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Airline Denies Man and Dog Flight to Escape Irma Due to Pet Carrier Regulations

Matt and his dog Meeka speak to CNN’s Randi Kaye

*If you knew that certain death awaited your pet if you left it behind in an emergency, would you do it anyway? Matt Varga had run all around his Kendall, Florida neighborhood to find a store with a pet carrier to accommodate his dog’s flight. They were among the hundreds of people forced to evacuate and escape the harsh realities of devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. But even though he went to 10 different stores, all of the carriers were sold out.

When he went to the airlines to board his flight, both he and his dog, Meeka, were denied. The strict federal regulations on how pets can be transported on planes says pets must have an approved carrier for the animal. 

Of course, once word reached social media, all hell broke loose. After Varga granted CNN an interview the incident drew ire from pet lovers all over. Even anchor Anderson Cooper spoke out saying the airline should have made an exception in this case.

“It’s not a huge dog,” Cooper said of Meeka. “You would think they’d make an exception,” he said after the interview. 

Such “exceptions” have come to pass…in the past. But it takes two things to make it happen: guts and  compassion. Social media users referenced the Fort McMurray wildfire in Canada last year, when a pilot for energy company Suncor stepped out against policy to save 36 pets from the blaze — including cats, dogs, hedgehogs, a chinchilla and some frogs. Continue reading

Woman Bitten By Spider As She Sat on Toilet Had Two Operations

*I know a lot of people can relate to this story. I can’t possibly be the only one who imagines these crazy things happening that involve the toilet. I close the top of the commode so snakes won’t be able to climb up from the sewer. I check before I squat to pee just to make sure nothing is creeping up there. Hey, TMI, is what you might be thinking. But tell that to the lady who was bitten by a spider while she was on the toilet. The same one that ended up going to the hospital numerous times to have operations.

Yeah, her!

Lauren Boddy from England noticed the red mark on her leg as she sat on the toilet, but didn’t think much of it until the next day, when she couldn’t ignore the pain.

She told The Sun, “I could barely put any weight on the leg,” and said the bite kept getting more red, bigger and “looked like it was full of pus”.

“It was really bizarre. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” she added.

She went to the hospital, but was sent home with antibiotics. Two days later she was back.

“I was shivering, had a red line running down my thigh and the bite area was oozing pus,” she said.

This time she was placed on an antibiotic drip. The doctors had found a bite that was 10cm-deep, and told Boddy they had to operate.

“It was such a big hole that they had to pack it, it couldn’t be stitched. I had to go back every other day to have it seen to,” Boddy said. Continue reading

Woman Imprisoned for Life in Murder of Husband After Parrot Repeated: ‘Don’t F***ing Shoot!’ (Watch)

*While no human may have been in the vicinity when this woman did her dirty deed, apparently she didn’t check for the bird. Police and family members believe the words repeated by, Bud, a 19-year-old African Grey Parrot, may have been the last words spoken by Martin Durham, the husband of a Michigan woman named Glenna Durham, who has been sentenced to life in prison for his murder.

Glenna Durham was found guilty of shooting her husband five times in May of 2015 after the couples’ pet parrot spoke words that may have helped seal the deal.

The bird was heard saying, “Don’t [expletive] shoot!” and the authorities believe these were the last words the husband said before the fatal shots were fired by his wife. Continue reading

Canine Dispute: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in Court, He Runs to ‘True’ Owner (Video Goes Viral!)


*In a case of whose dog is it, a woman and a man are fighting over ownership of a cute little poodle. In a recent episode of ‘Judge Judy,’ TV magistrate Judith Sheindlin put her no nonsense approach to the test…again.

A video recap shows a woman who says she legally purchased the dog, and a male opposing litigant who says the dog is his. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this quickly, Judy tells a woman in the court to bring the little dog in.

She does so, amidst the oohs and aahs from people seated in the courtroom.

‘Put the dog down’ the judge commands. Continue reading

Weirdness in Short Bites: Have You Seen These ‘Unusual’ Stories?

Though their shells LOOK hard, this nine-banded armadillo’s shell is a leathery armour. It’s life span is anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

*When a Texas man saw an Armadillo in his front yard, he didn’t call out to his wife, “Hey honey, look at that rare animal in our yard. Let’s take a picture!” No, that would’ve been too humane.

Guess what he did instead?

Took out his .38 revolver and shot it. Three times!

But you know what they say about karma. It’s a bee-ach! Continue reading

Man Gets on NYC Subway With Huge, But Way-Too-Cool-Acting Peacock

*New Yorkers, you gotta love ’em. Apparently they’ve seen it all before. It takes a lot to get their attention so just because a guy walked on the train with a big-ass peacock bird…you know the one: about 8-feet tall, beautiful colors, extremely long tail, don’t expect them to actually look up from what they’re doing.

…and that’s OK by the bird. He is awkwardly unfazed as well. 

I mean, the only reason I know is because the sight certainly got the attention of one guy named Matt Chayes. He took a photo and tweeted:


Midday on the @NYCTSubway. Guy walks onto a train with this. (Hold on. Wait a minute!)

The collective “we” out here in cyber-land certainly paid attention. Matt’s tweet garnered 25,318 likes and 7,173 re-tweets.

But look, the picture also shows the people on the subway looking like they could give a you-know-what. A man and woman in the forefront are both looking down at  their phones. Even the woman standing by the subway door doesn’t appear to be looking at the unusual site. The brother sitting behind definitely is. Hey, let’s just say we don’t just let mess like this pass us by.

And here’s another kicker — when MTA was made aware of the situation, and shown the photo, look at what they tweeted to Matt.

if possible, can you please provide more details about this incident?


Continue reading

Watch: Think You Got ‘Issues?’ This Woman Called 911 Because A Boa Constrictor Was Around Her Neck!

*Some people think they can just get away with anything, unscathed. Hey, everybody knows I just love animals. But with this story I realize even I have a limit. An Ohio woman called 911 (scroll down to listen) and told them to “Hurry!” because she had a “Boa constrictor stuck to my face!”

No sh*t. That’s what she said.

Now before we go any further I will admit: I was young and stupid once. I actually let someone place a boa constrictor (a friend’s pet) around my neck. His name was “Dylan” — you may have heard this story before, because its not the first time I’ve told it.

Matter of fact, I even baby-sat, er, snake-sat the 8-ft reptile while my friend ran errands. She kept him in one of those big glass cases you see in jewelry shops. Dylan was cool. Accustomed to being around people — this girl was an artist. And he was fast. I had always thought huge snakes were too heavy to be fast, but I was wrong!

No. The incident was NOT a fun thing like in this picture.

Dylan would glide around the perimeter of a room like nobody’s business. OMG and he was sneaky. He’d hide in drawers and shit, I’m told.

Years later, I guess Dylan outgrew being anybody’s pet and ended up biting my friend on the arm.

Like I said: I was young and stupid once. Wouldn’t do that today.

It was more like THIS!

But what’s this old dame’s excuse?

Even the 911 operator had to repeat the statement: “You have a boa constrictor on your face?” in that usual deadpan “what’s YOUR story” voice.

But still, you could hear the disbelief. Continue reading

Marine Service Dog Stricken With Cancer Gets Final Farewell…in Grand Style

*He served his country well! Cena, a beautiful 10-year-old Black Labrador, was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. On Wednesday, hundreds gathered for a final farewell in Muskegon, Michigan, as the dog took a final ride with all the bells and whistles afforded a military hero. He was then  euthanized at a museum ship in and carried off in a flag-draped coffin.

Continue reading