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Did New Orleans Police Really Ignore This Tourists’ Rape Claim? (Watch)

NOPD, Woman says ignored rape claim

*A woman is claiming that police in New Orleans have ignored her claim that she was raped in her room by a security guard. The unidentified woman, who made a tradition 3 years ago to visit New Orleans with her husband, says the rape occurred after her husband left their French Quarters hotel room.

The woman says that despite all the evidence in the room that prove her claims, the police detective said the sex was consensual and refused to follow up on the case. Continue reading

Is It Fair to Sentence this Rapper to Life, Just Because of His Explicit Music?

Rapper may get life for making music
Brandon Duncan aka rapper Tiny Doo (shown on the left)

*I think we can agree that not every rapper makes the kind of music we’d be blasting from our stereo, but damn, if we start arresting them because of the content of the music they make, its safe to assume there will be a serious decline in the free population. Just look at the case of rapper Tiny Doo, whose album – No Safety – may very well put him behind bars…

For life.

Born Brandon Duncan , he made a mix tape that the San Diego County District Attorney’s office alleges is proof that he is an active member of a gang that orchestrated a series of shootings in California. A group of 14 men are currently awaiting trial for the attempted murders, and Duncan has been included in the bunch.

Why, because of his mix tape? Continue reading

Man Brings His ‘New Woman’ With Him to Serve Divorce Papers…Bad, Bad Move! (Watch)

Girlfriend Beatdown

*Well I just don’t know WHAT to think about this one. And I would sure appreciate your thoughts at the end.

We can understand when things don’t work out in a marriage, after a l-o-n-g while, you might start thinking about divorce. This was apparently the case with one couple – well, it was the case with the husband.

But here’s the thing. When he decided to let his wife in on the decision he had come to, which was to divorce her, he brought his new woman along to serve the divorce papers.

The wife went off…and kicked the new woman’s butt in the process. Continue reading

Mom of ‘Hot Car’ Babies Accused of Spending Donor Money on Boyfriend’s Rap Album

hot car mom, Shanesha Taylor

*Remember the woman who got sympathy from many after she was in court crying due to her arrest in Arizona? She had been charged with leaving her young children in a hot car.

Many felt her pain, after it was revealed that she wasn’t just being irresponsible; she had no other options, and left her two children in the car as she attended a job interview.

Idaho Biology Teacher Kills & Skins Rabbit In Class to Prove A Point


*A biology teacher did the unthinkable in class recently. He decided to teach his students exactly how meat is processed; and how food gets to the table by slaughtering and skinning a rabbit in front of his 10th grade class.

The part time teacher (who also doubles as a farmer), is now facing disciplinary action. Continue reading

White Man Accused of Hate Crime Blames Obama for Making Blacks Think They Are ‘Special’

Continue reading

NYC Sued for 10M By Mom of Student Who Killed Herself After Found Cheating on Test

Omotayo Adeoye, 17
Omotayp Adeoye


*The mother of a 17-year-old Nigerian student who felt disgraced after she was discovered cheating on a high school exam and killed herself, is suing the city of New York because of it.

Mounsurat Adeoye is reportedly holding accountable, the high school that her daughter attended before she committed suicide. Adeoye filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of New York, according to LiveLeak.

Omotayo Adeoye (pictured) was a gifted student who attended the prestigious HS for Math, Science and Engineering.

When Omotayo died last May, she had been carrying a heavy load: taking advanced classes at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and waiting to hear if she had qualified for a ­National Achievement Scholarship for college. As one of four siblings, she is said to have had aspirations of becoming a doctor. Continue reading

Watch: Brawl on New York’s ‘F Train’ Goes Viral (Graphic Language)

The video ‘Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway’ shows a young woman with two female friends egging her on while she verbally abused the lanky man, wearing a leather 8 ball jacket and fur hat.

*Somebody apparently didn’t get the memo: Keep your opinions to your damn self!

Now, in a video that has garnered more than 2 million views since it went up three days ago, what initially began as a young woman taunting a man on the F-train in Greenwich Village turned into a major brawl on the train – leaving four people in handcuffs early Saturday, according to police video footage of the melee.

In a Youtube video posted this past Saturday, Danay Howard, 21, is seen being encouraged by friends as she taunts Jorge Pena, 25, over his sense of style (or not) on the uptown bound F train near W. 4th St. shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

Pena  is seen in the video wearing a red, white, and black 8 Ball leather jacket and a fur hat. At first, he does not appear insulted, and politely nods and smiles. But this is short-lived, and things soon turn ugly. Continue reading