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Watch Croc Fight Three Lions at Once and More Amazing Videos

Amazing videos

*Do you remember the world before the Internet? Thinking back, it was a little less exciting. We can definitely chime in on the pros and cons of technology, right? But you’ve got to admit, the Internet has opened the gates for us to see some pretty amazing stuff. Take a look at some of it in the videos below and scroll down to show us your own amazing videos for an upcoming feature.

Who’da thunk it? At first the fight started off fair. One crocodile. One lion. But then two of the lions buddies joined in.

Uh oh. Sh*t just got real. Continue reading

Listen: Texas Talk Show Host Remarks, ‘Black Lives Don’t Even Matter to Black People’

Michael Berry
Michael Berry

*The more I hear people like Michael Berry, the Texas talk show host that used his radio program as a platform recently to talk about black culture, and how little our own lives mean to us, the broader my view of ignorance becomes. On the one hand, yes, it pisses me off to hear the Hip-hop generation use the N-word because they’ve convinced themselves the meaning has changed. And hell yeah, I hate the way they talk about women, many of whom are daughters they are not even raising. But then I hear people like Berry – who says black people don’t even care about black lives; and the example he uses to prove his point, and I think: When people perpetuate ignorance, how can it ever end well? Continue reading

London Opens Bar Where Customers Can Pet Owls (Check Out Over a Dozen Pictures!!)

OWL, close up

*Pictures, of course, speak for themselves, and I’ll bet serious money that animal lovers (and those in the London bar scene!) are going to love these photos of the new “Owl Themed Bar” that has opened in London to bring awareness to and raise funds for this elusive and mysterious bird species.

SoHo London will soon host the pop-up bar called Annie The Owlwhere guests will be able to handle the nocturnal birds in a petting zoo type of way. The event will take place over a one-week period and they hope to raise funds for owl conservation.

You’ll have to fork up 20 pounds (around 31 dollars in US-speak) to get in, and this includes a few drinks.  The proceeds go to a non-profit organization called The Barn Centre, which is dedicated to the protection of owls in the United Kingdom. Continue reading

WTF…Carpenter Fired for Freeing Raccoon from Exterminators Trap

raccoon cropped

*Well all I can say is, I’m sure glad I didn’t tell my boss years ago that I was late because I saved a skunk who had somehow gotten a Styrofoam cup suctioned onto its mouth. Sure I wasn’t happy I had to throw away a perfectly good pair of jeans but, at least the poor critter lived to stink up the neighborhood another day. Still, had my employer known, I might have been fired like this very compassionate carpenter, who lost his job because he had the nerve to…wait for it…free a raccoon that had been trapped by exterminators at the San Francisco construction site where he worked.

Todd Sutton, 49, spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle and said when he came to work one morning in late February, he saw the animal inside a trap.

The builders had hired professional trappers to have the critter — which was blamed for damage at the $610 million project — removed and euthanized.

But Sutton says that after speaking with officers from Animal Control, he put the animal in his truck and released it in a nearby grassy area. Continue reading

Fear of Being Thought ‘Racist’ Actually Matters to Swedish, Who Changed Names of Some Bird Species

Bird, racist
This may just look like a Black bird to some, but others were offended when it was named “Negro” and even “Kaffer”


*OK, you may have never thought anything having to do with birds would in any way contribute to claims of racism, but once again you’d be wrong. And Swedes are so not wanting this to be the case, and was so shocked by the number of claims of racism they received following the recent publishing of their global list of names given to birds that they formally changed names that were considered racially insensitive to certain groups.

For example, the name “gypsy bird,” was given to one species; while another, a black bird, was named “negro.” Now in all fairness, Black in the Spanish language was always “Negro” but when another bird species went so far as to carry the name “kaffer,” a term used by whites against blacks in apartheid South Africa…

Well, apparently, ‘dem’s’ fightin’ words… Continue reading

These Breeders Let Toddler Play Doggie With ‘Hulk’ — A Giant 175lb Pitbull

3-year-old Jordan Grennan plays with his family dog, Hulk

*Looks more like 375 pounds to me, but whose counting? This sucker is huge! They call him “Hulk” and as lovable as he probably is, he is one scary looking dog – and next to that kid, even more so. But nobody knows their “baby” (this time I’m talking about the dog) better than its owners, so when Marlon and Lisa Grennan decided to let their little boy ride Hulk, a super-sized 12-stone pit bull that could snap a man’s arm with a single bite – like a horse, I suppose they knew what they were doing.

Grennan, 28, does confirm our fears though.

“A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” Marlon Grennan said. Continue reading

No, You Haven’t Heard it All: Sexually Frustrated Female Owl Kills Mate Because Penis Was Too Small

Stock photo


*Though she was happy at the prospect of finally getting the deed done after an apparently long wait, this Snowy Owl proved that just because she’s a bird, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate her core principles…and a “decent-sized package” on her male mate is high on the list of “must haves.”

So when she was presented with a new boyfriend, she gave him a few days because she didn’t want to go without completely; but he obviously didn’t do the do justice and well, suffice it to say, he just had to go.

The Poland-based Snowy Owl, nicknamed the Black Widow, KILLED her intended and left him half-eaten, shocking vets at the animal shelter in Knyszynska Forest.

Continue reading

Wow! Man Reels in Huge, Rare, (U-g-l-y) Shark in Australia

Stock photo
Though I can’t show you the actual fish, THIS is what it looks like and I can point you towards the REAL THING…Keep reading.

*Wow! That’s one oogly fish. They call the fish depicted in the photo above a ‘living fossil’ its so rare. And its the same type of shark that was caught by an Australian fisherman. The goblin shark is a deep-water shark and last week it ended up in a fishing trawl net in deep waters off Australia.

An excited Lochlainn Kelly, 22, who was out fishing with his father Mike, said he was “more excited than frightened” when he spotted the creature in their net along with a load of crayfish, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and Merimbula News. Continue reading