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Woman Sues Mental Hospital for ‘Not Believing Obama Follows Her on Twitter’ (He Does)

Brock, Obama follows her on Twitter

*Assumptions keep getting people in trouble. In this case, an assumption has an entire hospital in hot water. When a Long Island woman insisted that the leader of the free world, president Barack Obama, follows her on Twitter – doctors at the Harlem Hospital psych ward accused her of being delusional and suffering from bipolar disorder — but she was actually telling the truth, a lawsuit charges.

Kam Brock spent a frightening eight-days at the mental facility and was force-fed injections of powerful sedatives, and downed doses of lithium, according to medical records obtained through her lawsuit – which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court. Continue reading

So. African Doctors Perform First Penis Transplant (And It’s Successful!)

Wounded soldier undergoes surgery at a health clinic in south Sudan
Botched circumcisions in South Africa have caused many men to lose their organs.


*A 21-year-old man who lost his organ due to an amputation after a botched circumcision in South Africa has been the successful recipient of the world’s  first penis via transplant, according to Reuters.

The nine-hour operation took place in December and was part of a pilot study by Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch to help the 250 or so young South African men who lose their penises each year after coming-of-age rituals go wrong.

Doctors said the patient, a 21-year-old who was not named, had already recovered full urinary and reproductive functions, and that the procedure could eventually be offered to men who have lost their penis to cancer or as a last resort for severe erectile dysfunction.

“Our goal was that he would be fully functional at two years and we are very surprised by his rapid recovery,” Andre van der Merwe, the head of the university’s urology unit who led the operation, said in a statement.

Nine more patients are now in line to have the operation.

Each year thousands of young South African men, mainly from the Xhosa tribe, mark their passage into manhood by shaving their heads and smearing themselves with white clay from head to toe, living in special huts away from the community for several weeks, and then undergoing ritual circumcision.

But many young men die after the initiations rituals. In May 2013,  more than 20 youths died in the northerly Mpumalanga province, prompting rare cross-party calls for reform of a traditional practice.

A few months later, several arrests were made by police who suspected murder after 30 young died in coming-of-age rituals in rural Eastern Cape. Unlawful circumcisions have been known to injure up to 300 young men across the province in the space of a week.

Medical circumcisions have been promoted by the South African government over the less safe traditional practices. In 2015, the Department of Health began to study a non-surgical, disposable circumcision device that it believed could also provide a safer alternative.

Though it has yet to be introduced in government hospitals, there is an Israeli device called PrePex that has been endorsed by the World Health Organization. It has been piloted at several non-profit sites across South Africa.


OK. OK. Officer, I Shouldn’t Have Done It, But Did You Have to Taser Me ‘There’? (Watch)

naked man taser


*Oh my, now that’s going to leave a scar.

Hey, no one knows why people do the crazy stuff they do. But the latest “crazy thing” seems to be men walking around the streets stark naked. And since the look will be a certain invitation for a cop with nothing to do, why not point that taser in the most obvious place. The place your eyes would undoubtedly go to, if you were looking straight at an undressed man.

But its a cruel, cruel thing to shoot a man right in the nuts. Yet that didn’t stop this cop, who aimed his taser, and fired!

And as you may have guessed, it was all captured on someone’s phone. Continue reading

Watch: Kristy Love Says, ‘I Can’t Find a Man to Love Me’ (and my 48NNNs!)

Kristy Love
Kristy Love

*Those of us seasoned enough to remember, might recall the theme song from the 1974-75 television series “Get Christie Love.” The TV show starred a foxy and sassy undercover agent, played by Teresa Graves. Well, the Kristy Love who is the subject of this story is basically saying, she wishes she could “get got!” because the 36 year old adult massage therapist, who comes with an eye dropping 48NNN bra cup told TLC’s Strange Love that despite her attempts to find a man, she can find no one to love her.

At least no one she’d want.

As a masseuse Kristy earns upwards of $1000 a day ‘squishing’ and ‘smothering’ men with her ample breasts, but was compelled to turn to The Learning Chanel’s hit reality show ‘Strange Love,’ in an attempt to change up her luck and find herself a man.

In other words, the woman says in an upcoming episode: ‘I’m looking for true love.’ Continue reading

WTF…Carpenter Fired for Freeing Raccoon from Exterminators Trap

raccoon cropped

*Well all I can say is, I’m sure glad I didn’t tell my boss years ago that I was late because I saved a skunk who had somehow gotten a Styrofoam cup suctioned onto its mouth. Sure I wasn’t happy I had to throw away a perfectly good pair of jeans but, at least the poor critter lived to stink up the neighborhood another day. Still, had my employer known, I might have been fired like this very compassionate carpenter, who lost his job because he had the nerve to…wait for it…free a raccoon that had been trapped by exterminators at the San Francisco construction site where he worked.

Todd Sutton, 49, spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle and said when he came to work one morning in late February, he saw the animal inside a trap.

The builders had hired professional trappers to have the critter — which was blamed for damage at the $610 million project — removed and euthanized.

But Sutton says that after speaking with officers from Animal Control, he put the animal in his truck and released it in a nearby grassy area. Continue reading

Mother and Daughter Give Birth at Same Hospital, Same Day…34 Minutes Apart!

Florida mom Angela Patram, 37, and daughter Teranish Billups, 20, recently gave birth just minutes apart at Tampa General Hospital
Florida mom Angela Patram, 37, and daughter Teranish Billups, 20, recently gave birth just minutes apart at Tampa General Hospital

*Wow, imagine a mother giving birth to a childy only moments before her daughter gives birth to her first grandchild. Confused? Don’t be, here’s the long and short of it: 37-year-old Angela Patram, a nurse in Florida, delivered her fifth child only 34 minutes before her 20-year-old daughter, Teranish Billups, gave birth at the same hospital, according to a release from Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Fla.

This of course gives the two women an even greater bond, and a story that will be shared for generations to come. 

Angela Patram’s fifth child was named Rayna Simone Patram. And she was born at 6:29 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Her daughter delivered Jerry Michaud, Jr., via Caesarean section at 7:03 p.m. The child weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces, the news release says. Continue reading

Watch: After Posting Birthday Photo of Special Needs Toddler, Cyber-Bullies Attack With Vicious Comments

Mariah Anderson, age 2
Mariah Anderson, age 2

*Little Mariah Anderson turned two last Saturday and like any proud parent, her mother dolled her up and posted her picture on the internet.  What she got back in response should embarrass us all.  

Mariah has been fighting for her life since she was born with a rare condition called Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome. The condition impairs her learning and motor skills.

Mariah’s photo garnered a lot of attention on the internet, but not the sweet comments you’d expect would be handed out to a child of two — the mean and nasty kind usually reserved for much older men and women. Facebook users made mean comments on the original post and poked fun at Mariah’s appearance. Kyra Pringle, Mariah’s mother, was horrified at some of things people said. “The smile that you guys think is funny or the smile that you guys are comparing to a leprechaun,” said Kyra Pringle, “the things you guys are saying about my child, she’s not a monster, she’s real.”

Shame on you!

Continue reading

Wife Dies After Delivering Quadruplets, But Leaves Husband a ‘Road map’ to Raise Them By

Carlos and Erica Morales
Carlos and Erica Morales

*Carlos Morales had every reason to be elated at the birth of his four babies. After all, he and his wife Erica had been trying, but had already had a miscarriage before they went through invitro fertilization . and conceived their four little ones — three girls, one boy, according to People. “We couldn’t have been more excited to finally have a baby,” Carlos, 29, told the magazine this week.

But the couple’s joy was short-lived and took a tragic turn after  Erica Morales, 36, delivered the four babies and died early the next morning.

Erica had a C-section following a seven month pregnancy. After delivering four healthy babies, she went into hypovolemic shock, and had severe blood loss, and died a few hours after her children were born. “I went from having the best day of my life to the next morning experiencing the worst day of my life,” Carlos said in his first interview since Erica’s death. “My four babies came into the world and then my wife died.” Continue reading