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Memorial Marker of Emmett Till Constantly Vandalized, While that of His Murderer Remains Pristine

*It’s been 61 years since Emmett Till was brutally murdered (Aug. 28, 1955) for allegedly whistling at a white girl. But the white trash that celebrates his murder refuses to let him rest in peace…even today.

Memorial markers of where the teen’s body was found floating along Mississippi’s Tallahatchie River continues to be vandalized by haters; while the marker standing at the former home of his murderer is continually maintained and adorned with flowers.

The 14-year-old, whose murder prompted the civil rights movement, was beaten beyond recognition, and then shot execution style before being thrown into the river.

A grainy photo of a bloated Emmett Till remains in the psyche of every African American old enough to remember. Continue reading

White Students Storm Out of Class After TSU Professor Shares ‘Out of Africa’ Theory

Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University
Professor R. Jon McGee, Texas State University

*Want to know what some white students really think about Black people? Tell ’em EVERYBODY came from Africa! Black. White. Hispanic. Asian. Mixed.


Then just sit back and watch them scatter! That’s what happened at Texas State University when Dr. R. Jon McGee, a seasoned anthropology professor offered what is known as the “Out of Africa” theory. (Scroll down to see a photo courtesy of Twitter user).

According to The Tab, when the professor asserted that all living beings originated in Africa, the white students got up and walked out…in droves.

But that’s not all.

The white students who stayed behind reportedly started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” according to the news site reports. And others went into some serious dialogue with one another. Continue reading

The Broad Stage Presents Staged Reading of ‘The Slave Narratives’ (Free Event)


*We know that America was host to one of the most horrendous acts towards humanity in the history of the world in the form of slavery. And we have seen a multitude of theatrical accounts of what went down during that time. But do we really know what was on the minds of our brothers and sisters who lived the event. The men, women, and their children who were in the very grasp of slavery’s nasty hand?

Bonnie Franklin’s Classic & Contemporary American Plays returns with this season’s annual invited dress rehearsal/staged reading of ‘The Slave Narratives.’

Continue reading

Arthur Lee Duncantell II Foundation Presents ‘Stop the Violence’ Black Tie Gala


*You may ask, who was Arthur Lee Duncantell II? Then again, his name may sound familiar but you just can’t place it. He is a young man who lived in San Bernardino, California. A father of two sons who had dreams of starting a group home for wayward boys as a way of helping his community and honoring his mother, Sheilah Y. Kimble, because through these types of boys, he realized the problems he had caused her growing up.

He is a young man who was fatally wounded by an alleged gang member in 2011 and he is among the many Cold Cases still pending.

He was NOT a gang member.

He is a young man whose murder captured media attention because witnesses who saw what happened were too afraid to come forward, and the San Bernardino Police Dept clearly didn’t give a f*ck about the death of another Black man.

I recall talking to Ms. Kimble more than a year ago. She told me that after Tony Valdez’s Fox11 ‘Cold Case’ story on her son in June of 2015, she contacted Detective William Flesher of the San Bernardino Police Department for an update. According to her, the detective allegedly said, “We are not going to waste taxpayer money to investigate because he’s just another nigger in a gang.”

She said a whole lot more… Continue reading

Let’s Lynch [a] Nigger…For Good


*Niggers are all over the place these days.

Yes, I said “nigger,” not “the N word” or “nigga” or “n****r” or some other version of the word that the overwhelming majority of media outlets routinely use in lieu of THE word. I say if we’re going to use the word, let’s use it.

Or more aptly…let’s not. Ever. In any form.

I remember when only Richard Pryor could get away with regularly using the word “nigger.” He even named one of his standup albums Supernigger and sold millions of albums in the process. My mother didn’t allow that album or any of Pryor’s others in our home, but when Mom was at work Dad howled with laughter to his contraband Pryor cassettes and 8 tracks.


When George Jefferson said “nigger” on the classic sitcom The Jeffersons, millions of viewers laughed while advertisers threatened to drop the show.  Then, in the mid-1980s, Eddie Murphy picked up in feature films and standup specials where Pryor had left off, and the word’s use started to creep. Continue reading

Pressured! Theatre Changes Policy to Fire Employees Who Wear Dreadlocks

Tyler House
Tyler House

*Talk about a turnabout that came about a little too late. The Marcus Country Club Hills Cinema hired Honors student Tyler House after a fantastic interview, but then fired her on the first day of work because of her dreadlocks hairstyle.

After 16-year-old House shook hands with the manager who bid her a hasty adieu after declaring, ‘Dreads are not allowed,’ the disappointed teen who said she was shocked at the outcome because she had actually made the interviewer laugh, went home.

But this was not the end of the issue. The teen’s mother, Darnetta Herring, shared her confusion on the decision — which had recently been given legs via a judicial ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The ruling determined employers have the right to terminate staff who wear the hairstyle. Continue reading

‘Good Deed’ By Stranger at Gas Station Will Blow Your Mind…But Does ‘Positive News’ Even Matter to ‘Us?’


*We’ll get to the “good deed” in a minute.

But first, there is something I have been meaning to get off my chest for quite some time. I notice when this publication acknowledges positive actions and shares good news, we don’t get as many views or comments as the negative news we tend to share. And that’s just sad. It’s like negativity is the only thing that gets our attention.

I bring this up also because social media sometimes asks why media doesn’t cover positive things? Most recently this question was attached to a photo of a group of high school children praying outside in the school yard. Whoever posted the photo this time wondered why news such as that doesn’t go viral.

Positive news doesn’t sell.

Hell, I get that as Black folk, we’ve got a lot going on.  We’ve got every right to be mad as a muh-f*cker — what with being disrespected; victimized by modern day lynchings from those who were hired to protect and serve all people; and continually profiled by society as a whole — we’re not presented with much to smile about. As a result, look around, many of us seem to have forgotten how to smile.

…Unless we are motivated by some external action. Someone gives us a gift. We get good news on a personal level. We win that court case. Our life-partner finally proposes, etc.

But that’s so fleeting. Once we’ve spent the money, or gotten somewhat comfortable with the new situation, we’re right back to where we were before.

Thing is, if we continue down this road, we’re doomed — individually and collectively. Continue reading

Clinton Wins Monday’s Presidential Debate While Trump Earns a Timeout


*The biggest political nightmare of Hillary Clinton’s lifetime could have occurred last night.  During the first of three scheduled presidential debates, a different Donald Trump could have showed up:  measured, informed, poised, articulate, and ready for the Oval Office.


I joined an estimated 100 million people to view what is projected to have been the most watched presidential debate ever.  And its spectacle rivaled Ringling Bros.

Trump managed to hold it together for about 10 of the 90 minute, uninterrupted broadcast, although he gave viewers a hint of the misogyny he’d bring to the White House.  After referring to Hillary as “Secretary Clinton,” he condescendingly said “Is that OK?  I want you to be happy.  It’s very important to me.”

Trump started by trying to attract voters in states like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania who are frustrated by the loss of manufacturing jobs.  He sounded almost semi-literate, but he quickly devolved into…Donald Trump. Continue reading