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Deathtrap: New Gun-Shaped iPhone Cases Prompt Ire from Just About Everyone


*Apparently, there is a designer out there that has been living under a rock. And that rock has been buried deep, deep underground for at least the past couple of years.

How else can you explain designing a cellphone case that looks just like a gun…once the phone is embedded, and the case is put in your pocket, all that shows is the handle.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Anti-gun groups are furious; and even the cops are calling it a “deathtrap.”

Blame it on a team in Japan with the website Suffice it to say, they definitely didn’t think this one through.

Or did they? Continue reading

One Hot Mess: A ‘Love Triangle’ Between an Attorney, His Client and His Judge Wife…?

Love triangle

*Go ahead, shake your head, because I’m shaking mine.

Let me put the disclaimer out there now by way of the word ALLEGEDLY. It appears an attorney in New Orleans, along with his wife, a federal Judge, has got some explaining to do. The husband has been accused of cheating on his wife, with one of his clients.

Now, wait: I know what you’re thinking. People cheat all the time, so why is this news.

Bear with me as I make an attempt to simplify it for you before going into greater detail.

The problem here is, the client is being represented by the attorney she is having an affair with; and the judge (the attorney’s wife) is now believed to have had motive in fulfilling a prosecutors request.

Oh hell, this is just messy! Continue reading

Watch: Bay Area Teacher Gets ‘Creative’ — Instructs Students to Do Selfie With Parents’ Sex Toys


*Well here’s something to send any parent into an ‘OMG do you think he saw my (you fill in the blank)?’ frenzy. A high school teacher in Alameda who was probably thinking ‘Oh here’s a way to show how hip and cool I am’ — instructed his students to go home and rummage through their parents drawers in an attempt to find provocative items (read: sex toys, condoms, CDs, etc.) and take a selfie with it. Then they were to report back to school and be ready to present.

Too bad Mr. Cool won’t be around to see how it all went. Placed on administrative leave as the school interviews parents and rummages through his desk and grade books, the teacher is sitting at home fiddling his thumbs, wondering if he’ll have a job tomorrow. Continue reading

Woman in China Pays to Rescue Dogs from Annual ‘Meat Festival’

Yang Xiaoyun
Yang Xiaoyun gets an “I will love you forever” kiss from one of her many “friends.”

*A woman after my own heart, is what many of us animal-lovers are thinking after reading the headline to this story.

Yang Xiaoyun, 65, may not strike you as a wealthy woman; but that didn’t seem to hold her back from paying a sizable amount of money to rescue 100 dogs from being eaten during an annual dog meat festival, according to a media statement on Sunday.

The animal-loving Xiaoyun paid about 7,000 yuan (US$1,100) to save the dogs in the southern city of Yulin on Saturday, web portal Netease reported. Continue reading

Heinz Ketchup Major ‘Oops’ — Bottle’s QR Code Links to Porn Site


*If you weren’t careful enough to investigate, you may have thought the iconic brand of ketchup many of us grew up with had changed direction. But that’s not the case, the brand is still on track as regular old ketchup. And Heinz is offering an apology for a snafu with some of their ketchup bottles that still carries an old QR code that now links to an X-rated site, according to CNN Money.

After receiving a complaint from Daniel Korell on Thursday, Heinz couldn’t respond fast enough. Korell alerted the company that when he scanned the code on the ketchup bottle it actually uploaded to a porn site. In his post on the company’s Facebook page, Korell said that the ketchup “is probably not for minors” and added a photo of the spicy hot site. Continue reading

Deal Breaker: Wife Learns Husband Had Sex With Her Dog for Revenge

Sex with dog

*Yes people, you read that headline right. And no, just because you thought you’d heard it all, this is proof that apparently, you have not.

A man said to be jealous at all the attention his wife paid to her  2-year-old shih tzu dog, her husband, Jonathan Edward Medley, could find no other recourse but to have sex with her dog, Buster.

The Geneva, Alabama man was charged with for the offense. 

His wife had her suspicions that he was cheating on her. But she suspected it was with another woman. So she decided to hide a recording device. Continue reading

Uber Driver, Nayal Salem, Arrested for Fondling Self in Front of Passenger (Watch)

Uber driver fondles self

*Oh god. As a constant Uber passenger, I just don’t know what I would do if confronted with something like this. But I do know it wouldn’t end well…for the driver.

As a service many of us have come to depend on, and even enjoy, its disconcerting to say the least, to hear that a Philadelphia Uber driver had the audacity to get into the back seat of his vehicle and fondle himself in front of a female passenger.

Fortunately, he was arrested after this was caught on video.

Nayal Salem, 57, had driven the woman from Sea Isle City, N.J., to Avalon, N.J., where she had a summer home, over the Memorial Day weekend, according to Avalon police.

When Salem arrived at the woman’s destination, he hopped into the back seat where the woman was sitting, locked all the doors, and started fondling himself over his clothes, police said.

While rubbing his groin, Salem said to the passenger,

“I love your body, my god I love your body,” as heard on the video below that was posted to social media. “Your body is beautiful.” Continue reading

Cops Show ‘True Colors’ at Marijuana Dispensary Bust


*You may have heard the saying, “Eventually, your true colors will show themselves.” Well, I just made that up, but you get the point. And recent video show a group of cops who raided a marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, California as a perfect example.

What idiots!

These poor excuses for police officers were obviously not aware that the dispensary they charged into had secret cameras. And obviously smelling themselves they proceeded to flaunt their authority by showing a complete lack of disregard for the business; eating marijuana edibles, tossing darts, and even joking about their behavior towards a disabled person. 

The remarks made by the female officer confirms why women in general have such a poor perception of any woman who would take up this occupation. She is heard on the video saying how she kicked an amputee “in the f—ing nub.”  Continue reading