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‘Kid President’ Gets His Own TV Show So He Can ‘Make the World A Little More Awesome’

kid president

“Kid President”

He has interviewed Beyoncé, actor Steve Carell, and even Mr. President, Barack Obama himself. So is it any surprise that Hollywood execs think it’s about time to give this little tyke his own show?

When Kid President, aka Robby Novak (pictured) proclaimed on Wednesday via YouTube, “I want to make the world a little more awesome!” He was letting us know he has landed his very own TV docu-series.

That’s right! Lil man, excuse me, Mister Lil Man,  will host a series on the family-friendly Hub Network entitled, “Kid President:  Declaration of Awesome.” Continue reading

Wow! First Lady, Michelle Obama, Really Does China! (Photos)

*As First Lady, Michelle Obama, continues her week long China trip with daughters, Sasha  and Malia, and her mother, Marian Robinson, we get to live vicariously through the photos taken at some truly fascinating places thanks to Reuters and the Associated Press. Continue reading

President Obama Cuts B-Ball to Once Monthly For Fear He’s Getting ‘Old and Creakier’

President Barack Obama plays B-ball with member of Congress and Cabinet Secretaries

President Barack Obama plays B-ball with members of Congress and Cabinet Secretaries


What can we say, Mr. President, the effects of aging can be quite…uh…crappy. But we think you’d agree that considering the alternative, its pretty cool.

In an interview with Charles Barkley president Barack Obama implied aging has forced him to change things up a bit these days. Like playing B-Ball with the guys. No more coming over every Sunday to shoot hoops, Hill Harper. POTUS is limiting his basketball playing to about once a month. Continue reading

‘Rush Limbaugh, I’m Embarrassed to Be A Black American’ Says One Woman Who Blames Barack Obama

rush-limbaugh*Well this should feed the appetite of a man African Americans and many people of color see as hateful and racist for at least a week.

The Rush Limbaugh‘s, Glenn Beck‘s, and Bill O’Reilly‘s literally live for callers like the African American woman who recently called in to Limbaugh’s radio show to unleash her fury, better known in some circles as “throwing up” on president Barack Obama; while blaming him for her own sense of self-hate.

Of course the right-wing conservatives eat stuff like this up, regurgitate it and add their own special boosting agents before serving it up to unsuspecting minds.

In a recent interview on his self-titled radio show, Rush Limbaugh took a call from an African-American female listener who claims she is ‘embarrassed to be a Black-American,’ insinuating that President Obama’s presidency is the source of her embarrassment. “I have one major problem, and that’s Barack Obama himself,”  she said. “My problem is, as a black woman, I am embarrassed to be a black-American. Continue reading

First Lady (And Young Ladies) Turning Heads in China With Spring Wardrobe Colors

First Lady Michelle Obama Travels to China - Day 3

Michelle Obama wears dress by designer Carolina Herrera

*Michelle Obama may have traveled to China with her daughters and their grandmother on serious business, but in what has become typical Michelle Obama style, she was looking pretty stylish while doing so.

With spring upon us, Mrs. Obama decided on bright, colorful prints to wear as she spent time in Asia with students and faculty. She even took time out to enjoy the opera.

Take a look at some of her incredible styles. Continue reading

Obama Pays Huge Compliment to Gov. Deval Patrick: “I Think He’d Make A Great President!”

Barack Obama, Deval Patrick*It has been said, “Consider the source!” and with that source being the current POTUS, a serious seed may have now been planted in the mind of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

When president Barack Obama spoke with Boston NBC station New England Cable News, he boasted that Patrick would make “a great president or vice president” but added the governor will likely take a break when his eighth and final year as state chief executive ends. Continue reading

‘I’m leaving because of Michelle Obama’ Says White House Pastry Chef

White House Chef, Bill Yosses*It was bound to happen eventually.

No more late night runs to the kitchen to finish off the last of the apple fritters. No more early morning wake-ups to the smell of fresh cinnamon rolls and croissants. And no more freshly baked apple pie (topped with vanilla ice cream, of course) for after-dinner dessert.

Sweet tooth be darned!

The White House is about to lose one of the sweetest things they have ever had: Bill Yosses, the top pastry chef who has baked for both President Obama and President Bush.

And according to an interview with The New York Times, its all Michelle Obama‘s fault. Continue reading

Willie L. Brown, aka ‘Da Mayor’ Gets Part of Bay Bridge Named in His Honor!

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown holds a sign that now officially hangs on the Bay Bridge. Any questions?

Former speaker of the California Assembly and former San Francisco Mayor, Willie L. Brown, holds a sign that now officially hangs on the western span of the Bay Bridge. Any questions?

*SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — It’s official — half of the Bay Bridge is now called the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge. The bridge-naming ceremony took place on Treasure Island Tuesday in a style you might call “classic Willie brown.”

Remember how many people referred to Willie Brown as “da mayor?” Well on Tuesday, he said he really wouldn’t mind if people started called it “da mayor’s bridge.” The signs — two of them — went up, finally making it official after early opposition to naming the bridge after the former speaker of the California Assembly and former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. Continue reading