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White House Now Involved in Petition to Extradite Dentist that Killed ‘Cecil the Lion’

RIP Cecil.
RIP Cecil.

*If you are taking the killing of Zimbabwe’s most famous big cat, Cecil, lightly (shame on you!) you are definitely in the minority. Animal lovers and activists alike are up in arms about it and mad as hell at Walt Palmer, the American dentist from Minnesota who bribed guides £35,000 to hunt (he first wounded him with a bow and arrow) and ultimately kill (and shot him dead 40 hours later) Cecil, just for sport.

Cecil’s decapitated, skinned body was found about half a mile out of Hwange National Park, after he had been lured out at night with bait. Animals are only allowed to be killed within the park during the day – and with a permit. Continue reading

LAPD Says #100days100nights: ‘Things Have Calmed Down’

100 days 100 nights photo


Allow me to agree with your skepticism and not get comfortable with any false sense of security such as that referred to in the headline. L.A.P.D. says things have calmed down in the alleged gang-related threat that promised to slaughter a hundred random people over the next 100 days.

Only thing is, and you’ve got to wonder, what is their statement based on? Well here’s your answer:

The past 5 days.

This piece is being written today, Thursday, July 30. And according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, “Deputy Chief Bill Scott said the LAPD’s 77th Street Division — the epicenter of this weekend’s violence — had not seen a gang-related shooting since Saturday night.”

Since Saturday, huh? You do the math. Continue reading

Raynetta Turner: Mother of Eight is Latest Victim in String of Black Female Jail Cell Deaths


*Here we go again.

And the absolute frightening thing about the fact that this is yet one more black woman found dead in her jail cell within only a few days of each other, is that this appears to be a trend. And as with any trend, after a while, it loses its significance.

And that’s pretty f*cked up.

AND WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN. It’s significant. And it’s going to remain important. The fact that African American women are mysteriously dying in jail demands our constant attention. And I’d say it gives black women (and those who support us) cause to be angry! No matter how inconvenient it may be to the so-called positive thinkers of the world; whose day it might be darkening. Or to those who criticize the websites for not writing more positive news. We want more positive news. But we can’t ignore THIS REALITY.


And though these “mysterious deaths” are not wished upon anyone; why do they only appear to be happening to African American women?

Raynetta Turner was a mother of eight. She was found dead in a Mount Vernon jail cell on Monday afternoon, two days after she was taken into custody on charges of shoplifting. She is the fifth Black woman this month to die while in police custody. Continue reading

Mother of Three Killed By Ex-Boyfriend-Baby-Daddy-Gang Member

Rosetta Ewell was gunned down in cold blood by her ex-boyfriend and father of two of her children
Rosetta Ewell was gunned down in cold blood by her ex-boyfriend and father of two of her children

*A pretty, young, Harlem mother of three had just dropped off one of her children before being approached by her ex-boyfriend, and murdered, in what police are calling an ‘ambush’. This pains us greatly. This senseless murder, amidst such a growing number of the same, is starting to appear as if there is no value whatsoever placed on human life.

It’s totally depressing, to say the least.

A video captured Rosetta Ewell, 30, at 9:04 a.m. Friday as she showed up with her 2-year-old daughter at Savoy Park, a building on W. 139th St. near Fifth Ave. Continue reading

Freedom Day Has Come for America’s Youngest Murderers, and A Happy Ending Too! (Video)

Catherine Jones and Curtis Jones were 12 and 13 when they went to prison in 1999. They are about to be released.
Catherine Jones and Curtis Jones were 12 and 13 when they went to prison in 1999. They are about to be released.

*I know. I know. I hate ‘that word’ MURDERERS in the title too. Especially after you see the bearers of it. 

But all of that aside, Catherine Jones and her brother Curtis were 13 and 12 consecutively, when they were tried as adults and convicted of second-degree murder in 1999 after shooting and killing their father’s girlfriend in a planned murder.

According to Florida Today, 29-year-old Curtis Jones walked out of prison a free man on Tuesday, after serving 18 years. And according to the same report the Florida Department of Corrections database shows his sister, Catherine, is scheduled to be released from Hernando Correctional Institution soon. Conflicting reports say either Aug. 1 or August 30.

She will be 30 years old. Continue reading

L.A. Gang Threatens to Kill 100 People in 100 Days (to Retaliate for Death of Homie)?

Gang actor

*WARNING: We hope this is only a rumor. It originated from a post on on July 25 and has since gone viral.

The post warns people to be safe because L. A. gang members have vowed to kill 100 people in 100 days and the threat is said to have been inspired by the killing of  [a] 27-year-old man on July 17; a death that sparked alarming hashtags such as #100days100nights and #PrayforLA on Twitter and other sites.

The post reads:

post on gangs

No one knows for sure if this is real or not. Some sites say it is; while “urban legends/rumor” site says it’s not.

But as crazy as people can be, its better to be safe than sorry so don’t make any unnecessary trips to new neighborhoods. Capeesh?

The rumor spawned reflections on numerous urban  legends about how gangs engage in ill-thought out games, contests, and initiations that end up with innocent, random people dead. And heated racial tensions along with a seemingly endless wave of profiling, police brutality and now, a growing number of mysterious jail-cell deaths, could very well be the trigger these gangs need to release a misguided boast like killing 100 people in 100 days. Continue reading

Chicago Police Tow Car With Deceased Bodies Inside…Public Raises Hell! (Watch)

Chicago street scene after car towed

*Wow. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Three people were shot up while sitting in an automobile in a Humboldt Park neighborhood in Chicago. Two of them were killed. That’s the injury part.

Now for the insult.

When Chicago police repo’d the car and towed it away, witnesses say they did so with the deceased bodies still inside. One of them said to be leaning from the window.

I’m just the messenger, I don’t make this sh*t up.

Chicago residents can be seen on the street in the video raising absolute hell as the incident unfolds before their eyes. James Hawthorne, aka ‘Jhustlecity’ recorded the incident, narrates the scene while doing so and on Sunday, uploaded it to YouTube.

He is the one who asks the question at the top of this article.

Continue reading

Ralkina Jones, 3rd African American Woman in Two Weeks to Die in Her Jail Cell

Ralkina Jones
Ralkina Jones

*Oh no, not again!

First Sandra, then Kindra, and now another woman has been found dead in her cell after being arrested and taken to jail. This time to the Cleveland Heights jail. This woman, whose name is Ralkina Jones, had been taken into custody for going to the workplace of her ex-husband and assaulting him.

She died in her jail cell bed over the weekend, police say. 

An autopsy was performed by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner on Monday and spokesman Chris Harris told HuffPost that “no suspicious injuries” to Jones’ body had been reported. But he also said this was inconclusive because “further studies” were being done to determine a cause of death. Continue reading