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Attention Rite-Aide Shoppers! Don’t Be Alarmed By The Bear Cub in Aisle Three (Video)

Bear in Rite Aid

*Let’s see. Did she say milk or cheese? Maybe it was sausages? Oh what cute stationary. Oh crap, here comes the humans!

Recently, shoppers in an Oregon Rite-Aide found something they didn’t quite expect in aisle 3 of the store. A bear cub – just walking around as calm as you please.

You could hear comments by store staff and shoppers saying things like, “I’ll back up if he gets to close,” and “How cute.” Continue reading

Detroit Man Will Swap His Decrepit House for Your iPhone 6

Detroit man swap home for iphone 6

*Don’t look too bad on the outside, huh? With the price of real estate sky-rocketing all over the place, you may want to seriously consider taking this man up on his offer to swap his decrepit house in Detroit for an iPhone 6.

The house has three bedrooms, a basement and garden. But as you can imagine, its in pretty bad shape. For starters, it has no front door and broken windows.

The house has been on the market in the bankrupt city, but so far nobody has come forward to buy.

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Are You Nuts!? Not Anymore. Man Says Here’s Why I Cut My Penis Off (NSFW Photo!)


WARNING: You may be offended by the content and images in this story.

*The answer to that headline question is probably “absolutely not!” Seeing as nuts is no longer a part of the subject’s anatomy. Have you ever heard the term “nullo?” Well, since we know that we can learn something new every day. This is today’s “new thing.” A “nullo” is a man who has removed his sex organ. And the man in this story that decided to become one recently opened up about why he decided to cut his penis and testicles off and become a “nullo.”

Of course there’s the option to take a look at the bottom of this story.

He goes by the name “Gelding,” and he’s not surprised that people think he’s a bit strange once they learn what he’s done. Continue reading

Oh Snap! Did This Crow Say ‘F-U’ to A Man Who Insulted His Beak?


*Dang. Life is a blip! Even the birds are cussin’!

In a video quickly headed to viral madness, a man and woman appear to be observing a crow, who has flown over in a particularly over-friendly way to possibly be petted.

The woman is laughing as she asks the man if he is going to pet the bird. And the bird looks like he is stepping up to the occasion.

But when the woman asks the question, the man shys away and says the bird “has a big-ass beak.”

Apparently, this bird knows an insult when he hears one and casually says, what sounds like, F-you!

Watch the video and listen for yourself.

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In Disasterous Makeover! Top Model Gives Guy ‘Lace Front Beard’ (Video)

Fake beard

*Just breathe through it and you’ll be done was the advice one “America’s Next Top Model” staffer gave an anxiety-ridden “Phil” in the first episode of ANTM that started having men on the show (scroll down to see the Jesus look video). Phil was getting a weave, still seen as something rare for a man (but probably not as rare as they would like us to believe!) Now Tyra and her comrades – who obviously thought that show was the bomb – went in for a repeat performance last night when they blessed another man with a gift of fake-hair. Only this time, the weave wasn’t on his head.

All I can say is, I hope that he, too, was given the aforementioned advice.

The TV viewing audience most likely gasped when they got a look at this latest look on the makeover show.

A man wearing a lace-front…wait for it…BEARD.

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Official Dummy: Man Summoned to Court on Drug Charges, Brings 50 Grams of Pot With Him

Richard Thompson, 32, allegedly brought 50 grams of marijuana to his court date. He was suspected on drug charges


Can we be blunt? When you have been summoned to appear in court on drug charges, it would probably be a good idea to leave your weed at home.

Unfortunately, according to police for the New Jersey Port Authority, Richard Thompson didn’t think of that and brought his marijuana to court with him. Continue reading

Take A Look! Man in Russia Catches Fish With Human Teeth (Photo)

Fisherman Alexander Korobov
Fisherman Alexander Korobov


*Strange things appear to be happening in the Russian waters . An experienced fisherman from the Arkhangelsk region caught a fish in the country’s Northern Dvina River that had teeth very much resembling a human’s Pravda reported Monday.

Now I am sure there are reasons for this. Because we’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” right? So could one of ‘em be that this fish may have digested one too many humans? Continue reading

Readers Make Additions to ‘Top 10 House Negroes in America’ Blog (Guess Who Made the List!)

the field negro

*Attorney Wayne Bennett is a mess, and I mean that with all due respect. He is a lawyer who works with families in the Philadelphia court system and blogs as “the Field Negro” which I just saw for the first time because attention is being drawn to a list he has compiled of House Negroes – folks you will find yourself very familiar with, who he has put on blast, and apparently, doesn’t give a you-know-what how you feel about it!

And wait until you see who made the list. Many of you agreed with the choices on his blog, entitled, “My top ten list of house Negroes in America for 2014.” In fact, the blogger had a record 55 responses – which is apparently higher than average for him. So he messaged Journal-isms saying, “I had a few e-mails as well…But as you can see from the comments section on the blog, a few people had some choices of their own.” Continue reading