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Hysteria Around Ebola Raises Important Question: Who Decides Who Will Live or Die?

Nathaniel Dennis in Liberia 2012. Courtesy of Natasha Dennis
Nathaniel Dennis in Liberia 2012. Courtesy of Natasha Dennis

*I am sure there are no easy answers to the question raised in the title of this article. The 800 lives already taken by the disease, not including the two health care professionals who lost their lives in the process of caring for the victims, continues to create hysteria in the wake of anyone showing any sign of symptoms. It is with cautious anticipation that we can see what appears to be some hope on the horizon, as two Americans with the infection was flown in from Liberia over the past week and is being treated with a “secret serum” that will hopefully help them successfully combat the deadly virus.

Such a serum did not even exist before so… Continue reading

Wow! New Research Shows Healthier Babies Born to Women Over 40

Time clock

*Who says the clock ticks louder for women considering pregnancy once their 30s are long gone?

They lied!

As women in the spotlight (and many who are not) continue to have babies well into their forties, new research showing the positive results of  their decision has been revealed.

Birkbeck University of London and University College London say that babies born to women over 40  stand a better chance at a healthier life overall; including less hospital visits by the age of three and they are less likely to injure themselves. Continue reading

No Discrimination Here: Check Out 8 Celebrities ‘Living Out Loud’ With Severe Illnesses

*Its easy to get caught up in believing that the lives of the “rich and famous” is perfect. But there is one thing that even money and being popular can’t buy: good health.

Time and again audiences have come to hear stories about one celebrity’s brush with the IRS, or another celebrity’s breakup; but we don’t often hear about the challenges some of our most loved people of note go through  – some in silence, others out loud.

Yet they all continue to move forward in spite of it. Here are 8 such people.

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Young Scientist Working Hard to Find A Cure for Cancer

Keven Stonewall (pictured), 19, is working on a potential cancer cure at a Rush University laboratory, reports DNAInfo Chicago.


*Fascinated by science since fifth grade, when he studied the appearance of cells under a microscope, the parents of Keven Stonewall knew the perfect Christmas gift for their son would be four microscopes.

He felt compelled to find a cure for colon cancer during his freshman year at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, where he watched a dear friend’s uncle succumb to the disease and saw how the illness negatively impacted his school mate, telling DNAInfo Chicago, “Cancer has taken over a whole bunch of lives, and I felt like I needed to step up and do something about it.”

He jumped at an opportunity to do an internship at the university that serves as the academic arm of the Rush Medical Center when he became a senior, and worked in the lab; where a professor taught immunology/microbiology and general surgery. He studied literature on how a chemotherapeutic agent could possibly destroy certain cancer cells while still promoting a healthy immune response. Continue reading

Special Delivery: Singing Obstetrician Brings Babies Into the World

Singing Obstrition
Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja sings to his newest little patient

*When the big moment comes and a new mother finds herself being rushed to the maternity ward to have her baby, suffice it to say, she is not in the best mood. She will need a lot of pampering to get her through these next hours.

Then the time comes to bring that little bundle of joy into the world, and after all the laboring is over, all you want to know is, is my baby alright? Is he or she going to give that first cry?

The doctor will no doubt be offering encouraging words to you. “You’re doing fine.” “This is going to be over before you know it!” But, if you are a patient at Pittsburgh’s Magee-Womens Hospital of UMPC, and Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja is in your room doing the honors, he is softly clearing his throat because he plans to deliver your precious bundle of joy with…a song? Continue reading

Boy Found In Basement Says Dad Struck Him With Pipe & Stepmom Hid Him

Charlie Bothuell IV
Charlie Bothuell IV braces himself to face charges


*OK, now this kid appears to be talking. And what he’s saying is making his dad and stepmom nervous; but forming a clearer picture to police about why he went missing for 11 days.

Charlie Bothuell, the 12-year old Michigan boy that was found in the basement of his father and stepmother’s home last Wednesday night, has been checked out by medical examiners who still appear to have more questions than answers.

Asked about some of the scars found on his body, the boy told them that one scar in particular was the result of his father striking him in the chest with a PVC pipe, according to papers released today. Continue reading

Reading Glasses: New Technology Claims You Might Be Able To Trash Yours!

Reading glasses

*Can it be true? We will no longer have to wear those usually unattractive reading glasses in addition to our contacts? The grooves those terrible nose pieces have placed on our face now have a chance of healing themselves? We might actually be able to see both close up and far away without an additional pair of eyes?


According to new technology that promises to help those suffering from “longsightedness,” (read farsighted), the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

A revolutionary new eye implant is set to make reading glasses a thing of the past for millions of people.

It comes in the form of a surgically inserted lens and is said to give patients near-perfect vision just days after they have an operation lasting only minutes.

But will it be cheap….? Continue reading

‘Our America With Lisa Ling’ – Explores Black America’s Secret Epidemic, HIV (Watch)

Lisa Ling discusses Black America's secret epidemic, HIV
Lisa Ling discusses Black America’s secret epidemic, HIV


*There’s a secret epidemic in Black America. HIV is striking the black population more than others with rates reaching epidemic proportions. In fact, Black Americans are currently nearly eight times more likely than White Americans to be HIV positive.

OWN’s popular docu-series “Our America with Lisa Ling” will explore how the social and economic pressures have helped drive the spread of the disease, and introduces five courageous men and women who have decided to come out of the shadows for the very first time to help pave the way for greater acceptance of the disease.

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