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Former Police Detective’s Arrogant Stance on ‘Trail of Black Bodies’ Only Provokes Anger in Huffpost Host

Former detective Harry Houck (left) and HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill debate Freddie Gray’s death on CNN.

*Anyone with a pulse would most likely take offense (or at the very least, question)  at the viewpoint of former detective Harry Houck and his justification for the recent “trail of black bodies” at the hands of white officers.

The death of Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, 25, have given black people one more reason to be riled up. And  on Tuesday,  HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill appeared on CNN‘s “Outfront with Erin Burnett” and unknowingly served as the voice (and temperament) of many who don’t have a platform to pose and argue the questions we have about why it is that white officers appear to so blatantly disregard black lives.

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Michelle Obama, Not School Chef, Blamed for Nasty-Looking School Lunch (So What’s New?)

A set up?
A set up?

*Republicans and their followers must be getting exhausted by now hating on the president and First Lady, Michelle Obama. They do it so often; every chance they get.

Now they are blaming the nasty looking lunch pictured above on Mrs. Obama; who had the nerve to insist children eat healthy.

The lunch pictured above, served to an elementary school child, was snapped by a mother in Virginia of all places; then promptly loaded onto Facebook, where it went viral. The meal meets the healthy lunch criteria set forth by Michelle Obama’s nutritional guidelines, but it looks unappealing and downright nasty so it has been ripped apart on social media.

The school’s administrator was said to be “concerned,” but blamed its undesirable look on “poor lighting.”

But its still hard to wrap one’s brain around how Mrs. Obama gets blamed for recommending a healthy meal. Shouldn’t the chef who prepared this less than appetizing dish be held accountable? Continue reading

Anna Deavere Smith Sparks Thought in Never Givin’ Up at The Broad Stage (Watch)

Anna Deavere Smith in "NEVER GIVIN' UP' at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica through April 26th.
Anna Deavere Smith in “NEVER GIVIN’ UP’ at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica through April 26th.

*Anna Deavere Smith is an actor, playwright and professor who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is best known for crafting one-woman multi-character works that bring America’s social issues to the fore and crafts them in a way that causes audiences to think beyond what their eyes see and their ears hear.

She is what actors refer to as ‘an actors actor.’

Someone who goes deep in crafting the many characters she portrays so that even the slightest nuance or characteristic, no matter how intrinsic, is delivered with an authenticity that touches an audience on the deepest level.

No bullshit.

In her two week engagement at Santa Monica’s The Broad Stage, she brings NEVER GIVIN’ UP, a powerful theatrical exploration of civil rights that includes a seminal reading of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s landmark document, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

And accompanying her on this night, in addition to the passionate work of violinist Robert McDuffie and pianist Anne Epperson, was a pair of crutches which she cautioned the audience not to misinterpret as acquiring “for the sake of her art.” Smith was the unfortunate victim of a broken something or other in her leg, only days before the performance. Continue reading

Would Black Students Benefit More Being Taught By Black Teachers – Recent Study Says ‘Yes’


*While we would like to think that race doesn’t matter when it comes to being a person put in the position to teach, thinking this would not only be inaccurate, it would be naive.

Numerous factors have pointed to the difference in academic performance of minority students versus non-minority students; and these factors are largely due to the baggage that a teacher of a different race may bring with them. It’s not new news that minority students deal with racism and stereotyping by teachers. And with more than 80% of public school teachers being white – a new study says that hiring more minority teachers will have an amazing impact on the academia of minority students. Continue reading

African American Judge Makes No Apologies for Being Offended By Little White Girls’ ‘Fear of Black Men’ (Watch)

Judge Olu Stevens
Judge Olu Stevens


*Well, there is at least one judge who doesn’t hesitate to let the court know exactly how he feels…personally and without apology.

Local reports say a judge put the parents of a little girl they say is in  “constant fear of black men” on blast in the courtroom.

According to the Daily News, the parents say their child’s fear began with a home invasion on the family two years ago; by two black men who robbed them at gunpoint while the little girl was watching “SpongeBob Squarepants” on TV.

Judge Olu Stevens has been criticized on social media because he gave the robber, who pleaded guilty, only five years probation. The family and its supporters believe a harsher sentence should have been given.

Though Stevens does not downplay the serious nature of the crime, and the seriousness of a child being traumatized, he doesn’t hesitate to make it known that he is personally offended by what he believes is the parents’ attitude of fostering stereotypes. (Scroll down to watch him as he reads a statement). Continue reading

These White Girls ‘Hunted Black People’ Now They’re in Prison for Murder

White girls killed Black man
Sara Adelia Graves (right), 22, and Shelbie Brooke Richards (left), 21


*Well, this is surely a case that shows how people who commit horrible crimes are dealt with differently according to race.

While the incident happened nearly four years ago, the sentencing just occurred on Thursday and two young white  women received the maximum sentence for their role in a Mississippi hate crime that left James Craig Anderson, a black man, dead.

The women belonged to a gang recognized for hunting, harassing and killing African Americans for sport.

During a reading of their sentence by U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate, Sara Adelia Graves and Shelbie Brooke Richards were given five years and eight years respectively.

Those were the maximum sentences available under the women’s plea agreements. But Wingate said he wished he could send the women away for longer prison terms, and did not even want to entertain the reading of letters he received from supporters of the two women portraying their presence as an accident or one-time incident. Continue reading

Sore Losers! Cops Arrest College Student After They Lose B-Ball Game

Samir on the court with one of the police officers who ended up losing.
Samir on the court with one of the police officers who ended up losing.

*When two police officers approached 21-year-old Samir Hill after they saw him playing B-ball with some neighborhood kids, he says he believes it was because they thought he sucked.

After he invited them on the court to play a little one-on-one, I guess they discovered he didn’t. That’s when they decided to take him down to the police station. And when he asked why he was there, they had no real reason. That’s because there was no reason. They just ended up being…

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No Happiness Allowed: Kansas Doesn’t Want Welfare Recipients to See Movies or Go Swimming


*As if being dependent on government assistance offers any degree of fun, a new House Bill on the agenda in Kansas wants to ensure it stays that way.

Why not just put out a sign that says, If you’re on welfare, ‘No Happiness Allowed’?

Well, actually, that’s what they’ve done. According to a new legislative bill, families in Kansas who are receiving welfare or government assistance will not be able to use those monies to take their family to a movie or round up the kids and go swimming.

Its called House Bill 2258 and its on the agenda waiting for a signature from Gov. Sam Brownback (R) this week.

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