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North Carolina Teacher Shares ‘Bucket List’ With Class: ‘I Would Kill All Black People’ (Watch!)


"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

*OK, so let me get this straight so that I can accurately pass it on to you: We all know what a “Bucket List” is right?

For those who may not, its a list of things you may have never gotten to do, but really want to do before you die. For example, you may want to visit Paris or Spain or Africa; you may want to hit the lotto, or even teach school. Well, when one North Carolina teacher was sharing her Bucket List to students, she allegedly told them that she would kill all black people if she only had one week to live.

Add to that, she has since returned to class.

African American students in particular must still be in shock after witnessing the insensitive and utterly nasty, racist remark of Camden County High School math teacher, Cynthia Ramsey. It was a parent who contacted the school and told them that the teacher had allegedly said if she only had 10 days to live she would kill all black people, after discussing her bucket list with the students.

Kimberly Ashcraft, the mother of the student who reported the incident told  WAVY-TV,

“She conveyed to me that Mrs. Ramsey had indicated that if she only had 10 days to live that she would kill all black people,”  Other students were around, and confirmed that the teacher had made the remark.

“I was completely shocked,” Ashcraft said. “I asked her again, ‘are you sure that was what you heard?’ I could not have imagined a teacher saying that.”

"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

Though Ramsey was suspended without pay following an incredibly quick “investigation,” she was right back in class (and at her job as the math department head) within two days; even though numerous students contacted the sheriff’s office and told a similar story.

“I was very disappointed to hear that she was back in the classroom so soon,” Ashcraft said. “As a parent, I felt compelled to come forward and tell somebody, because this was not only in my opinion a direct threat to the black children in the school, but also black people in the community.”

Superintendent Melvin Hawkins told WAVY that:

At this point, our main concern is to investigate this incident thoroughly, and collect the facts. This is a personnel issue, and it is confidential until resolved. We are following protocol in this investigation and student and school employee investigations are confidential.

Watch the video report directly below and read more at Crooks and Liars.

Hey Singles: Find Your Next Match Online Via A DNA Swab


*The dating game is serious and investors are realizing it.

SingledOut, an online dating source, has convinced its investors to believe in what they are doing to the tune of $600,000. And that’s just the seed round that brings a close to the six-month beta testing phase of the site.

The way it works is, those who use the site must take a swab of DNA which is returned to them later. Instant Chemistry, a partner company, then looks at specific parts of the genetic code that will assist them in determining the romantic compatibility of users.

Focus is on the three genes within the Human Leukocyte Antigen system. They play a role in biological compatibility, the pheromones we release, and the makeup of our immune system.

According to Instant Chemistry, our attraction to others is the result of what our instincts tell us about who has a genetically different immune system than us.

SingldOut co-founder Jana Bayad said: “The biggest challenge for SingldOut so far has been to ensure that the right talent is onboard.”

The company has now redesigned its website and sent out DNA kits to members who signed up during its testing phase.

Twins Tie Up and Rob 85-Year-Old ‘Sugar Daddy’ They Met Online

SugarDaddy, Twins
85-year-old Paul Aronson (left) and 17-year-old Shalaine Foster Photo: (Left) Facebook, (right) Twitter

*Ain’t no fool like an old fool, yes?

Age ain’t nothing but a number is apparently what old dude was hoping for, when he met up with the 17-year-old girl he had met on a sugar-daddy website online.

But when the “date” of this 85-year-old man decided to bring her twin sister along, he should have guessed his original strategy might need to be revised.

He tried to put on the moves, even using his cute little pooch named “Muffins” to help out, according to one attorney. But the sisters had different plans.

They hog-tied him before they robbed him blind, that is. Continue reading

Neighbor Shoots & Kills Teen for Laughing at His Misfortune (Video)

kobe jones

*A teenage boy was shot and killed by an Indiana man who knocked on his door to ask if he had any info on a burglary that was committed at his home nearby.

When the kid burst out laughing, instead of giving information, the man went home, got his gun, and came back and shot the youngsternine times.

He died in front of his mother in the living room.

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NYPD Kills Man Who Struck Group of Officers With A Hatchet in NYC (Video)

hatchet-wielding man

*A man said to be fed up with the way police are treating African Americans went up to a group of police officers in Jamaica, Queens and struck two of them with a hatchet.

One officer was struck in the arm, and the other in the head.

The other officers opened fire, killing the man instantly. They also struck a female bystander accidentally.

Witnesses described the chaotic and horrific scene to CBS news media – telling them that the man pulled a hatchet from a backpack and as one officer tried to speak with him, he attacked. Continue reading

Native American Women Have Shown Us Through Their Contributions That Their Place In History Is Well-Deserved

Maria Tallchief is just one of the 100+ Native American women celebrated in author K Schallers new book
Maria Tallchief was considered America’s first major prima ballerina. She is one of 100+ Native American women celebrated in author KB Schaller’s new book, “100+ Native American Women Who Changed The World”


*Generally when we think of Native American women and their contributions to history and society, Pocahontas and Sacajawea come to mind. That is, until this groundbreaking book by Cherokee/Seminole heritage author KB Schaller, M.Ed., 100+ Native American Women Who Changed The World. Warriors, educators, an aerospace pioneer, a Catholic saint…100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World is a stellar collection of historical and contemporary women of indigenous heritage who have contributed to the survival and success of their families, communities – and the United States of America. This book is destined to be in classrooms throughout the country. Continue reading

Family Terrorized By Venomous Spider That Came By Delivery With Their Fruit


*Imagine, a hairy spider approximately the size of your hand, coming out of the bag along with your bananas. A family in South London can tell you first hand, its no laughing matter.

The first thought after – RUN! – is to try and trap it, so that you can get it outside, right? Well, when they did manage to trap the lethal creature – they were horrified to watch as it ripped off its own leg trying to get free.
We’re not talking some little skinny eyelash-looking leg, we’re talking more tarantula type. Yuk!!! The insect, called a Brazilian wandering spider, was inadvertently delivered in a bag of groceries by a local supermarket.
Of course, when the dad saw the spider, he dropped the bananas into the fruit bowl, inadvertently trapping the terrifying creature’s leg.

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Boyfriend Texts Murder Instructions From Car to 15-Year-Old Girlfriend

michael rivera 608

*A 15-year-old Michigan girl is in jail for listening to her 23-year-old boyfriend; who told her to kill her family so that they could run off and be together.

But he didn’t hold her hand to the knife that slashed her 12-year-old brother’s throat. And he wasn’t in the house with her when she did it.

His directions were being given via text, as he sat in the car outside. Continue reading