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Woman Searched for Man She Kissed at Boston Marathon, But Was Contacted By His Wife

Barbara Tatge (L) and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon
Barbara Tatge (L) gives a “thumbs up” as she and her handsome stranger lock lips at the Boston Marathon

*Dang, here you go. All happy because you think you’ve met your boo at the least likely place: while running in the Boston Marathon. After all, it was that kiss that sealed the deal, right?

Y’all was so excited to be there, you went all out and kissed the first good-looking man you saw while running through the town of Wellesley – hey, anyone who pays attention to the marathon knows that’s where the women of Wellesley College traditionally offer kisses to runners.

But you couldn’t let it go at that.

You had to go on social media and put all your business out there; looking for the man.

Girl, the kiss must’ve been good. But the kisser just forgot to mention one thing: He’s a MARRIED MAN!!! Continue reading

This Inventor Wants to ‘Help’ Widows, He Created a Dildo Specifically for Bae’s Ashes

Dildo ash holder


*Holla if you are a widow that would explore the new creation of a dildo that hold’s the ashes of your late lover.


You’re awfully quiet out there. Perhaps you need to hear more.

It’s being marketed as a Memory Box called “21 Grams” (the soul weight of your late lovers ashes) and its purpose is twofold. One, to store the ashes of your late lover, and two, well…

I’ll leave that up to you.

It was created by an inventor named Mark Sturkenboom, and he actually has a story as to what motivated him to do this. Continue reading

Think You Know Weird? This Farmer Ate Nails & Coins When He Got Depressed

Materials inside farmer's stomach
Materials inside farmer’s stomach

*Good lord. We thought we’d heard it all, but apparently we’ve still got a ways to go.

Ever hear the one about the farmer who had a stomach ache. Went to the doctor. Only to discover he had hundreds of coins, nails and other objects removed from his belly.

No, well it true.

An Indian farmer named Rajpal Singh had to have an endoscopy, which revealed hundreds of objects inside his stomach, according to Caters photo agency.

And the weird finding took two operations to be removed. All in all doctors at R Gagan Gastrocare removed 140 coins, 150 nails and a handful of nuts, bolts and batteries. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Watch This Monkey Drop-Kick Guy Who Gives Him the Finger

monkey, finger


This one will have you laughing, too.

A video shows monkey is just sitting on top of a fixture as people walk by. But instead of just walking by, one young man decides to stop and give the monkey the finger.

Its as if the monkey speaks sign language, because it immediately reacts. Continue reading

Female Comic Finds 2-Way Mirror in Women’s Restroom at Chicago Club (Watch)

Tamale Rose behind the scenes at Cigars & Stripes in Chicago
Tamale Rose behind the scenes at Cigars & Stripes in Chicago


*Hello, can women use the bathroom in peace, please?

Apparently, the owner of a comedy club in Chicago thinks its just fine to have a two-way mirror showing women using the restroom in his place of business.

And when the dirty-little-secret was discovered by comedienne Tamale Rocks - who performed there and says she was paranoid enough to explore further after she went to relieve herself and thought it was a tad strange that a FULL LENGTH MIRROR was staring back at her, the owner decided to blame her as if she did something wrong.

The comic talks the viewer through her discovery; taking us behind the mirror’s door as she records on her cellphone. There we see what appears to just be an innocent-looking cleaning closet.

But when that door is closed, and the opposite side of that mirror is exposed, its anything but. Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: Humorous Video Shows What Life Will Be Like for ‘The White Minority’ in 25 Years


In 2045 we may be asking, "Where's the white people?"
In 2045 we may be asking, “Where’s the white people?”


*I don’t know about you, but I’ve always hated the word minority when used to described a race of people. It always reminded me of people who are seen as powerless and unimportant.

People on the low totem-pole of society; who have to take what they’re given, and are not expected to want anything more.

So fortunately for me, and many like-minded people, we never claimed that word.

But in what can only be seen as a lightly humored, but compassionate act – a video has been put together by the folks at Huffington Post. It offers guidelines for white people – who the Census Bureau says will see a role-reversal as “the new minority” in as soon as 2045.

We are sure they will need the help of those with experience, in order to transition smoothly and cope with this new status. Continue reading

‘F*uck This Court & Everything it Stands For’ Says Woman’s Nine-Page Rebuttal to Judge’s Action

tama jada clark (mugshot)
Tamah Jada Clark in an undated arrest mugshot

*When a federal judge dismissed a woman’s $10 billion lawsuit against Georgia officials because he thought is was ‘nonsensical’ the woman responded with what can only be seen as a classic “f*ck this court and everything it stands for” rant.

Her nine-page tirade consisted of every cuss-word available and she spewed it towards the judge — claiming he was on a “one-way ticket to hell” — according to the remarkable court records made available last week in Atlanta.

In an order filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Judge Willis B. Hunt Jr. — the judge that dismissed most of Tamah Jada Clark‘s claims on March 31 — recused himself from hearing the rest of her complaint “in light of Plaintiff’s decidedly vitriolic pleading.” Continue reading