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Health & Fitness Expert, Gloria Kamil, Releases New Cookbook “Gloria’s One Dish Recipes”

Gloria Kamil Photo in Kitchen
(OAKLAND, CA – January 22, 2015) – Health and fitness expert Gloria Kamil, has released her new cookbook ” Gloria’s One Dish Recipes,” and is taking eating healthy to a new level.  The book is a must have for those who want to eat healthy, gain control over their time, waistline and the health of themselves and their families.  With over 40 simple to follow healthy and soulful recipes, Gloria’s One Dish Recipes reveals a glimpse into the super healthy guru’s eating philosophies.

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Police in Kenya Tear-gas Primary School Children Who Protest to Save Their Playground

KENYAN children teargassed

*Its a rare thing to hear about children protesting about anything. We don’t really give them credit for being wise enough to know about such things.

But on Monday children in Nairobi, Kenya took a stand to protect their school’s playground, which was said to be confiscated by a powerful politician. But as they protested the take, Kenyan police tear-gassed them. This according to what a a Kenyan human rights activist told the Associated Press.

The Langata Road Primary School students, said to be between six and 13 years of age, were front and center among those pulling down a wall that had been put in place around the playground that was acquired by a private developer said to be a powerful politician, said Boniface Mwangi. Continue reading

An ‘ER Doctor’ Explains 5 Scary Secrets About Hospital Emergency Rooms


*We’ve all heard ‘em, the blaring sound of ambulance sirens rushing through the streets. At one time or another we have probably been the driver caught in the middle of an oncoming brigade of fire trucks, police cars and ambulances rushing towards us and we are momentarily consumed with fear as we frantically try to get out of the way.

So once they reach their destination, the emergency room, and the worried families sit outside in the waiting room with baited breath wondering what will become of their loved one, those white swinging doors close and a series of medical professionals take over.

What’s happening in there…really?

One ER doctor decides to open up and let us know 5 Terrifying Secrets about hospital emergency rooms.

Hold on.

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Want to Know How Easy It Is to Steal Your Identity from a ‘Selfie’? This Hacker Tells You!

Identity Theft, hackers

*After you read this article, you may think twice before snapping that selfie.

According to  the biggest hacker group in Germany, the Chaos Computer Club, its really easy for someone to break through the four most common types of computer protection and steal your identity.

“Starbug” – the mysterious keynote speaker at a cybersecurity conference in Hamburg last month, showed up in a black hoodie with the word “terrorist” emblazoned across the front to demonstrate how unsecured our computers and cellphones really are, despite all the efforts that go into creating passwords, lock codes, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems or even iris scanners.

As Starbug demonstrated, a hacker doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the victim to swipe their information. Continue reading

So You Got New Electronic Devices for Christmas, Be Careful How You Discard Your Old Stuff

Tech, old stuff

*Hey, we’ve all been in this position: You just got a brand new TV for Christmas, and you want to get rid of the old one. Get it outta here is all you’re thinking about. But although it can be pretty temping to just toss your aging TV, iPhone 4S or Xbox 360 in the trash like regular garbage, it’s really the absolute last thing you should do.


Because your old electronics are full of toxic matter and if it makes it to a landfill, all the arsenic, lead, and cadmium goes with it. And from any angle, that would not be good. If those materials make it into landfills, they can potentially leak into our ecosystem, damaging plant and animal life and potentially impacting our food supply.

Aside from the green argument, there’s another good reason not to toss your old tech: Remember you’ve stored your passwords, bank info and other personal information over the years. Its safe there. If you throw away that old computer, there’s no telling whose hands your stuff might end up in. Continue reading

Hey White Southerners: New Study Says You’re ‘Blacker’ Than You Think!

southern girls

*Get the conniption meds ready because many a white southerner may be getting ready to have one! A new study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics had researchers using ancestry data that was compiled by 23and Me, a commercial genetic testing company, to measure the percentage of African ancestry of people who self-identified as white.

Got those meds ready?

As it turns out, self-identified white people who live in the South have the highest concentrations of African DNA.

In South Carolina and Louisiana — the states shaded the darkest green on the map below — researchers found 2 percent African ancestry in one out of every 20 people who called themselves white. Add to this, in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to have African DNA.

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Principal Loses Title for Spelling School Sign Wrong! (Look!)

public school misspelled sign

*Talk about the writing being on the wall! Literally. A New Jersey public school principal was demoted last week, after a misspelled sign caught the eye of parents and a board member, who put it up on social media, which took it viral.

And we’re not talking a insie, weesie error. We’re talking a whopper. And did I mention it happened TWICE!

Just look at the photo above, where the word December is misspelled “Dicember” and the word report is written as “reepor.” And I’m sorry, it hurts even worse to know that the principal was a woman! Continue reading

UM Sorority Sister Includes Racial Slur on ‘Suck’ Cake and Posts to Instagram

Delta Gamma

*Ah college. Those of us who attended can probably recall doing some pretty dumb stuff – especially if we lived on campus – where we had more freedom from prying eyes. And some who went on to become members of Sororities, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. The pranks you were forced to participate in? Some of which you initiated…do you now look back and say, “Dang, I actually did that?

Yeah. Ya did. But you probably weren’t dumb enough to post it on social media.

Yet from any angle the sorority sister in this story can’t blame her actions on a prank she was forced into.

Nope, this piece of work was all hers. It was her decision to come up with what she wanted on her birthday cake.

And it was her decision to post the finished product on social media; where, unfortunately, if you are an institution, the actions of one member can serve as a reflection on the entire organization.

According to The Baltimore Sun the University of Maryland, Delta Gamma chapter is in some deep doo-do after social media picked up a recent Instagram where one of its members is all smiles standing next to her three-layer 21st-birthday-cake; inscribed with the message, “suck a ni*ga d**k”

You know we got the picture below, don’tcha?

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