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Bobby Seale, Black Panther Professor, Gives History Lesson to D’Angelo (Watch)

Bobby Seale, Then and now.
Bobby Seale, Then and now.

*Former Black Panther, professor Bobby Seale, is riding along the streets of Oakland, California, at the wheel of a green convertible.

His passenger and road dawg for the trip is R&B singer, D’Angelo.

Seale, who co-founded the Panthers along with Huey P. Newton in October of 1966,  is reminiscing about his time with The Black Panthers in Oakland; and starts talking about a speech once given there by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke of boycotting the Wonder Bread company. Continue reading

Watch: Bay Area Teacher Gets ‘Creative’ — Instructs Students to Do Selfie With Parents’ Sex Toys


*Well here’s something to send any parent into an ‘OMG do you think he saw my (you fill in the blank)?’ frenzy. A high school teacher in Alameda who was probably thinking ‘Oh here’s a way to show how hip and cool I am’ — instructed his students to go home and rummage through their parents drawers in an attempt to find provocative items (read: sex toys, condoms, CDs, etc.) and take a selfie with it. Then they were to report back to school and be ready to present.

Too bad Mr. Cool won’t be around to see how it all went. Placed on administrative leave as the school interviews parents and rummages through his desk and grade books, the teacher is sitting at home fiddling his thumbs, wondering if he’ll have a job tomorrow. Continue reading

‘Bloods’ Rape, Strangle & Set Pretty Baltimore Teen on Fire (Watch)

Arnesha Bowers

*Baltimore high school student Arensha Bowers had just completed her SATs and was looking into college options. With school just ending, she was, not unlike other teens, celebrating the summer emergence by going to parties. At one of these parties, she met Adonay Dixon, 23, and John Childs, 20, but its doubtful she knew they belonged to a gang.

But the two alleged ‘Bloods’ must’ve gotten into conversation with the girl, who most likely shared personal information about where she lived and who she lived with: her grandmother, Sandra Bowers,.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the 11th-grade student was brutally murdered earlier this month by the two men she had taken on as “friends.” Continue reading

‘Black Privilege’…Ha! Crystal Valentine Nails It at College Poetry Slam

Crystal Valentine performs her poem on 'Black Privilege' at College Poetry Slam
Crystal Valentine performs her poem on ‘Black Privilege’ at College Poetry Slam

*Why is it that, after hearing this soul-stirring poem about what Black Privilege truly looks like, the first thing that comes to mind is:

Rachel Dolezal, you sure you want some of this?”

As the nation still reels over the outing of the Spokane NAACP president who has allegedly been “passing for Black,” this young poet, Crystal Valentine recited her original piece on exactly what that entails as part of the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in April. 

In the poem, she said Black privilege is a myth…a joke…a punchline. And talks about the time when a teacher asked a little boy what he wanted to be when he grew up.

And he responded: “Alive.” Continue reading

Vegas Club Manager Offers Strip Club ‘Opportunity’ for College-Bound Young Women


*I guess anything can be justified.

And there are many ways people can earn money to pay for an education, that won’t include being stuck with student loan debt for the rest of their lives.

And one very slick “businessman” named Rick Marzullo of Las Vegas, Nevada says if high school girls don’t want to accumulate a lot of debt for their parents by taking out student loans, they can come and strip at his club, “Little Darlings.”

What’s in a name?

He has placed a variety of promotional banners around his establishment that read, “Now auditioning the class of 2014,” or “Pay your way through college,” in an attempt to draw in young talent.

Yes, makes you wonder how much sleep he lost coming up with this idea. Continue reading

African American Teen Wows at Prom in Self-Made ‘Tribal Print’ Design

Artist Kyemah McEntyre, 18, designed this beautiful dress and had heads rolling all night long.
Artist Kyemah McEntyre, 18, designed this beautiful dress and had heads rolling all night long. Photo: @mindofkye/Instagram


*Who said we’ve got to wait until February to wear the beautiful bold prints reminiscent of Black History?

Well, nobody… but that’s not the point.

When 18-year-old Keymah McEntyre stepped into the ballroom at her high school prom, you can just imagine all the double-takes she received. Wearing a stunning, self-designed tribal print, long-sleeved gown; with a sexy yet classy plunging neckline and full flowing skirt, she would’ve been right in sync strolling on the red carpet at Anywhere, USA. Continue reading

Never Too Old: 99-Year-Old COC Graduate Is Role Model (Watch)

Doreetha Daniels

*To say that new college graduate Doreetha Daniels has lived through a lot would be a great understatement. The 99-year-old has lived through some of the most pivotal events in the historical fabric of America, including the Great Depression, World War II and the fall of Nazi Germany, the Civil Rights movement, the moon landing, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War.

Yet there is one thing she had not experienced…

Until now.

Going to college and earning her degree. Continue reading

School District: Elem. School Lunch Worker Lied About Reason She Was Fired

Was she REALLY fired for feeding hungry students for free? School district says "No!"
Was she REALLY fired for feeding hungry students for free? School district says “No!”


*A Colorado school district has come forward with a statement after receiving a barrage of complaints from the public addressing the firing of a kitchen manager who said she gave free lunch to children who could not afford it.

In our previous story on Dakota Valley Elementary School employee, Della Curry, who works as a kitchen manager, it was divulged that Curry could not in all consciousness see children go hungry; just because there was no money in their school lunch credit account.

Curry stated that these children often had problems going on at home, which she learned after reaching out to the administration and the parents.

When this was the case, and Curry had no money of her own to pay for their lunch, she would allow them to eat hot meals for free (against the policy of the school district; which was to give these children a cheese sandwich).

Apparently, many on social media got wind of the situation and blasted the school district; forcing them to come out with a statement.

In this statement they make it sound as if Ms. Curry told a bold-face lie. Continue reading