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TN Nail Salon Accused of Charging ‘Overweight People’ More for Pedicures

A-nail-salon-has-been-slammed-for-sign (1)

*Wow… Just wow. The internet is not too happy about a photo of a sign that was posted recently which read, “Sorry, but if you are overweight pedicures will be $45.”

Yes. Thinner people pay less for the same service.

The message, photographed by an unidentified woman, got thousands of shares after it was posted to Facebook. According to locals, the salon is Rose Nails in Tennessee.

The message went on in an attempt to justify why the cost was different for overweight people, saying it was…

“…due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!”  Continue reading

‘Bald Black Man’ Blamed for Shooting Some Guy in the Bronx…Thing Is, He’s ‘Imaginary’

Black man, imaginary, blamed

*A Hispanic man in New York who accidentally shot himself in the stomach could think of no better excuse than to tell cops he was shot by a bald Black man.

Thing is…there was no bald Black man. He imagined, no lied, about the whole thing.

Sounds like he took a page from crazy-ass Lindsey Lohan’s Book of Lies. Remember years back she did the same thing? In a drunk-driving incident — where witnesses saw her practically fall over trying to touch her nose — she claimed to cops, “I wasn’t driving, the Black kid was!Continue reading

Former Celebrities Who Left Hollywood for ‘Regular’ Jobs

Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Freddie Prinze, Jr. I remember your daddy!

*You’ve heard the saying, “Everything that sparkles ain’t gold” right? Well, suffice it to say that doesn’t only apply to jewelry. In this case, it represents all of the people who have made it to the celebrity list…without the celebrity money. So what do they do?

Like the chorus of the old Silhouettes song sings: “Get A Job.”

Listen, the reality of the entertainment industry, in the event you didn’t know, is, everyone has a periodic lull. Nobody is working and getting paid in their craft all the time. Now let’s be real, if you’re making several million dollars an episode on a network TV gem or a blockbuster film, your pain is going to be different than the pain of someone making a fraction of that.

So it should be no big surprise that there are people whose name we may recognize that we may very well see standing behind the counter at the post office saying, “How can I help you.”

I’m not even going to front, I would have the hardest time keeping a straight face if I happened upon this. Continue reading

Pregnant Beyonce: We Love You, But You’ve Got Nothing on ‘This Expectant Queen’ (Photos)

Beyonce pregnancy 1
Photo by Awol Eriku

What’s wrong with a little friendly competition? Each day the internet hits us with photos of the lovely Beyonce, as she celebrates her second pregnancy — this time with twins. Oh the joy we sense in her, husband Jay Z, their adorable little girl Blue Ivy, and Beyonce’s proud mother, Tina Knowles — who introduced her daughter at the 59th Grammys…”with a mother’s pride.”

I feel you Tina.

But all praise aside…Beyonce ain’t got nothing on MY girl!

Her legion of social media friends and followers refer to her as Coach, but to this proud mama she is simply…


Photo by Lori Dorman

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Suspected Pedophile Lured to Location, Then Saran-Wrapped to Pole for Public Display

Pedophile wraped up

*Well here’s a sure-fire way to trap and humiliate a pervert: Lure him in using his perversion, then wrap his ass to a road sign. That is exactly what a group of vigilantes in the Ukraine did to a 22-year-old man they suspect was a pedophile after learning he had been sending photos of his private parts to a 14-year-old girl online.

Someone is bound to ask the “elephant-in-the-room question: what happened…any why?”

…and you know they did!

The man, said to be from south-eastern Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Oblast region, was invited on a date with a fictitious 14-year-old named “Diana.”

Dude actually showed up, white rose in hand. Continue reading

10th Annual Toast to Urban Entertainment Executives Honoring Women Event


(LOS ANGELES, CA) The 10th Annual Toast to Urban Entertainment Executives Honoring Women returns with a new round of incredible women making strides in the urban entertainment and media industries. This event acknowledges the contributions made to Urban Entertainment by outstanding female industry executives in television, film, news, multimedia, music, and more in honor of Women’s History Month.

Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, partnered with sponsors REVOLT TV, Rolling Out Moreno BHLV, Luster Products, MIQ, Urban Network Digital, Warner Bros. Records and SESAC will honor four women on March 22, 2016 at the Cinematic Pictures Group. Continue reading

‘Not for Nothing’ But…You May Be More Likely to Believe THIS Girl is Jackson and DeBarge’s ‘Secret’ Daughter’ (Picture)

Is Janet the mother of Tiffany Whyte? Nah...
Is Janet the mother of Tiffany Whyte? Chances are slim, right?

*Hey, I will be the first to say, “Who knows?”…and further, “Who cares?” …outside of the families involved that is. But a recent article on EURweb that asked whether or not we believe some woman who came out to say she is the ‘secret daughter’ of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge, who were married for a short time in the early 80’s, is true (you may have noticed I said something to the effect of ‘definitely not’) has opened a flood gate of sorts; with regard to articles on Jackson family secrets.

One such article I ran across offered up a photo of Jackson hugging a young woman described as the daughter of James DeBarge. The article says her name is Kristina, and that although DeBarge has claimed her as his daughter, the girl is “investigating” whether Jackson is her mother.

Weird already? Yep! But what’s new when it comes to anything involving a Jackson. Continue reading

Male Rider Robbed in New Orleans By ‘Fake’ Female Uber Drivers (and I’m Pissed!)

Outdated Uber App logo

*I take this shit personal. Why do some people have to make things bad for everyone? There is no doubt that the ride-share industry has changed the paradigm of public transportation. Along with that, a LOT of people now have been given the opportunity to make extra money or even change jobs and take it on full time. No longer do we have to choose enslavement to the outrageous fares of the taxi industry (who by the way are not even trying to be wise competitors by adjusting their high prices). Not only can we now actually enjoy our ride in generally nice, clean cars; we can also usually have pleasant conversations with the drivers while doing so, if we choose. Which is why it pisses the phuck out of me to witness evil people taking advantage of the industry and encouraging suspicion But as crooks will have it, there is always going to be a door for them to enter through.

According to a recent news report said to be gathered from New Orleans police, two women posing as Uber drivers — in the same car — picked some dude up in the early morning hours on Bourbon Street on Saturday. One of the women allegedly pulled a gun on the 22-year-old passenger and relieved him of his debit card and cellphone. At some point the passenger was able to escape from the car and the women sped off. 

Now this is where the story goes south, if you will, and you can’t feel totally sorry for this man.  Continue reading