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Iyanla Set to ‘Fix the Life’ of 5 Women Who Share the ‘Baby-Daddy’ of 34 Kids

Women of baby daddy of 34

*Though I didn’t see the episode, I do recall the trailer. Iyanla sat on a porch with Jay Williams, a successful video producer in Atlanta, who had an armful of black baby dolls; which represented the 34 biological children Williams has fathered with 17 different women. The segment was powerful because after a very few moments of intense questioning and attempts at reasoning by Iyanla, you could see that Jay was getting frustrated and he eventually put the armful of dolls that Iyanla had him holding down. Iyanla asked him why he did this, and he responded something like, “because I’m tired of playing with the dolls.”

Now that could have very well been the end of the experiment for a less bodacious host. But not for Iyanla, who didn’t skip a beat when she picked the dolls up again and put them in Williams’ lap saying something to the effect of, “Too bad. Their mother doesn’t get that option.” Continue reading

Daniele Watts Said ‘We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’…She Didn’t Say They Didn’t Have Sex in the Car (Editorial)

Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas
Daniele Watts and Brian James Lucas


*Just keeping it real here.

Read between the lines. Someone calls the police on a couple who was said to be “having sex in a parked car.” As it turns out, the accused is an actress, a black actress, and a “celebrity chef,” her white boyfriend. When asked to describe the couple the 911 caller said it was “a black woman wearing a shirt and floral shorts, and a white man with a black tank top,” according to police spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman. What we pulled from that was the race part because, well, you figure it out. But while you’re doing that, ask yourself this:  Are we allowing ourselves to become so emotionally engaged in the whole color thing that we are ignoring what may be the facts? Continue reading

Johnny Mathis: ‘Chances Are’ You’ll Be Stoked To Know What He’s Up To Today!

In this September 2014 photo, Johnny Mathis poses for a portrait.
In this September 2014 photo, Johnny Mathis poses for a portrait.

*Chances are you’re going to be as stoked as I am to check out this interview that the legendary Johnny Mathis did with The Associated Press recently.

The 78-year-old singer is up to some pretty interesting stuff. He’ll drop a 13-CD box set of unsuccessful commercial albums recorded from 1963 to 1967, when he left Columbia Records and went to his own production company; he talks about trying yoga for the first time, and even doing a stint on “a show called ‘The Simpsons.’”

And wait until you hear what he has to say about shows like “American Idol.” From the sound of it, don’t expect to see this legend sitting behind the table telling young folks what they should do!

Anyway, it’s classic. It’s the iconic, very elusive, Johnny Mathis. Talking! Yippee!!! Continue reading

‘Dhango Unchained’ Actress Mistaken for Prostitute After Kissing White Boyfriend in Public

Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie
Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie


*Well, I guess the day has come when you can’t even kiss your man in public without being mistaken for a ho? Especially if you are a black woman and the man you are kissing is not . Unfortunately, “Django Unchained” actress Danièle Watts had this happen to her, and last week she took to social media to put the Los Angeles Police Department on blast after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white boyfriend in public, Identites.mic reports.

On Facebook, Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas say two police officers mistook them for a prostitute and client Thursday when they were seen being affectionate in public, according to the report. Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Cast Talks to EURweb About the Show & Their Characters (Watch)

Tyler Pery Show promo

*By now viewers who have seen the first two episodes of the new Tyler Perry television drama, “If Loving You Is Wrong,” on OWN may appreciate why it set a ratings record and debuted as the #1 show on the network – pulling in a record 1.93 million viewers.  Now viewers get to meet the actors behind the hit show. Conceived, written , directed and executive produced by Perry, a young, energetic cast is behind this new adult-drama series, which premiered last Tuesday on the OWN Network. Continuing his tradition of troubled relationships, hidden agendas and colorful characters, the show promises a season filled with lustful and lively scenarios that every-day folk can relate to. After watching the first episode, I’m guessing some of the thoughts that may have entered your mind ranged from, “Oh no he didn’t,” to “How can a b*tch be that naive?” to “Oh hell no!”

EURThisNthat editor, DeBorah B. Pryor, joined other media colleagues by personal invitation to watch the first episode of “If Loving You Is Wrong” at the beautiful OWN offices in Los Angeles (Oprah was in Atlanta preparing for her upcoming tour, which officially began last weekend!) We watched the episode alongside the cast, who were also seeing the show for the first time. Speaking with them afterwards on how they felt about what they saw, the uniformed response seemed to be that, “It was just as much fun to watch as it was to work on.” Continue reading

‘But I Trusted You!’ Network Sued for Showing Woman’s Genitals on ‘Dating Naked’ (Video)

Jessie Nizewitz and her 'Dating Naked' co-star
Jessie Nizewitz and her ‘Dating Naked’ co-star

*Remember the Michele Ndegeocello song, “You Made A Fool of Me?” It would be a safe bet to assume that one reality show contestant is singing those words right now.

Poor girl actually believed the producers of the TV reality show, ‘Dating Naked’ when they said they would not show her private parts during a mud wrestling scene with her male companion.

You often wonder what the motivation behind some of the stuff people choose to participate in on these TV reality shows is…besides money, but after all is said and done, even that can cause some sleepless nights if what you did to get it is questionable.

Continue reading

Jasmine Alexander, Miss Black USA 2014 – Vows to Promote Healthy Eating/Missing Children

Miss Black USA 2014

*To be able to celebrate your blackness out loud, without feeling the need to conform, justify, downplay or apologize, is a beautiful thing. And contestants in the Miss Black USA Pageant fully embody that spirit.

“Any time you are considered a subculture, it’s important to have your own reward system. If you try to assimilate, you will always be looking for validation from the majority group. That can do damage to your psyche,” says Karen Arrington, who founded the Miss Black USA Pageant. “Miss Black USA contestants celebrate their own unique traits and differences…don’t have to conform to European standards. They define their own standards of beauty, which come in various shades and sizes.” Continue reading

Halle Berry Newest Fragrance Designed to ‘Capture the Sensual Essence’ of Woman

'Wild Essence Halle Berry'
‘Wild Essence Halle Berry’


*The picture alone says a lot about what award-winning actress Halle Berry hopes to achieve with her latest fragrance, “Wild Essence Halle Berry.” With this fragrance the Oscar winner aims to  “capture the sensual essence of a women in nature,” and with the help of a sheer, black mesh dress against a jungle backdrop, no less, Berry makes it actually look possible. Continue reading