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Rapper ‘Christ Bearer’ Severs His Man Parts & Leaps From Balcony in Suicide Attempt (Video)


*Apparently sick and tired of being sick and tired, police claim Andre Johnson, who performs under the name “Christ Bearer,” and has an affiliation with the groups Wu-Tang Clan and Northstar, attempted self-dismemberment early Wednesday morning at an apartment building in North Hollywood.

By the time cops arrived on the scene around 1 a.m., Johnson was lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries. They rushed the 40-year-old rapper by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, according to TMZ. Continue reading

Patti LaBelle Arrested for Knock Down, Drag Out with Aretha Franklin … Didn’t Happen!

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

Did Patti LaBelle really take off her wig and earrings and land a Mayweather-style punch on Aretha?

*OK, let us stand still for a sec and try to wrap our collective brains around this fantastical lie: Patti LaBelle and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin duking it out in a fist fight

This is how it supposedly went down.

Both women were at the March 20 Women of Soul concert at, of all places, The White House. As Aretha was making her way to the stage, Patti LaBelle, along with others standing near the aisle seats, reached to grasp her hand in that kind of “I love you sister girl” way.


Whew! If looks could kill that hand would’ve fallen off, Miss Aretha!
Credit: PBS/YouTube

Apparently, Aretha wasn’t having it, and threw shade at Patti by pushing the hand out of the way in a “Girl stop frontin’ you know we don’t get down like that” kind of way.

Not a good idea as far as egos go. Continue reading

Hey Black Woman: How’d You Like A Network Designed Just For You? It’s Coming…

centric*Fact: “At more than 10 million strong, and in control of 20 billion dollars in buying power, the African American woman is an increasingly powerful, yet often overlooked consumer,” said Louis Carr, BET Networks President of Broadcast and Media Sales.

With this is mind, Centric, BET‘s 24-hour music and entertainment network, has formed an exciting new partnership with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment, the partnership will bring the axed by VH1 hit, “Single Ladies” and “The Queen Latifah Show” (which will air in primetime) to the network, and re-brand Centric as the first network designed for the Black woman.

Now you’re talkin’…And there’s more! Continue reading

Michael Jackson Impersonator Joined The Jacksons … Well, For A Minute

Credit: TMZ

Credit: TMZ

*According to TMZ, it looked like a Jackson 5 reunion … when a Michael Jackson impersonator got together with 4 Jackson brothers Saturday at their concert in Vegas — but it cost him a pretty penny.

Carlo Riley — an MJ tribute artist — tells TMZ he finally got to meet Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie at their Planet Hollywood show … but he had to pay for the privilege. Continue reading

Check This Out: Couple Makes Save-the-Date Wedding Video to Pharrell’s ‘Happy!’(Watch)

Stephane Alexandre is doing her 'Happy Dance' here

Soon to be a Mrs., Stephané Alexandre does her ‘Happy Dance’ here


*Pharrell’s smash hit “Happy” continues to get (and give) traction – with no hints of slowing down.

The song, which will probably go down in some “Hall of Fame” before its meteoric rise begins to descend, has touched base at the United Nations,  captured soldiers overseas, and even caught congressman John Lewis having a “moment.” Now, its helping one happy couple share the news of their upcoming nuptials

Need a smile right about now? Continue reading

Holland’s Got Talent: 9-Year-Old Girl Sings Opera Like A Pro…Because She Wants To So Badly (Watch & Listen!)

Opera singer, Amira

9-year-old Amira Willighagen auditioned for ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ singing opera

*Nine year old Amira Willighagen has an infectious personality. There is something so pure about her, so honest. She unabashedly shares her dreams of waving to adoring fans after she has performed some great feat. She wants to do something incredible so badly her little tummy can taste it.

So one day, while looking to join her brother in performing something for the Queen, she comes across an opera song on YouTube. She warns us early that she will do something they won’t believe (but this is not said with cockiness, just matter-of-fact).

Fast forward to her audition for “Holland’s Got Talent,” where she walks onstage (with her father standing with the producer in the wings!) and tells the judges what she plans to do – sing an opera. You can practically read their judgmental minds. Her “favorite judge” even voices what the others’ are probably thinking…

“Will I need earplugs?”

But as soon as she opens her mouth they learn,

Naw…ya won’t! Continue reading

Catholic Nun Sings Alicia Keys Song on Italy’s ‘The Voice’ (Watch)

Nun Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.10.54 PM

Sister Cristina Scuccia sings Alicia Keys’ “No One” on Italy’s version of The Voice

 *Wow! Praise the Lord and pass the mic!

Who would have thought Pope Francis would be someone’s motivation for making an appearance on a TV talent show.

No offense to His Holiness, but he is simply not the person who comes to mind when one aims to audition on The Voice.

Yet he’s the person that Sister Christina Scuccia, a 25-year-old Sicilian, says inspired her to audition when he “told us to come out” of our convents and spread the word of God.

Scuccia sang a version of the Alicia Keys song “No One” and blew the judges away in the process…not to mention, her Sister supporters cheering in the wings! Continue reading

Pharrell Williams Gettin’ Happy with the U.N. and Invites You to Join Him

united-nations-day*No doubt, Pharrell Williams has struck gold. His ingenious, yet simple track, “Happy” composed for the 2013 film, Despicable2 proves that music aimed to please kid audiences does not stop there.

Everyone in the world wants to be “Happy!” And now, the United Nations, an organization that promotes peace and international cooperation,  has adopted his Oscar-nominated tune to use as the anthem for the International Day of Happiness.

Pharrell Williams award-winning song comes to 'Glee' for 100th episode

Pharrell Williams Oscar-nominated song gets the attention of The United Nations

According to the organizations website, the song will help encourage “people to take action to support the UN and to create a happier world for people everywhere.”

And guess what, Pharrell wants you in on the action too! Continue reading