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Racist Canadian Woman Demands Only ‘White Doctor’ Care for Her Child (Watch)


*Question: If you hated white people, and the nearest clinic to you ONLY had white doctors, and your kid had complained to you that he felt ill; would you put your hate aside in the best interest of your child?

You stew on that while I introduce you to a Canadian woman who obviously didn’t love her kid enough to let her hate go.

“Can I see a doctor please that’s white. Who doesn’t have brown teeth and who speaks English,” the white woman sitting in the reception area of a clinic in Ontario, Canada is heard saying to an employee around the :15 second mark in the video below. Her son sits beside her and looks to be playing a video game on some device.

You hear comments from people in the area who are obviously disgusted by her behavior calling out “unbelievable” and “go to the hospital” and “speak English is one thing, being white is another.” Someone also starts a sentence saying, “Does being white make him…” but trails off as the woman is obviously still talking and repeating herself as he heads towards the reception window and begins screaming at the workers.

When the 4-minute video, recorded by someone waiting in the clinic reception area was posted earlier this week, it went viral and the public was outraged. Continue reading

Hey Ladies, Thinking About Plastic Surgery? Here’s Some Things You Ought to Know First (Watch)

*Hey, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting to, er, improve upon your assets. Some of us want to go bigger or smaller; some want lighter or darker, some want straight instead of crooked. Whichever applies to you, when it comes to someone working on your body, as the saying goes, “You don’t want to go cheap!” Moreover, you don’t want to go with a plastic surgeon who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

I came across a video where two women not only share the details behind their botched surgeries; but learn from specialists right then and there what went wrong.

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, this is information you need to have. Continue reading

Police Enter Florida Home to Do Welfare Check, Toddler Pulls Loaded Gun From Toy-Box

*While police and the Department of Social Services were performing a welfare check on a Florida home, a three-year old boy playing with his toys suddenly pulled a loaded gun out of his toy-box. Reports say the authorities were responding to suspicions of child neglect and reports that drugs were being sold out of the Boynton Beach home. Continue reading

‘Chin Up ‘Ol Boy!’ Police Dog Fired for Being ‘Too Sociable'(But No Worries, He’s Already Got A Better Gig)


*It’s just not fair, I tell you! If you ask me,  and I know you didn’t, cops these days could learn a thing or two from Gavel the K-9 cop. True, his focus was more on belly rubs than catching bad guys. Sure, he’d rather have a jerky stick treat instead of taking a chunk out of some bad guys leg. But he’s a doggie for Pete’s sake. Give him some slack. 

Can a dog get a pass, please?

No such luck for a police dog. Gavel was ousted from the training program because he liked people too much.

According to The Huffington Post, Gavel’s handlers at the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, eastern Australia, decided in February that he was too sociable for the force and cut him from its 16-month training program. 

But he didn’t sue. Instead, he got even. With a much cooler job! Continue reading

Woman Granted Clemency By Barack Obama, Now Back in Federal Prison

Carol Denise Richardson, 49

*You may recall one of the things former president, Barack Obama, did before he left office, was grant clemency to more than 1700 inmates who held life sentences but for non-violent drug offences. Carol Denise Richardson was one of the lucky inmates that got a second chance at life.

Richardson had been convicted by a federal jury in June 2006 for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of crack cocaine and two counts of possession with intent to distribute the drug.

With an extensive rap sheet already, U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison sentenced her to life in prison. President Obama had her released on July 28, 2016; but with the condition she remain under supervision for the next 10 years.

On April 13, she decided to throw caution to the wind. Her second chance at freedom blew away with it. Continue reading

Estranged Husband of NBC Exec Accused in Murder of Their 7-Year-Old Child

*My god. Why is it the children who always have to suffer the most?  Neil White, the estranged husband of NBC Universal VP, Michelle Hord-White, has been arrested for the alleged murder of the couple’s seven-year-old daughter, Gabrielle.

The child’s body was discovered by her nanny, Tonelle, who was looking for her when her father claimed she was asleep in her bedroom. Suspicious when she saw blood on White’s arms, the nanny rushed to the child’s room in the family’s home at 3 Arbor Glen in the New York city of New Rochelle, where she lay dead.

Cops responded to the babysitter’s call around 3:20 pm. According to the Journal News, the little girl was in second grade at William B. Ward Elementary School.

Reports say the child is believed to have been suffocated. Continue reading

Watch: Horrifying Video of South Carolina ‘Sex Slave’ Being Rescued By Police

Kala Brown being rescued from shipping container by police in South Carolina.

*Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, had been missing for three months before investigators burst into a a large metal shipping container and found her sitting on the floor with a chain around her neck and legs shackled.

It had took ten minutes of sawing and prying for authorities to open the container after hearing knocking and screaming sounds. Fliers had been up for months asking for the wherabouts of Kara and Charlie and subsequently, investigator went to a rural rural Spartanburg County property on November 3, to look for them. Because of recently released videos, a horrific scene has unraveled showing the monstrous work of a serial killer who had been holding Brown as a sex slave. Continue reading

Racist ‘Trump-Inspired’ Boss Gets Sued By African American Employee

*Donald Trump’s influence continues to make ignorant white folk feel comfortable about displaying racism in any and all environments — with no filter. Take the office: where these folks have thrown professionalism out of the window and are constantly supplying Black and Brown people with social media content of their racist behavior. With hate and envy keeping them so busy, it’s amazing they have time to do any real work.

In a lawsuit filed by Southland Construction Management employee Tishay Wright — a Black woman, CEO  Kenneth Hayden and his wife, CFO Anita Hayden, have been accused of creating a racially hostile work environment. Wright seems to have plenty of evidence to back up her claim and one can’t help but think back to Trump’s self-proclaimed favorite word: STUPID when you see what some of that evidence is.

Not only does the employee reference the couple making comments like, “We’ll just make the Mexicans do it,” Wright actually has a photo of a Christmas gift they gave her.

…and its a real doosie. Therein lies the stupid part (scroll down). Continue reading