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Dog Hours Away from Euthanasia, Saved By Student Vets Discovery


*Imagine your sweet animal gets sick and there is absolutely nothing you can do. It happens. You go on a camping trip. You take the family dog. A good time is had by all. But when you come home you notice something just ain’t right with your pooch.

According to his owner, Al, who asked that his last name not be used, 10-year-old Ollie, a Shetland sheep dog aka Sheltie, became paralyzed after a family camping trip. Al said Ollie is generally active, but he noticed that was not the case once they returned home.

After taking the dog to the vet and having tests conducted, blood work and X-rays done, no one could figure out what was wrong with Ollie, according to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

No dog owner wants to see their pet suffering, so on May 4, two weeks after the trip, Al and his family made the difficult decision to euthanize Ollie.

But then the strangest thing happened. Continue reading

OMG! Woman Treated at Hospital For Shark Bite…With Shark Still Attached


*I love my two dogs. Shepherd mix and a pit, rescue mutts. LOVE ‘em. I joked just this morning that I wish inter-species marriage was legal. But this story is taking attachment to an animal to a whole new level.

Paramedics in Boca Raton, Florida rushed a 23-year-old beachgoer to the hospital after she’d been bit on the arm by a two-foot-long nurse shark.

Here’s the kicker: the shark was still attached to her arm! He wouldn’t let go!

“She was sitting calmly, seemed to handle it pretty well,” said Bob Lemons, a spokesperson for the Boca Raton Fire Rescue. But Jaws wouldn’t let go.

Shlomo Jacob was on the beach when the woman came out of the water, with a bloody arm and a shark attached to it. He said the shark “wouldn’t give up.”

“It was barely breathing but it wasn’t letting go of her arm, like it was stuck to her,” Jacob said.

Stuck. Attached. Continue reading

Kid Forces Pup to Train By Watching YouTube Videos (Too Cute)


*We’ve pretty much become accustomed to children doing the darndest things. Meet 4-year-old Lincoln Ball. When the doctor told his daddy that he was allergic to practically EVERYTHING outside of his house, but added the “good news is that you are not allergic to pets,” and suggested they get a dog well, this was apparently the only part this kid heard.

Suffice it to say, he now has a dog.

Lincoln’s parents have not owned a dog throughout their entire 15-year marriage, so they made sure to let Lincoln know that the dog, an adorable little St. Bernard pup, would be his responsibility to house train the dog and suggested he look at YouTube videos.

But apparently selective hearing set in on little Lincoln…again.

“He got the video all lined up,” his dad, Daniel Ball told ABC News. “And then he called the dog over and started playing it directly to the dog.” Continue reading

Family Dog Called ‘Hero’ After Saving Girl from Venomous Rattlesnake


*This writer can really relate to this story about the family dog protecting his human from one of the most undesirable reptiles in the animal kingdom…a rattlesnake.


But this German Shepherd, named “Haus,” is being hailed a hero after he showed bravery and came between a little girl who was playing with the dog in her yard when the reptile came slithering up and decided to join in on the fun.

The Shepherd went into attack-mode and was bitten several times by the  Eastern diamondback snake. But not even this stopped Haus. And according to the girls mother, Donya DeLuca, their beloved dog “kept taking hits” from the snake.

DeLuca even said she “didn’t know if she would have made it” had the dog not intervened. Continue reading

Mama Goose Seeks Out Police to Help Untangle Her Baby (Watch)

Sergeant James Givens
Sergeant James Givens

*And you thought you’d heard it all! Think again because its doubtful you’ve heard about a goose smart enough to seek out the help of a police officer because her baby bird is in trouble.

Admittedly, and as of late, we’ve heard of humans doing much less for their kids!

Humph! But I digress.

In a do you understand the words that are coming out of my beak kind of way, one mother goose had to let go of her prejudices, and ask for help of the human kind after her baby gosling got tangled up in some wire.

“She kept pecking and pecking and normally they don’t come near us, Sgt. James Givens told WKRC about the bird who was trying to get his attention by “knocking on the door” of the patrol car.

“Then it walked away, and it stopped and looked back…and I followed it. And it led me to the baby that was tangled up in all that string,” the sergeant added. Continue reading

Jahana Hayes, National Teacher of the Year, Speaks on Detroit’s Public School Crisis


*Detroit made national news this week when 2,700 public school teachers, after being presented with the prospect of not being paid over the summer, called in sick. Over 40,000 students were impacted, at almost 100 schools in the struggling district. In my eyes, there’s not a winner here.

During my exclusive conversation with 2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes, I asked for her perspective. She agreed with me, while standing strongly for teachers in the Motor City.

“First of all, I believe in teacher’s unions,” Hayes shared. “This is a profession, and teachers have to work hard to protect the professional part of what we do. There’s this idea that teaching is such an altruistic profession, and as a result, teachers are not respected in the way that they should be. It’s unreasonable to expect someone to go to work and not get paid. People think that we should just [report to work] because that’s what’s best for the children. But people have families, and people have lives.”

“Obviously, for that many teachers to call off, that situation is hemorrhaging,” Hayes continued. “That was not something that was done lightly or easily. But those teachers probably felt like there was no alternative, and I think in that case, school districts need to listen. They need to say ‘How do we work with teachers?’ Teachers need to be treated as professionals and taken a little bit more seriously, and [school districts should] come to the table and work out solutions. Nobody who’s in this profession sat down and said ‘Tomorrow we’re going to do something to hurt 40,000 kids.’ So that decision I’m sure was not entered into lightly.” Continue reading

A Poisonous Spider Down Under Bites a Man…Down Under!


*When I was a kid, I wanted to have superpowers like the heroes in the comic books I read.

Like Spider-Man. Remember him? I used to daydream of being bit by a spider and swinging all over town, saving the day.  I even used to catch spiders in the hope of finding that. Special. ONE.

After reading about this guy’s encounter with a spider, I realize, frankly, that I was a fucking nut.

A man in Sydney took himself to the hospital recently after having been bit on his penis by a poisonous Australian redneck spider.


Yes, Lawd.

On the penis. Continue reading

Oprah’s Not Worried About Flack From Church Folk


*For decades, my girl Oprah has spoken passionately about “intention.” She’s famously asked many guests what their “intention” was before sitting down to talk with them, and she seems grounded in a belief that if your intention is pure and significant, your work will bear fruit.

So it was not really a surprise to learn that the Queen of All Media wasn’t concerned with the possible backlash against her upcoming drama ‘Greenleaf,’ a one-hour scripted drama which promises to pull the curtain back from the inner workings of the black church and the family that runs one.

“Our intention is to use this as a platform for telling great stories,” the 62-year-old media tycoon said, during a press screening of Greenleaf. “Our intention is to be mindful and respectful of the church as an institution. Only good can come from that.”

The family drama focuses on a fictional megachurch in Memphis, Calvary Fellowship World Ministries, headed by Bishop James Greenleaf and Lady Mae Greenleaf, played by Lynn Whitfield. Viewers soon learn that the good Bishop’s life is more sinister than godly. Winfrey herself returns to the screen, playing Mavis McCready, Lady Mae’s sister, in the new series. Continue reading