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Propaganda Video Released By al Qaeda-linked terror group Threatens U. S. Malls


*U.S. officials say we should be vigilant since terror group Al-Shabaab put out a video on Saturday that threatens attacks on U.S. shopping malls, and in Canada and the U.K., according to CNN.

In the video the al Qaeda-linked terror group brags about its deadly September 2013 attack on a mall in Kenya, the report says, where more than 60 people  died at an upscale mall in Nairob. CNN says the video is a threat to malls in the three Western countries. Continue reading

This Kid Doesn’t Like Obama: Pre-Teen Puts President on Blast for ‘Not Loving America!’

C. J. Pearson, 12
C. J. Pearson, 12

*Wow, it seems our president has downright pissed off one politically-savvy pre-teen. C.J. Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student from Georgia, has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel that calls President Barack Obama out for not really loving America. C.J. claimed that if Obama did love this country, he “would call ISIS what it really is—an assault on Christianity [and] an assault on America,” Pearson said.

And people are taking notice. As of early Monday afternoon the video had garnered 390,000 views. Continue reading

The Assassination of Malcolm X: Can You Believe It’s Been 50 Years? (Video)


*In an interview with CBSN reporter Vladimir Duthiers, Ilyasah Shabazz, the third of Malcolm X’s six daughters, talks about her father, his legacy, and how his voice (and message) still resonates today. Saturday marked the 50 year anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, and for those of us who were actually around to witness the day it happened, its hard to believe it has been that long. It still feels so recent. The civil rights leader was gunned down while giving a speech in New York City, and many (still unsubstantiated) theories point to members of his own religious circle, the Nation of Islam, from whom he had a very public split – as the finger on the trigger.

Shabazz speaks with a loving respect and adoration of her father and says many times, when he was shown in the media he was “reacting” or responding to issues around the human condition. She called her father “a man of great compassion, of integrity, a man who was being responsible for not only his people but his country.” Continue reading

Obama Hopes ‘Selfie’ Will Get Americans to Beat Approaching Signup Deadline for Healthcare Initiative (Watch!)

Obama selfie2

*You’ve got to give it to our president, he will stop at nothing to get a deed done. Even if it means getting out of his comfort zone and gettin’ jiggy with it by posing for a selfie.

Barack Obama‘s  signature health care law at has a sign up deadline approaching and the president did something way out of character to promote it.

He got together with BuzzFeed’s Andrew Ilnyckyj and went on camera wielding his selfie stick and dropping a “YOLO, man” in a video for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures with the goal of getting Americans to sign up. 

The video published on Thursday features Obama and Ilnyckyj doing “things everybody does but doesn’t talk about.”

Continue reading

Star Parker Accuses President Obama of ‘Verbal Rape’ and Divisiveness at National Prayer Breakfast

Star Parker

*One thing our president, Barack Obama, knows how to do well is keep the wheels of controversy rolling. Oh yes, I know, being America’s first black president has shown that he doesn’t even have to open his mouth for controversy to occur, oh but when he does…And some say that his remarks at the recent National Prayer Breakfast were designed to intentionally spark controversy.  And that was the result as tongues are a waggin’ in the aftermath. Conservative commentator Star Parker sat on a panel at the Breakfast and let’s just say, she was not a happy camper. On a “Hannity” television appearance the other night, she not only called the speech given by the leader of the free world divisive, but coined it, “verbal rape.” It appears Parker took issue with Obama’s stance about how Christianity has been used or misused historically, in doing terrible deeds when he claimed that “people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ” during the Crusades.

Parker says, “Let me put it in context…because I was in that room and it was frankly verbal rape,” she said. “We were not expecting it, nobody wanted it, it was horrible to sit through and after it was over we all felt like crap.”

Apparently, her skills include determining how everyone in a room of thousands felt, too. Continue reading

Michelle Obama, Indian Weavers Hope Gift of 100 Handmade Saris Will Help Highlight Problem

Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India
Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India

*“If she likes our saris and decides to wear them, it will be a great gesture of beauty with purpose,” says Pervez Matin, whose family has been in the weaving business in India for three generations. And that is why Indian weavers in  the city of Varanasi, want U. S. First Lady Michelle Obama to accept (and be a show piece for) their gift of 100 saris during her visit to New Delhi with her husband, president Barack Obama.

The craftspeople of India’s holiest city hope that with the First Lady’s acceptance of their gift, attention will be brought to the threat of competition that the centuries-old industry is now facing, according to what the local businessman told The Associated Foreign Press on Sunday. Continue reading

President Obama Responds to Chicago Teen’s Christmas Wish for Safety (Video)

LETTER, Malik wants safety

*When a close friend asked me recently if I thought Barack Obama would respond if she wrote him a letter, I told her, “It would have to be pretty special.” Not to deter her from writing the leader of the free world, but its probably pretty hard to get the guy’s attention – what with all he has to contend with.

But 13-year-old Malik Bryant wasn’t even trying to get Mr. Obama’s attention, and got a letter from the president anyway.

Go figure.

It seems what he wanted for Christmas – safety – struck a chord with Mr. President.

Malik lives in Chicago’s high-poverty, high-crime Englewood neighborhood. And he only asked Santa for one thing this Christmas. In a letter collected through nonprofit group Direct Effect Charities’ annual Letters to Santa program, he said, “I just wanna be safe.”

Did you ever imagine a child needing to ask for such a thing? Continue reading

Michelle Obama Gets Gift Valued At More Than $70G (But She Can’t Keep It)

Nice earrings. Can't say if they are the ones though.
Nice earrings. Can’t say if they are the ones though.


*Can you imagine how many gifts the wife of the leader of the free world must get? And for all kinds of reasons; from all kinds of people. State leaders, dignitaries from around the globe, entertainment people – not to mention family and friends.

But did you know that they can’t even keep the gifts given exclusively to them? For example, in 2013 the Queen of Brunei gave Mrs. Obama a pair of flower-shaped white gold earrings, with a ring and necklace of diamonds and yellow sapphires.

The gift was valued at $71,468; and as grateful as Mrs. Obama was to receive it, she knew that she couldn’t keep it. Continue reading