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Racist Canadian Woman Demands Only ‘White Doctor’ Care for Her Child (Watch)


*Question: If you hated white people, and the nearest clinic to you ONLY had white doctors, and your kid had complained to you that he felt ill; would you put your hate aside in the best interest of your child?

You stew on that while I introduce you to a Canadian woman who obviously didn’t love her kid enough to let her hate go.

“Can I see a doctor please that’s white. Who doesn’t have brown teeth and who speaks English,” the white woman sitting in the reception area of a clinic in Ontario, Canada is heard saying to an employee around the :15 second mark in the video below. Her son sits beside her and looks to be playing a video game on some device.

You hear comments from people in the area who are obviously disgusted by her behavior calling out “unbelievable” and “go to the hospital” and “speak English is one thing, being white is another.” Someone also starts a sentence saying, “Does being white make him…” but trails off as the woman is obviously still talking and repeating herself as he heads towards the reception window and begins screaming at the workers.

When the 4-minute video, recorded by someone waiting in the clinic reception area was posted earlier this week, it went viral and the public was outraged. Continue reading

Want to Travel the World? International Platform for Peace Wants YOU!


*Peace. What a concept! Even in this Trump-inspired environment; where racism, sexism and antisemitism has increasingly become more a part of the norm than sporadic incidents that occur here and there; one thing has become unavoidably clear: if we ever hope to have peace in this country and the world at large, we, the ordinary people, have to put our extraordinary pants on and get busy. To this end, the International Platform for Peace may be worth looking into.

Hooray for the folks who get up every morning and turn on CNN. Kudos to those of you who feel free to offer your commentaries of disgust on social media. And bravo to those who freely soapbox at every opportunity about what’s wrong with this country and the world. Now is YOUR opportunity to be a part of DOING because obviously KNOWING is not enough. 

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Racist ‘Trump-Inspired’ Boss Gets Sued By African American Employee

*Donald Trump’s influence continues to make ignorant white folk feel comfortable about displaying racism in any and all environments — with no filter. Take the office: where these folks have thrown professionalism out of the window and are constantly supplying Black and Brown people with social media content of their racist behavior. With hate and envy keeping them so busy, it’s amazing they have time to do any real work.

In a lawsuit filed by Southland Construction Management employee Tishay Wright — a Black woman, CEO  Kenneth Hayden and his wife, CFO Anita Hayden, have been accused of creating a racially hostile work environment. Wright seems to have plenty of evidence to back up her claim and one can’t help but think back to Trump’s self-proclaimed favorite word: STUPID when you see what some of that evidence is.

Not only does the employee reference the couple making comments like, “We’ll just make the Mexicans do it,” Wright actually has a photo of a Christmas gift they gave her.

…and its a real doosie. Therein lies the stupid part (scroll down). Continue reading

Listen: Official Resigns After Caught on Tape Blaming Flint Water Crisis on ‘N*ggers Who Don’t Pay Their Bills!’

*Phil Stair sat in a bar sipping on a beer and got too comfortable. He was speaking with a journalist, why in the hell wouldn’t he know that he was being recorded? But they say ignorance is bliss so I guess he has provided a prime example of this. He sat right there and when asked why he thought the Flint Water Crisis happened said it was because “Niggers don’t pay their bills.”

Too bad this wasn’t said in Vegas, it would’ve stayed there.

The long time employee and sales manager at the Genesee County Land Bank resigned his position after a tape recorded by environmental activist and freelance journalist Chelsea Lyons leaked.

Stair can be heard saying “Flint has the same problems as Detroit — f**ing ni***** don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them,” around the 1:23 mark point on the recording below. Listen closely, you know bars can be quite noisy.

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Watch: ‘Woke White People’ Carry A Heavy Burden (Man Speaks of His Personal Embarrassment)

*I must admit, as a self-proclaimed deep thinker, I often wonder is there anything at all woke white people can do to help heal all the damage of their forefathers. Anything that may would be appreciated, at least, and not labeled “suspect.” As someone who has traveled, broke bread with people of just about every culture and religion, and hold dear friends of the same, my heart goes out to the many who continue to carry burdens placed on them, in spite of their beliefs against it. I have this tendency to personalize everything. Its my own strategy when I am attempting to understand something, or empathize with something; whether I am in agreement with it or not because dang, if I only paid attention to things I agree with, I’d still be  as shallow as I was in my youth.

But I do find myself getting frustrated when I suffer because of someone else’s crap; say, now no one is able to have access to something because one fool f**ked it up for us all! 

You may have seen the video below already, but I swear, some things bear repeating — if for no other reason than to serve as a reminder that not all white folk is ignorant, racist and prejudiced.

In this 2012 YouTube video, viewed 55K times, one woke person of the Caucasian persuasion decides to voice his frustration on the topic saying, “America will suffer because of what we did to Black people…and so much more.Continue reading

White Man Who Punched Black Female Security Guard in Face Turns Himself In (Watch)

Zoa Stigler
Zoa Stigler

*All anyone who saw the video of a white man punching a Black female security guard in the face could do was gasp. The incident was caught on surveillance video. It really wasn’t clear what was going on as there is no sound, but you could see a Black female security guard apparently speaking to someone who was a part of a group of about four people.

The people look as if they are about to leave. One man, wearing a cap, who was just standing at a table all of a sudden grabs a bottle of water and begins to stroll towards the security guard. With no warning whatsoever, he throws the water at her. She appears to say something to him but he hauls off and straight up punches her in the face. He, and the group of people, then simply walk away. (Scroll down for the shocking video).

The security guard, stunned by pain and disoriented, stumbles for a few seconds before opening a set of glass doors and disappearing inside.

An alert was put out on social media (I jumped on board and posted it on my private page, too) for someone to help ID the man.

We are learning more now.

UPDATE: The man responsible for punching Zoa Stigler outside of a River North condo in Chicago was obviously struck by his own conscience…

On Tuesday he turned himself in. Continue reading

10-Year-Old Black Kid Describes How White Kids Bully Him in Alabama School (Watch)

Taylor A.

*They learn early don’t they? We’d like to think of children as these young, innocent and pure people; and they are, until taught otherwise. Then they can be cruel — even in elementary school — where a white kid stood in front of 10-year-old Taylor Armbrester, a Black kid, and read the following poem.

Actually, Taylor, while speaking to, said there were three different poems.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I am white, you should be, too.

The second was…

Roses are red, violets are blue, I am white, why aren’t you?

And the third…

Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what happened to you?” 

Hmm…wonder where this elementary aged white kid got this idea from? Not to mention the poems. Continue reading

Proposed Sandra Bland Bill Now ‘Watered Down’ — More Mental Health, Less Officer Training

Sandra Bland, courtesy of her family
Sandra Bland, courtesy of her family

*July 13 will mark two years since the death of the woman whose racial profiling incident sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. Sandra Bland was 28-years-old when a police officer in Texas Waller County pulled her over for not signaling a lane change. Something that would — or dare I say, should — under normal circumstances, have resulted in a fine or even a warning, escalated into a major event that would ultimately turn fatal. Little reminder is needed as we recall the horrific way that Bland was forcefully removed from her car by the cop because she wouldn’t extinguish her cigarette. Moreover, as seen on a recording by a dashcam video, she was threatened by an obviously short-tempered officer who pulled a stun gun or her and threatened, “I will light you up!”

Sandra Bland2

When the incident hit social media emotions ran high. But they reached a boiling point when Bland was discovered hung in her jail cell three days later and her death was ruled a suicide.

Adding insult to injury, the arresting officer, a state trooper named Brian T. Encinia, had attempted to justify the arrest by charging Bland with ‘assaulting a public servant.’ But thanks to the video, a perjury charge and subsequent trial held Encinia accountable and he was ultimately fired for the way he handled Bland’s arrest. Continue reading