Uh-oh! Whipped Cream Shortage This Christmas

A slice of pumpkin pie topped with a dapple of whipped cream. This image can easily be isolated for insertion anywhere in your design.

*Consider it a Christmas catastrophe!

Due to a fatal explosion of a Florida nitrous oxide plant in August, there is a shortage of whipped cream cans used by brands like Reddi-wip.  

Nitrous oxide is the force behind the power of those glorious cans that annual help top off my sweet potato pie.  Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide also is used by hospitals and dentists.  After the explosion, Airgas (the gas’ biggest supplier) had to shut down production “indefinitely.”

“Airgas Nitrous Oxide is making all possible efforts to remedy the situation as quickly as possible and impacted customers have been notified directly,” Sarah Boxler, an Airgas spokesperson, said.

So we are short of the delicious dessert topping this Christmas?!  Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.  As I can hardly envision eating my sweet potato pie WITHOUT whipped cream, and since there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of MY FAT ASS this Christmas, maybe I’ll skip dessert altogether this weekend and get a jump start on that weight loss new year’s resolution! 

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