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Uh oh, Dr. Boyce Watkins: Your ‘Intellect’ Is Being Questioned, Especially Where POTUS Is Concerned!

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins

*As a political analyst and social commentator, Dr. Boyce Watkins must know that he hasn’t made a lot of friends.

Controversial figures rarely do.

But it is his seemingly constant flux of uncomplimentary jabs at president Barack Obama that now has one writer questioning the scholar’s intellect and blatantly accusing him of being ignorant, having unrealistic expectations and fostering an agenda that “promotes a culture of whining, begging, and complaining.”

Dr. Watkins, you have been warned.

(Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, too!) Continue reading

Mimi Faust: A ‘Woe Is Me’ Tale As To Why She May Be The Way She Is (For Those Who Give A D*mn)


*Its always interesting when a writer attempts to do the job of a psychoanalyst. Yes, many of us are deep thinkers, or at least we’d like to think that we are; but bless our hearts, we join the masses when it comes to having and sharing our opinions…After all, they are free.

This is not a slight on the writer of the 5 points below – which offer potential reasons as to why VH1 “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star, Mimi Faust, is the way she is; which would possibly lend a clue as to why she made the “poor decision to release an adult film.”

I suppose one could argue with the obvious judgement call that assumes Faust’s decision was actually a poor one. After all, time will tell right? Continue reading

Ed Gordon Hosts ‘Do You Know Your Daddy?’ Town Hall Discussion to Address Single-Parenting Issues in African American and Latino Communities

Journalist Ed Gordon

Journalist Ed Gordon


*Billed as an “African American and Latino Family Crisis,” award- winning journalist Ed Gordon (President of Ed Gordon Media) will host a thought-provoking town hall discussion about the dynamics of fatherless households in America; particularly within African-American and Latino urban communities. Continue reading

New ‘Positively Perfect’ Dolls Puts Ethnic Diversity in Toy Store Aisles

Barbie, Positively Perfect

“Positively Perfect Dolls” collection by Dr. Lisa Williams (Photo courtesy of Williams)

“Mommy, she looks just like me!” That is what makes Dr. Lisa Williams most proud of her “Positively Perfect” dolls.

Where at one time blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie dolls dominated toy store aisles, now those same aisles are gradually adding diversity with the inclusion of dolls that reflect deeper-skin tones and ethnic hair.

Dr. Williams has put a lot of effort into creating dolls that celebrate the diversity in multicultural children.

As the founder and creator of Positively Perfect Dolls — a unique line of baby dolls that represent and reflect the beautiful features found in young African-American girls, she has developed dolls in a variety of skin tones that include vanilla, caramel, pecan and mocha. The skin tones are even custom-blended to perfect the right shade, glow and undertone that ultimately resemble realistic results. Continue reading

Walgreens What’s Up? Take Those Toxic Products Off Your Shelf Now!

walgreens_gatlinburg_peek_inside_photo2of14b*According to an email sent to EURweb publisher, Lee Bailey, by, a grassroots organization that takes on issues concerning women and families with aims to educate the public in the process, Walgreens continues to sell products that they know contain toxic chemicals.

Not a good look for the nation’s largest drugstore chain.

Momsrising says that when testing was done on items bought from Walgreens in 2013, high levels of lead was found in their decorative beads and high levels of phthalates was located in their out-door folding chairs.

And that’s just for starters. Continue reading

‘Thank You!’ Instead of Judging This EBT Mom, The Stranger in Line Paid Her Grocery Bill

Receipt*There but for the grace of…

An act of genuine compassion goes a long, long way. In fact, it can be life changing.

$17.38 may not sound like a lot to pay for someone stuck at the counter in a grocery store. But when the EBT machine didn’t work, and “Andrea” had no cash on hand, this act of kindness was on par with handing her a million bucks. Continue reading

Help! Lives Have Been Saved By the Most Unsuspecting Creatures…Meet Six Heroic Animals!

pig1Betcha never thought your life would be in the hands of a pot-bellied pig. “Lulu” proves she is as smart as they come!

Pig dashes into street for heart attack victim
JoAnn Altsman had a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. Lulu, her daughter’s pot-bellied pig, rushed out of the house, lying down in the street to stop traffic. The pig tried relentlessly to get help, returning to the house to check on JoAnn, only to rush back to the street for help. Finally, one person stopped and followed the determined pig back to the house, where they found Altsman in pain on the floor. She was immediately rushed to a hospital. Continue reading

An Animal Lovers ‘Must See’! Giraffe Leans In to Kiss Dying Zoo Worker Goodbye

Giraffe kisses zoo worker

Love knows no boundaries, as proven by this giraffe saying goodbye to his caretaker

*Last wishes can be revealed in the most poignant forms.

After “Mario,” a 54-year-old zoo worker from the Netherlands, learned he had terminal cancer, his last wish was to say goodbye to the zoo’s giraffes, some of which he had cared for his entire adult life.

When Ambulance Wish Foundation, a charity similar to ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation in America, learned of this, they arranged for him to visit the giraffes.

A moment of this incredibly touching reunion is captured in a photo that has gone viral across the Internet showing Mario lying in a hospital bed, wrapped in blankets, while a giraffe leans over and plants a nice big lick on his face. Continue reading