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Chicago Cop Fatally Shoots Teen, Then Sues His Family


*As if the public needs one more example of somebody who knows they are dead wrong, trying to divert attention from that fact.

Talk about trying to insult our intelligence.

Robert Rialmo, the white police officer from Chicago who fatally and intentionally shot and killed a black 19-year-old college student — and “accidentally” killed a neighbor, is working overtime to turn the tables on his crime.

He has filed a lawsuit against the dead teen’s estate.

His defense?

He has been traumatized by the murders he committed.

I’ll stop here and allow that to sink in for a sec.

Now, either this dude is the dumbest human on the planet, or this is how it looks when you OD on the white privilege kool-aid. Continue reading

Father Didn’t Want to Pay $600 Child Support, Killed Mother and Daughter Instead

Father murders mother and daughter, child support

*As I write this, its incomprehensible to me, the degree of hate that would have to consume a person who would do such a thing as murder their own child, along with her mother, because he was ordered to pay $600 in child support.

But it is exactly what Daron Maurice Boswell-Johnson of District Heights, Md. did. And on Wednesday, he was arrested.

NeShanté Davis and her 2-year-old little girl, Chloe, were found in the parking lot outside of their home.

Little Chloe was still in her car seat when the police arrived. Her mother, just outside of the car. Continue reading

Watch: Woman Gets Mugged Visiting Husband at Cemetery, Then This Happened…

photo (2)
Screen shot of man who robbed elderly lady in cemetery.

*Think you know how low someone can go? Well you haven’t met this guy.

This is not a NEW story, but some stories are worth bringing back; if only to serve as a reminder that YOU ARE NOT SAFE ANYWHERE!

My apologies if this is not something you wanted to hear as you sip on your morning coffee or herb tea.

Tona Herndon, 78, had lost her beloved of 60-years only two weeks ago in 2013 and as she was visiting him at the cemetery she got mugged.

CBS “On The Road” told her story. Hearndon, who lives in Bethany, Oklahoma, told the media she didn’t even know what was happening until she was halfway in the car.

But that’s not even the story, THIS is…

The mugger was caught soon after. Police put his mugshot online and he was instantly identified by none other than…

HIS 15-YEAR-OLD SON!!! Continue reading

DNAChicago Reveals Cops Bust Dashcam Mics Intentionally


*Ever wonder why there was no audio to go along with the video dashcam that showed Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke shooting and killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald on October 20, 2014?

That’s because a recent report revealed that more often than not, microphones were stashed in the glove compartments of squad cars; batteries were pulled out and antennas were busted. According to DNAinfo Chicago, sometimes dash-cam systems didn’t have any microphones at all.

Last month police officials blamed the absence of audio in 80 percent of dashcam videos on officer error and “intentional destruction.”

That’s a LOT of covering up.

DNAinfo Chicago reviewed more than 1,800 police maintenance logs, and uncovered info on the whole “no-sound syndrome” that plagues the Police Department videos — including the notorious case surrounding what became known as the first-degree murder of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke. Continue reading

Quincy, IL Man Shot in Chest, Nonchalantly Shows His ‘Petty Wound’ (Watch)


*You know how sometimes the craziest thoughts go through your head? I always laugh and say I am so glad people can’t read my mind because, well, as Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy, I’d have a “lot of splainin’ to do.”

But I bring this up because I think about things like, when you die, like seconds after you die and you’re kind of in-between this life and that other place; and you are still aware of “here” even though you are “there” what must you be thinking? Do you wish you could let us–the folks crying and sh*t–know that “nah, it’s cool. Really. I’m good.”

Weird right? I know. And I can go deep, but I’ll spare you.

But the man in this video made me think of this because unlike many people who got shot in the chest of all places, he actually lived to tell the story. Dude not only lived, he rather nonchalantly walked up to the on-camera news woman, smoking a cigarette, and described how it all went down–before he showed us the wound.

Still puffing on that cigarette like there’s no tomorrow, Reyna Harvey from KHQA asks, “Sir, can you tell us what happened?”

The man, whose name is Devon, says:

“You know I’m in the room, chillin’ like I usually do. Drinkin’ and somebody shot right through my back window. Hit me in the chest. And I’m like sh*t, get my son out the room. I wasn’t even trippin’. It was like a little petty wound. I ain’t even trippin’ though.”

The newswoman asks to see the wound and he lifts up his sweatshirt. (Scroll down). Continue reading

FUI??? Pilot Charged With Flying While Under The Influence


*A few years ago, Denzel Washington played a pilot who was accused of flying a passenger airliner while drunk.

In a case of life imitating art, federal prosecutors in California have charged David Arntson, a 60-year-old former Alaska Airlines pilot, with flying a plane from Oregon to California after having too many alcoholic beverages. (In my opinion, one is too many if I am going to get on a plane with him behind the wheel.) He was arrested last week and charged with one felony count of operating a plane while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to federal prosecutors.

Arnison flew two flights on June 20, 2014. After the second flight landed in Orange County, California a random drug test registered his blood alcohol level of between 0.134 and 0.142 percent, prosecutors charge. A BAC of 0.08 percent is enough to get someone busted for DUY while driving on the ground.

“Those in command of passenger jets, or any other form of public transportation, have an obligation to serve the public in the safest and most responsible way possible,” U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker said in a statement. “We cannot and will not tolerate those who violate the trust of their passengers by endangering lives.”

Arnston was hired by Jet America in 1982 and flew with Alaska Airlines after Jet America was acquired by the company. He denies drinking any alcohol, according to the criminal complaint. The complaint also says he was removed from “safely-sensitive duties” the day of the positive test and later retired.

If convicted, Arnston could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. Continue reading

Ex-Cop Accused of Sexing His 15-Year-Old Niece


*Cops are people too. But some cops are animals. Human-animals. Not the honorable K-9 type. Some cops are beasts. And not then kind we salute because of their endurance and stamina. Some cops are monsters. While wearing a badge and swearing to vows that ask them to honor the position bestowed upon them and protect their fellow man, some cops are having sex with minors on the trunk of their squad car. Some cops get off duty, go to the home they share with a wife and children; and when they’re asleep they call a niece over to the house under the auspices of watching “Family Guy,” and then proceed to get touchy-feely with that family member — in places they know damn well they shouldn’t.

Oh wait! I’m not talking about some cops…I’m speaking of one cop in particular.

Troy Estree – the Emmett Township, Michigan cop who has been accused of raping and having an ongoing sexual relationship with his 15-year-old niece — who said she was a virgin before then, by the way.

That niece described everything her 46-year-old “uncle” did to her in court.

Even the part where he gave her Herpes.

The niece even tried to protect uncle Estree at first; telling a therapist a story about “a friend” who was “having sex with an older man.”

Estree shares the home where he sexed his niece up with his wife and kids. Add to this he was still a cop when he raped her. And was only fired once the crime was revealed.

The teen says that in addition to her uncle having sex with her at his family home, they also had sex together on a park bench and on the trunk of his car while he was on duty and in uniform, according to the Daily Mail. Continue reading

Man Shoots and Kills Woman Who Declined His Advances

woman killed declining mans advances

*This extremely sad article reopens the conversation about the need for more strict laws on gun control. Simply put: firearms are in the hands of too many of the wrong people. Teens are killing and being killed in the whole gang-war issue; guns are being used in home invasions; people are choosing to end their lives using this method; and now, a man who obviously felt his masculinity had been compromised or his ego bruised after a woman in a bar declined his advances, tracked her down, and shot and killed her.

All of these scenarios had one thing in common: A GUN.

The woman, 29-year-old Janese Talton-Jackson, a mother of two, was found lying in the street on North Lang Avenue at approximately 2 a.m. A shooting in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh had been reported and police took 41-year-old Charles McKinney into custody soon after.

WTAE reports that McKinney approached the woman at Cliff’s Bar, but Talton-Jackson wasn’t interested and declined the approach. It was then that McKinney followed the woman outside of the bar and shot her in the chest. Continue reading