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Harvard U Leading the Way in Student Diversity…Class of 2018 Will be 12 percent black

Harvard students accepted

Kwasi Enin (Photo: William Floyd School District)


*How refreshing it is to be able to acknowledge universities rising to meet the demand of accepting deserving students of color in their institutions. It is with much anticipation that one day, such recognition will no longer be necessary, because diversity in these colleges will be a given, and African American students especially, will be but one group amongst many who are accepted in the colleges of their choice based on the fact that they have done the work just like any other student and deserves to be there.

Recently,  our article on students Avery Coffey a senior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C., who applied to and was accepted at five Ivy League universities including Harvard, and Chad Thomas who was accepted at 150 universities, offered encouraging reports of African-American students getting accepted to most or all of the Ivy League schools they applied to. Now comes new data suggesting that Harvard University may be leading the way on diversity.

According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, the highly ranked institution’s class of 2018 will be 12 percent black, the largest representation of that group in the university’s history. Continue reading

Dreadlock Wearing Teen Says Don’t Get It Twisted, My GPA is 5.0 (Watch)

Akintunde Ahmad YouTube

Akintunde Ahmad


Akintunde Ahmad is just an ordinary guy. Well, this according to him at least.

But one thing that makes this supposedly ordinary guy stand out is his extraordinary brain; a real stunner to everyone that knows about his 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT score.

As you can imagine, he’ll have no problem getting into just about any prestigious university he wants.

And yes, they have let him know that. Continue reading

New ‘Positively Perfect’ Dolls Puts Ethnic Diversity in Toy Store Aisles

Barbie, Positively Perfect

“Positively Perfect Dolls” collection by Dr. Lisa Williams (Photo courtesy of Williams)

“Mommy, she looks just like me!” That is what makes Dr. Lisa Williams most proud of her “Positively Perfect” dolls.

Where at one time blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie dolls dominated toy store aisles, now those same aisles are gradually adding diversity with the inclusion of dolls that reflect deeper-skin tones and ethnic hair.

Dr. Williams has put a lot of effort into creating dolls that celebrate the diversity in multicultural children.

As the founder and creator of Positively Perfect Dolls — a unique line of baby dolls that represent and reflect the beautiful features found in young African-American girls, she has developed dolls in a variety of skin tones that include vanilla, caramel, pecan and mocha. The skin tones are even custom-blended to perfect the right shade, glow and undertone that ultimately resemble realistic results. Continue reading

Hater Alert: Man Acquires ‘Perfect Credit Score’ and Does Press Release to Brag on It!


*Naw, we ain’t mad at ya, David Howe. As a matter-of-fact, we’re all ears in learning how you managed to do this.

Perfect in anything is hard to achieve, but in credit, it seems next to impossible.

Yeah. Yeah. We know the road to good credit is paying bills on time, keeping low balances on your credit cards, and stuff like that. Some of us actually do that, but still, our credit is a long way from “Perfect.”

So what gives? Continue reading

Kindergartner Stopped From Blessing Her Food Because Teacher Told Her: “You Can’t Pray Here” (Watch)

Marcos Perez's daughter*As parents, many of us come together at dinnertime to converse with our family about the events of their day. But when the Perez family in Oviedo, Florida asked their 5-year-old daughter (whose name is being withheld) for her account of the day, they were shocked to learn of an incident that happened to her at school during lunch.

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, the kindergartener told her family that a ‘lunch teacher’ at Carillon Elementary School stopped her when she bowed her head to bless her food before eating. Continue reading

Imagine That! Student Accepted at 5 Ivy League Schools

Avery Coffey is on his way to an Ivy League university!

Avery Coffey is on his way to an Ivy League university!


*Remember we recently heard about Chad Thomas, the 18-year-old student from Booker T. Washington Senior High in Miami, who received 150 scholarship offers because he is able to play nine instruments in addition to being a rising football star?

Well if this is a trend, we like it! 

According to Fox News, here comes more good news.

Avery Coffey, a senior at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C., applied to and was accepted at five Ivy League universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania. Continue reading

Finally! Good News Out of Florida: African American Teen Offered 150 College Scholarships

Student, Chad Thomas offered 150 scholarships*Well, I think you will agree that Florida hasn’t produced any good news in quite a while – especially where African Americans are concerned.

Which makes this news, reported by 10 News Tampa Bay so joyfully welcomed.

Chad Thomas, a senior at Miami’s Booker T. Washington Senior High, must be feeling like a wanted man these days.

But in his particular case, being wanted is a good thing…a really good thing!

As it turns out, he has been offered 150 scholarships from a variety of educational facilities seeking his incredible abilities as a football player, and budding musician that plays 9 – count ‘em – nine  musical instruments!

Its good to have options!

Continue reading

Wow! First Lady, Michelle Obama, Really Does China! (Photos)

*As First Lady, Michelle Obama, continues her week long China trip with daughters, Sasha  and Malia, and her mother, Marian Robinson, we get to live vicariously through the photos taken at some truly fascinating places thanks to Reuters and the Associated Press. Continue reading