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Man Duct Tapes Dog’s Mouth So She’ll Stop Barking…And Look What Happens (To Both of Them!)

William Dodson
William Dodson

*I’m starting to think my boss likes to torture me. Why else would he send these stories my way? He knows the compassion I  exude for animals, especially wounded ones, sometimes appear to outweigh my feelings towards humans. Why then must I, we, learn of yet one more muthaf*cker hurting an innocent animal?

Only THIS could make me use THAT word!

And to add insult to injury, it was just because she barked.

Yet here he is. The A-hole from Charleston, North Carolina named William Dodson, who, on May 27, 2015, chose to tightly wind duct tape around the then-15-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix’s snout, nine times, to quiet her natural instinct to bark.

As if this wasn’t enough, he chained her.

duct tape on dog

Fortunately, the dog was able to escape; but it took 36 hours before she was rescued, wandering the streets near Dodson’s home.

Even more fortunate, she was rescued by a veterinarian. Continue reading

Teacher Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Student ‘Absolutely Beams’ in Mugshot

Sarah Fowlkes
Sarah Fowlkes

*Forgive me but, according to the picture above, it must’ve been good.

Could this response to such an accusation be a good example of white privilege? Perhaps it would be more suitable of someone who lives in an ‘alternate universe.’ Either way, there is something very mentally unbalanced about this anatomy “teacher.” Even as she stood in the coldness of a local police station, where she had surely been told that she was being accused of having sexual relations with an under-aged student, she wanted to look good for the camera.

She may have asked the somewhat hardened female guard if she could have her purse back, in order to retrieve a hair brush. But the answer was a sharp no. Then she may have said with a sigh, “Well, can I at least freshen up my eyeliner?” Same response. So what else could snow white do?

Smile and say ‘cheese.’ Continue reading

Man Burns Down Parents’ House, Kills Three Pets Trying To Exterminate Ants


*I’m going to call this one:  Mother Nature 1, Dumb Ass Man 0.

A fire marshal in Maine says a man burned down his parent’s house and killed three pets while trying to exterminate ants in the basement. 

Devon Doucette’s weapon of choice during his entomological battle?  Wooden matches.

That fits.  You’d have had to be wooded-headed to cook THAT plan up.  

One of Doucette’s matches ignited something combustible that was being stored in the basement, investigators say.  The fire spread…like wildfire to the rest of the home.

The fire killed two cats and one dog, according to authorities, who also say that criminal charges are not likely.

By all reports, the ants remain unscathed. Continue reading

Suspected Pedophile Lured to Location, Then Saran-Wrapped to Pole for Public Display

Pedophile wraped up

*Well here’s a sure-fire way to trap and humiliate a pervert: Lure him in using his perversion, then wrap his ass to a road sign. That is exactly what a group of vigilantes in the Ukraine did to a 22-year-old man they suspect was a pedophile after learning he had been sending photos of his private parts to a 14-year-old girl online.

Someone is bound to ask the “elephant-in-the-room question: what happened…any why?”

…and you know they did!

The man, said to be from south-eastern Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Oblast region, was invited on a date with a fictitious 14-year-old named “Diana.”

Dude actually showed up, white rose in hand. Continue reading

Oops! Diners Form ‘Conga Line’ and Dance Out of Restaurant Without Paying

Stock photo
Stock photo

*Hahahahaha. I am so sorry but I can’t stop laughing. The mere thought of this leaves me in stitches. I don’t want to give anyone any ideas but, dang! A group of 100 people had the audacity to sit down at the Hotel Karmen restaurant in Bembibre in northern Spain for a banquet. According to staff, they  ate hearty! They had approximately 30 bottles of wine, entrees and appetizers.

But just as the wait persons were preparing to serve coffee and dessert… Continue reading

Did This Chinese Man Kick A Pregnant Black Woman in the Stomach?

Michael Lee
Michael Lee

*What on earth could have transpired to make a man kick a woman nearly nine months pregnant in her stomach? That is the question of the hour. Rumor has it Ms. Natasha Rodney and Mr. Michael Lee, 40, were on a crowded subway train when they bumped into each other…

From then on things allegedly became intentionally violent, as witnesses claim Ms. Rodney pushed Mr. Lee to the floor and in response, Lee kicked her in the stomach…twice. Continue reading

Caught on Camera! Daycare Worker Pushes Four-Year-Old Down Stairs (Watch)

daycare worker

*OMG…What was life like before video cameras were everywhere? While some of us say crime appears to be at an all time high, others say not really, its just being caught on camera. I tend to agree. Now that practically everyone is carrying a smart phone, its not so easy to do your dirt in private. Take the Pennsylvania daycare worker who was recently fired after a surveillance camera appeared to show her pushing a four-year-old child down the stairs. Continue reading

NC Teen Kills Mother, Found By Police Carrying Her Severed Head

Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada
Oliver Mauricio Funes Machada

*This is one straight out of a Norman Bates film… director’s cut. A North Carolina teen called 911 to let them know that he had decapitated his own mother. According to PEOPLE, when the 18-year-old was found moments later, he was carrying a large knife in one hand; the knife authorities believe he used to allegedly kill his 35-year-old mother…and her decapitated head in the other.

Oh god. As someone who just recently visited Hollywood’s Museum of Death and noted how “desensitized” I’d become, I am now reconsidering that claim…I feel like I’m going to regurgitate the burrito I just ate. Continue reading