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Texas Woman Executed for Starvation of Girlfriend’s 9-Year-Old Son

Lisa Coleman, 31, was the 2nd woman to be executed in Texas this year.
Lisa Coleman, 38, was the 2nd woman to be executed in Texas this year.

*On Wednesday in Texas, a woman was executed for the starvation of her girlfriends 9-year-old son a decade ago.

Lisa Coleman, 38, died by lethal injection one hour after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a last-day appeal to spare her. She was pronounced dead at 6:24 p.m. CDT, 12 minutes after Texas Department of Criminal officials began administering a lethal dose of pentobarbital.

She was the second woman and ninth convicted killer to receive lethal injection in Texas this year.

As Coleman awaited death, she smiled and nodded to several friends and an aunt who watched through a window, thanking them,  expressing her love and urging them to “keep their heads up.”

“I’m all right,” she said. “Tell them I finished strong. … God is good.”

She mouthed an audible kiss, laughed and nodded to her witnesses in the seconds before the lethal drug took effect.

“Love you all,” she said just before closing her eyes and taking a couple of short breaths. Then there was no further movement. Continue reading

Sobering Report Concludes L. A. County Officers Kill Almost One Person Per Week


*A sobering new report from the youth advocacy organization Los Angeles Youth Justice Coalition delves into the activity of Los Angeles law enforcement officers in a report called, “Don’t Shoot to Kill.” The report claims that nearly 600 people, many of them young black and Latino men, have been killed by Los Angeles law enforcement officers over the past 14 years.

The organization investigates the use of lethal force among police and gathered homicide data from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department and details from numerous media reports on specific incidents for the “Don’t Shoot to Kill” report. The report shows that between Jan. 1, 2000 and August 31, 2014, law enforcement officers in Los Angeles County used lethal force that resulted in the deaths of at least 589 people. Broken down, that comes to almost one death a week. Continue reading

Convicted of Murder, Former Gang Member ‘Dares’ Judge to Give Him Death Penalty

James Herard
James Herard


*So you want to be a shot-caller? One Florida man who has made the decision to be odd whenever he appears in court may now get his chance to call the shots. James Herard, 24, a former gang member with the Bacc Street Crips was convicted of a brutal armed robbery in 2008 at a Dunkin Donuts in Tamarac, Florida, has appeared in court barking like a dog, and now, in his recent court appearance, where he is actually trying to get a sentence overturned, he taunted the judge and dared her to give him the death penalty.

Interesting strategies, indeed. It’ll be even more interesting to see how they play out for him. Continue reading

Shooting of Son Was Motivated By Race, Says White Mom of Black Man Killed By Utah Police

Susan Hunt, son killed in Utah
Susan Hunt, right, is consoled by her sister, Cindy Moss, after Utah police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt


*Law officials are faced with the task of justifying the fatal shooting of yet another black man by their officers. This time, the shooting occurred in Utah, where a 22-year-old African American man is gunned down by officers in Saratoga Springs because they allege he “lunged toward the officers with a sword.” But Susan Hunt, the mother of Darrien Hunt, finds this hard to believe. She says her son was carrying a toy sword with a rounded edge, not a blade, that he had purchased as a souvenir at an Asisan store when he was killed. She criticized the police department saying she believes the outcome would have been different if he had not been black.

Now, as this family prepares the burial of their beloved, they want answers. They want details on how a young man they said was running away from officers, ended up dead from their gunshots last Wednesday. Continue reading

‘Dhango Unchained’ Actress Mistaken for Prostitute After Kissing White Boyfriend in Public

Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie
Daniele Watts and husband Brian Lucas in selfie


*Well, I guess the day has come when you can’t even kiss your man in public without being mistaken for a ho? Especially if you are a black woman and the man you are kissing is not . Unfortunately, “Django Unchained” actress Danièle Watts had this happen to her, and last week she took to social media to put the Los Angeles Police Department on blast after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white boyfriend in public, Identites.mic reports.

On Facebook, Watts and her boyfriend Brian James Lucas say two police officers mistook them for a prostitute and client Thursday when they were seen being affectionate in public, according to the report. Continue reading

WTF…You Stole My Dog…Cooked It…Then Fed It to Me?

Pomeranian dog. Stock photo
Pomeranian dog. Stock photo


*Yep. I know. After reading the title, you couldn’t help but read the story. Which grossed you out; then mad you sad, before you got really freakin’ mad! Relationships end, yes. We get that. And some not as well as others. Er get that, too. But few of us will get this:  a man in northern California reacted very badly to the ending of a relationship with his girlfriend. And as of Friday he is in police custody after he allegedly stole her pet dog, cooked it and fed it to her, police said.

Please, don’t shoot the messenger, OK?

Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro was taken to jail last Thursday and charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, stalking and cruelty to animals, according to records from the Shasta County Jail. Continue reading

Former NFL Player and Actor, Terry Crews, Says Ray Rice Video Brought Back Memories

Actor Terry Crews
Actor Terry Crews


*It’s not easy for someone to come out publicly and say that they are or were at one time, a victim of domestic abuse. I would think this is especially hard for a man. But a recent video showing Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee unconscious and dragging her from an elevator like a bag of trash seems to be pushing the recall button of a lot of people. The sister of Nicole Brown Simpson (O. J. Simpson) has spoken out; Robin Givens (Mike Tyson) has thrown some shade, and now actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has decided to weigh in on the scandal and talk about abuse from his own personal experience.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” host talks about how the Ray Rice video brought back disturbing memories of violence from his childhood. Continue reading

Is ‘Your Gmail Account’ One of the Millions That Was Hacked (Check Here)


*Dang! Do I really have to change my password again? Just when I started to remember it without searching! But now comes news that a  database containing nearly 5 million Gmail user accounts and passwords has been compromised on Bitcoin Security, a popular Russian website devoted to the cryptocurrency. Continue reading