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AARP: American Association of…’Real Possibilities’ ???


*In the middle of this hectic work week, crammed with deadlines and “emergency” phone calls from my kids (one of them needed money and the other one needed…money), I was jolted when I went through the day’s mail and found a solicitation from the former American Association of Retired People (AARP). It’s actually the third solicitation I’ve received in as many months. Clearly, I’ve shown up on somebody’s list of people who are actually in a position to think about retirement.

Well, I won’t lie:  I think about it.  The way I think about hitting the Powerball, headlining a worldwide concert tour, or marrying Diana Ross (I pray she’s a cougar — but no, I’m not the father).

I did get a needed chuckle out of the AARP package I received.  “Dear Michael, Enjoy your birthday” the letter began. I have nine months before my next birthday, but I’ll try to remember AARP’s good wishes. Or maybe in their efforts to reach black folks, they are operating under the “CP time” system and they’re just getting around to extending good wishes to me for last July’s event. Continue reading

Spider Bite on Plane Bursts Man’s Leg Wide Open (Graphic)


*Can you say DA-YUM!? Imagine sitting on a plane, finally going on that trip of a lifetime. Sippin’ on your favorite cocktail even though its only 11:30 in the morning, but who cares because you’re in vacay mode. 

Then POW!

What the heck was that? You look down just in time to see a spider (pictured above) getting the heck outta dodge.

This was the alleged experience of attorney Jonathon Hogg, who said he felt a “small, sharp pain” while he was in flight from Doha to South Africa on Qatar Airways .

Doctors told him that he could have lost his leg because of the flesh-eating brown recluse spider.

Now he is suing the airline.

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White Man Shoots Himself ‘Down There’ and Blames it On Black Man


*Some people will apparently go to painful extremes to blame a black man for just about anything. Are you ready for this example? A man, Caucasian, actually shot himself in his genitalia, and later told the police some black guy that was attempting to rob him as he took the trash out of his apartment did it.

He’s in jail now…for telling a bold-faced lie.

Forty-three year old Donald Anthony Watson, a convicted felon from South Dakota, was taken into custody after police say he lied about how he wound up in the emergency room. Unable to corroborate his version of events after searching his apartment and speaking with neighbors, officers found no signs of a struggle. Only blood, bullet shells and an empty gun case.

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Baby Born Four Months Early, On Cruise Ship, Survives

premature baby born on cruise

*A pregnant Utah woman got the surprise of a lifetime while she was on her seven-day Caribbean cruise: the baby she didn’t expect until December came on August 31. And the baby is doing just fine!

Emily Morgan’s doctor had given her permission to travel because she was having an uneventful pregnancy. She and her husband were taking the cruise to celebrate the birthday of their three year old daughter. But Morgan started to feel labor pains, which the couple initially thought was false labor.

But when they saw blood they knew medical attention was necessary and called onboard medical staff.

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship doctors had low expectations that Morgans son, Haiden, would live. They were  still 14-hours away from the nearest docking port, Puerto Rico, and told the mother to try her best to hold on, and not have the baby yet.

But that was easier said than done. “I knew the baby was coming,” Morgan said. Continue reading

The (Four?) Benefits Of Sleeping Naked


*Only about eight percent of Americans doze off naked, but according to the Huffington Post, many more of us should jump on that train. They say there are four major benefits to sleeping au natural.

I’ve always thought that writers at the Huffington Post must be smarter than I am — it IS the Huffington Post, after all! — but this article sealed it for me. Off the top of my head, and after thinking long and hard, I could only come up with one benefit to sleeping in the buff. So let’s go to school with the Huff Post and learn a little something. Continue reading

Photographer Documents Beautiful Diversity of Redheads of African Descent


*When I was a kid, hanging out in metro Detroit with my maternal grandmother was always a hoot. Her very arrival at our house always caused a stir — mainly because of her chalky skin and Lucille Ball-red hair. I was born red-headed, and always loved the story of my dad, upon seeing me in the hospital nursery, asking my mother who she’d been sleeping with. I grew up hearing “Who’s the white lady with your mom?” at every school function that “Ma” attended. I later learned that all of my grandmother’s sisters married white men and “passed” for white, living their entire lives just minutes from where I grew up.

It took a few years for me to realize that red hair and freckles weren’t a part of the norm for most black folks, and that there was a perception that they were traits held only by the whitest of the white. Under normal conditions, when activated by a particular hormone, the recessive MC1R gene generates the production of black or brown pigment in hair. In cases when both parents are carriers of the MC1R and the gene is mutated or antagonized, it fails to turn the hair darker and instead leaves a typically gorgeous buildup of red pigment.

According to the BBC News, less than two percent of the world’s population are redheads. In Ireland and Scotland, the redhead count is around 10 percent. As such, the word “ginger” typically connotes visions of people with Celtic-Germanic physical features — i.e. milky white skin. However, white folks aren’t the only redheads in the world, and according to the Huffington Post, French-born, London-based photographer Michelle Marshall’s new project is documenting the many manifestations of the MC1R gene, particularly in people of African descent. Continue reading

Female EMT ‘Fired’ for Refusal to Support Baby in Distress (Child Dies)

EMT worker1

*An eight month old baby girl has died as a result of not being helped by an EMT medic that refused to go into the family’s home to assist  with the medical emergency she was suffering from.

The medic has since been fired.

On May 30, EMT medic Ann Marie Thomas from Detroit, Michigan, received a frantic call that an eight-month-old girl had stopped breathing. 

But after the medic arrived, and was close enough to the scene to assist, she flatly refused to do so–and instead parked her emergency vehicle, which had all of the necessary equipment, around the corner from the house where the distressed baby, Anaya Wright-Trussell, struggled to breathe.  Continue reading

Wait! Our Black Kids in Elementary School Commit Suicide…Study Says ‘Yes!’

Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide
Suicide rates for black children 5-11 have doubled nationwide

*What could be so bad for a child aged 5-11 years, that he or she would commit suicide?

Your guess is as good as the researchers who study this.

But its something we would never imagine. Before we get to what the “experts” have to say, indulge me for a minute please. Just let me throw this out there.

This is what made me go, “Oh, I can see how that would happen.”

You know all of the stress a single parent can be under. Children feel energy. Sometimes they hear mommy and daddy fussing. A lot of times mommy is not happy. Daddy is mad. Sometimes we are short with our children. We snap at them when they ask the simplest question, because we’re having a bad day. The kid starts to think, ‘Maybe mommy and daddy would be happy if I were not here.’

Does that make it any clearer for you?

Yes, I ‘went there’ as I began to read up on this topic, and it is very disconcerting, to say the least.

Now, here’s what the experts have to say.

The same ones who have concluded that suicide rates among elementary-age black children have nearly doubled since the 1990’s. Continue reading