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Texas Teachers’ No Homework Policy Gaining Momentum (Even Parents Love It!)


*Wow. Wow! Wow!!! Where in the world was this teacher when I was in school…at ANY grade level!? When second grade teacher Brandy Young wrote a note to parents informing them of a new policy where her students would have no homework for the entire year, no one clapped back. There was no, “What the heck?” No…”Let’s contact the school board”…No phone calls requesting a meeting to vent.

What there was, was a lot of… Hey, we think that’s a great idea.

Who’da thunk it?

The thousands of people sharing a post of the letter Young sent to parents. One of those parents uploaded it to Facebook telling how “Brooke is loving her new teacher already!”

Needless to say, the post has gone viral.

“After much research this summer, I am trying something new,” read the note from Young to parents of her second-graders. “I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your children to bed early.”

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I hope my teenaged grandson’s school adopts this policy. He works SO hard on homework….hours…even after a full day at school. Continue reading

TV Station Suspends Female Anchors, Orders Them To Lose Weight


*They say the camera adds 10 pounds, and that everyone looks a little…healthier on TV.  Egypt’s state broadcaster thinks it’s more than the camera for eight of its female anchors, and has suspended them and ordered them to lose weight!  

The Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) has given the women just one month to take off the pounds before allowing them to appear again on air with what they say will be “appropriate appearance.”

Interestingly, the ERTU has a female director, Safaa Hegazy, who used a be TV anchor!  


Lest you ask, yes, Hegazy is what many in the US would call a “skinny beeeatch.”   I think she looks like Sally Field, but anyway… Continue reading

Accio! New Harry Potter-ish Butterbeer M & Ms Coming Soon


*In a world where racist megalomaniacs can have a legitimate shot at the Oval Office, and where Olympic medalists vandalize gas stations and fabricate muggings to cover it up, I take pleasure in pausing every weekend to nurture and celebrate the kid in me — that part of me that’s optimistic, joyful, and appreciative of the little things.

This weekend, the “little things” are very little — but I’m told they’re pretty darn delicious! 

First, let me get the uninitiated up to speed:

Every fall, a “limited edition” flavor of M & Ms comes out, just in time for the holidays. They are only offered at M & M retail stores and Target.

Can we put our hands up for Target? I am here to tell you that past seasons’ Cordial Cherry, Pumpkin Spice, and Candy Apple M & Ms brought me closer to God.

I’m not a huge M & M fan…except for the Peanut Butter ones. I avoid them as much as I can since I’m also trying to avoid the cardiologist.

Oh, yeah…and the dark chocolate ones. I refer to them as the Michael P Coleman variety: a hard outer shell protecting an endless well of deep, dark, decadent chocolate.

And then there are the peanut ones that I sometimes add to my salad,  just to provide a little protein.  Gee, maybe I AM a huge M & M fan… Continue reading

Want to See Life from a Squirrels POV…Squirrel Steals Camera to Show You (Watch)

tech savvy squirrel

*Who said humans are the only ones that can film things? Apparently, they lied! At least as far as one little tech-savvy squirrel is concerned. This cute little rodent decided to snatch some YouTuber’s GoPro equipment and take us on a little romp through the park.

What the phuck, you say?

Fo’ sho’! Your tour guide for this adventure is Mr. Squirrel. Continue reading

Excuse Me, Ma’am: Traffic Stop Results in…Wait for It!…Ice Cream Cones (Watch)

police, ice cream

*Now I know what you’re thinking from the title alone: “They are doing too much!”

But let’s surprise the forces that be, and actually give a nice gesture some credit, shall we? Believe it or not, those same forces will ensure more moves in a positive direction will follow.

Baby steps.

With that said, a video is circulating (scroll down) showing traffic cops pulling drivers over; in this particular case — a sister — and naturally, she does NOT look happy as he asks,

“Do you know why you were pulled over today?”

Hell, with all the sh*t going on between them and us, it can be any number of reasons that follow the statement: “Because I’m Black!”

But we know we can’t say that.

So the officer says, “Well technically its against the law to drive on a hot day…At this point the woman, and her passenger, are looking at the cop like he just lost his head.

Then he completes the sentence… Continue reading

Ever Wonder Who Writes the Fortunes in Those Cookies?


*We’ve all done it. After we finish eating our Chinese food, we can’t leave the table without cracking that fortune cookie open. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a whole visual thing going on inside my head about the kind of folks who write these “fortunes.” Sage-looking people. Old. Ancient. Long white beard.


…with teeth of course.

But no, I was wrong. Continue reading

NYPD Officers Help Man ‘Propose’ With ‘Fake’ Traffic Stop…Now They’re in Trouble! (Watch)


*And now these same officers are being investigated. According to the CBS2 news report, some are calling the traffic stop turned marriage proposal indecent. Yehuda Coriat and his girlfriend, Sorah Oppen, were pulled over by not two, but three police officers from the the 101st precinct in Far Rockaway, New York, as their friends, unbeknownst to at least the woman, sat in another car recording and commenting on the scene.

The NYPD, however, didn’t think it was cute at all and announced on Monday that the officers involved are under investigation.

I wonder if this would have been the result if the three officers weren’t Black.

Yeah. I said it! Continue reading

Trending Now! Look at How this Dad Surprised His Son (Video)


*Awww…This video will bring smiles to your face and tears to your eyes. This youngster thought daddy had forgotten all about his birthday. But he tried to keep a stiff upper lip in spite of his hurt feelings. But dad knew what was happening and couldn’t play along any longer.

In a time when everything seems to be going haywire in this world, the simple things continue to bring us so much joy.

This is one of those times. Continue reading