What…Uber NYC Tracking Folks Even After They Exit Ride?


*Uber is said to be getting on the bad side of New York riders who don’t like the fact that their whereabouts are being tracked for five minutes after they reach their destination and exit the vehicle. Well all I can say is, I hope this is a test-run that won’t go beyond the Big Apple.

When I first heard of it, which was basically earlier today, I thought, what a shame that haters continue to find ways to degrade a company because it has become so successful by telling lies.

But then Uber admitted this is what they were doing. And even attempted to justify the move.

“We do this to improve pickups, drop-offs, customer service, and to enhance safety,” the company says on its site.

Oh. Well I guess anything can be justified. But does it always make sense?


And not all riders are buying it.

I tend to agree with one rider’s comment in particular.

“The service is intended to take you to from Point A to Point B, not track you,” said Alex Clapp, 26, of Chelsea. “What is the point of tracking me for five minutes?”

The Uber app is a wonderful tracking device that serves a great purpose while riders are en route. This way, after a rider is picked up, if anything goes wrong, god forbid, their whereabouts can be tracked. Therefore no rider should ever take an offer to have their trip “complimentary” unless its from the company itself. 


For example, if a driver offers to do a turn-around trip for a rider — from one destination to another for free.  Meaning he will turn off the app and drive you back home, or wherever … This is an UNSAFE move.  Not to mention stealing from the company. There would be no way for Uber to know that you got back into the car because the app was turned off, so they can’t track you.


This is understandable.

But I can’t figure out how tracking someone beyond the time they exited the ride helps anyone.

Even when someone leaves an item behind unintentionally; like keys, a cellphone, a wallet — the rider still has the ability to contact the driver within a reasonable time frame and connect to get the item returned.

“Uber’s logic is unsafe,” said Nancy Hirsh, 41, of the Upper West Side.

“What if Uber wants to follow me?” she asked. “I don’t want to be raped or killed after I am dropped off at a store or restaurant. [It’s] none of their business how I spend my day.”

Well Nancy, allow me to put your mind at ease there. Uber partners (drivers) don’t know your whereabouts once your trip is complete. This, it appears, is something only the company itself can hold onto.

But yet and still, Uber stands by its reasoning.

Uber spokeswoman Chelsea Kohler said, “Collecting this data from when the rider requests a trip until five minutes after the trip has finished will help with ETAs, pickups, efficiency on [Uber] POOL and passenger safety.”

We’ll keep an eye on this. Stay tuned.

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  1. If you don’t want to be tracked than take a taxi. You can still use apps I use the taxi app E-HAIL (www.goehail.com) same convenience but they’re not tracking you after you leave.

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