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Former Prison Guards-Slash-KKK Members Indicted For Conspiracy to Murder Black Inmate Upon Release


(L-R) David Moran, Thomas Driver, Charles Newcomb. Newcomb on the left and Moran on the right. MY QUESTION HOWEVER IS, isn’t the name “Moran’ of a Latin persuasion? And if so, since when are people of this origin allowed to be members of the KKK?

*They teach our children, give us anesthesia before surgery, and apparently, run for office…and even win. I’m talking about Ku Klux Klan members (and their supporters) folks.

Case in point: Three former prison guards in Florida; who also happened to be members of the KKK, were tricked during an elaborate sting into thinking that the Black man they were plotting to murder upon his release, had already been killed.

Now we know these “members” in general are not smart people, so it probably wasn’t a difficult task to bamboozle them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The murder plot involving Elliot Moran, 49, and Charles Thomas Newcomb, 45, came about after a third guard, 27-year-old Thomas Jordan Driver (another Klan member), was bitten during a fight with the inmate. The three guards believed the inmate was infected with HIV and hepatitis and enlisted the services of an FBI informant to murder the man. Continue reading

Jane Eliott’s ‘Racism Class’ Video Still Cuts Deep for White Folks (Watch)

Professor Jane Elliott has been addressing the issue of race and racism for decades. For many Caucasians especially, her class and lectures are difficult to hear, but they have thrust her onto an international stage.

*Some things bear repeating. Like this video of professor Jane Elliott reprimanding a Caucasian student who couldn’t handle being treated the way Elliott says Black folk are treated by racists every day. The video shows an excerpt of what happened in Elliott’s Racism Class, and obviously, its a class that offers a pill that difficult for white people to swallow.

Elliott has been described using many labels — including one that’s thrown out whenever folks feel somewhat threatened.


In plain sight, this woman takes no prisoners and has been outspoken on many topics (Google her); but the tough one she is most recognized for is racism. In her Racism Class she even breaks the act down into subtitles ; one of which is called white ignorance.

This particular video excerpt shows mainly Caucasian students. You can see from their reactions her lesson is a difficult one. She is posing examples of how racism makes a person feel.

But its the turn that the class takes that prompted this article.

As Elliott teaches, she becomes openly offended by one student — a white woman — who continues to raise her hand while the teacher is talking. 

Big mistake.

…and one that Elliot doesn’t excuse.

Now, without knowing what fully occurred prior to where the video starts, we hear Elliott snap: “Your hand is still up! You still didn’t learn anything, did you? Didn’t I just say that when your hand is up, you are thinking about what you’re going to say instead of what’s being said?”

“Yes,” the woman responds.

Elliott then asks the student a direct question, elaborating on what she has already laid down; and when the student doesn’t respond with the required “yes” or “no” answer, Elliot goes in hard.

The student, obviously frustrated, accuses the teacher of “persecuting” two students who dared to “speak out” earlier and dissolves into a meltdown when she feels she is not being heard.

This was Elliot’s point all along; using racism as the culprit…which the woman obviously can’t handle. Continue reading

Look at What Texas Cops Had Their K-9 Do to This Young Black Entrepreneur…Because He Had No ID

*Man, since when is not having ID on you cause for arrest? In fact, since when is cutting grass and passing out business cards reason to approach and harass someone? I guess the answer is — its not a reason…

…unless you’re a Black man.

Marlin Gipson is a 20-year-old man who works a full time job, is a part time student, and mows lawns with his brother to help grow the family business. In fact, mowing lawns is exactly what he was doing when a police officer approached and started harassing him.

In the beginning of a video captured on Gipson’s cellphone,  we can’t see the officer’s face (nor Gipson’s) but we hear him say, “When an officer asks you to come to him…” he is interrupted by Gipson, who says, “Yeah that’s because I’m busy trying to make some money.”

The officer then interrupts Gipson and says, “I see you going from door to door.” To which Gipson responds, “I’m putting my business cards out.”

It seems this is a good time to shut this down when the officer responds, “Well that’s what I’m trying to find out.” But then Gipson says, “That’s all you have to ask. You see me cutting grass man.”

Then the cop says, “Let me see your ID,” and Gipson tells him, “I don’t have it on me.”

So the officer takes his pad out and begins to question Gipson; who responds telling his name, age, and date of birth. Gipson is very polite, with “sir” following his answers; but you can tell he is a bit frustrated.

He eventually asks the officer “What is this all for?” The officer, obviously stuck for the lack of any sensible answer responds, “What is what all for?”

Gipson reiterates the question.

“Whenever an officer asks you for your ID, you’re supposed to provide your ID,” the cop repeats. When Gipson says, “But I’m working,” the cop responds, “I don’t care what you’re doing.”

Things go from bad to worse when Gipson turns around and requests the cops information.

“OK, then can I have your card then, or you write your name down on something for me please.” Continue reading

Growing Up Black: What Do You Recall From Your Childhood (And How Has It Shaped Your ‘Now?’)

*I’ve had the opportunity to live in several cities and I must admit, each of them hold fond memories. Let’s see: I was born and lived in New York — Brooklyn’s (now gentrified) Bed-Stuy area — when I was but a wee child. I don’t really remember much of it. But somehow, my strongest memory is the time I was frightened out of my mind as I ran up the stone steps of our Brownstone. Neighborhood children were chasing me with a “toy” that was a stick with a fake worm wrapped around it.

I tripped on the way up those stairs and knocked my front tooth loose. 

OK. Maybe Bed-Stuy is not a fond memory.

Then there was the Bronx. Here, my dad was the building manager (at the time the title was the “Super”) and we lived in a spacious apartment underground. We literally went downstairs through a gate, below the surface of the sidewalk. That’s where we lived.

Let’s see: I recall a woman, a white woman, got drunk and somehow ended up on the roof of our six-story building; where she fell off…right onto my dad’s car on the street below — shattering his front window and denting the hood. I can still hear the barrage of expletives he commanded on that day. Showing no sympathy whatsoever for the poor girl.   Continue reading

‘It’s 2017!’ Atlanta Waitress Furious When Guest Hands Her Menu with Swastika Drawn on It (Watch)

*Every time someone mentions to me how sick they are of L.A. because of its high cost of living; and adds they are moving to Atlanta because they can get more bang for their buck I tell them, “Go right ahead. It’s still Georgia!” Since I grew in the segregated south, I must admit: I’m traumatized. I don’t trust living there ever again.

I don’t get to visit often, even though that’s not the reason. I have family there that I would love to see more often. But honestly, it just dawned on me today after speaking with my brother about a possible visit next Fall, I would even be skeptical eating in a southern restaurant not staffed with Black folk in the kitchen.

Now, I find this report. A man at a restaurant in the Buckhead area of Atlanta hands his African American waitress a menu with additional content drawn on it.

A swastika.

Pretty bold, huh? I hope you’ll join me in hoping she spit in his food!

According to what waitress Shelley Sidney shared with Georgia news station WSB-TV, the incident occurred last Thursday while she was waiting on a private party at Antica Posta in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

She recounted it as the most “blatantly hateful thing” that she has experienced. 

I get to the last person in the party, and they give me a menu that has a swastika drawn on it,” Sidney said. 

Making bad matters even worse, Sidney thought she was doing the responsible thing when she immediately shared the incident with her boss, owner Marco Betti.

But obviously not. Continue reading

Jurors acquit murder charges against Black man who pushed Asian man on train tracks (Watch)

Naeem Davis

*You may recall the December 2012 horror story about a man who had pushed another man onto the subway tracks, where he was killed by an oncoming train. The frightening photo made the front page of the New York Post.  

Well on Monday, the Black man charged with pushing the Asian man off of the train platform was acquitted.

That in itself is a head-turner. A Black man being acquitted? You must admit, that’s rare. But after hearing the details of what happened, although they didn’t change the outcome, they certainly described what precipitated the actions that led to it.

In June, reporter Catherine Li  described to jurors in court how she was able to capture the moments leading to a homeless Naeem Davis, 34, pushing an inebriated  Ki Suck Han, 58, off of a train platform onto the subway tracks on her cellphone. Continue reading

Philly Pre-School Teacher Calls Out Beauty Salon That ‘Made Me Feel Ugly’ (FB Post Goes Viral!)

*Social media gets a lot of bad rap. We did this. What with the Live broadcast of suicides, cyber-bullying, and being privy to the mood swings of everyday folk and their bouts with TMI, many of us only jump on long enough to post content that directly applies to our business. But one thing that makes the format valuable; something you can’t deny, is that social media is the equivalent of beast mode when it comes to putting stuff on blast. Whether that  “stuff” brings to light what rogue law enforcement officers are made of, or calls out businesses with unsavory practices and poor professional acumen. There is no more effective way to promote them than on social media.

Case in point…

…a Philadelphia beauty salon called L Amour Nails. The salon hee’d and hawed when Johnetta Hopkins, an attractive African American preschool teacher, walked in to get a mani-pedi.  She did the norm, wrote down her name and went to pick a color. But somewhere along the way, she noticed that she no one was welcoming her. You know, the whole “someone will be with you in a minute.” Heck, no one had even acknowledged her presence with a hello. Continue reading

Oops! Florida Cops Pull Sistah Over…Only to Discover She’s the State Attorney (Watch)


Aramis Ayala, first Black State Attorney for Florida, gives the officer that stopped her on some lame excuse…a look, as he stumbles to explain.

*Aramis Ayala, Florida’s first and only Black State attorney was pulled over by two police officers who stuttered and stumbled once they realized their oops! I can only imagine the dinner conversation at Ayala’s table that night.

Husband: Honey, how was your day?

Wife: Oh fine. Except I was racially profiled.

In the video below, Ayala can be seen searching in her purse for her license as the officers approach. They get to the car, she hands them the license, and the conversation goes something like this…

Officer: What agency do you work for.

Ayala: I’m the State Attorney.

Stumble #1… the officer, in his best attempt at game-face, immediately launches into why she was stopped. Continue reading