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Adopted Siblings Say Parents Kicked Them Out After ‘Extreme Makeover’ Win (Watch)

The Friday family in happier times

*Oh man. If this is true, it is what you would call a low-down, dirty, shame. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. Do you remember the hit show, ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition?’ I never missed it. It was one of my favorite shows. It aired for nine seasons and ended in December 2012. But during its heydey, host Ty Pennington led a group of designers who sought out one deserving family to get their home renovated over a one week period. The team worked like crazy to get the task completed in time, and never failed to deliver. And they looked so genuinely happy for the winning family.

Well one featured family, the Friday’s, had seven children in all, including 5 newly adopted siblings. And when you watch the video (scroll down) you will see how the loving parents were on screen telling the renovation team how they had adopted these children, who were biological siblings, but needed help so badly. Forward five years, at least two of the siblings are grown, and they say that after the cameras stopped rolling, their adoptive parents kicked them, and eventually the others, to the curb.

Now an investigation has ensued.

What made the show so awesome was the entire community would come out at the end; with all kinds of congratulatory signs, as the family — who was generally sent to a place like Disneyland (all expenses paid) while the renovations were being done, would pull up behind a HUGE bus that blocked the newly renovated home and the crowd would chant, “Move that bus!” And once the bus was removed, jaws would drop at the incredible, amazing structure that stood before them.

The family (along with the designers) and the cameras would then rush into the new dwelling, and room by room, we would get to witness their glee.

The Friday’s were featured on the show in 2011. And Devonda and James Friday are seen on camera, in a most pitiful voice saying, “We desperately need you,” to come help our family.” Continue reading

The Cosby Show Coming Back To TV…”By Popular Demand?”


*Bounce TV is bringing The Cosby Show back to television starting December 19.

The network says its decision to return the classic 80s sitcom to your home and mine was one made “by popular demand.”

The network announced the decision via a tweet:

“You asked, and we heard you loud and clear, Bouncers. We’re bringing #TheCosbyShow back by popular demand!  Tune in December 19th.  #TVOurWay” – @bouncetv

Predictably, the Twitterverse responded in kind.  Here are a few of my favorites:

“sorry would rather not imagine him drugging & raping those women between scenes. Would u air this if he’d raped your daughter?” @idkidd wrote.

“Good cause if Trump can be president we should be able to watch Cosby show. Thanks #BounceTV,” @oju1 wrote.

“Bounce TV you got be kidding me?? seriously Bill Cosby is being accused how many women on sexual abuse,” @Kellyannk308 “wrote.”  (Girl could use an editor, right?)

“Great! This show had an entire cast that made it wonderful tv,” @caramelcoat8dme wrote.

Here’s Bounce TV’s full statement:  Continue reading

7 Celebrities Who Have ‘Handled the Press’ Well, and In Turn, Earned Their Respect


*It’s a short list considering…but one worth recognizing. It’s not easy staying poised and graceful when cameras are all up in your grill; and reporters are asking you questions of the most personal nature. Most luminaries either get outright nasty or decide to shy away from reporters altogether.

But then there are those who are doing (or have done) their due diligence and have come out on top. They have landed in a comfortable place with the paparazzi and reporters who seek them out; be it at airports, on red carpets, or anywhere in between. And reporters have responded in kind.

Some celebrities appear to intimidate reporters, to the point that they stumble and stutter when approaching the celebrity with a question.

Take Jada Pinkett-Smith… Continue reading

Experience Hogwarts and Lots of Other Movie Magic At Universal Studios Hollywood


*Several of Hollywood’s movie and TV studios have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tourist attractions that have become very popular vacation destinations. One of them, Universal Studios, has beckoned me for years, but it wasn’t until they opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that I found the clarion call impossible to resist.

For the rest of my life, the term “attention to detail” will always bring Hogwarts to mind. From the full scale train engine at Station 9 3/4, to the cobblestone streets, to Olivanders Wand Shop, to the butterbeer vendors lining the streets, I was transported to JK Rowling’s world just as soon as I entered the gates of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you’re a fan, you have to see it. Continue reading

Warner Bros Studio Tour Hollywood Is An Absolute Thrill

Via green screen technology, you can drive a Batpod or ride on Harry Potter's Broom during the impressive Warner Bros Studio Tour in Hollywood.
Via green screen technology, you can drive a Batpod or ride on Harry Potter’s Broom during the impressive Warner Bros Studio Tour in Hollywood.  Yes, I got on that broom!

*SPOILER ALERT: Skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to hear about THE CAPE.

Warner Bros Studio Tour has it: THE CAPE worn by the late Christopher Reeve in the film that started it all for me, 1978’s Superman: The Movie. It’s displayed at the end of the tour, in all of its glory. I almost passed out when I saw it.  Conservatively, I have seen that movie well over 100 times.


There are many capes on display during the impressive three hour Warner Bros Studio Tour, belonging to a wide assortment of superheroes, swashbucklers, and adolescent wizards. But far beyond the fantasy and comic book genres, if you’re interested in the “behind the scenes” of Hollywood, there’s no better place to spend a few hours than touring the working production facility behind what’s arguably the most heralded movie studio in history.

Continue reading

Freddy Kruger Snapped and Shot Five People at Halloween Party; Michael Myers Proposed Marriage


*It looks like Freddy Kruger has gone off of the deep end, while Michael Myers appears to have turned into quite a softie.

Over the weekend, a San Antonio guy dressed as the main character in the Nightmare On Elm Street film franchise pulled out a gun at a Halloween party and shot five people.

Now, I’ll confess to having not seen any of the Nightmare films for fear of, well, having a nightmare!  But via still photos and water cooler chatter, I’ve deduced that ol’ Freddy used those razor-like fingers on his prey, and NOT a gun.

The dude in San Antonio must have seriously snapped.  I wish there had been a Wolverine at that party to protect the victims and show the shooter how its done. Continue reading

Aging in Black and White (Celeb Photos Prove Black ‘Still’ Don’t Crack!)


*Just because its a cliche doesn’t make it any less true. And just because it deals with race, doesn’t make it racist…or in Black folk reality, prejudiced. Take the whole “Black Don’t Crack” thing. Here we’ve gathered pictures of people you would know; folks who are the same age (or close enough), but of two different races: one Black, the other Caucasian and wow, just look at how they’ve aged.

Some of these folks may have had, as we say in Hollywood terms, “a little work done,” but I am sure you can tell who that may apply to here.

If nothing else, the photos (and granted, none of us look like we used to…some of us better, others not!) show how your lifestyle can definitely affect your physical appearance.

Here goes.

First up, actor Mickey Rourke, age 64, actor and boxer.

Mickey Rourke out for lunch at Nellos with Nello Balan and Mila Volchek in NYC. Pictured: Mickey Rourke Ref: SPL919208 311214 Picture by: Ron Asadorian / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666

Now, he doesn’t look bad here, but I pulled one of the better ones. If you google images you can see, Mickey has NOT aged well.

So I did a comparison to an actor near his age, of African American descent, and found Delroy Lindo, 63. below. Continue reading

#ClownLivesMatter? Mississippi County Bans Them Until After Halloween


*I’m one of a seemingly diminishing minority who loves clowns.   I grew up watching Oopsy The Clown in Detroit


…before moving on to Bozo Continue reading