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Awww How Sweet: Birthday Surprise Given By Wife to Husband Goes Viral

Wife gives hubby great birthday pre
Jenn and Gary Hamilton

*Wow! Imagine its your birthday, and people you don’t even know start sending you Twitter and Instagram messages wishing you a “Happy Birthday!” That’s what happened to Jennifer Hamilton’s husband, and all the love blew him away!

Jennifer –aka Jenn– wanted the world to know just how special her hubby is to her; and she decided to give him a birthday present he wouldn’t soon forget. Continue reading

Ever Wanted to Kick the A** Of A Co-worker? New Webseries ‘Confessions of A Witch Bitch’ Feeds the Fantasy


*Have you ever wanted to slap the mess out of your co-worker? What about the boss that makes you wonder why she even hired you because she clearly doesn’t like you? And those women in the office who do nothing but yak, yak, yak behind your back and then turn around and grin in your face?

Don’t you have daydreams about them slicing their finger off with the paper cutter, don’t lie.

If any of the above look familiar to you, you might want to check out “Witch Bitch,” a new web-TV series currently in development. Continue reading

Oh No She Didn’t! Ohio Woman’s ‘Sassy Face’ Mugshot Goes Viral

"Hell no, I won't go!" Woman refuses to leave hotel, but poses for this mugshot that went viral
“Hell no, I won’t go!” Woman refuses to leave hotel, but poses for this mugshot that went viral

Angela Green (Facebook)

If you are this Angela Green, you have been put on notice: Your mugshot has officially gone viral.

Most likely following a great deal of laughter, Ohio’s Wickliffe Police Department posted the image above to their Facebook page over the weekend.

The mugshot was taken shortly after the 34-year-old was arrested Saturday at a Quality Inn, where she, along with 24-year-old Brian Baker, allegedly refused to leave their hotel room, leaving worker’s no alternative but to notify police. Continue reading

Ah Crap! Cameras Catch Mayor of Affluent San Marino Town Throwing Dog Poop

San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier and neighbor Philip Lao spoke to KTLA about the poop incident on June 10, 2014
San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier and neighbor Philip Lao spoke to KTLA about the poop incident on June 10, 2014


*Whew, I’m poop’d already.

LOL! Sorry. I’m weak and the opportunity presented itself. I couldn’t resist.

Apparently you can’t throw dog poop just anywhere if you live in the pristine, affluent neighborhood of San Marino.

And you definitely can’t be the Mayor of said city, and be caught on camera doing it.

But if you find that you absolutely must, at the very least, it would probably sit better with the population if you actually had a dog!

As it turns out, the hoopla that dogged (pun intended) one Southern California politician was too much for him to bear and officials now confirm he has stepped down, according to NBC News.

Continue reading

Like Chicken Wings? Like Jewelry? Here’s A Gold-Plated Necklace With Your Name On It!

chicken bone necklace

*Are you a true chicken lover? I mean of the ridiculous kind. Do you love chicken so much that even after all the meat is gone, you find yourself sucking on the bones?

If this scenario adequately describes you, listen up. Because the creators must’ve had you in mind when they came up with the ludicrous idea to make jewelry out of real chicken wing bones.

14-carat gold chicken wing bones to be exact. Continue reading

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian As Caricatures Inspired By The Simpsons? (Look!)

Vogue cover, Kimye

*Thought you seen it all when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Well, there is at least one artist out there who is aiming to prove you wrong.

aleXsandro Palombo was obviously so inspired by Matt Groening’s characters he decided to create his own, using the newlyweds as his subjects.

I wonder if they will be flattered. Continue reading

Dummie On The Road: ‘Is That Pot You’re Smoking?’…’Why Yes It Is, Officer’

smoking pot

*Warning: You might want to take every precaution when driving with an illegal substance in your car.

Apparently, one motorist did not get the memo.

According to Massachusetts police, a Springfield man went through a stop sign and when he was pulled over, he let his window down and blew a cloud of marijuana smoke in the officer’s direction.

The officer was enforcing seat belt laws as part of the annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign when he noticed the vehicle go through a stop sign on Tuesday evening. When the driver stopped and rolled down his window, police say, the officer was “covered in a plume of smoke.” Continue reading

White Couple’s Website ‘Black People Love Us’: Funny or Offensive?

Sally and Johnny, the hosts of blackpeople, are seated in the middle, of course.


*File this under “White people Trying To Be Creative in Their Attempts to Understand African Americans,” because this one here is a sho’ nuff doozie.

Sally and Johnny, both white, think they may have found the perfect solution for white people to try and develop friendships with African Americans. On their website, “” there is an array of photos and testimonials from their black friends who reveal what it is that makes their friendship work and how great their white friends are.

And no one could be happier than the couple, whose site reads,

Welcome to our website:
Black People Love Us!

We are well-liked by Black people so we’re psyched (since lots of Black people don’t like lots of White people)!! We thought it’d be cool to honor our exceptional status with a ROCKIN’ domain name and a killer website!!

Continue reading