White ‘Board Member’ Caught in Blackface Getup Claims He Didn’t Even Know What it Was


*What planet must someone live on to think he will be believed when he claims not to know what Blackface is?

Not to mention that it’s offensive to Black folk?

Hold on, let me check with my partners on Mars…Venus…Pluto.

Well I’ll be.

They all had the same response. Almost verbatim they each said: “This human is trying to play you for a fool!

That’s probably just what the Arkansas NAACP and several residents figured. And now they are calling for Ted Bonner’s resignation from the Blevins School Board.

Photos of Bonner in Blackface, overalls and fake crooked teeth at a Halloween party have been verified, but he refuses to resign — with two years still left on his term.

When asked why he chose the assemblage, he offered no response. The civil rights organization says Bonner has no remorse.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s ridiculous and its hurtful to the people of Arkansas, not just the people of Blevins,” said State NAACP Chapter President, Rizelle Aaron. “Ted Bonner has no remorse, he is not apologetic.”

Bonner is said to have told KSLA-TV “I’m sorry” claiming he didn’t know there was such a thing as Blackface.

Meanwhile, Bonner has the Blevins Board President, ironically named Justice West, on his side. West says there is no mechanism for removing Bonner.

If y’all happen to figure that shit out, hit a sista up, will ya?

Bonner stands steadfast in his Board position saying, “I am standing up for my right as a United States citizen. I am standing up for my right to stay on the board because the people elected me to be on the board.

Look, eventually we as Black folk are going to have to realize, expecting every ignorant white person to be fired, or resign, based on that ignorance is not always going to happen. Bonner may very well not have been aware of the term Blackface; but good breeding and an iota of good sense should have shown him that the look he donned was offensive – even if, in his mind, he was being black for a day.

The crime here is that such an ignorant person was actually elected to the school board. (**Side eye to the voters in this case.**)


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