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Old Email from New Police Chief Includes the Word “Nigger” and Prompts Outrage…and Support from the Town’s Black Mayor

Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago...and a few months after his "N word" email.
Police Chief Thomas Burke being sworn in, just over a week ago…and a few months after his “N word” email.

*Farrell Police Chief Thomas Burke hasn’t even started his job yet — he’s due to do that in January — but his email from a few months ago has sparked an uproar.

Back in April, when Burke was serving as director of safety and security at a local steel mill, he sent an email to about 20 of his friends and colleagues, soliciting funds for a local book drive. He wrote: “Good morning. Please click and review. Even a $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon niggers gotta learn to read.”

Sharon and Farrell are sister cities, both of which are just outside Pittsburg. According to the 2000 Census, Farrell’s black population sits at about 47 percent.

Burke had actually served as the chief of police in neighboring Sharon until his retirement in 2007, so he knows, presumably, a Sharon nigger when he sees one.

Now, it seems, Burke is humble and apologetic. Racists whose behavior comes to light before they’ve even started their high paying jobs usually are. Continue reading

Woman Admits She Was ‘Angry at Life’ When She Stabbed Stranger in Store to Death, Today She Was Sentenced to ‘Life’…WTF?

Woman gets life for murder of stranger in store

*Whew. My nerves are already on overdrive with this one. Where does mental illness end and downright evil begin? What is the dividing line when someone who admits to being “angry at life” think its OK to take someone else’s?

That is what some bitch named Conner MacCalister did. Call me what you will, but I think that’s pretty eff’d up.

When I get mad I don’t answer the phone for a few hours. I get mad and I stay in my room. I get mad and I might ‘take it out’ on someone by saying something inappropriate. But I will be damned if I go out in public with the intention of killing someone…just because I’m mad.

Are you kidding me? Who in the hell does that?

Some bitch named Connie MacCalister.

And the sentence of life in prison seems too good for her. But then again, so would a death sentence. Continue reading

Important Advice: What (And What Not) To Do If You Find Yourself in a Terrorist Attack Situation


**Good morning. I’m going start your day off with a ‘Sidebar.’ Generally, EURThisNthat will have some unbelievable, or heartbreaking news story up at the crack of dawn. Or something sensational. And there is plenty out there, believe me. But not today. You see that headline? Unfortunately, its not one of fiction. It’s very real. And if you are someone who still thinks it doesn’t apply to you, I have one question to ask you as my new BFF:

Our world has gotten a lot smaller over the past two weeks. Remember when people used to refer to six-degrees-of-separation? Well even that has changed.

Now its more like three.

Our world started getting smaller in 2001. Specifically on September 11. I recall it vividly because I had just returned from New York City the day before al-Qaeda terrorists carried out a series of four attacks that left thousands of people dead and changed the lives of families and friends forever.

Now, with the recent attacks on Paris, and other assaults, the UK National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (Nactso) has issued guidance on what we should and should not do if we find ourselves caught up in a terrorist attack. Continue reading

Two Women Plead Guilty to Hiding Cocaine in Their Va-Jay-Jay! Guess Who They’re Eating Turkey With?

Women with drugs in vagina

* Andree Willy, 43 and Chermisa Wheeler, 38, plead guilty to drug trafficking charges in a Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Monday so its safe to assume they won’t be spending Thanksgiving at home.

The women were caught after acting “suspiciously” as they boarded a plane at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on Wednesday, and the authorities found cocaine in their private parts.

Eww man

Continue reading

White Man Calls 911 on Black Woman He Thinks is a Burglar – But It’s Her House! Now to Convince the 19 Cops Who Showed Up!


*”I’m heartbroken that no matter how many times a story like this is told, it will happen again.” This very real quote was given by Fay Wells, who is yet another American citizen who has suffered a great indignity because of her black skin.  Wells recently found herself surrounded by 19 police officers, with guns drawn and aimed at her, while they DEMANDED that she come out of the apartment her Caucasian neighbor says was being burglarized.


The neighbor had called the cops and claimed that he saw the apartment being burglarized. Wells would later mention that this man now avoids eye contact with her.

Wells told her own story in The Washington Post. It all seemed to start out so innocently. Rushing to get to a soccer game, she had accidentally locked herself out of her Santa Monica, California apartment. But she wasn’t going to sweat it right then, as she knew that same issue would be there when she got back so she went to the game. Continue reading

19 Month Old Burned Alive in Oven, Having Been Placed Inside By Her 3 Year Old Siblings, While Their Mother Grabbed a Take-out Pizza


*19 month old J’Zyra Thompson was found dead inside of an oven in Houston, after her 3-year old siblings placed her inside of the oven and turned the oven on. Their five year old sibling was asleep in an adjacent room.

You’re asking the same question I was. Where in the hell were the baby’s parents?

Their mother, Racquel Thompson, and her boyfriend had reportedly left the children alone in the home to get a takeout pizza and get a prescription filled.

Can you handle more details of this heartbreaking story? Continue reading

Enslaved ‘Worker’ in SC Restaurant, Suffered Beatings, Long Hours & Wages Below Minimum

John Christopher Smith

*John Christopher Smith, a 37-year-old African American man said to be mentally challenged, has retained a legal team to help him get justice against the restaurant he has worked at since he was 12 years old.

He washed dishes and bused tables at the Conway, South Carolina location.

According to Smith, the owner and manager at J&J restaurant, Ernest J. Edwards and Bobby Paul Edwards respectively, beat him with frying pans and hit him with belts throughout his nearly two decades of employment. And in an attempt to muffle his cries for help, the trauma would occur inside a walk-in freezer.

But in spite of this, co-workers heard his cries, but said nothing out of fear.

According to his attorneys, the establishment forced him to work 18-hour shifts six days a week, and 11-hour-shifts on Sunday — sometimes with no breaks; other times with minimal ones. After all of this, Smith’s annual salary came to $2,842.00.

Smith lived in a cockroach-infested apartment owned by the brothers that his attorneys called “subhuman.”

Needless to say, his attorneys, Mullins McLeod and David Aylor, are going to have a field day in court. Continue reading

Tamir Rice, 12, Killed By OH. Cop: Petition Wants New Prosecutor

Tamir Rice, 12
Tamir Rice, 12

*The unjust killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice on November 22, 2014 by a cop in Cleveland may be off the front pages of the news, but make no mistake, the story is not a forgotten one. Rice was shot to death as he played in a recreation center park; by a cop who mistook his toy gun for a real one. Now his family wants to make sure justice is served, and that young Tamir’s death will not end up being just another black boy in the ground — while the cop that put him there walks free.

They have every right to be concerned. Its been an entire year and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty is only now presenting the case before a Grand Jury to determine if charges will even be filed against the cop. Add to that two “reviews” done by “specialists” who say the cop was justified…and they didn’t even perform an interview. Continue reading