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OMG! Look at The Latest ‘It Can Wait’ Anti Text While Driving Campaign By AT&T

AT&T campaign

*This is definitely not for the weak. But then again, they may want to watch because it could possibly save their lives.

AT&T is going all out in this campaign that advocates why you should not even attempt to text or look at your device while you are at the wheel.

The video gets you all wrapped up in the families going about their daily business. A little boy is riding his bike and in a carefree manner, admiring what is around him in the neighborhood. A little girl playing in her room asks her mother if her little doll “Elizabeth” can come along with them in the car. And a husband who decided to leave work early is en route to his son’s game while on the phone discussing dinner plans with his wife.

There is so much going on, you soon forget its a commercial, and then BAM! Continue reading

Watch: Brilliant CNN Video Shows Elementary Aged Kids Talking ‘Race’ and ‘Justice System’ (Powerful!)

kids discuss race in America with CNN host

*One of the greatest truths adults should address today may be the fact that they underestimate children. If we just take the time to sit and speak to them, not in childlike gibberish or using a disrespectful tone — but in a way that makes them feel that we “really want to know your thoughts on this” that would go such a long way. But it wouldn’t stop there. We would have to truly listen, because believe it or not, kids know when they are being bulls**ted. So you’d have to let them know that you heard them in your followup. Reiterate some of their points in a way that reaffirms you understand where they are coming from.

Such underrated dialogue could hold some valuable insights to many of the issues that seem to have now become so overwhelmingly complex in America.

Where is all of this coming from?

A CNN video done about a year ago (scroll down), around the time of Eric Garner‘s death, shows a reporter sitting down with a young group of school children to discuss issues in the news at the time: Grand jury’s, the police and unarmed Black men. Continue reading

Video of Man Trying to Drown Pit Bull Puppy Goes Viral (Watch)

You will need to scroll down and watch the video explain what this picture shows.
You will need to scroll down and watch the video explain what this picture shows.

*When a Palm Beach Gardens nurse saw a man attempting to drown a pit bull puppy, claiming he was “training” the dog, she contacted the police and then started recording the incident.

Mayda Tress was at Florida’s Critter Beach with her family on Friday when the incident occurred.

She posted the video on Facebook and it has since gone viral.

The nurse says she saw a man with a pit bull pup tied to mangroves in deep water and there was a weight attached to the dog.

“It was very disturbing and the puppy was suffering,” Mayda Tress said.

Apparently, it was when a crowd started to gather and make it known to the man that they did not approve, he told them he was “training” the dog.

Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Are We Bananas or Is This One Handsome Gorilla? (Photos & Video)

They call me "Shabani." What's your name sugar?
They call me “Shabani.” What’s your name sugar?

*Hey, we gotta give credit where its due. And who says human males are the only species and sex that can be called fine.

Well they lied.

Take Shabani the gorilla. Japanese women are said to be getting to the zoo to see him by any means necessary.

And its not like he doesn’t realize he’s got their attention. Just look at the photos. After a while he just starts posing for them.

Talk about being ready for your close-up.

The recently discovered “sex symbol?” (their words, not mine) has actually been living at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan since 2007. But I guess it was only recently that he began to grow into his looks.

Apparently, he’s feelin’ himself too, at least from the looks of the photos and video below. Continue reading

Rachel Dolezal: Yes, She’s White. No, She Shouldn’t Have Lied, Now Leave That Woman Alone

Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal


*Well damn. Though a multitudinous number of us have been praying for relief from the whole Caitlyn Jenner transition, now we’re being overwhelmed with what has become the new circus in town:

The racial identity issue surrounding one Rachel Dolezal.

At the time of this writing, I have not watched any of the television interviews with Ms. Dolezal.

And quite frankly, I don’t plan to.

I am not here to analyze this woman; or bring up what she did in her past or why she did it.

I am here to address the circus it has become. And disagree with how she is being vilified, as if she were a criminal.

She’s not a criminal. She did nothing that she could be put in jail for, to my understanding.

No doubt many of us were surprised to learn about the switch-a-roo of a Caucasian woman actually passing for African American, Black. After all, if we’re being honest with ourselves, the first question that came to mind was… why would she want to do that?  Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Watch This Monkey Drop-Kick Guy Who Gives Him the Finger

monkey, finger


This one will have you laughing, too.

A video shows monkey is just sitting on top of a fixture as people walk by. But instead of just walking by, one young man decides to stop and give the monkey the finger.

Its as if the monkey speaks sign language, because it immediately reacts. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Lioness Lunges Towards Defenseless Man…Only to Give Him a Hug (Watch)

"Sirga" the lioness
“Sirga” the lioness

*As an animal lover I have one thing to admit…

I’m so jealous.

At first this looks like its going to be a bloodbath; as a huge lioness appears to lunge towards a defenseless man who may be opening the gate to feed her.

But after a second, once you take your hands away from your eyes, you realize its a wild animal showing love to an old friend in a very tame way we never expected to see. Continue reading