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Readers Make Additions to ‘Top 10 House Negroes in America’ Blog (Guess Who Made the List!)

the field negro

*Attorney Wayne BennettĀ is a mess, and I mean that with all due respect. He is a lawyer who works with families in the Philadelphia court system and blogs as “the Field Negro” which I just saw for the first time because attention is being drawn to a list he has compiled of House Negroes – folks you will find yourself very familiar with, who he has put on blast, and apparently, doesn’t give a you-know-what how you feel about it!

And wait until you see who made the list. Many of you agreed with the choices on his blog, entitled, “My top ten list of house Negroes in America for 2014.” In fact, the blogger had a record 55 responses – which is apparently higher than average for him. So he messaged Journal-isms saying, “I had a few e-mails as well…But as you can see from the comments section on the blog, a few people had some choices of their own.” Continue reading

Rescue Team Works Feverishly, Saves Dog Who Fell Into Tar Pit! (Watch!)

"Yeah...I'm cute now, but you should've seen me a few days go
“Yeah…I’m cute now, but you should’ve seen me a few days ago!”


*We know how curious our four-legged friends can be, right? Always getting in to things they shouldn’t; then trying to look at you with those doggie eyes, and making your bottom lip tremble because you probably feel guilt for punishing him or her by eating in front of him and not offering ANY!

But whose heart wouldn’t go out for the poor pooch in the video below (scroll down), who fell into – of all things – a hot tar pit! Continue reading

Frightened Dog Clings to River’s Edge, But What Is That Watching Over Him! (Photos)

Officer Randy Lopez escorts a frightened, "White Boy," from that scary wall.
Officer Randy Lopez escorts a frightened, “White Boy,” from that scary wall.

*Wow! I’ve heard of gentle giants, but this one may take the cake!

Residents in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa thought they heard something weird coming from the river on Friday night. Then, the next morning, they noticed a cute, but frightened, dog holding on for dear life to a cement wall at the side of the river.

But thankfully, he wasn’t alone. Something “had his back” all along. Continue reading

Look Closely: People Really Do Look Like Their Dogs…And Here’s Why

Stock photo
Yep, you’re his owner. Dead on! Stock photo.


*Whether or not you think Miss Williams resembles her dog “Butch” or not, science may be on their side on this one.

Psychologist Sadahiko Nakajima’s research on dog-owner resemblance has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in recent weeks thanks to coverage in Slate, the U.K.’s Daily Mail and other news outlets. Nakajima, a researcher at Japan’s Kwansei Gakuin University, says there’s evidence to support not just the notion that humans and their pet dogs look alike, but also why that’s so.

It’s all in the eyes, he claims. Continue reading

Sad News: Zeus, World’s Tallest, Friendliest Dog, Dies at Age 5 (Video)


*Animal lovers all over the nation – and dog lovers in particular, are saddened by the death of Zeus, the Great Dane from Michigan who held the title of the world’s tallest dog.

Zeus was 5 years old.

Zeus’ owner Kevin Doorlag told the Kalamazoo Gazette that the canine made his debut as the tallest living dog in the 2012 edition of Guinness World Records. He was an astounding 44 inches tall (about the size of an average donkey) at the shoulder and 7 feet, 4 inches on his hind legs; and weighed 165 pounds. Continue reading

Teenage Girl Forced to Marry Stray Dog…No, We’re Serious! (Watch)

Indifference coming from the "groom?" Maybe.
Indifference coming from the “groom?” Maybe.


*I dare you to complain about living in America after you hear this mess. With all due respect to the cultures and their rituals, you can’t possibly expect everybody to take this kind of news with a straight face. Trust me, there will be deviants!

With that said, villagers told an 18-year-old Indian girl that if she wanted to ward off evil spirits, she would have to get married. Not to a man, mind you. Nor to a woman. But to a dog…a stray dog.

The ceremony is said to have been lavish.

Scroll down for video. Continue reading

See Dog’s Happy Face During Spa Bath, While the Sight of Another Eating 43 Socks Will Gag You!

Ahhh…Heaven must be like this.

*The look on the face of this doggie will make any dog-lover smile. Hopefully, it will also reiterate the fact that your dog really enjoys things like spa days and even massages (just ask my dog about that last one!).

We just thought you’d like to see a video of just how much fun this pampered pooch is having as he lays back in the tub – eyes closed, with paws akimbo, while he gets bathed with loving care. Continue reading