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TNT Exclusive: Jazmin Truesdale Gives Black Comic Fans Heroes That Resemble Themselves (Watch)

Kala Concept Art EUR

*When I was voracious comic-consuming kid, we pined for African American heroes who could stand toe-to-toe with Superman and Batman. Trouble was, they were few and far between. Power-Man was about as strong as the Man Of Steel, but that strength was his only power. No flight, no heat vision, no nothing.  Cool afro, though.

Black Panther was a proud African prince, but he was basically Daredevil without the radar sense. And in a world where most white heroes seemed almost godlike in their power,  Falcon‘s sole ability, since he could only fly with his suit, was talking to a bird.

That’s right. Falcon had a single bird buddy that he could chat with, any ol’ time he wanted.

So when Storm was introduced as a member of the X-Men, I and every black comic reader I knew rejoiced. Marvel Comics had created one of the most powerful heroes — of any gender — in their history, and they’d made her an African woman. We KNEW it was the long-overdue start of ethnic integration of the Marvel and DC universes.

All of these long decades later, Storm is still pretty lonely in the comic hood. While there’s been some progress, the two dominant comic universes are still pretty white. Even when there’s an effort to update things, like this summer’s Johnny Storm being African American in Hollywood’s Fantastic Four reboot, it’s met with derision.

Jasmine Truesdale has set out to change that. The 27-year-old entrepreneur is launching the multi ethnic Aza Comics, and she clearly intends to shake things up in the superhero world by giving today’s black kids some heroes who look like they do.

“I was thinking of doing a game for my fitness company,” the Durham native and first-time author remembered, “and I realized that the characters I was creating for the game looked like heroes. I grew up reading comics and watching action movies and all of that, and I decided to create some superheroes. My mom says I don’t know how to think small! I started talking to some really amazing people in the industry, and they gave me a lot of advice, as my background was in business and NOT the comic industry.” Continue reading

Corey P. Smith: Call Him a Godsend…Helped Two Homeless Men Get 700 Credit Score…in 30 Days (Watch)

BOOK, Conspiracy of Credit

*I kid you not with that headline. He also got them permanent housing. And today, one of them has a successful gardening business; and the other is married and working.

Talk about realizing your purpose and moving forward with it.

Corey P. Smith is a proud southern man on a mission. While some folks will do everything they can to keep you away from knowledge that will empower you, Smith does the exact opposite. He wants you to know what he has learned: that bad credit is by design. And if you know about “The Conspiracy of Credit,” which also happens to be the name of his latest book, and follow up by doing the work, you will no longer be a victim of it.

Smith, a husband and father, knew he was on the right track when the FBI showed up at his front door. Continue reading

Shhh…Here’s 10 Things a Burglar Hopes You Don’t Know

Shrubbery house

*Ahhh…You’ve finally gotten that home on the outskirts of that cosmopolitan city; where you now have more space but you’re paying less money. You have put a lot of time in that garden, too. Making sure you and your family have extra privacy; and keeping all of those bad elements out.

But check this: Did you ever consider plush shrubbery is the perfect disguise for a burglar jimmying his way in?

Nearby trees, too, can be used by a second-story man if the branches are above your windows. Keep vegetation trimmed low, and consider installing thorny plants close to the house to thwart thieves.

Seven Amazing Quotes By African Americans (Pictures)

oprah-winfrey“I am where I am because of the bridges that I crossed. Sojourner Truth was a bridge. Harriet Tubman was a bridge. Ida B. Wells was a bridge. Madame C. J. Walker was a bridge. Fannie Lou Hamer was a bridge.” – Oprah Winfrey

Our Black Community vs. Their Rogue Cops, What You Should Know (2nd Installment Video)


In this 2nd installment of the EURThisNthat series, Our Black Community vs. Their Rogue Cops, What You Should Know, we present the trailer for “Nigga Theory: A Brief Exploration” by USC Law Professor, Jody Armour 

Knowledge is power… Continue reading

L. A. Women’s Theatre Festival Presents ‘3rd Annual Solo Performer’ Empowerment Day (Video)

LAWTF women

*The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival (LAWTF) will present its 3rd Annual Solo Performer Empowerment Day in association with the Fremont Centre Theatre (FCT).

The event, which takes place on Saturday, August 29, from 9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m., will offer workshops and panels designed to empower and enhance the careers of solo performers in particular, with information that will benefit all performers. Continue reading

Watch: Brilliant CNN Video Shows Elementary Aged Kids Talking ‘Race’ and ‘Justice System’ (Powerful!)

kids discuss race in America with CNN host

*One of the greatest truths adults should address today may be the fact that they underestimate children. If we just take the time to sit and speak to them, not in childlike gibberish or using a disrespectful tone — but in a way that makes them feel that we “really want to know your thoughts on this” that would go such a long way. But it wouldn’t stop there. We would have to truly listen, because believe it or not, kids know when they are being bulls**ted. So you’d have to let them know that you heard them in your followup. Reiterate some of their points in a way that reaffirms you understand where they are coming from.

Such underrated dialogue could hold some valuable insights to many of the issues that seem to have now become so overwhelmingly complex in America.

Where is all of this coming from?

A CNN video done about a year ago (scroll down), around the time of Eric Garner‘s death, shows a reporter sitting down with a young group of school children to discuss issues in the news at the time: Grand jury’s, the police and unarmed Black men. Continue reading

Once Homeless and Alone in New York, Man Receives Yale Scholarship

Wellington Mackey proves down isn't always out, receives  Scholarship to Ivy League School
Wellington Mackey proves down isn’t always out, receives Scholarship to Ivy League School

It is stories such as this that I hope will inspire all who are suffering at this junction in their life’s’ journey. I hope it will make us  realize that down doesn’t necessarily mean out; That even in the worst of times, tomorrow can change the course of your life, without warning. I hope it really let’s you know that Hope is not just a word that is reserved for everyone but you.

Wellington Mackey is a good example of this. After being evicted from his apartment in the Bronx, New York, in January 2003, his life was the closest thing to a living hell.

But now, 13 years later, all of this has changed. Continue reading