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Patti LaBelle Arrested for Knock Down, Drag Out with Aretha Franklin … Didn’t Happen!

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

*OK, let us stand still for a sec and try to wrap our collective brains around this fantastical lie: Patti LaBelle and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin duking it out in a fist fight

This is how it supposedly went down.

Both women were at the March 20 Women of Soul concert at, of all places, The White House. As Aretha was making her way to the stage, Patti LaBelle, along with others standing near the aisle seats, reached to grasp her hand in that kind of “I love you sister girl” way.


Whew! If looks could kill that hand would’ve fallen off, Miss Aretha!
Credit: PBS/YouTube

Apparently, Aretha wasn’t having it, and threw shade at Patti by pushing the hand out of the way in a “Girl stop frontin’ you know we don’t get down like that” kind of way.

Not a good idea as far as egos go. Continue reading

Shameful: Pastor ‘On the Run’ After Getting Mother and Teenage Daughter Pregnant

Mother, pregnant from pastor sam*How does one go about asking the Lord for forgiveness for just being trifling? I mean, what words do you actually use?

After allegedly impregnating a 45-year-old mother of three and her 14-year-old daughter, Pastor Sam of Pentecostal church is on the run. The Pentecostal Church – which is located along Nnebisi Road, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria has been on lock-down since  the news broke. Continue reading

Hey, We Love ‘Em, But 50 A Day? Help! Orgasm Doctor, Where Are you? (Video)

Amanda Gryce has a rare medical condition that makes her have constant, uncontrollable orgasms.

Amanda Gryce has a rare medical condition that makes her have constant, uncontrollable orgasms.


*Now this is an interesting problem to have, wouldn’t you agree? All kidding aside, but can you even fathom having uncontrollable orgasms throughout the day? Going up to the office in the elevator. Talking with the girls around the water cooler. At a staff meeting in your bosses office!


But that’s the reality for one Florida woman who admits to having up to 50 orgasms a day.

But wait, before you try to wrap your brain too comfortably around that; she’s no nymph. She happens to suffer from a very rare medical condition. Continue reading

Love Ya RiRi, But If That Screen Behind You Could Talk It’d Probably Say, ‘All Butt Cracks Look Alike!’ (Photos)

Rihanna butt in the air


*Looking at the picture above, do you wonder what Rihanna is thinking as she stares right into the camera with her legs seemingly parted and boo-tay high up in the air? On second though, how would a strong wind affect the thoughts of the crew?

We’ve already imagined what the screen behind her would say if it could talk.

One thing you have to admit about RiRi is, she’s always giving us something to think about…whether its what the heck is going on between you and Drake? Do you ever speak to Chris Brown on the low, and will you ever truly forgive him for beatin’ your ass? Or, since we’ve seen every part of your gorgeous bod by now, what’s next?

On second thought, do we really want to know? Continue reading

Detroit Police Have Changed Their Mind: Attack on White Motorist May Be Hate Crime Afterall

Driver, Steve Utash

Steve Utash with his daughter

*Following an attack on a white man who accidentally ran over a black boy who darted out into traffic, Detroit police are investigating whether it could be a hate crime, despite previously saying they had no evidence to suggest such an offense.

Steve Utash, a 54-year-old tree-trimmer who is said to have driven up and down the same street, going to the same job, for the past 15 or 16 years is a husband, father and grandfather, who was brutally beaten by a gang of young black men in a poverty-stricken Detroit neighborhood after he accidentally ran over 10-year-old David Harris; who ran in front of his truck.

When Utash got out to check on the young boy, a swarm of vigilantes overwhelmed him and left him with injuries so severe it made his brain bleed.

He remains in a medically-induced coma. Continue reading

Actin’ A Fool Comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Yes, Cultures: Lebanese Teen Kicks Mom in Face on TV (Watch)

Lebanese, 600*Hands in the air if you feel this boy needs his a** whipped!

Excuse me, I just had to get that out.

In America, shows like Jerry Springer come to mind. His was the first to show us individuals, couples, families on TV with the intention of “working stuff out” only to show us how they could demonstrate what an absolute fool acts like.

Well let’s go across the pond, where we get to view a Lebanese television show dedicated to resolving family conflicts. The one aforementioned apparently, didn’t work out.

And that’s putting it mildly. Continue reading

Robber Targets Special Needs Woman at Detroit Gas Station and No One Helps Her

Shakira Magee

Shakira Magee


*While standing at a Detroit gas station waiting for a nearby store to open, Shakira Magee says she was robbed and although there were people in the gas station, nobody helped her – even after they realized she was deaf.

The incident occurred at the gas station on Telegraph and Six Mile roads, when a man came up and tried to speak with her. Shakira motioned that she could not hear him because she is deaf, and said the man smiled and left.

But then he came back. Continue reading

‘Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You’…And It Did! Road Rage Accident Caught on Tape (Watch this!)

road-rage-accident-550x408*It may be the 6th verse in John Lennon‘s iconic song, “Instant Karma,” but it became a reality check in an instant for one man consumed by road rage recently.

Lennon sings,

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Everyone you meet

 …and it was all caught on tape! Continue reading