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Child Dies on Father’s Day After Dad Leaves Her in Hot Car to Go Drinking

Leasia Carter, 2-years-old
Leasia Carter, 2-years-old

*This is one Father’s Day, a Baltimore, Maryland man will never forget. What happened on this day will set the tone for the rest of Wilbert Carter’s days. It also brings to the fore the responsibility and accountability of a parent, even when that parent feels they need a break to celebrate a day especially designed for them.

Being a parent doesn’t allow for any off-duty time.

Carter, 31, made a dreadful decision on Father’s Day; when he decided to leave his 2-year-old daughter, Leasia Carter,  in the car so that he could go drinking with his buddies.

The temperatures on this day was nearly 90-degrees. And that was outside, so inside the car it reached sweltering heights.

Leasia was left strapped to her car seat and when her father left the bar, drunk, he got in the car and drove straight home; never looking back and fell into bed.

The child, who police say was inside the hot car for at least 16 hours, wasn’t even thought about until the next day when she was discovered.

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Female EMT ‘Fired’ for Refusal to Support Baby in Distress (Child Dies)

EMT worker1

*An eight month old baby girl has died as a result of not being helped by an EMT medic that refused to go into the family’s home to assist  with the medical emergency she was suffering from.

The medic has since been fired.

On May 30, EMT medic Ann Marie Thomas from Detroit, Michigan, received a frantic call that an eight-month-old girl had stopped breathing. 

But after the medic arrived, and was close enough to the scene to assist, she flatly refused to do so–and instead parked her emergency vehicle, which had all of the necessary equipment, around the corner from the house where the distressed baby, Anaya Wright-Trussell, struggled to breathe.  Continue reading

KFC Now Says it’s Chicken…Customer Says, ‘Uh-Uh, its Fried Rat!’


*Devorise Dixon had a taste for some KFC, but when he got the meal home and bit into a piece of poultry that looked rather unappealing, it apparently tasted that way too.

He said it was “rubbery,” so he took it back to the store.

Dixon presented the “suspect” to the manager who he claims, after closer inspection told him, it was a deep fried rat. He says the manager then apologized and offered him a free meal.

Uh, no thanks. I’ll pass.

Dixon, 25, posted a picture of the creature on social media, and to no surprise it garnered 121,000 views in a nano second.

Of even less surprise is a statement by KFC that claims Dixon is lying. Continue reading

Chili’s Sued By Couple After Waiter Spits in Their Drink


*The more stories of this ilk we hear, the more we might actually consider never eating out again.

Ken Yerdon and his wife Julie Aluzzo-Yerdon went to Chili’s in Clay, NY to eat. But they got more than lunch or dinner and a beverage.

Now they plan to sue the restaurant for the “psychological trauma” they endured after their pissed off waiter spit in their beverage.

Yerdon does not know if he is now vulnerable to contract HIV or hepatitis.

DNA testing did prove that there was saliva, not belonging to Yerdon, in the beverage, and now the couple wonders if the waiter has a disease they should be concerned with. Continue reading

School District: Elem. School Lunch Worker Lied About Reason She Was Fired

Was she REALLY fired for feeding hungry students for free? School district says "No!"
Was she REALLY fired for feeding hungry students for free? School district says “No!”


*A Colorado school district has come forward with a statement after receiving a barrage of complaints from the public addressing the firing of a kitchen manager who said she gave free lunch to children who could not afford it.

In our previous story on Dakota Valley Elementary School employee, Della Curry, who works as a kitchen manager, it was divulged that Curry could not in all consciousness see children go hungry; just because there was no money in their school lunch credit account.

Curry stated that these children often had problems going on at home, which she learned after reaching out to the administration and the parents.

When this was the case, and Curry had no money of her own to pay for their lunch, she would allow them to eat hot meals for free (against the policy of the school district; which was to give these children a cheese sandwich).

Apparently, many on social media got wind of the situation and blasted the school district; forcing them to come out with a statement.

In this statement they make it sound as if Ms. Curry told a bold-face lie. Continue reading

Sonic Drive-In Throws Employee Under the Bus When Photo of Food in Restroom Surfaces


*Nothing but nasty in every possible language.

When a dad was faced with the chore of leaving the movie at Sonic Drive-in (Yes, they apparently still have those) to take his kids to the restroom, we’re sure he didn’t expect to see food stored in there.

But lo and behold, he did.

So what else was a mortified dad to do but take a picture and put it on Facebook.

Josh Benteman took the original photo of loaves of hamburger and hotdog buns right next to the toilet at the Sonic Drive-In in Topeka, Kansas. Continue reading

This Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Femme’ Yogi Says Love Your Body…Anyway

Yogi, teaching women to love their body

*While there are certainly enough model-types out there telling you what you can do to look like them, Jessamyn Stanley is not trying to hear it.

And she doesn’t encourage you to listen either.

Stanley posts inspiring messages (and more than 500 photos of herself in awesome yoga positions) on her Instagram page, where she shares her enthusiasm for yoga in poses like the downward dog, a forearm stand, and even the usage of a strap to deepen her dancer pose.

As a self-proclaimed “yoga enthusiast and fat femme,” this 27-year-old is the kind of yoga teacher many of her 53.1K followers are seeking.  She captions her colorful photos with loving, inspirational messages for her students. And even lets them know that hey, sometimes it’s okay to slow down. It’s also okay not to know everything, but to learn and “celebrate the small victories.” Continue reading

Watch: Woman Meets Recipient of Her Deceased Brothers’ Face (Graphic)

Rebekah Aversano touches the face of Richard Norris upon their first meeting.
Rebekah Aversano touches the face of Richard Norris upon their first meeting.

*It has got to be one of the most difficult things ever, having to grapple with the thought of donating the organs of your deceased loved one.

And while donating a lung or kidney is what we hear about most often, can you imagine being faced with the dilemma to donate your loved one’s face?

It is probably hard for many of us to even fathom such a thing.

But not only did Rebekah Aversano and her family determine it was the right thing to do, she eventually took up the opportunity to meet the recipient. Continue reading