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‘Cecil’ the Lion’s Killer Won’t Be Charged in Zimbabwe

walter palmer
Walter Palmer

*Well I’m sure walking with a proud stride feels a lot better than cowering in a corner, fearful for your life; or even hiding out of sight for that matter. But Walter Palmer, the dentist who lit the Internet world up when it learned he had killed the rare black-maned lion called “Cecil” — then escaped into a world of depression and hiding, must be feeling breezes in places long-forgotten.

Zimbabwean officials have decided not to charge him for the slaughter.

“We approached the police and then the Prosecutor General, and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order,” Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri told the press.

But does this mean the Minnesota dentist who is a lifelong big-game hunter, can return to the country for another big kill? Continue reading

Video Shows Cop Grabbing Teen By Neck, Then Slamming Him to Ground (Look!)

Gyasi Hughes

*Well here we go again. A police officer is being accused of using excessive force. This time on a teen who got into a fight with a fellow student. The officers were allegedly there to defuse the situation. But as it turned out, not so much. A cellphone camera caught one of the cops’ grabbing 14-year-old Gyasi Hughes by the neck and slamming him to the ground.

(scroll down to watch the video.)

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with his dad, who now plans to press ‘excessive force’ charges against the police department.

Police had apparently come on the scene to calm a situation between Hughes and another boy down. An altercation in the cafeteria area had erupted between the boys. According to what Hughes told news station KXAN they had been fighting about a pair of prescription goggles. They got into a pushing match and the other boy ended up being shoved to the ground.

That’s when the two school resource officers showed up.

Sebastian Vazquez, another student, said he started recording on his cellphone when the officers “got [Gyasi] in the corner.” On the video Hughes is seen talking with the officers, then he placed his hand on one of the officers’ arm, identified by news station KVUE as Officer Rigo Valles, and that’s when the officer grabbed Gyasi by the neck and forced him to the ground. 

cop grabs teen by neck

Continue reading

‘Blue Lives Matter’ Billboard Campaign Aims to Honor Cops…And Distract From ‘That Other One’

Blue Lives Matter

*What’s that you say? ‘Gag me?’


Well you are not alone.

I don’t know if the “Blue Lives Matter” billboards came out of a need for love, a ploy for attention, or a cry for help, but its here. And the signs have crossed the nation. The #thankublu campaign  was actually started by a branding agency in Memphis, Tennessee called Tactical Magic to honor local police officers. According to a local Fox News affiliate, they got funding from an advertising firm that donated more than 150 billboards nationwide.

The billboards hang in Ohio, Georgia and Michigan. There is even a digital billboard, the first one, lit in Grand Rapids on Monday.

According to Fox, Grand Rapids Police Department Sgt. Terry Dixon stated, “Our law enforcement officers, they matter, but at the same time we also recognize and we know that every citizen that walks here in Grand Rapids, their life matters; every single one.”

Its doubtful the campaign will take anything away from the powerful Black Lives Matter movement. Though the members of BLM may be a bit peeved that such a cheap shot was made in an attempt to distract from their message – which is based on real life issues of police brutality against black people. Continue reading

Man’s 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Kicked His Baby to Death (Video)

Drue Lehto sits on the shoulders of his dad, Derek Lehto.

*A father is devastated: His 17-month-old baby is dead.

And his 20-year-old girlfriend is in jail for the crime.

Make room for more heartbreak.

Alicia Goemaat from West Seattle, Washington has been accused of the second-degree murder of Drue Lehto, who she was watching while his daddy, her boyfriend, ran errands on September 27.

According to the child’s grandmother, her son is “in shock.”

Gormaat, who first denied knowing what happened to the child, admitted kicking him after she was arrested days later, on October 1. She is now being held in custody on $1 million dollars bail.

“He just keeps crying, ‘She killed my little boy! She killed my little boy!'” Maria Blanco told Inside Edition about her son, the baby’s father. “We knew the baby as being a healthy, happy little guy. We’re in a state of disbelief.” Continue reading

Butt-Injection Death of Bronx Non-profit Executive Ruled ‘A Homicide’

Blanche Barnwell
Blanche Barnwell

*While it may still be somewhat shocking, the extent some women will go to just to have a larger derriere … women are continuing to lose their lives because of botched butt-injections by unprofessional, back-alley, self-proclaimed medics who promise the work for a lower cost.

One victim of such an injection is Blanche Barnwell, a 40-year-old executive of a non-profit organization, who was found dead at her Morrisania apartment on Aug. 4, according to a police report.

Now her death has been ruled a homicide, which police are still investigating.

“Her sister was hysterical in the hallway when she found out,” said a neighbor describing the scene when family and emergency workers were in the building together as the woman was discovered. Continue reading

Parents of Bullied Boy Who Committed Suicide, Sues Florida School District

Suicide of Florida Boy

*In an absolutely heartbreaking story about the effects of bullying, a young Florida boy took his life as a result of being bullied at school. Now the parents are suing the school and the school board because they say it did not do enough to protect him. And since his suicide, other parents have come forward to report their children’s experiences.

Lamar Hawkins III, 14, committed suicide in the bathroom at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Lake Mary. Later it was learned that the gun he used, belonged to his father, Lamar Hawkins, Sr.

The boys family reported him missing when he wasn’t at the usual place his mother would pick him up at. And hours had passed since a student had reported finding shells from a bullet in the bathroom; yet no one at the school followed up.

The young boys body was found at 11 p.m. by police who say he had shot himself in the head. Continue reading

Whaat? An Asian American Says Asians ‘Owe African Americans’


*It’s always interesting when someone gathers the gumption to say something what others’ may be thinking…out loud.

Comedians do it all the time. They take issues that are uncomfortable and put them on blast. They laugh at themselves first, so when you laugh at them, its not as funny or hurtful.

But the issue brought up by the Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice is far from any laughing matter. The Huffington Post article by  blasts Asian Americans who he says “appear to distance themselves from the attacks on African Americans, as though what happens to another community of color has nothing to do with Asian Americans.” Punongbayan says such a “separation is destructive and perpetuates the model minority myth, a racial stereotype deeply ingrained in the American psyche asserting that Asian Americans aren’t like other (read: lesser) minority groups.”

I don’t know about you, but this is huge. Not only is it true, its even more powerful that its acknowledged by an Asian. Continue reading

Man Sentenced to 20 Years in One Court, Then Leaves to Marry Girlfriend in Another

Gregory Howard2

*Gregory Howard is not letting his new prison sentence get in the way of his love life. He is thinking ahead. Directly after receiving a sentence of at least 20 years in prison for assault and robbery in one Pennsylvania courtroom, he traded his orange jumpsuit for an outfit decent enough to get married in and walked to another courtroom to say, “I do.”

With no time to invite friends and family, the nuptials were witnessed by five deputies and the brides baby.

According to the TribLive News, the Monessen man was sentenced Thursday in Westmoreland County Court for the assault and robbery of 91-year-old Frances Tekavec in a home invasion.  Continue reading