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Former Prison Guards-Slash-KKK Members Indicted For Conspiracy to Murder Black Inmate Upon Release


(L-R) David Moran, Thomas Driver, Charles Newcomb. Newcomb on the left and Moran on the right. MY QUESTION HOWEVER IS, isn’t the name “Moran’ of a Latin persuasion? And if so, since when are people of this origin allowed to be members of the KKK?

*They teach our children, give us anesthesia before surgery, and apparently, run for office…and even win. I’m talking about Ku Klux Klan members (and their supporters) folks.

Case in point: Three former prison guards in Florida; who also happened to be members of the KKK, were tricked during an elaborate sting into thinking that the Black man they were plotting to murder upon his release, had already been killed.

Now we know these “members” in general are not smart people, so it probably wasn’t a difficult task to bamboozle them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The murder plot involving Elliot Moran, 49, and Charles Thomas Newcomb, 45, came about after a third guard, 27-year-old Thomas Jordan Driver (another Klan member), was bitten during a fight with the inmate. The three guards believed the inmate was infected with HIV and hepatitis and enlisted the services of an FBI informant to murder the man. Continue reading

Department of Veterans Affairs Fires 500+ With Presumably More To Come

While veterans programs like VA home loans have helped more than 22 million veterans achieve homeownership, a radical shakeup within The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs itself will likely mean that hundreds of former employees will be in need of help themselves. Since Donald Trump took office on January 20, the VA has fired 525 staffers — and there are probably more dismissals on the way. Continue reading

Watch: Black Barber Defends Decision to Grant White Customer’s Request for Confederate Flag Cut

*One day a story such as this may not even be necessary. One day people may actually respect another’s race, religion, sexual orientation and politics. But real talk: that day ain’t here yet. So today, we are sharing the story of how a white man walked into a Black man’s barber shop and made a daring request…and left in one piece.

Will you give me a Confederate flag cut?

OK, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But I had to set the stage for you, right?

“He seemed kind of scared when he first came in,” barber Demontre Heard, who gave the cut,  told NewsOne 6 about the yet to be identified customer. When the guy first came in he had originally asked for a different cut; one that paid homage to his favorite group, Slumerica. The design would have been  a flag with stars and lightning bolts. But it was going to be too complicated so he asked for a Confederate flag instead.

Of course the request turned the barbers head…at first. Continue reading

‘Pee in This Cup’: Americans Request This of Congress Members to Prove THEY’RE Not on Drugs

*With all the crazy mess coming out of the Big House these days, is it any wonder why Americans are requesting drug tests for Congress members? Let me answer that for you: No! 

Amidst their latest profiling strategy, Congress is requesting that people receiving food stamps be drug tested. Now I’m way ahead of you in thinking, what the phuck does one thing have to do with the other? They do realize the answer to that question is not a damn thing, right?

Now these same “recipients” are among those saying, “We will, if YOU will!”

A Countercurrent News report states that a YouGov poll found that 78% of U.S. citizens are in favor of requiring random drug testing for members of Congress. A full 62% said they “strongly” favor this, compared with only 51% who feel the same way about food stamp and welfare recipients.

The support for this move was bipartisan, as 86% percent of Republicans, 77% of Democrats and 75% of independents support the mandatory drug tests for members of Congress. Continue reading

College Student, Otto Warmbier, Dies After 17 Months Held In Detention In North Korea

In the United States, roughly 20 million people suffer from depression at any given time. Those depression rates may very well increase over the next couple of years as world events take a turn for the worse. While the UK has suffered a series of tragedies over the past couple of months, the US was delivered a punch to the heart itself on June 19 with the death of college student Otto Warmbier. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrity Dads Offer Awesome Quotes on Fatherhood (Pictures)

*We’d like to wish dads all over the world a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! We know, however, that being a dad to someone does not stop at the paternal. Therefore, this Father’s Day greeting is extended to all men who have shown ‘fatherly’ kindness, courage, empathy to a child. 

We thought it would be fun to hear what the father’s we all recognize in the entertainment industry think of their role of fatherhood. What they’ve shared as their greatest joy being a dad and how they hope their role as such will affect their child through adulthood.

First up, Mr. John Legend (with Luna) and mom, Chrissy.

“You just have this little human that’s a product of you and your partner’s love. And I think tat’s really incredible to see ourselves reflected in our little child that we get to raise and teach and nurture and I’m excited to do that. Source Continue reading

Elderly Man Died Peacefully After Being Told ‘Trump Is Being Impeached’


*Good lord. I can’t EVEN…but I will try. Can you imagine a great-grandpa on his death bed, with loving family around him, but heavens to Betsy, he just won’t let go? The family wants the best for him, after all he’s 91-years-old. The only thing that worked, after I can only imagine were numerous attempts to provide him with pleasant last thoughts, was one thing. The family feels a little bit guilty that they laid a little white lie on pa-pa but they did what they had to do. According to his obituary, they told him…

Trump was being impeached.

Corliss Gilchrist, a proud union factory worker, died soon after hearing the news, with a smile on his face — just days before his 92nd birthday.

Ah Trump, the gift that keeps on giving. Continue reading

Why Was White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid, ‘Fired’…And What Race Will Her Replacement Be?

Outgoing White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid

*What may prove to be even more “interesting” than the actual firing of White House Chief Usher, Angella Reid, is who the current administration will bring in to replace her. Of course we would like to believe that any position awarded to a person is based on their ability to carry it out successfully; and there is no doubt by this writer that Ms. Reid was hired based on that assessment. But with the current administrations obvious comfort and delight to dismantle any and everything put in place over the past eight years by the administration of former president, Barack Obama; whether its outcome was successful or not, it will be equally “interesting” to see who will be chosen to fill the position now formerly held by Reid.

Black folk already know part of the answer to this, but what the heck, let’s put the question out there anyway. Continue reading