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No, You Haven’t Heard it All: Sexually Frustrated Female Owl Kills Mate Because Penis Was Too Small

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*Though she was happy at the prospect of finally getting the deed done after an apparently long wait, this Snowy Owl proved that just because she’s a bird, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate her core principles…and a “decent-sized package” on her male mate is high on the list of “must haves.”

So when she was presented with a new boyfriend, she gave him a few days because she didn’t want to go without completely; but he obviously didn’t do the do justice and well, suffice it to say, he just had to go.

The Poland-based Snowy Owl, nicknamed the Black Widow, KILLED her intended and left him half-eaten, shocking vets at the animal shelter in Knyszynska Forest.

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Wow! Man Reels in Huge, Rare, (U-g-l-y) Shark in Australia

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Though I can’t show you the actual fish, THIS is what it looks like and I can point you towards the REAL THING…Keep reading.

*Wow! That’s one oogly fish. They call the fish depicted in the photo above a ‘living fossil’ its so rare. And its the same type of shark that was caught by an Australian fisherman. The goblin shark is a deep-water shark and last week it ended up in a fishing trawl net in deep waters off Australia.

An excited Lochlainn Kelly, 22, who was out fishing with his father Mike, said he was “more excited than frightened” when he spotted the creature in their net along with a load of crayfish, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and Merimbula News. Continue reading

Watch: ‘We’re Listening, Message Received’ GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl ‘Puppy Ad’ Amidst Animal Lovers’ Disgust


*Hey, humans might still need a little work when it comes to taking care of each other, but mess with our animal kingdom, and you’re in trouble. The Big Daddy of website hosting,, found this out the hard way when they put up their big Super Bowl ad today to test the waters. After much ado about something from animal rights groups and dog lovers they’ve vowed not to air the ad during the big game on Sunday.

The ad, “Journey Home,” mocked Budweiser’s highly anticipated “Lost Dog” Super Bowl ad that the beer label has been teasing — which, in turn, is a sequel to its wildly popular 2014 Super Bowl ad “Puppy Love.” Continue reading

It’s True, Cats Do Have Nine Lives! This Cat Was Killed By a Car, Buried, And Found Alive Days Later


*Well, who’da thunk it? After all these years a cat comes along and proves the myth is true after all.

No lie.

As it turns out, a Florida feline was hit by a car, buried in front of witnesses, and today has come back from the dead.

Bart the cat shocked the you-know-what out of his owner, Ellis Hutson, who told ABC News, “I was so shocked, I didn’t know really what to do.”

In a statement on its website, the Humane Society of Tampa said, “We have seen many amazing cases at our full-service veterinary clinic, but this situation may take the cake.” Continue reading

‘Look at Me!’ New Study Says ‘Selfies’ Reveal A Narcissistic Personality (Ya Think?)

Selfie at funeral
Crass yes. But hey, don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

*Now you know that you know someone like the dude in the picture above. Just think about it, don’t many of the people you know who take a lot of “selfies” and post them on social media seem kind of narcissistic? Don’t they always seem to find a way to turn every conversation around to them?

This, of course, doesn’t mean they are not sweet and kind.

So now there is new research that backs this opinion up. It says “selfies” reveal a lot about your personality, and not in the most flattering way.

An Ohio State University study recently revealed that men who posted more photos of themselves online actually scored higher in measures of narcissism and psychopathy. Continue reading

“Slap Her, Hard!” Boys in Italian PSA on Domestic Violence Told to Hit Girl in Face (Watch)


*You might think you know what a boy will do if a girl is put in front of him and he is asked to slap her.

After all, domestic abuse is a big problem all around the world. And little boys often see men hit their girlfriends and wives. For today’s youth, its easy to mimick something you’ve been witnessing all of your life, right?

A 2012 United Nations report on Italy called domestic violence “the most pervasive form of violence” in the country. And the country’s former Prime Minister Enrico Letta had another name for it: femicide—the killing of women at the hands of current or former lovers.

Now, an online Italian publication called Fanpage has put an interesting spin on how children respond to the problem. In the video below,  six boys between 7 and 11 years old are interviewed. They are asked to give their names, ages, and they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, and why.

They obediently respond, and then… Continue reading

Man Dumps Dog at Shelter – Then Laughs and Leaves as Pup Starts to Cry

Dog cries when owner leaves at shelter

*Some ruthless human without a heart left the cutest little doggie at a California shelter just before the holidays and when the pup became frightened and started crying, he actually laughed and walked away.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs says witnesses could not believe the owner of the dog, who is called “Jack” left him behind so coldly.

When the 2-year-old pit bull was first dumped he smiled bravely, but soon after he realized what was happening and started losing hope. The devastated dog stares back at the photographer with fear and loneliness. Continue reading