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(What Do You Think This Reporter Was Really Thinking?) When She Was Interrupted


woman interrupts reporter

*Poor Sherika Phillips. Under her very professional reporter posterior while speaking for television station WMC-TV (Action News5) on Live camera about the massive flooding that has occurred in Memphis on Thursday, and a very thin woman who looks like she had been out all night getting drunk or high at best, steps into the camera frame and says,  “I been over here since 2003 and this is the 5 times [sic] this motherf*cker done…” and walks off camera. The reporter resumes as best as possible before there is a cut to the studio!

For the record…

You handled it like a true professional, Ms. Phillips. Now I hope you won’t mind that the EUR readers and I are going to have a little fun and try to guess what you were really thinking before you “readjusted.”

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Teenage Girl Forced to Marry Stray Dog…No, We’re Serious! (Watch)

Indifference coming from the "groom?" Maybe.
Indifference coming from the “groom?” Maybe.


*I dare you to complain about living in America after you hear this mess. With all due respect to the cultures and their rituals, you can’t possibly expect everybody to take this kind of news with a straight face. Trust me, there will be deviants!

With that said, villagers told an 18-year-old Indian girl that if she wanted to ward off evil spirits, she would have to get married. Not to a man, mind you. Nor to a woman. But to a dog…a stray dog.

The ceremony is said to have been lavish.

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Drew Carey Offers $10K Reward for Cruel Ice Bucket Challenge on Special Needs Boy (Video)


Drew Cary, host of "Price Is Right" TV show
Drew Cary, host of “Price Is Right” TV show

*The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that started off with the purest of intentions, to raise money that will support the fight against the disease and have a little brave fun in the process, turned ugly when a group of high school kids recently poured urine and feces on a special needs student who thought he was participating in the real challenge. A video on social media (see below) showed the cruel prank, and now, “Price Is Right” host Drew Carey wants to catch the ones who did it.

Carey, who has lost a lot of weight over the years and looks great, was flabbergasted, as were a lot of folks, who witnessed the act by a group of Ohio teenagers, who obviously thought it was cute to pull such a prank on the autistic boy. Carey is showing what a generous heart he has, by offering to chip in $10,000 towards a reward fund. Continue reading

Got Our Attention: Vacuum Salesman Eats Off Subway Floor to Prove His Point (Watch)

You've got to admit, Ravi Dalchand believes strongly in his cleaning product
You’ve got to admit, Ravi Dalchand believes strongly in his cleaning product


*Homie definitely wants a sale. You’ve heard the cliche, “put your money where your mouth is” right? But as much as we may say it, rarely do we expect people to actually do it.

Which is why we’ve got to give credit where credit is due when someone actually does. Ravi Dalchand has proven that he walks the walk…that he talks. As the brand manager for Bissell vacuum cleaners’ newest product;  he demonstrates his belief in the product by eating off of the grimy subway floor that he vacuumed!

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OMG! The Things People Leave Behind…At A Crime Scene, No Less!


*How dumb can a burglar be, you ask? Pretty darn dumb, apparently.

It has become much easier to investigate criminal activity and capture the bad guys (or set the innocent ones free) with all the advancements in forensic tools and DNA, but even if these tools were still in primitive mode, criminals have left behind some of the dumbest things that many times led the authorities right to their front door.

Thanks to here is 10 Incredible Things Left Behind At The Scene Of A Crime. Chances are, you won’t see any stories like this on CSI! Continue reading

Watch This Kid’s Response To His Mom Being Pregnant…Again! (Hilarious!)

Kid cant believe moms pregnant

*You may have often wondered what kids would say about the making of large families if they could actually articulate. Would they say, “Mom, I don’t want another brother or sister,” or “Oh no, not another one!” Those responses sound quite tame next to the ones this little fella came up with.

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We’re All Petty Thiefs: 7 Small Items You’ve Probably Stolen At Some Point


*Now before you get your dandruff up, nobody’s saying you need to be put in jail. And you probably feel like the tiny, little item(s) you may have forgotten to return wouldn’t be missed anyway. Heck, you can probably even justify why you took the thing and neglected to give it back.

Still, you took it and you didn’t return it. In any language, that’s called theft!

Think I can’t possibly be talking about you? Think again.

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Hilarious: Monkey Takes Selfie & Starts Ownership Copyright Feud

This is an authentic monkey selfie!
This is an authentic monkey selfie!

*Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! If this don’t beat all! tells the story about the court battle over the rights to a “Simian selfie.”

You heard right.

A photographer apparently went to a jungle and left camera equipment for the monkeys, who actually did take pictures of themselves.

Of course, in the “monetize everything” world that we live in, the argument now becomes, who owns the photos? The photographer whose equipment was used? The monkeys?

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