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‘Look at Me!’ New Study Says ‘Selfies’ Reveal A Narcissistic Personality (Ya Think?)

Selfie at funeral
Crass yes. But hey, don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

*Now you know that you know someone like the dude in the picture above. Just think about it, don’t many of the people you know who take a lot of “selfies” and post them on social media seem kind of narcissistic? Don’t they always seem to find a way to turn every conversation around to them?

This, of course, doesn’t mean they are not sweet and kind.

So now there is new research that backs this opinion up. It says “selfies” reveal a lot about your personality, and not in the most flattering way.

An Ohio State University study recently revealed that men who posted more photos of themselves online actually scored higher in measures of narcissism and psychopathy. Continue reading

“Slap Her, Hard!” Boys in Italian PSA on Domestic Violence Told to Hit Girl in Face (Watch)


*You might think you know what a boy will do if a girl is put in front of him and he is asked to slap her.

After all, domestic abuse is a big problem all around the world. And little boys often see men hit their girlfriends and wives. For today’s youth, its easy to mimick something you’ve been witnessing all of your life, right?

A 2012 United Nations report on Italy called domestic violence “the most pervasive form of violence” in the country. And the country’s former Prime Minister Enrico Letta had another name for it: femicide—the killing of women at the hands of current or former lovers.

Now, an online Italian publication called Fanpage has put an interesting spin on how children respond to the problem. In the video below,  six boys between 7 and 11 years old are interviewed. They are asked to give their names, ages, and they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, and why.

They obediently respond, and then… Continue reading

Man Dumps Dog at Shelter – Then Laughs and Leaves as Pup Starts to Cry

Dog cries when owner leaves at shelter

*Some ruthless human without a heart left the cutest little doggie at a California shelter just before the holidays and when the pup became frightened and started crying, he actually laughed and walked away.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs says witnesses could not believe the owner of the dog, who is called “Jack” left him behind so coldly.

When the 2-year-old pit bull was first dumped he smiled bravely, but soon after he realized what was happening and started losing hope. The devastated dog stares back at the photographer with fear and loneliness. Continue reading

NYPD Considers Boycott of Chipotle After Employee Does ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Gesture


*Well just look at who has gone and gotten offended…the NYPD. Add to that, New Yorkers appear to actually give a damn.

Here’s the story.

Apparently, the men in blue went in to a Brooklyn Chipotle, the popular Mexican grill, to get a bite to eat a while back. At that point, one of the employees allegedly did a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture – in remembrance of slain teen Mike Brown.

Immediately offended by the gesture (and probably not trusting their food to be prepared safely after that), the officers, supposedly 8 of them, did an about-face and left the establishment. Since then, they are said to be considering a boycott of the chain. And comments by New Yorkers are on their side!

But Chipotle says the whole thing has been exxaggerated. And the story continues to change as it circulates on the Internet. Gaining speed of a now viral nature. Continue reading

Caught By Surveillance! Christmas Eve ‘Dog Ditcher’ Comes Forward (Watch)

The pooch has since been cleaned up, fed and now awaits a loving forever home.

*Now any other time you know we’d be hollering, “Poor doggie!” And while we still feel that way about the sweet homeless pet who was seen being ditched in the parking lot of Walgreen’s in the Southern California city of San Fernando on a cold Christmas eve, after hearing the background on the story, you also feel kind of bad for the guy that everyone saw do it.


Well…because according to him, he was just trying to help.

The dog looked mangy, matted and in need of TLC. You could tell he had been uncared for, for quite some time. But the man says (what the cameras didn’t show) was the animal moving in and out of dangerous traffic before he grabbed the dog to bring him off the road to the safety of a nearby parking lot.

He was simply trying to be a good samaritan. Continue reading

Dog Deformed Due to Prior Living Conditions Gets Second Chance at Happy Life

Dog with bent legs1

*Its always great to hear about animals who once appeared hopeless, being given a second chance.

Earlier this month, a call for help came in to Second Chance Rescue in New York City. It was from a shelter in Georgia about a pit-bull mix, who had several serious medical problems due to his former living conditions. The dog was also very skinny.

“The tendons in all 4 legs are ruptured due to his prior living conditions. He is very small and underweight,” Jacquelyn O’Sullivan of Second Chance Rescue told the Huffington Post in an e-mail. “His body condition tell us that he lived in a small space, hence his dwarf-like appearance, bent legs and curved spine. Continue reading

Take A Picture! Argentinian Zoo in Trouble, Drugs Lions So Tourists’ Can Pose (See Photos!)

lion and family pose

*Can you believe it? One photo shows a woman laying on top of a lion that is stretched out, full-length, on its side. And another shows three tourists smiling broadly, as they stand with a hand resting on top of a sleeping lion (Pictured above).

Sound bazaar? It is. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

And an Argentinian zoo is now in trouble for allowing it to happen. They are being investigated due to assertions that the lions and other big animals are being drugged just so tourists can pose next to them for photo ops.

They can thank social media for the bust. Continue reading

Watch: What The…? Creature Washes Ashore on Beach (Can You Tell What it Is?)

mystery seacreature

*Yikes! What in the world is that in the photo above? It supposedly washed up on a beach in Santa Barbara, California, last week after the rains leaving those who live in the area and those just visiting to wonder, “What the…?”

“I’d say it looks like a combination of a seal and a dog with fangs dried up, potentially,” resident Michael Curtis told KEYT-TV.

“To me it looks reminiscent of a dinosaur…like an old dog, ancient,” Josh Curtis added. Continue reading