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‘There Was No Love in This Kids Life’ Prosecutor Said of Boy Whose Parents Starved Him

Lori Lloyd and Christopher Sefton
Lori Lloyd and Christopher Sefton

*I hate to say it, and at the risk of sounding ‘ignorant’ when I hear about children whose bellies are swollen due to malnutrition, my mind immediately goes to places like Africa and India; and all of those god-awful pictures we have seen on TV of starving children with flies circling their eyes.

I know there are hungry people here in the states, hell, “keepin’ it real,” not even I have been spared, but after hearing about this boy, who lives right here in Seattle, my mind did a U-turn and came right back home.

Last week, Christopher Sefton and his fiancee, Lori Lloyd, both 31, got 20 years in prison for abusing and starving their son (since 2013); only feeding him “smoothies” that consisted of mash up hot dogs, bread, carrots and vegetable oil. Continue reading

What…A ‘Baby Product’ That Gets Rid of Your Migraine? Yep!


*And you thought Johnson & Johnson only created great smelling products like baby oil and powder.

Now, we can all stop thinking small!

Thanks to one mommy who posted a “recipe” online that was picked up by The Daily Mail. The Facebook post was put up on March 5, and it talked about how a friend of the woman’s showers with Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Bath to get rid of her migraines.

Apparently a LOT of folks get migraines (or know people who do) because the post has been shared close to 200,000 times!

I agree with Hamilton’s friend, who says the product is “life-changing.”

Her friend, according to Hamilton, suffers from tension headaches; so she showers regularly with this bubble bath.

She “… lathers up really good and breathes in the smell for about five minutes, then rinses off.  After that, her headache is gone,” Hamilton says.

And you can’t beat the price of this life-changer at $5! Continue reading

Seriously Utah, Porn is a ‘Public Health Crisis’? (Watch)

Utah, porn

*Let’s hope some of the personal statements I make in this article won’t send me straight to hell. But to hold such thoughts in would cause me to spontaineously combust. And I don’t want to do that. Utah…for cliche’s sake, let’s pretend you’re “Houston” because we’ve (obviously) got a problem. If porn has become so rampant in your state that you have to declare it as a ‘public health crisis’ — perhaps you need to examine exactly why your people are apparently er…utilizing it in abundance.

I mean, you ARE the first state to make such a claim. And porn has been around for a long, long time.

Personally, I feel if it is such an issue in your state, it may be because of the rules and regulations you place on people in the name of religion. I’m no expert in this, but as a state where being a Mormon is the most recognized religion; is there some rule that says you can’t have sex unless you’re married? And even if you’re married, you can’t even say, fantasize?

That’s a question. I really don’t know the answer. And yes, I can look it up, but you know how the media can lie. Continue reading

Unfathomable! Baby Dies on First Day at New Daycare!

McKenna Rose
McKenna Rose

Omg. ANY parents’ greatest nightmare turned real for Adrienne Kromer and Bryan Felmly recently. After three-and-a-half months of maternity leave Kromer finally returned to work, but as any new mother would be, she was really, really nervous about leaving her precious bundle of joy at daycare, and called often to make sure everything was OK.

Unfortunately, and to her horror, the last call showed everything was NOT.

According to what the infant’s dad, Bryan Felmly, wrote on GoFundMe, little McKenna Felmly hadn’t shown any signs of illness or distress when she was dropped off at the Lehigh Township, Pa., center in the morning.

But according to an article on USA Today, the child’s mother got really nervous when the daycare center told her McKenna was having trouble taking a bottle, and later said she’d fallen asleep quickly (which was rare for the infant). Continue reading

Starbucks Customer Gets ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ Message on Cup ‘O Mocha


*Man. These restaurant barristers are getting more and more brazen. Articles in recent news have shown them not only leaving handwritten racial slurs on the receipt of customers, but they have been overheard calling black females in particular out of their name. And I don’t think it would be too far-fetched to reason that if the owners of these outlets addressed this issue with any seriousness, and hold these employees accountable, this behavior would more than likely become a thing of the past. So, with that said, this recent message isn’t a racial slur…it addresses a serious health issue, in a mean-spirited way I might add.

According to Action Jax News, the customer said the words on the cup – DIABETES HERE I COME – brought back some painful memories:

“That first word just automatically brought the picture of both sisters in my head, and I was taken aback.” 

The customer works near the Starbucks where this happened and told the media that a fellow employee went to pick up coffee for their staff.  However his cup had more than the name of the drink on it, and it hit close to home because he has two sisters who suffer from type 1 diabetes.

“Just the struggles they went through and all the doctor appointments they had,” said the customer. Continue reading

Baby Once Found Abandoned & Starving on Streets of Nigeria, Much Different Today (Photos)

starving child being fed bottled water

*Believe me, I know these photos are not easy to see. And I swear they are not put here for the sake of sensationalism. But in showing you these photos, in the midst of all the evil being done in our world and the separation that racism and politics are causing; it is easy to lose sight of the good being done in this world — a lot of it by people who don’t look like us. 

Look at the child in these photos. You may recall he garnered viral attention when he was found near death and starving on a street in Nigeria. In countries such as America, where homelessness and poverty are certainly more abundant than many in power might want to admit, we never see sights quite like this.

Which makes it easier to forget they exist.

But whether we admit to it or not, they do. And people are stepping up, putting themselves on the line to help.

The little boy was named “Baby Hope” when he was found by a Danish aid named Anja Ringgren Lovén in January after being discarded by parents who believed he was a witch. Apparently, this is a common practice in some African countries; and after witnessing more than anyone’s share of sights such as this, Loven founded The African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, a group which dedicates itself to the aid of men, women, and children in impoverished areas. Continue reading

Demystifying the Whole Colonoscopy Thing: Writer MPC Shares ‘His’ Story


*I know what you’re thinking. I swear I do. “Michael, we do NOT know each other well enough for you to be telling me about you getting a probe stuck up your…” well, you know what you’re thinking.  But I think you’re wrong. I DO know you well enough to know one word that you’re uncomfortable with — if not downright scared of:

Cancer. Unless we’re talking astrology, it’s a word none of us wants to hear. I heard it recently, preceded by the word “colon.” It was the diagnosis that my brother-in-law recently received.

After hearing about his colon cancer diagnosis and recovering from the news, I did a little research. As it turns out, I (as an African American man) am up to 43% more likely to die from colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, than my white brother-in-law. His doctor found several cancerous growths in his colon, but since they were found early, they were removed and after chemotherapy and radiation, he’s now cancer-free and on the mend.

Now, back to me: I’m 43% more likely to die of colon cancer than a white man. I never was too crazy about math, but I really hated THAT figure.

I shared my fears and concerns with my doctor, and learned that a colonoscopy was the best screener for the types of polyps that can become cancerous. That test led to my brother-in-law’s diagnosis, and I was terrified to have it myself. During a colonoscopy, a probe with a camera on it is inserted in your rectum and snaked through your lower intestine (or colon). The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

IMG_3863 Continue reading

Woman Finds Baby ALIVE in Trash Compactor (Watch)


*Thank goodness Paula Andrews went further than an assumption when she heard faint cries coming from a trash compactor. Another woman had heard the muffled sound and thought it was coming from a doll, but Andrews felt something in the pit of her stomach that told her, “something is not right here.”

And it wasn’t.

So she decided to jump into the filthy trash compactor, loaded with garbage bags and such; and started to dig. By the time she reached the discarded infant, covered in blood and still attached to the umbiblical cord, she had thrown aside 20 bags of garbage and a microwave.

“She must have gone through about 2½ feet of garbage — probably about 20 garbage bags — and discovers this brand new, newborn child there,” her boyfriend, Jeff Meyers, told NBC affiliate KING. “She kind of jumped out of the garbage compactor, went to her knees crying and said, ‘I can’t believe it’s a real baby. I can’t believe somebody had done this.’”

Meyers told CBS affiliate KUTV that things could have turned out much differently. Continue reading