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Rapper ‘Christ Bearer’ Severs His Man Parts & Leaps From Balcony in Suicide Attempt (Video)


*Apparently sick and tired of being sick and tired, police claim Andre Johnson, who performs under the name “Christ Bearer,” and has an affiliation with the groups Wu-Tang Clan and Northstar, attempted self-dismemberment early Wednesday morning at an apartment building in North Hollywood.

By the time cops arrived on the scene around 1 a.m., Johnson was lying on the sidewalk with critical injuries. They rushed the 40-year-old rapper by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, according to TMZ. Continue reading

Kandi Burrus’ Nuptials Less Charmed After Prenup Introduction


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker


*Oh man! Nothing can put a nasty taste in the mouth of a marriage like a prenup.

Dang…Must we do this sweetie?

Unfortunately, “yes we must,” was the answer according to actions taken by Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss.

Thus the planned wedding between Burruss and her betrothed, Todd Tucker went off with a hitch and was anything but simple.  Especially since Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mother, has always suspected Todd to be in it for her daughters money. Continue reading

Hey Black Woman: How’d You Like A Network Designed Just For You? It’s Coming…

centric*Fact: “At more than 10 million strong, and in control of 20 billion dollars in buying power, the African American woman is an increasingly powerful, yet often overlooked consumer,” said Louis Carr, BET Networks President of Broadcast and Media Sales.

With this is mind, Centric, BET‘s 24-hour music and entertainment network, has formed an exciting new partnership with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment, the partnership will bring the axed by VH1 hit, “Single Ladies” and “The Queen Latifah Show” (which will air in primetime) to the network, and re-brand Centric as the first network designed for the Black woman.

Now you’re talkin’…And there’s more! Continue reading

Michael Jackson Impersonator Joined The Jacksons … Well, For A Minute

Credit: TMZ

Credit: TMZ

*According to TMZ, it looked like a Jackson 5 reunion … when a Michael Jackson impersonator got together with 4 Jackson brothers Saturday at their concert in Vegas — but it cost him a pretty penny.

Carlo Riley — an MJ tribute artist — tells TMZ he finally got to meet Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie at their Planet Hollywood show … but he had to pay for the privilege. Continue reading

Love Ya RiRi, But If That Screen Behind You Could Talk It’d Probably Say, ‘All Butt Cracks Look Alike!’ (Photos)

Rihanna butt in the air


*Looking at the picture above, do you wonder what Rihanna is thinking as she stares right into the camera with her legs seemingly parted and boo-tay high up in the air? On second though, how would a strong wind affect the thoughts of the crew?

We’ve already imagined what the screen behind her would say if it could talk.

One thing you have to admit about RiRi is, she’s always giving us something to think about…whether its what the heck is going on between you and Drake? Do you ever speak to Chris Brown on the low, and will you ever truly forgive him for beatin’ your ass? Or, since we’ve seen every part of your gorgeous bod by now, what’s next?

On second thought, do we really want to know? Continue reading

Stephanie Allain, Director of L.A. Film Festival, To Moderate Upcoming ‘Day of Black Docs’ at AFI

Stephanie-Allain, hosts Day of Black Docs

Stephanie Allain

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – April 3, 2014 – The Black Association Of Documentary Filmmakers West (“BAD West”) has announced that Stephanie Allain, Director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, will moderate their 8th annual “Day of Black Docs” being held Saturday, April 12th, 12:00 – 6:00 p.m., at the American Film Institute (AFI) Mark Goodson Theater, 2021 Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Three documentaries, “God Loves Uganda”, “The Black Line: Profiles of African American Women”, and “Be Known” will be screened, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, and moderated by Ms. Allain. Continue reading

At 260# Woman Flaunts Body Down Hollywood Blvd…In A Bikini…With Head Held High! (Watch)

Big is Beautiful too woman!

Passerby gives woman a ‘high-five’ in support of her courageous act!

*In a move that defies all the negative cliches we have heard about obesity, one California woman has decided to bare her all, and prove you can’t believe everything you hear. And the fact that she chose the famous Hollywood Blvd. as her starting point says a lot!

I guess you can call Amani Terrell the biggest new star on Hollywood Blvd. Weighing 260-lbs., she struts her stuff down Hollywood Blvd. wearing only two things.

A bikini and a smile.

And though you can rightfully assume some folks are throwin’ shade, others give her a high-five for her courage.

“You cannot seek validation from other people. The world is very cruel,” she told KTTV. “You must seek validation within yourself and be kind to yourself.”

Continue reading