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Three White Athletes Charged with Alleged Rape of Black, Disabled Teammate (Watch)

John R.K. Howard, 18, is one of the three students accused of sexually assaulting another teen in the school locker room.
John R.K. Howard, 18, is one of the three students accused of sexually assaulting another teen in the school locker room.

*You know, its stories such as the one you are about to read here that bring all of those “rumors” African American males have been hearing all of their lives into deeper observance. The ones that their women have been listening to. The ones that reveal the true reason behind the hate that the white man feels towards the black man.

The enviable gem between a black man’s legs. That thing most desired by the white man’s woman.

I mean, we’d like to believe people are better than the behaviors they oft times display. But with each passing day, this “high road” becomes more difficult.

Why else would a group of white male athletes, when given an opportunity to embrace their black colleague, choose instead to rape him?

The alleged incident happened on October 23, 2015 in the locker room of Dietrich High School, in Dietrich, Idaho. Continue reading

Watch: Former Cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, Bawls Uncontrollably as Jurors present Surprise Birthday Present

Daniel Holtzclaw's not hurt so good look
We can probably assume this is NOT Daniel Holtzclaw’s hurt-so-good look!

*Make no mistake, those are not the tears from a hurt-so-good experience, many of which former rookie cop Daniel Holtzclaw has no doubt experienced while raping and forcing more than a dozen Black women to perform sexual acts on him.

No, these tears are those of a wimp who was caught and does not want to pay for the crime.

Holtzclaw wept uncontrollably in court as jurors convicted him last month on four first-degree rape counts and 14 other charges, and followed that with a recommendation that he spend 263 years in prison for the crime. And to think he thought so little of these women, he assumed no one would believe them.

The judge agreed with the jurors on Thursday. Continue reading

Donald Trump Lists ‘Oakland’ as Most Dangerous City in the World

Donald Trump: Can you visualize him as your next president?
Donald Trump: Can you visualize him as your next president?

*Though the vote is not yet “in the can,” and its certainly not a wrap, Republican presidential candidate nominee hopeful, Donald Trump, who has presumably traveled to all four corners of the entire world, has made yet another stunningly ignorant remark based on an assessment about one city, populated mainly by African Americans, that comes from somewhere deep between his ears. Trump states that the northern California city of Oakland is, hands down, the “most dangerous” city in the world.

And here we were thinking the dangers lie in countries where people are decapitated publicly, and without accountability, for looking at someone sideways.

Damn Donald. Seriously? Oakland…as in Oakland, California?

Surely you jest.

But unfortunately, he does not.

This writer lived in Oakland and other surrounding cities in northern California for decades; and though I admit the city has its issues with poverty, homelessness, gangs, and shaky politicians, I damn sure would not equate it to, say, Al-Qaeda’s Lebanon.

During an interview with The New York Times, Trump named Oakland, California, and Ferguson, Missouri, as the most dangerous cities he’d ever visited. He even went so far as to compare the danger levels of those cities to that of Iraq. Continue reading

Unearthed Remains of Former Slaves Recreated for Public Burial Centuries Later (Video)

Slaves, former, buried centuries later

*In 2005 a bevy of construction workers stumbled upon something no one could have ever anticipated. Once unearthed and following extensive tests, analysis and research, the find was confirmed as the bones of 14 people whose lives were anything but easy. These were the bodies of former slaves, seven adults, two children and five infants. The remains showed signs of arthritic backs, missing teeth and muscular frames, according to The Associated Press. Now an artist has completed a recreation of the faces of the seven adults and they are being prepared for burial.

Researchers conclude the people worked on a farm near Albany, New York and died in the 18th or early 19th century. Now volunteers are planning a burial described as being “unthinkable during their lifetime.”

Evelyn Kamili King of the Schuyler Flatts Burial Project says, “This is the kind of project that can mend the race relationships in the United States.” Continue reading

Hershey’s Chocolate Accused of Modern Day Slavery With Child Labor Use

A child working in the chocolate field of Ivory Coast.
A child working in the chocolate field of Ivory Coast.

*According to a report by CNN, upwards of 200,000 children, taken from their homes via purchase or outright theft, are now on the Ivory Coast where they are forced into working in the cocoa fields. These children are aged anywhere from 11-16 years and have never set foot in a school.

And did I mention they don’t even get paid?

The Hershey’s Chocolate Corporation has been singled out as it produces more than 40% of the world’s cocoa and “have nearly a majority share of the global chocolate production,” according to a video report (scroll down) on how the corporation has been condoning this practice for nearly a decade, but is only now attempting to move away from it.

The video, which was first published in 2012, speaks on how the chocolate company fools the public with its “Willie Wonka-type” stance and accompanying pollyana type theme park. The speaker says the company “also hides behind acts of domestic charity (a list of its charitable contributions include the NAACP and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation) to make them appear to be a benevolent company.” Continue reading

White Woman Sues Diversity Program for ‘Discrimination’

Samantha Niemann

*Well here’s a real switch-a-roo for ya. Black folk are accustomed to being pushed out of the running for jobs, education, and whatever else based solely on the fact that they are not white. But whites rarely…make that never, face the same because they are not black.

Until now.

At least this has been alleged by Samantha Niemann, an undergraduate at Southern Utah University, who is suing the Getty Foundation for discrimination, claiming they wrongfully barred her from an internship program because it aims to increase diversity in the arts.

Niemann filed the lawsuit last Friday in Los Angeles’ Superior Court.

In it she accuses the Foundation of “harassment, discrimination, and retaliation” because they failed to hire or consider her for an internship.

Continue reading

Nashville Judge Orders New Trial After Juror Objects to Jury With ‘No Blacks’

Scene from 1962 film, "To Kill A Mockingbird"
Scene from 1962 film, “To Kill A Mockingbird”

*After an eight hour jury selection process to try a case involving two Black male defendants, a new trial was ordered by Judge Cheryl Blackburn of Davidson County Criminal Court after one of the jurors objected to the selected jury.

It is unclear who the juror was, or what his or her race was.

In an action that has been confirmed by lawyers and others present in the courtroom, the judge delayed the trial thereby bringing attention to a longtime discussion about the lack of diversity in todays jury’s.

Defense lawyers are said to have accused prosecutors of eliminating potential jurors because of their race, and the claim was denied by the state. According to a precedent under the U.S. Supreme Court, lawyers cannot excuse potential jurors only because of their race.

As if…

But I digress.

“We may need to see if we can raise this issue to make sure that you don’t just remove somebody from the jury selection process based on their race, creed or religion,” said Ludye Wallace, president of the Nashville branch of the NAACP, who only learned of the case after he was contacted by The Tennessean. “You can’t do that,” he added. Continue reading

Families of Three Drowned Girls in Stolen Car, Question if Police Tried to Save Them (Watch)

girls drown

*Did those officers laugh? Wait! I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin again: The families of three teen African American girls who allegedly stole a car at 4 o’clock in the morning, and then tried to outrun police, before the car plunged into 15-feet of water, causing each of them to drown, is now asking those Pinellas County Florida Sheriff’s deputies: Did you really try to save our girls?

Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Laniya Miller, 15 are said to have stolen a gold Honda Accord from a supermarket parking lot on March 30. According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times,

“Though the county sheriff’s rules forbid deputies from chasing stolen vehicles, some officers were trailing the car when the car plunged into a pond off a sharp turn in the road around 4 a.m. the next morning.”

In the video below, which is dense in quality due to the time of day and the location, we can clearly hear the officers, one in particular, describing what he is seeing.

The video begins from the viewpoint of a patrol car following the three girls. At first there are no tail lights from the Honda being driven by one of the girls, but due to the darkness of the hour perhaps, we eventually see the tail lights are on.

However, this action fatally proves too late, as the car plunges into a pond that is said to be 15-feet deep. Continue reading