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Man That Killed Three Single Mothers In Florida Hit-and-Run ID’d (Have You Seen Him?)

Hit and Run, Marquice Lamonz Anderson
Marquice Lamonz Anderson is being sought for the hit-and-run crash that killed three single mothers.

Have you seen this man? He is accused of crashing into a car that carried three women, all related, and then he left the scene, where two of the women died, and one has just been taken off of life support.

It happened in St. Petersburg, Florida last Friday evening.

The hit-and-run driver has been identified as Marquice Lamonz Anderson, 27, and police believe he is in hiding because he is aware that he is a wanted man.

Word of the ID came on Friday night as members of the community filled a city block, to light candles and remember the aunt and her two nieces — all three of them single mothers. Continue reading

GM Will Pay “At Least” $1 Million To Families That Lost Members Due to Ignition Defect


*While this story is still developing, it is being reported that if you are one of the unfortunate families that had a death occur due to the result of the ignition switch defect that led to widespread recalls, an announcement made today by GM fund administrator, Kenneth Feinberg, says the corporation has offered to pay at least $1 million compensation to your family for your loss.

According to NBC News, GM has linked 13 deaths to the flawed ignition switches, though federal regulators have said there is a strong chance that the part is to blame for more fatalities. Claims can be submitted beginning Aug. 1. Here’s how the fund’s protocol breaks down. Continue reading

Pedestrians Beware: Disturbing New Study About ‘Crossing While Black’

Pedestrians, African American*You know how some thoughts just come into your head, seemingly out of nowhere? Well, just recently, as I was crossing the street, I wondered if in this crazy world of ours, where there is still so much racial hatred and ignorance, if there are people who would actually take their hatred out on a pedestrian because of their race.

Now, a new study that tested the willingness of drivers to stop for people depending on their race has shown up and along with it comes some disturbing conclusions. Continue reading

Drivers Beware: If Valet Wrecks Your Car, Insurance Companies Say They Get Away With It!

car and keys being handed over

*Many of us use valet when we are out and about. Especially if we find ourselves running late, going out for the evening to a crowded venue and don’t want to spend time looking for a parking space. And yes, we have all heard the stories of the valet taking our nice sportscar on a joy ride.

But what if the valet doesn’t even get that far? What if he, say, pulls out of the parked space right in front of an oncoming car.


What if your insurance tells you, “This doesn’t look good?” Continue reading

Attention Car Owners: You May Never Have To Wash Your Car Again According to Nissan (Video)

self_cleaning_car_06-620x412*What! This is unbelievable: a self-cleaning car? You mean to tell me I won’t have to spend my hard earned $9.95 on a car wash anymore?

According to Nissan, heck no!

The car dealer claims they have developed a new self cleaning paint for cars called “Ultra-Ever Dry.”

It’s a “specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint” that creates a “protective layer of air between the paint and environment” so that ”drivers may never have to clean their car again.”

OK, we’re listening, tell us more…No! Show us! Continue reading

Uber Ride Share Company Raises Prices By $1 Per Ride With Safe-Rides Fee

UberX*Uber, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company that competes with traditional taxi companies by providing rides for lower fees and pick ups from a one-touch app on your phone, announced on Friday that their UberX fees are being raised by $1.

The charge is a $1 “Safe Rides Fee” and it is on every ride taken through its UberX service.

Uber offers several ride options, with UberX being its least expensive. The rides are conducted by nonprofessional drivers who use their own vehicles that have been vetted by Uber through background checks and vehicle inspections. Continue reading

Nun’s Vehicle Gets Towed…As She Delivers Food to Homeless Shelter!

Nuns truck towed from homeless shelter*Apparently, not even a nun’s car is safe from the tow truck.

For shame!

Sister Beth Mouch had just finished delivering food to the St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans when, according to, she saw a tow truck preparing to take her vehicle away.

 “Please, sir, stop. I’m getting ready to move,” the nun told the driver, who offered little sympathy. Continue reading

Volvo Service Makes Car Trunk Your Remote Delivery Option

Volvo delivery*We’ve all had it happen to us at one time or another.

We bought that item on the Internet but when it was being delivered, we were nowhere near our home to accept it. Even worse, not all of us live in areas where leaving the package outside is a smart option.

Good news: There’s an app for that!

Of course you’ll need a car…with a trunk. Continue reading