Woman Who Does Nothing as Maggots Eat Away at Body of Disabled Husband, Only Gets 4 Years in Jail (Watch)

Dormanica Lawson today
Dormanica Lawson today

*It’s as if a Black life means nothing. I wasn’t in the courtroom, so I don’t know what transpired between the judge, jury, defendant and even the court transcriber. But what I know is for some reason everybody walked out of that courtroom knowing that a wife who let her husband’s paralyzed body get consumed by maggots will go to jail…for four years.

People abusing animals have received harsher sentences.

Now yeah, I know, jail is not always the answer. And yes, there could have been extenuating circumstances.

Like maybe the wife was…is…mentally disturbed.

She’d have to be. But then again, she could just be heartless.

Reports say 37-year-old Dormanica Lawson was arrested after police were called to the house only to find her husband of 12 years, Mark Fulgham, close to death on a dirty mattress on the floor.

Cops entered the stench-filled apartment in Concord, California, where their two sons — one a teen with severe autism, and an 11-year-old dwelled along with cockroaches, flies and maggots, after Lawson called 911 to report her husband’s labored breathing on December 30, 2015. They say by the time they got to Fulgham, he had suffered such starvation that his bones were severely pronounced.

‘You would think he was a corpse just by the way he looked,’ Corporal Christopher Blakely, Concord police spokesperson, told PEOPLE at the time.

‘It was horrific. … (It was) the most severe case of neglect that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been an officer here for 10 years.

‘He could not talk. He had shortness of breath. He had maggots that were eating his body.’

Lawson and Fulgham in happier days
Lawson and Fulgham in happier days

NBC reports the couple had been married for 12 years but according to Fulgham’s Facebook page, he appeared to have been paralyzed only within the past couple of years.

Lawson was asked what would lead her to do such a thing and according to Blakely, ‘She had no explanation for it, other than she was tired and stressed.’

According to the NBC East Bay video report below, during her trial, Lawson testified that Fulgham had been abusive toward her and actively resisted treatment.  She claimed that her husband had hit her and cursed at her when she told him to seek help and even when she tried to call 911.

Jurors were split 8-4 on the murder charge.

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