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Are You Nuts!? Not Anymore. Man Says Here’s Why I Cut My Penis Off (NSFW Photo!)


WARNING: You may be offended by the content and images in this story.

*The answer to that headline question is probably “absolutely not!” Seeing as nuts is no longer a part of the subject’s anatomy. Have you ever heard the term “nullo?” Well, since we know that we can learn something new every day. This is today’s “new thing.” A “nullo” is a man who has removed his sex organ. And the man in this story that decided to become one recently opened up about why he decided to cut his penis and testicles off and become a “nullo.”

Of course there’s the option to take a look at the bottom of this story.

He goes by the name “Gelding,” and he’s not surprised that people think he’s a bit strange once they learn what he’s done. Continue reading

Girl, 17, Gets Enormous…I Mean Really Big, Tumor Removed From Face (Really Graphic)

Stock photo
Stock photo

*Trust me. I couldn’t hit you with the real thing yet. The photo above is NOT the one. There has got to be one incredibly happy young woman out there. We all know how important appearance generally is, for a girl of 17; so we can only imagine how Grace, a girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has suffered over the past 10 years as a large tumor continued to grow on a place she couldn’t hide if she tried.

Her face.

“It started from a little swelling inside and the gums started growing little by little,” she said in a clip. “We went to hospital and they didn’t know what it was — they did nothing.”

So the tumor, which is at the bottom portion of her face (affecting her mouth), eventually increased…to the size of a football.

BE WARNED: Scroll down for the graphic photo of Grace before surgery! Continue reading

Grandpa Overwhelmed When Charity Helps Restore Sight & He Sees Grandson for First Time (Watch!)

Winesi March with daughter and grandson
Winesi March with daughter and grandson

*Imagine having the chance to see again following years’ of total darkness.

Winesi March, a 69-year-old grandfather who had lost his sight twelve years ago due to cataracts, was given that chance following a basic operation and wow, did he love what he saw. Continue reading

A New Cancer-Detecting Yogurt Could Eliminate Need for Colonoscopy


*Wow! This is certainly news we can use. Especially if you’ve ever been through the uncomfortable colonoscopy process. The process is a cancer screening that allows the doctor to look inside your entire colon and rectum for potential signs of cancerous polyps.

The scary thing is, and I’ve heard this from a LOT of people diagnosed with cancer, breast cancer aside, you don’t really feel anything. So you have no idea if there is a polyp or not.

The procedure is generally recommended to those approaching age 50, but some may be required to have it earlier.

But now, work is being done that will hopefully eliminate the need for colonoscopies and MRIs. Word has it that work is being done to actually replace the need for these procedures with a simple helping of, wait for it, yogurt – followed by a urine test. Continue reading

Headed Home? NBC News Freelancer is Coming Home to the U. S…With Ebola (Video)

Ashoka Mukpo in an undated Facebook photo
Ashoka Mukpo in an undated Facebook photo

*By now U. S. residents and citizens must be wondering why people known to have been diagnosed with Ebola while out of the country are still being allowed to enter the United States? And, knowing that America has the medicine to treat those diagnosed with Ebola, why can’t that medicine be shipped to where it is needed most?

As recent as last week, there was a case of a man who had just left Liberia and traveled to Dallas, where it was discovered that he had symptoms of Ebola. But now, a man known to have been diagnosed in Liberia, is en route to Nebraska, and bringing the deadly disease with him.

Should we be concerned? Continue reading

**Graphic Content** Amazing Pics Show Man As He Gets Eye Tattoo

Dr. Emil Chynn prepares the ink colors (left) and William Watson after surgery (right)
Dr. Emil Chynn prepares the ink colors (left) and William Watson after surgery (right)

*Suffice it to say, this rare and unusual procedure probably wasn’t all about vanity.

While some people have a hard time watching themselves insert their own contact lenses, imagine having to be awake as a doctor comes near your eye with a needle. Yikes! But the rare procedure of getting an eyeball tattoo is one that the patient must be fully awake for. And lets be real, the only time someone would have the nerve, courage or gumption to request anything like this, would have to be for something really, really serious.

And it was.

The patient behind this surgery was tired of attracting unwanted attention due to a permanently milky-white pupil, which was the result of a serious childhood eye injury.

Continue reading

Breaking News: Ebola Hits Home! First Ever Case Diagnosed in the U. S. (Video)


*Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters just recently, that the U. S. now has its first  Ebola victim. In a press conference, he said that the person, who has yet to be identified, left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20.

But here’s the thing: Unlike the other persons we heard about, such as the health care professionals who experienced Ebola symptoms while in-flight from Africa, and received medical care once they arrived here in the states, this person  did not have symptoms while traveling from  Africa. The person was diagnosed here, showing symptomsfour or five days later” according to Dr. Frieden. The person was hospitalized and isolated Sunday at a hospital in Texas, he said. Continue reading

Mental Breakdown: Man ‘Suffers’ From 100 Orgasms a Day (Afraid to Go Around Kids)

Dale Decker broke down on TV after revealing that his 100 orgasms a day condition is ruining his life
Dale Decker broke down on TV after revealing that his 100 orgasms a day condition is ruining his life


*I can already hear some of our male readers out there thinking, …and your problem with this is?

But it’s serious guys. It is a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome and today, on a show called This Morning, one father revealed that he suffers from it. The condition causes him to have up to 100 involuntary orgasms a day, and he broke down in tears saying that it is ruining his life. Continue reading