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Yuck Factor: You Can’t Even Begin to Guess What This Woman Used to Make Sourdough Bread


*Just file this under: Don’t hate the player hate the game. With ME being the player, as writer, – and the game being this less than pleasant story ‘K? You’ve seen those memes warning you about eating the potluck dish that came from “Sally’s” house, yes? Here’s one reason why they might actually be on to something. One feminist blogger has got social media in a viral dialogue for doing just about the nastiest thing imaginable with food. The blogger who calls herself Stavvers claims she baked sourdough bread using the discharge from her vaginal yeast infection.

Yeah, you go on and take a minute right here.

She revealed that lil’ ditty in her post, “I’m making sourdough with my vaginal yeast.“

What I want to know is, why do some people think shit like this is cute?

No really. I want to know.

Anyway, this chick said she thought of the idea when she woke up one morning and felt the familiar symptoms associated with the discharge.

In what she must have been scraping off and saving up for weeks (’cause baby if you got that much from one sitting, you are long overdue for a checkup), Stavvers claims she scooped the Candida yeast off her dildo and used it to bake sourdough bread. Continue reading

According to CDC, STD Cases Have Risen ‘At an Alarming Rate’


*The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just hit us with a whopping bit of bad news. New data says that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have increased at alarming rates and STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have increased for the first time since 2006.

This alarming news comes at the heels of people, young people especially, being careless when it comes to who they have sex with, sexual partners not being upfront about their health and not using protection.

According to the CDC, 1.4 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2014, which showed a 2.8% increase in cases from 2013, representing “the highest number of annual cases of any condition ever reported to CDC.” Gonorrhea and syphilis cases also went up. Continue reading

Oh the Things that Coke Can Do! (Trust Me: You’ll Wanna Know)

Coca Cola

*Sorry. It was hard to resist that opportunity. This is one ‘inside joke’ only the grown folks will get. We all grew up drinking Coca Cola. Remember how that first swig burned your nostrils. I can still feel it if I think real hard. But I also remember the syrupy-sweet, smooth taste of the soda itself. And it tasted especially good with a ham sandwich.

But let’s get back to the burn. I have a feeling it was that burn that puts the “U” in coke’s other useful purposes. Nothing tasting that good is suppose to hurt. Deep down I always thought I was doing something I wasn’t suppose to do. That’s probably why I stopped drinking soda altogether more than a decade ago. Aside from the occasional gotta have a Sprite!

So tasting good with a ham sandwich was one.

Savor that thought because the others will not be as…uh…tasty.

How ’bout the perfect remedy for getting that icky gum off your shoe?

You were warned.

gum on shoe

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Oh Mama! What Have They Done? Funeral Home Puts Wrong Woman in Casket (Video)

Wrong body buried

*Oh man! This is a travesty no family should ever have to experience. The pain and distress of losing a relative to death now magnetized by an unfathomable error made by the funeral home you’ve entrusted their remains to. In case you missed hearing about the Chicago family whose worst nightmare came to reality recently, when during the viewing they discovered  the woman in the casket was a total stranger.

And adding insult to injury, their loved one had already been buried the day before.

The horrific event happened about a week ago. And according to the Chicago Tribune, the family of 74-year-old Ella Mae Rutledge is preparing a lawsuit. Continue reading

This Transgender Man Actually Got Pregnant and Had the Baby (Video)

pregnant man

*Kayden Coleman, a 29-year-old transgender man who had been taking testosterone shots for years thought he had gotten out of shape and that it was time for him to hit the nearest gym. But he was wrong; what he had gotten…was pregnant.

Coleman had lived life as a man for nearly 10 years, and was about to have a doubly mastectomy at this stage of an FTM transition, but after several pregnancy tests (he kept thinking were wrong) it was a trip to the doctors office that confirmed it.

Coleman was 21 weeks pregnant.

The symptoms had been there all along. The frequent visits to the restroom, the lack of energy, and the growing belly. But what man — even a transitioning one — would have thought it was a pregnancy.

Reports say that Coleman saw his nose getting wider after viewing pictures of himself on Instagram. In addition to all these symptoms, he was also experiencing back pain. He asked his then-boyfriend, now-husband, Elijah to give him a back massage.

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Cancer Patients Can Keep More of Their Hair Wearing This Cap


*Just about everyone I know who has taken chemotherapy has lost their hair. It’s one of the most common side effects when being treated for cancer. Alopecia is the medical term used when your immune system mistakenly attacks your hair follicles — which negatively affect hair growth. But now, the invention of a new cap promises to change that by helping cancer patients keep more of their hair.

It’s called the DigniCap, according to Allure, it was first introduced in Sweden, and is currently in the final stages of FDA testing. Continue reading

Woman Spends Over $200,000 To Look Like Jessica Rabbit


*Dolly Parton famously said “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

Parton PREACHED!  No one has taken that statement to heart more than Cassandra, the transgender woman who’s spent over $200,000 in her misguided effort to look like “Jessica Rabbit,” the animated female lead in the 1989 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


On a recent episode of the plastic surgery show “Botched”, Cassandra tells her doctors that she’s having trouble breathing out of her Michael Jackson-esque new nose. While she’s in for that snip snip, she tells them she wants to have her waistline redone, so that it more closely resembles Ms. Rabbit’s.

During the episode, she outlines all of the work she’s had done, including procedures on her cheeks, lips, brow, ass, breasts, and hips.

“The only thing I haven’t had done, she says, “is my heart.” Continue reading

You Won’t Believe What This Judge Asked A Rape Victim!

Judge asks rape victim stupid question

*You know, its not easy being in the public eye. No, really. Sometimes when I hear of the stupid blunders–the insensitive remarks or just plain dumbness that escapes out of people’s mouth I say to myself, “That could have easily been me.”

Or you.

When a camera or a mic is in your face, and someone asks you a question and you’ve only got a second to answer, its different than sitting home on your laptop, with time of think of a nice, refined response.

But even with all that said, there is no way in sam-hell that I would pose my lips to ask a rape victim what this presiding judge asked her.

The teen victim in this story told Federal Court Justice Robin Camp that she was sexually assaulted by a man as she leaned over a bathroom sink at a party in 2014.

And guess what came out of his mouth.

“Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”


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