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Cellulite…Acne…Girl Is That You? Toy Designer Gives Iconic Barbie Doll A ‘Real’ Touch (Watch)

Barbie with acne and stretch marks
New doll has “acne’ (L) and ‘Stretch Marks’ (R)


*I don’t know about you, but I did secretly wonder how long the Barbie doll was going to stay skinny and white. What with everything else changing, why not Barbie after all these years.

Yeah, I know. Somewhere in your memory you recall somebody saying something about a changed Barbie, but you can’t be sure. Well here’s something you can wrap your brain around. Here’s a change your Barbie-lover might appreciate.


Gone are the skinny legs and perfect thighs. Gone is the clear, white skin…Well, its still white but…Now the girl has gone and got acne…cellulite…and stretch marks! Continue reading

‘Prank It Forward’ Gives Single Mother of Three Surprise of a Lifetime (Watch)

Cara Simmons (middle) with her sister (L) and daughter (R)
Cara Simmons (middle) with her sister (L) and daughter (R)


*Oh boy, we love stories like this!

We all have friends and family we wish we could give the world to…do more for. Those who have been there for us through thick and thin; who always try to take care of everything for any and everybody.

Well apparently Cara Simmons is that person in her Cleveland, Ohio community. Her family, friends, and even her employer didn’t stutter when they proclaimed her most deserving of a break because she had not had one…ever!

They all got together with Prank It Forward, a campaign by dedicated to charity-based “pranks for good.” And boy oh boy, did they make her day!

Be warned: You’re gonna need a tissue!

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Oops! Woman’s ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt Gets Her Arrested for Drug Possession

Deborah Asher has good reasons to be so smug, believe me
Deborah Asher has good reasons to be so smug, believe me

*Well dang, what a poor style choice will definitely do is bring you unwanted attention. One unfortunate tee-shirt lover got attention from the wrong people by advertising her lifestyle on a T-shirt that read, “I Love Crystal Meth.” Continue reading

Ready for More Ethnically Diverse ‘Emoticons?’–Hold On, They’re Comin’ (Video)


*Whether its a ‘smiley face’ in your sentence that reiterates the intent of your message; or that ‘red devil’ image, folks have made it known they want the old “Emoji” to begin reflecting a more ethnically diverse image.

Over the past two years Twitter campaigns by Miley Cyrus and other celebs, have brought attention to the fact the the cute, quirky emoticons that punctuate online communication need a makeover that will include skin tones representing people of color.

Dubbed “Embrojis” by Roots drummer Questlove, the more racially diverse icons are expected to appear sometime in 2015. Continue reading

Halloween’s Gone & So Is My Wedding Ring! (It’s in Somebody’s Candy Bag)


*You know how hectic things can get when you are helping the kids prepare for Halloween. Putting the candy in the little bags, getting them all dressed up in their costumes. Passing out the little bags of candy to the little ghouls and goblins that come to your door. How cute. Well, cute stops here because one woman who lives in Arizona accidentally gave her wedding ring to one of those little monsters in a bag of Halloween candy.

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‘Aww, He Didn’t Know’ – Drug Suspect’s Dog Leads Police Right To Him (As He Crouches in Back Yard Bushes)

dog who led cops to drug dealer

*No Spot, bad doggie! This is most likely what was coming out of the mouth of one man who is now behind bars. According to Reuters, Alabama police located a suspected drug dealer, but not by their own efforts, with the help of the suspects dog. The suspect was apparently hiding in tall grass near his home and his ever-loyal companion – “Bo” – probably thought it was a game as he wagged his tail enthusiastically and led the officers right to him, police said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Awe…he didn’t know… Continue reading

Man Arrested for Illegal Pot Possession Tells Cops ‘I’m Denzel Washington’

Justin Lee Seay (L) Denzel Washington (R) Comparison? Naw...
Justin Lee Seay (L) Denzel Washington (R) Comparison? Naw…


*Mr. Washington, if you’re reading this, a 21-year-old Tennessee man has obviously got hold of some bad stuff. He wanted officers who arrested him for possessing weed illegally to believe that he was you.

As far as I know, he told them this with a straight face.

But the officers were apparently no dummies. They told Justin Lee Seay of Memphis – and I quote – “You’re not fooling anyone” right before they realized he had also violated his probation on a separate case. Continue reading

Mistaken Welsh Translation Has Cash Machine Offering ‘Free Erections’


*Hear ye, hear ye! This cash machine has a message for you; but its not the one its makers intended so, never mind. Tesco’s translation blooper offered ‘free erections’ instead of ‘free cash’ at a hole-in-the wall in Wales.

People in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, where the faulty feature took place, had plenty to laugh about upon seeing it.

The sign should have read ‘arian am ddim’ which means ‘free money’ but instead it read ‘codiad am ddim’ which means free erections. Continue reading