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Nut Case Who Cut Deceased Woman’s Face in Coffin, Did Much More (Watch)

Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her "husband" Montie.
Previously misidentified as her boyfriend, Shaynna Simms poses here with her “husband” Montie White.

*Man, looks may not be everything, but this brother is too fine to be with someone loony enough to do what this woman did.

And trust me when I say, she ‘cleans up’ well (you’ll see).

Surely you recall the incredibly horrific story we published recently about Miss Shaynna Simms (“Jealous Much?”) who was apparently so jealous of her boyfriend’s deceased ex that she went to the funeral home, and while no one was watching, proceeded to cut the dead woman’s face as she lay in her coffin.

Well, we’ve learned two things since then: One, this man is not her “boyfriend,” he’s her husband. And two, we reported she had only cut the woman’s face.

But no, she didn’t stop there. Continue reading

Soldier Served Two Tours in Iraq, Only to be Killed at Home (Graphic Video)


*Here we go again.

Another African American man senselessly taken down.

One more black family devastated.

But this time, the family wants you to see exactly how things went down.

So in a very graphic video (scroll down), you will get to see an active-duty soldier who came home after serving two tours in Iraq, in the last moments of his life, at the hands of officers at the El Paso County Jail.

Sgt. James Brown, a new father, had voluntarily turned himself in to the jail in El Paso, Texas, to serve a two-day DWI sentence in July 2012.

Once he got to the station, he called his mother to let her know that he had arrived. But she says they wanted him to stay in jail longer; unless he came up with bail money.

So she did. And the money was sent to the jail the following morning.

But by then, it was too late.

Too late for him to come home alive, that is. Continue reading

Anonymous Donor Paid Bail for Baltimore Teen Who ‘Smashed Police Car Window’


*We always do this.

A major incident comes and goes. It dominates the news for weeks, sometimes months, and then…


We wonder, “whatever happened to….?” We ask, “How did that turn out?” when thinking about some of the more publicized moments within the incident.

And let’s face it, sometimes we never find out, and something new replaces the thought.

Perhaps another, I wonder.

Well there is one “moment” that was caught on camera during the Baltimore riots that you may have wondered about. But wonder no more because this is what happened. Continue reading

Restaurant in Nigeria Raided & Shut down for Serving Human Meat (Update)

bon appetit

*Don’t shoot the messenger, ‘K?

This story is horrifying, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any less true. Here in America, stories of cannibalism are still far-fetched. We hear about them, we shake our head and say something like, “Eww, that’s horrible,” and keep it moving.

On to the next thing.

But it might hit a little closer to home when it comes to what a restaurant may be serving. Especially since we have heard some incredibly despicable things being done in eateries as of late.

And although this most-gross-story-ever happened in Africa, like I said, it might hit a bit closer to home.

Disclaimer: You will find this absolutely gross. Continue reading

Celebrated for Leaving the Ghetto, Graduated Harvard, Now Busted With Drugs…Huh?

Corey Waller’s viewpoint is about to change.

*OK, you’ve read the headline. Now imagine the sound of a screeching car and feel free to ponder this question:

Brother, are you kidding us right now?

This is the sentiment from hordes of people who are shell-shocked about the recent arrest of Corey Lamont Waller; who went against all odds when he was lifted up from an impoverished life in Louisville, became an accomplished athlete and entered the prestigious Harvard University–where he excelled and graduated in 2006.

All of this, only to lose everything because he made the ridiculously stupid choice to possess marijuana…200-400 pounds of it.

Continue reading

Infant Left on Cruise Ship to Die, Woman Admits This Was Her Intent


*Alicia Keir, 24, knew she was pregnant when she boarded the cruise ship with her friends, but for some reason, she didn’t share what others’ might see as joyous news with them.

That may be because she had an agenda: the baby would never live to see the light of day.

At some point during an October day in 2011, Keir quietly dismissed herself from her friends, went into her stateroom, and delivered the baby girl, as the ship continued to its Caribbean destination.

But when she came out of the room, she was alone. Continue reading

Jealous Much? Woman Slashes Face of Exes’ Dead Girlfriend in Coffin

Shaynna Sims
Shaynna Sims

*People, authorities included, are still shaking their heads as to why a woman allegedly reached into a coffin and slashed the face of the deceased woman inside.

But this is what 26-year-old Shaynna Sims of Tulsa, Oklahoma has been accused of doing, and she was arrested at the funeral home after people saw her with her hands in the coffin, and the authorities found a knife in her possession.

Since her arrest, Sims has been booked on charges of vandalizing a corpse. Continue reading

Watch: Michigan Senator Arrested & Charged for Allegedly Shooting at Wife…Now Free on Bond


*Investigators showed up at the home of Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith and arrested him.

Smith, 36, was taken to jail from his home in Detroit on Sunday, Fox 2 reports. They say the senator was outside, completely naked, firing his gun, allegedly at his ex-wife, Anita Thomas, around 1 o’clock in the morning.

Thomas was not injured, but her Mercedes Benz was. Continue reading