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New Law Gives Free Pot to Low Income Medicinal Cardholders in Berkeley

Marijuana, California Law Passes

*Much to the chagrin of the more “straight-laced” community, those who may not be in sync with a lot of things going on in Berkeley anyway, a new benefit is being given to medicinal cardholders who live in the Northern California city once overrun by hippies and the ultra bohemian. The city council is making sure the low-income residents of the city get their medicine without having to concern themselves with money. According to the Huffington Post, starting next summer, Berkeley residents who earn less than $32,000 per year (or $46,000 per family) and have a prescription for medical marijuana will be able to get it for free from one of the dispensaries operating within the city.

Due to the unanimous passing of a recent law by the Berkeley City Council, dispensaries must set aside 2 percent of their pot for distribution to the poor.

Though the action comes with many supporters, there are still those who are not on board with the plan – not that their arguments don’t make sense. Continue reading

Mike Brown Laid to Rest, Many Not Happy With President Obama’s Handling of Ferguson

Mike Brown father and Rev
Michael Brown, Sr. stands with the Reverend Al Sharpton as he asks the residents of the Ferguson community and other supporters for a day of peace as he buries his son.

*Amidst a very public request to the Ferguson community for peace by the family of Michael Brown the day before laying their son to rest, was the underlying realization that all is far from calm. According to the Los Angeles Times, thousands gathered at the funeral service of the slain teen; which was held in St. Louis at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church on Monday, August 25, with well known activists, politicians and celebrities in the pews. But according to a recently released poll by CBS News/New York Times, a lot of them are far from satisfied with how president Obama is handling the situation in Ferguson, and they are making their feelings known with mixed reviews. Continue reading

U. S. Military ‘Chills’ On Restricted Hairstyles (Generally Worn by Sisters!)

Army hairstyles
This undated image shows new Army grooming regulations for females.


The U. S. Military has decided to chill out on the restrictions it once had on hairstyles worn generally by African American female soldiers. According to  Chuck Hagel, the Secretary of Defense, styles such as the once-banned “two-strand twists” are now acceptable in the Army, Air Force and Navy.

The announcement follows months of fierce backlash.

A letter sent to Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, by Hagel said the military had spent the past three months reviewing the definition of acceptable styles. This led a charge against the military’s decision to ban natural hairstyles like dreadlocks and twists. Continue reading

Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist Talks About Taking Care of His Famous Client’s Mane


*Let’s be real. There is some information we need to know, and some information we are just nosy for and want to know. We’re going to admit to the second option here, we WANT to know how First Lady, Michelle Obama, keeps her hair looking so healthy and natural.

And who better to tell us the real deal, than her personal hairstylist.

It can’t be easy having to remain tight-lipped about styling such a VIP, but its par for the course. Now Johnny Wright – who came onboard as official hairstylist for Michelle Obama in 2009 – is opening up about what it’s really like to style the first lady. Continue reading

Halt! White House Security Breached By…Wait for It….A Toddler?


*Of all the trespassers that could’ve ended up on the White House lawn, and cause the U. S. Secret Service drama, a toddler was apprehended, after a quick get-away from mom and dad. Apparently the little adventurer had squeezed through the gate, according to NBC News. Continue reading

Study: Harsher Laws Are Supported By Whites if it Means More Blacks Get Arrested


*Well this is an interesting study. It appears that, if you are white, and provided evidence that shows the U.S. criminal justice system disproportionately targets black people, then you are more likely to support harsh criminal justice policies than if you were unaware of this evidence.

A study done by Stanford post-doctoral fellow Rebecca Hetey, in the school’s Psychology department and Jennifer Eberhardt, her faculty advisor, claims that if you inform white people that African Americans are significantly over-represented in the prison population it “may actually bolster support for the very policies that perpetuate the inequality.”

Continue reading

Sharpton Claps Back at NYC Police Association Presidents’ Comments in Eric Garner Chokehold Case (Watch)

nyc police assoc officials

*The Reverend Al Sharpton is responding to comments made by Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) and Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) president Patrick Lynch.

“It is outrageously insulting to all police officers to say that we go out on our streets to choke people of color, as Al Sharpton stated while seated at the table right next to our mayor at City Hall,” Lynch said. “It is a person’s behavior that leads to interactions with the police, not who they are, not what they look like or how much money is in their pocket.”

Lynch was referring to a roundtable meeting at City Hall last week between Sharpton, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and others on police-community relations.

“Al Sharpton’s words do nothing to build a bond between New York City police officers and the communities that we serve and protect each and every day,” according to Lynch.

In an email to EURweb, here is Rev. Sharpton’s response:

Continue reading

Ramsey Orta, the Man Who Filmed Chokehold on Eric Garner, Arrested

Ramsey Orta at podium with Rev. Al Sharpton at Eric Garner's funeral service
Ramsey Orta at podium with Rev. Al Sharpton at Eric Garner’s funeral service


*Somehow, I get the feeling this will come as no surprise to the readers of this post. After all, NYPD is probably so pissed at this man whose video of their horrific behavior went viral and solidified a distrust people already had of them, they probably set up surveillance to catch him at anytime.

So they say, its weapons possession.

Ramsey Orta was recognized by the family of Eric Garner, when he attended his dead friends funeral; and the Rev. Al Sharpton called him up to the podium. Continue reading