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Prisoner Escaped Jail To Get Away From Rap Music

Robert Stevens, fed up with rap music in jail

Photo: Avon and Somerset Constabulary


*Well, I suppose any excuse will do.  If you absolutely must break out of jail, why not do so in an attempt to escape the constant sound of rap music.

That’s what Robert Stevens did.

Stevens, 58, told a court at his hearing he wanted to flee from the loud rap music being played “day and night” on his wing. He is a convicted robber who  claims he was also fed up with inmates pestering him to buy drugs  from younger cellmates inside HMP Leyhill minimum security prison in Gloucestershire. Continue reading

ALERT: A ‘What The Hell Is This Parent Thinking’ Moment For Sure (Watch)

child endangerment, toddler on infants back*The person behind the camera apparently thinks this is cute, but it is hard to watch.

A toddler stands on the back of screaming infant lying on the floor, so that he can reach the sink. Continue reading

Mimi Faust: A ‘Woe Is Me’ Tale As To Why She May Be The Way She Is (For Those Who Give A D*mn)


*Its always interesting when a writer attempts to do the job of a psychoanalyst. Yes, many of us are deep thinkers, or at least we’d like to think that we are; but bless our hearts, we join the masses when it comes to having and sharing our opinions…After all, they are free.

This is not a slight on the writer of the 5 points below – which offer potential reasons as to why VH1 “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star, Mimi Faust, is the way she is; which would possibly lend a clue as to why she made the “poor decision to release an adult film.”

I suppose one could argue with the obvious judgement call that assumes Faust’s decision was actually a poor one. After all, time will tell right? Continue reading

Wow! 16-Year-Old Stowaway Survives Flight From Cali To Maui…Hiding In Wheel Well of Aircraft!

Wheelwell, inside

This is what the inside of an aircraft’s “wheel well” looks like.

*We generally hear of actual bodies being found in this compartment. But one lucky 16-year-old  boy is safe and sound following a 5-1/2-hour flight from California to Maui in the wheel well of an aircraft.

According to the Associated Press, security footage showed the boy scrambled over an airport fence, crossed a tarmac and climbed into the  wheel well of Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii — a misadventure that forced authorities to take a hard look at the security system that protects the nation’s airline fleet. Continue reading

Dang! Dude Stole Woman’s Dog and TV…On Their First Date!

Puppy Stolen on first date*Dude, are you kidding me…You stole my dog?

A New Jersey woman who went on a first date with a guy she met online is most likely still in shock. After she gets over that, she’ll probably kick herself for inviting somebody she hardly knew in the first place back to her home.

Generally, after that first date, friends who were made aware of it will ask, “How’d it go?” They expect to hear things like, “Oh, he’s nice but he talked about himself the whole time,” or “What a jerk, he didn’t even pay for my meal.”

What they don’t expect to hear is, “We went back to my place. I got distracted in another room, and when I returned the guy, my dog and my big screen TV were gone! Continue reading

WTH! Our Kids Are Smoking ‘Bed Bugs’ To Get High?

600Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectularius*Shane Watson said it made him feel like he was “walking through concrete.” He’s describing the gross, yet dangerous new trend young people have discovered to get high.

Bed bugs.

Termed by the same name on the streets, “Bed bugs” have a chemical inside of them that can’t be extracted, so users dry the bug, crush it, and then smoke or even inject it for the full effect. Continue reading

I Can’t Spend the Rest of My Life in Jail: Cries Gang Member Convicted of Attempted Murder (Video)

Brandon Spencer today

Brandon Spencer today


*You may find it difficult to feel sorry for a person who was caught trying to run away from an attempt to murder someone. After all, had things turned out differently, one or more people might be dead right now.

But 21-year-old Brandon Spencer begged for leniency in court anyway, where he was convicted on four counts of attempted murder for firing shots at a rival gang member at a University of Southern California campus party in 2012.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the defendant didn’t take his sentencing too well. Continue reading

Patti LaBelle Arrested for Knock Down, Drag Out with Aretha Franklin … Didn’t Happen!

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

*OK, let us stand still for a sec and try to wrap our collective brains around this fantastical lie: Patti LaBelle and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin duking it out in a fist fight

This is how it supposedly went down.

Both women were at the March 20 Women of Soul concert at, of all places, The White House. As Aretha was making her way to the stage, Patti LaBelle, along with others standing near the aisle seats, reached to grasp her hand in that kind of “I love you sister girl” way.


Whew! If looks could kill that hand would’ve fallen off, Miss Aretha!
Credit: PBS/YouTube

Apparently, Aretha wasn’t having it, and threw shade at Patti by pushing the hand out of the way in a “Girl stop frontin’ you know we don’t get down like that” kind of way.

Not a good idea as far as egos go. Continue reading