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So Prop 64 Passed, Recreational Weed is Now Legal in California, But at What Cost?

Buds are removed from a container at the "Oregon's Finest" medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon April 8, 2014. Over 20 Oregon cities and counties are moving to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries ahead of a May deadline, reflecting a divide between liberal Portland and more conservative rural areas wary about allowing medical weed. Portland, Oregon's largest city, already has a number of medical marijuana clinics and has not moved to ban them. Picture taken April 8, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola (UNITED STATES - Tags: DRUGS SOCIETY POLITICS HEALTH) - RTR3KMHE

*As you probably already know, on November 9, 2016 a law was passed in California that made marijuana use legal. That means all persons 21 years of age and up can smoke marijuana recreationally…they don’t need to spend $65 (or the $15 to renew) for a doctor to clear them for medicinal.

Oh I see that eyebrow raising, and you subconsciously wondering, “How does this writer know these details?

Suffice it to remember: I’m a journalist. I researched it. Keep reading!

But now, with such a law passing, many Californians are saying, It’s ON now! Let the good times roll.

…and others who don’t smoke (or do so responsibly) are thinking, “Uh-oh.”

Voters may have chosen the yes vote on prop 64 that makes the drug legal under state law; but make no mistake, both medicinal and other is still illegal under federal law.

Here’s what the passage of this law (Prop 64) really means. Continue reading

Attorney Sues Popeyes Because He ‘Nearly Choked to Death’ on Their Chicken


*Well, even though attorney Paul M. Newton, Jr. still stands by the fact that he “almost choked to death” on chicken he got at a drive-thru Popeyes, he has pulled his lawsuit as of this writing because he doesn’t like the comments he and his family are receiving.

“I continue to believe that the facts demonstrate an unsafe condition to the public that could easily be solved by the responsible parties at very little cost. I am hopeful that my filing of the court proceeding results in such remedial actions,” he said in an email to The Huffington Post.

Is anyone else shaking their head in wonder about someone, especially an attorney, actually SUING for something that ALMOST happened. Not to mention the perplexity of how choking on a piece of chicken is the fault of a restaurant, and not the person doing the eating.

But I digress…  Continue reading

How Much Halloween Candy Can You Eat Before You OD?


*If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of a serious Halloween candy detox.  As I got ready to head to the gym today to TRY to undo some of the damage done to my cardiovascular system, I wondered (as I deftly opened yet ANOTHER Milky Way Dark) just how many of those “Fun Size” puppies would I have to eat before I wound up in that great candy shop in the sky.

The American Chemical Society has come through with the digits.

Based on what’s called the “LD50” for sucrose, or the amount that when consumed would kill at least half of a sample of test animals, the data show that the average 180 pound human would have to gorge on over 5.4 pounds of sugar to have a 50/50 chance of croaking.

That’s the equivalent of 262 “Fun Size” candy bars, or 1,627 individual pieces of candy corn.   Continue reading

Playboy Model’s Death Shows Why You Can’t Trust ‘Just Any’ Chiropractor

Katie May, Snapchat photo
Katie May, Snapchat photo

*This pains me deeply. Until I found a chiropractor who proved himself to me, I was against all of them. I had visited a chiropractor in Studio City, California once. The office he worked out of had a huge display on Cahuenga Blvd. I went in one day, and I swear, I left out in more pain than when I entered. Because of this, it took years before I had the courage to visit another; and only after I saw the excellent results of someone I knew, following her visit to the new guy.

So when I hear that someone, in this case a woman who happened to be a Playboy model, losing her life, following a visit to a chiropractor, it breaks my heart.

I want to let you know that not every chiropractor is worthy of the license. It’s best if you get a referral from someone you trust. Continue reading

Watch: Love Compassionate Animal Stories? (You’ll Want to Meet ‘Hobnob’)


*Animal lovers will love this turn poison into medicine story about a donkey named ‘Hobnob’. It’s a story about human kindness, compassion and the effects of what love can do.

I won’t spoil it by saying any more.

Let the video speak for itself (because it does it perfectly).

Happy Friday TNT readers!

Eeek! Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Giving Anyone ‘The Middle Finger’ for Awhile (Video)


*At least not from her left hand.

The unfiltered celebrity who has been keeping the press occupied for years now for shenanigans that have absolutely nothing to do with her career as an actress, including blaming “the Black kid” for a crime she committed in 2007, recently released a video talking about her boo-boo, a severed finger — which she lost part of as the result of trying to help anchor a boat while she was on vacation.

Fortunately for Lohan, friends were able to locate the missing piece and doctors reattached it. And media outlets referring to this as her”ring finger” — it’s actually her middle finger — is obviously having an off day.

Jus’ saying… Continue reading

Cancer Cure? If You or Anyone You Know Has Cancer, You Should Watch This! (Video)


*The work of this groundbreaking physicist bears repeating. Since TNT’s previous article on her, she was interviewed by Roland Martin on News One and provides further proof of the progress her exceptional work is continuing to make in the area of formulating a cure for cancer.

Many of us believe a cure or cures for the #1 killer is already upon us; but because cancer is such a money-making business, it’s cure remains a secret. But that’s why the work of Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green is so important. And our support of her work is too! It takes a real personal commitment to inspire someone to do this work, unstintingly. And her motivation to do so stems from personal experience, where two of her beloved family members had cancer and went the traditional route to try and maintain their lives.

They endured chemotherapy, which makes an attempt to kill the cancer at the expense of killing every other area of what makes a body function.

Cancer has become so overwhelmingly widespread, just about everyone knows SOMEONE who is or has suffered with it or died as a result. But with that said, many of those people were probably getting chemo.

I, too, have someone close to me who lives as a survivor. She has battled three forms of cancer since 1997. She had a 10 year remission and then was told in 2014 that her cancer had returned.

She was devastated. Continue reading

Chicago Nurse Hopes 3D Printed Kidneys Will Save Her

Darvece Monson

*I know what you’re thinking and I agree: She doesn’t even look sick. 

But she is.

Darvece Monson admits she has tried everything to secure a new kidney with no luck. And with the traditional options looking so bleak, she is willing to look at alternatives.

For the past year, three days a week, six-hours per day, Monson has been on hemodialysis; a treatment endured by 35 percent of Black Americans in the U. S. But the mother of an 8-year-old says that it was actually the treatments that made her hopeful about potentially getting a 3D printed kidney, which would reduce the waiting time on lists that currently hold approximately 25,000 out of 70,000 people (of all races) to weeks rather than years. This, in addition to the possibility that her body may actually reject the organ, which is a major concern in organ transplants.

“It is a blessing that I am in Chicago, African-American and female; that also is my curse,” Monson chuckles. Continue reading