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Downs Syndrome Child Wasn’t Invited to Party, Moms ‘Open Letter’ Goes Viral

Downs Syndrome kid

*I worked in the special needs industry for seven years, and I know that the children and young adults afflicted with conditions such as Autism, Down Syndrome and the entire spectrum, have the same wants and needs as any individual when it comes to love and acceptance. Which is why it hurts my heart so badly to hear about a child being excluded from anything because of a disability. In this particular case, Sawyer, who has Down Syndrome, was the only kid in his class who did not get an invite to a classmate’s birthday party. His mother chose to deal with this hurt by penning an open letter to the birthday boy’s family.

In “An open letter to the parent that thought it was OK to invite the entire class to their child’s birthday except my son,” Jennifer Kiss-Engele begins by clarifying why she feels it is so important for her to write it. I am “sharing this because I think it’s a valuable lesson for all and I’m trying to educate & advocate more…” Continue reading

Man Charged With DUI Had Chastity Belt Attached To His Penis…Under His Skirt

Photo courtesy of Anderson County Sheriff's Office.
Photo courtesy of Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

*Remember your mother telling you to make sure you have clean underwear on before you leave the house? (Don’t front. I’m not the only one whose mamma had to tell them that!) Well, mom’s advice was good but a tad incomplete.

Let me add to it: make sure you leave your chastity belt at home.

Curtis Scott Eidman, 35, from Tennessee didn’t get that memo. He was stopped during a sobriety checkpoint outside Knoxville while wearing a “white skirt, white leggings with pink stripes and black high heels,” with a ribbon around his goatee, according to reports.

His female passenger —

see?  You went there, didn’t you?  You heard me: FEMALE passenger!  

was described as “visibly intoxicated.” He told officers he’d had four or five shots of liquor, and that he had a pistol in the center console of his car.

Eidman’s doesn’t sound like the sharpest tool in the shed, but if he’d have been black, he’d have been shot right there, black hoodie or not.

But wait! Believe it or not, it gets better. Continue reading

Women Who Beat Up McDonald’s Employee for ‘Working Too Slow’ Arrested!

McDonalds, these women beat up worker

*Police in Belleview, Ohio say three women who felt the female McDonald’s employee that serviced their order was  working too slow decided to beat her up.

Yes. These heifers saw the employee standing in the parking lot after work, waiting for her ride, when they assaulted her.

Local police posted mugshots of the three women on Facebook, and the pictures are getting strong reactions. The women, Ashley England, Mary Jordan and Sammie Whaler were arrested  on Wednesday and charged with assault, and one of the women, England, was also charged with theft after she took the employee’s glasses.

I’ve certainly been in restaurants where my food took longer than I wanted depending on my degree of hungry. But for the life of me, I don’t know what it would take for me to actually be so unsettled about such a thing that I would WAIT for the person who serviced me OUTSIDE and then BEAT THAT PERSON UP!

I apologize in advance to those reading this, who I am about to offend…

But these bitches need a life!

They actually didn’t have shit else to do. So they waited…hours maybe… until the employee GOT OFF WORK and then beat her up?

Black-Guy-Shocked-Face-Meme-02 Continue reading

Family of Rapist Brock Turner Gives Us a Great Reason to Regurgitate

brock turner mugshot_1465489485894_1416037_ver1.0_640_360
A judge gave this privileged white athlete 6 months in jail and three years probation for raping an unconscious, intoxicated girl behind a trash dumpster.

*The judge who insulted anyone with a conscience by giving 20-year-old Stanford University student Brock Turner a slap on the wrist after he was actually discovered raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman behind a trash dumpster last year is obviously not concerned with justice. Nor is he concerned with the public’s perception of him rewarding white privilege out loud…and no doubt with a straight face. The only thing sicker than that pittance of a “sentence,” is the sheer audacity of this man’s family, who has not only now turned the incident around and put total blame on the victim, but has, according to SF Gate, written letters to Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky; pleading with him to not send their son to jail because it would be a “death sentence” and, according to his mother, her son would “become a target.”

This June 2, 2016 photo shows Brock Turner and his mother, Carleen Turner, headed to the courthouse in northern California's Palo Alto area.
This June 2, 2016 photo shows Brock Turner and his mother, Carleen Turner, headed to the courthouse in northern California’s Palo Alto area.

As we have been known to say, if that don’t beat all.  Continue reading

For The Ladies? Meet LICKI, a Silicone Brush For Your Pussy (Cat)


*I always marvel at the inventiveness of the human mind. Just think about all of the incredible inventions we’ve come up with.

The wheel.

And then, employing two of them, the bicycle! Then, with four, the automobile!

The human mind has devised a way to fly!  To send images across the world and display those images on a flat screen that can hang on your wall!

The telephone! The mobile phone! The microwave!

But listen up, my darlings, NOTHING that we’ve invented over the centuries can trump LICKI, a giant silicone tongue you can use to lick your pu**y.

As Missy Elliot said on @JanetJackson’s 2015 album, “kitty cat meow meow meow meow MEOW!”

Janet Jackson with longtime beau Jermaine Dupri

Ladies, don’t get TOO excited. I’m talking “pussy” as in a REAL, FELINE cat. Continue reading

Pregnant Teacher Admits to Sex with 13-Year-Old Student…Claims His Parents Approved

Vera, the teacher who had sex with teen
Alexandria Vera

*Well ain’t this some crazy ass mess. That’s not even meant to be a question. Her name is Alexandria Vera, but they call her “Vera” — maybe because she looks like a kid herself. But she’s not. Vera is a Houston middle school teacher at the Aldine Independent School District and she has been charged with the continuous sexual abuse of her 13-year-old student; who she says impregnated her.

As if that’s not bad enough, she claims the sexual relationship was with the blessings of the kid’s parents.

The student attends Stovall Middle School, where Vera teaches. He is said to be in her English class. The inappropriate relationship began last September, according to what Vera told the District Attorney’s office.

The DA’s office said an investigation by a peace officer was ordered after they received word about a teacher and student having an inappropriate relationship. The officer received school records that showed the age of the student, who was younger than 14 when Vera began having sex with him. Continue reading

Watch: Former Cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, Bawls Uncontrollably as Jurors present Surprise Birthday Present

Daniel Holtzclaw's not hurt so good look
We can probably assume this is NOT Daniel Holtzclaw’s hurt-so-good look!

*Make no mistake, those are not the tears from a hurt-so-good experience, many of which former rookie cop Daniel Holtzclaw has no doubt experienced while raping and forcing more than a dozen Black women to perform sexual acts on him.

No, these tears are those of a wimp who was caught and does not want to pay for the crime.

Holtzclaw wept uncontrollably in court as jurors convicted him last month on four first-degree rape counts and 14 other charges, and followed that with a recommendation that he spend 263 years in prison for the crime. And to think he thought so little of these women, he assumed no one would believe them.

The judge agreed with the jurors on Thursday. Continue reading

D.C. Police Charge Guard for Assault on Transgender Woman in Women’s Restroom

Ebony Belcher
Ebony Belcher

A Giant grocery store guard has been charged with assault after a transgender woman says she put her hands on her as she attempted to use the women’s restroom.

Ebony Belcher, 32, was in the D.C. store with a friend when she asked an employee to point her towards the restroom. Along the way Belcher passed a female security officer.

Belcher says the officer followed her into the restroom and told her she had to leave.

“She opened the door and came in and started calling me derogatory names,” Belcher said. Continue reading