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Family Burying Patriarch Horrified When They Spot A ‘Decaying Foot’ in the Ground

*Ah damn. What a deal breaker. Wait! This is one deal you can’t break. Grandpa has got to be buried; and at this point its gotta be down there. But who in the world can explain why, as the casket is being lowered into the ground, this grieving family had to see someone’s decaying foot sticking out of the dirt?

…and here’s one for ya, why wasn’t the foot in a coffin?

Oh! The questions this situation brings to mind are endless. But here’s the story.

Mr. Cleveland Butler had suffered a fatal stroke in the Brooklyn nursing home where he resided. A a brief Celebration of Life ceremony had taken place at the Robeson and Brown Funeral Home in Bed-Stuy. But when the family of the 85-year-old decedent was completing the burial process in New Jersey at Mount Holiness Memorial Park, no one could have warned them about what was about to happen. 

The horrifying body part was discovered as the beautifully flowered blue casket was being lowered. Sandra Butler, daughter of the patriarch, spoke to the Daily News.

“This was a very traumatizing situation, first dealing with losing my father and then this,” she said.

“I couldn’t even look at it. It was too much and no one said anything to us. It was like business as usual for them. They just dumped the dirt in the plot like it was normal, like it’s nothing to them.”

Dang! You mean they see this stuff EVERY DAY??? Continue reading

Watch: Video Shows Teen Babysitters Put Infant in Refrigerator…And Laugh

One of the teens taped while the other put the baby girl in the refrigerator

*On Monday, a woman trusted her niece and the girls’ friend to babysit her seven month old daughter while she took a shower. Little did she know she shouldn’t have.

Apparently they thought it would be funny to put the crying infant in the refrigerator; after all, they were laughing as they did it. As one girl held the crying baby, put her inside the refrigerator and closed the door; the other videotaped it.

Then they had the gall to post the video on Snapchat.

That’s where the police caught wind of it. And as you may have guessed, they’re not laughing.

Danvers (Massachusetts ) police Chief Patrick Ambrose said, “We were notified by Swampscott (police) of video involving an infant child.”

On the video the girls laugh as they close the door of the refrigerator while the baby is heard screaming. One girl even says “bye” as she slams the refrigerator door. Moments later, they open the refrigerator door and remove the baby. Continue reading

Good Samaritan on Southwest Flight Literally Saves Two Kids From Sexual Molestation

Photos from the San Jose Police Department. Pictured from left to right: Michael Kellar and Gail Burnworth.

*Its not often that being nosey warrants a pat on the back, but this story makes it a viable exception. Although her identity is being preserved right now, a young Tacoima, Washington pre-school teacher is being applauded for what she did on a Southwest Airlines flight en route to San Jose.

The woman was sitting behind a man who was texting; and she peeked a bit longer than she probably would have normally. Turns out, it’s a good thing she did.

Thanks to unusually large font, and a large smartphone screen, the woman noticed that the man was texting disturbing messages. Messages that spoke of sexually molesting children. As it turns out, he was sending the texts to their daycare provider and was so busy doing so he didn’t even realize she was watching.

Once she realized what was happening, she even snapped a few pictures of his screen.

 “It was in large font, and she sees certain words and starts contemplating there’s something bigger there,” San Jose sex-crimes detective Nick Jourdenais told the Mercury News. “Then the conversation transitions to children. That’s the moment when she decided to preserve the evidence as best as she could.” Continue reading

Look At These Creative ‘Acts of Revenge’ On Cheating Partners (Hilarious!)

*Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned, right? And from the creativity put into some of these revenge tactics, saving face is becoming much harder to maintain. Here’s a handful of tactics girlfriends and boyfriends employed after they learned the other was cheating. I mean some of these things took some real time, and money, and a lot of thought to pull off.

Let’s call this one: Steven, you really effed up, dude!

Why have the traditional “Garage Sale” when you can personalize it by having an “Ex-Husband Sale?”  Continue reading

Philly Pre-School Teacher Calls Out Beauty Salon That ‘Made Me Feel Ugly’ (FB Post Goes Viral!)

*Social media gets a lot of bad rap. We did this. What with the Live broadcast of suicides, cyber-bullying, and being privy to the mood swings of everyday folk and their bouts with TMI, many of us only jump on long enough to post content that directly applies to our business. But one thing that makes the format valuable; something you can’t deny, is that social media is the equivalent of beast mode when it comes to putting stuff on blast. Whether that  “stuff” brings to light what rogue law enforcement officers are made of, or calls out businesses with unsavory practices and poor professional acumen. There is no more effective way to promote them than on social media.

Case in point…

…a Philadelphia beauty salon called L Amour Nails. The salon hee’d and hawed when Johnetta Hopkins, an attractive African American preschool teacher, walked in to get a mani-pedi.  She did the norm, wrote down her name and went to pick a color. But somewhere along the way, she noticed that she no one was welcoming her. You know, the whole “someone will be with you in a minute.” Heck, no one had even acknowledged her presence with a hello. Continue reading

Naked Man Sprays Cop With Pesticide, Then Slaps Him: What Does Cop Do? (Watch)

No, you’re not ‘seeing things.’ That IS the naked man’s fist on the cops face as he exits the train.

*When a good Samaritan saw a Houston man walking naked down the street on June 6, he offered him a towel to cover himself. Instead, the man asked the stranger for his watch. Can you believe that, in an effort to calm the obviously sick (or high) man down, this kind stranger gave it to him?

Thing is, if he valued the watch, this obviously wasn’t a good move because the naked man ran away with it. But he didn’t get far. He ended up at the METRO Fannin South Transit Center where another man, Ben Marquina, was exiting the train.

Marquina saw the man and started recording from his cellphone. And after you see what really went down you might agree it’s a good thing he did.

Continue reading

Listen: Official Resigns After Caught on Tape Blaming Flint Water Crisis on ‘N*ggers Who Don’t Pay Their Bills!’

*Phil Stair sat in a bar sipping on a beer and got too comfortable. He was speaking with a journalist, why in the hell wouldn’t he know that he was being recorded? But they say ignorance is bliss so I guess he has provided a prime example of this. He sat right there and when asked why he thought the Flint Water Crisis happened said it was because “Niggers don’t pay their bills.”

Too bad this wasn’t said in Vegas, it would’ve stayed there.

The long time employee and sales manager at the Genesee County Land Bank resigned his position after a tape recorded by environmental activist and freelance journalist Chelsea Lyons leaked.

Stair can be heard saying “Flint has the same problems as Detroit — f**ing ni***** don’t pay their bills, believe me, I deal with them,” around the 1:23 mark point on the recording below. Listen closely, you know bars can be quite noisy.

Continue reading

‘Actually’ Explores Sexual Consent vs Sexual Assault on College Campuses

*As many of us send our high school graduates off to college this Fall, there is no doubt the issue of sex, and its consequences, is a talk we absolutely must have with our young men and women before they hit the campus.

Of course this is hopefully not the first time parents have spoken with their kids about such a serious issue, but its a grown-up talk now — not a birds and the bees talk. This means using real life scenarios as examples! Embarrassing stuff. Explaining how trickery and deception can come into play; and WHY they need to steer clear of alcohol and drugs for real. Most importantly, the conversation must center around…

…what consent looks like when it comes to sex.

A new study from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Justice Department claims  sexual assaults on American college campuses more than tripled from 2,200 in 2001 to 6,700 in 2014. It remains unclear if this is because assaults were happening, but were not being reported or if the actual assaults are happening more frequently. Either way, its disturbing. Continue reading