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This Man Faked Being In A Coma…For Two Years!

Alan Knight was full of scam material, apparently
Alan Knight was full of scam material, apparently


*A man went to great lengths so he wouldn’t get caught for scams that included swindling an elderly man he cared for out of his life’s savings. Alan Knight made folks believe he was quadriplegic – then they discovered him walking around in a grocery store.

According to The Guardian, Knight, 47, spent two years faking seizures that sometimes left him comatose .

But on Tuesday all of his scheming came to a halt as he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of fraud, theft and forgery charges in Swansea Crown Court. Continue reading

After Winning Roach-Eating Contest, Man Drops Dead! (Prize Would’ve Been A Python!)

Edward Archbold revised, roacheating
Edward Archbold choked to death after consuming live cockroaches


*We’ve all seen the dare-devil shows like “Fear Factor,” right? I always wondered what happened to some of the contestants forced to eat bugs, hairballs and other live, disgusting things once the cameras was turned off. Yeah, we saw many of them regurgitate on-camera; but for the fiercely brave – those who didn’t dare let us see them sweat – what happened to them after they left and went home? Surely there must have been repercussions for eating these things?

Unfortunately, the victory was short-lived for one Florida man who participated in such a contest and won. Edward Archbold was required to eat live cockroaches on-air; which he did, one-by-one, but ended up paying the highest price for his uh…bravery?

He paid with his  life. Continue reading

Are You Nuts!? Not Anymore. Man Says Here’s Why I Cut My Penis Off (NSFW Photo!)


WARNING: You may be offended by the content and images in this story.

*The answer to that headline question is probably “absolutely not!” Seeing as nuts is no longer a part of the subject’s anatomy. Have you ever heard the term “nullo?” Well, since we know that we can learn something new every day. This is today’s “new thing.” A “nullo” is a man who has removed his sex organ. And the man in this story that decided to become one recently opened up about why he decided to cut his penis and testicles off and become a “nullo.”

Of course there’s the option to take a look at the bottom of this story.

He goes by the name “Gelding,” and he’s not surprised that people think he’s a bit strange once they learn what he’s done. Continue reading

Ebola: Not Every Infected Liberian Died. Meet Seven of the 25 Survivors!

Sontay Massaley
Sontay Massaley


*The extremely frightening Ebola virus seems to have just appeared out of nowhere, and just as quickly and mysteriously, it has become epidemic. Thus far, four thousand persons have lost their lives, mainly in Liberia – where we first learned about it. And health officials don’t appear to be any closer to learning more about how it is contracted. Is it airborne? Is it similar to AIDS, where one must be in contact with an affected persons’ fluids?  Do you have to be in “direct” contact…and how close is ‘direct’?

According to the World Health Organization, the epidemic has a 70 percent mortality rate, and it is said to leave survivors immune to the strain that sickened them.


Yes. We know about the American survivors; those who returned from Liberia after helping tend to the affected there. All white. All survived. We know that a nurse that tended to Thomas Eric Duncan, the black man who traveled from Liberia to Dallas – and died days later. We also know about two nurses who contracted Ebola, one who had tended to Mr. Duncan has now been diagnosed. But what we are just now learning is that not everyone who carried the virus in Liberia, died from it.

We can actually put a face to a portion of the remaining 30-percent. People like Sontay Massaley, pictured above, who still live in Liberia; have managed to survive the Ebola virus, and lived to tell about it.

Perhaps some of the answers we seek in learning about the epidemic lies in the living, not the dead.  Continue reading

Grandpa Overwhelmed When Charity Helps Restore Sight & He Sees Grandson for First Time (Watch!)

Winesi March with daughter and grandson
Winesi March with daughter and grandson

*Imagine having the chance to see again following years’ of total darkness.

Winesi March, a 69-year-old grandfather who had lost his sight twelve years ago due to cataracts, was given that chance following a basic operation and wow, did he love what he saw. Continue reading

Who Wants to Go to Africa? Hello? Ebola Scare Shrinks Tourism Dollars to a New Low


*It’s no surprise that tourists are bypassing Africa in large numbers, causing the African Tourism agencies to lose millions of dollars since the rise of Ebola, and the deaths that followed, resurfaced in the news.

Where many people used to scramble for any opportunity to go on an African safari, or just be able to say, “I have been to the Motherland,” you probably couldn’t pay anybody to take that opportunity now.

How on earth will the country’s tourism survive the Ebola scare? Continue reading

Teams Who Bury Ebola Victims Go On Strike Over Stopped Hazard Pay

Ebola burial workers

*It’s sad to hear that we have lost the gentleman in Dallas to Ebola. Hope had been held out when we first heard his condition was critical but stable, but that hope waned after the determination changed to critical. Today we learn Thomas Eric Duncan succumbed to the virus.


We continue to try and wrap our brain around the workings of Ebola. And although so very grateful, question how some people, like the health industry workers who returned from Liberia recently with the virus, were treated and survived – yet others continue to die.

Yet and still, we probably never even considered the risk those who bury these victims face. Until now…

Team leaders for a group in two regions of Sierra Leon say the workers with this responsibility have recently chosen to go on strike, Not because of any increased fear, they already realized the risks involved in their work; but because the weekly allowance they were paid to take those risks have stopped.

Continue reading

A New Cancer-Detecting Yogurt Could Eliminate Need for Colonoscopy


*Wow! This is certainly news we can use. Especially if you’ve ever been through the uncomfortable colonoscopy process. The process is a cancer screening that allows the doctor to look inside your entire colon and rectum for potential signs of cancerous polyps.

The scary thing is, and I’ve heard this from a LOT of people diagnosed with cancer, breast cancer aside, you don’t really feel anything. So you have no idea if there is a polyp or not.

The procedure is generally recommended to those approaching age 50, but some may be required to have it earlier.

But now, work is being done that will hopefully eliminate the need for colonoscopies and MRIs. Word has it that work is being done to actually replace the need for these procedures with a simple helping of, wait for it, yogurt – followed by a urine test. Continue reading