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African American Sheriff Says Black Single Mothers Are the Cause of Brotha’s Police Issues

Sheriff David Clarke
Sheriff David Clarke

*OK, either this sheriff is looking for some attention; has lost his mind or has dunked too many donuts in his coffee. He actually (and probably with a straight face) claims  that when it comes to African American men being gunned down by the cops – its not the cops who you should blame, but the women who raised them.

His name is David Clarke, and he serves as sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin. On Tuesday he said that the NAACP is wrong to blame police officers, when they should be looking a lot closer to home.

When a body camera video showed Terrance Walker  being fatally shot by an Oklahoma officer after the suspect appeared to have dropped a gun, Tulsa NAACP chapter President Pleas Thompson told KTUL that the shooting was part of a “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality, but Clarke was adamant about his opposing position and in one television interview, even called the oldest civil rights organization “irrelevant.”

“This once proud organization that was a force for good has relegated itself into irrelevancy, and I challenge anybody to name the last significant accomplishment that the NAACP has achieved in the United States for people of color,” Clarke asserted. “This organization has become nothing more than a political propaganda entity for the left,” he told “Fox and Friends” during a television appearance.


Clarke says it’s time to start a conversation about the behavior of young black men, not police officers.

“The discussion we need to be having and the NAACP can lead it — stay off the police — is why is the stuff happening, and what are we going to do about it,” he continued. “The number one cause of this is father-absent homes. So what are we going to do in terms of having more effective parenting, more role modeling, more engaged fathers in the lives of these young black men so that we don’t have this behavior.”

When a Fox News host informed Clarke that the mother of the deceased didn’t think the police had to shoot her son, Clarke smirked as he questioned whether the father had weighed in on the issue.

“Well, what did his dad say?” Clarke laughed. “You know, we always hear what his mom says. You know, look, mom loves her son, we all get that. But shoot first and ask questions later — anytime a law enforcement officer is in a situation where a gun is introduced by a suspect, yeah, it’s shoot first, stop the threat, and then ask questions later.”

Generalizations such as the one implied in Clarke’s judgement posed as a question shows major disrespect for father’s such as those of teens like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. Both of whom were killed by vigilantes as opposed to police, and had active fathers in their lives. And, as Naturally Moi  further points out, after 12 year old Tamir Rice was gunned down by Cleveland police, his father was among the first to speak out on his son’s death.


Woman Gets 2 Years in Prison ‘Cause She Poured Hot Bacon Grease on Ex-Boyfriend

Shiree Franklin


*Dang, as if being burned by a pot of hot grits isn’t frightening enough (Wink. Wink. Its a think back thing), an Oregon woman will now serve time in prison for admittedly throwing hot bacon grease on an ex-boyfriend. This, while he was sleeping.

That’s one helluva way to wake somebody up. Sends this body into spasms just thinking about it. 

Defense attorney Brian Schmonsees said this about the thought of his client, Shiree Franklin, being in prison, “I’m not particularly happy about it. It’s going to put a good woman in prison.”

Well, I guess he had to say something. Continue reading

Atlanta Mom Who’d Holler, ‘I’m Blessed’ — Kills Self and Her Three Children in Murder-Suicide

mother kills self and children, cop car

*Neighbors said they noticed a lack of noise coming from the apartment and now they know why. The bodies of a woman identified as Kisha Holmes and three children ranging in age from 9 months to 10 years old was discovered in a suburban Atlanta apartment on Tuesday. Authorities believe it was a murder-suicide carried out by the mother.

Continue reading

Watch: Minn. Cops Sworn In, Then Shot in City Hall Before Gunman Killed

chamber members, cops shot

*A gunman has been killed after opening fire on two police officers moments after they were sworn in at a ceremony in a Minneapolis suburb on Monday, officials said. The suspect was shot dead in the New Hope, Minnesota City Hall, according to what Chief Deputy Mike Carlson of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department told reporters. The officers were in good condition and were expected to survive, he said.

Some of the incident was captured by cameras inside the council chamber, as an off-camera council member is heard warning, “Get down, get down. Everybody get down.” Continue reading

Uh Oh! Cop Shoves Black Man in Wheelchair into the Street…And its Caught On Camera!


*You get the feeling every police officer out there dreads the fact that the all-seeing-eye of a camera has come into existence. Add to that, the “everyday Joe” can capture them doing just about anything, and there’s nothing the police can do about it. Offenses that may have been one persons’ word against the officer’s in the past, now take on a whole new dimension. For example, it will be interesting to hear the story that a San Francisco police officer comes up with, to justify why he shoved a man in a wheelchair into the street. Continue reading

Walmart: Settlement Reached With Family of Comedian Killed in Tracy Morgan Car Crash


According to The Associated Press, Walmart has reached a wrongful death settlement with  the family of a comedian killed in the New Jersey Turnpike crash that seriously injured Tracy Morgan last summer.

Walmart and the estate of James McNair settled out-of-court. The settlement is the first since the June 7 crash where a Wal-Mart truck ran into the limo that carried Morgan and others home from a show in Delaware. Continue reading

McDonald’s Being Sued By Former Employees For Racial & Sexual Harassment



*Looks like a group of former McDonald’s employees didn’t have it their way while they worked at the franchise. So their suing the restaurant for racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

But they’re also taking it a step further and actually naming the fast-food giant as a defendant in the suit.

The 10 plaintiffs — nine of whom are African-American, and one, Hispanic, claim that white employees were hired in their place after they were wrongfully fired last year. The plaintiffs say their managers at the various stores believed there had been “too many black people [working] in the store.” The lawsuit (viewable here) alleges that women were harassed and groped and that minorities were subjected to racist taunts. It also claims that managers referred to one restaurant as “the ghetto store.” Continue reading

Police in Kenya Tear-gas Primary School Children Who Protest to Save Their Playground

KENYAN children teargassed

*Its a rare thing to hear about children protesting about anything. We don’t really give them credit for being wise enough to know about such things.

But on Monday children in Nairobi, Kenya took a stand to protect their school’s playground, which was said to be confiscated by a powerful politician. But as they protested the take, Kenyan police tear-gassed them. This according to what a a Kenyan human rights activist told the Associated Press.

The Langata Road Primary School students, said to be between six and 13 years of age, were front and center among those pulling down a wall that had been put in place around the playground that was acquired by a private developer said to be a powerful politician, said Boniface Mwangi. Continue reading