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Suspected Pedophile Lured to Location, Then Saran-Wrapped to Pole for Public Display

Pedophile wraped up

*Well here’s a sure-fire way to trap and humiliate a pervert: Lure him in using his perversion, then wrap his ass to a road sign. That is exactly what a group of vigilantes in the Ukraine did to a 22-year-old man they suspect was a pedophile after learning he had been sending photos of his private parts to a 14-year-old girl online.

Someone is bound to ask the “elephant-in-the-room question: what happened…any why?”

…and you know they did!

The man, said to be from south-eastern Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Oblast region, was invited on a date with a fictitious 14-year-old named “Diana.”

Dude actually showed up, white rose in hand. Continue reading

Can We Talk…Or Just Listen? (Thoughts You’ve Probably Had Your Damn Self)

silhouette deep thinker

*I admit, I’m a deep thinker. Not in some that makes me brilliant, braggadocios kind of way, but I’m a writer so its kind of “par for the course.” I see it as both a blessing and a curse. On the blessing side, I am rarely, if ever, stuck when it comes to communicating. I can strike up and carry a conversation with anyone without skipping a beat. I am rarely or never stuck when it comes to thinking up topics to write about; be it for a letter, an article, column, responding to a question (unless its absolutely out-of-this-world ridiculous!) or lately, even coming up with what I believe would be an interesting book.

The curse part is my mind never turns off. You’ve heard that before I’m sure. You certainly don’t have to be a writer to be “cursed” in this way; but its pretty much a sure thing if you are. As a deep thinker I am always questioning things, and always learning — about myself, and about others. Sometimes I find myself wondering about the weirdest things. Just yesterday, I thought to myself, (and please forgive me for this) why is a man’s penis called a dick? Not only that, but why is someone who is acting like a complete jerk often referred to as a dick? I mean who started that? Weird right?

puzzled-woman Continue reading

Caught on Camera! Daycare Worker Pushes Four-Year-Old Down Stairs (Watch)

daycare worker

*OMG…What was life like before video cameras were everywhere? While some of us say crime appears to be at an all time high, others say not really, its just being caught on camera. I tend to agree. Now that practically everyone is carrying a smart phone, its not so easy to do your dirt in private. Take the Pennsylvania daycare worker who was recently fired after a surveillance camera appeared to show her pushing a four-year-old child down the stairs. Continue reading

NC Teen Kills Mother, Found By Police Carrying Her Severed Head

Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada
Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada

*This is one straight out of a Norman Bates film… director’s cut. A North Carolina teen called 911 to let them know that he had decapitated his own mother. According to PEOPLE, when the 18-year-old was found moments later, he was carrying a large knife in one hand; the knife authorities believe he used to allegedly kill his 35-year-old mother…and her decapitated head in the other.

Oh god. As someone who just recently visited Hollywood’s Museum of Death and noted how “desensitized” I’d become, I am now reconsidering that claim…I feel like I’m going to regurgitate the burrito I just ate. Continue reading

If You Think Your PHONE is Smart, This Condom is GENIUS


*Last week, I got to share details on the Officiser, designed to give users the complete benefits of a full cardiovascular workout while said users sit on their asses.

This week, my TNT editor asked me to up the ante and write up “…a delicious story…” that would be “…good reading with the morning coffee…”.  And so, dear readers, I present to you the i.Con Smart Condom.

In this age of rampant STD’s, I argue that ALL condoms are smart. But baby, this one’s GENIUS. Continue reading

Leading Retailer, Whole Foods, Under Fire for Questionable ‘Organic’ Labels (Watch)

whole Foods

*#organicmatters…right? Generally, consumers who go out of their way to seek out and purchase foods that claim to be “organic” do so with the trust and belief that the label that claims this is true. I’m not sure if this revelation is new or not; but that doesn’t matter here because the issue itself has no expiration date. Whole Foods, a leading retailer which owns the 365 Organic Foods brand, has been called to explain why it is that their “organic” foods may not be organic at all. Why…you may ask? Well, one strong clue is that if you turn the packaging over, and scroll down, the small print actually says “A product of China.”

Therein lies the problem. Seems few people actually turn the packages over and read it. Continue reading

Original Star Trekker, George Takei, Says He Lost Virginity to an ‘Attractive’ Man at 13 (Listen)

George Takei

*Well, you can look at this a couple of ways, I guess. TMI (too much information); or should we be feeling some kind of way because this was an obvious crime of pedophelia? It’s weird, seeing as the “victim” is what, like, 80 years old now? Well…79.

Damn, George. What are we suppose to think?

The new Taco Bell spokesman, hey, a brother’s gotta do what a brother’s gotta do, right? The new Taco Bell spokesman is defending the stance of mutually agreed upon sex with a 19-year-old “pretty attractive” blonde camp counselor when he was only 13.

“I was kind of uh … I thought he was attractive,” Takei, who came out as gay decades ago, admits. Continue reading

‘Sick Selfies’ … What Have We Come To? Oh People, We Have Got to Do Better (Pictures)

I mean really, why would posing for a selfie with a homeless person be on your To Do list, dude. Get a f**king life!
I mean really, why would posing for a selfie with an unconscious homeless person be on your To Do list, dude. Get a f**king life!

*Hey, I like a good selfie of moi as much as the next person. Especially if its on a day where I’m “feeling myself.” You know, a woman feeling her beauty kind of day! That’s one thing. But dang, you’ve got to scratch your head and wonder what the phuck were some of these folks thinking when they decided to snap these pictures. Continue reading