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Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word (Listen to Interview with Creator, Kyle D. Bowser)


*Santa Monica, CA, September 23, 2016 – The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica presents Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word a one-of-a-kind interactive event on October 17 at 7:30pm.  Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word, is an original fusion of dramatized litigation, deliberation and audience participation, which explores both sides of a very polarizing topic: the use of the “N-Word.”

PBS’ Tavis Smiley said, “I firmly believe dialogue is a device that greatly increases opportunity to reach understanding, appreciation, and respect.  In short, words have power.  Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word focuses on such an issue, as it probes the multiplicity of perspectives surrounding our nation’s most provocative word.  This impactful production presents opposing perspectives and a constructive forum for articulation, consideration, and rebuttal.”

In Trial by Jury: The Case of The N-Word, Tiffany Johnson, a 9-year-old girl learns the “N-Word” during a Black History Month lesson. The school’s choice to include the word in its elementary curriculum disturbs her parents, who had taken precautions to shield her from this epithet.

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New Psychology Spot Research Says Mama Gave You Those Smarts (Video)


*Ooowee! I just KNEW researchers would catch up to this truth one day! But of course, as a mother, I may be biased. According to a Psychology Spot feature, it is now suggested that the genes that determine our intellect comes from our mothers.

That’s all you need to know! But for the sake of argument, I’ll continue.

Up until now it was ASSUMED that intelligence came from both parents. Yep! ‘Cause I admit to inheriting my dad’s stubborn determination and my mom’s fearlessness!

But now, researchers break it down to a mother’s double set of XX chromosomes versus the one that dad hosts. Continue reading

White Men at Washington’s American University Throw Rotten Bananas at Black Women


*It seems ignorant white men are still seeking new ways to curb their sexual desire for Black women. To them I ask: How’s that working out for ya, fellas?

Whereas ‘back in the day’ they saw fit to humiliate Black men in front of their women; and rape those women as part of the ordeal, the tactic being used now is throw rotten bananas at ’em.

This is what Black female students are going through at American University in Washington, D. C.

Several women have come forward to report the incidents.

“I called my grandma up, and she said she went through the same thing, 40, 50-plus years ago,” says Jada Bell, the Black Student Alliance’s outreach coordinator while speaking with Buzzfeed about the current harassment she and other Black women are facing from white men on the school’s campus.

“Black women are under threat on campus — they are being used as target practice.”

“We’re literally being attacked and assaulted on campus, and there’s nothing being done about it by the administration,” she said. Continue reading

Yes, KSU Student WAS Disciplined for ‘That Snapchat Photo’…School Says ‘Buh-Bye’ (Watch)


*Paige Shoemaker may have gotten a little too comfortable with her white privilege. Perhaps in her case, here at Kansas State University at least, it just expired. The blonde, blue-eyed student who says her diverse group of friends at school knows she is the “least racist” person claims “no one in our group was offended” by the photo of her and a friend on Snapchat.

KSU apparently decided they don’t need that kind of attention and has since kicked the girl to the proverbial curb.

In the event you don’t speak that language: Shoemaker has been kicked out of school. She is no longer enrolled. The school has said, Buh-bye! Continue reading

Pastor Tells HS Crowd to Stand for National Anthem or Get Shot


*By now, we should all be use to nut cases who try to use scripture to justify the ills of man.  Slavery, the oppression of women, homophobia…I always say:  if you want a scripture to justify what you want to think, you can find one…or twist one…to suit your needs.

But I’ll be damned if self-described men of the cloth aren’t just spouting off whatever they want to say, with or without any scriptural support!   And those on the mental edge have been pushed over it by Colin Kaepernick and his awesome protest of racial injustice.  

The pastor of Sweet Home Baptist Church in Alabama, who moonlights as an announcer at McKenzie High School football games — or maybe it’s the other way around — told a crowd Friday night to rise for the national anthem…or get shot.  

“If you don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take a few shots AT you since they’re taking shots FOR you,” Pastor Allen Joyner said before the game, according to an (of course) now deleted Facebook post.

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3x Emmy Award Winner Teaches Makeup Workshop for LGBT & Women on Sept. 17


My goal is to share with you my expertise, and all the knowledge that I have been given; to boost that added edge so you can make wiser purchases by noticing which products work best to enhance your existing beauty. Accentuating your assets and minimizing your liabilities do this.

First you must look in the mirror and embrace the face that is looking back at you, looking deep inside and realizing just how unique, beautiful and exceptional you truly are is important for you to realize! Continue reading

Zariah Muhammad , 6, Shot Last Month, Starts School Wearing ‘All Smiles’ (Watch)

Zariah Muhammad

*With the deepest gratitude, her life was spared. And not even a bullet to the head of 6-year-old Zariah Muhammad, dimmed the smile on her face as she set out to school on Tuesday. She’s so very excited. And speaking with the media you would not even know that her summer was scarred by the horror of being shot in the head, point blank, as she and her uncle played outside.

The two were throwing water balloons outside of Park Manor last month when a man walked up to them and opened fire. Little Zariah was struck in the head and spent three days in the hospital due to a fractured skull.

Sadly, her uncle,  22-year-old Davis McCray, didn’t make it.

Zariah’s mother is trying to hold it all together, but she is still struggling to get her family back to some sense of normalcy. Continue reading

82-year-old Grandpa Starts the Fall Semester at College…with his Granddaughter


*My 77-year-old mother never finished college, and she says that decision is one of her biggest regrets. She went back briefly in the 1990s (GOD that sounds like it was a long time ago!), but dropped out again after just a day or two (I’m not exaggerating), telling herself that, at 50-something, it was too late.

I love Mom dearly, and she sacrificed a lot to help raise her children.  But for decades she has bought into the ridiculous notion that she’s too old to go back to school.  Throughout those same decades, my siblings and I have tried to convince her that it’s never too late to pursue a dream.

Maybe we need to ask Rene Neira, 82, to give her a call.  He just started the new semester at Palo Alto College — with his 18 year old granddaughter.  

The octogenarian is just a class away from earning his associate’s degree in economics.  His granddaughter, Melanie Salazar, has just started her studies at the San Antonio, Texas community college.

“Grandpa and I are very close,” Salazar said.  “I like to say he’s my best friend and it’s great to have him here with me.”

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