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Big Deal: MSNBC Had a Program With Black Hosts and Black Guests Discussing ‘Non-Black’ Issues (Say What?)


*Nope. I’m not being facetious in the headline. This was a big deal!

If you were one of the astute observers who switched your channel to  MSNBC on July 11 in the 6 p.m. hour, you may have noticed something pretty out of the ordinary. Oh, it may not have been immediately apparent – but chances are, after the first station-break you had one of those “Hey, wait a minute…” revelations. What the heck am I talking about?

Bear with me a moment longer.

You may have, at first glance, seen the usual host and panel speaking on topics such as the tragic, much-covered death of an infant left in a car; or even the latest victim of police brutality. But then, just as you were about to settle in with that quart of ice cream you realized… Continue reading

Jerry Brown Signs Bill That Makes It OK to Bring Pooch to Restaurants


*I thought it was a bit peculiar when I visited a local bar in Northern California recently, and there, amongst the Saturday night regulars, sat “Fido” – just as comfortable as he pleased.

That’s because Gov. Jerry Brown made history recently when he signed Assembly Bill 1965, which says it’s OK to bring Fido into bars and restaurants.

Assembly Bill 1965 means you don’t have to leave Fido at home the next time you want to dine out or grab a drink at the local pub. The bill permits dogs to join owners at the outdoor sections of food establishments, provided the canine companions are under control and not barred by a city ordinance or a restaurant owner. Continue reading

Hilarious: Monkey Takes Selfie & Starts Ownership Copyright Feud

This is an authentic monkey selfie!
This is an authentic monkey selfie!

*Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! If this don’t beat all! tells the story about the court battle over the rights to a “Simian selfie.”

You heard right.

A photographer apparently went to a jungle and left camera equipment for the monkeys, who actually did take pictures of themselves.

Of course, in the “monetize everything” world that we live in, the argument now becomes, who owns the photos? The photographer whose equipment was used? The monkeys?

What to do. What to do? Continue reading

Pure Evil: Man Puts Razor and Nails in Meat and Throws to Neighbors Dogs, One Dead

Not the real Nibbles
Not the real Nibbles

*Dang, talk about one mean a** neighbor. Apparently, after the barking dogs got on his last nerve, Robert Hamme of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, was so fed up he took the time to prep pieces of meat and threw it over his neighbors’ fence so that the dogs would eat it.

When James Stotts discovered his 14-year-old dog, Nibbles, would not eat or drink over a period of days, he did not know why; so he took the beagle to the vet. But the dog suffered from an extreme blockage that required an expensive surgery he couldn’t afford so he had to have the animal humanly euthanized as a result.

It wasn’t until Stotts went back home and checked his other dog, that he realized this was no accident. He reached into the dog’s mouth and located what turned out to be a piece of a razor blade. Then he searched the yard, and found two more pieces of meat that had razor blades and small nails. Continue reading

Idiots Didn’t Think This One Through: Giraffe Being Transported By Trailer Hits Head on Overpass, Dies.

Horror: A vet reportedly confirmed the animal died as the result of "severe trauma"
Horror: A vet reportedly confirmed the animal died as the result of “severe trauma”


*Sometimes you just gotta wonder what the “brainiac” that orchestrated this sh*t was thinking. It was pure carelessness that has caused the unnecessary death of another animal.


One of two giraffes being transported in a trailer has died after hitting its head on a motorway bridge. One spectator said the impact of the hit was so loud, it sounded like a gunshot.

The bizarre scene of the animals riding on the freeway, with their heads stuck out of the top of a trailer being pulled by a truck, was captured on camera by several witnesses in Centurion, South Africa, today.

The scene turned horrific as motorists watched one of the animals hit its head on a motorway bridge as the vehicle passed under. The animal was later confirmed dead by a vet who said the cause was due to “severe head trauma,” according to Rick Allan from the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Continue reading

Pet Obesity: 77-Lb. Dachshund Named ‘Obie’ Loses 54 Pounds & Shares His Secrets

A picture of Obie from his Facebook page
A picture of Obie from his Facebook page

*In 2012, “Obie” -  a Dachshund who suffered from morbid obesity – had been turned over to a rescue. He had literally been almost “loved to death” by the elderly humans who cared for him, and apparently allowed him to eat any and every thing, with no exercise; causing him to balloon to an unhealthy 55-pounds overweight. Continue reading

A Once ‘Cute’ Iconic Photo for Coppertone Now ‘Indecent’ According to Facebook


*Some of us from “a certain age group” remember the Coppertone tanning lotion print commercial of 1953, where the swim suit bottoms of a little white girl  is playfully being tugged at by a little doggie.

Well, Facebook apparently didn’t think it was cute in 2014 – and pulled the photo when a mom tried to “recreate” the iconic pic with her own child as the star (see photo below). Seems what we called “cute” back then has now ended up on the wrong side of Facebook’s decency terms. Continue reading