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Mistaken By Police As ‘Burglar’ Black Foster Son Pepper Sprayed at Home

DeShawn Currie

*DeShawn Currie‘s foster mom decided to leave the side door of their home unlocked because she knew he would come home from school early.

Apparently, the neighbors thought they should have gotten a  memo.

When the 18-year-old showed up at home and went into the house he and his family had been living in for at least a year, a neighbor called 911 and reported a burglary.

Within moments, three police officers was all up in the young man’s house and face.

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Police Tackle 10-Year-Old Boy to the Ground Because…Well, Just Because (Watch!)


*Tracy Hamilton is the latest parent to witness police brutality on her child. And we do mean child “literally”in this case. Hamilton admits that her 10-year-old son, Kevin (pictured) suffers from a behavior problem. He attends an alternative school because of it. So when she was called to the school after he was involved in an altercation with police, and was told, “Well, do not be alarmed, he has a scratch,” you can bet she damn sure didn’t expect to see what she saw.

No scratches, just gaping wounds…
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Caught on Camera: Cops Pistol-Whip Teen While His Hands Are In the Air (Watch)

NYPD pistol whip

*In another blatant display of disrespect for a vow taken, police officers rewrote that vow to “protect and serve” the public – to instead read, “to assault first and question later.” Now, two NYPD officers find themselves with a whole lot of explaining to do after an area camera caught them beating a teen who had obviously given up the chase after he raised his hands in the air prior to their assault.

Officers Tyrane Isaac and David Afanador are now being investigated for pistol-whipping an unarmed Kahreem Tribble, 16, in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.

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White Musician Ted Nugent Let’s Loose on ‘Ferguson Thugs’ and ‘Plague of Black Violence’

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent


*When life begins to suck for you in the industry you have chosen, then its time to turn to something else to remain relevant. It seems Ferguson is the latest excuse for decrepit white rocker Ted Nugent, who has stepped up on his soap box once again to spew his racist propaganda.

He recently wrote an article on the Internet where he talks about the recent shooting of a Ferguson police officer; and the suspects who are apparently still at large. He refers to those suspects, who have not yet been found or identified as “Ferguson Thugs” – while calling the protests that arose as a result of the Michael Brown shooting as a “Plague of Black Violence.”

Nugent goes on to demand that blacks stop supporting liberals who he claimed in an earlier article “destroyed the race” because of biased media coverage of the recent Ferguson police shooting.

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Readers Make Additions to ‘Top 10 House Negroes in America’ Blog (Guess Who Made the List!)

the field negro

*Attorney Wayne Bennett is a mess, and I mean that with all due respect. He is a lawyer who works with families in the Philadelphia court system and blogs as “the Field Negro” which I just saw for the first time because attention is being drawn to a list he has compiled of House Negroes – folks you will find yourself very familiar with, who he has put on blast, and apparently, doesn’t give a you-know-what how you feel about it!

And wait until you see who made the list. Many of you agreed with the choices on his blog, entitled, “My top ten list of house Negroes in America for 2014.” In fact, the blogger had a record 55 responses – which is apparently higher than average for him. So he messaged Journal-isms saying, “I had a few e-mails as well…But as you can see from the comments section on the blog, a few people had some choices of their own.” Continue reading

White Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank for Mistaken Donation from African American Man

Jennifer and her daughter, Payton
Jennifer and her daughter, Payton

*The Ohio woman that sued a sperm bank because it messed up and gave her and her partner sperm from an African-American man instead of the white one the couple had previously selected said that it’s not about race; her family is simply trying to get compensation to deal with a situation they weren’t prepared to handle.

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Lawyers Headed to Ferguson for Town Hall and Amendment to Protesters $40 Million Lawsuit

ferguson protestors

*Attorneys working on behalf of protesters in Ferguson are headed there this week for a town hall meeting and amendment to the lawsuit that seeks $40 Million in damages in order to add more plaintiffs to the suit.

With claims that the rash of police misconduct cases have reached epidemic proportions, the Atlanta office of the Greene Legal Group calls Ferguson Missouri a “microcosm of the macrocosm” and say the death of teen Michael Brown at the hands of officer Darren Wilson was a terrible tragedy.  They also call the “militaristic police response” to the peaceful protesters a terrible tragedy and say their clients will no longer “sit back and allow the actions of rogue police officers and improperly trained and managed police departments to take the lives and violate the rights of law abiding citizens.”

In an email to EURweb, attorneys Reginald A. Greene and James L. Walker, Jr., counsel to the plaintiffs, call the authorities “rogue police officers” because they say they believe that law enforcement is not evil by nature. Instead, they say the…departments that harbor them, maintain them or fail to remove them are like a deadly cancer that is not only destroying the integrity of, and public respect for, law enforcement as a whole, but also eroding the rights of law abiding citizens under the Constitution and laws of the United States in particular. Continue reading

Guess What They Finally Did: Burned Down the Michael Brown Memorial! (Watch)

Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down

*Haters never stop. They wait until heads are turned in another direction and then they strike. In this case, when it looks like things have chilled out a bit, and protestors over the Michael Brown shooting death have given way to a quieter roar, some scum of the earth sneaked over to the memorial site that mourners in the community dedicated in honor of the slain teen, and burned it down.

YouTube showed cell phone footage of the fire, which happened on Tuesday, and photos of the incident have been circulating on social media.

The Ferguson Fire Department was called at 6:45 a.m. CT to Canfield Drive, a location close to where Brown was killed on Aug. 9, according to what department Captain Jeremy Corcoran told NBC News.

While the cause of the fire is not known at this time, some reports are saying candles surrounding the memorial may have contributed.

michael brown

18-year-old Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. His death sparked weeks of protests and rallies around the nation, calling for justice.

Fortunately, it appears residents and other community members have rebuilt the memorial.

Warning: Explicit language is used in the video below:


(Michael Brown Memorial Burned Down)