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‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Teen Shows Up to Prom in a Hearse (Watch)

teen, prom, coffin

*Teenagers, you’ve gotta love ’em right? Think back, remember all of the crazy stuff we used to do as we tried to find our identity? Or just plain get attention? I put a gray streak in my hair, wore clothing from different cultures (my favorite being Indian), put a ring in my nose and two in one earlobe. Now, go figure — all of these things are the norm.

But this teen has got us all beat. She chose to show up to prom not in a badass dress; not wearing some outlandish hairpiece; not even on the arm of the hottest guy in school (like I did!). She showed up solo…IN A COFFIN…and you can only guess what her mode of transportation was right?

I’ll give you a sec.

You got it, a hearse. Continue reading

Kid in Australia Drives Car 800-Miles ALONE Before Police Catch Up to Him


*Shh…we don’t want to give the American lads any ideas, but a 12-year-old boy from  Australia was obviously feeling a bit restless when he decided to drive from his home in Kendall New South Wales all the way to Perth on the continent’s western side. The entire trip from one coast to the other is approximately 2,500 miles and the little guy almost made it, until police stopped the car at the 800-mile mark.

And only because the bumper was dragging. 

A report in the  Sydney Morning Herald says a police spokesperson confirmed, “Officers from Broken Hill Highway Patrol stopped a motor vehicle on the Barrier Highway due to defects which made the vehicle hazardous.”

Imagine their shock once they walked up to the car all ready to ask the driver for a license and registration! Continue reading

This Is Nuts…Literally! Woman Uses Boyfriend’s Balls As Makeup Applicator (Watch)

Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!
Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!

*Oh the things some people do. SMH. Please don’t tell my mama I’m sharing something this crass with you, and please don’t judge the messenger! In fact, my mouth is still agape (Oops! Please don’t read more into that little admission than was meant!) But my goodness, what on earth could have made this woman even THINK to do this? 

Stay with me as I explore the possibilities…

Hmm…this darn makeup brush is no longer working. Whatever shall I use?


Honey, can you c’mere for a sec? I wanna try something?

Obviously option #2 won out. Continue reading

Six Reasons To Spend More Time Naked…As If I Needed Six


*The Huffington Post recently ran a story outlining the six reasons to spend more time naked.  “No matter your age, marital status, or gender,” they wrote, “it’s still a good idea to spend more time naked.”

Amen to that, I said, and plowed into that article.

However, although they wrote that gender wasn’t an issue, it became clear really quickly that the article was very heavily focused on women, and I felt very strongly that we can’t leave the guys out of this!  So, in the spirit of community service, I’ll give you their reasons for being naked more, and give you the male “take” — or at least the straight / bi male take — on each reason. Continue reading

Soldier Who Lost Both Arms and Legs Expecting Second Child. Think About It…

The Mills Family
The Mills Family

*I thought about this one, prayed over it, scratched my head, prayed over it again, then decided to give it to you straight and let YOU decide.

Travis Mills, a soldier who lost both arms and legs in an explosion in Afghanistan is expecting his second child with his wife, Kelsey.

The retired staff sergeant made the announcement last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.   

After recovering from his injuries, Sgt Mills started a foundation to help wounded veterans, The Travis Mills Foundation.

Those are all of the relevant details of this wonderful story.  Congratulations to the Mills family!

Now, let’s get to the “WTF!??” I alluded to earlier. Continue reading

Female Uber Driver Finds Out Passenger Is Cheating Boyfriend’s ‘Side Chick’

Bree, courtesy Twitter

*This address looks very familiar. Wait…is this? Nah…That (or something similar) was most likely the thought process sista gurl [sic] went through as she looked at the GPS address that she was taking the sista in the back seat of her Uber to. 

Along the way the two women probably got into friendly conversation, as many Uber drivers and their passengers do, with Bree, the driver, probing deeper for answers — unknowingly, from her passenger. Continue reading

Who In The Heck Put Poop In These Coke Cans?


*In what has to be the grossest thing EVER, a discovery was made on a shipment of coca-cola at the Knockmore Hill facility in Lisburn, Ireland that has investigating police stumped. The cans-only shipment originated from a never-before-used supplier in Germany, with the expectation that the normally empty cans would soon be filled with pop.

…only thing is, the cans were NOT empty…they had human waste inside. 

I know. I know. WTF?

Like I said, police are stumped! 

How was it discovered you may ask…By the night shift! Workers peeked inside the cans after the machine they were using became clogged. Needless to say, they were shocked at what had caused the congestion. Continue reading

Fake Doctor ‘Enhanced’ Women’s Buttocks With Cement, Now Headed to Jail (Watch)


Sit down. No really…sit.

You’re going to need to be seated as you read this story. That’s how far out it is. A fake doctor in Florida was finally found out and jailed after a female patient put her on blast for cosmetic surgery gone horribly wrong.  

Where oh where do I begin?

Her patients called her “Duchess,” but her real name was Oneal Ron Morris. Turns out Morris had operated on dozens of women for years; providing them with the big butts they so desired.

But here’s the thing.

Morris has been accused of injecting the women with a near-lethal formula of cement, mineral oil, bathroom caulking and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant — a concoction that was not only “near lethal” (lethal for several of them, including the mother-of-three who blew the whistle on her), but caused them to have gargantuan, hard booty’s.

Morris, a trans…something, even did the procedure on herself.



Shatarka Nuby, the woman who encouraged the investigation that led to Morris’ sentence of 10 years in jail, passed away four months after contacting the state’s health department because she felt sick. According to the medical examiner, the cause of her death was determined as respiratory failure from “massive systemic silicone migration” from injections to Nuby’s buttocks and hips.

“My daughter died the most inhuman death,” Nuby’s mother, Sherri Pitts, said at the hearing. “Eighteen months she suffered not knowing the full of what [was] put in her body.”

According to reports in The Washington Post, an arrest affidavit claims Morris injected Nuby approximately 10 times between 2007 and 2011. The first procedure, which was witnessed by a friend, cost $2,000 according to what documents show. Nuby’s young daughter witnessed another injection, according to the affidavit, when she peeked behind the bathroom door. The daughter said that Morris had a black suitcase with a needle and plastic wrap. She told investigators that Morris wrapped Nuby’s buttocks with the plastic wrap and poked her “in the butt with a needle.”

Because this wasn’t Morris’ first go round, other family members said she would wear scrubs and a stethoscope while performing the procedures.

There is much more to read about this horrific tale. In the meantime, watch Morris all dolled up in the video below. SMDH.