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‘I’m a Believer!’ Pastor Rides Bull Inside Church to Attract Members


*It’s hard out there for a…church.

With 23 percent of the U.S. population unaffiliated with any organized religion, and people who identify as Christian within the religious spectrum going from 78.4 percent to 70.6 percent between 2007 to 2014, creativity is the name of the game in attempts to attract new members.

But pastor Lawrence Bishop II is determined on growing his congregation by any means necessary. Even if that means becoming a stuntman.

In an attempt to attract new believers, the 48-year-old preacher built a bullpen in his huge Ohio church, and then climbed on the back of a snorting bull, right in front of his congregation, and rode that sucker. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: ‘Just Nasty': Girls on Japanese Game Show Blow Cockroach into Each Others’ Mouth (Watch)

girls blow cockroach

*Is it any surprise that even after the farcical stunts pulled on a show like “Fear Factor” - hosted by Joe Rogan – we still get grossed out when people do nasty stuff?

I won’t even go into details on all the crap that show has put people through just for the sake of money.

But now a game show in Japan is in on the act. And two contestants have taken on the challenge of blowing the nastiest of insects–a cockroach– a BIG one, into each others’ mouth.

That’s just nasty!

Ugh! Continue reading

Watch: Key & Peele Introduce ‘Negrotown’ — Dream a Little, Won’tcha

“Negrotown”…Where you can live like a human being with rights and everything! (Comedy Central)


*Well blacks folks haven’t seen comedy like this on TV since the Wayans brothers were on the air. I’m talking about the brazen comedic style of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele – better known as “Key & Peele.” The duo heads into season 5 of a show where they have been pushing the proverbial comedy envelope since they came on the Comedy Central scene with their show, “Key & Peele” in 2012. Now they’ve given us a peep into their upcoming season, which starts July 8.

Are you ready for “Negrotown?” It’s a black person’s dream,

Follow me to a place I know

Where there ain’t no pain and no sorrow

It’s the place to be if your skin is brown

I’m talkin’ ’bout Negrotown.

That’s the intro. Black folk can use some comic relief right about now. Especially with all the harassment, racial profiling and homicide of black men at the hands of police. It’s easy to sink into a universal depression. So as silly as it seems, if you allow yourself a momentary escape, “Negrotown” might be a worthy place to go – if you’re too uptight to laugh, that is. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Oops! ‘Price is Right’ Awards Treadmill to Woman in Wheelchair

Price is right contestant, Danielle Perez
‘Price Is Right’ contestant, Danielle Perez


*As the host of a TV game show, one has to be prepared for just about anything. You never know what a contestant is going to do, say, or even win. So to say the particular prize awarded to this particular contestant was awkward would be an understatement.

After finally securing a spot on stage (even host Drew Carey admitted she was ‘close’ several times), “Price Is Right” contestant Danielle Perez admitted she was so excited after winning a fitness tracker and iPad.

But it started getting a bit awkward when the wheelchair bound contestant had a chance to win a prize that had people in the audience silently cringing: a treadmill.

And oh my, she won it! Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: See How These ‘Famously Bald’ Guys Look With Hair (Watch)

LL Cool J rocks that bald head! But check him out in the "now I've got hair" lineup in the video.
LL Cool J rocks that bald head! But check him out in the “now I’ve got hair” lineup in the video.

*Now granted, you may not have spent any serious time thinking about it, but now that the question is being posed, have you ever wondered what guys like action hero Vin Diesel, recording artist/actor Common, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, all-around-talent Tyrese Gibson, NCIS dreamboat/rapper LL Cool J and  the critically-acclaimed Samuel L. Jackson would look like with a head full of hair?

How about celebs such as Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Dave Chappelle, Dr. Phil, and Michael Jordan. Continue reading

Woman Searched for Man She Kissed at Boston Marathon, But Was Contacted By His Wife

Barbara Tatge (L) and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon
Barbara Tatge (L) gives a “thumbs up” as she and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon

*Dang, here you go. All happy because you think you’ve met your boo at the least likely place: while running in the Boston Marathon. After all, it was that kiss that sealed the deal, right?

Y’all was so excited to be there, you went all out and kissed the first good-looking man you saw while running through the town of Wellesley – hey, anyone who pays attention to the marathon knows that’s where the women of Wellesley College traditionally offer kisses to runners.

But you couldn’t let it go at that.

You had to go on social media and put all your business out there; looking for the man.

Girl, the kiss must’ve been good. But the kisser just forgot to mention one thing: He’s a MARRIED MAN!!! Continue reading

This Inventor Wants to ‘Help’ Widows, He Created a Dildo Specifically for Bae’s Ashes

Dildo ash holder


*Holla if you are a widow that would explore the new creation of a dildo that hold’s the ashes of your late lover.


You’re awfully quiet out there. Perhaps you need to hear more.

It’s being marketed as a Memory Box called “21 Grams” (the soul weight of your late lovers ashes) and its purpose is twofold. One, to store the ashes of your late lover, and two, well…

I’ll leave that up to you.

It was created by an inventor named Mark Sturkenboom, and he actually has a story as to what motivated him to do this. Continue reading