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Christian Community Up in Arms Already Over ‘Black Jesus’…C’mon, Is a ‘Campaign’ Really Necessary?

Black Jesus

*Oh god. Er, excuse me. But can people wait to actually see Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” before they get all up in arms about it? Dang! The Christian activist network’s One Million Moms and a team of pastors have taken offense at the character already and want the Adult Swim network to nix the show.

Do they really think that devout Christians are going to love Jesus any less based on anything Aaron McGruder puts out? By now, don’t they realize that absolutely NOTHING is spared when it comes to shows on stations like Adult Swim? Or comedy in general?

In the Adult Swim show, “Black Jesus” lives in Compton, California and goes on a “daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.”

So Jesus is still ‘spreading love’. Is it the way he is spreading it that is the problem? Why? In reality, wouldn’t Jesus “speak to people in a way that they can relate to” in order to get his message of peace, love and forgiveness heard and understood?
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Vine User Rashid Polo: ‘If Profiling Keeps Happening, I’ll Have to Record It’ (Watch)

Rashid Polo Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video
Rashid Polo: Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video


*And if I were you, convenience store employee, I would not take the threat lightly. Rashid Polo, became an Internet sensation last week after his Vine video of convenience store employees following him drew 30 million views.

Inspiration indeed, to continue filming his racial profilers.

“If it keeps happening, I’m going to be forced to record it,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, because it’s very annoying and it’s a touchy subject with many people.”

His theory about the racial profiling he experienced is that it was most likely a by-product of living in a small Minnesota town. “‘You’re a young minority and you’re probably going to steal, so let’s keep an eye on you,’” Polo said of his profilers’ thought process, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Continue reading

The Actions of ‘Sexually Frustrated’ Women Resurface on Social Media


*Used to be a time when the only people even expected to talk about sex were men. A man thinks nothings of boasting about “tappin’ that!” or “Hittin’ this!” Well, apparently, they can talk all they want; women always were more “action-oriented.” And there are two stories that seem to be circulating on social media that show they, too, have expectations that apparently were not fulfilled, so instead of talking – they took some pretty extreme measures to show exactly how they feel.

A Detroit judge recently granted bond to a woman convicted of assault earlier this year after she shot and nearly killed her boyfriend of 15 years “over bad sex,” according to the headline. Sadie Bell, 58, suspected her married boyfriend—who she has been with for more-than-a-decade—was cheating on her (her “proof” is a little too graphic to explain). Seems kind of ironic, right? She expects a married man who has been having an affair with her, to be faithful to her when he is obviously cheating on his wife (yeah, with her). Continue reading

Comcast Is So Embarrassed: The Customer Service Call They Hoped You Wouldn’t Hear (Listen)


*Hey, raise your hand if this ever happened to you. Oh boy, that’s a lot of hands. And you say it has happened more than once? Yep, to many of us. You call the customer service department of your cable network to have your services disconnected, and instead of a “Yes, right away sir (or) ma’am” you get a long road of twists and turns.

This is what happened to one customer of cable and Internet giant, Comcast. But the thing is, the customer service rep was not counting on the tech-savvy nature of the person he was speaking to.

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State Trooper (Aaron Huntsman) Stole Money & Jewelry From Crash Victim, Pleads Guilty

State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman plead guilty to stealing crash victims possessions
State Trooper, Aaron Huntsman plead guilty to stealing crash victims possessions


*Well if this don’t beat all! Please join me as I shake my head on this one. It appears that if cops are not beating the crap out of somebody, they are stealing peoples’ possessions.

A Connecticut state police trooper accused of stealing jewelry and cash from the body of John Scalesse, a motorcyclist who died at the scene of a motorcycle crash, pleaded guilty today to felony charges and will spend more than a year in prison, according to the court.

Aaron Huntsman, had been a state trooper with the department for nearly two decades at the time of the crime, and is now guilty of third-degree larceny and tampering with evidence. Continue reading

NY Teen, 18, Arrested After He Kills Brother & Beats Doctor-Mom into Coma

Teen kills brother, mom in coma
Arrested: Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18, who admitted to ‘hurting’ his mother and younger brother, has a history of mental illness, says his lawyer

*A teen from Long Island, New York, that was known to have a history of psychiatric problems was arrested over the weekend for the murder of his 15-year-old brother and a brutal assault on his mother – a respected physician; who is now in a coma, police say.

Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18, was charged with assault on his mother, Chinwe Okonkwo, 52, on Saturday in Dix Hill, New York. However, he has yet to be charged with the death of  his brother Bradley.
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Judge Tells Teen He Needs A Dad to ‘Beat the hell out of him’…Then Gives Him Lenient Sentence

Teen boy who beat man

Latrez Cummings , the 19-year-old gang member who, along with friends, jumped Steve Utash in Detroit after he got out of his pickup truck to help a 10-year-old who had stepped in front of his vehicle, may have gotten off easy as far as sentencing – but not without a verbal lashing from Judge James Callahan.

Callahan didn’t hold back in admonishing the teen; telling him that he needed a father to ‘beat the hell out of him’ and keep him out of trouble. Then he proceeded to sentencing him to six months in jail for his role in the brutal mob-style assault on Steve Utash in April. Continue reading

Executive Assistant at L.A. NAACP Gets Three Years in Prison For Stealing From the Elderly


*It appears Vacie Thomas can kiss her job at the Los Angeles NAACP goodbye.

According to Courthouse News Service and a news release on the website of District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, the 62-year-old Thomas plead “No Contest,” to stealing money and assets from an elderly couple and was sentenced to three years in prison this week. She had  coaxed the  couple into trusting her, and then – named herself as a joint tenant in their home – and proceeded to embezzle monies from them by writing numerous checks to the tune of $180,000 – which she used to pay for personal debt. Continue reading