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McDonald’s Being Sued By Former Employees For Racial & Sexual Harassment



*Looks like a group of former McDonald’s employees didn’t have it their way while they worked at the franchise. So their suing the restaurant for racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

But they’re also taking it a step further and actually naming the fast-food giant as a defendant in the suit.

The 10 plaintiffs — nine of whom are African-American, and one, Hispanic, claim that white employees were hired in their place after they were wrongfully fired last year. The plaintiffs say their managers at the various stores believed there had been “too many black people [working] in the store.” The lawsuit (viewable here) alleges that women were harassed and groped and that minorities were subjected to racist taunts. It also claims that managers referred to one restaurant as “the ghetto store.” Continue reading

Ex-Cop, a Black Man, Shot 28 Times By White Officers, Out of Prison (But Free?)

Howard Morgan
Howard Morgan


*Wow, talk about driving while black. Doesn’t your brow raise from the headline alone? An ex-COP, shot, and he was in prison. Must of been a black man right? Right. And his name is Howard Morgan. The former Chicago cop had a run-in with police a decade ago and ended up being shot 28 times by them. It was mishandled/destroyed evidence that put him behind bars for 40 years – but last week his sentence was commuted.

Last Wednesday Howard Morgan walked out of a courtroom free. His clemency petition had been among 43 others heard and granted by the former Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who was serving the final day of his term.

The details surrounding Morgan’s case remain muddy still. And with major evidence up and disappeared, well…

The story goes, however, that he was off duty from his job as a detective on Feb. 21, 2005. He worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line, but had previously worked as an officer with the Chicago Police Department for eight years . Continue reading

NYC Housing Authority Directs Tenants to Fire Hydrant When Water Stops

fire hydrant

*Tenants at the Wyckoff Gardens housing development in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill section were understandably  livid when the water in their decrepit building went out for nearly a week.

But what pissed them off even more than that was when the Housing Authority directed them to “bring their buckets” to the “water station” on the corner to get by until the problem was fixed.

That sounds a lot better than what it actually was – the corner fire hydrant. Continue reading

NYPD Considers Boycott of Chipotle After Employee Does ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Gesture


*Well just look at who has gone and gotten offended…the NYPD. Add to that, New Yorkers appear to actually give a damn.

Here’s the story.

Apparently, the men in blue went in to a Brooklyn Chipotle, the popular Mexican grill, to get a bite to eat a while back. At that point, one of the employees allegedly did a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture – in remembrance of slain teen Mike Brown.

Immediately offended by the gesture (and probably not trusting their food to be prepared safely after that), the officers, supposedly 8 of them, did an about-face and left the establishment. Since then, they are said to be considering a boycott of the chain. And comments by New Yorkers are on their side!

But Chipotle says the whole thing has been exxaggerated. And the story continues to change as it circulates on the Internet. Gaining speed of a now viral nature. Continue reading

Hey White Southerners: New Study Says You’re ‘Blacker’ Than You Think!

southern girls

*Get the conniption meds ready because many a white southerner may be getting ready to have one! A new study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics had researchers using ancestry data that was compiled by 23and Me, a commercial genetic testing company, to measure the percentage of African ancestry of people who self-identified as white.

Got those meds ready?

As it turns out, self-identified white people who live in the South have the highest concentrations of African DNA.

In South Carolina and Louisiana — the states shaded the darkest green on the map below — researchers found 2 percent African ancestry in one out of every 20 people who called themselves white. Add to this, in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to have African DNA.

Hold the phone! Continue reading

George Stinney, Jr., Youngest Person Ever Executed, Exonerated 70 Years Later By SC Judge (Impressed Much?)

George Stinney, Jr. in undated photo
We are not exactly sure of the date this photo of 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. was taken – but the year is said to be 1944

*Exactly 70 years after 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. was put to death by execution after being accused of murdering two young white girls 84 days earlier in the small mill town of Alcolu, S.C., the court came to a major decision.

Which was basically…Oops.

And by the looks of things, everyone is supposed to be impressed.

No physical evidence or trial transcript exists…and probably never did. Continue reading

Man Gets Feelings Hurt When N-word Appears on His Bar Tab – But they Called it a Joke they Pulled from His FaceBook Page

Marquis Moore
Marquis Moore

*See, folks better stop calling themselves by the N-word, because when others’ not in your race decide to refer to you like that, how can you get mad?

Marquis Moore‘s feelings apparently got hurt after he saw the N-word  allegedly printed on the bar tab space where his name was supposed to be, according to The Patroit-News. He had gone to Zembie’s Sports Tavern in Harrisburg, Pa. to eat and watch the game, but was shocked when he got his tab and saw the offensive slur.

“It makes me feel like I’m just low,” Moore, 29, expressed. “A n–ga is an ignorant, disrespectful person. It has nothing to do with your skin color. What would possess you to put something like that on a piece of paper? You don’t even know who I am.”

But here’s the thing. Angelo Karagiannis, Zembie’s owner, apparently thought it was funny; and wondered why Moore didn’t get the joke. He said Moore shouldn’t be offended by it.  Reportedly the establishment’s bartender, Megan Bonsall, told the owner Moore had been chatting with other bar patrons.  So when she wanted to know Moore’s name, she asked a friend of his, who directed her to his Facebook page where he referred to himself as “sexy N-word.” Continue reading

What? A Naked ‘Beyonce’ Sex Doll? Oh Man, Did this College Frat Team Start Some Online Ish!

Members of the Pennsylvania Zeta chapter of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. (Photo/Facebook)
Members of the Pennsylvania Zeta chapter of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. (Photo/Facebook)

*What’s that saying…Boys will be boys?

And even those in exclusive, mainly Caucasian, fraternities, dream of one day having a go-at-it with the biggest female star today:


Well, as Spike Lee so eloquently said in, “She’s Gotta Have It,”… WAKE UP!

Ain’t gonna happen. Not even if a cold day in hell does present itself.

But a boy can dream right? And that’s what members of the University of Pennsylvania’s chapter of Phi Delta fraternity did. But they did it out loud. Posed for a holiday card with a naked brown-skinned blow-up doll and put it on Facebook and caused a ruckus.

And yes, they copped to it being Beyoncé . Continue reading