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Boy’s ‘Crocodile Tears Meltdown’ After Packers Championship Loss Hits the ‘Net (Watch)

Little boy

*Never underestimate the depth of emotions a true sports fan can show! No matter how young they may be. When the Green Bay Packers were defeated in the NFC Championship game two days ago, one 6-year-old boy had a serious meltdown. But his mom, Kierra Yarbrough decided to videotape it and then posted it online.

The video showed the boy bawling his eyes out over the Packers loss — but instead of putting shame in his game with the kids at school … the meltdown got him a brand bike!
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Men May Find ‘Options’ to Get Their Groove On With Life-Like Robots (Look at This!)


*Japan has always been a country to watch when it comes to technology. It seems that by the time the U. S. even thinks of making a move with technology, Japan is already three steps ahead.

Now, according to some dude named Michael Snyder, the Japanese made a real life robot that walks, talks, thinks and apparently, given time, may do other things…kinky things.

According to him, its only a matter of time before men start exploring  having sex with the  blowup doll…OK, OK, to be fair he calls it a “virtually indistinguishable” robot.

He says technology is moving so fast that you can pretty much expect a place like Japan (who seems to be leading the charge right now in these lifelike robots) to create a doll that will give real women a run for their … (You fill in the blank).

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This Woman’s Date Wouldn’t Kiss Her on Camera So Guess What She Did (Watch!)


*How does the song go? If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with?

Close enough.

That’s probably what one woman thought when a “Kiss Kam” caught her live and her date refused to play along so she kissed the stranger sitting next to her. Well, hello. Oh forget the introductions!

It’s safe to assume her date didn’t end well.

It all went down  at a Knicks game on Thursday at New York’s Madison Square Garden. A girl has to think fast in situations like this and needless to say, this girl represented! Continue reading

Ta-Dah! Soldier Surprises Wife With Breakfast in Bed, She Responds By Shooting Him

breakfast in bed

*Well damn, try to do something romantic for your significant other and this is how she shows her appreciation? I am sure this Fort Bragg soldier got the surprise of his life as he lay on the stretcher with a bullet lodged in his chest while en route to the emergency room. He had been shot by his wife as he entered their bedroom carrying breakfast.

 It seems earlier that Friday morning, Zia Segule, 28, left his wife Tiffany in bed and slipped out to buy her a nice, romantic breakfast. As she slept (or so he thought) he returned home around 10:15 a.m. with the take-out breakfast in hand. But as it turns out, Miss Tiffany apparently had a surprise of her own ready.

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Female Office Worker Finds 5-Foot-Snake in Restroom (Watch it here!)

Snake found in office toilet

*Yikes! You’re definitely going to wanna look down before you squat in the restroom from now on. Because something long and slithery may be looking up at you from the commode. Its the last thing you would think to find in any toilet, but definitely not the restroom at the office. But two San Diego women got the crap shocked out of ‘em when they saw a 5-foot Colombian Rainbow Constrictor coming out of the toilet in their San Diego office. Continue reading

Chocolate Rain? No Such Luck! Shoppers Covered in Feces After Septic Tank Bursts

Feces accident
Woman rushes from scene of smelly mishap


*Warning, this story stinks.

Ooh do I smell a lawsuit!? Imagine you are walking down the street, window shopping, when all of a sudden a splatter of brown liquid comes over you…and everyone else in your atmosphere. This is what happened to shoppers on a busy commercial street when a septic tank exploded and left them covered in human excrement. Continue reading

Old Geezer’s Answer to ‘Lick’ Question on Family Feud Get’s Steve Harvey’s Head Shakin’ (Watch)

family feud

*As the host of the once corny TV game show, “Family Feud,” you’ve got to give it to Steve Harvey. He has made the show worth watching. Harvey’s deadpan expressions alone–following an answer he didn’t expect from a contestant, makes it worth tuning in to.

So you can imagine the look on his face when an elderly contestant named Gene gave his honest opinion as he answered one of the questions on the prompt.

The question: “Name something that has to be licked.”

Now, since Family Feud is still, basically, a “family” show – you’d expect this old dude to say something like, a lollipop or a stamp.

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Watch: What The…? Creature Washes Ashore on Beach (Can You Tell What it Is?)

mystery seacreature

*Yikes! What in the world is that in the photo above? It supposedly washed up on a beach in Santa Barbara, California, last week after the rains leaving those who live in the area and those just visiting to wonder, “What the…?”

“I’d say it looks like a combination of a seal and a dog with fangs dried up, potentially,” resident Michael Curtis told KEYT-TV.

“To me it looks reminiscent of a dinosaur…like an old dog, ancient,” Josh Curtis added. Continue reading