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Wendy Says ‘Take Several Seats’ (As in Sit Down Now!) to Mom Who Wants To Be Son’s Prom Date

Wendy and prom mother*When a female audience member told daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams that she needed to get a “do over” from her 1989 prom because her dress was wrong, and that’s why she wants her son to take her to his upcoming prom, the audience, howling at this point, couldn’t believe it.

Nor could Wendy.

Apparently Benita Gray‘s son had promised to take his mom to the prom. Thing is, he was  5-years-old then and didn’t have a girlfriend. Continue reading

Check This Out: Couple Makes Save-the-Date Wedding Video to Pharrell’s ‘Happy!’(Watch)

Stephane Alexandre is doing her 'Happy Dance' here

Soon to be a Mrs., Stephané Alexandre does her ‘Happy Dance’ here


*Pharrell’s smash hit “Happy” continues to get (and give) traction – with no hints of slowing down.

The song, which will probably go down in some “Hall of Fame” before its meteoric rise begins to descend, has touched base at the United Nations,  captured soldiers overseas, and even caught congressman John Lewis having a “moment.” Now, its helping one happy couple share the news of their upcoming nuptials

Need a smile right about now? Continue reading

Want to Know What You Can Expect If You Go to Hell…Check Out The Weekly Schedule!

a-dance-with-the-devilOne day a guy dies and finds himself in hell. As he is wallowing in despair he has his first meeting with a demon…

Demon: Why so glum  chum?

Guy:  What do you think?  I’m in hell.

Demon:  Hell’s not so bad.  We actually have a lot of fun down here…you a drinkin’ man?

Guy:  Sure,  I love to drink.  Love the drinks.

Demon:  Well you’re gonna love Mondays then.  On  Mondays that’s all we do is drink.  Whiskey,  tequila,  Guinness,  wine coolers,  diet tab, and fresca…we drink till we throw up and then we drink some more!

Guy:  Gee that sounds great.

Demon:  You a smoker?

Guy: You better believe it!  Love the smoking.

Demon:  Alright!  You’re gonna love Tuesdays.  We get the finest cigars from all over the world and smoke our lungs out.  If you get cancer – no biggie – you’re already dead remember?

Guy:  Wow…that’s…awesome!

Demon:  I bet you like to gamble. Continue reading

Ray J’s Newest Sex Tape Conquest: Joan Rivers! This You Gotta See :) – Watch

ray j & joan rivers*OK y’all, we got your ultimate Friday Funnee.

Ya boy Ray J, the Hollywood love machine, just won’t quit. He’s done gone and bagged another high profile celebrity. And its on tape.

If you thought Kim Kardashian was his ultimate prize just wait till you see him in action with … Joan Rivers!!!

Dang, we knew he had a thing for older women, but this might be taking things a little too far. Continue reading

PlayBoy Being Sued By Woman Who Says Her Azz Was Used As a Golf Tee-off

Playboy bunny

*Well, here’s a head-scratcher for ya. One just doesn’t know what to think about this.

But here goes.

According to TMZ, some “hot chick” has sued Playboy because, wait for it, a golf tee was placed in her butt and then the golfer made a swing and whacked her a** instead of the ball.

Uh huh. Believe us when we say, we feel you.

So-called hottie says the missed target has caused her severe – maybe even permanent, damage you-know-where. Continue reading

Oprah Literally Gives Woman the Clothes Off Her Back…Because She Asked!


Bet you are kind of wishing you’d asked for this lovely dress.

*It may be one of the toughest things to do sometimes, but if you’ve got the nerve to sum up the gumption to ask for what you want, you just might get it.

Just talk to Brandi, the Atlanta woman who was so smitten by the dress Oprah wore on the “Bravo” Collector’s Edition cover of Essence.

In a Twitter blast to the media mogul, she went on this whole “I know you’ll never wear the dress again” rant, finally asking Oprah to just give her the dress, probably laughing the whole time, never expecting to hear more.

But then she did…from Oprah herself! Continue reading

Parents Beware: Your Toddler Could Get Kicked Out of Daycare for …A Cheese Sandwich?

Girl eating sandwich

Not the real Faith

*Ah man, one little kid (and her daddy) got a rude awakening to how unfair life can be sometimes. And to think her daddy so lovingly made her a cheese sandwich – not knowing it would cost little Faith 3-days away from daycare.

Sometimes life is just not fair.

According to Huffington Post, Canadian father Randy Murray gave  2-year-old Faith a cheese sandwich to eat before daycare one morning. Little did he know that she wouldn’t eat it right away, opting to tuck it away for later.

Where’s the crime in that right? Wrong! Continue reading

Daughter’s Boastful Facebook Post Costs Family $80K!!!

Dana Snay boasted on Facebook, "Gulligan is paying for my trip to Europe!" ...NOT

Dana Snay boasted on Facebook, “Gulligan is officially paying for my trip to Europe!” …NOT!

*Let’s just call it like we see it, OK? In a certain culture this teen would get her a** whipped good!

OK, let me explain.

When Patrick Snay won his settlement against the school he had been employed with for years, due to what he claimed was age discrimination and another unrelated case involving his daughter, the school had to fork up a whopping $80K in settlement money.

But there was one stipulation: Don’t say one word to ANYBODY about this case, ya hear?

Apparently, his daughter did not get the memo.

Enter daddy’s little girl, Dana, who decides to post a message about the winnings on Facebook…all Miley Cyrus tongue-out style.

Uh oh. Continue reading