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Headphones Ad Thinks ‘Butt Cheeks’ Make Good Music…Listen (They Hope You Agree)

twerking headphones ad

*You’ve got to admit, when a company says they want to introduce music made by the booty—for the booty, you get a visual that immediately tells you that’s probably too much information.

But that’s what the team at AIAIAI headphones is selling  in their latest project where sensors are attached to the booty of a woman as she goes twerk-crazy.

Just when you thought Miley had ruined twerking for everyone, the folks at AIAIAI headphones raise the bar for rump awareness with their latest project, “Real Booty Music.”Music producer Branko (from Buraka Som Sistema) attached sensors to Twerk Queen Louise‘s derrière and harnessed the movement of—well, butt cheeks—to create new music. 

It really is something to behold.

According to the company, “The overall idea behind the project was to provide AIAIAI headphone users and other music lovers with new music. Moreover, we wanted to do this in an unusual way, which brought about music made by the booty—for the booty. The project explores the rich heritage of bass-driven club culture, where dancing and booty shaking are integral elements. We want to see if it’s possible to change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context and letting the dance ‘do the talking.’ ”

Check out the Twerk video below first, then…Then, if that video simply whetted your appetite for the track, check it out:

Via Ads of the World.

Client: AIAIAI
Creative Director / Art Director: Peter Michael Willer
Copywriter: Ulrik Nørgaard
Artist: Branko
Dancer: Twerk Queen Louise
Creative Technology Design: Pieter-Jan Pieters / Owow
Engineers: Joep le Blanc, Alex Tsamakos
Film Director: Mike Nybroe
Webdesigner: Andy Borglind
Published: February 2015

 Read more at ADweek.

Shameful: Police Beating Settlement Gives $459,000 to Attorneys, And $1,000 to Victim


*Double jeopardy had already been served to Anthony Warren, who is now serving time in prison. While leading Birmingham police officers on a high speed chase his car had flipped over and he was rendered unconscious. Once they caught him, they beat his a**

But that’s not all.

He sued and the city of Birmingham settled the lawsuit for $460,000. That’s a lot of money they’ll have to pay for the shameful act of beating an already unconscious man.

Too bad the victim will only see $1,000 of it. Continue reading

Thought You Knew Bold? This Woman Walked in Victoria’s Secret and Stole 785 Panties! (Reward!)

panty raid

*Wish you could read what’s printed on her shirt? All we can tell is that it says something about GUYS. Take that, coupled with the fact that this brazen women (pictured above) hid 785 pairs of panties in dem der bags she’s carrying and you’ve got one sista planning on staying busy for quite some time.

Atlanta police are on high alert as they search for the suspected shoplifter who stole the panties from the Victoria’s Secret boutique inside Lenox Mall in the ATL.

The blurred surveillance photo above was released by the Atlanta Police Dept. on Thursday. The image is of a woman who they say stuffed all those panties into 3 shopping bags during a 2-hour shoplifting spree on Saturday. Continue reading

Man Poses As His Own ‘Fake Twin’ to Get Out of Parking Tickets


*Oh bruh. Seriously? Not that the thought never crossed our minds. Oh who am I kidding? The thought NEVER crossed my mind. But this guy actually did it. He was so desperate to get out of those expensive, pesty parking tickets, he posed as his fictitious, blind twin brother in a laughable attempt to delay court hearings on several motor vehicle summonses, according to authorities.

Olawale Agoro, of Hackensack, New Jersey, is now facing charges of hindering apprehension, false swearing and resisting arrest.

Agoro received five summons during a July 31 traffic stop, Rochelle Park police tells The Record. But Agoro pulled his ‘trump card’ out during a September court appearance, where authorities said the 58-year-old Agoro claimed to be his twin brother “Tony.” Continue reading

Man Busted for Necrophilia: He Broke Into Funeral Home and Had Sex With a Dead Woman

Domonique Smith had sex with a dead woman
Domonique Smith

*I’m sorry, but its hard to process the state of mind a man would have to be in to find pleasure in having sex with a dead woman. I mean, how in the hell do you come to terms with something like that? 

Poor family. Damn you, Domonique Smith.

At first police arrested Smith for stealing a bicycle from Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. But while they were investing that, Georgia police uncovered something much more sinister. The 26-year old had sex with a deceased woman at the funeral home. Continue reading

Teen Shoots Boy in Face, Killing Him, Then Takes ‘Selfie’ With the Corpse

Selfie with dead body
Maxwell Marion Morton on right, and his victim, Ryan Mangan on left.


*People who take ‘selfies’ a lot have been called anything from an ‘addict’ to ‘self-absorbed.’ But its just plain nuts if you go as far as this 16-year-old Pittsburgh-area boy did. Maxwell Marion Morton may be headed to jail for a long time after an arrest for a murder police found out about when they were shown a selfie he took with the victim’s dead body. According to court documents, Morton shot Ryan Mangan, also 16 years old,  in the face — killing him. And after doing so, proceeded to (allegedly) pose for a selfie with the dead boys’ corpse before sending the picture to a friend via Snapchat. Continue reading

Ohio Girl, 11, Beats 2-Year-Old to Death – Now She’s Been Charged With Murder

Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice said at a Monday news conference that the beating death of a 2-month-old girl is one of the most egregious crimes he's seen in his 30 years as a police officer.
Wickliffe Police Chief Randy Ice said at a Monday news conference that the beating death of a 2-month-old girl is one of the most egregious crimes he’s seen in his 30 years as a police officer.

*It was such a disturbing incident that the police officers on the scene will undergo counseling. They arrived at the home of a Cleveland girl and her mother, after the 11-year-old girl had beat a 2-month-old infant to death, The infant was staying overnight with the girl and her mother to give the baby’s mom a break.

Wickliffe police Chief Randy Ice said at a news conference Monday that the 11-year-old, her mother and the baby girl, Zuri Whitehead of Cleveland, were on a couch downstairs when the mother fell asleep at about 3 a.m. Friday. The mother was awakened less than an hour later by her daughter, who was holding the badly injured infant. Ice said the 11-year-old had taken the infant upstairs. When she returned downstairs, the infant was bleeding and her head was badly swollen.

The mother immediately called 911, (Scroll down to listen), according to Ice. Zuri was flown to a children’s trauma center in Cleveland, where she was pronounced dead.

Continue reading

Brazilian Prison Guards Duped By Trio of ‘Dominatrix’ Who Set Prisoners Free Instead

Brazil Jailbreak2
The evidence…

*Well here’s some news that may fulfill the “inner rogue” lying dormant in us all.

Instead of just chanting “Free the prisoners! Free the prisoners!” three women dressed up as dominatrix walked into a Brazilian prison with a different intention than they let on. The guards were led to think an orgy was about to take place, instead the women duped them and twenty-eight prisoners were set free.

All we can say is…Oops.

It was around 3a.m. when the tempting trio walked up to the Nova Mutum public prison near Cuiaba in central Brazil and used their sexual prowess to persuade three guards to let them in for some “drinking and role play,” according to Reporter MT.

The guards were more than happy to oblige and showed they were willing to be sex slaves as they guided the women to their sleeping quarters. But the women drugged them with spiked whiskey, according to the Telegraph and investigators say they stripped and handcuffed the men before they stole their master keys and unlocked every cell, police said.

Prisoners walked out through the main door, and took a total of three rifles, two revolvers and ammunition from the storage room on their way out, police said.

“The plan was to seduce them,” Police Chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira said at a news conference. “Whoever wanted to escape left by the front door.”

The disoriented guards were found naked and handcuffed the next morning, Ferreira said. Police later found a bag of lingerie and naughty police outfits nearby.

Brazil Jailbreak1

“From the moment they drank the whisky, the agents don’t remember a thing,” she said at a news conference. “One was found dizzy, trying to wake up. Another slept for the whole afternoon and couldn’t even be questioned.”

Photographs of the swindled guards surfaced on social media and went viral Friday night, according to Reporter MT.

What I am sure the guards feel adds insult to injury, they were placed under arrest and will face charges of facilitating a jailbreak and culpable embezzlement because of the firearms theft, police said.

Police said they are searching for Bruno Amorim, an 18-year-old inmate who they believe is the mastermind behind the heist. His girlfriend is most likely one of the women who seduced the guards, authorities said.

Amorim busted out during a sentence for attempted murder, robbery and possessing a firearm.

Authorities said they apprehended eight escapees Friday and continue to hunt down the others.

One of the inmates was found drunk — toting a stolen rifle nearby, police said. Another was captured after he crashed a pick-up truck he stole from a farm, they said.