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Astounding Projection: Minorities Will Outnumber Whites in U.S. Public Schools Starting 2014

Public schools chart

According to a new report by the National Center for Education (NCES), the racial landscape of students in the public school system is about to change. Minorities – namely, Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Native Americans, and multiracial individuals will account for 50.3% of the public school student population. 51% of grade level pre-kindergarten to 8th grade will be minorities and they will make up 48% of 9th to 12th graders. Continue reading

Redlands Cheerleaders Portray Gang-Bangers for School Teambuilding Exercise

Cheerleaders at Redlands East Valley High School pose as gangsters for team-building exercise
Cheerleaders at Redlands East Valley High School pose as gangsters for team-building exercise

*Amazing what a group of teens given an assignment then left unsupervised will come up with. In what was initially supposed to be a “team-building” exercise for the cheerleaders at Redlands East Valley High School to develop their camaraderie skills, parents and faculty were left disappointed with the end result: a group photo, that has now gone viral, show the girls posing as gang-bangers, dressed in gang-related attire such as sagging pants, bandanas, fake tats; throwing up gang signs, and some, even posing as pregnant after stuffing clothing under their T-shirts. Continue reading

Raymond Burse, Interim Preident at KSU, Cut Salary By $90K for Employee Raises

Raymond Burse
Raymond Burse


*Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.  It sure is nice to know that one player in the money game, still has a conscience and a heart. When Kentucky State University interim president, Raymond Burse, realized his gargantuan salary was at least one of the reasons some employees were making low wages, he did more than feel bad for them. He stepped up in a big way, to the tune of $90K! Continue reading

Middle School Teacher Fired for Nude ‘Selfies’ on Cellphone Speaks Out: ‘I’m the Victim Here!’

Lekeshia Jones

*Don’t expect Lekeshia Jones to go down without a fight!

The former Natchez, Miss., debutante and fired middle school teacher said she feels like the victim. After all, it was her students who broke in to her cellphone and discovered the nude selfies.

Jones knew something was up when her Myers Middle School students never returned from an errand she’d sent them on. When she finally located them, the surprised students were huddled over their cellphones in her classroom checking out the nude selfies Jones had of herself on the phone they’d broken into.

But they didn’t stop at just gawking, giggling and gossiping about what they had seen, they took it a step further and snapped copies of the images with their phones, before texting them to their friends and classmates and posted them on social media sites.

It was the guilt of one of the culprits a month later that made her come forward in tears to show the teacher the effects of the prank; which had gotten way out of control and had become a sordid school-wide social media sensation. Continue reading

Good News: He Was Once a Foster Child, Now He’s a UCLA Graduate!

UCLA Graduate was once a foster child

*Wow, imagine a world where we heard news like this more often. A man who was once a product of the foster care system, hung in there, in spite of the fact that no one believed in him, and came out on top!

Festus Ohan is now a graduate of UCLA and has received multiple acceptance letters to top medical universities, according to KABC.

Not shying away from revealing the day his father abandoned him as a kid, he shared, “I went to bed in tears, crying, praying, asking God, ‘Why did this happen to me?’” Continue reading

No Discrimination Here: Check Out 8 Celebrities ‘Living Out Loud’ With Severe Illnesses

*Its easy to get caught up in believing that the lives of the “rich and famous” is perfect. But there is one thing that even money and being popular can’t buy: good health.

Time and again audiences have come to hear stories about one celebrity’s brush with the IRS, or another celebrity’s breakup; but we don’t often hear about the challenges some of our most loved people of note go through  – some in silence, others out loud.

Yet they all continue to move forward in spite of it. Here are 8 such people.

Continue reading

Want to Live Longer – Stand Up at Work – Check Out the Treadmill Desk


*Oh the power of taking a stand.

We have all heard the cliche, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” We stand in line to make purchases at the store. We stand in line to register at the DMV – heck, we stand up to vote! But how often do we actually stand up at work; especially those of us with sedentary occupations.

Like me, sitting here writing.

But one scientist -slash-doctor says STANDING can actually save your life. He actually spent most of his life studying the terrible consequences of people sitting on their butt for hours on end.

Thing is, sitting is such a natural thing to do, most of us do it — without even realizing. And doing this is said to  significantly increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. Continue reading