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Happy Father’s Day! Celebrity Dads Offer Awesome Quotes on Fatherhood (Pictures)

*We’d like to wish dads all over the world a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! We know, however, that being a dad to someone does not stop at the paternal. Therefore, this Father’s Day greeting is extended to all men who have shown ‘fatherly’ kindness, courage, empathy to a child. 

We thought it would be fun to hear what the father’s we all recognize in the entertainment industry think of their role of fatherhood. What they’ve shared as their greatest joy being a dad and how they hope their role as such will affect their child through adulthood.

First up, Mr. John Legend (with Luna) and mom, Chrissy.

“You just have this little human that’s a product of you and your partner’s love. And I think tat’s really incredible to see ourselves reflected in our little child that we get to raise and teach and nurture and I’m excited to do that. Source Continue reading

Elderly Man Died Peacefully After Being Told ‘Trump Is Being Impeached’


*Good lord. I can’t EVEN…but I will try. Can you imagine a great-grandpa on his death bed, with loving family around him, but heavens to Betsy, he just won’t let go? The family wants the best for him, after all he’s 91-years-old. The only thing that worked, after I can only imagine were numerous attempts to provide him with pleasant last thoughts, was one thing. The family feels a little bit guilty that they laid a little white lie on pa-pa but they did what they had to do. According to his obituary, they told him…

Trump was being impeached.

Corliss Gilchrist, a proud union factory worker, died soon after hearing the news, with a smile on his face — just days before his 92nd birthday.

Ah Trump, the gift that keeps on giving. Continue reading

Why Was White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid, ‘Fired’…And What Race Will Her Replacement Be?

Outgoing White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid

*What may prove to be even more “interesting” than the actual firing of White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid, is who the current administration will bring in to replace her. Of course we would like to believe that any position awarded to a person is based on their ability to carry it out successfully; and there is no doubt by this writer that Ms. Reid was hired based on that assessment. But with the current administrations obvious comfort and delight to dismantle any and everything put in place over the past eight years by the administration of former president, Barack Obama; whether its outcome was successful or not, it will be equally “interesting” to see who will be chosen to fill the position now formerly held by Reid.

Black folk already know part of the answer to this, but what the heck, let’s put the question out there anyway. Continue reading

‘Time to Live Tweet This Bitch!’…Melania Trump Nudges Husband to Acknowledge National Anthem (Watch)

Melania nudges

*Awkward much? …And just in time for Easter folks! The leader of the free world actually had to be REMINDED to place his hand over his heart in honor of the national anthem.

In the words of ‘Empire’s’ Cookie Lyons, “It’s time to live tweet this bitch!’

Since your president has such a love-interest in social media, here ya go!

What an embarrassment.

Continue reading

On One Side Of Trump’s Proposed Wall: Tequila Rain


*We all know that April showers bring May flowers…but I wonder what type of blooms would pop up next month if the heavens showered tequila down instead of good ol’ H2O?

Well, The Weather Girls be damned: it’s raining tequila! And I’m here for it.

Mexico’s tourist board is displaying the new tequila rain-making contraption at an art gallery in Berlin, in a bid to attract German visitors. As it turns out the Germans love their tequila almost as much as Americans do, and more than our brothers and sisters in Spain, France, Japan or the UK. Continue reading

Coleman Young II Wants To Follow In Legendary Father’s Footsteps, Announces Bid For Mayor of Detroit


*A term-limited Michigan state senator says he wants to become the next mayor of the city of Detroit, following in his legendary father’s footsteps.

Coleman Young was Detroit’s first black mayor, and its longest running, serving from 1974 to 1994.  He was a hero in metro Detroit’s African American community when I was growing up there.  Young was renowned — or infamous, depending on who described him — for not shying away from public debates, be it on the air with prominent television news anchors like the late Bill Bonds, or at town halls with prominent Republican politicians from neighboring counties, like L. Brooks Patterson.

Boy, we could use a “Coleman Young” on the national stage right now, huh? 

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‘Style Your Hair Like a White Officer’ Was Last Straw, Black Female Sgt. Files Civil Lawsuit


*We smile through it, don’t we? I remember being so happy when I was once hired to work at a prominent Los Angeles radio station more than a decade ago. But from day one, (and subsequently two years later), the Caucasian GM walked by my desk each morning; where I sat right next to a white woman who held the same position as I, and spoke to her — yet ignored me. The story you are about to read took me right back to that time. Sgt. Qiana Brown was obviously being a “good sport” in the picture above even though she has continued to endure years of harassment, including racial and gender discrimination. It’s crap like THIS that makes the blood of Black folk and other well-meaning individuals just boil! To hear that a female veteran-turned-police officer-turned-sergeant and now mom has been through hell just because of her skin color makes me tremble with rage as I type this.

Ignorant heartless, souless, bastards!!!

Now Sgt. Qiana Brown of Hillside, New Jersey has been forced to file a civil law suit that spells out the treatment she has endured in detail. She has been denied promotions even though her test scores were among the highest; she was denied the right to express breast milk as she requested after having her baby; her hours were revised so that she could not spend time with her infant, and on and on and on. Continue reading

Got $1250… Why Not Send Your Child on this Incredible Tour? (Historical Sites and Colleges)

Students from On A Mission Inc. Los Angeles (Facebook)

Students from On A Mission Inc. Los Angeles (Facebook)

*Here is an amazing, yet final opportunity to send your child on a tour to visit some of the nation’s best historical landmarks and  Universities!

But hurry…There are only a few spaces left!

The tour is facilitated by On A Mission, Inc.  and is designed to show local children historical places outside of California, and introduce them to a few colleges. The lucky tourists will get to visit some amazing places (scroll down) they may have only heard about.

A meeting to discuss the particulars will be held THIS SATURDAY, February 25th at, now don’t let this deter you PLEASE: Southwest Police Station, 1546 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90062 at 9:00am  Continue reading