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4 Videos You’ve Just GOT to See!


*Here is four inspiring videos of amazing, cute and adorable incidents that will warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and help you to not feel so bad about being at work (Of course work must not be SO bad. You’re taking a break to watch this…Heh. Heh. Heh).

Tina Levy is a mother of 5 children. She put her 11-month-old child on the changing table and turned her back for a second. In that brief time, the baby falls — more than 4-feet — off the table. But watch what happens just before he hits the ground.

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Woman’s Lost Dog Found and Returned…Nine Years Later!


*This story may inspire all pet owners whose precious family members got lost by mistake. Amy Baca’s  Lhasa Apso, “Brownie,” ran out a door that was left open accidentally in 2007, and the family searched  far and wide before giving up any hope that he would be found.

Fast forward nine years later, when Baca received a message on Facebook from Kathy Hamel, owner of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue.

The dog had been left in front of a tattoo parlour, and some kind soul dropped him off at Hamel’s rescue facility.

Fortunately, the dog had a chip. But Hamel wasn’t sure it would be of much use after all this time, as owner’s move and contact info becomes outdated. Thankfully, Baca had registered her information with more than one agency, so once the chip was discovered, Hamel was able to move forward in attempts to reach her.

Whew! It is times like this that, when used correctly, social media really proves its worth.  Continue reading

Sucka for a Great Dog Rescue Story, This One about ‘Boo’ is Just for You (Video)


*It baffles the mind as to how anybody could abandon their own pet. I mean, one grows so attached to an animal you chose to be a part of your family. They are nothing but loyal; and even when they are mischievous, we get mad but can’t stay mad. So after seeing a photo of a dog named “Boo” who was allegedly left behind by his owners, but continued to sleep outside on a mattress — seemingly waiting for them to return for him, all I could do was weep.

With two adorable, full-grown pitbulls already in my household, I knew taking in one more was not an option. And further, because of the erroneously bad reputation of these dogs, I didn’t think Boo’s chances for being rescued were that great.

So I was ecstatic to learn that someone who also saw the picture of Boo, and heard his story, took heart and came along and got him.

Now Boo, who was so grateful when the rescuers showed up, he offered no resistance and thanked them with sloppy wet kisses, has been given a forever home!

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Watch! 6 Foot Long Snake Slithers From Under Hood Of Moving Car


*That headline alone creeps me out.

On his commute home in Clearwater, Florida, Tim Mokwa watched a six-foot long black snake emerge from under the hood of his Hyundai.

Mokwa did what every other red-blooded American male would do.

Except me.  I’d have screamed like Mariah and given my heart and soul to Jesus.  


Dude immediately pulled into a parking lot, pulled out his phone and took pictures and a short video of the embodiment of Satan slithering on his sedan’s hood.

“I did close my AC vent,” Mokwa admitted.  “I was like, ‘I do not want it to sneak in this car.”

I would think not, dude.

With his affinity for snakes, Mokwa sounds more like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Continue reading

Watch: Love Compassionate Animal Stories? (You’ll Want to Meet ‘Hobnob’)


*Animal lovers will love this turn poison into medicine story about a donkey named ‘Hobnob’. It’s a story about human kindness, compassion and the effects of what love can do.

I won’t spoil it by saying any more.

Let the video speak for itself (because it does it perfectly).

Happy Friday TNT readers!

Watch! Man Mistakenly Interrupts Bears Mating, Pays the Price (But He’s OK)


*DaYUM! I accidentally walked in one mom and dad a few times when they were gettin’ busy and almost got my ass whipped, but one hiker is lucky to be alive after officials say they believe he interrupted two mating bears.

Dan Richman was probably accustomed to hiking alone in the Sierra Madre Hills of California’s Bailey Canyon area. But on this day a surprise was waiting for him. According to what he told  KTLA,  he was walking along a trail when he spotted a bear on its hind legs 50 to 100 feet away. He was pretty amazed because it was his first time seeing a bear in person. “I was pretty freaked out.”

But not so fast! When he turned around to leave he spotted a second bear. And this one was even closer.

Damn, What do you do when a bear is practically in touching distance? Apparently he thought yelling at it would scare it away.

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Bald Eagle Rescued From Grille of Car In Wake Of Hurricane Matthew


*As you know, Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti, Florida, and half of the United States’ east coast last week, leaving a trail of destruction and hundreds of lost lives.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster like that, it’s great to find a story — just one — to make us smile, if just for a second.

Our national bird has come through.

A 911 call from a driver near Jacksonville, Florida reported a male bald eagle stuck in the grille of a car.

The driver was at an intersection and noticed an odd shape jutting out of the front of an oncoming car.  He initially thought it was a prop of some type, perhaps a Halloween decoration, until he noticed a head moving. Continue reading

Controversial Montreal Pit Bull Ban Suspended Indefinitely


*I’ve shared my home with a pit bull for seven years.  If she’s at all indicative of the breed, they are the most misunderstood, maligned, lovable, loyal dogs in the world. Because of that loyalty, she will do whatever I tell her to do — even drop squirrels and feral cats from her jaws. In the hands of the wrong owner, she could have easily been trained to fight.

That said, a wholesale ban on pit bulls — which is exactly what had been proposed in Montreal, Canada — seems like a canine witch hunt to me.

Luckily, a judge in Quebec agrees.  Shortly after the ban was instituted, it was indefinitely suspended pending a legal battle with the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  They’re challenging the city in court over the draconian law, arguing that it defines pit bull breeds far too broadly; often, a variety of breeds are mistaken for pit bulls. Continue reading