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Welfare System Pulls Former Law that Penalized Poor Women for Having More Babies

women and babies

*Thanks in huge part to the efforts put forth by California State Senator, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), who led the fight to do away with the policy that penalizes poor women (and their children) for having babies while on welfare, the law has been lifted. The “Maximum Family Grant” is a policy that came out of the state of California’s reformed welfare system in the mid-90s and attempted to discourage poor women, usually of color, from having more babies while on welfare by exempting them from receiving additional monies once new babies were born.

Legislative advocate Jessica Bartholow said it best, “No child should be treated differently under the law simply because they were conceived and born while their parents were poor.” Bartholow advocates for women and the poor at Western Center for Law & Poverty, and she is all for the reversal of the law known as the “MFG Rule.” Continue reading

Prince William to Appear on Cover of LGBT Magazine, Speaks Out Against Bullying

*Long live the Queen!

It’s a refrain that’s been used — and heard — for generations in the UK, and Queen Elizabeth II is one of history’s most beloved world leaders.  But today, I’m wondering when the old girl, 90, might kick the bucket — or at least abdicate her throne.  Maybe just live out the rest of her days as a great-grandma.

I’m kidding.  Kinda.

I certainly don’t wish Queen Elizabeth II any ill will, but her grandson, the Duke of Cambridge, has an agenda that I like a whole lot.

Prince William will appear on the cover of the July issue of the UK’s Attitude, which bills itself as “the UK’s best-selling gay magazine.” Typically, the mag features athletes, models and other stars on its cover.

But after the future king invited the mag to “bring members of the LGBT community to Kensington Palace to listen to their experience on bullying,” he posed for the cover shot. Continue reading

He ‘Assumed’ She Wasn’t a Veteran, And Left This Nasty Note!

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*A woman pulled up to a parking space, parked her car, got out and went about her business. But when she returned she was shocked to find a nasty note on her windshield. The person who left the note, and I doubt I am wrong to assume it was a man, was yelling at her for parking in a space reserved for veterans.

Thing is, she is a veteran. And it never even dawned on him that a woman actually could be.

Media reports say that Rebecca Hayes shared the letter on Facebook that read,  “This parking is for Veterans, lady. Learn to read and have some respect.” Continue reading

Unconstitutional? OKla. Police Can Now Seize Cash from Driver’s Bank Accounts

Card reader, ERAD

*Let’s hope this dumb-ass crazy sh*t doesn’t catch on in not one more state. From where I sit, its already a recipe for disaster. Theft. And an open invitation for even more cops to go rogue. The current situation in Oklahoma is that for the past 16 months, police officers have been given a green light to use a card reader machine called ERAD (Electronic Recovery and Access to Data) to seize money from a driver’s bank account IF THEY EVEN SUSPECT YOU GOT THAT MONEY ILLEGALLY.


Now exhale.

And listen to this part. Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said he “knows” folks are “just going to focus on the seizing money” part.


WTF ELSE would we focus on, SIR!?

According to “the lieutenant,” there are other factors that justify this move, that we need to be aware of.

But first, here’s how its going to go down. If a trooper “suspects” your money is linked to some crime, the highway patrol can just swoop up on you and, in addition to asking for license and registration, they want your ATM, credit (EBT if its got money on it!) cards to seize the suspected dough.  

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said.

OK. So now their psychologists? Continue reading

Our Chat With Sen. Bernie Sanders — He Wants Your Vote!



*As the next round of Democratic primaries approach, Sen. Bernie Sanders isn’t taking the African American vote for granted.

En route to his event in Davis, California late last week, Sanders made time to talk by phone with a group of African American journalists from across the state of California. And he didn’t pull any punches when I asked him why the black community in California should support him — and not Hillary Clinton — on June 7th.

“If these were normal times,” Sanders told me, “then I think we’d be OK to say ‘let’s support somebody who’s an establishment candidate. Let’s support establishment economics. No disrespect to Hillary Clinton, who I’ve known for 25 years, but she is an establishment politician, and I think we all know that.”

“I think given the incredible level of wealth disparities and income inequality, given the corrupt campaign finance system that is allowing billionaires to buy elections, given the fact that we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth — and it is much worse in the African American community — I think it is time for real change, ” Sanders charged.  “And I think the American people throughout this country are catching on that the establishment is not working for them.”

Sanders got more animated as he answered my question.  From his change in tone, it seemed my question had riled him, so I just sat back and experienced — FELT — the Bern. Continue reading

Donald Trump Lists ‘Oakland’ as Most Dangerous City in the World

Donald Trump: Can you visualize him as your next president?
Donald Trump: Can you visualize him as your next president?

*Though the vote is not yet “in the can,” and its certainly not a wrap, Republican presidential candidate nominee hopeful, Donald Trump, who has presumably traveled to all four corners of the entire world, has made yet another stunningly ignorant remark based on an assessment about one city, populated mainly by African Americans, that comes from somewhere deep between his ears. Trump states that the northern California city of Oakland is, hands down, the “most dangerous” city in the world.

And here we were thinking the dangers lie in countries where people are decapitated publicly, and without accountability, for looking at someone sideways.

Damn Donald. Seriously? Oakland…as in Oakland, California?

Surely you jest.

But unfortunately, he does not.

This writer lived in Oakland and other surrounding cities in northern California for decades; and though I admit the city has its issues with poverty, homelessness, gangs, and shaky politicians, I damn sure would not equate it to, say, Al-Qaeda’s Lebanon.

During an interview with The New York Times, Trump named Oakland, California, and Ferguson, Missouri, as the most dangerous cities he’d ever visited. He even went so far as to compare the danger levels of those cities to that of Iraq. Continue reading

Arrogant, Ignorant Woman in Walmart Berates Food Stamp User (Watch)

woman calls out FS user1

*A video is circulating on YouTube that shows a woman standing in line behind a man who is apparently paying for his groceries with food stamps. Obviously noticing this, she begins to degrade the man, in front of his daughter who is sitting in the cart, on his form of payment.

I have one question for this ignorant ass woman? When are people like you going to learn how to keep your darn mouth shut…or better yet, mind your own darn business?

It is ignorance such as this (scroll down for the video) that must be put in check. The man, noticeably upset by being called out by the woman, was cooler than I would have been..if I’m keepin’ it 100.

Here’s how it went down. Continue reading

Parents, Students Stunned as 2,700 Detroit Teachers ‘Call in Sick’

Teachers*Teachers are tired of being taken advantage of. Not only do they have to work in dilapidated buildings and classrooms many times, and deal with all kinds of behavioral issues in an effort to teach students, now they are expected to go through all of this without being paid.

Let me repeat that in the event you didn’t hear me. WITHOUT BEING PAID!

So 2,700 teachers in Detroit figured enough is enough and decided to have a massive “sick-out.” And who suffers?

The students, of course.

The overwhelming “absence” occurred on Monday, May 2, and as a result, reports say it affected 94 out of the 97 public schools in Detroit when the teachers, all 2,700 of them, called in to say they would not be showing up. Continue reading