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Va. Parents Mad As Heck Over White Guilt Video About ‘Unequal Opportunity’ (Watch)

At the starting gate.
At the starting gate.

*I like it already. A short, animated video entitled, “The Unequal Opportunity Race” has some Virginia parents — a lot of ’em in fact — outraged. They are calling the film devisive and says it showcases white privilege.

And in case you haven’t guessed. Yes, these opponents are white.

And the film doesn’t waste any time making its point. It opens showing high school students, two whites on one side, two blacks on the other, at the starting line of a relay race.

A hand raises a pistol into the air and fires. The white runners leap into stride effortlessly, but two flashing stop-lights (poles and all) obstruct the black pair. As the minutes tick by, and the pair remains in “start” mode, words like “slavery,” “genocide,” “Trail of fear,” and “segregation” appear on the screen.

The white pair returns after an apparent “lap one” and continue on into subsequent laps.

The black pair never left first base. Continue reading

Petition Wants U. S. Gov’t to ‘Do Something!’ Female Soldiers Get 25 Years…for Being Lesbian


*The mother of one of the two female soldiers who served seven years in Kuwait have filed a petition on asking president Obama and the United States government to intervene on a sentence carried out against their daughters: Monique Coverson and her partner, Larissa.

The petitioners suspect the women were targeted because they are lesbians

The two women lived an openly gay lifestyle during the years they served in the U. S. Army in Kuwait. When their service ended, the two were even able to get jobs as military contractors and returned to the Middle East to work in Kuwait.

But according to Jasmine Coverson, Monique’s mother, things changed on the morning of May 8, 2015. Continue reading

OK. Prison Accused: Any Trace of Rapist-Cop Daniel Holtzclaw, Gone from Database

Daniel Holtzclaw, an Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually assaulting women he encountered while on patrol in neighborhoods near the state Capitol, is pictured in a courtroom during a hearing on whether to cut his bond from $5 million to $139,000, in Oklahoma City, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)
Daniel Holtzclaw

*Victims of rape by Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was convicted for raping more than a dozen primarily African American women and was sentenced to 263 years in prison a few months ago, now have something new to worry about.

Where in the hell is Daniel Holtzclaw?

A legal representative for the victims say they are suffering from anxiety, and blame the prison for erasing any trace of this criminal.

“Not knowing exactly where or if Holtzclaw is locked up brings crushing anxiety to our clients fearful that Holtzclaw might be able to somehow get to them,” Damario Solomon-Simmons, an attorney representing seven of the disgraced officer’s 13 victims in a civil suit, told NewsOne. Continue reading

Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Teen, Then Sues His Family


*As if the public needs one more example of somebody who knows they are dead wrong, trying to divert attention from that fact.

Talk about trying to insult our intelligence.

Robert Rialmo, the white police officer from Chicago who fatally and intentionally shot and killed a black 19-year-old college student — and “accidentally” killed a neighbor, is working overtime to turn the tables on his crime.

He has filed a lawsuit against the dead teen’s estate.

His defense?

He has been traumatized by the murders he committed.

I’ll stop here and allow that to sink in for a sec.

Now, either this dude is the dumbest human on the planet, or this is how it looks when you OD on the white privilege kool-aid. Continue reading

DNAChicago Reveals Cops Bust Dashcam Mics Intentionally


*Ever wonder why there was no audio to go along with the video dashcam that showed Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014?

That’s because a recent report revealed that more often than not, microphones were stashed in the glove compartments of squad cars; batteries were pulled out and antennas were busted. According to DNAinfo Chicago, sometimes dash-cam systems didn’t have any microphones at all.

Last month police officials blamed the absence of audio in 80 percent of dashcam videos on officer error and “intentional destruction.”

That’s a LOT of covering up.

DNAinfo Chicago reviewed more than 1,800 police maintenance logs, and uncovered info on the whole “no-sound syndrome” that plagues the Police Department videos — including the notorious case surrounding what became known as the first-degree murder of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke. Continue reading

Update: Arizona Students & Those T-Shirts: ‘Sensitivity Training’ My Foot!


*OK, so you’ve most likely heard about the group of attention-starved Caucasian girls, all seniors at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona, who set social media on fire when they decided to pose for and upload a photo of themselves wearing black T-shirts, each emblazoned with a shiny gold letter that, when standing together, reads the N-word, right?

Now, feeling pressured to DO SOMETHING, a school district official released a somewhat safe-sounding statement that the six girls involved in the incident are facing disciplinary action.

“The students will be disciplined in accordance with district policy and while we don’t discuss specific discipline I can tell you that will be addressing the obvious need for sensitivity training in this case,” the official said. 

Sensitivity training. Seriously?

I train people all the time. You can’t TRAIN somebody to be sensitive. Either they are already or they are not.

Sensitivity training on these stupid, giggly little twits would be a waste of some trainer’s time and an employers money. They knew exactly what they were doing. Trying to get attention. That’s why they uploaded the photo. Continue reading

Mess With Me Will Ya? Profiled Student Wins $45K Against Barney’s NYC

Trayon Christian, Barney's NY

*Trayon Christian, an African American student who said he was racially profiled at Barney’s in New York City has a victory under his belt.

Perhaps the very same Ferragano belt he purchased for $349 of his hard earned money, but was then arrested by cops who didn’t believe he could afford it.

Christian, a former engineering student at the New York City College of Technology, said he was followed out of the store after making the purchase. He told  The NY Daily News in October 2013, “They said my card wasn’t real, it was fake. They said someone at Barneys called to report it.”

The cops could not wrap their brains around how a young black man could afford the designer belt and opened their mouth to actually let the ignorance escape. Continue reading

New Study: Doctors ‘Bedside Manner’ Towards Blacks at End of Life, Less Sympathethic


*A new, very unsettling, study was published this month in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. It revealed that although doctors said similar things to black and white patients on their deathbed, the doctors nonverbal behavior showed a lack of compassion for the black patients. This racial bias was revealed by actors used to portray black “patients” and their family members. And they said doctors showed less compassionate care for them than they did with white “patients.

According to HuffPost, researchers studied 33 hospital-based doctors from western Pennsylvania, placing them in “high-fidelity” simulations in which the actor patients read from matching scripts while exhibiting the same simulated vital signs. Each “patient” was accompanied by another actor who was pretending to be a family member.

The doctors knew that they were part of a study, but they were not told what the study was about. 

Continue reading