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‘Crafty 6-Year-Old’ Uses Sleeping Mom’s ‘Fingerprint’ to Purchase $250 Pokemon Merchandise


*Oh god. You know how we love to get pats on the back from our friends and family who acknowledge we are raising brilliant children. Those who bring A’s home from school; have performed in talent shows; and continue to do their best in their endeavors. But what on earth do you do or say about a child who proved how “smart” she is by taking the hand of her napping mother, and using her mom’s finger to unlock the cellphone. I’m not done. She then goes online and winds up purchasing $250 worth of toys? Pokemon Toys!

Say what?

Damn you modern technology!!!!!

Ashlynd Howell is the crafty little girl who was able to unlock the code and purchase the merchandise without her mom’s knowledge.

The first thing the little girl’s mother, Bethany Howell, thought was that she had been the victim of some kind of identity theft. But then, according to the Wall Street Journal, the parents began to think Ashlynd had a hand in it — but that the little girl had purchased the items by mistake.

Until baby-girl came clean. Continue reading

Food Stamp ‘Fraud’ Going Through the Roof…State Lawmaker and a Millionaire Caught!


*Cain’t have nuthin’! Remember our elders used to say that? Usually every time somebody acted a fool and broke something; spoiled something, or stole something. I swear, the “criminal few” will always find a way to spoil things for the “honest many.” If there is a will there is a way has found itself into every possible scenario, its just a darn shame it rears its ugly head when it comes to providing resources for the poor.

Families relying on the Food Stamp Program aka SNAP aka EBT are now in danger of losing their resource because fraudulent claims are at an all time high — this year, they even include a state lawmaker and millionaire.

Oh if you could read my lips at this very moment. Even my mama would disown me!

According to the USDA, $70 million of taxpayer money was wasted in 2016 due to food stamp fraud.  “The SNAP program…has been ripe with problems almost since its inception,” New York City Councilman Joe Borelli told ‘Fox & Friends’ on Tuesday. He also said the cost of the program is out of control. And 2008 Clinton campaign adviser Jehmu Greene, who reveals that 45-percent of those who get food stamps are under 18 years old or over the age of 60, added that the program helps the local economy, with $9 being pumped back into the community for every $5 in food stamps spent.

“I think there are going to be bad apples in any program, so how do you weed those out? That should be the focus,” Greene said.

I agree. Dismantling the entire program puts a lot of people who rely on this resource to live, basically, would be more than unfair. It would be a real travesty. The poor should not have to suffer further due to the criminal actions of, in this case, the wealthy.

A millionaire? A state lawmaker? Are you kidding me? I hope “the book” gets thrown at them both!

Watch the Fox News segment on this issue here and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

NYC Puerto Rican Woman Stabs Transgender Black Man on Train, (He Offered His Seat)


*I used to live in the Bronx and had many Puerto Rican friends. I recall being shocked when I moved to southern California, at the prejudice that existed in Los Angeles between Mexicans and African Americans. Now it seems the hate has crossed the Pacific and settled in Atlantic territory. A transgender African American man who survived being stabbed multiple times, spoke to The New York Post about what happened to him after a Puerto Rican woman told her cousin she didn’t want to sit next to a Black person.

“I don’t know why she did it, because I didn’t do anything to provoke her,” a heavily-bandaged Ijan Jarrett, 44, told The Post. According to police sources the man endured more than 100 stitches.

Jarret, who works as a hairstylist in New Jersey, was heading home on the #4 train after his shift. Continue reading

Parents Livid When Pastor in Texas Mall Tells Kids ‘Santa Is Not Real!’ (Watch)

David Grisham
David Grisham

*This is the kind of behavior that causes folks to scratch their head. What kind of heartless “Christ-follower” would be so cruel as to  tell children that Santa doesn’t exist? But yet and still, one Texas pastor took it upon himself to do so as children stood in line to sit on Santa’s lap by yelling, “The man you’re going to see today is just a man in a suit.”

Needless to say, parents wanted to wring his neck. Continue reading

Santa You Wouldn’t…Would You (Did Tenn. Santa Lie about Boy ‘Dying in His Arms?’)

Eric Schmitt in his authentic Santa-self
Eric Schmitt in his authentic Santa-self

*Personally, I choose not to believe the suspicious undertones in reports that claim Eric Schmitt-Matzen, the 61-year old Tennessee man who makes his living around this time of year as Chris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, actually LIED about the sad day a family called him to their dying child’s bedside to fulfill the boy’s last wish.

Santa tearfully recounted to The Knoxville Sentinel how the little boy asked him ‘how will I know where to go’ when I get there and ‘will you help me’ before taking his last breath in Santa’s arms.  Schmitt-Matzen went on to describe how he ‘handed the child back to his mother who had been watching through a glass window with family – all too emotional to enter with Santa; who had requested they stay outside if they couldn’t handle it so that he could ‘do his job.”

But now, after Santa has had his sweep with fame; doing all kinds of TV shows, interviews and such, it seems someone had the brilliant idea to ask him the boys name.

*Cricket sounds*

The media grew suspicious when Schmitt-Matzen responded, “I told the family I wouldn’t reveal that.” Continue reading

TSA Agents at LAX Forced TV Host With Cancer to Remove Her Wig During ‘Horrific’ Cavity Search

Denise Albert screenshot

*”The 2 TSA Agents on my video went too far,” is what “The MOMS” co-founder, Denise Albert, wrote on the shows website as she described how agents from the Transportation Security Administration at LAX took her through a “horrific” and demeaning pat down on Sunday because she had medical cream in her carry on luggage.

The cream, which she has had clearance for on past flights, is related to her breast cancer treatment. Albert was diagnosed in 2015 with early stage breast cancer and  began chemo and radiation in February after having a lumpectomy.

Albert told PIX11 Morning News, where she is a frequent guest, that the agents pulled her to the side for a manual body search after they discovered she had the cream.

“I don’t know what was different this time but TSA agents aggressively attempted to do a body cavity search in public,” Albert wrote in the post. “I was TSA pre-checked and once through the scanner they asked me to take off my shoes. I explained I didn’t have socks on and that my cream is for an infection from my current treatment, including on my feet.”

Cold feet is often the result of chemo. Continue reading

Donald Trump, Your First Order of Business, Talk to Your People’ …Now!


*Take a look at the picture directly above…It was inspired by the man who, in his acceptance speech as president-elect, promises to unite us. To bring the global community together. This would certainly be a remarkable feat seeing as he can’t even bring his own country together. Hey Mr. Trump, let’s start with your own neighborhood.

What a contrast the days following his election have shown juxtaposed to the 2008 election of president Barack Obama. Even though many voted otherwise, nothing overshadowed the feeling of celebration and positive energy. This happened with Obama’s re-election as well.


I, not unlike millions of others, can’t say the same about the days following Trump’s election. If it weren’t for the minute number of electoral votes needed (270) for the presidency, instead of the millions of popular votes given to Clinton, Trump would not have won. Now, half of the country appears to be in one big funk. People are protesting on the streets all over the country. Leaders from around the world who oppose his win are weighing in.

But worst of all, Trump’s victory has brought people who think like him out into the open with red hats replacing white sheets. He has inspired such hateful, nasty individuals my jaw continues to drop.


Donald, of all the celebratory tactics your people could have chosen to showcase the Republican victory — parades, confetti, some positive joyful acts; they chose to run amuck with disrespectful, hateful representations of your vision (Scroll down).

Your people have gone full frontal. When on earth did they grow such “balls”…? They’ve put a whole new spin on the term, “white trash.” Continue reading

‘Leaked’ Photo Shows St. Louis Cop Posed Next to Dead Man, Giving ‘Thumbs Up’ Sign


*Ah hell. I hate to start such an important day as “Election Tuesday” with such a story. But no matter what time you read it, it’s still going to be ugly. A St. Louis mother has been served yet another dose of heartbreak following months of being unclear about the death of her son, — whose body had been found in a private home. Now she has to look at a photo, revealed to her by News 4, that appears to be of her dead son.

But that’s not all.

In the photo of the apparent scene of the incident, her son’s face has been blurred, but a police officer is looks to be posing next to the body; holding the man’s limp arm while looking at the camera and giving a ‘thumbs up.’

And a smile.

The body of Omar Rahman, 28, was located in a Pine Lawn home on August 8, and although the North County Police Cooperative were first responders, Rahman’s mother, Kim Staton, said she has heard very little from the police since the incident happened.

Rahman’s death was later ruled an accidental overdose by the Medical Examiner.

But the photo was leaked to KMOV and has kept investigative reporter Lauren Trager busy seeking answers to the questions raised by it. Questions that refer to appropriate officer conduct and evidence handling. Continue reading