.

*Hell! I guess this makes me “devil’s advocate,” but I doubt the offer to speak on this landed in my lap accidentally. I speak for many when I say sincerely that our hearts continue to ache over the senseless death of little Lane Graves, 2, who drowned as a result of being attacked by an alligator as he sat playing in his playpen near the water at Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando. His precious little life had merely begun before it was snatched away and our world is all the worse for it.

After all, many of us are still having overactive heart palpitations over the near-death experience of little Isaiah Dickerson, 3, who, only last month, fell into the pit where a gorilla named “Harambe” lived at the Cincinnati Zoo.

boy, gorilla pit, father
Isaiah and his dad, Deonne Dickerson.

Onlookers watched in horror as the beast at one point seemed to be undecided about what to do with the little “one of them” who appeared in pictures in the initial stages of the drama to look up at his hugeness, with his little hands touching the beasts arms, before it took the kid and dragged him through the water like a rag-doll.

The public was outraged when ultimately, the beast had to be killed to spare the life of the child.

But before we go forward, let me say this. Final results notwithstanding, the “pink elephant in the room” shows the only differences between these two precious human lives was race. The bigger difference was reactions from the media and an angry public. Continue reading

Houston Child Dies After Being Discovered in Back Seat of Hot Car (Video)


hot car

*Police in Houston report that a 3-year-old boy went out of the front door of his home, opened the front door of the blue VW Passat that sat in the front yard, and climbed into the back seat.

No one knew he was there until it was too late.

Children getting accidentally left behind in hot cars are a growing danger. We’ve read the horrible stories about busy parents rushing around and forgetting the child in the car. A hospital CEO was rushing around to meetings and forgot her 7-month old child in the car. A Ridgefield, CT mother is living with guilt after her 15-month-old daughter was found dead in a hot car.

But this story is a bit different, though just as fatal.

Little Evan Trapolino was trapped in the car because the childproof lock was on and he couldn’t get out. After the child was discovered, family members called 911 and tried CPR.

Neighbor Marlene Gonzales told the media, “I just seen when they were bringing the baby outside in the bed of the ambulance.”

Evan was taken to LBJ Hospital, but pronounced dead soon after. Houston police say his family believes he may have gone into the car to get a toy. The family noticed he was missing after about 30 to 45 minutes.


Its hard to believe this sad story could get any sadder. But it doesn’t stop there.

Robenia Brooks, who has known the child’s mother since she was a toddler, told Eyewitness News his mom recently found out she had stage four breast cancer.

“You’re fighting death, and then your child dies too? Man that’s hard,” she says.

Brooks says she hopes the people who see what happened to little Evan take a step back before they judge: “This is a whole lot for the family, and no one should judge them until they know them. They’re some good people.”

Justin Harris and his son Cooper, who was found dead in the backseat of the VW Passat
Justin Harris and his son Cooper, who was also found dead in the backseat of a hot car

Parent of Another Small Boy Said Disney Mgr. Called Gator, ‘Resident Pet’ Last Year

RIP. Lane Graves
RIP. Lane Graves

*I’d hate to believe, after the fatal attack on little Lane Graves, that an employee at Disney once referred to an alligator on the property as a “resident pet.” But according to David Hiden, the father of a little boy who he saved from a potential alligator attack on Disney’s property last year, that’s exactly what happened.

Mr. Hiden told CNN News-Live that his son had a “close call” with a gator last year. In fact, he said that when his son was playing near the water, he looked out and saw two alligators making a bee-line towards him. That’s when Hiden says he jumped into motion; grabbing his kid, and running around the property looking for a manager.

But Hiden, who had video and photos of the gators, says he was shocked and couldn’t believe her response. Continue reading