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This Is Nuts…Literally! Woman Uses Boyfriend’s Balls As Makeup Applicator (Watch)

Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!
Johnna Hines and Damon Richards probably delighting over all of the attention their video has gotten!

*Oh the things some people do. SMH. Please don’t tell my mama I’m sharing something this crass with you, and please don’t judge the messenger! In fact, my mouth is still agape (Oops! Please don’t read more into that little admission than was meant!) But my goodness, what on earth could have made this woman even THINK to do this? 

Stay with me as I explore the possibilities…

Hmm…this darn makeup brush is no longer working. Whatever shall I use?


Honey, can you c’mere for a sec? I wanna try something?

Obviously option #2 won out. Continue reading

Six Reasons To Spend More Time Naked…As If I Needed Six


*The Huffington Post recently ran a story outlining the six reasons to spend more time naked.  “No matter your age, marital status, or gender,” they wrote, “it’s still a good idea to spend more time naked.”

Amen to that, I said, and plowed into that article.

However, although they wrote that gender wasn’t an issue, it became clear really quickly that the article was very heavily focused on women, and I felt very strongly that we can’t leave the guys out of this!  So, in the spirit of community service, I’ll give you their reasons for being naked more, and give you the male “take” — or at least the straight / bi male take — on each reason. Continue reading

‘Time to Live Tweet This Bitch!’…Melania Trump Nudges Husband to Acknowledge National Anthem (Watch)

Melania nudges

*Awkward much? …And just in time for Easter folks! The leader of the free world actually had to be REMINDED to place his hand over his heart in honor of the national anthem.

In the words of ‘Empire’s’ Cookie Lyons, “It’s time to live tweet this bitch!’

Since your president has such a love-interest in social media, here ya go!

What an embarrassment.

Continue reading

This Teen Hasn’t Cut Her Nails In…Yikes…Three Years!

Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_
Credit: Instagram | @simone_christina_

*For the record, I am typing this with nicely manicured nails. They actually hurt if I allow them to grow too long, so I keep them short…not nub short, but attractive, polished short. But enough about me. My hands are nowhere near as interesting as those belonging to a teen named Simone Taylor — whose six-inch, curved finger nails have been growing since 2014.

The 16-year-old even has photos to prove it.

Taylor has since had to relearn several things, including typing.

“I have exams at the moment, and it’s hard to write,” Taylor said in an interview. “After one hour of writing, my hands really hurt. On the computer, I have to type using my knuckles.”

Ouch. Continue reading

On One Side Of Trump’s Proposed Wall: Tequila Rain


*We all know that April showers bring May flowers…but I wonder what type of blooms would pop up next month if the heavens showered tequila down instead of good ol’ H2O?

Well, The Weather Girls be damned: it’s raining tequila! And I’m here for it.

Mexico’s tourist board is displaying the new tequila rain-making contraption at an art gallery in Berlin, in a bid to attract German visitors. As it turns out the Germans love their tequila almost as much as Americans do, and more than our brothers and sisters in Spain, France, Japan or the UK. Continue reading

Female Uber Driver Finds Out Passenger Is Cheating Boyfriend’s ‘Side Chick’

Bree, courtesy Twitter

*This address looks very familiar. Wait…is this? Nah…That (or something similar) was most likely the thought process sista gurl [sic] went through as she looked at the GPS address that she was taking the sista in the back seat of her Uber to. 

Along the way the two women probably got into friendly conversation, as many Uber drivers and their passengers do, with Bree, the driver, probing deeper for answers — unknowingly, from her passenger. Continue reading

Who In The Heck Put Poop In These Coke Cans?


*In what has to be the grossest thing EVER, a discovery was made on a shipment of coca-cola at the Knockmore Hill facility in Lisburn, Ireland that has investigating police stumped. The cans-only shipment originated from a never-before-used supplier in Germany, with the expectation that the normally empty cans would soon be filled with pop.

…only thing is, the cans were NOT empty…they had human waste inside. 

I know. I know. WTF?

Like I said, police are stumped! 

How was it discovered you may ask…By the night shift! Workers peeked inside the cans after the machine they were using became clogged. Needless to say, they were shocked at what had caused the congestion. Continue reading

‘Whoa Shamrock!’ Why You Should Resist The Urge to Ride A Retired Race Horse (Watch)

retired racehorse, shamrock

*To say this didn’t end well would be a severe understatement. Hey, by now you guys know I love animals. I’ve even been on a horse or two in my life. Since I live near horses, I even stop to pet and feed them carrots on occasion. But even with all this love, I would think twice, no three times, before straddling a retired race horse and having them open the gate. But then again my name is not Nick Bull.

He’s singing the ‘Sorry’ tune now.

Shamrock, who once enjoyed life as a racehorse, took off like lightening with poor Mr. Bull on his back. He must’ve been having a flashback to the good ‘ol days because he started running faster and faster. Poor Mr. Nick was screaming things like, “Whoa Shamrock,” “Dear Jesus,” “No Sham…for f*ucks sake!” and anything else he could think of.

But alas, it was too late. Shamrock was in another world by then. Continue reading