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Illinois News Anchor Reveals His Brain Cancer On Air and Says He Only Has Months to Live (Video)

Dave Benton, WCIA
Dave Benton, WCIA

*You kind of get the impression something really deep is about to go down, when a news anchor says, “We’ve got some serious stuff to discuss, and we are an open book, and we wanted to let you guys in on something that we’ve known for a while.” This is how Jennifer Roscoe set up the news for her viewers to learn about the return of her co-anchor, Dave Benton’s brain cancer. It was at the end of their nightly newscast on Thursday.

Benton, an Illinois news anchor, then stepped in make the major on-air announcement himself; revealing that his doctors had told him that he has just four to six months left to live. This heartbreaking news is the latest in what has been Benton’s yearlong  battle with brain cancer. Continue reading

Johnny Mathis: ‘Chances Are’ You’ll Be Stoked To Know What He’s Up To Today!

In this September 2014 photo, Johnny Mathis poses for a portrait.
In this September 2014 photo, Johnny Mathis poses for a portrait.

*Chances are you’re going to be as stoked as I am to check out this interview that the legendary Johnny Mathis did with The Associated Press recently.

The 78-year-old singer is up to some pretty interesting stuff. He’ll drop a 13-CD box set of unsuccessful commercial albums recorded from 1963 to 1967, when he left Columbia Records and went to his own production company; he talks about trying yoga for the first time, and even doing a stint on “a show called ‘The Simpsons.’”

And wait until you hear what he has to say about shows like “American Idol.” From the sound of it, don’t expect to see this legend sitting behind the table telling young folks what they should do!

Anyway, it’s classic. It’s the iconic, very elusive, Johnny Mathis. Talking! Yippee!!! Continue reading

(What Do You Think This Reporter Was Really Thinking?) When She Was Interrupted


woman interrupts reporter

*Poor Sherika Phillips. Under her very professional reporter posterior while speaking for television station WMC-TV (Action News5) on Live camera about the massive flooding that has occurred in Memphis on Thursday, and a very thin woman who looks like she had been out all night getting drunk or high at best, steps into the camera frame and says,  “I been over here since 2003 and this is the 5 times [sic] this motherf*cker done…” and walks off camera. The reporter resumes as best as possible before there is a cut to the studio!

For the record…

You handled it like a true professional, Ms. Phillips. Now I hope you won’t mind that the EUR readers and I are going to have a little fun and try to guess what you were really thinking before you “readjusted.”

Wait! Wait! I’ll go first. Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Cast Talks to EURweb About the Show & Their Characters (Watch)

Tyler Pery Show promo

*By now viewers who have seen the first two episodes of the new Tyler Perry television drama, “If Loving You Is Wrong,” on OWN may appreciate why it set a ratings record and debuted as the #1 show on the network – pulling in a record 1.93 million viewers.  Now viewers get to meet the actors behind the hit show. Conceived, written , directed and executive produced by Perry, a young, energetic cast is behind this new adult-drama series, which premiered last Tuesday on the OWN Network. Continuing his tradition of troubled relationships, hidden agendas and colorful characters, the show promises a season filled with lustful and lively scenarios that every-day folk can relate to. After watching the first episode, I’m guessing some of the thoughts that may have entered your mind ranged from, “Oh no he didn’t,” to “How can a b*tch be that naive?” to “Oh hell no!”

EURThisNthat editor, DeBorah B. Pryor, joined other media colleagues by personal invitation to watch the first episode of “If Loving You Is Wrong” at the beautiful OWN offices in Los Angeles (Oprah was in Atlanta preparing for her upcoming tour, which officially began last weekend!) We watched the episode alongside the cast, who were also seeing the show for the first time. Speaking with them afterwards on how they felt about what they saw, the uniformed response seemed to be that, “It was just as much fun to watch as it was to work on.” Continue reading

New Film, ‘When The Checks Stop Coming In,’ Reveals Bad Spending Habits of Celebrities

When the checks stop coming

(NEW YORK) – September 04, 2014 - Moguldom Studios, known for their revolutionary style of documentaries called “docutainment,” has released “When The Checks Stop Coming In,” an eye-opening and surprising new film about the bad spending habits of celebrities, and how some go from super rich, to super broke and filing for bankruptcy. The documentary was released on August 26, 2014 and is available for purchase on DVD, as well as digital download through online retailers including iTunes, GooglePlay, and

Keeping on the pulse of trending topics that are relevant in today’s ever-evolving world, Moguldom Studios is leading the way in producing non-theatrical films through digital networks.

“When The Checks Stop Coming In” is a candid investigation into the lives of black celebrities as they fall from fame and fortune to downright broke. It’s the life of a celebrity – ­­ one minute you are singing to an audience of thousands, playing to an arena of screaming fans, or performing on television for millions of viewers. The accolades are coming fast and furious and the money is pouring in. You think that the dream that you’re living is never going to end, but then you wake up one day and all your money and your livelihood is gone. Your worst nightmare has come true and you’re broke, the groupies are gone and the lifestyle has dried up. Continue reading

Big Deal: MSNBC Had a Program With Black Hosts and Black Guests Discussing ‘Non-Black’ Issues (Say What?)


*Nope. I’m not being facetious in the headline. This was a big deal!

If you were one of the astute observers who switched your channel to  MSNBC on July 11 in the 6 p.m. hour, you may have noticed something pretty out of the ordinary. Oh, it may not have been immediately apparent – but chances are, after the first station-break you had one of those “Hey, wait a minute…” revelations. What the heck am I talking about?

Bear with me a moment longer.

You may have, at first glance, seen the usual host and panel speaking on topics such as the tragic, much-covered death of an infant left in a car; or even the latest victim of police brutality. But then, just as you were about to settle in with that quart of ice cream you realized… Continue reading

‘But I Trusted You!’ Network Sued for Showing Woman’s Genitals on ‘Dating Naked’ (Video)

Jessie Nizewitz and her 'Dating Naked' co-star
Jessie Nizewitz and her ‘Dating Naked’ co-star

*Remember the Michele Ndegeocello song, “You Made A Fool of Me?” It would be a safe bet to assume that one reality show contestant is singing those words right now.

Poor girl actually believed the producers of the TV reality show, ‘Dating Naked’ when they said they would not show her private parts during a mud wrestling scene with her male companion.

You often wonder what the motivation behind some of the stuff people choose to participate in on these TV reality shows is…besides money, but after all is said and done, even that can cause some sleepless nights if what you did to get it is questionable.

Continue reading

Watch: Rev. Jesse Jackson Compares Michael Brown Killing to ‘A State Execution’


*We knew it would only be a matter of time before the Rev. Jesse Jackson weighed in on the killing of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown. Jackson appeared on MSNBC to talk about what was happening in Ferguson. He compared the killing of the unarmed teen to a “state execυtion.”

Jackson posed questions to the viewing audience as he addressed the situation. Continue reading