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Alarming Princeton Study Reveals Gay Black Man More Likely to Get Higher Salary Than a Straight One

Gay man in workplace

*Its no surprise that being a black man in the U. S. is tough. Nor is it a surprise that being a gay black man is seen by many as double-jeopardy – the whole double minority thing. But as it turns out, being a black gay man has its benefits. Especially when it comes to the corporate world, according to a study done by Princeton University.

And that may come as a surprise to many.

The study was led by sociologist David Pedulla, who directed his researchers to explore what effects race and sexuality have on the chances of being considered for jobs and starting salaries. And what they ended up with is that a gay African-American man not only stands a better chance of landing a job, but also getting paid better than his heterosexual counterpart.

So contrary to popular belief, where two minority groups are considered, again, double-jeopardy, apparently that doesn’t apply here; where it seems to work for you rather than against. Continue reading

Rappers Beware: Mac Phipps’ Rap Lyrics Was Used to Convict Him (Watch)

Mac Phipps

*I’m telling you, if you’re about that life, you might want to look at the case of rapper Mac Phillips, who was convicted of the 2001 murder of a concertgoer and is serving 30 years in prison as a result. Not that the prosecutor had any evidence of a forensic nature against him. No past criminal activity he could put on the rapper. Nuh uh, he went straight for the jugular.

In this case, his music.

Now McKinley “Mac” Phipps has a lot of time on his hands. As a resident at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Tammy Parish, Louisiana, he has plenty of opportunities to recall the words of his best-known song.

Murda, murda (murder, murder)

Kill, kill (kill, kill)

S**t’s real (s**t’s real)

On the battlefield (on the battlefield) Continue reading

Woman Sues Mental Hospital for ‘Not Believing Obama Follows Her on Twitter’ (He Does)

Brock, Obama follows her on Twitter

*Assumptions keep getting people in trouble. In this case, an assumption has an entire hospital in hot water. When a Long Island woman insisted that the leader of the free world, president Barack Obama, follows her on Twitter – doctors at the Harlem Hospital psych ward accused her of being delusional and suffering from bipolar disorder — but she was actually telling the truth, a lawsuit charges.

Kam Brock spent a frightening eight-days at the mental facility and was force-fed injections of powerful sedatives, and downed doses of lithium, according to medical records obtained through her lawsuit – which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court. Continue reading

Watch: Lawyer Steps Forward to Claim Responsibility for ‘Whites Only’ Stickers But…

*How does the song go…’Hold up, wait a minute!’ Well that’s what I’m telling you to do, at least until you hear what the man who mysteriously placed those racially-charged stickers on businesses all across Texas a few days ago.

I wrote about it here.

But the reason why he said he did it, may leave you shaking your head. I have to be honest, this man says he is a lawyer, but after I heard him speak, and giving the reason for his actions, it would surprise me if he ever won anybody’s case in court.

But as they say, that’s a story for another day.

Adam Reposa posted a video where he is in silhouette “on a soapbox” claiming that its not the words on the stickers that is the problem, but the fact that East Austin is “turning into whites only” because of gentrification, though he doesn’t use that word. Continue reading

Thought She Was White, Until the ‘Little White Lie’ Revealed a Dark Family Secret (Watch)

Lacey Schwartz, here with parents who raised her, Peggy and Robert Schwartz, tells her story in the PBS documentary, "Little White Lie" on Monday.
Lacey Schwartz, here with parents who raised her, Peggy and Robert Schwartz, tells her story in the PBS documentary, “Little White Lie” on Monday.

*For all Lacey Schwartz knew, she was white. At least that’s what she had been told. She grew up in Woodstock, N.Y., a predominantly white neighborhood, with her Jewish parents, Peggy and Robert Schwartz. But what she came to know over time was that her biological father was actually black.

Schwartz’s story isn’t one about “passing” for white, a longstanding  issue in the African-American culture. She was actually raised to believe she was.  

In her documentary, “Little White Lie,” which is airing on PBS as part of its Independent Lens series, Schwartz reveals her journey on coming to terms with her biracial identity and confronting her parents about the family secret. Continue reading

Japan Goes Against Worldview and Selects Half-African-American Woman as ‘Miss Universe Japan’

Ariana Miyamoto accepts her title
Ariana Miyamoto accepts her title


It appears the country of Japan thinks Black is beautiful, too. This, despite the nation’s reputation for a lack of diversity.

Ariana Miyamoto, the daughter of a Japanese mother and African-American father, has been named “Miss Universe Japan.”

Miyamoto recently became the first multiracial contestant to wear the crown, according to media reports. The former Miss Nagasaki will represent Japan in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

The local media refer to the 20-year-old as a “saishoku kenbi,” a woman blessed with both intelligence and beauty. She holds a fifth-degree mastery of Japanese calligraphy, according to

But there have been mixed reactions to a “hāfu,” the Japanese word used to refer to half-Japanese individuals, representing the country. Continue reading

10 Things White Folk Never Worry About – But Black Folk Do on a Daily Basis

White mans eyes

*Even beyond racial profiling. African Americans are subjected to countless microaggressions on a daily basis . This article, or excerpts thereof, originally appeared on AlterNet, and they are the latest in a new series of articles on the site called Fear in America that launched this March.

They are excellent displays of real life while black and living in America. Whether its acknowledged or not these issues are always at bay. And the potential for them to rear their ugly head always lurks – no matter a black person’s  economical status or level of education. And as for those of a higher social influence, it may be harder to see sometimes, but its there. Yes, Caucasian people, its uncomfortable to hear about. You may be downright sick of hearing about it. As a matter of fact, it seems you are hearing about it every damn day now.

And guess what, you’re right. The only thing more challenging would be.

Living it…every day.

Here are a few examples of things we have to be afraid of that white people don’t (or not nearly as much). Continue reading

Mississippi Still Hangin’ Black Folk? Body of Man Found Hanging From Tree

otis byrd
Otis Byrd went missing two weeks ago. Investigators are determining if it is his body found hanging. (Courtesy MDOC)

*Black history may make it easy to assume the worst, but officials in Mississippi are scratching their head on this one. Apparently, as they were conducting a search for a man that had been reported missing, they found him hanging from a tree in Claiborne County, Mississippi, on Thursday, according to a statement from the FBI.

He had been missing since early this month.

According to WJTV’s Danielle Avitable, the county sheriff said the man’s body was hanging from a bed sheet.

So now they are left to decipher whether the man was murdered or if he took his own life. Continue reading