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Arthur Lee Duncantell II Foundation Presents ‘Stop the Violence’ Black Tie Gala


*You may ask, who was Arthur Lee Duncantell II? Then again, his name may sound familiar but you just can’t place it. He is a young man who lived in San Bernardino, California. A father of two sons who had dreams of starting a group home for wayward boys as a way of helping his community and honoring his mother, Sheilah Y. Kimble, because through these types of boys, he realized the problems he had caused her growing up.

He is a young man who was fatally wounded by an alleged gang member in 2011 and he is among the many Cold Cases still pending.

He was NOT a gang member.

He is a young man whose murder captured media attention because witnesses who saw what happened were too afraid to come forward, and the San Bernardino Police Dept clearly didn’t give a f*ck about the death of another Black man.

I recall talking to Ms. Kimble more than a year ago. She told me that after Tony Valdez’s Fox11 ‘Cold Case’ story on her son in June of 2015, she contacted Detective William Flesher of the San Bernardino Police Department for an update. According to her, the detective allegedly said, “We are not going to waste taxpayer money to investigate because he’s just another nigger in a gang.”

She said a whole lot more… Continue reading

Scategorically The Best Donald Trump Gifts Ever


*I can scategorically tell you that these are the absolute best gifts EVER for the Donald Trump fan in your life!

First, if you’ve got a dog, how about the Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag? Just in, each roll contains 15 bags that fit on a standard clip-on leash dispenser.

According to the site, you can “make picking up poop great again” and “you’ll have a blast making Donald eat dog poo every day of the week!”

But why should your dog have all of the fun?  Ladies, if your pussy twitches in anticipation of Trump grabbing it, your dreams can come true.   Continue reading

Pissed ‘Cause He Didn’t Get the Job, Man Jailed for Mailing Dead Skunks to Guy That Did! (Video)

Travis Tarrants
Travis Tarrants

*Oh god. I’ve been pissed at not getting jobs I wanted so badly in the past, but I NEVER thought of doing anything like this.

Some people!

Travis Tarrants, a 40-year-old man from Indiana, was so mad that he was passed over as the new school basketball coach that he sent dead skunks and a raccoon via the U. S. mail to the guy who won the position.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he spray-painted the man’s car with messages like “you will die” in an attempt to get him to resign as coach and fourth grade teacher at the school in French Lick, Indiana.

Dude, did you seriously believe YOU would be able to step in even if he did.

Apparently he didn’t get that far in his thought process. Continue reading

[WATCH!] Jody Watley & Shalamar Reloaded’s Sultry New, Conversation-Sparking Video “The Mood”

Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley, and Rosero McCoo (l-r)

Nate Allen Smith, Jody Watley, and Rosero McCoo (l-r)

*Jody Watley told me a few weeks ago that she had a few upcoming, “exciting” projects with her group Shalamar Reloaded.

Having just seen the group’s new video, “exciting” has got to be the understatement of the decade.

“The Mood” is a classic, throwback mid-tempo R & B jam that will be in my music library as soon as it’s available on iTunes on October 14. The video features a characteristically gorgeous Watley (does that woman age?), along with Rosero McCoy and Nate Allen Smith who both know how to strike a sultry pose. The video’s majestic Oahu setting almost gives the three pretty people of Shalamar Reloaded a run for their money.

But the video’s showstopper is when the gloriously shirtless McCoy shows viewers just what kind of “mood” he’s in [SPOILER ALERT], as the camera pulls back to reveal his hot, tattooed male bedmate just before the two of them join an equally sexy woman in the shower. And the shower door closes.

Do your thing, Rosero. Hot. HOT. HAWT!

A brutha could use a little warning before he gets hit with all of that in the middle of the workday. I almost scheduled a pregnancy test. It is quite simply one of the sexiest music videos I’ve ever seen. After watching it (three times), I got up and took a cool shower. Literally. Continue reading

12-Year-Old Girl Takes Cops on 126Mph Chase in Grandma’s Car (Watch)


*Forgive me. This may not be the newest story on the block, but boy is it a hum-dinger! Texas cops didn’t know what hit ’em, pun intended, when they realized the car they were chasing down the highway at warp speed was being driven by a 12-year-old. The girl, who also had her 7-year-old sister in tow, had stolen grandma’s car.

Amazed at her skill behind the wheel, officers saw the girl weaving in and out of traffic; even driving the wrong way down a highway, and at the end of it all she had only scraped two cars along the way.

No crashes. No head-on collisions. No T-bones. Nothing

And wait until you hear where Missy was going in such a hurry. Continue reading

Watch: No Shame! Woman Walks in on Burglars Having Sex on Her Couch!


*As if burglarizing this woman’s property weren’t enough, these brazen thieves weren’t even in a hurry to leave. After neighbors claim they saw people taking bins of clothing out of Jamie Barnes’ South Memphis, Tennessee apartment, Barnes returned home from a short trip and found a man and woman on her couch having sex!

You can just feel Barnes’ frustration as she speaks to  the media following the incident.

“It’s horrible in there. It’s absolutely horrible in there. It’s like they just had a big old nasty party,” Barnes told WREG-TV. “Walk in and they’re having sex on my couch. I pick up my broom, I wanted to hit that man so bad.”

Barnes said when she chased the man out of her house, he kept saying, “I don’t know nothing,” over and over.

Correction fool, you know you weren’t supposed to be there!

And as much as I can feel her anger, and share in it, I can’t help but giggle when she describes how the woman, still on her couch, tried to cover herself, using HER CLOTHES!

“She tried to grab one of my dresses and put it on and I snatched it from her ― ‘What are you trying to do?’”  Continue reading

Funeral Director Caught ‘Taking Selfies’ With the Dearly Departed (Watch)

David L. Jones
David L. Jones

*C’mon bruh. Tell us it ain’t so. Lets file this under, what the hell was he thinking!? A funeral director licensed in the state of Texas has been caught taking selfies in front of the hearses and caskets of the newly departed.

David L. Jones must be one egotistical so-and-so. Add to that, insensitive. Is there any doubt, looking at the photos above, that he is posing in front of property holding or designed to hold deceased people?

Yet when Rose Molina, who had just buried her 32-year-old cousin, caught him in the act, he told her he was “fixing his tie.” She had a feeling he was lying and went to his Facebook page where she discovered selfies of Jones standing in front of hearses and caskets.

And no one ever thought to report this dude?

The day Molina caught Jones in action had been an especially difficult one.

“That day was especially hard for us because Saturday was the one-year anniversary of the loss of my grandmother, and they were buried next to each other,” she said. Continue reading

Cop in West Virginia Fired for (Get This!) ‘Not Shooting’ Armed Man


*There is no doubt Stephen Mader read the situation right. The now former Weirton police officer had been called out on a domestic violence dispute by the girlfriend of Ronald Williams who told him that the man was threatening to kill himself. Once Mader arrived he saw that Williams had a gun. But the officer was not quick to assume he was in danger.

“I saw then he had a gun, but it was not pointed at me,” Mader recalled, as he noticed the silver handgun was in the man’s right hand, hanging at his side and pointed at the ground.

Unlike many police officers, Mader instantly remembered his training in the Marines along with his situational police academy training; and instead of the traditional shoot now ask questions later he did something very brave: he made a decision to ‘look at the whole person’ in an attempt to decipher if it was truly a terrorist situation.

With this in mind, he did not shoot.

That decision has now cost him his job. Continue reading