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If You Think Your PHONE is Smart, This Condom is GENIUS


*Last week, I got to share details on the Officiser, designed to give users the complete benefits of a full cardiovascular workout while said users sit on their asses.

This week, my TNT editor asked me to up the ante and write up “…a delicious story…” that would be “…good reading with the morning coffee…”.  And so, dear readers, I present to you the i.Con Smart Condom.

In this age of rampant STD’s, I argue that ALL condoms are smart. But baby, this one’s GENIUS. Continue reading

Family Adds Baby To Transplant List at 10:15am. At 10:55am, A Match


*One of my former in-laws used to talk about needing to know someone who knew how “to get a prayer through” to God.  After reading about the McCabe family of Chicago, you’ll agree that they’re on that list of folks!

Five-month old Daniel McCabe had been fighting a rare liver disorder since he was born.  Just before Christmas, things got so dire that doctors placed him on a waiting list for a new liver, and prepared the family for a wait of several weeks, if not months.  (The average wait for a liver is 86 days for kids and up to 149 days for adults.)

Paperwork was processed and little Daniel went on the donor request list at 10:15am one recent morning.  At 10:55am a doctor received word that a donor match had been identified and that Daniel’s new liver was on the way.

The infant had successful surgery the following evening and is now recuperating.

“I was just speechless,” mom Melody McCabe said.

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4,200 Joints to Be ‘Distributed’ and Smoked 4-Minutes into Trump’s Inauguration

Marijuana buds for sale
Marijuana buds for sale

*Some serious marijuana activists are going all out to ensure the place of marijuana in Donald Trump’s administration. They will be handing out 4,200 joints to the people — for free — to be smoked at exactly 4-minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s speech.

Hot dang! Even the non-smokers will leave with a contact high!

Let’s hope Trump himself takes a toke of something before he delves into his “Inauguration Speech.” From what he’s shown us of his public speaking prowess, would that really be so bad?


Oh hell, why not just have one in-hand DURING the speech!

Let’s face it: A Barack Obama he is NOT.

You might be wondering “what’s the message here?” Especially since the generous givers are not calling this an anti-Trump stance; but a “protest.” Continue reading

ER Rooms Report Marijuana-Related Illness is Spiking Visits (Especially in Legalized States)


*I knew it was only a matter of time for SOME ILLNESS to come about as a result of heavy pot smoking — exacerbated by the fact that its now legal in several states. Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that heavy pot users have been shown to have memory issues (and some have even become downright delusional, but that’s another story). Honestly, I don’t know if I stand 100 with the new ruling in California, whose pass came about last November. Blame it on the fact that I see way too much marijuana smoke being blown out of passing car windows; or even the fact that the guy who backed up off the freeway ramp, into my brand new car, reeked of it.

Medical marijuana is legitimate. It continues to be of great significance in alleviating debilitating pain; and even offers undeniable results where some children’s illnesses are concerned.

But just allowing any damn body to smoke weed. Out loud. Not so much.

Anyway, according to emergency room doctors, a lot of folks are flooding the ER rooms with illnesses related to severe pot smoking. Continue reading

Digital Age Brings Changes to Health Care Fraud

In 2014, there were 35.7 million people in the U.S. who didn’t have healthcare insurance. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, more people now have health insurance, giving them access to better health services. But this polarizing bill has another hidden cost: advancements in healthcare fraud.

In the digital age, “nearly every aspect of life can be conducted online and is susceptible to hacking and theft,” says Howard Levinson of the Special Investigations Unit at Anthem, Inc. The majority of health care providers now submit their payment claims electronically, and many customers fill out at least some forms online in order to sign up for their health insurance plans. While there’s no question that electronic billing services are better for the environment than traditional paper billing, it’s much easier for fraudulent activity to occur.

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Clinic Helps Former Inmates Access Healthcare and Transition Back to Society

doctor-73117_960_720The CDC reports that 48% of adult ER patients choose to go to emergency services, knowing that they are not sick enough to be admitted, because their doctor’s offices are closed. Even more end up at the ER because they wait to take care of their health problems until the problem worsens.

For a number of formerly incarcerated individuals, the ER seems like the only logical place to go in a time of medical distress.

While behind bars, approximately 40% of inmates are diagnosed with a chronic illness. This covers anything from asthma to high blood pressure, depression, and even cancer. In jail, inmates have access to the medical care they need. Some jails, especially the big ones and maximum security prisons, have entire medical wings to treat the inmates. There, they have their medications handed to them by a nurse, and are also guaranteed a place to sleep and food to eat.

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So Prop 64 Passed, Recreational Weed is Now Legal in California, But at What Cost?

Buds are removed from a container at the "Oregon's Finest" medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon April 8, 2014. Over 20 Oregon cities and counties are moving to temporarily ban medical marijuana dispensaries ahead of a May deadline, reflecting a divide between liberal Portland and more conservative rural areas wary about allowing medical weed. Portland, Oregon's largest city, already has a number of medical marijuana clinics and has not moved to ban them. Picture taken April 8, 2014. REUTERS/Steve Dipaola (UNITED STATES - Tags: DRUGS SOCIETY POLITICS HEALTH) - RTR3KMHE

*As you probably already know, on November 9, 2016 a law was passed in California that made marijuana use legal. That means all persons 21 years of age and up can smoke marijuana recreationally…they don’t need to spend $65 (or the $15 to renew) for a doctor to clear them for medicinal.

Oh I see that eyebrow raising, and you subconsciously wondering, “How does this writer know these details?

Suffice it to remember: I’m a journalist. I researched it. Keep reading!

But now, with such a law passing, many Californians are saying, It’s ON now! Let the good times roll.

…and others who don’t smoke (or do so responsibly) are thinking, “Uh-oh.”

Voters may have chosen the yes vote on prop 64 that makes the drug legal under state law; but make no mistake, both medicinal and other is still illegal under federal law.

Here’s what the passage of this law (Prop 64) really means. Continue reading

Attorney Sues Popeyes Because He ‘Nearly Choked to Death’ on Their Chicken


*Well, even though attorney Paul M. Newton, Jr. still stands by the fact that he “almost choked to death” on chicken he got at a drive-thru Popeyes, he has pulled his lawsuit as of this writing because he doesn’t like the comments he and his family are receiving.

“I continue to believe that the facts demonstrate an unsafe condition to the public that could easily be solved by the responsible parties at very little cost. I am hopeful that my filing of the court proceeding results in such remedial actions,” he said in an email to The Huffington Post.

Is anyone else shaking their head in wonder about someone, especially an attorney, actually SUING for something that ALMOST happened. Not to mention the perplexity of how choking on a piece of chicken is the fault of a restaurant, and not the person doing the eating.

But I digress…  Continue reading