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Man Sues Date For His $17.31 Movie Ticket…Because She Was Texting During Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Put your phone down, sweet thing, or you just might get sued.
Put your phone down, sweet thing, or you just might get sued.

*The man I’m about to tell you about and I are soulmates.  Brothers from another mother.  We share a pet peeve:  folks texting during a movie.

But my boy has taken his frustration about the rude, increasingly more common practice to the next level!

Brandon Vezmar, 37, took a first date to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.  According to his lawsuit — yes, he’s suing her! — his date started texting about 15 minutes into the movie.

Vezmar wasn’t having it.  Not for a single moment.

“This is…one of my biggest pet peeves,” Vezmar said.  “It was kind of a first date from hell.”

Vezmar claims that the woman “activated her phone at least 10-20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages.”  He also claims that his date ignored his requests to stop texting during the show.

“I said, ‘Listen, your texting is driving me a little nuts’ and she said ‘I can’t not text my friend'” he said.  “I said ‘maybe you can take it outside to the lobby, I’ve seen people get kicked out movies for this.'”

Vezmar says the woman left the theatre and never came back, leaving him stranded as they’d driven to the theatre in her car.

So Vezmar is suing his date, for the $17.31 price of his 3D movie ticket. Continue reading

Gay Outside the USA: Whoa! Two Gay Men in Indonesia Sentenced to ‘Public Caning’


*This country may still have a lot to learn when it comes to getting over homophobic behaviors. Many LGBTQ individuals and couples continue to take and/or lose their lives because of the way society as a whole treats them. Yet even with that said, imagine living in a place where you are charged and sentenced just because of your sexual preference?

Hey, we know this happens around the globe, outside of the USA. I have even met and spoken with men who left their homeland so that they could openly love one another, and still, it shocks the sh*t out of some of us when we actually hear these stories or see them in print.

The mere act of such punishment against “the crime” seems illegal.

Two men, discovered to be a gay couple living together in Indonesia was recently sentenced to a “public caning” because they had sex with one another. The sentence was handed down by a Shariah court.

Neighborhood vigilantes had “suspected” their relationship, and actually broke into a room they were renting in late March as they were being intimate. 

Excuse me, but I still can’t wrap my brain around why what anyone else is doing — or in this case, who they are doing, outside of an act of pedophilia or something of that nature, is anybody else’s damn business.

How ’bout we start there!

Continue reading

White Man Who Punched Black Female Security Guard in Face Turns Himself In (Watch)

Zoa Stigler
Zoa Stigler

*All anyone who saw the video of a white man punching a Black female security guard in the face could do was gasp. The incident was caught on surveillance video. It really wasn’t clear what was going on as there is no sound, but you could see a Black female security guard apparently speaking to someone who was a part of a group of about four people.

The people look as if they are about to leave. One man, wearing a cap, who was just standing at a table all of a sudden grabs a bottle of water and begins to stroll towards the security guard. With no warning whatsoever, he throws the water at her. She appears to say something to him but he hauls off and straight up punches her in the face. He, and the group of people, then simply walk away. (Scroll down for the shocking video).

The security guard, stunned by pain and disoriented, stumbles for a few seconds before opening a set of glass doors and disappearing inside.

An alert was put out on social media (I jumped on board and posted it on my private page, too) for someone to help ID the man.

We are learning more now.

UPDATE: The man responsible for punching Zoa Stigler outside of a River North condo in Chicago was obviously struck by his own conscience…

On Tuesday he turned himself in. Continue reading

Proposed Sandra Bland Bill Now ‘Watered Down’ — More Mental Health, Less Officer Training

Sandra Bland, courtesy of her family
Sandra Bland, courtesy of her family

*July 13 will mark two years since the death of the woman whose racial profiling incident sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. Sandra Bland was 28-years-old when a police officer in Texas Waller County pulled her over for not signaling a lane change. Something that would — or dare I say, should — under normal circumstances, have resulted in a fine or even a warning, escalated into a major event that would ultimately turn fatal. Little reminder is needed as we recall the horrific way that Bland was forcefully removed from her car by the cop because she wouldn’t extinguish her cigarette. Moreover, as seen on a recording by a dashcam video, she was threatened by an obviously short-tempered officer who pulled a stun gun or her and threatened, “I will light you up!”

Sandra Bland2

When the incident hit social media emotions ran high. But they reached a boiling point when Bland was discovered hung in her jail cell three days later and her death was ruled a suicide.

Adding insult to injury, the arresting officer, a state trooper named Brian T. Encinia, had attempted to justify the arrest by charging Bland with ‘assaulting a public servant.’ But thanks to the video, a perjury charge and subsequent trial held Encinia accountable and he was ultimately fired for the way he handled Bland’s arrest. Continue reading

Teen Beauty Complained of Sexual Harassment at Her School, They Hit Her Up With A ‘Silence Contract’

A Wilson

*Huh? You obviously read the headline. I’m not offended if you were puzzled. I had the same feelings writing it. Or should I say, rewriting it. You see, when I read about the response Alyssa Wilson’s school administrators had when she was brave enough to complain about the recent sexual harassment she had gone through, I was stopped in my tracks by their response.

Talk about blaming the victim.

Why the hell would they give a contract to Wilson?  No, what the hell is a CONTRACT doing in the mix anyway?

“There is no way a contract is going to help me and keep me safe, or the other girls that attend Las Vegas High School,” Wilson told Yahoo Beauty via Twitter when messaging about the incident. “There needs to be more actions done than just a piece of paper.”

Previous to the Yahoo Beauty followup, Wilson had made her feelings known by posting this photo and comment on her page.

“So you get sexually harassed at school and all you get is a contract????” Continue reading

Watch: Elderly Woman Thrown Into Pool At Teen Party in Florida…Teen Turns Himself In to Police


*Disrespect doesn’t look any clearer than this. About a hundred or more teens, the majority of whom appear to be Black, attended a pool party in Florida. It’s not too difficult to assume that the music was most likely loud; nor is it unlikely that a neighbor would come over to ask if it can be turned down.

That’s being nice because in my day, the cops would just show up at the door.

Enter Nancy James, a 68-year-old white woman who walks with a limp. She is somewhat associated with the property and is said to have come over not to end the party, but to ask if the DJ could turn the music down. 

Things didn’t go well, and there’s a video to prove it. Continue reading

James Oakley, Texas Judge, Forced to Take Race Sensitivity Training

Judge James Oakley
Judge James Oakley

*Texas Judge James Oakley, who couldn’t hold his racist tongue long enough to post a message on social media, has been reprimanded and sent to a sensitivity training class on race. Sitting on the seat for the case of Otis Tyrone McKane, a Black man accused of killing Benjamin Marconi (no race mentioned, but seriously, will it take a rocket scientist to guess?) as he sat in his patrol car writing a traffic ticket, the judge posted on social media that it was time for “a tree and a rope.”

When confronted about the post Oakley attributed it to his personal feelings that the killing “should qualify for the death penalty.” He said it had nothing to do with race. Then, it what can only be seen as an attempt to be cute, he added, “Maybe I watched too many Westerns when I was little.”

Yeah, Black folk had a real problem with John Wayne too. Continue reading

New Drug Circulating in Metro Atlanta Said to Kill Upon Touch!


*Would we really be that shocked to learn that inhaling a small amount of a powerful drug could end up being fatal? Probably not. But to learn that this same drug could KILL YOU just by TOUCHING it? Whoa, hold the phone! The Georgia Bureau of Investigation put out a statement warning residents in Georgia about a number of deaths that have been linked to a new drug making the rounds in the Metro Atlanta area.

The drug is said to be a synthetic opioid called Furanyl Fentanyl,

Last January, the GBI and Gwinnett Country Sheriff’s office did a surprise raid on a pill factory and found a batch of the stuff. According to Black Time Travel, upwards of 10 kilos of powder and pills was seized by officers — and all were labeled as oxycodone, but upon further investigation, the substance inside was found to be Furanyl Fentanyl.  Continue reading