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White Folks Support of ‘Black Lives Matter’ Have Been Told it’s ‘Not Enough’


*Will it EVER be “enough?”

I’ve been beating up on myself all day. Not unlike many of us, I am my own worst critic. No matter how hard I work, it never seems to be hard enough. No matter how much money I bring in, some bills will still go unpaid. No matter what I do, in the eyes of some, it will never be enough. 

Sometimes, for a single moment at least, I wonder why bother?

But then I realize: I bother because in the whole scheme of things, when “enough” is actually accomplished, it will probably be time for me to exit this place.

And I don’t plan to do that anytime soon.

Which is why I decided to pen this article, which will show much more than tell. I’ve heard some complaints that white folks are not doing enough to change the narrative on Black injustice. And I am not here to say whether this complaint is legitimate or not. But I would like to ask those people, what would ENOUGH look like? Continue reading

Has Pro-Colorism Dating Site, Smoochr, Pissed ‘You’ Off…Yet?


*Imma be upfront witchu’ right now. I marvel at some of the sh*t my publisher throws my way and expects me to write about. Like this article on a dating site that has Black folk choosing who they’d like to share their journey with based solely on colorism. I’d of NEVER even looked at this twice because of my own disdain for the whole “light skin, dark skin” bull. What can I say? I just don’t come from that place. But then again, I have always had this way about me that looks at the positive side of everything. And though I will be the first to say not EVERYTHING has a positive side (afterall, I’m still trying to find Donald Trump’s…and yes, I am aware I have identified him as a “thing”) I can lift a positive from why my publisher thought I should write on this colorism site thing: Because, after working with me for close to 15 years, he thinks I can write thoughtful commentary on everything. Anything. As in bar-none. That is the only thing I can think of at this point.

So let’s get started, shall we?

In my opinion, Smoochr was designed for people shallow enough to think that a potential partner can be found (and kept) based on their complexion, grade of hair, and hell, I don’t know, the size of their lips?

Wait! I was just kidding, but even since writing that line I’ve discovered, yes, that is one of the profile questions.

In all honesty, many black folk are mad as hell that such a site exists. And what can you say about a site whose OWNER or FOUNDER won’t even come forth? Hell, we wouldn’t even know about Smoochr if it were not for tech developer Elen Awalom, whose own disdain for the site motivated her to create the hastag  #ShutDownSmoochr recently.

So now, here we are. And thanks to an article in The Root, we get to see the profile questions without even having to sign up. We also get to see how others’ feel about the site. Continue reading

Study Says Black Folk More ‘Easily Offended’ By What People Say

*Now THIS should spark some interesting dialogue. A recent PEW Research Center study shows Black folks overall think people should be more careful with the language they use, so to not offend people. 59%) of the general population (all races) say ‘too many people are easily offended these days over the language that others use,’  according to Hannah Fingerhut on behalf of PEW.

“Fewer (39%) think ‘people need to be more careful about the language they use to avoid offending people with different backgrounds.’

But in the race breakdown, Fingerhut writes…

“Among blacks, 67% say people should be more careful with language to avoid offending people of different backgrounds, while just 30% say too many people are easily offended by language these days.

Just so you know. I’m with the 30%. Continue reading

Police Chief Reaches Out to Author of Viral Post on Racism

Police Chief Robert Marshall
Police Chief Robert Marshall

*It may be difficult to hear because of the rage many of us are experiencing as we find ourselves living in the most racially-charged, divisive era since legalized slavery; but there may actually be police officers of Caucasian descent out there who want to change things, just don’t know how.

Hear me out. 

You may have heard about the essay a brother named Brian Crooks wrote and posted on Facebook. Crooks says he’s been using his Facebook page to write about incidents of injustice on Black people by police since 2006. His posts were inspired by a man named Sean Bell. You may recall Bell, a Black man, was killed in Queens, New York in 2006, after police fired 50 rounds at a car near a strip club. His friends, who had taken him out on the night before his wedding, were luckier. They were only wounded.

I remember Mr. Bell’s story well. How I reeled in horror wondering why these muh-fuh’s thought it necessary to FIRE 50 SHOTS into a car at all. It sounded like a scene from Bonnie & Clyde!

Crooks’ Facebook post talks about his growing up in Naperville, a town with very few Blacks and attending Neuqua High. He claims he didn’t necessarily set out to write such a long soliloquy (my word) on race though and seems more surprised than anyone that it has hit such a nerve and attracted so much attention.

Brian Crooks2

“I really thought only 10 to 15 people at most would read it,” Crouch said, after learning his post had gone viral. He apparently knows how short peoples’ attention span on the Internet is, and admits that this short attention span mirrors his own reality.

But after uploading his 4,747-word post on July 9, it was shared 300 times the first day and the numbers only grew throughout the week, by Thursday, more than 10,000 shares had taken place. The media went wild; sharing excerpts and stories in publications such as USA Today, the Des Moines Register, the Iowa City Press Citizen, the Naperville Sun.

Apparently, Chief Robert Marshall caught wind of it and found it hard to just go to another page. He wanted to talk to the author. So he placed the call.

You still with me? Continue reading

What…Mortality Rate for Black Babies Outweighs All Others?


*I recall one of my greatest fears during pregnancy was something happening to my baby. While I was a generally happy pregnant woman, all the talk about children dying in their sleep — Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) — or children born with low birth weight not making it to their first year scared the crap out of me. This was especially harsh since I was a low birth-weight child, born to an alcoholic mother.

I remember once I gave birth, for months thereafter, waking up every 30-minutes to turn my baby from her back to her stomach and vice-versa; or placing my finger under her little nose to make sure she was still breathing.

It was maddening, and not unlike many new mothers, I got very little sleep for the first 6-months of her life!

So when I read a report in the Sacramento Bee that claims children in impoverished areas of the county are dying — and Black children more than any other race or ethnicity even more so, it was very disconcerting. Especially in this day and age when so many medical strides have been made.

Why is this STILL happening?

First, a bit of background.

The Sacramento Bee reports that between 2010 and 2015, nearly one quarter of the 873 children 18 and under who died in Sacramento County were Black. And at that time Black children only made up 11 percent of the population represented in that age category. Continue reading

Another ‘Racist Rant’ Gets White Employee Fired!



*Apparently this fool didn’t hear about the Bank of America employee who was fired after she posted her racist rant on Facebook. I swear, this is even further proof that racist people are simply not that smart. OK, I’ll say it: They’re downright dumb. And ignorant. Take Diane Amoratis, an employee…er, former employee, at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Center City, Philadelphia, who NBC reports wrote  that she was “sick and tired of all this bull—- with the black people,” on Facebook.

Hey, people have a right to their opinion. Hell, we all have them, but that does not mean you have to put them on blast. And this fool didn’t stop there. Her hate even intercepted a compliment she was giving the police officers stationed at the protests. Truly, it was as if once she opened her mouth to spew her hate, a bad case of diarrhea set in and she just couldn’t stop. Continue reading

Kansas PD Fires Cop Who Threatened Little Black Girl on Facebook

Cop threatens little girl on FB

“We’ll see how much her life matters soon..better be careful leaving your info open where she can be found 🙂 hold her close tonight it’ll be the last time.” Imagine a police officer leaving this comment about your 5-year-old daughter on your Facebook page. These horrific words come verbatim from a man who called himself Rodney Lee Wilson. It didn’t take long for him to be identified as a white cop on the force of the Overland Park Police Department in Kansas.

And it took even less time for his ass to be fired.

When Lanaydra Williams saw the post that had been written about a picture of her precious daughter; which had been on the page for more than two years, she told FOX 4 news, who spoke with her on Friday via Skype, that she was shocked.

“I received a notification from a name I didn’t know,” Williams recalled.

Already on edge from the news about the situation in Dallas, where 5 officers were killed, Williams said this threatening post added insult to injury and she didn’t sleep at all. 

“It’s not okay. Not my child, she’s all I have. India is my heart, that’s not right. We’re already on edge, so why would you do that?” Williams asked. Continue reading

‘Black Guns Matter’ Campaign Fueled By an ‘Informed’ Arms Culture

Maj Toure
Maj Toure

*First I want to say. Guns are designed to do one thing: Kill. A gun has no brain. Nor does the hand that triggers it. The decision to put all of that into motion comes from the person holding the gun. Enter Maj Toure who helms from The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia). Toure is an advocate for gun ownership; but he wants to change the narrative around those who view gun holders in either one of two ways: A cop or a bad guy. There’s a name for his new campaign. It’s called…

Black Guns Matter.

And I wonder how long it will take white folk to get offended and start proclaiming, “ALL Guns Matter.” The countdown begins now.

Toure tells Bearing Arms:

“I was 15, walking around with a gun I had no idea how to use and no real respect for. In hindsight, I wish there would have been somebody to say, ‘Hey, this is a firearm, it’s not a game.’ So when I’m seeing other people living out the same scenario, I want to be that adult teaching them properly.” Continue reading