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Watch: Ebola Victim Who Sparked Fear of a Global Outbreak Was Headed Home to Minnesota

Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.
Decontee Sawyer with husband Patrick.

*Patrick Sawyer, 40, died of the horrific Ebola disease, in Lagos, Nigeria on Friday, before he could step foot on the plane that would have brought him home to his wife in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. The Sawyer’s are originally from Liberia, but have relatives in the States as well as in West Africa.

Patrick was planning to come to America in August to celebrate the birthdays of his two girls.

Decontee Sawyer, 34, said her husband had contracted the incurable virus from his sister in Liberia. The virus has killed more than 700 people across West Africa and one man, Kent Brantley, was actually treating Ebola patients when he discovered that he, too, had the symptoms. Continue reading

No Discrimination Here: Check Out 8 Celebrities ‘Living Out Loud’ With Severe Illnesses

*Its easy to get caught up in believing that the lives of the “rich and famous” is perfect. But there is one thing that even money and being popular can’t buy: good health.

Time and again audiences have come to hear stories about one celebrity’s brush with the IRS, or another celebrity’s breakup; but we don’t often hear about the challenges some of our most loved people of note go through  – some in silence, others out loud.

Yet they all continue to move forward in spite of it. Here are 8 such people.

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Young Scientist Working Hard to Find A Cure for Cancer

Keven Stonewall (pictured), 19, is working on a potential cancer cure at a Rush University laboratory, reports DNAInfo Chicago.


*Fascinated by science since fifth grade, when he studied the appearance of cells under a microscope, the parents of Keven Stonewall knew the perfect Christmas gift for their son would be four microscopes.

He felt compelled to find a cure for colon cancer during his freshman year at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, where he watched a dear friend’s uncle succumb to the disease and saw how the illness negatively impacted his school mate, telling DNAInfo Chicago, “Cancer has taken over a whole bunch of lives, and I felt like I needed to step up and do something about it.”

He jumped at an opportunity to do an internship at the university that serves as the academic arm of the Rush Medical Center when he became a senior, and worked in the lab; where a professor taught immunology/microbiology and general surgery. He studied literature on how a chemotherapeutic agent could possibly destroy certain cancer cells while still promoting a healthy immune response. Continue reading

Want to Live Longer – Stand Up at Work – Check Out the Treadmill Desk


*Oh the power of taking a stand.

We have all heard the cliche, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” We stand in line to make purchases at the store. We stand in line to register at the DMV – heck, we stand up to vote! But how often do we actually stand up at work; especially those of us with sedentary occupations.

Like me, sitting here writing.

But one scientist -slash-doctor says STANDING can actually save your life. He actually spent most of his life studying the terrible consequences of people sitting on their butt for hours on end.

Thing is, sitting is such a natural thing to do, most of us do it — without even realizing. And doing this is said to  significantly increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. Continue reading

Canada, An Unlikely Ally, Comes to the Aid of Detroit In Time of (Water) Crisis

Demonstrators hold signs as they protest against the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department July 18, 2014, in Detroit. The department has disconnected water to thousands of Detroit residents who are delinquent with their bills.
Demonstrators hold signs as they protest against the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department July 18, 2014, in Detroit. The department has disconnected water to thousands of Detroit residents who are delinquent with their bills.


*While it seems that something like water - which is necessary to sustain life – should be free, Detroit residents are the unfortunate ones being targeted by the city as water for residents with unpaid bills of $150 or more face water shutoffs in a crackdown by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

But an unexpected ally has come to the city’s aid.


According to the Detroit Free Press, a Canadian group will attempt to send a convoy of eight cars adorned patriotically with Canadian flags through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, carrying some 1,000 liters of Canadian tap water in a neighborly gesture of friendship.

“We needed to show solidarity with our neighbors,” Council of the Canadian’s Sujata Dey told the news site. “How could we not do something for them?”

The Windsor chapter of the council will organize the gesture. They advocate for a variety of causes – with clean water being amongst them. They plan to make sure that the water can make it through the border check because U.S. regulations could pose difficulties if the quantity of water exceeds what is actually deemed “required” for personal use. Such imports usually require U.S. government approval to make sure the water is safe for consumption.

Dey says the water will likely be divided in portions that will enable it to pass through without provoking such scrutiny. If push comes to shove, she has a secret backup plan.

Customers in Detroit who have two months of unpaid water bills, or a bill racking up more than $150, have been faced with water shutoffs. Recently, the execution of the shutoff plan had been put on a 15-day hold to give some residents a chance to catch up on payments or detail why they are unable to pay their bills, the Free Press notes.

Read more at the Detroit Free Press.

Special Delivery: Singing Obstetrician Brings Babies Into the World

Singing Obstrition
Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja sings to his newest little patient

*When the big moment comes and a new mother finds herself being rushed to the maternity ward to have her baby, suffice it to say, she is not in the best mood. She will need a lot of pampering to get her through these next hours.

Then the time comes to bring that little bundle of joy into the world, and after all the laboring is over, all you want to know is, is my baby alright? Is he or she going to give that first cry?

The doctor will no doubt be offering encouraging words to you. “You’re doing fine.” “This is going to be over before you know it!” But, if you are a patient at Pittsburgh’s Magee-Womens Hospital of UMPC, and Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja is in your room doing the honors, he is softly clearing his throat because he plans to deliver your precious bundle of joy with…a song? Continue reading

Dr. Riki Brooks Announces 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival! Flyer Template

Special concerts featuring J Moss, Vickie Winans, Lisa McClendon, Natalie Grant and more! 

(ATLANTA, GA) July 22, 2014 - The 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre, August 1st & August 2nd 2014.  The Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival is a two-day musical and health extravaganza designed for the entire community. Tickets can be purchased at
The Gospel Fest promises to elevate attendees spirit the array of gospel music concerts; the body, with healthcare workshops and training; the mind with financial and literary empowerment workshops. There will also be special youth activities available.

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Chain Smokers’ Widow Awarded $23.6B …To Be Paid By Tobacco Giant, RJ Reynolds


*In what can only be called a jaw-dropping decision, a Pensacola jury has sent a strong message to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company (and others) by hitting them with a staggering $23.6 billion punitive damages payout in a lawsuit brought by the widow of a chain smoker killed by lung cancer in 1996.

Cynthia Robinson, the widow of  Michael Johnson Sr., who died at 36, was given another $16.8 million in compensatory damages Friday, following a four-week trial that left a top Reynolds executive fuming. Continue reading