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Kandi Burrus’ Nuptials Less Charmed After Prenup Introduction


Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker


*Oh man! Nothing can put a nasty taste in the mouth of a marriage like a prenup.

Dang…Must we do this sweetie?

Unfortunately, “yes we must,” was the answer according to actions taken by Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss.

Thus the planned wedding between Burruss and her betrothed, Todd Tucker went off with a hitch and was anything but simple.  Especially since Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mother, has always suspected Todd to be in it for her daughters money. Continue reading

Hey Black Woman: How’d You Like A Network Designed Just For You? It’s Coming…

centric*Fact: “At more than 10 million strong, and in control of 20 billion dollars in buying power, the African American woman is an increasingly powerful, yet often overlooked consumer,” said Louis Carr, BET Networks President of Broadcast and Media Sales.

With this is mind, Centric, BET‘s 24-hour music and entertainment network, has formed an exciting new partnership with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment, the partnership will bring the axed by VH1 hit, “Single Ladies” and “The Queen Latifah Show” (which will air in primetime) to the network, and re-brand Centric as the first network designed for the Black woman.

Now you’re talkin’…And there’s more! Continue reading

Actin’ A Fool Comes in All Shapes, Sizes and Yes, Cultures: Lebanese Teen Kicks Mom in Face on TV (Watch)

Lebanese, 600*Hands in the air if you feel this boy needs his a** whipped!

Excuse me, I just had to get that out.

In America, shows like Jerry Springer come to mind. His was the first to show us individuals, couples, families on TV with the intention of “working stuff out” only to show us how they could demonstrate what an absolute fool acts like.

Well let’s go across the pond, where we get to view a Lebanese television show dedicated to resolving family conflicts. The one aforementioned apparently, didn’t work out.

And that’s putting it mildly. Continue reading

‘Kid President’ Gets His Own TV Show So He Can ‘Make the World A Little More Awesome’

kid president

“Kid President”

He has interviewed Beyoncé, actor Steve Carell, and even Mr. President, Barack Obama himself. So is it any surprise that Hollywood execs think it’s about time to give this little tyke his own show?

When Kid President, aka Robby Novak (pictured) proclaimed on Wednesday via YouTube, “I want to make the world a little more awesome!” He was letting us know he has landed his very own TV docu-series.

That’s right! Lil man, excuse me, Mister Lil Man,  will host a series on the family-friendly Hub Network entitled, “Kid President:  Declaration of Awesome.” Continue reading

Stephanie Allain, Director of L.A. Film Festival, To Moderate Upcoming ‘Day of Black Docs’ at AFI

Stephanie-Allain, hosts Day of Black Docs

Stephanie Allain

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – April 3, 2014 – The Black Association Of Documentary Filmmakers West (“BAD West”) has announced that Stephanie Allain, Director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, will moderate their 8th annual “Day of Black Docs” being held Saturday, April 12th, 12:00 – 6:00 p.m., at the American Film Institute (AFI) Mark Goodson Theater, 2021 Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Three documentaries, “God Loves Uganda”, “The Black Line: Profiles of African American Women”, and “Be Known” will be screened, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, and moderated by Ms. Allain. Continue reading

Dr. Boyce Watkins Wants Answers from ‘Boondocks’ Creator, Aaron McGruder on Mysterious Exit from Show

cfb1Boondocks-080911*Boondocks fans probably know that the fourth (and final) season of the show is on its way. Based on the comic strip of the same name, the Boondocks is a no-nonsense, off-the-cuff, intelligent teen-adult animated episodic; that is the brainchild of creator, Aaron McGruder.

Too bad he won’t be returning with it.

McGruder’s exit, after three seasons, along with the cryptic goodbye on his Facebook page that follows, has caught the attention of one fan in particular.

And while everyone within earshot of the news about his departure may stand in stunned silence, Dr. Boyce Watkins does not.

The man wants details (and so do we!). Continue reading

Germany’s Got A Problem With Black Men…Porn Actress Fired For Having Sex With One

German Porn Actress*As world travelers can attest to, once you leave the U.S.A. there is little interest in whether you are African American, white or other. As you pass through customs, the question generally asked is: Are you American?

Leave your race at the door. “American” is all they want to know. That’s for starters.

The mindset is different outside of America. People are more open about sexuality; much more free with the display of affection; not as uptight.

Just look at Ina Groll, a well-known porn actress , also known as “Kitty Blair.” She was hired to be the familiar face of a far-right German political party, and they knew what she did for a living and had no problem with it.

Until she engaged in sexual relations with a Black man in her latest adult film.

Then all bets were off.

Continue reading

Ever Wonder How Much $Moolah$ that Pine Sol Lady in the Commercial Makes…Can You Spell ‘Wow’? (Video)

Pine Sol Lady Earnings*What do we know about some of these people we’ve been seeing in commercials for years. Is this all they do? Do they actually do any acting? Like ‘Flo’ with that insurance company. She must be a millionaire by now right? And what about that black lady that does those Pine Sol commercials. What kind of money is she making?

Well for starters, her name is Pearl Amos, and this sister has been pushing that mop for more than 20 years now.

But please, don’t get twisted. Ms. Amos is no maid, at her rate, she probably has a few of ‘em working for her. Continue reading