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Female EMT ‘Fired’ for Refusal to Support Baby in Distress (Child Dies)

EMT worker1

*An eight month old baby girl has died as a result of not being helped by an EMT medic that refused to go into the family’s home to assist  with the medical emergency she was suffering from.

The medic has since been fired.

On May 30, EMT medic Ann Marie Thomas from Detroit, Michigan, received a frantic call that an eight-month-old girl had stopped breathing. 

But after the medic arrived, and was close enough to the scene to assist, she flatly refused to do so–and instead parked her emergency vehicle, which had all of the necessary equipment, around the corner from the house where the distressed baby, Anaya Wright-Trussell, struggled to breathe.  Continue reading

Wait! Our Black Kids in Elementary School Commit Suicide…Study Says ‘Yes!’

Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide
Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide

*What could be so bad for a child aged 5-11 years, that he or she would commit suicide?

Your guess is as good as the researchers who study this.

But its something we would never imagine. Before we get to what the “experts” have to say, indulge me for a minute please. Just let me throw this out there.

This is what made me go, “Oh, I can see how that would happen.”

You know all of the stress a single parent can be under. Children feel energy. Sometimes they hear mommy and daddy fussing. A lot of times mommy is not happy. Daddy is mad. Sometimes we are short with our children. We snap at them when they ask the simplest question, because we’re having a bad day. The kid starts to think, ‘Maybe mommy and daddy would be happy if I were not here.’

Does that make it any clearer for you?

Yes, I ‘went there’ as I began to read up on this topic, and it is very disconcerting, to say the least.

Now, here’s what the experts have to say.

The same ones who have concluded that suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled since the 1990’s. Continue reading

With Only One Month to Go, Cali Woman Just Learned Sh e’s Pregnant (Watch)

Addy Wake shows pictures from her ultrasound
Addy Wake shows pictures from her ultrasound

*Abby Wake was already having irregular periods. And she blamed her bloating on the fact that she was lactose intolerant. So when the doctor rather nonchalantly told her she was eight months along in her pregnancy, she probably thought it was him that needed to see a doctor.

The doctor “was just like, ’32 weeks,'” Wake told CBS in Los Angeles. “He was just doing the measurements. And we were like, ‘I’m sorry?'”

According to what Wake told the station, she didn’t have any “symptoms.” Though it seems every once in a while she felt a flutter of some sort.

“There weren’t like kicks and huge movements. It was just like gurgles,” she told CBS.

But when she and her boyfriend Jarryd Gorman was at a concert, and he reached over to touch her belly, he got suspicious. Continue reading

Like Ice Cream… Love Weed…This New Ice Creamery Combines Both (Watch)

weed ice cream cone

*Marijuana has come a l-o-n-g way since the baby-boomer age. It used to be cool just putting it in brownies or cookies. Then years later it morphed into candy and gum. Now it has gone and made itself into ice cream.

Hot damn. We didn’t see that coming!

But its here. And where else would such a craze happen but in the awesome Bay Area.

The Richmond via Sausalito-based Cannabis Creamery might be the first ice cream factory of its kind. And it seems the perfect pothead has been tapped to give us a tour and a taste test. His name is Abdullah Saeed and he’s with the Vice Munchies show, Bong Appetit. Continue reading

Surgeon’s License ‘Erased’ After He Punches Patient Under Anesthesia in the Face 10 Times

Ninian Peckitt lost his medical license because he lost his cool and punched a patient 10 times
Ninian Peckitt lost his medical license because he used unethical methods to “fix” a patient. He used his fist and punched the patient numerous times, in front of witnesses…Then he denied it.

*This is mind-boggling to say the least. When we go to the doctor and then into surgery and we are “put under,” suffice it to say we entrust the nature of our medical repair to the surgeon. We expect that medical professional to be exactly that…professional. So it comes as no surprise that the unusual and unethical procedures used by a British surgeon while he operated on a patient under anesthesia has landed him in hot water with the medical board.

Professor Ninian Peckitt (pictured above), 63, a leading facial surgeon, has been “erased” from a registry that recognizes licensed doctors in the UK after they learned he had one accompanying doctor hold the head of a patient while he punched the patient in the face multiple times under the auspices of fixing his fractured cheekbone.

Peckitt, who is said to have balled up his fist and struck the patient in the face 10 times, has now been found unfit to practice by the General Medical Council, who has actually brought a case against him. Continue reading

Idiot Alert: Florida Teen in Hospital After Venomous Snake Kiss (Watch)


Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the "get to know you better" approach before kissing another snake.
Austin Hatfield, 18, will probably choose the “get to know you better” approach before kissing another snake.


*You hate to be judgmental, but some people make it a real challenge for you to feel sorry for them when they do downright stupid sh*t.

Take this jackass, an 18-year-old showoff named Austin Hatfield who may not have taken the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but did something just as stupid, when he tried to play ‘Gimme some sugar’ with a venomous snake.

Now he’s laying in a Florida hospital bed, where even his own relatives wouldn’t recognize him from the humongous lips given to him courtesy of a cottonmouth snake he caught.Teen_bitten_in_face_by_venomous_water_mo_2855070000_17167230_ver1.0_640_480

Continue reading

Dr. Oz a Fraud? Medical Professionals Call for His Immediate Dismissal from Columbia

Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Mehmet Oz

*Now just wait one minute!

I know that’s what many fans of the man Oprah Winfrey presented to the world more than a decade ago is thinking.

Recognized as an exceptional heart surgeon, Mehmet Oz and the queen of talk became fast friends after she invited him to become a regular on “The Oprah Winfrey” show and later decided to create and produce the still successful “Dr. Oz Show” in 2009.

But someone has apparently put some hater-aide in the water.

Oz has always had a strained relationship with  the medical community – who not surprisingly, frown at his type of medical presentation (read: television program popularity); and its easy to assume they are haters due to this massive celebrity.

But now, there’s been a note penned by several prominent doctors calling him a fraud and requesting his immediate dismissal from the medical faculty at the prestigious Columbia University, where he serves as vice chair and strong opinions are being thrown around as a result.  Continue reading

Baby Girl in Hong Kong Born Pregnant…With Twins

baby girl

*You’ve heard the saying, “wonders never cease to amaze?” Put this one at the top of that list.

A baby girl born in Hong Kong was found to be ‘pregnant‘ with twins.

Too small to even be called fetuses, the “foetuses,” were 8 to 10 weeks gestated, had legs, arms, a spine, rib cage and intestines.

The girl, born to Chinese mainland parents in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, underwent surgery at just three weeks old to remove them.

One of the  foetuses weighed 14.2 grammes and the other 9.3 grammes. Each one had an umbilical cord. Both were also covered in skin.

After a successful surgery the little girl was discharged from hospital eight days later.

Of course the medical miracle abnormality history; with news detailed in the latest issue of the Hong Kong Medical Journal.

“Foetus in foetu” is what the condition is known as; and it occurs in just one in 500,000 births in the world.

To date, less than 200 cases have been reported. Continue reading