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A Poisonous Spider Down Under Bites a Man…Down Under!


*When I was a kid, I wanted to have superpowers like the heroes in the comic books I read.

Like Spider-Man. Remember him? I used to daydream of being bit by a spider and swinging all over town, saving the day.  I even used to catch spiders in the hope of finding that. Special. ONE.

After reading about this guy’s encounter with a spider, I realize, frankly, that I was a fucking nut.

A man in Sydney took himself to the hospital recently after having been bit on his penis by a poisonous Australian redneck spider.


Yes, Lawd.

On the penis. Continue reading

Oprah’s Not Worried About Flack From Church Folk


*For decades, my girl Oprah has spoken passionately about “intention.” She’s famously asked many guests what their “intention” was before sitting down to talk with them, and she seems grounded in a belief that if your intention is pure and significant, your work will bear fruit.

So it was not really a surprise to learn that the Queen of All Media wasn’t concerned with the possible backlash against her upcoming drama ‘Greenleaf,’ a one-hour scripted drama which promises to pull the curtain back from the inner workings of the black church and the family that runs one.

“Our intention is to use this as a platform for telling great stories,” the 62-year-old media tycoon said, during a press screening of Greenleaf. “Our intention is to be mindful and respectful of the church as an institution. Only good can come from that.”

The family drama focuses on a fictional megachurch in Memphis, Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, headed by Bishop James Greenleaf and Lady Mae Greenleaf, played by Lynn Whitfield. Viewers soon learn that the good Bishop’s life is more sinister than godly. Winfrey herself returns to the screen, playing Mavis McCready, Lady Mae’s sister, in the new series. Continue reading

Would You Support a Vet Who Shot a Cat in the Head With an Arrow? (Video)

Vet with Tomcat she killed

*Call me overly sensitive, but in answer to the headline question, I’d have to give a rousing Hell no!” The above photo was posted by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey (who is seen holding the allegedly feral tomcat she shot in the head with an arrow) in April 2015. To further my solidify position, although vets face the death of animals all the time, evening having to euthanize them when requested or necessary, Lindsey’s actions have nothing to do with that. This photo reminds me of the dentist who killed the lion. Boldly and proudly.

So when she was in court on the second day of a hearing which would determine if she would lose her veterinary license or not, she had the nerve to tear up.

But don’t get it twisted. She wasn’t crying because she felt bad about what she had done; nor the fact that she could very well lose the right to be a pet doctor.

Nah, it was another something that touched Lindsey in the place that houses the heart in the rest of us. Continue reading

Marques Gaines: His Death Proves How ‘Inhumane’ Us Humans Can Be (Graphic Video)

Marques Gaines

*There are several names alotted to the behavior of people…groups of people…who see something bad happening to someone else; someone who is helpless, and they just turn their heads away and decide to do nothing. This was the fate of a Chicago man named Marques Gaines, 32, who was three times a victim: the first time when some thug happened upon him as he left a 7-Eleven store shortly after 4 a.m., and knocked him out cold and left him lying in the street. Secondly, when people came to and fro to look, then kept walking without the slightest decency to do anything; and finally, when a taxi swirled around the corner and ran over him.

Those in the field of psychology and social science attempt to classify this inhumane tendancy that people can choose to exhibit using terms like “Civil Inattention,” “The Bystander Effect” or “Bystander Apathy.”

But I just call it eff’d up.

Folks, we’ve got to do better. Much better.

Reports are laying blame on the people of Chicago, because this particular incident occurred there. And yes, anyone in that vicinity at the time this crime occurred; anyone who witnessed this helpless man in the street and decided this was the time to mind their own business should feel like sh*t now and for the rest of their days.

You saw this unfortunate circumstance and did absolutely NOTHING about it. And you could have.

But the fault doesn’t lie solely with the people of Chicago. We all have blood on our hands. We have become a society insensitive to the horrific. We now see it as entertainment; something to gawk at, gossip about and move on to the next ghastly thing. Continue reading

‘Uber Rideshare Service’ Has the Power to Change the World…Economically Speaking

Travis Kalanick, Co-founder and CEO of Uber

*Being an entrepreneur can be both exciting and frightening. The freedom to be on your own clock, so to speak, and have the impetus to actually do something with all of those crazy ideas that come into your head can be truly exhilarating. But the frightening part is the risk-taking involved; the expense — especially if it is exercised with reckless abandon — and not having a mentor to shadow and learn from.

I can recall a mentor from one of my entrepreneurial pursuits, one that I am stil proudly involved with today, told me (well, reminded me because it is something I already knew, but only took to heart when he said it), that, “You can’t learn how to make money from a broke person.”

Uber logo

I used the “broke person” example here, but you can apply this to anything in life. Can you trust good marriage advice to come from someone who has been divorced several times? Can an unhealthy person give you health tips? And just use your head here, someone struggling with mental illness can’t…well, you get my drift.

But does this stop people from flapping their lips to tell you what YOU should be doing — and how you should be doing it?

Hell no. That’s just the way it is. And though it often keeps life interesting, you don’t have to be down with it.

So when I came across an article that had a successful entrepreneur who had co-founded a business so well known around the world that it has become a verb (“I’m doing Uber today.” “I’m taking an Uber.” “Let’s Uber there!”) giving lessons on life and leadership, my ears perked up.

Daniel handles Operations for Uber in Melbourne
Daniel handles Operations for Uber in Melbourne

Continue reading

Book Review: Why Bernie Sanders Matters, By Dennis Moore

Bernie Sanders

*Radical, hippy, revolutionary, self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Hot from the campaign trail, a vivid new biography goes inside Bernie Sanders’ contradictions, his unusual life, and his electrifying quest to make the American dream a reality for all. This unauthorized biography by Harry Jaffe gives us insight into this man running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidacy for President of the United States.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may be the least political person in politics – a brusque, unpolished, Jewish  socialist from Brooklyn with deep-seated convictions and distaste for small talk. Donald Trump mockingly and repeatedly refers to this “Socialist” as a “Communist” in his Republican campaign speeches for president.

Harry Jaffe, Author
Harry Jaffe, Author

Harry Jaffe, the author of this book, is a leading journalist covering Washington, DC – its crime, its heroes and villains. Beyond Washington, Jaffe’s work has been published in Yahoo News, Men’s Health, Harper’s, Esquire, and newspapers from the San Francisco Examiner to the Philadelphia Inquirer. He’s appeared in documentary films and on television and radio across the country and throughout Europe. It is this type of journalistic background that enables us to fully appreciate his latest book about this enigma of a man, Bernie Sanders, in Why Bernie Sanders Matters. Continue reading

Man Admits He ‘Hung’ Pit Bull Puppy, Says it Killed His Iguana

Pit Bull Mix murderer

*Yep. I agree with what you’re thinking. Based on that headline, this is some sick ass sh*t.  And it gets even sicker. The piece of sh*t that hung the dog has also been accused of raping it.

I’ll give you a minute to rinse out your mouth.

“Diamond” was the puppy’s name, and she worked as a service dog. Her little body was discovered by a biker on March 22.

It was hanging from a tree.

A veterinarian  said the dog died of asphyxiation, and scratch marks were evident of her struggle. But the official also said that Diamond was severely sexually abused as well. Continue reading

A Pawsitive Pitbull Story: Heroic Dog Stops Man from Beating His Wife (Watch)

Blitz, a 2-year-old pitbull, came to the rescue of a woman who was attacked by her estranged husband near Plasman Ave. and South Shore Dr. in Holland Wednesday night. The dog's owner did not want to be identified.  (Mark Copier | The Grand Rapids Press)
Blitz, the 2-year-old pit bull that came to the rescue of a woman who was being attacked by her estranged husband near Plasman Ave. and South Shore Dr. in Holland, Michigan

*My little family and I include two pit bull dogs that we adore. Hands down, we feel they are two of the best things that have ever happened to us. So when we hear the terrible, and erroneous stories about this breed of dog, based on the evil training of a few by their humans, we become angry enough to seriously kick somebody. Yet as peaceful as we are…as I am, I realize there is a time and a place to reveal another side of you. The side you only let out on special occasions; and even then, after being forced to do so. Apparently, Blitz, a 2-year-old pit bull who possibly saved a woman’s life, was where he needed to be at the right time and place.

And he was forced to reveal another side of himself.

Late Wednesday evening Blitz’s human said she heard horrible screams coming from a woman outside of her Holland, Michigan apartment. When she opened the door, she saw a man beating the woman and dragging her in the street. Turns out, the man was her estranged husband. He had broken into her house and proceeded to assault her. Continue reading