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I Remember Supporting Hillary Clinton for President…in 1992

Hillary Rodham Clinton, circa 1992
Hillary Rodham Clinton, circa 1992

*I remember when I first crossed paths with Hillary Clinton.

She was Hillary Rodham Clinton at the time, and was campaigning for her husband in 1992. One of their campaign stops was the University of Michigan, where I was studying and raising a family.

I’d anticipated going to see Bill for weeks, but the night of the event, a chilly October drizzle descended on Ann Arbor, and I started to talk myself out of going.

“You have to go, Mike,” my then wife implored. “If you don’t, and he gets elected, you’ll always regret it.”

I know good advice when I hear it.  I’ve always been a political / news junkie, so I bundled up and hopped on the bus for the University of Michigan’s main campus, leaving my wife at home with our five-year-old daughter, Janet.

As I approached U-M’s Rackham Graduate School, I joined thousands who’d gathered to hear Bill Clinton speak. We had to wait through the well-meaning speeches of dozens of university officials and local “celebrities” who I didn’t envy. I mean, who would want to be on a platform with the dynamic governor from Arkansas who could charm anyone — in or out of a blue dress? 

As it turned out, one person was up to the challenge:  Bill Clinton was introduced by his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Continue reading

Professor States a ‘Blacks Only’ Nation is ‘Fairly Easy’ (to Accomplish)

Christian Davenport
Christian Davenport

*Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? The racial divide is wider than ever now, what with the heightened tensions between the men in blue and Black folk. As if African Americans and other Black folk being killed in cold blood by police — seemingly with little to no provocation — wasn’t enough, now it is the police who have begun to find themselves facing the barrel of a bullets escape.

Good lord! How on earth did we get here? 

Now the idea has been introduced to consider the thought of a “Blacks Only” nation. Or it might be more accurate to say, REconsider; seeing as “there are large sections of the United States that have nothing but black people in them already,” according to what Christian Davenport, a University of Michigan political science professor told the Atlanta Black Star during an interview. “There are cults and militias as well as private corporations that do whatever they want behind their closed doors” Davenport added, saying, “The idea of Black folk coming together thus does not seem that difficult to me.” Continue reading

Twitter Thinks Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, Should Be President


*One thing about black folk, no matter what their station in life, they are gonna tell it and tell it true. And Dallas Police Chief David Brown is no exception. He may be a 33-year-veteran of the Dallas Police Force, but it is only recently that many even learned who he is. Too bad his fame came about as a result of one of the darkest times in human history.

I’ll be gentle.

The civil unrest between Black people and police officers. 

A photo of his face buried in one hand as he stood at a prayer vigil for the two victims and five officers killed in Dallas went viral. And he has not held back at press conferences; wearing his heart on his sleeve as he admits, “We’re hurting.”


Continue reading

Threaten a Cop, Go to Jail…Like These Four People

Detroit Police Chief James Craig speaks to media outlets.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig speaks to media outlets.

*Four African American men have been arrested by Detroit police for making serious threats towards white police officers via Facebook. As of this writing, all four have been tracked down and arrested.

According to comments made by Detroit police Chief James Craig on Sunday, and reported by the Detroit News, posts by the men included, “All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter. Kill all White cops,” a post from a second man referred to Micah Xavier Johnson, the lone gunman who took the lives of five police officers during a peaceful protest in Dallas as a “hero,” and added that he is inspired to do the same thing.

A third suspect posted, “It’s time to wage war and shoot the police first” and even encouraged “supporters” to get in touch with him in an attempt to plan future attacks. And a fourth suspect hit send on a post that advocated such violence “needs to happen more often,” and, according to police, even shared a variety of graphic images and videos of officer shootings on his timeline.   Continue reading

Welfare System Pulls Former Law that Penalized Poor Women for Having More Babies

women and babies

*Thanks in huge part to the efforts put forth by California State Senator, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), who led the fight to do away with the policy that penalizes poor women (and their children) for having babies while on welfare, the law has been lifted. The “Maximum Family Grant” is a policy that came out of the state of California’s reformed welfare system in the mid-90s and attempted to discourage poor women, usually of color, from having more babies while on welfare by exempting them from receiving additional monies once new babies were born.

Legislative advocate Jessica Bartholow said it best, “No child should be treated differently under the law simply because they were conceived and born while their parents were poor.” Bartholow advocates for women and the poor at Western Center for Law & Poverty, and she is all for the reversal of the law known as the “MFG Rule.” Continue reading

Prince William to Appear on Cover of LGBT Magazine, Speaks Out Against Bullying

*Long live the Queen!

It’s a refrain that’s been used — and heard — for generations in the UK, and Queen Elizabeth II is one of history’s most beloved world leaders.  But today, I’m wondering when the old girl, 90, might kick the bucket — or at least abdicate her throne.  Maybe just live out the rest of her days as a great-grandma.

I’m kidding.  Kinda.

I certainly don’t wish Queen Elizabeth II any ill will, but her grandson, the Duke of Cambridge, has an agenda that I like a whole lot.

Prince William will appear on the cover of the July issue of the UK’s Attitude, which bills itself as “the UK’s best-selling gay magazine.” Typically, the mag features athletes, models and other stars on its cover.

But after the future king invited the mag to “bring members of the LGBT community to Kensington Palace to listen to their experience on bullying,” he posed for the cover shot. Continue reading

He ‘Assumed’ She Wasn’t a Veteran, And Left This Nasty Note!

Stock phoyo
Stock photo

*A woman pulled up to a parking space, parked her car, got out and went about her business. But when she returned she was shocked to find a nasty note on her windshield. The person who left the note, and I doubt I am wrong to assume it was a man, was yelling at her for parking in a space reserved for veterans.

Thing is, she is a veteran. And it never even dawned on him that a woman actually could be.

Media reports say that Rebecca Hayes shared the letter on Facebook that read,  “This parking is for Veterans, lady. Learn to read and have some respect.” Continue reading

Unconstitutional? OKla. Police Can Now Seize Cash from Driver’s Bank Accounts

Card reader, ERAD

*Let’s hope this dumb-ass crazy sh*t doesn’t catch on in not one more state. From where I sit, its already a recipe for disaster. Theft. And an open invitation for even more cops to go rogue. The current situation in Oklahoma is that for the past 16 months, police officers have been given a green light to use a card reader machine called ERAD (Electronic Recovery and Access to Data) to seize money from a driver’s bank account IF THEY EVEN SUSPECT YOU GOT THAT MONEY ILLEGALLY.


Now exhale.

And listen to this part. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said he “knows” folks are “just going to focus on the seizing money” part.


WTF ELSE would we focus on, SIR!?

According to “the lieutenant,” there are other factors that justify this move, that we need to be aware of.

But first, here’s how its going to go down. If a trooper “suspects” your money is linked to some crime, the highway patrol can just swoop up on you and, in addition to asking for license and registration, they want your ATM, credit (EBT if its got money on it!) cards to seize the suspected dough.  

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said.

OK. So now their psychologists? Continue reading