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Christian Community Up in Arms Already Over ‘Black Jesus’…C’mon, Is a ‘Campaign’ Really Necessary?

Black Jesus

*Oh god. Er, excuse me. But can people wait to actually see Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” before they get all up in arms about it? Dang! The Christian activist network’s One Million Moms and a team of pastors have taken offense at the character already and want the Adult Swim network to nix the show.

Do they really think that devout Christians are going to love Jesus any less based on anything Aaron McGruder puts out? By now, don’t they realize that absolutely NOTHING is spared when it comes to shows on stations like Adult Swim? Or comedy in general?

In the Adult Swim show, “Black Jesus” lives in Compton, California and goes on a “daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.”

So Jesus is still ‘spreading love’. Is it the way he is spreading it that is the problem? Why? In reality, wouldn’t Jesus “speak to people in a way that they can relate to” in order to get his message of peace, love and forgiveness heard and understood?
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Vine User Rashid Polo: ‘If Profiling Keeps Happening, I’ll Have to Record It’ (Watch)

Rashid Polo Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video
Rashid Polo: Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video


*And if I were you, convenience store employee, I would not take the threat lightly. Rashid Polo, became an Internet sensation last week after his Vine video of convenience store employees following him drew 30 million views.

Inspiration indeed, to continue filming his racial profilers.

“If it keeps happening, I’m going to be forced to record it,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, because it’s very annoying and it’s a touchy subject with many people.”

His theory about the racial profiling he experienced is that it was most likely a by-product of living in a small Minnesota town. “‘You’re a young minority and you’re probably going to steal, so let’s keep an eye on you,’” Polo said of his profilers’ thought process, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Continue reading

Justice For African Americans: White Preacher Sets Himself On Fire To Inspire Social Reform


*Haunted by demons, and unwilling to continue living with the horrors of the past, and current issues surrounding racism in America, retired Caucasian pastor Charles Moore, 79, made the ultimate sacrifice to affect change and inspire social reform. A man who had dedicated his life in the fight to end racism, Moore wrote and left behind a suicide note that reportedly states he has decided to kill himself  because he was haunted by the past lynchings of African Americans and wanted his death to inspire social reform, according to the New York Daily News.

The note from the United Methodist clergyman was left on the  windshield of his car and reportedly stated… Continue reading

Videotaped: #WeSawWhatYouDid – NYPD Suffocates Man Who Helped Breakup Fight


*If it were not for a video that recorded the NYPD officers who piled on top of a New York City man that they insisted on placing in a choke-hold and ended up killing him when he couldn’t breathe beneath the weight, this would be a case of their word against all the people who witnessed it.

But as they say, pictures do speak louder than words, and the police department may have a hard time getting out of this one. Continue reading

Oops!! You Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover! White Man Slaps Black Woman–Turns Out She’s A Judge

Generic photo
Generic photo

*A white small business owner in Chicago may find himself missing some days at work soon. There’s a good chance he’ll be standing in front of the very woman he spit on and slapped. Only thing is, this time she’ll be wearing a robe. He is facing some very serious charges after allegedly spitting on the Cook County judge and then slapping her with his open hand, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Judge Arnette Hubbard, an African American, was the first female president of black legal groups the National Bar Association and the Cook County Bar Association. She was allegedly attacked and called “Rosa Parks” after she smoked a cigarette near David Nicosia’s business, outside of a civic center, which apparently angered him, the news site reports. Continue reading

‘Feed A Child’ Ad Shows Black Child Eating From White Woman’s Hand Like A Dog…Offers Apology


*You are probably just as sick of hearing this kind of news as we are of reporting it. But left unreported, leaving others not to be held accountable for their actions, is not a viable option in delivering news that calls out racism in all of its forms the moment we recognize it.

Lately it seems a barrage of incidents have occurred and the people, companies, organizations around them are quick to release statements of apology. But the thing about apology is, it begins to lose its value when seemingly obvious incidents occur – released by “professionals” who we expect should know better – are behind it. This makes it nearly impossible to accept the concept that they didn’t think first and realize the repercussions – just to later stand behind ‘we’re sorry’.

That’s my disclaimer. Now here’s the story.

The “Feed A Child” organization, based in South Africa, is apologizing for their advertisement that depicts a black child as a white woman’s “pet” – being fed by her hand – one morsel at a time. Continue reading

Petition: Prosecute CHP Officer Caught on Tape Beating A Woman

chp On July 1st, a CHP officer was caught on camera beating a woman off the 10 freeway in Southern California. The officer had already pinned the woman to the ground, and then proceeded to viciously punch her more than 11 times in the head.

The violence was unjustified. If this had been an incident between civilians, the assailant would have been charged with assault. Peace officers should be held to higher standards, not less, so the officer should be held criminally accountable. Continue reading

Behavior of ASU Cop That Roughed Up Black Female Professor Determined ‘Not Inappropriate’ (Watch)

EASU professor, rsula Ore was manhandled by an Arizona State University campus police officer because she crossed a street cluttered with construction.
ASU professor, Ersula Ore was manhandled by an Arizona State University campus police officer because she crossed a street cluttered with construction.


*A police report was filed in the case of the violent arrest of an African American college professor who was walking through streets where construction was taking place on the campus of Arizona State University. You may recall the entire incident was caught on tape by the officer’s dashboard camera in real time. Now, the report has determined that the officer who seemed visibly inappropriate in his actions of throwing ASU professor, Dr. Eursula Ore, down on the car, being rough as he tried to handcuff her, then throwing her on the ground is said to “have done nothing inappropriate” and charges are being pressed against Ore.

But here’s the thing: The public saw the video. We heard the same thing anyone else heard. So even if something happened prior to the recording, it doesn’t erase what we saw. So why is Dr. Ore guilty and the officer, not? Continue reading