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Girls Want to Join the Boys Scouts of America


*A group of girls in Santa Rosa, California have found the Girl Scouts of America to be lacking in providing the types of experiences they’d like to have. Instead of working to change the group’s curriculum, they’ve opted to petition the Boy Scouts to let them in.

“I want to be a Boy Scout,” said Allie Westover, 13. She made the statement to a panel of male representatives as she dropped off her scout application, as did her sister, Skyler, and three friends, Ella Jacobs, Daphne Mortenson and Taylor Alcozer.

They’ve named themselves the Unicorns and want to formally join the Boy Scouts of America, a organization that has positioned themselves as a male-only club since 1910.  None of the girls want to be boys — they just want to learn and play like them.

“Because we’re girls we can’t participate with boys?” said Ella, 10. “When we get into the real world, we’re going to have to work with other people who are, like, not just girls.”

Ella makes a compelling case. But she and her friends face an uphill battle. For one thing Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination by sex, exempts the Boy Scouts and allows them to exclude girl members.

Many have preceded the Unicorns in petitioning the Boy Scouts to admit girls, going back to the 1970s. All prior efforts have failed. “The conflict about admitting girls goes back even further than the conflict over admitting gays,” said Richard Ellis, a professor of politics at Willamette University and the author of the book “Judging the Boy Scouts of America.”

I’m on the fence on this one. Continue reading

Important Advice: What (And What Not) To Do If You Find Yourself in a Terrorist Attack Situation


**Good morning. I’m going start your day off with a ‘Sidebar.’ Generally, EURThisNthat will have some unbelievable, or heartbreaking news story up at the crack of dawn. Or something sensational. And there is plenty out there, believe me. But not today. You see that headline? Unfortunately, its not one of fiction. It’s very real. And if you are someone who still thinks it doesn’t apply to you, I have one question to ask you as my new BFF:

Our world has gotten a lot smaller over the past two weeks. Remember when people used to refer to six-degrees-of-separation? Well even that has changed.

Now its more like three.

Our world started getting smaller in 2001. Specifically on September 11. I recall it vividly because I had just returned from New York City the day before al-Qaeda terrorists carried out a series of four attacks that left thousands of people dead and changed the lives of families and friends forever.

Now, with the recent attacks on Paris, and other assaults, the UK National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (Nactso) has issued guidance on what we should and should not do if we find ourselves caught up in a terrorist attack. Continue reading

According to CDC, STD Cases Have Risen ‘At an Alarming Rate’


*The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just hit us with a whopping bit of bad news. New data says that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have increased at alarming rates and STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have increased for the first time since 2006.

This alarming news comes at the heels of people, young people especially, being careless when it comes to who they have sex with, sexual partners not being upfront about their health and not using protection.

According to the CDC, 1.4 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2014, which showed a 2.8% increase in cases from 2013, representing “the highest number of annual cases of any condition ever reported to CDC.” Gonorrhea and syphilis cases also went up. Continue reading

Daycare Workers Fired Because They Won’t Recognize 6-Year-Old Child As ‘Transgender’


*Madeline Kirksey has retained a lawyer after being terminated from her position as manager at the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center along with her co-worker, Akesha Wyatt. The women say they lost their jobs because the same-sex parents of a six-year-old girl, whose name was Sally on Friday, returned on Monday wanting to be called Johnny.

Not to make light of the situation, but it was like the lyrics to a Hall and Oates song that goes, “I can’t go for that. No, can do.”

But of course it was more than just a name. The center wanted the women to recognize the girl as a transgender boy.

And they refused. Continue reading

Did Yale Really Host A ‘White Girls Only’ Party…Uh, Yeah. They Did.

yale frat white girls only party

*While the frat house pictured above  leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department, at least standing against the backdrop of the beautiful Yale campus its part of, this is the frat house that black girls was turned away from when they tried to get their boogie on with everyone else over the Halloween weekend. The incident was put on blast by a freshman who was visiting the campus. She says it was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother who told a group of black girls headed inside, “No, we’re only looking for white girls.”

Close your mouth, there’s more.

Sofia Petros-Gouin had been visiting a friend at the campus and said she saw a stairway filled with people trying to get into the party, and a lone white guy standing on the steps was repeating, “White girls only.”

He then proceeded to only admit girls with blonde hair.

“I was shocked…I was disgusted,” said Petros-Gouin, who also added the black girls just left, looking startled. Continue reading

You Got Herpes? New Study Claims Just About Everyone Does


*Shocking headline, I know. But unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less possible. According to a new report from the World Health Organization, more than 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 — about 67 percent of the global population — are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Damn. That’s scary. And half of ’em probably don’t even know.

The Herpes simplex virus is highly contagious and there is still no cure. There is two different types of herpes. The aforementioned HSV-1 is of the mouth. People get blisters around their lips. They’ve been called “cold sores” or fever blisters and is said to primarily be transmitted by oral-to-oral contact.

“Most people contract the virus when they’re kids,” CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips said. “It usually lies dormant in the system. It’s incurable. You never get rid of it but it lies dormant most of the time. Every now and again people have outbreaks and that’s when you can see the blisters.”

According to Phillips, there is no one thing that causes an outbreak, because they vary per individual. But stress has been identified as a major trigger. Continue reading

Set Your DVR: CBS Broadcasts Special on Sao Jose Slave Ship on Sunday, November 1

Scott Pelley, CBS News
Scott Pelley, CBS News

On Sunday, November 1, “CBS 60 Minutes” will air a special segment on the São José slave ship The ship was carrying in excess of 400 enslaved Africans from Mozambique to Brazil before it sank off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1794.

But objects from the shipwrecked site, which has been undergoing excavation driven by the Slave Works Project (SWP), surfaced just this year, and will be on display at the Museum for African American History and Culture, currently being built in Washington, D. C.

Scott Pelley, an Anchor and Managing Editor at CBS News traveled to Mozambique Island in East Africa with Lonnie Bunch, the Director of the Smithsonian African American Museum.

In his article on the CBS News website, “Inside A Sunken Slave Ship,  Pelley walks the path that the slaves walked, as he speaks with Bunch. At one point during their walk, Pelley asks the director, “What does the black man see, that I can’t see?” Continue reading

Seniors…’Old’ Seniors…Learning the Internet…#Priceless! (Watch)

cyber senior

*Let’s ‘go there’ for a moment.

Because truth be told, if any of us are fortunate enough to get to the age of these seniors, well…We know when the word ‘senior’ is mentioned in society today; and we look over at our fab-looking 60-something year old African American mom, its easy to get it twisted. Most seniors don’t look like her.

So you have to think back to her mom.

Although she probably looked good in her “Sunset Years” too, THAT’S the age we are talking about in the headline!

Which makes the act of them learning about computers and the Internet at this stage, well…priceless.

The official trailer for the “Cyber Seniors Documentary” (Scroll down) brings it all home, too. It tells the story about how they are trying to bridge the gap between our elderly and younger generation age group, and kind of include them in today’s world in a greater, more communicative way.

Just listen to some of the comments made by the seniors. You can’t help but put a hand on your heart (and tear up) at the cuteness of it all. One old woman who asks in the beginning: “Could you explain a bit about this face…er…” the teacher helps her out and says “Facebook.”

The woman confirms and continues, “Something! And you having to ‘be a friend?'”

Priceless. Continue reading