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North Carolina Teacher Shares ‘Bucket List’ With Class: ‘I Would Kill All Black People’ (Watch!)


"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

*OK, so let me get this straight so that I can accurately pass it on to you: We all know what a “Bucket List” is right?

For those who may not, its a list of things you may have never gotten to do, but really want to do before you die. For example, you may want to visit Paris or Spain or Africa; you may want to hit the lotto, or even teach school. Well, when one North Carolina teacher was sharing her Bucket List to students, she allegedly told them that she would kill all black people if she only had one week to live.

Add to that, she has since returned to class.

African American students in particular must still be in shock after witnessing the insensitive and utterly nasty, racist remark of Camden County High School math teacher, Cynthia Ramsey. It was a parent who contacted the school and told them that the teacher had allegedly said if she only had 10 days to live she would kill all black people, after discussing her bucket list with the students.

Kimberly Ashcraft, the mother of the student who reported the incident told  WAVY-TV,

“She conveyed to me that Mrs. Ramsey had indicated that if she only had 10 days to live that she would kill all black people,”  Other students were around, and confirmed that the teacher had made the remark.

“I was completely shocked,” Ashcraft said. “I asked her again, ‘are you sure that was what you heard?’ I could not have imagined a teacher saying that.”

"I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live" is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.
“I would kill all black people if I only had 10 days to live” is what Kimberly Ashcraft allegedly told her math class.

Though Ramsey was suspended without pay following an incredibly quick “investigation,” she was right back in class (and at her job as the math department head) within two days; even though numerous students contacted the sheriff’s office and told a similar story.

“I was very disappointed to hear that she was back in the classroom so soon,” Ashcraft said. “As a parent, I felt compelled to come forward and tell somebody, because this was not only in my opinion a direct threat to the black children in the school, but also black people in the community.”

Superintendent Melvin Hawkins told WAVY that:

At this point, our main concern is to investigate this incident thoroughly, and collect the facts. This is a personnel issue, and it is confidential until resolved. We are following protocol in this investigation and student and school employee investigations are confidential.

Watch the video report directly below and read more at Crooks and Liars.

‘You Actin’ Too Darn Grown’ – Daddy Puts 10-Year Old on Blast Big Time

On Blast1

*Hey, one dads recipe against a potentially greater disaster might not suit all tastes, but he may be on to something that may prove much more effective than a good old fashioned butt-whipping. When he caught his 10-year-old daughter passing herself off online as a teenager, he not only went ballistic – he jumped into action. She may not be smiling now – as evidenced in the photos above – but she’s safe.

So much has changed over the years, and much of it is the result of technology. With the touch of a button and a wee bit of imagination, your message, true or false, can reach millions.

In this new viral universe, a wallflower can be the most popular guy in school. A woman can be the most handsome man in the world; and a child in elementary school can now be a teenager…without actually going through the development process.

Oh yeah, about that… Continue reading

Teacher Has Sexual Relations With Her 17-Year-Old Student…First Day on the Job!

A disgraced Symone Greene leaves building with a relative
A disgraced Symone Greene leaves building with a relative


*Symone Greene, a 22-year-old woman who was hired to fill in for the planned absence of an English teacher at a D. C. Charter school is in a whole lot of trouble today. She has been charged with allegedly having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old student in the classroom.

The student admits to flirting with the young substitute teacher and giving her his cellphone number. But it was soon after, when she initiated the texts to him, that things got “kinky.” Continue reading

Native American Women Have Shown Us Through Their Contributions That Their Place In History Is Well-Deserved

Maria Tallchief is just one of the 100+ Native American women celebrated in author K Schallers new book
Maria Tallchief was considered America’s first major prima ballerina. She is one of 100+ Native American women celebrated in author KB Schaller’s new book, “100+ Native American Women Who Changed The World”


*Generally when we think of Native American women and their contributions to history and society, Pocahontas and Sacajawea come to mind. That is, until this groundbreaking book by Cherokee/Seminole heritage author KB Schaller, M.Ed., 100+ Native American Women Who Changed The World. Warriors, educators, an aerospace pioneer, a Catholic saint…100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World is a stellar collection of historical and contemporary women of indigenous heritage who have contributed to the survival and success of their families, communities – and the United States of America. This book is destined to be in classrooms throughout the country. Continue reading

Are Women More Likely to Become Marijuana-Addicted Than Men?


*Women, you may want to think twice before going toe-to-toe with your man while lighting one up to wind down, after your work-day hustle.

I’m not saying there has been tons of research done to back up the claim that drugs affect men and women differently, but with the legalization of both recreational and medicinal marijuana breaking down walls in states all across the country, now may be a good time for you to understand how THC affects a woman’s body chemistry specifically.

Researchers at Washington State University claim to have  found evidence that suggests females may build up a tolerance to marijuana more easily than males do.

“It’s not entirely predictive, but if you become rapidly tolerant to a drug, you may be at greater risk for developing an addiction,” Professor Rebecca Craft, chair of the psychology department at WSU and lead researcher of the study, told HuffPost. (She also noted that tolerance by itself does not define drug dependence and that tolerance is only one characteristic of addiction.)

The pain-relieving effects of the main component in marijuana, THC, was the focus of the study which was done on male and female rats; who were said to make good subjects, because, like humans, rats have an ovulation cycle (albeit one that occurs every four to five days instead of 28), and they experience similar ovarian hormone fluctuations, which affect pain

Continue reading

‘Feminist Thinker’ Insulted When Second Grade Teacher Rejected ‘Vagina Cookies’

We think the cookies may have looked like this since we didn't get an actual photo of the real ones.
The cookies may have looked like this, but no actual photo of the real one was shown.


*Some things are just too ridiculous not to share. Ya feel me?

Take a mother named “Autumn Lily Speaker” (not her real name, thank goodness). A post on Reddit tells a story about how she, a self-proclaimed feminist, baffled one teacher after she brought a tray of vagina cookies in for the teacher to share with her daughter’s second-grade class. (Note: The picture above is not the actual cookies. But they might have looked like it.)

Reddit user JPStudly, a friend of the teacher, got permission to share her first-person account in a post published two days ago. With only a screen shot of an email and no real names or locations, the story seems far-fetched but wouldn’t you know, it’s exploding on Reddit with more than 4,000 comments. “Angry Feminist Vagina Cookie Mom” is quickly becoming the latest viral sensation. Continue reading

Russell Simmons Cares: Partners With Nonprofit for #SchoolsNotPrisons Campaign (Video)

Schools Not Prisons Campaign

*Russell Simmons continues to show the stuff that he is made from. He has always appeared to make good, sound, choices and now, with in a partnership with a nonprofit organization called Californians for Safety and Justice he is using his brand to help create an ad campaign that is hard to ignore. It reveals the staggering investment put into state prisons versus the investment put into the public school system.

No, not news that we have never heard before. But news that needs to stay in the forefront until change happens.

Simmons and Californians for Safety and Justice have created a PSA that shows children talking about the careers they hope to have.

Then the sobering statistics kick in. Continue reading

(Listen) ‘The Meaning of Life, Explained By 3rd Graders’ is Brilliant and On Point!

Stock photo
Stock photo

*Talkin’ about wisdom coming from the mouths of babes. If you haven’t checked out “The Meaning of Life, explained by 3rd graders,” video, have I got a gift for you!

Narrated by a 6-year-old girl with obvious swagger, she says , “You gotta do what feels right in your heart … A great man or woman will never fit in because they stand out,” she delivers the true meaning of life message with all the inflections and innuendos of an elder…an ancient, white-haired, leather-skinned elder.

You’re mouth is sure to drop open on several times as you listen to the sweet little girl’s voice. She starts off by asking you to “Imagine yourself, 90 years old, on a porch in a rocking chair, looking back on your life. You got that image?” she asks. “Good! Now let me tell you studies show that the biggest regret from elderly people on their death bed is not what they did, its what they didn’t do.”

In this 4-minute, 43 second stop-motion animated film, the young narrator cites scientific findings on the things people regret, and how you should take control of your life so that you won’t be one of them.

If greatness was easy, you would see a lot of successful people, a lot of great people — astronauts, professional athletes or superheroes,” she says. “But you don’t — you see a lot of people with big mouths making excuses on Facebook trying to get ‘likes,’ but they don’t even like themselves.”


You can practically see her shaking her little finger as she states, “You don’t gotta be great to get started, but you gotta get started to be great.”

It’s amazing. Take a listen below!