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Anna Deavere Smith Sparks Thought in Never Givin’ Up at The Broad Stage (Watch)

Anna Deavere Smith in "NEVER GIVIN' UP' at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica through April 26th.
Anna Deavere Smith in “NEVER GIVIN’ UP’ at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica through April 26th.

*Anna Deavere Smith is an actor, playwright and professor who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is best known for crafting one-woman multi-character works that bring America’s social issues to the fore and crafts them in a way that causes audiences to think beyond what their eyes see and their ears hear.

She is what actors refer to as ‘an actors actor.’

Someone who goes deep in crafting the many characters she portrays so that even the slightest nuance or characteristic, no matter how intrinsic, is delivered with an authenticity that touches an audience on the deepest level.

No bullshit.

In her two week engagement at Santa Monica’s The Broad Stage, she brings NEVER GIVIN’ UP, a powerful theatrical exploration of civil rights that includes a seminal reading of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s landmark document, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

And accompanying her on this night, in addition to the passionate work of violinist Robert McDuffie and pianist Anne Epperson, was a pair of crutches which she cautioned the audience not to misinterpret as acquiring “for the sake of her art.” Smith was the unfortunate victim of a broken something or other in her leg, only days before the performance. Continue reading

The Pasadena Playhouse Selected for Wallace Foundation Audience-Building Initiative – Awarded $460,000


PASADENA, CA, April 15, 2015 – The Pasadena Playhouse has been selected for the New York-based Wallace Foundation’s Building Audiences for Sustainability effort – a new, six-year, $52-million initiative aimed at developing practical insights into how exemplary performing arts organizations can successfully expand their audiences, the foundation announced today.

The Playhouse will receive $460,000 for the first cycle of work plus additional support from the Wallace Foundation for preliminary audience research.  As part of the Wallace initiative, The Pasadena Playhouse seeks to develop stronger ties to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of the Southern California region through the production of main stage performances that resonate with these communities, and through the cultivation of meaningful relationships within each community.

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Quincy Jones Still Got Game…And This Time While Wearing Buscemi

Quincy with Buscemi boxes2
“Q” Need We Say More?


*Music legend Quincy Jones may not be in the public eye like he used to, but don’t get it twisted, he’s still got that swag. In a new cool shoe campaign by designer Jon BuscemiJones is shown on billboards as he sports the luxury high-top sneaker for the designer’s Spring 2015 line.

And here you thought the producer of Michael Jackson‘s top-selling album had gone somewhere and sat down!

Well, he may be sitting, but its only to pose in these cool shoes. Continue reading

Is it Any Surprise That Gwyneth Paltrow’s Charitable Act Brought Out the Haters

Haters gonna hate on anyone and anything!
Haters gonna hate on anyone and anything!


*This is going to be short because its the posts that matter.

When Academy-award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow decided to take the Food Stamp Challenge that has her living on EBT for a week, I knew there was going to be people coming out to hate on her for it?

Why? Because ignorance has no boundaries.

Its that “crab-effect” that’s usually blamed on people in a community with a mindset that wants everyone to be doing bad along with them.

But if there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, its that haters are going to hate at any and every opportunity. Those without money hate those with money. A woman without a man will talk behind the back of a girlfriend who just got one. That employee making less than you is going to do everything possible to stab you in the back. Continue reading

Whaaaat? Gwyneth Paltrow on Food Stamps…Yep! But Its Because She Wants to Be (Watch)

A very dressed down Gwyneth Paltrow
A very dressed down Gwyneth Paltrow

*Come on now, for an article that talks about Gwyneth Paltrow going on a Food Stamp Diet, you didn’t really expect for me to use a glamour shot, did you?

Its not like she’s trying to be a sexy, mischievous, cool substitute teacher on a popular TV show. Nor is she trying to make music with a handsome legendary music man. No, Miss Paltrow is going bare bones. She is curbing her Whole Foods Market appetite and developing a taste for anyplace that will accept EBT.

In other words, Gwyneth is going on food stamps, y’all.

Now before you run off and tell everybody that one of Hollywood’s sweethearts has fallen on hard times; I’ve got one bit of advice for you.


Gwyneth is doing it all for a good cause. Continue reading

Associated Press Jumping on the E-Book and Paperback Train With ‘AP Editions’

One of AP's first books
One of AP’s first books

*The Associated Press is tapping its global news coverage and vast archives to launch a series of paperback and e-books called AP Editions.

In collaboration with Miami-based Mango Media, AP is releasing the first 15 of what will be dozens of titles planned this year, drawing from recent reporting in text and photos, in addition to AP’s rich archive dating to 1846.

The initial titles, which can be located at, are developed from key moments in history, major current events, profiles and oddities. AP’s first books recount the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ebola’s impact on Africa and beyond and the magic of the cosmos made real by the Hubble Telescope.

“AP reporters and photographers have spent nearly 170 years in all quarters of the globe, telling the most important stories of their time,” said Sarah Nordgren, director of content development at AP. “By teaming up with Mango, AP has the opportunity to bring those stories once again to light, with the added perspective of history.” Continue reading

Charlie Wilson Shows No Signs of Slowing Down in ‘Forever Charlie’ Tour (Video)


credit for the photo is Elpwe Ray / P Music Group
Charlie Wilson definitely felt the love. In this photo, he wants to hear it too! Photo credit: Elpwe Ray / P Music Group


*At some point during a Charlie Wilson show you will no doubt find yourself declaring, “Now this is what showmanship looks like!” And even days later, with the music still in your head, you will be like, “I want to do that again!” Wilson brought his ‘Forever Charlie’ tour to Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater for a 2-night engagement with romantic crooners Joe and KEM and folks are still talking about it

Showing no signs of weary, the 62-year-old former member of The Gap Band struts, jumps, sings and dances during his nearly two-hour performance. It was indeed a sight to behold.

This was a night for lovers. And it started with Joe, the handsome R&B/soul singer who made many women swoon with his hits ‘All the Things  (Your Man Won’t Do’) and ‘I Wanna Know.’ It’s been a while since audiences have seen the singer, and they let him know that he was missed. With no unnecessary flair cluttering his performance, this man, who released his 11th studio album in June of 2014, had the women eating out of his hands. Simply by being him.  Continue reading

Y&R Fans…Let’s Talk: Should ‘Drucilla’ Return as Ghost (Like John and Cassie)?


UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down to see video of Y&R cast members Bryton James (Devon) and Mishael Morgan answer fans questions

*In the picture above, Phyllis Newman (formerly played brilliantly by Michelle Stafford) had fought with Drucilla Winters (played engagingly by Victoria Rowell), before Winters fell off the cliff. Never to be heard from again. Fans of Y&R were left to wonder: Did Drucilla die? Or has she lost her memory and started a new life somewhere? I HATE loose ends!!! Die hard fans of The Young & The Restless don’t even front, I know you’re out there. I just know we have some readers who are true hard core Y&R fans that have been watching the show for the past  er, uh, wait, I’m not falling for that oneumpteen years :) But am I the only one who is noticing the story lines have gotten a lot stronger? There are obviously new writers who are starting to pack a punch!

With that said, I’m through talking about scenes to a computer that can’t talk back. It can’t respond when I tell it I have a problem with what Jack said; what Phyllis had the nerve to do now, and what Devon was obviously thinking with when he decided to cheat with his father’s wife?

It can’t speculate with me as I wonder if old wounds will EVER heal and the on-again-off again campaign for a certain actress to return to the show…even as a GHOST periodically, will ever happen.

In other words, I want to talk about it..with YOU!

Wouldn’t you love to hear from the cast themselves. For example, Eric Braeden, who as fans know originated the role of the notorious “Victor Newman” (and probably gets writer’s credit by now), loves the new head writer, and the direction the show is taking.

“I am happy with the show and with what Chuck Pratt has been doing. Very happy. There is a clarity to the work now, a kind of long-term purpose. I am absolutely fascinated by the Neil storyline, with the wife and the son having an affair right under his nose. Fascinated! And the scenes with Neil and Nikki drinking together! Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) played the hell out of that. I do not want to denigrate the previous writers, but this is a different slant and a clearer line laying the groundwork for the future.”

Now that’s real. And how about this,

“Victor thinks Jack is a dick and a son of a bitch and he always will. They don’t ever change.”

So I wanna be startin’ something…with YOU.  Let’s talk about the scenes that move us and how WE think they should have been played, written, or developed.

Here’s how we can make it work.
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