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Pedophilia, Jail Stint, Marriage, Kids, Now 10 Year Wedding Anniversary: Watch Barbara Walters on 20/20 Tonight!

Mary Kay Letourneau as we remember her in 1997
Mary Kay Letourneau as we remember her in 1997


*The pedophilic affair between teacher Mary Kay Letourneau and her former sixth grade student Vili Fualaau gave the world of media a lot to talk about in 1997 when their affair went public after she became pregnant with his child. It was a scandal heard around the world; and people were disgusted, angry and beside themselves with rage. And seeing the teacher arrested and in her orange jumpsuit did little to calm the rage.

Well, they’re b-a-c-k.

Letourneau was then a 34-year-old woman with four kids, who lived and taught school in Seattle.  Vili had been her 13 year old student when the two participated in the illicit affair for which Mary was arrested and at first, served only six months in prison–under the condition she stay away from the boy and attend sex-offender counseling.

She couldn’t. And her second incarceration lasted seven and a half years.

Upon her release she married Vili (he was 18) and today at 53, to her husband’s 31, the couple who are now parents of two teenage daughters (both born in prison, one conceived before she got there) speaks to Barbara Walters on 20/20 as they celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary and the journey that brought them to this point.

Needless to say, the “comments” section went cray-cray, with posts seeing this as anything but a fairy tale. Continue reading

Oops! Care for a Side o’ Porn With That Chicken…Oklahoma KFC Customers Shocked

KFC Plays Porn

*An Oklahoma father who looked up at the TV while having dinner with his twin boys and wife at a local KFC restaurant was  surprised when pornography popped up on the TV screen in the restaurants’ dining room.

Gerald Whalen was so glad the view from his two six-year-old twin boys was blocked and they couldn’t see. He would have had one heck of a time explaining that TV show!

“There was a wall to where they couldn’t see the TV and that’s why I really didn’t say what was going on.”

But his wife was no fool. She says she could tell what was happening on the screen just by the sounds coming from the TV, “heavy breathing (laughing) I don’t even want to turn around. I was flabbergasted,” she said. Continue reading

Y&R Fans…Let’s Talk: Should ‘Drucilla’ Return as Ghost (Like John and Cassie)?


UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down to see video of Y&R cast members Bryton James (Devon) and Mishael Morgan answer fans questions

*In the picture above, Phyllis Newman (formerly played brilliantly by Michelle Stafford) had fought with Drucilla Winters (played engagingly by Victoria Rowell), before Winters fell off the cliff. Never to be heard from again. Fans of Y&R were left to wonder: Did Drucilla die? Or has she lost her memory and started a new life somewhere? I HATE loose ends!!! Die hard fans of The Young & The Restless don’t even front, I know you’re out there. I just know we have some readers who are true hard core Y&R fans that have been watching the show for the past  er, uh, wait, I’m not falling for that oneumpteen years :) But am I the only one who is noticing the story lines have gotten a lot stronger? There are obviously new writers who are starting to pack a punch!

With that said, I’m through talking about scenes to a computer that can’t talk back. It can’t respond when I tell it I have a problem with what Jack said; what Phyllis had the nerve to do now, and what Devon was obviously thinking with when he decided to cheat with his father’s wife?

It can’t speculate with me as I wonder if old wounds will EVER heal and the on-again-off again campaign for a certain actress to return to the show…even as a GHOST periodically, will ever happen.

In other words, I want to talk about it..with YOU!

Wouldn’t you love to hear from the cast themselves. For example, Eric Braeden, who as fans know originated the role of the notorious “Victor Newman” (and probably gets writer’s credit by now), loves the new head writer, and the direction the show is taking.

“I am happy with the show and with what Chuck Pratt has been doing. Very happy. There is a clarity to the work now, a kind of long-term purpose. I am absolutely fascinated by the Neil storyline, with the wife and the son having an affair right under his nose. Fascinated! And the scenes with Neil and Nikki drinking together! Kristoff St. John (Neil) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) played the hell out of that. I do not want to denigrate the previous writers, but this is a different slant and a clearer line laying the groundwork for the future.”

Now that’s real. And how about this,

“Victor thinks Jack is a dick and a son of a bitch and he always will. They don’t ever change.”

So I wanna be startin’ something…with YOU.  Let’s talk about the scenes that move us and how WE think they should have been played, written, or developed.

Here’s how we can make it work.
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Thought She Was White, Until the ‘Little White Lie’ Revealed a Dark Family Secret (Watch)

Lacey Schwartz, here with parents who raised her, Peggy and Robert Schwartz, tells her story in the PBS documentary, "Little White Lie" on Monday.
Lacey Schwartz, here with parents who raised her, Peggy and Robert Schwartz, tells her story in the PBS documentary, “Little White Lie” on Monday.

*For all Lacey Schwartz knew, she was white. At least that’s what she had been told. She grew up in Woodstock, N.Y., a predominantly white neighborhood, with her Jewish parents, Peggy and Robert Schwartz. But what she came to know over time was that her biological father was actually black.

Schwartz’s story isn’t one about “passing” for white, a longstanding  issue in the African-American culture. She was actually raised to believe she was.  

In her documentary, “Little White Lie,” which is airing on PBS as part of its Independent Lens series, Schwartz reveals her journey on coming to terms with her biracial identity and confronting her parents about the family secret. Continue reading

Anthony Mackie Wishlist Project on ‘Jessie Owens’ Closer to Fulfillment

Anthony Mackey

*Anthony Mackie is getting closer to fulfilling one of his Wish List items. To play the role of iconic springer Jesse Owens on film. According to reports, Relativity Studios is on the final lap to acquire the script for a Jesse Owens biopic that has Mackie on board to star in. Owens dominated the 1936 Berlin Olympics, leaving Adolf Hitler‘s team of athletes in the dust. The film originally started its  shopping rounds back in May 2014 and if everything works out, the studio will finance the project too.

Pending negotiations, some of today’s top directors can expect an email to consider on the project that is set to tentatively start production in October to prepare the film for debut in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The date will mark the 80th anniversary of the dramatic Games that had Owen winning four gold medals and pissing Hitler (and his theory that the Germans were the superior race) off royally. Continue reading

Ava DuVernay Goes Deep as Keynote Speaker at South by Southwest (‘Oscars were just a room in L.A.’)


Filmmaker Ava DuVernay went deep in her keynote address at South by Southwest. The Selma director spoke of “living in the moment” and “being grateful” for what she has to the audience at the annual festival in Austin, Texas.

Though Selma was nominated for a best picture Oscar, DuVernay didn’t allow that to twist her head; at one point she referred to the Oscars as “just a room with a lot of nice people  dressed up.”

The director, who is now working on two TV shows, made time to speak at SXSW; and told the audience she is working on a series for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, as well as a network series called For Justice – which she described as a procedural featuring a Justice Department civil rights investigator played by Anika Noni Rose.

DuVernay said she’d suffered a difficult week, but managed to turn it into something positive because she was prompted by a certain somebody to get into the habit of writing down five things she is grateful for each week.

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TV Host Fired from Univision for Comparison of Michelle Obama to ‘Planet of the Apes’

Rodner Figueroa was ridin' high when he won his Emmy. Now he'll be lucky if he can get a job at Target
Rodner Figueroa holding his Emmy


*TV host Rodner Figueroa was ridin’ high when he won his Emmy. Now he’ll be lucky if he can get a job at Target. According to the AP the talk show host was fired from Univision after saying that First Lady Michelle Obama “looks like someone from the cast of Planet of the Apes.”

Let’s be real, dude was downright stupid. Continue reading

John Stossel Is Confused Why Blacks Think America Has Race Issues (Asks Why Nigerians Do So Well Here)

TV personality and pundit, John Stossel
TV personality and pundit, John Stossel

*It seems TV consumer personality and libertarian pundit John Stossel is scratching his head on the whole race issues in America thing. He went out on the streets asking black folk all kinds of questions about racism, progress or lack thereof, blah, blah, blah and got a diverse batch of responses. But when he sat down and talked with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor he seemed somewhat befuddled; and almost mockingly communicated some of the responses he had receivedContinue reading