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Women: Holla If You Feel Pain of Woman Who Delivered 15-lb Baby in Washington

Welcome Francisco Leon Ortiz, Jr.
Welcome Francisco Leon Ortiz!


That is most likely the first thought that comes to the mind of any woman who has given birth and is reading this. We know the labor in itself is intense, not to mention the work it takes to push even an average-sized baby out. So imagine this mother who shocked the medical officials in the Birth Center at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Washington, when she pushed out a baby that weighs 15 lbs.

Needless to say, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

On average, newborns weigh about 7-1/2 pounds at birth. And although Yessica Ortiz Delgado had given birth to two children who were larger than average, even she was surprised that her newest bundle of joy came in at this enormous weight, according to The Inquisitr. 

“We deliver babies of all sizes, but it is not every day that we deliver and care for a baby as large as Francisco,” says Barbara Connet, who is the director at a Birth Center that delivers more than 500 babies a year. Continue reading

Watch: Willie Murphy, 77, Can Bench Press With the Best of ‘Em

Willie Murphy
Willie Murphy


*Don’t let her age fool ya! Willie Murphy is not to be played with.

While most 77-year-old women can use a hand here and there; you know, taking grocery bags upstairs, crossing the street,  fending off trouble-makers, this great grandmother is most likely to respond to such an offer with, “Thanks. But I’m good.”

After all, at only 105lbs, she can do one-handed pull-ups and pushups using her fingertips. She can also deadlift over 90kg.

She’s a New Yorker, baby! And in a city where there’s so much going on, I’m sure these “abilities” come in handy! Continue reading

Some of the Most Famous People Who Died from Cancer…A Moving Tribute (Watch)

International Reggae superstar singer Bob Marley was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1977. He died in 1981.
International Reggae superstar singer Bob Marley was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1977. He died in 1981 at the age of 36.


*What with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I feel it’s timely, and touching, to share this video with you. Maybe you can watch as you travel to work by bus or train; or maybe as you ride to work in the carpool. What are you doing for lunch? Maybe watch it on your tablet as you sit for a while to eat your sandwich or drink your Latte.

I’m not gonna lie. I just stumbled upon this video. And please don’t look at this as a “downer” but it shows so many people of note, celebrities, who have died from cancer. I was so moved by it as I watched because, well…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

And as families of all sorts come together, chances are there will be a moment when someone notices who is not there.  Continue reading

Medical Incredible: What’s Up Your Nose…No Seriously! (Watch)


*I know. That’s a strange question to ask in the headline of a story, but the video is going to be much worse – especially if you’re squeamish.

Yep. That was your warning.

But seriously, did you know that there are people living with a condition called Myiasis? It’s a parasitic infection of fly larva, and you know what a fly is before it becomes a fly right? Well THAT could very well be making a home up your nasal passage.

Still can’t grasp what the heck I’m talking about?

OK, let me say it straight out then. There is a video where a doctor in India did an endoscopic procedure on a patient that shows him removing LIVE MAGGOTS from the man’s nose.

As the singer Lourdes would say, “So there.”

Continue reading

Watch: Indian Family Calls Newborn Son ‘A God’ (Because he was born with 8 limbs)

Indian God

*There is a god in the Hindu faith that was born with 8 limbs.

Now there may be 2.

A boy born to a family in India has been named, “God Boy” because he was born with  4 arms and 4 legs. But the birth has caused problems in the local village where the people believe he is a reincarnation of a god.

Locals in the village of Baruipur, east India believe the baby is the reincarnation of Hindu God Brahma, a deity that is also depicted with eight limbs. People are traveling from far and wide to visit the child with hopes that they will be endowed with good fortune. Continue reading

‘Congratulations, Dad!’ Now Stop Using Craigslist to Hit on Your Wife’s ‘Hot’ Delivery Nurse

Stock image
Stock image


*Scandalous! A new dad was so turned on by the nurse that helped his wife deliver their baby, that he took to Craigslist to hit on her, according to reports by Yahoo News.

The man, who clearly allowed another part of his anatomy to do the thinking, placed an ad on the social media site’s Missed Connections section asking the “hot nurse” to meet up with him. Continue reading

So You’re A Vegan…Woman Charged With ‘Underfeeding’ Her Baby


*So you’ve finally been convinced to get healthy. No more bread. No more late night snacks and definitely no more meat! As a matter of fact, let’s get everybody involved – make it a family affair. Even the baby.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Stop right there, girlfriend. Continue reading

A Woman’s ‘Big Butt’ Now A Source of Pride and ‘Big Business’ (But that wasn’t always the case!)

big butt in the gym

Who would’ve thunk it? It’s way cool to have a big butt…now

But when a black girl was growing up “back in the day,” carrying “junk in the trunk” was made fun of and criticized. Many women grew up self-conscious about it; because auntie and uncle, her male cousins and people in the neighborhood who didn’t mean any harm, casually brought attention to it via snide remarks. “Girl you sho’ got a big butt!”

Now, white women, Hispanic women and even Asians are paying big money to get a ‘big booty.’

And that means big business all the way around.

Gym classes are filled with women attempting to plump up their posterior; plastic surgeons are busier than ever enhancing the buttocks; and padding is no longer reserved just for bras and male protective underwear – but women’s panties too!

Today, the big butt is celebrated! Continue reading