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Media Site Gets ‘F**k It, I Quit’ Reporter, Charlo Greene, to Light Up On-Air (Watch!)

Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene
Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene


*Charlo Greene is riding high on the wave of her new-found celebrity as the first reporter to break the rules of professionalism (forget journalism) on-air by delivering her resignation via a “F**k it, I quit!” message to her employer and the TV viewing audience at once, on LIVE TV!

The now classic incident went viral immediately and Greene is now making TV appearances as a result, to publicize, she says, the need for Alaska to legalize marijuana, and to  steer voters away from the state’s “Vote No On 2″ campaign. You’ve got to give this girl credit for one thing, she knows how to milk a moment and entertain us at the same time!

Just not sure if her strategy will help pot get legalized in her state in the process.

I mean the whole, “Look, I can smoke a joint and still be just as lucid” example might not hold up over say, a 30 or 45-minute time frame, if you get my drift. Continue reading

Oh No He Didn’t: Anchor Matt Pieper Didn’t Realize He Was Still on Air When He Let ‘Er Rip!

Matt Pieper drops the F-Bomb on air.
Matt Pieper drops the F-Bomb on air.


*Hey, at this point no one would blame you at all if you’re thinking, “Oh Snap. Not again.” What with the recent experience of a very dramatic on-air exit from Miss “F**k it. I Quit!” in Alaska; in a all-or-nothing attempt to supposedly publicize the legalization of weed in Alaska. We now have another story about an anchor with a potty mouth. Only you can see how red this dude’s face got when he realized he was still on the air!!!

In the Bronx, New York, News 12 anchor Matt Pieper went on a brief but very audible rant to a colleague about “people relying on government assistance” during a news bulletin. But lawd have mercy, he didn’t mean to blast it to the masses. Continue reading

Muslims Say Okla. Man Who Beheaded Co-worker Doesn’t Represent Their Peaceful Religion (Dramatic Video)

Alton Nolan beheads vaughns food worker
Earlier photo of Alton Nolan

*Scroll down to see in-depth video and hear dramatic 911 call. A man who recently stormed into an Oklahoma food processing plant shouting Muslim and Islamic phrases before beheading one woman and stabbing another have several members of the Muslim religion speaking out against his actions; which they say have absolutely nothing to do with the beliefs of their faith, which is a faith of peace.

The man apparently entered the Vaughan Foods distribution company’s plant with the intent to kill on his mind and did so, with the first woman he saw. According to reports, the two women may not have known the killer personally, but had the misfortune of being in his way. Continue reading

Mom, 19, Hides Baby in Car Trunk to Avoid ‘No Child Seat’ Ticket (Watch)

Breona Watkins put her baby in the trunk of her car to avoid ticket for not having a car seat
Breona Watkins put her baby in the trunk of her car to avoid ticket for not having a car seat


A Florida woman who knew she should not have been driving an infant around without a car seat, topped that move with something even dumber. She had a passenger in her car place the baby in the trunk of the car. It wasn’t until cops heard the child’s cries coming from the trunk during a traffic, that she was arrested. On Wednesday she appeared in court and told the judge she had made a mistake, according to CBS Miami.

Broward County authorities said they initially tried to stop Breona Watkins for a broken headlight. But she didn’t immediately pull over. Instead, Watkins drove nearly a quarter-mile, according to the station.

Deputies said Watkins, 19, was trying to avoid getting a ticket for not having the baby in a car seat, so she told her 14-year-old passenger to hide the baby in the trunk before stopping. Continue reading

Shocking Video: Officer Tackles Very Pregnant Woman to the Ground, Then Straddles Her!

Pregnant woman and her atty
Sandra Amezquita and her attorney speak with the press after the incident with NYPD


*A clearly pregnant woman who attempted to come to the aid of her son, was thrown to the ground, then straddled, by a Brooklyn police officer who apparently didn’t take kindly to her intervention.

Sandra Amezquita, 44,  was trying to help her 17-year-old son, Jhohan Lemos,  who was being arrested.

Amezquita, from Colombia, is five months pregnant. During the altercation with the NYPD officer, she was thrown down — belly first, before he straddled her and pressed her stomach into the ground. Continue reading

Mother Drops Infant She Was Holding in Toilet After Being Shot and Killed By Boyfriend

Jessica Arrendale, Facebook
Jessica Arrendale, Facebook

*Good lord. This sounds like a movie you wish was never released. It’s another senseless murder at the hands of domestic abuse. This time its 33-year-old Jessica Arrendale, who went to dinner with her boyfriend Antoine Davis, 30. Davis got drunk during the evening and became abusive. Apparently, this was his usual mode of operandi according to his girlfriend’s mother, Teresa Ionniello, who became a constant “buffer” in the couples’ rocky relationship. Upon their return to Arrendale’s three-story townhouse in the Oakdale Bluffs section of Atlanta, Davis, a former Marine who served in Iraq, chased Jessica up the stairs, got his rifle and shot her dead.

WSB Radio did an exclusive interview with Teresa Ionniello, who told them that her daughter, Jessica, had attempted to defend herself with a baseball bat. But Davis took the bat away from her and used it against her; striking the woman with it repeatedly. Continue reading

Mo ‘Nique and Isaiah Washington Star in Patrik Ian-Polk’s ‘Blackbird’ (Videos)

Isaiah Washington (L) and Mo 'Nique star in the new Indie film, "Blackbird"
Isaiah Washington (L) and Mo ‘Nique star in the new Indie film, “Blackbird”


(ATLANTA, GA) Out On Film, Atlanta’s LGBT film festival, will open its 27th annual international event with the debut of Patrik-Ian Polk‘s (“Noah’s Arc”) acclaimed “Blackbird” on October 2nd. This adaptation of Larry Duplechan‘s book, written by Polk and Rikki Beadle Blair, stars Academy Award winner Mo’Nique, Isaiah Washington (“Grey’s Anatomy”), D. Woods (Danity Kane) and newcomer Julian Walker. Polk is known for the breakthrough TV series “Noah’s Arc” as well as the films “Punks,” “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom,” and “The Skinny.”

“Blackbird” stars Walker as 17-year-old Randy, a devout choir boy living in a conservative Mississippi town, struggling to understand his sexuality while also caring for his mother following his sister’s disappearance. The film is the first starring role for Mo’Nique following her Oscar-winning performance in “Precious” and features Isaiah Washington as Randy’s absentee father. Continue reading

How ‘The Cosby Show’ Was a Game Changer and Why We May Never See Another Like It Again

The Cosby Show

*Bill Cosby did a remarkable thing for black people and television in general 30 years ago. He used his education, comic genius, courage and skill to demonstrate that people of all races and socio-economic rankings can sit around a television set and watch a show where a family with children go through the same things all families go through.

But this family just happened to be black.

And he made it look effortless. And it was enjoyable. The Cosby Show did change what was possible if you were black and on television. It did show that you didn’t have to play to type, and that there truly is a universality of the human experience. It made you believe you actually could be anything. Unapologetic. Out loud! Whether it be a doctor, a lawyer, heck, a homeboy in outer space. And you can be sure that the eight-season-success of this formula called “The Cosby Show” proved beyond the shadow of a doubt to NBC that with the right kind of support, successful shows, with positive messages,  can be brought about by an all-black cast.

But of course this wasn’t the mindset BC: before Cosby. Where the most prominent programming was black sitcoms built on a racist past. Shows like radio’s Amos ’n’ Andy – a staged minstrel-turned-television show that starred black actors playing roles with safe characters who were non-threatening to white folks. Dress these folks up or down, but keep them sassy, with that ham-bone talk coming out of their mouth because these characters were only seconds out of the cotton patch, and now struggling in the big city. Continue reading