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PETA Goes After First Lady Michelle Obama and Her Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Watch)

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

*Never let it be said that this writer doesn’t love animals or their “ethical treatment,” but seriously PETA…You’re using three adorable kids to go after FLOTUS because of her Easter Egg Hunt? You have them telling the First Lady how disappointed they are in her…and how she’s “better than that?”

Low blow.

But that’s what they’re doing folks. The latest target of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more fondly known as PETA, is First Lady Michelle Obama.

In other words, Mrs. Obama, PETA’s got a chicken wing to pick with you!

EU, sorry, I couldn’t resist! Continue reading

New Vine Video Goes Viral With Young Boy Smoking What Appears To Be Marijuana

kid smoking marijuana?

*File this under stupidity.

The grio reports that a viral Vine video has captured an adult letting a toddler smoke what appears to be marijuana.

Uploaded by Vine user ChiefSmokes with the title “Wow f**ked up parents smh,” the video features a young child dressed in a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, sitting on a toilet and smoking what an adult puts in front of him.

An adult or adults can be heard laughing in the background as the toddler blows smoke out of his mouth. Continue reading

Experts Claim ‘Selfies’ May Cause Narcissism, Mental Illness and Even Suicide

Generic photo

Generic photo


In an article for Psychology Today, doctor Pamela Rutledge says that taking selfies can be detrimental to a person’s mental health and that indulging in them is indicative of narcissism, low self esteem, attention seeking behavior and self-indulgence.

*We all take ‘em, and you only need to click on FaceBook to see just how popular taking a selfie (you taking a photo of yourself) is.

Let’s face it, we feel beautiful after a facial, new hair style, successful work out, and we want to share it with the world.

Look at me! I feel gorgeous…

But now experts claim that the trend of taking pictures of yourself could cause narcissism, addiction, mental illness and even suicide.

Yes. This is the claim as suggested by expert opinions surrounding the phenomenon. And one man diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder says he grew suicidal due to his selfie addiction. Continue reading

Subway Sued Because of Note Written on Woman’s Pizza Order By Insensitive Worker (Video)

Big Mama Subway message*When Allison Brown went to Subway to order a flatbread pizza, she got more than she expected. An insensitive restaurant worker wrote a tasteless fat jab on her flatbread pizza order, and it reduced her to tears.

On Friday, with her attorney present, she told the Daily News that she plans to file a lawsuit demanding, not money, but sensitivity training. She insists the training be a part of the chain’s franchise agreements. Continue reading

Karyn Washington: Suicide Death of ‘For Brown Girls’ Founder A Reminder to Love Yourself First

RIP Karyn Washington

RIP Karyn Washington

*By now many of you know the sad and devastating news about 22-year-old Karyn Washington, the founder of “For Brown Girls” and the “Dark Skin, Red Lips” project.

Karyn passed away from an apparent suicide on April 8. My heart cries for this young woman and the family and friends she left behind.

Karyn’s death brings to the forefront the pink elephant in the room of black culture. The topic African Americans don’t like to bring up, discuss, treat seriously: Depression…mental health and not being well.

Too many times we say, “If I had only…” Karyn’s passing should remind us of just how tired we are of saying this…and hearing it. Continue reading

Hey, We Love ‘Em, But 50 A Day? Help! Orgasm Doctor, Where Are you? (Video)

Amanda Gryce has a rare medical condition that makes her have constant, uncontrollable orgasms.

Amanda Gryce has a rare medical condition that makes her have constant, uncontrollable orgasms.


*Now this is an interesting problem to have, wouldn’t you agree? All kidding aside, but can you even fathom having uncontrollable orgasms throughout the day? Going up to the office in the elevator. Talking with the girls around the water cooler. At a staff meeting in your bosses office!


But that’s the reality for one Florida woman who admits to having up to 50 orgasms a day.

But wait, before you try to wrap your brain too comfortably around that; she’s no nymph. She happens to suffer from a very rare medical condition. Continue reading

Caught on Camera 1/2-Naked Trashing McDonalds, Woman Says ‘Oops! I Don’t Recall, I’m Bipolar’ (Watch)

Naked woman arrested, McDonalds*Oh god. Seriously? As a member of the media, I realize we are often trashed for some of the stories we give attention to, but c’mon, we couldn’t create something like this if we tried.

Case in point: A half-nekked [sic] woman was arrested after she tore up whatever she could put her hands on inside a Pinellas Park fast food restaurant last month.

Is it any surprise that the surveillance footage of her alleged tirade has gone viral?

Footage posted to the website shows the woman’s three-minute tirade inside a McDonald’s restaurant at 66th Street and 102nd Avenue in Pinellas Park.

The video shows the woman — wearing only a thong,  knocking over registers and equipment, emptying contents from a cabinet onto the floor and helping herself to some soft-serve ice cream.

You can hear commentary from off-camera voices, apparently employees, giggling as the surveillance footage rolls. Continue reading