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Nail Ricochets Into Man’s Heart, He Drives Himself to Hospital, Parks Car and Walks In to ER (Watch)

*If you never subscribed to the belief that if it ain’t your time to die, no matter what happens, you just ain’t gonna go — well, Doug Bergeson of Wisconsin has proof that should leave no doubt.

Bergeson had been working on framing in a fireplace at his home near Peshtigo in northeast Wisconsin, when his nail gun accidentally fired, and a nail ricocheted off a piece of wood and went straight into his chest.

Now that right there could’ve spelled the end, but it was obviously NOT time for the man to go.

If doesn’t even sound like he freaked out at all. Instead, he reportedly walked calmly to his truck (arguably in shock), got in and drove himself to the hospital. He then parked his pickup truck in the lot and walked into the emergency room.

I can only imagine other people in the waiting room, seeing him, mouths agape, stepping out of the way to allow him access to the front of the line.

“Please, you go ahead sir. I can wait.”

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What!? I Can Get Rid of This ‘Tire Around My Tummy’ Without Exercise or Diet? (Watch)

*Hear ye! Hear ye! There is a woman who was once skeptical about body contouring; but now, after getting it done first hand, swears by it. No more tire around the tummy. No more arms that wave when you do. No more bulk on the thighs.

And because of BET FB Live, well, a recording of it, we can watch the whole procedure.

Sculpt away, I say!

So this woman, what’s her name again? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, got to ask Dr.  Arash Akhavan at the Dermatology & Laser Group, and a leader in his field, many of the questions we have wondered about when it comes to this new type of non-invasive surgery. With that, she offers “Everything you need to know about body sculpting.”

According to Dr. Akhavan, who is based in New York City: 

“Basically everything over the last, I would say, five years, has been moving toward non-invasive stuff such as body contouring and away from liposuction. With liposuction you’re taking weeks off, and it’s taking months to see any sort of benefits, and then there’s the risk of surgery, scarring and all of that. With the non-invasive things, you do the procedure, there’s no anesthesia, there’s no cuts on your skin and the results usually come in within a couple of months,” Dr. Akhavan said. 

So in the video we see him applying the laser to the “problem area” the woman has designated for target. He has already explained to her that she won’t feel any “excruciating pain” but she will have, throughout the 25-minute-procedure, warm sensations that may be a bit uncomfortable; followed by a cooling sensation. Continue reading

It’s A Boy! Transgender Man in Portland Gives Birth to Healthy Child

Trystan Reese and his partner of seven years, Bill Chaplow.

“I’m OK with my body being a trans body. I’m OK being a man who has a uterus and has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby.” Trystan Reese, who was born male but assigned the female gender at birth, just had a healthy baby boy and is darn proud of it!

He and his partner, Bill Chaplow, are already the parents of two children (Chaplow’s niece and nephew) that they adopted in 2011, but this newest addition to the family, a little boy they’ve named Leo, is their first biological child.

Reese and Chaplow documented the journey of their parenting adventures and pregnancy on video, and shared it in posts  on their Facebook page. They made a video announcing the pregnancy in January. Continue reading

All You Need is Love: Compassionate stranger offers loving arms when boy with autism has meltdown on flight

Rochel Groner comforts young boy with autism on international flight.

*Bentzion Groner must be so proud of his wife right now. But then again, this is not the first time he has witnessed her acts of compassion. Groner and his wife, Rochel, had already endured a three-hour delay on their flight from Belgium to Newark, New Jersey. As you can imagine, everyone on board was understandably uncomfortable. This was especially true for a young boy with autism who, hours into the flight, had a very traumatic meltdown.

Groner wrote about the incident on a blog.

“About an hour into the eight-hour flight, one of the young passengers, a little boy with autism, started to have a meltdown. His cries were heard throughout the plane, and you could feel the tension among the other passengers.”

The little boy, seen being cradled above by Rochel Groner, cried for 15 minutes. It was then that Rochel knew she had to help him. Continue reading

Beware: Heartbroken mother believes her infant’s death is because someone with meningitis kissed her

*A heartbroken West Des Moines (Iowa) mother is warning others against allowing people to touch your baby. We all know how hard this is — to say “please don’t touch my baby”  because people see this adorable little one, and they want to hold her, kiss him, or play with their tiny little hands. But such moves can prove fatal for infants whose immune systems have yet to develop. This is what happened to one little girl, according to what her mother, Nicole Sifrit, shared with CNN affiliate WQAD. Shane and Nicole Sifrit, the proud new parents of a week old infant named Mariana, took the baby to a wedding and soon after noticed she stopped eating and wouldn’t wake up.

“Within two hours she had quit breathing and all of her organs just started to fail,” Sifrit told WQAD.

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Woman Goes in for Cataract Surgery, Doctors Find 27 Contact Lenses Stacked in One Eye

*You can count this as one of the most bizarre things you will EVER read on this site. And as you know, we’ve had some real doozies. But as we always ask, does that make it any less true? A medical journal in Britain recently released news on a case study where a woman went in for a simple eye surgery, to remove cataracts, and the operating doctor found something she and her team were definitely NOT looking for: contact lenses.

Wait…not “On my goodness, you forgot to remove your contact lenses today” contact lenses…But wait! You have one. Two. Three. Four….17 contact lenses on one eyeball.

No. I’m not done. Here’s 10 more.

The “surgery” hadn’t even began before the doctor, Rupal Morjaria, had extracted a total of 27 single contact lenses from one of the patients eyes.

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Uh-Oh! Weed Shortage in Nevada Calls for ‘State of Emergency’ (Watch)

*Well double dang! The new law making recreational weed legal in Nevada hasn’t even settled in good and already its experiencing issues. On July 1st a law passed that allowed people over the age of 21 to just roll on up to their neighborhood dispensary and buy a joint, $10 bag or even as much as an ounce. But now the long lines have threatened the entire weed supply, leaving the industry in dire straits.

“We didn’t know the demand would be this intense,” Al Fasano, co-founder of Las Vegas ReLeaf, said on Tuesday. “All of a sudden you have like a thousand people at the door.…We have to tell people we’re limited in our products.”

I doubt he’s exaggerating.


Limited? Not the response “veteran smokers” — OK, potheads from way back, want to hear.

Of course, this probably wouldn’t be getting the attention its getting if the state wasn’t addicted to the tax revenue they expect the pot to bring in. Its anticipated that a 10% tax on sales of recreational pot and a 15% tax on growers will generate tens of millions of dollars a year for schools and the state’s “general fund” reserves.

What’s the general fund money used for again?

This little ditty makes the pending empty shelves a real issue to interested parties even beyond the average weed consumers.

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Is the A/C in Your Hot Car Slowly Killing You?

*If you are anything like me, the first thing you do when you get inside your hell-hot car, is turn the A/C on. This may change now. Especially if the warning that’s currently being circulated that says turning your A/C on immediately in a hot car is emitting cancer-causing toxins. Seeing as  I hate cancer, know too many people who have died from it, and just like many of you, feel as if it just came out of nowhere with no signs of going back, I am not so quick to turn a blind eye to any potential causes that may bring it on.

The “warning” comes from Dr. Badar Syed from Snellville, GA., who has been in practice for more than 20 years and is one of three doctors specializing in the area of neurology at Emory Eastside Medical Center.

According to Dr. Syed’s research, the dashboard, seats, a/c ducts, and other plastic objects in our cars emit a cancer-causing toxic called Benzene. Continue reading