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George Stinney, Jr., Youngest Person Ever Executed, Exonerated 70 Years Later By SC Judge (Impressed Much?)

George Stinney, Jr. in undated photo
We are not exactly sure of the date this photo of 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. was taken – but the year is said to be 1944

*Exactly 70 years after 14-year-old George Stinney, Jr. was put to death by execution after being accused of murdering two young white girls 84 days earlier in the small mill town of Alcolu, S.C., the court came to a major decision.

Which was basically…Oops.

And by the looks of things, everyone is supposed to be impressed.

No physical evidence or trial transcript exists…and probably never did. Continue reading

Man Blames Alleged Rape on ‘Sleepwalking’ After A Binge, Calls Victim ‘A Sweet Girl’

Jason Britcher
Jason Britcher

*Well let’s just hope this crap doesn’t ‘catch on.’

Please forgive me your honor. I was drunk and high and didn’t know what I was doing when I climbed in her window and had my way with her.

Sucking my teeth!

But its probably close to the tale 40-year-old Jason Britcher told, after he admitted mixing gin and cocaine before he crept into the unlocked room f a woman who was still in her party dress, asleep, and then, started to caress her.

Hull Crown Court heard the alleged victim thought Britcher was her husband. This is why she said she responded to his advances before she turned around and saw it was the married clerk trying to have sex with her. Continue reading

Frustrated About Packages Being Stolen from Doorstep, Woman Leaves ‘Stinky’ Surprise Instead


*Imagine having thieves steal your UPS, FEDEX and other packages from your front door. That is truly messed up. But one woman in Washington, D.C., had a surprise of a stinky sort waiting for the culprit this time.

Andrea Hutzler got smart! She started leaving packages of dog poop in the boxes instead — and the crooks quickly took them away, MyFoxDetroit reports. Continue reading

‘What Can I Do to Change Things?’ Rapper Becomes Cop, Then Takes Experiences to the Stage

West Oakland native Jinho Ferreira, a former rapper-turned- Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy does his one-man play on the weekends.

*It’s a rare person who chooses to look within when it comes to making a change. People generally do what’s easier: complain about how things need to change. Not ask, ‘what can I do to affect change?’ Coming to this, for some, is a natural evolution, while others will never get there.

As we continue to witness racial profiling and the homicides that result from it, the names Oscar Brown, the 22-year-old African American man killed in Oakland by transit cop, Johannes Mehserle; Michael Brown, the 18-year-old man shot in Ferguson by officer, Darren Wilson, and Eric Garner, a black father of six, killed in New York by officer Daniel Pantaleo – not to mention countless others – are forever etched in our minds an an ugly reminder of police misappropriation.

We have plenty of reasons to complain – but no excuse for it to stop there.

And one black man made a choice not to let it.

Jinho Ferreira, an Oakland rapper-turned sheriff’s deputy-turned actor known as Jinho “The Piper” created a play in which he portrays 17 different characters who react to cops shooting possibly unarmed suspects. 

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This White Teen Aimed Rifle Directly at Police. Yet He’s Alive Today (What U. S. Cops Can Learn From This)

Teen aims gun at police
Exhibit A (Begging to be killed): Samuel Barlow is standing in a direct line of fire, aiming a rifle at police in a van

*Now every African American especially, looking at this story knows it would’ve ended differently had the suspect been a black man. The police have demonstrated this in recent events, so its a given. Admittedly, for a person of any race to straight up aim a firearm at the police is someone either mentally unstable or someone begging to be killed.

But here’s the thing. Look at the story, especially the bolded parts, and see what police in America can learn from these officers in Scotland, where one teenager actually put his life on the line when he aimed a rifle directly at them during a stand-off.

Samuel Barlow, 16, had been spotted roaming around threatening residents of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands with his rifle in September.

Officers from every department on the tiny Scottish island was called upon, and specialist were flown in to deal with the situation.

So, in light of the numerous cop killings of late in the U. S.; where police officers have been seen on camera fatally wounding black men who are said to have had their hands in the air; why wasn’t this kid, who blatantly pointed his gun at police, taken down?

Here’s what officers did instead.
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Mark Wahlberg Wants a Pardon for Past Racist Actions…Should He Get It?

mark wahlberg Reuters 660
Mark Wahlberg, all suited up and ready to do business.

*Two things about history: One, you can’t erase it just because you grow up; and two, you have a choice to repeat it or learn from it and move forward as best you can. Former rapper turned respected Hollywood actor and businessman Mark Wahlberg probably wishes his past could be erased…but knowing it can’t, he’s hoping it can at least be pardoned.

Do you believe in second chances? If you do, should they stop at Mark Wahlberg?

In case you are one of many people with a short memory, here’s a little history on Wahlberg, Not the actor he is today, the former racist terrorist and felon.

Before Mark became famous as an actor in films such as “Boogie Nights,” “Planet of the Apes,” and “The Departed” – the last of which garnered him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor, he was just a reckless teen who enjoyed doing drugs, fronting his rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and being a racist bully who found a wicked sense of pleasure in activities like chasing down black schoolchildren while yelling racist slurs and throwing rocks at them; and beating people up (nearly blinding one man) just because, well, just because they weren’t white.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Continue reading

Ugandan Nanny Caught Beating, Stomping on Toddler…On Camera! (Watch)

nanny, baby laying on floor3

*What on earth could be a plausible reason for a nanny to savagely beat a child in her care?

But Jolly Tumuhirwe, a 22-year-old Ugandan nanny, was caught on hidden camera (see below) doing just that. She was seen force- feeding the toddler, before throwing it on the floor and STOMPING on it. Continue reading

Officer Who Shot Akai Gurley Texted His Union Rep While The Man Lay Dying


*No wonder it was hard to reach officer Peter Liang only minutes after his single bullet struck 28-year-old Akai Gurley. According to The Daily News, instead of calling for help for the man who lay dying in the stairwell, the rookie cop got on the phone to text his union rep.

Is that protocol?

Then, to add insult to injury, sources say Liang and his partner weren’t even supposed to be patrolling the stairways of the Pink Houses that night.

So let us get this straight. Not only did the officer manage to kill an innocent man; but he was away from his assigned area when he did it. And then took time out to text his union rep as the victim lay there dying. To talk about …what?

I smell rotting fish …you? Continue reading