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Hey Ladies, Thinking About Plastic Surgery? Here’s Some Things You Ought to Know First (Watch)

*Hey, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting to, er, improve upon your assets. Some of us want to go bigger or smaller; some want lighter or darker, some want straight instead of crooked. Whichever applies to you, when it comes to someone working on your body, as the saying goes, “You don’t want to go cheap!” Moreover, you don’t want to go with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

I came across a video where two women not only share the details behind their botched surgeries; but learn from specialists right then and there what went wrong.

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, this is information you need to have. Continue reading

Maine Man, Pissed Off About Something, Unleashes ‘Bedbugs’ in City Office

*I guess you can say this man was feeling some kind of way when he first walked in the building and headed towards the General Assistance office of the Augusta City Center to request a form. I’ll bet this was the day workers wished the form was longer; which may have prompted the man to take it home to fill it out.

No such luck.

“Mr.” apparently chose to fill the form out in the presence of staff. OK. But what if after perusing his responses to the questions asked prompted the worker to let him know he…wait for it…

Doesn’t qualify.

Uh-oh. Wrong answer. Now he’s feeling THIS kind of way! Continue reading

Eight Things The Happiest Couples Do Before Bed

*HuffPost recently ran an article that began by describing the marital bed.  They wrote:

“Your bed should be a place for sleeping, sex and conversation — not for scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed.”

At the risk of echoing Julie Andrews, sleeping, sex and conversation are a few of my favorite things, so HuffPost had by attention.

(Although ironically, Andrews sang that song with a bunch of kids in her bed, which is counter to one of the eight tips below…BUT I DIGRESS!)

“When the dog bites, when the bee stings…”

Although I don’t use Instagram, my Twitter feed and I have been an item for years, and I’ve certainly been known to “scroll mindlessly” through the minutia of the Facebook version of everybody else’s life.  Since I’m looking forward to my current marriage being my last, I kept reading.

The article is supported by specific tips from experts who sure sound like they know what they’re talking about.

Here are the highlights: Continue reading

Black Man. Botched Circumcision. Transplant. White ‘Johnson’…You Do the Math

DaYUM! Talk about stories from down there! My heart goes out to this man from South Africa. Seventeen years ago he went in for a circumcision and, I don’t know all the details, but he “lost” his penis as a result. Now, at 40-years-old, he has managed to get a penis transplant.

But here’s the thing…and I’m going to need for you to hold onto something…tight.


The doctors gave him a white penis.

Let me repeat that for the slow to comprehend.

HE NOW HAS A WHITE PENIS! Continue reading

10 People Sick, One Dead, After Eating Nachos From Sacramento Area Gas Station

*How many times have you pulled over at a gas station late at night, stomach growling, and walked inside the store at the station and smelled the nacho cheese? How many times did you buy it, only to realize it was still nasty? Unfortunately, 10 people recently contracted botulism after they consumed nachos from a gas station  just outside of Sacramento.

A recent update shows that one of the people, Martin Galindo, a family man, has died.

The Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services put out a statement last week saying that the cause of the illness “appears to be prepared food, particularly nacho cheese sauce” from a gas station in Walnut Grove.  Continue reading

UK Study Cites Instagram As ‘Most Detrimental’ to Young Folk

*A public health research firm in the UK has done a study on social media platforms; specifically to see how they impact issues that include depression, anxiety, self-identity, loneliness and body image in young people. If this was a contest, you’d already know from the headline who won. But we’ll do a drum roll anyway.


The social media platform where pictures are, as the old saying goes, worth a thousand words.


The platform is being criticized mainly for making young people feel like sh** when it comes to how they look. These folks just don’t seem to get it into their heads that there are filters installed that allow you to alter the reality of how you look… for real.

Baby, I’m going to step out on a limb here and admit I was personally thrilled to see the latest image of Janet Jackson wheeling her baby carriage through the park. Continue reading

Poki Bowls: Yummy Yes, But Complaints of Feeling ‘Deathly Ill’ From This Particular One

*Um, um good! That’s most likely the sound you will hear or even speak, as you munch on a poki (or poke because its been spelled both ways!) bowl. But be warned, I am beginning to hear rumblings of people complaining of serious illness within a few hours after eating the spicy tuna poki bowls. You may have as well; but didn’t put two and two together.

Let me repeat: SERIOUS illness.

Poki, a traditional Hawaiian food, started becoming a thing in the mainland cities of the U. S. around 2016. After I inquired, someone told me to think Chipotle, but with raw fish. In other words, the assembly-line lunch counter that allows you to grab a tray and walk along the glass and point out what you want added to your dish. 

Continue reading

How To Avoid A Hole In Your Face Courtesy Of Your Neighborhood Brown Recluse Spider


*Imagine waking up from a sound sleep the way country singer Meghan Linsey did recently:  with an “awful” stinging pain in her face.

She’d just been bitten by a brown recluse spider. She’d awakened to the little guy dying in her hand.  

Sadly, Linsey did not develop super strength, agility, nor the ability to swing through the city via webs spun from her wrists.  


“The swelling was the first thing, and then I ended up just having crazy, crazy symptoms,” Linsey said.  “I had muscle spasms, and I had a body rash all over.”

Just over a week later, she developed an open wound at the site of the bite, which she called “a hole on my face.”

That’s what I’d call it too.  This MF took a chunk outta her CHEEK!   Continue reading