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These Biracial Sisters Look Nothing Alike, One is White, One is Black … And They’re Twins

Lucy (L) and her twin sister, Maria Aylmer (R)
Lucy (L) and her twin sister, Maria Aylmer (R)

*Nope, they look nothing alike. One looks straight up white, and the other, black no doubt, or mixed even. So its probably no surprise that these two siblings from the  United Kingdom born to a white father and black mother, stun people that don’t know them because they look nothing alike and are often mistaken as just friends, the New York Post reports.

The girls have had to go so far as produce their birth certificates in order to prove that they are related. Continue reading

What’s in a Name: Should Black in America Stops Calling Themselves Black or Should We Stick With ‘African American’?

black man shaking hands

*As if being a person of African descent living in American doesn’t give us enough to contend with, now we are seriously entertaining the whole black vs. African American “comparison” and what this means when it comes to describing ourselves with how white people feel about it in mind. Seriously? We get the whole reality about black-sounding names like LaKisha Jones or Shanequa Brown and how those names vs. Patty Smith may lose you an interview, and now, because of this, people are (supposedly) giving their kids less black-sounding names. As if that’s going to put an end to the latent racism that rears its ugly head at any available opportunity — no matter what you do.

Yet the “studies” continue. This latest one done by Emory University shows that whites reacted very differently to questions posed about how people of color describe themselves. And what they came up with is that being identified as “black,” as opposed to “African American,” brought about vastly different responses. Negatives one. Responses that highlighted the harsh reality that it’s not just visual cues that can activate latent racism.

Since when does ignorance start with what you see? Continue reading

Eric Garner’s Daughter, Erica, Goes After NY Post Writer and Reveals Foundation in Father’s Memory (Video)

Erica Garner
Erica Garner

*It appears the right-wing conservatives are at it again. This time messing with Erica Garner, whose father died in a choke-hold at the hands of a New York City police officer who was never charged. Garner says comments she made about Rev. Al Sharpton in a video released by conservative activist James O’Keefe‘s Project Veritas were “taken out of context, edited and released to partisan outlets for nefarious reasons.” The video was published by the  New York Post today, with a story titled, “Garner’s Kid On Sharpton: He’s all About The Money.” 

Erica Garner released an exclusive statement to NewsOne, where she states the Post article “used them [her comments] to sow discord and confusion among a peaceful and unified movement.”    Continue reading

Homeschooling Becomes the Choice for Black Families Who Want to Protect Kids from Institutional Racism

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Shameful: Police Beating Settlement Gives $459,000 to Attorneys, And $1,000 to Victim


*Double jeopardy had already been served to Anthony Warren, who is now serving time in prison. While leading Birmingham police officers on a high speed chase his car had flipped over and he was rendered unconscious. Once they caught him, they beat his a**

But that’s not all.

He sued and the city of Birmingham settled the lawsuit for $460,000. That’s a lot of money they’ll have to pay for the shameful act of beating an already unconscious man.

Too bad the victim will only see $1,000 of it. Continue reading

‘We’re in the Money!’ Warehouse Workers Win Big After Being Called ‘Lazy, Stupid Africans’ and ‘N**gers’



*Some might poke back at the idiots who used racial slurs against warehouse workers in Denver, and think, ‘you can call me whatever. And I’ll be thinking of you while I cash this check, ya hear?’ That’s because the brothers and sisters were recently awarded $15 million dollars as part of a discrimination settlement after being called “lazy, stupid Africans” and “n**gers.”

Seven workers at Matheson Trucking and Matheson Flight Extenders Inc. claim that they were separated by race and taunted by racial slurs.

Many of the workers immigrated from the African country of Mali, with the exception of a white whistle-blower, who stood up to the offenders and resisted the racist practices.

“I thought I was back South again with the same old racist attitudes,”  plaintiff Ernie Duke told the Denver Post.

“Basically, I did the right thing. This isn’t 1960 anymore,” white employee Dean Patricelli, who was called the “tribe’s assistant” and fired for supporting black workers,  told the paper. Continue reading

Gene Aldy, Mississippi Republican: ‘Blacks Don’t Work & Get ‘Crazy Welfare Checks’

Gene Aldy, front and center and a brother looking like he could easily shut him up on right.

*Here we go again. My people, I know its no surprise to you that the number of ignorant white republicans seems to multiply like bees, but oh well. Here’s one more to prove the point. He’s Mississippi lawmaker, Gene Aldy, who (kind of resembles Klansman David Duke) claims racist comments recently attributed to him were taken out of context and supposed to be off the record.

And of course he says, ‘I’m not a racist’.

Why would they need to be ‘off the record’ then?


Aldy told The Clarion-Ledger he was against increased funding for education, especially funding to improve literacy. During his explanation, Alday said he comes “from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ They don’t work.” Continue reading

White Reporter Fired By Fox When He Used the N-Word, Now He’s Suing Them


*And to think it all started in 2007 with a simple question” “Does this mean we can finally say the word n*gger?” Tom Burlington, whose lawsuit against Fox29 is finally moving forward and making its way to the federal courtroom, claims the station fired him after he asked that question in a staff meeting. Burlington is a former TV reporter for Fox29, and says when he used the n-word it was outside of the context of malice. Black employees, he justified, were not punished for using the same word.

Hmm…That’s exactly what Malcolm X‘s daughter said to TMZ the other day. Continue reading