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Watch: This Video Hopes You’ll Think 8-Foot-Hips Are the ‘Sexy’ Wave of The Future (Hell No!)

Big Hips1

“God gave it to me. Why not love it and use it.” This is a direct quote from one of the women featured in the video you will see in this article. The woman is not talking about a squeaky voice or the lack of a body limb, she’s talking about the 8-Feet of fat that is the circumference of her hips. Fat which, at least to me, doesn’t look like anything God gave her.

It looks more like something she helped herself to.

Four women are featured in this video that is trying very hard to make you buy into the thought that excessively large hips is sexy.

I don’t know, maybe they just picked the wrong four. I’m still not convinced. Continue reading

Elderly Woman Accidentally Mails Rent Check to Comcast…And They Don’t Want to Give it Back! (Watch)


*Ah man, this could be any of our grandmamas. Old and fumbling, but insisting on getting those bills paid on time. Telling you, “Move baby. That’s alright. I can do it myself!” But she can’t…and she didn’t. Instead of mailing the rent check to the landlord, a 79-year-old woman accidentally mailed it to her cable company — Xfinity Comcast. Uh oh.

She mailed them her cable bill too.

But when ‘gramma’ went to rectify the situation — she was shocked when the telecom giant didn’t want to give her the money back.

Let’s play a little game, you and I, shall we? I’ll write a short script on how this scenario may have gone down. And you, reader, will write your version in the ‘comments’ section at the end of this story.

Ready? Here we go,

Comcast: “Ma’am, please. Just be patient. We will  have to investigate this and get back to you.”

Granny: “Well I don’t know about that son. I have to pay my rent. How long will it take?

Comcast: These things usually take about six weeks.

Granny: (Screaming at the top of her lungs) SIX WEEKS!?

…and then she faints. Continue reading

White Reporter Fired By Fox When He Used the N-Word, Now He’s Suing Them


*And to think it all started in 2007 with a simple question” “Does this mean we can finally say the word n*gger?” Tom Burlington, whose lawsuit against Fox29 is finally moving forward and making its way to the federal courtroom, claims the station fired him after he asked that question in a staff meeting. Burlington is a former TV reporter for Fox29, and says when he used the n-word it was outside of the context of malice. Black employees, he justified, were not punished for using the same word.

Hmm…That’s exactly what Malcolm X‘s daughter said to TMZ the other day. Continue reading

Robin Williams’ Wife & Kids Now Fighting Over His Sizable Estate

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

*It seems money is a race of its own. There’s African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and “Other” — which is where money resides; and it can cause people to act a fool, too. Especially when there’s lots of it. As in the kind our beloved Robin Williams had. The late comedian, actor, activist and philanthropist left behind a sizable estate that his wife and children are now fighting over. But money in its real form doesn’t seem to be the issue here, its other valuables like clothing and jewelry and what-have-you that is causing friction in the family.

The parties have started the process and filed papers in San Francisco Superior Court, to fight over the late comedian’s estate.

Williams’ wife, Susan, says some of the late actor’s personal items were taken without her permission and asks the court to exclude the contents of the Tiburon home that she shared with Williams from the jewelry, memorabilia and other items Williams said the children should have.

Continue reading

Rain Pryor, Daughter of Richard, Brings ‘That Daughter’s Crazy’ to the Screen


*If your daddy is Richard Pryor, the greatest comedic talent that ever lived, sooner or later you’re going to have to come to terms with that.

Every time you write or say your full name, people are going to ask if you are related to Richard Pryor. So you can imagine what someone who looks just like him must go through.

Oh you can’t?

Well Rain Pryor is ready to show you that and more as she brings her play, “That Daughter’s Crazy,” – a documentary (and spin on her father’s 1974 comedy album, That N–ger’s Crazy ) to the screen at the Best of the African Diaspora International Film Festival Continue reading

Old Geezer’s Answer to ‘Lick’ Question on Family Feud Get’s Steve Harvey’s Head Shakin’ (Watch)

family feud

*As the host of the once corny TV game show, “Family Feud,” you’ve got to give it to Steve Harvey. He has made the show worth watching. Harvey’s deadpan expressions alone–following an answer he didn’t expect from a contestant, makes it worth tuning in to.

So you can imagine the look on his face when an elderly contestant named Gene gave his honest opinion as he answered one of the questions on the prompt.

The question: “Name something that has to be licked.”

Now, since Family Feud is still, basically, a “family” show – you’d expect this old dude to say something like, a lollipop or a stamp.

But no. SMH. Continue reading

Caught On Camera: Couple ‘Acts Out’ Eric Garner Death Scene as Reporter Speaks (Video)

coup[le mimic eric garner choke-hold death
See the couple in the rear?

*Too bad more folks don’t believe in karma. If more people did, I know they would think twice before doing some of the crazy sh*t they do. They would also have a better understanding of the ish that happens in their own lives; you know, that stuff that seems to happen to you, “out of the blue.”

Yes, I have a point.

It’s the bad move one Caucasian couple made when they decided to position themselves behind on-camera reporter Allison Kaden and act out the scene of Eric Garner as police held him in a choke-hold until he ceased to breath.

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HBO’s Church of Scientology Documentary Set to Piss Off a Lot of Celebs


*Cue the lawyers and other supporters of the controversial Church of Scientology because some ish is about to go down! For one, when you start attacking people’s faith base, well – ‘dems fightin’ words…and for another, HBO must have their dukes up because they are putting the finishing touches on a scandalous documentary on the Church, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who describes the film as “a bombshell” that will reveal why it has a hold on some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Er, you DO know brother, Isaac Hayes, was one of ‘em, right?

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