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According to the U. S. Census, Whites Will No Longer Be Majority in 35 Years


“We’re in the midst of an epic transition,” Stephen Klineberg, Founding Director of Kinder Institute of Urban Research told Roland Martin on NewsOne. He was speaking of an America where whites will no longer be a majority.

Now before you get too excited, this won’t happen anytime soon. But then again, with the world seeming to spin with a quickness these days, 35 years may be here sooner than we realize.

Yes, we’re talking 2050. Word is there will be no one majority; but the world will be a bit browner, with multicultural and non-white people. Continue reading

Donald Trump, Your First Order of Business, Talk to Your People’ …Now!


*Take a look at the picture directly above…It was inspired by the man who, in his acceptance speech as president-elect, promises to unite us. To bring the global community together. This would certainly be a remarkable feat seeing as he can’t even bring his own country together. Hey Mr. Trump, let’s start with your own neighborhood.

What a contrast the days following his election have shown juxtaposed to the 2008 election of president Barack Obama. Even though many voted otherwise, nothing overshadowed the feeling of celebration and positive energy. This happened with Obama’s re-election as well.


I, not unlike millions of others, can’t say the same about the days following Trump’s election. If it weren’t for the minute number of electoral votes needed (270) for the presidency, instead of the millions of popular votes given to Clinton, Trump would not have won. Now, half of the country appears to be in one big funk. People are protesting on the streets all over the country. Leaders from around the world who oppose his win are weighing in.

But worst of all, Trump’s victory has brought people who think like him out into the open with red hats replacing white sheets. He has inspired such hateful, nasty individuals my jaw continues to drop.


Donald, of all the celebratory tactics your people could have chosen to showcase the Republican victory — parades, confetti, some positive joyful acts; they chose to run amuck with disrespectful, hateful representations of your vision (Scroll down).

Your people have gone full frontal. When on earth did they grow such “balls”…? They’ve put a whole new spin on the term, “white trash.” Continue reading

Election 2016: Waiting To Wake Up


*As much as I’d like to forget it, last week’s election and the interminable campaigns that preceded it contributed to a national travesty. Commentators like Van Jones have been quite articulate about the results of the election and its ramifications.

Contrastingly, I’ve been stumbling around all week, off and on, tripping over my own words and waiting to wake up from the type of nightmare I never wanted to witness.  I haven’t felt like this since I was 15 years old.

In a world before CNN, the internet, or around the clock access to news updates via a smartphone, I was watching the CBS Evening News’ election returns one November evening in 1980, gathering information for a civics essay I was assigned to write. President Jimmy Carter was running for reelection, and in my parents’ eyes, the election returns weren’t worth staying up for.

“There’s no way the country’s going to elect a former actor,” my mom said of the president’s opponent, Ronald Reagan. “You should just go to bed and watch the morning news for results info before you go to school tomorrow.”

It was getting late and I was fading fast, so I listened to Mom and went to bed, looking forward to waking up and getting caught up on everything.

The next morning, I thought someone had died when I walked into the kitchen and looked into my mother’s eyes, as she paused while packing her lunch for work.

“This is going to be the longest four years of your lifetime,” she posited of what was to be President Reagan’s first term. Neither of us could have known that Reagan’s reign would last 12 long years, between his back-to-back administrations and George Bush’s election in 1988.

“You’ll be voting for president next time,” Mom told me. “Never take that privilege for granted.”

It was one of the best pieces of advice I have received to-date from my mother, and I went on to vote in every presidential election since 1984. I am proud to have helped Bill Clinton, and later Barack Obama, get elected.

As I watched last week’s returns come in, the results of an election during which only a reported 57 percent of the electorate voted, I found myself struggling to envision a world that includes a President Donald Trump. Continue reading

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, African Novelist, Eloquently Says ‘STFU,’ to White Man Who Attempts to Define Racism

bbc-news-night*Oh god. Talk about alternate universes, a claim that Hillary Clinton made when speaking of how Donald Trump views the world we live in, here’s ANOTHER great example. I came upon a YouTube video where BBC NewsNight spoke to African novelist  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and American Spectator Editor-in-chief, Emmett Tyrrell, a Trump supporter. Needless to say one of the highlights of the video is Chimamanda’s calm, classy and stunning shut down of Tyrrell, after his attempt to define racism.

You’re a white man. You don’t get to define what racism is- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Then the descent into delusion began when the BBC NewsNight host asked Tyrrell a simple question.

BBC Host: “Will Donald Trump govern in the same way that he campaigned?”

Tyrrell: “No.”

Continue reading

After A Lifetime of Police Harassment, Guess What this Brutha Wants to Be

Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson

*I saw the film Birth of a Nation last night, and without giving any spoilers, I was struck by the “each one, teach one” action that eventually became a prominent piece of the film. So when I came across this story about a man named Kyle Johnson; who has had some bad experiences with cops, and because of this, he now wants to be one, I thought back to last night and the film.

It’s not often that people see how bad things are, and instead of complaining about them, decided to take it on and do it better.

That’s what Kyle wants to do: Be a cop…a good cop.

I don’t know if being a good cop would be my first, second or even third thought if I, not unlike Kyle, had at one time had my head bashed into the grass by some cop with “anger issues.” Those were the words an officer used as he apologized to Kyle Johnson for the actions of his quick-tempered partner. Continue reading

Memorial Marker of Emmett Till Constantly Vandalized, While that of His Murderer Remains Pristine

*It’s been 61 years since Emmett Till was brutally murdered (Aug. 28, 1955) for allegedly whistling at a white girl. But the white trash that celebrates his murder refuses to let him rest in peace…even today.

Memorial markers of where the teen’s body was found floating along Mississippi’s Tallahatchie River continues to be vandalized by haters; while the marker standing at the former home of his murderer is continually maintained and adorned with flowers.

The 14-year-old, whose murder prompted the civil rights movement, was beaten beyond recognition, and then shot execution style before being thrown into the river.

A grainy photo of a bloated Emmett Till remains in the psyche of every African American old enough to remember. Continue reading

White Students Storm Out of Class After TSU Professor Shares ‘Out of Africa’ Theory

Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University
Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University

*Want to know what some white students really think about Black people? Tell ’em EVERYBODY came from Africa! Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Mixed.


Then just sit back and watch them scatter! That’s what happened at Texas State University when Dr. R. Jon McGee, a seasoned anthropology professor offered what is known as the “Out of Africa” theory. (Scroll down to see a photo courtesy of Twitter user).

According to The Tab, when the professor asserted that all living beings originated in Africa, the white students got up and walked out…in droves.

But that’s not all.

The white students who stayed behind reportedly started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” according to the news site reports. And others went into some serious dialogue with one another. Continue reading

The Broad Stage Presents Staged Reading of ‘The Slave Narratives’ (Free Event)


*We know that America was host to one of the most horrendous acts towards humanity in the history of the world in the form of slavery. And we have seen a multitude of theatrical accounts of what went down during that time. But do we really know what was on the minds of our brothers and sisters who lived the event. The men, women, and their children who were in the very grasp of slavery’s nasty hand?

Bonnie Franklin’s Classic & Contemporary American Plays returns with this season’s annual invited dress rehearsal/staged reading of ‘The Slave Narratives.’

Continue reading