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It’s A New Day For Female Superheroes

Gal Gadot as "Wonder Woman", to be seen in next year's "Batman v Superman"
Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman”, to be seen in next year’s “Batman v Superman”

*There’s almost as much buzz about Wonder Woman’s first appearance in a theatrical film — in next spring’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice — as there is about the film itself (including Ben Affleck’s turn as the Caped Crusader). Along with Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel flick and CBS’ new Supergirl series debuting this fall, things are looking up for those looking for assertive, empowered women who are spandex’ed up to save the world. Some writers are referring to it as a “new day” for these female images.

While I’d completely concur that it’s LONG overdue, it’s not really a new day. Female images have been around, especially on television, for quite some time. When I was a kid, The Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels, and Wonder Woman herself were kicking butt and taking names on weekly episodic TV. In many cases, they out-thought and out-fought their male counterparts. (Who can forget Jaime Summers beating Bigfoot after Steve Austin almost got killed by him??). Continue reading

ThisNthat Quickbits: The Hollywood Couple Breakup We Never Saw Coming!

couple with blank face

*Believe me, I stopped everything when this was teased on TV during the evening news. Who? Will and Jada? Brad and Angelina? No matter how busy I get I am just as taken by the relationships in Hollywood as anyone else.

So I waited with bated breath. We had been told this was one we never saw coming. 

It seems like there were more commercials than usual. Damn! Why do they always do this when I decide to be interested.


The news report came on about the couple who has been in our face for decades with their scandalous goings on.

Oscar de la Renta’s Adopted ‘Black’ Son Almost Nixed From Dad’s $26M Will

Famed designer Oscar de la Renta kisses son, Moises.

*Wow! Imagine someone asking you who your dad is. And imagine you’re black and you say, Oscar de la Renta!

Now, imagine being laughed right out of town.

But then imagine getting the last laugh, because its true!

At least it is for 30-year-old Moises de la Renta, who the iconic designer adopted from an orphanage in their native Dominican Republic (Yes, O.d.l.R was born in the Dominican Republic) when the baby was only 24-hours old. The adoption took place following the death of de la Renta’s first wife, Françoise, who died of cancer.

But while everything may look all lovey-dovey between father and son in the photo above, as it turns out, Moises made daddy (who passed away last October at the age of 82) mad and now he may not be getting “anything to write home about” from his dad’s $26 million dollar estate. Continue reading

L.A. Women’s Theatre Festival Comes to Ivy Substation (Danny Glover News Too!)


*Fresh off of their successful 2015 festival, themed: “Solo But Not Alone,” the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) brings encore performances to Culver City for one very special night on Friday, June 19, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. The venue will be the Ivy Substation, 9070 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. The show will be hosted by Hattie Winston (Becker) and Joyce Guy (Parenthood).

The theme for the evening will be “Celebration: Steel Drums, Ballet Slippers and Resilience!” Six of LAWTF’s encore performers will be featured. Continue reading

Marina Abramovic Eats Crow and Apologizes to Jay-Z

Jay Z and artist Marina Abramovic
Jay Z and artist Marina Abramovic

*Well, well, well. 

How does someone who so blatantly comes out and publicly discredits a major star eat crow?

The same way we all do. The only difference is its going to be done out loud.

After publicly dissing hip-hop mogul and businessman Jay-Z in an interview with Spike magazine earlier this week, performance artist Marina Abramovic probably feels like a real fool. After all, “I’m sorry” will probably sound awfully weak to the ears of a man after you went out and told the world that he “used you” in a partnership that ended up being a “one-way transaction.”

Not to say your apology won’t be accepted.

Abramovic hooked up with Jay during his 2013 “Picasso Baby” art presentation when she allowed him to include an adaptation of her “The Artist Is Present” exhibition.

What she was set to get out of it was his support of her Marina Abramovic Institute. The problem is that the performance artist went public recently with claims that Jay never held up his part of the bargain.

What she didn’t know, and only learned recently, was that…

He actually did. Continue reading

Now These Are White Boys a Sista’ Could Easily Fall For (Pics & Videos)

Colin Farrell, good lord!
Colin Farrell, good lord!

*Haters, this would be your invitation to turn away ’cause we ’bout to have some fun!

As hook-ups go, just because you can’t realistically be with someone–for reasons out of your control (such as they are married, in a relationship, or sadly, even worse); it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.

You notice I didn’t mention something as ridiculous as not being with someone because of their race. That’s a choice that only a woman who is content with the possibility of being alone for life would make.

But let’s take a look at the white men that sista’s might say, “to hell with a color line” over! Not only because these men are fine as hell, but there is something about their personality…their swag…that reaches beyond the color line and just pulls your human spirit in.

*Let’s start with Mr. “Hey girl,” himselfRyan Gosling. Continue reading

Oh Sheryl Underwood! How Can We Be Down With a Tyson Beckford Lap Dance?

Tyson Beckford gives "The Talk" co-host, Sheryl Underwood, an 'Oh so hot' lap dance.
Tyson Beckford gives “The Talk” co-host, Sheryl Underwood, an ‘Oh so hot’ lap dance. (Source: TMZ)

*I guess she got it like that! That’s what women are thinking, whether they cop to it or not, about Sheryl Underwood being on the receiving end of a way down and dirty lap dance by gorgeous Tyson Beckford.


We knew it had been a good minute since we’ve seen Mr. Beckford out and about, and now I guess we know what he’s been doing? Brushing up on… stuff. 

He is working that grind like a man who has done this before…on several occasions. And where on earth did he get that move that allows her to put his underwear on? We know it wasn’t fake because…Well look, I’ve already said too much!

Oh this is too hot to handle! Now the only question is: was it legal?

I guess y’all are going to have to decide that for yourself.

Take a look at the TMZ video that is sure to go viral, if it hasn’t already. Continue reading

Kevin O’Leary, Cast Member on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Calls Black Women ‘Colorful Cockroaches’ (Watch & Respond)

Kevin O'Leary, "Shark Tank" on ABC
Kevin O’Leary, “Shark Tank” on ABC

*Though most of the cast members on this show seem pompous as hell to me, one in particular sticks out in this story; as he obviously has no problem saying whatever comes to mind, no matter how inappropriate.

“Success” has apparently gone to the head of one Kevin O’Leary.

As it turns out the “shark” on ABC’s “Shark Tank” feels he is big, bad & bold enough to go unfiltered in his comments; as he demonstrated by calling two African American women entrepreneurs who came on the show to present their lipstick business “colorful cockroaches.”

sharktank_ep18_mh Continue reading