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And the Winner Is…Customers Choose Annual ‘Trader Joe’s Favorites’

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*I don’t know about you, but I am a Trader Joe’s die-hard fan. I am probably at the store at least four out of seven days. I make sure to always have their lactose-free coffee creamer (Hazelnut), Lowfat Granola Cereal (Mixed Berry) in the red box, spinach pizza and I can’t forget the Moscato wine in the fancy bottle (shhh…it’s great and only costs $7.99).

So why wasn’t I contacted to vote in this annual awards ceremony?

It’s considered Trader Joe’s version of the Emmy’s and for 8 years the grocery store chain has hosted a Customer Choice Award survey to see what its customers are loving.

Now the results are in. Continue reading

LA Community Leaders Host News Conference to Kick Off Care Harbor LA Massive Free Health Clinic

L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Local Healthcare Leaders to Discuss Future of Obamacare and Potential Impact to L.A. County’s Underserved Populations


WHAT:            Today, there are an estimated 750,000 uninsured residents in L.A. County, according to a 2015 Community Health Assessment conducted by the L.A. County Department of Public Health. Although, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided healthcare for many, it is clear there is still an immense need for access to quality, low-cost care. Continue reading

Family Adds Baby To Transplant List at 10:15am. At 10:55am, A Match


*One of my former in-laws used to talk about needing to know someone who knew how “to get a prayer through” to God.  After reading about the McCabe family of Chicago, you’ll agree that they’re on that list of folks!

Five-month old Daniel McCabe had been fighting a rare liver disorder since he was born.  Just before Christmas, things got so dire that doctors placed him on a waiting list for a new liver, and prepared the family for a wait of several weeks, if not months.  (The average wait for a liver is 86 days for kids and up to 149 days for adults.)

Paperwork was processed and little Daniel went on the donor request list at 10:15am one recent morning.  At 10:55am a doctor received word that a donor match had been identified and that Daniel’s new liver was on the way.

The infant had successful surgery the following evening and is now recuperating.

“I was just speechless,” mom Melody McCabe said.

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ER Rooms Report Marijuana-Related Illness is Spiking Visits (Especially in Legalized States)


*I knew it was only a matter of time for SOME ILLNESS to come about as a result of heavy pot smoking — exacerbated by the fact that its now legal in several states. Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that heavy pot users have been shown to have memory issues (and some have even become downright delusional, but that’s another story). Honestly, I don’t know if I stand 100 with the new ruling in California, whose pass came about last November. Blame it on the fact that I see way too much marijuana smoke being blown out of passing car windows; or even the fact that the guy who backed up off the freeway ramp, into my brand new car, reeked of it.

Medical marijuana is legitimate. It continues to be of great significance in alleviating debilitating pain; and even offers undeniable results where some children’s illnesses are concerned.

But just allowing any damn body to smoke weed. Out loud. Not so much.

Anyway, according to emergency room doctors, a lot of folks are flooding the ER rooms with illnesses related to severe pot smoking. Continue reading

Digital Age Brings Changes to Health Care Fraud

In 2014, there were 35.7 million people in the U.S. who didn’t have healthcare insurance. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, more people now have health insurance, giving them access to better health services. But this polarizing bill has another hidden cost: advancements in healthcare fraud.

In the digital age, “nearly every aspect of life can be conducted online and is susceptible to hacking and theft,” says Howard Levinson of the Special Investigations Unit at Anthem, Inc. The majority of health care providers now submit their payment claims electronically, and many customers fill out at least some forms online in order to sign up for their health insurance plans. While there’s no question that electronic billing services are better for the environment than traditional paper billing, it’s much easier for fraudulent activity to occur.

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Your Phone Isn’t Just for Texting Anymore: How Your Phone Can Help You Prevent Heart Disease

As of right now, there are 101 million iPhone users in the United States scrolling through social media, texting and taking pictures, and making phone calls. But pretty soon, these smartphones will be able to change the world of medical research.

Healthcare professionals are honing in on the fact that Americans are using their smartphones more than ever. With this information, researchers at Stanford University of Medicine launched a free iPhone app called MyHeartCounts. This app gives users the ability to receive accurate physical information in relation to their cardiovascular health.

The app is easy to use, and is meant to give users a simple va-phoneway to measure their daily activity, complete tasks, and answer health care surveys with the click of a button. It was first launched back in March 2015, and within the first few weeks of its creation, data was collected by 4,990 participants.

Six months after launch, researchers were able to gain information from 47,109 volunteers from all 50 states.

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Fla. Woman Pays for College by Selling ‘Positive Pregnancy Tests and Urine’ on Craigslist


*Thought you’d heard it all? C’mon now. You’d better think again. 

A Florida woman in her third month of pregnancy has found a very, how should I say, resourceful way to pay for school. She has placed an ad on the Jacksonville-area Craigslist page offering “positive pregnancy tests or urine” in an “absolutely no questions asked type of deal.”

Lawd have mercy.

According to an interview the woman gave to WJAX/WFOX, she came up with the idea while browsing the internet, looking for jobs she could do while pregnant and at home.

“I saw from other women and their experiences that it’s very easy,” the woman said, adding that she makes “$200 in a day off something I have to do no matter what.”

You might be wondering if something like this is even legal. Continue reading

Clinic Helps Former Inmates Access Healthcare and Transition Back to Society

doctor-73117_960_720The CDC reports that 48% of adult ER patients choose to go to emergency services, knowing that they are not sick enough to be admitted, because their doctor’s offices are closed. Even more end up at the ER because they wait to take care of their health problems until the problem worsens.

For a number of formerly incarcerated individuals, the ER seems like the only logical place to go in a time of medical distress.

While behind bars, approximately 40% of inmates are diagnosed with a chronic illness. This covers anything from asthma to high blood pressure, depression, and even cancer. In jail, inmates have access to the medical care they need. Some jails, especially the big ones and maximum security prisons, have entire medical wings to treat the inmates. There, they have their medications handed to them by a nurse, and are also guaranteed a place to sleep and food to eat.

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