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Parking Lot Crowded, Can’t Locate Your Car? Meet ‘Zus’


*It was only a matter of time for some genius to come up with a brilliant way to make a buck, based on something we can really use. I just don’t like the fact that it wasn’t me. But, oh well. Back to the lab again. ‘Zus’ is that something. We often forget where we parked our car, and no matter how many times we push the key button, if we’re nowhere near it…

It ain’t gonna work!

But then again, that same “genius” has no doubt experienced the same thing and one day woke up and said, wait! I’m going to create something so this won’t happen to me or anyone else again!

Git ‘er done. And he did.

The “Zus Smart Car Finder and USB Car Charger” mainly works to locate your car.

Here’s how it works! You know that big hole in your car’s dash, formerly known as the cigarette lighter, they had to do something with it for those of us who don’t smoke. So Zus plugs into this 12-volt power point which automatically tells its associated app to save the location of the car when it is parked.

Brilliant, right?

Zus is also rather inconspicuous too. Nothing flashy that sparks attention. Instead, its made of black plastic and has a flanged head with two USB ports. The app measures 3.25 inches long, and an inch at its widest point. The USB ports sit on slightly angled surfaces for better access. ZUS also integrates white LED lights to let you know when it’s on, and makes it easier to find and plug in USB cables at night. Continue reading

He Used to Walk 21-Miles to Work, Now He Drives & Wants to Lose Weight

Man walks 21 miles to work, James Robertson

*You’ve heard of James Robertson, right? He’s the dude who lucked up on a brand new, donated car after the story got out about his 21-mile daily trek, in all kinds of weather, to get to (and from) his job at Schain Mold & Engineering in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He operates an injection-molding machine there.

That’s him pictured above.

The Detroit Press did an article on him last year after one reporter learned of his story from a bank employee. A man who watched Robertson walking and decided to stop and offer him a ride one day. The reporter was moved to set up a donation page and $360,000 smackeroos later, his walking days were over.

He didn’t even have to spend any of that money on a car. When Ford learned about the story, they GAVE him a car! Continue reading

Ford First to Test Driverless Cars at Fake Michigan City


*When I was a kid, I’d sit and watch my grandmother while she sat and watched the microwave, marveling at its ability to heat a cold cup of coffee in one minute — WHILE THE INSIDE OF THE OVEN REMAINED COOL TO THE TOUCH, she’d say.  “Ma” would tell stories of being a kid in rural Illinois and heating things up over a fire while I thought “What kinda prehistoric world was THAT?” and I’d watch movies like Back To The Future II depict what “the future” would look like.

While we fell short of seeing Marty McFly’s flying car, we’re looking at a world where driverless cars aren’t a “how” or an “if”, they’re a “when”.  Ford is leading the way, testing driverless car technology in the faux Mcity, near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

While the Detroit manufacturer has been testing related technologies for about 10 years, their new testing program reflects their interest in moving self-driving cars from research to advanced engineering. Continue reading

Would You Buy Your Next Car From (Wait for It!)…A Vending Machine?

Vending machine cars
THIS is the automobile vending machine, folks!

*And the innovations just keep on coming. And here you thought vending machines were only for those tasty snacks. Betcha’ never, eva…eva…thought you’d have an opportunity to buy a vehicle from one.

Well this, my dears, is now a reality.

A company called Carvana, based in Atlanta, has only been around for two-and-a-half years, but they are making a lot of noise because of their interesting business practice. For example: their car delivery service allows customers to purchase a vehicle online, and then its delivered to their doorstep for a seven-day, no questions asked, test drive.

I’m going to just give y’all a moment to digest that, K?


Continue reading

Parents Release ‘Horrific Video’ of Son & His Friend Speeding to Their Death (Watch)

Teen speeds towards death
Wonder what he was thinking at this very moment?

*Many of us may wonder what it is exactly that makes us do some of the things we do. I mean, we know there are mind altering drugs, so we know that when people delve into that world, their mind is going to be … well, altered. And they are probably going to do things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Then there are the actions of the parents of adults in this story. The parents who decided to release a video (scroll down) showing their adult son and his friend, both high on a cocktail of drugs, accelerated the car they were driving up to speeds of 90 miles per hour, before crashing it into a concrete wall that killed them both instantly.

Nevertheless, the parents did.

Their son was Michael Owen, the young father of a five-year-old girl named Lily Rose Iris Owen. You hear him in the video (scroll down) saying, “you’re doing 90 boy, slow down.”

Those were his last words. They were spoken to the unlicensed driver and pal who lost control of the car.  Continue reading

Lyft Co-Founder: ‘Most Millennials Won’t Own a Car in Five Years’…And Data Supports This!

Lyft Co-founder, John Zimmer
Lyft Co-founder, John Zimmer


*If you’ve never heard of ride-sharing, app-based taxi services like Uber and Lyft, you probably don’t get out much.

They are pretty much taking over the world.

And John Zimmer, who co-founded Lyft, even goes as far as saying that in five years, most millennials won’t own a car. They will see no need for it.

“You could actually start seeing the majority of millennials in the next five years or so saying there’s no reason I should get a car,” Zimmer told Mashable recently. “The car used to be the symbol of American freedom. Now it’s like …owning a $9,000 ball and chain, because you have $9,000 in expenses on your car every year.”

Sounds like something someone with a ride-sharing business would say.

But apparently there’s data to support his theory. Continue reading

Uh Oh…New Regulations in NYC Take Aim at Uber & Lyft (Jealous Yellow Cabbers!)


*We knew it would only be a matter of time. After all, we were getting a little too comfortable with being able to access rides by just using an app on our cellphones. Instead of standing on a corner trying to hail a taxi.

Some see it as a little too convenient to be able to let a driver know exactly where to pick you up; and be able to hop into the front passenger seat as if the driver is a friend or relative.

Then, to top all of that off, being able to have the driver take us anywhere we need to go, for a fraction of the price we would’ve paid using a yellow cab.

That’s not only competition for the yellow cab companies, its outright slaughter.

So is it any surprise forces are working overtime behind the scenes to shut this service down…or at the very least, get more control of it? Continue reading

Elderly, Disabled Couple Needs Help Pronto! Claims of Fraud, ID Theft By Seattle BMW for the Past 8 Years

Elderly black couple BMW lawsuit
Donald and Gloria White


*Oh crap. Don’t our elderly African Americans have enough to contend with than being victimized by corporate conglomerates?

Perpetrators see the elderly are easy targets, and they are often victimized by ruthless thugs in the neighborhood. So its surprising when these thugs turn out to be large companies. But Donald and Gloria White allege this is exactly what is happening to them. They are accusing Seattle BMW and BMW Financial Services  of participating in fraud and identity theft and they have been fighting this crime alone for the past 8 years.

Here’s what they say happened.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith allege that a 2005 BMW-X5 SUV (valued at $60,000) was purchased in their name by Stephen Wong, Paul Tan and Phong Pham of E-Stone, LLC, who they say conspired with several employees of Seattle BMW and BMW Financial Services.

The couple only became aware of the purchase nearly 2 years later after they tried to re-finance their home, in order to cover treatments for Mr. White’s prostate cancer medical expenses.

“I should be focusing on my medical condition, but instead I am being forced to represent myself in this case, filing countless documents into the courts and submitting complaints that have been repeatedly and still being overlooked,” says the ailing Mr. White. who built his professional reputation as a general contractor. Continue reading