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Welfare System Pulls Former Law that Penalized Poor Women for Having More Babies

women and babies

*Thanks in huge part to the efforts put forth by California State Senator, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), who led the fight to do away with the policy that penalizes poor women (and their children) for having babies while on welfare, the law has been lifted. The “Maximum Family Grant” is a policy that came out of the state of California’s reformed welfare system in the mid-90s and attempted to discourage poor women, usually of color, from having more babies while on welfare by exempting them from receiving additional monies once new babies were born.

Legislative advocate Jessica Bartholow said it best, “No child should be treated differently under the law simply because they were conceived and born while their parents were poor.” Bartholow advocates for women and the poor at Western Center for Law & Poverty, and she is all for the reversal of the law known as the “MFG Rule.” Continue reading

Viral Backlash as White Hair Stylist in Minn. Tells Black Client Her Hair is ‘An Animal He Couldn’t Tackle’

Bianca Dawkins

*Whose with me on this: Why in the world would a sista who wears her hair natural even go to a hair salon and try to get her hair done by a white hairstylist? Bianca Dawkins apparently had her reasons for stepping into the white-owned, Minnesota-based, Denny Kemp Salon and Spa, but from what she tells City Pages, and posts on social media, the result of the experience, though not surprising to this writer, was not to her liking.

As is now the norm, Dawkins decided to post her experience on Facebook, noting when she attempted to get her naturally curly hair straightened, a white hair stylist “flipped out. He said he didn’t have the time to do my hair and that my hair was like an animal he couldn’t tackle.”

Uh oh. Continue reading

Our Hearts Bleed, But Can’t Deny Media, Public Much More Lenient of Family in Alligator Death, Than Gorilla Incident

Melissa Graves and her son, Matt.
Melissa Graves and her son, Matt.

*Hell! I guess this makes me “devil’s advocate,” but I doubt the offer to speak on this landed in my lap accidentally. I speak for many when I say sincerely that our hearts continue to ache over the senseless death of little Lane Graves, 2, who drowned as a result of being attacked by an alligator as he sat playing in his playpen near the water at Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando. His precious little life had merely begun before it was snatched away and our world is all the worse for it.

After all, many of us are still having overactive heart palpitations over the near-death experience of little Isaiah Dickerson, 3, who, only last month, fell into the pit where a gorilla named “Harambe” lived at the Cincinnati Zoo.

boy, gorilla pit, father
Isaiah and his dad, Deonne Dickerson.

Onlookers watched in horror as the beast at one point seemed to be undecided about what to do with the little “one of them” who appeared in pictures in the initial stages of the drama to look up at his hugeness, with his little hands touching the beasts arms, before it took the kid and dragged him through the water like a rag-doll.

The public was outraged when ultimately, the beast had to be killed to spare the life of the child.

But before we go forward, let me say this. Final results notwithstanding, the “pink elephant in the room” shows the only differences between these two precious human lives was race. The bigger difference was reactions from the media and an angry public. Continue reading

Falsifying Slavery…Black Woman Eloquently Shuts Naive Englishman Down (Watch)

Reparations shutdown1

*On the BBC program “The Big Questions,” where host Nicky Campbell presents topics of discussion around faith and ethics, a black woman had to set one Caucasian Englishman straight after his view on slavery turned all kinds of sideways and he stated, “We are ALL descendants of slaves.”

…which was followed by an awkward apprehensive applause by some whites in the audience and possibly one black Englishwoman, who also spoke. But honestly, should have remained quiet.

Slavery was ugly. Nasty. Inhuman and horrible. Of course no human would want to be reminded that such an act could happen. Not to mention at the hands of their ancestors. BUT IT DID. And any attempts to redefine, redress, or falsify it just makes the presenter look like an absolute fool.

Which is why I find it nothing less than amazing how some Caucasians keep trying to make it look like something different than what it actually was, just because they are uncomfortable with the truth. I mean, obviously their ancestors, the one’s who designed it and carried slavery out, DIDN’T THINK THIS SHIT THROUGH. What did they expect to happen in the future? Where did they expect this story to go?

I wish someone would answer me this [sic].

In the video, I found it particularly interesting when the black woman, who thinks we should just “move on” states she is a “realist” when conversing with the other black woman; as if to imply she is not.

But this is how it all started.

Campbell is speaking with an African woman, who he only identifies with the term “successful academic” in the audience at the beginning of the video (scroll down to see) who says she has had to battle racism. The host then turns to a man in the audience named Daniel Hannan, an Englishman, and states, “One of the things that is of course, most egregious about this, many argue, is that the slavers at the time of abolition in 1836 I think, were paid enormous amounts of money, huge amounts paid to the slave owners, equivalent to at least $16 billion pounds today so, why shouldn’t the people who are still suffering have reparations?” Continue reading

Our Chat With Sen. Bernie Sanders — He Wants Your Vote!



*As the next round of Democratic primaries approach, Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t taking the African American vote for granted.

En route to his event in Davis, California late last week, Sanders made time to talk by phone with a group of African American journalists from across the state of California. And he didn’t pull any punches when I asked him why the black community in California should support him — and not Hillary Clinton — on June 7th.

“If these were normal times,” Sanders told me, “then I think we’d be OK to say ‘let’s support somebody who’s an establishment candidate. Let’s support establishment economics. No disrespect to Hillary Clinton, who I’ve known for 25 years, but she is an establishment politician, and I think we all know that.”

“I think given the incredible level of wealth disparities and income inequality, given the corrupt campaign finance system that is allowing billionaires to buy elections, given the fact that we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth — and it is much worse in the African American community — I think it is time for real change, ” Sanders charged.  “And I think the American people throughout this country are catching on that the establishment is not working for them.”

Sanders got more animated as he answered my question.  From his change in tone, it seemed my question had riled him, so I just sat back and experienced — FELT — the Bern. Continue reading

Black Customers on ‘Airbnb’ (Homeshare) Continue to Face Race Discrimination

No vacancy

*It seems Airbnb, the company and website designed to make it a breeze for people to list, find, and rent lodging while vacaying in areas all over the world, continues to have problems with homeowners’ who have issues when it comes to renting to black folk.

In other words: Airbnb spells drama for black people.

You may recall just a few months back, a black man set the Internet ablaze when he outed the issues of race and discrimination he faced trying to rent a place while using his “real” Airbnb profile. He faced no such difficulties when he created more “white-sounding” profiles. And was rented to immediately.

His revelations were followed up by a lawsuit that claimed the company was violating the Fair Housing Act.

On Wednesday, Airbnb banned a North Carolina host for basically, BEING IGNORANT OUT LOUD! When the host was contacted by Shani Taylor, a potential customer, she was hit back with a racist response — which she tweeted via screen shot. Continue reading

Teens in Jail for ‘Whites Only’ and ‘Trans Only’ Spray Paint on School Wall (Video)

Racial 1

*Some really bored white boys with time on their hands have landed themselves in a jail cell after going on a spray painting field trip. Students Christian Joeckel, Ryan Westbrook, Hayden Honolka, Cameron Bodenstab, and Ethan Sigmond, all of whom are from rival school Arlington High, were arrested after it was discovered they were responsible for writing racist, vulgar and anti-transgender graffiti on the school’s athletic facilities and restrooms.

The images were placed on Twitter.

Joekel, Westbrook, and Honolka are all 17 years old; Bodenstab and Sigmond are 18.

According to what police spokesman Lt. Chris Cook told the Star-Telegram, the graffiti displayed “several disturbing racial and gender overtones.”

Will these fools ever grow weary from rubbing their joy sticks in racism and sexual innuendo? Continue reading

Three White Athletes Charged with Alleged Rape of Black, Disabled Teammate (Watch)

John R.K. Howard, 18, is one of the three students accused of sexually assaulting another teen in the school locker room.
John R.K. Howard, 18, is one of the three students accused of sexually assaulting another teen in the school locker room.

*You know, its stories such as the one you are about to read here that bring all of those “rumors” African American males have been hearing all of their lives into deeper observance. The ones that their women have been listening to. The ones that reveal the true reason behind the hate that the white man feels towards the black man.

The enviable gem between a black man’s legs. That thing most desired by the white man’s woman.

I mean, we’d like to believe people are better than the behaviors they oft times display. But with each passing day, this “high road” becomes more difficult.

Why else would a group of white male athletes, when given an opportunity to embrace their black colleague, choose instead to rape him?

The alleged incident happened on October 23, 2015 in the locker room of Dietrich High School, in Dietrich, Idaho. Continue reading