‘Crafty 6-Year-Old’ Uses Sleeping Mom’s ‘Fingerprint’ to Purchase $250 Pokemon Merchandise


*Oh god. You know how we love to get pats on the back from our friends and family who acknowledge we are raising brilliant children. Those who bring A’s home from school; have performed in talent shows; and continue to do their best in their endeavors. But what on earth do you do or say about a child who proved how “smart” she is by taking the hand of her napping mother, and using her mom’s finger to unlock the cellphone. I’m not done. She then goes online and winds up purchasing $250 worth of toys? Pokemon Toys!

Say what?

Damn you modern technology!!!!!

Ashlynd Howell is the crafty little girl who was able to unlock the code and purchase the merchandise without her mom’s knowledge.

The first thing the little girl’s mother, Bethany Howell, thought was that she had been the victim of some kind of identity theft. But then, according to the Wall Street Journal, the parents began to think Ashlynd had a hand in it — but that the little girl had purchased the items by mistake.

Until baby-girl came clean.

The parents questioned the little girl, who had no problem setting things straight.

“No, Mommy, I was shopping,” Ashlynd told her mom. “But don’t worry—everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.”

Is YOUR mouth agape right now, too?

If she wasn’t so darn cute no telling WHAT would’ve happened.

  Unfortunately, Bethany was only allowed to return four out of the 13 items. And used the rest as Christmas gifts. They told Ashlyn that Santa Claus found out about her Amazon wishlist and decided to give her just that.

Hmm…it appears crafty runs in the family! Wink. Wink.


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