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Want to Live Longer – Stand Up at Work – Check Out the Treadmill Desk


*Oh the power of taking a stand.

We have all heard the cliche, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” We stand in line to make purchases at the store. We stand in line to register at the DMV – heck, we stand up to vote! But how often do we actually stand up at work; especially those of us with sedentary occupations.

Like me, sitting here writing.

But one scientist -slash-doctor says STANDING can actually save your life. He actually spent most of his life studying the terrible consequences of people sitting on their butt for hours on end.

Thing is, sitting is such a natural thing to do, most of us do it — without even realizing. And doing this is said to  significantly increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and more. Continue reading

Dr. Riki Brooks Announces 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival! Flyer Template

Special concerts featuring J Moss, Vickie Winans, Lisa McClendon, Natalie Grant and more! 

(ATLANTA, GA) July 22, 2014 - The 9th Annual Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre, August 1st & August 2nd 2014.  The Atlanta Gospel Fest – Health & Wellness Festival is a two-day musical and health extravaganza designed for the entire community. Tickets can be purchased at
The Gospel Fest promises to elevate attendees spirit the array of gospel music concerts; the body, with healthcare workshops and training; the mind with financial and literary empowerment workshops. There will also be special youth activities available.

Continue reading

Chain Smokers’ Widow Awarded $23.6B …To Be Paid By Tobacco Giant, RJ Reynolds


*In what can only be called a jaw-dropping decision, a Pensacola jury has sent a strong message to R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company (and others) by hitting them with a staggering $23.6 billion punitive damages payout in a lawsuit brought by the widow of a chain smoker killed by lung cancer in 1996.

Cynthia Robinson, the widow of  Michael Johnson Sr., who died at 36, was given another $16.8 million in compensatory damages Friday, following a four-week trial that left a top Reynolds executive fuming. Continue reading

Eggs in America Are Stored In the Cooler Section, While Europeans Shelve Theirs…Why?


*Did you know that European eggs are stored on supermarket shelves while American eggs chill in the cold section?

Experts say it is because of the egg production process.

Unlike European eggs, American eggs are washed and sprayed with a sanitizer immediately after collection, then placed into a cooler. Bringing the eggs back to room temperature would increase the chance of bacterial growth, according to the USDA’s egg grading manual. Bottom line: we have to refrigerate our eggs because our egg distributors do. Continue reading

Parent Says Her One Year Old Got Herpes From Daycare


*An Oklahoma mother has concluded that her 1-year-old daughter contracted Herpes from a caretaker at ChildTime Day Care in Oklahoma City, KFOR reports.

And understandably, she is furious!

Apparently, the toddler developed blisters around her mouth, and they started bleeding. Consuela Smith immediately took her child to see a doctor, who diagnosed the child with herpes.

It was not until Smith called the day care to tell operators about her daughter’s condition, that she was informed that a worker there did have the infection. Continue reading

Behavior of ASU Cop That Roughed Up Black Female Professor Determined ‘Not Inappropriate’ (Watch)

EASU professor, rsula Ore was manhandled by an Arizona State University campus police officer because she crossed a street cluttered with construction.
ASU professor, Ersula Ore was manhandled by an Arizona State University campus police officer because she crossed a street cluttered with construction.


*A police report was filed in the case of the violent arrest of an African American college professor who was walking through streets where construction was taking place on the campus of Arizona State University. You may recall the entire incident was caught on tape by the officer’s dashboard camera in real time. Now, the report has determined that the officer who seemed visibly inappropriate in his actions of throwing ASU professor, Dr. Eursula Ore, down on the car, being rough as he tried to handcuff her, then throwing her on the ground is said to “have done nothing inappropriate” and charges are being pressed against Ore.

But here’s the thing: The public saw the video. We heard the same thing anyone else heard. So even if something happened prior to the recording, it doesn’t erase what we saw. So why is Dr. Ore guilty and the officer, not? Continue reading

Pet Obesity: 77-Lb. Dachshund Named ‘Obie’ Loses 54 Pounds & Shares His Secrets

A picture of Obie from his Facebook page
A picture of Obie from his Facebook page

*In 2012, “Obie” -  a Dachshund who suffered from morbid obesity – had been turned over to a rescue. He had literally been almost “loved to death” by the elderly humans who cared for him, and apparently allowed him to eat any and every thing, with no exercise; causing him to balloon to an unhealthy 55-pounds overweight. Continue reading

Black Female Arizona State Professor Seen Being ‘Man-Handled’ By White Officer (Watch)

Arizona state professor

*Increasingly, we are shown evidence that suggests authorities of the Caucasian race become quite heavy-handed when it comes to apprehending black women. Now an example of this comes out of Arizona, where a disturbing video was released on Saturday by 3TV showing  an encounter between an African American female who turns out to be an  Arizona State professor and a white campus police officer.

The woman, named Ersula Ore, was attempting to cross a street on the college campus that was obstructed by construction work; when she was stopped by campus officer Stewart Ferrin, the TV station cites from a police report.

“The reason I’m talking to you right now is because you are walking in the middle of the street,” the officer is heard saying in the video. But the conversation shifted towards nasty after the officer demanded to see Ore’s ID, saying she would be arrested if she failed to produce it. Additionally, Ore is heard telling the officer not to speak to her with such disrespect.

The incident was captured by a police car video recorder, or Dashcam. Continue reading